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Playlist of billy sheehan

  • Billy Sheehan - Bass Solo


    Billy Sheehan's awesome bass solo at the Budokan, Feb 2009. Bass groove talibans are NOT welcome.

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  • Billy Sheehan & Paul Gilbert | Skills Battle HD


    #billysheehan #paulgilbert #mrbig #ericmartin #guitarbattle #skillsbattle #mrbiglive #djent #shred

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  • Billy Sheehan | Playing, Sound and Life | Interview | Thomann


    Julia had the chance to talk to the one and only Billy Sheehan in our video studio. We could listen to him for days! Get ready to learn about his journey on the bass guitar, technique, gear and sound choices and much more!

    Download Billy's patch on our Line6 Helix product page starting Saturday, 11th of October!
    Just click here:
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    Interesting bits and pieces:
    0:00 Introduction
    0:51 First bass and the importance of just playing
    3:02 Finding your sound
    8:40 Three-finger technique
    9:35 How to pick like Billy Sheehan
    11:00 Fingerpicking vs. Plectrum
    11:38 Practice Routines
    12:54 The love for Classical Music
    14:00 Flamenco on the bass
    14:39 How to approach a jam session
    15:24 How the Line6 Helix became part of the rig
    16:30 Billy's Patch for today (Download on our Line6 Helix product page)
    18:22 How to break a string on a bass
    19:32 How to play a low B on a 4-string
    20:13 Use the technique that fits your needs and style!
    21:55 Billy's advice for young musicians

    Twitter: @thomann

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  • The Winery Dogs Billy Sheehan - GEAR MASTERS Ep. 41


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    On this episode of DTB’s “Gear Masters”, Billy Sheehan, of the rock band, The Winery Dogs, shows off the gear that they use onstage. The Winery Dogs are best known for their songs “Elevate” and “Time Machine”.

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  • NEXT LEVEL BASS TECHNIQUE with Billy Sheehan


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    So 2019 is here, and my plan was to kick it off with something awesome…

    So I’m sticking to it.

    In this video you’re going to see Billy Sheehan (yep… I finally got him, whoop whoop!) break down how he’s developed one of the most insanely dialled in bass techniques of anyone on the planet…

    Here’s just a snap shot of what you’ll be checking out today:

    • You’re going to see how he’s been working slap bass into his technique arsenal (I’d never even seen him play slap bass before!)
    • How he learned how to play super fast 16ths… with just one finger (this’ll blow your mind it’s so freaky)
    • Why he regularly practises without an amp
    • How he found the balance between his string action and the tone he wants - there’s a fine line you should know about
    • How (and why) he developed the best 3 finger plucking technique I’ve ever seen
    • And WAY more…

    Also… in the comments under the video lemme know what your biggest struggle is with your technique right now - I love hearing from you guys and specifically what you’re struggling with, as it helps me make sure I’m creating the best lessons possible for you. If you could leave a comment it’d mean the world to me.

    As always, see you in the shed…

    Scott :)


    Right now over 30,000 bass players are enrolled in the Academy here at Scott's Bass Lessons and are making a real difference to their playing... if you're really serious about getting your bass playing together, click here to find out more and grab your 14 day free trial:

  • Mr. Big Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan solo live budokan 2009


    mr.big paul gilbert and billy sheehan live budokan

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  • billy sheehan - bass secrets


  • Billy Sheehan - Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?


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    Legendary bassist Billy Sheehan sits down with Graham 'Gruhamed' Hartmann for a round of 'Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?'.

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  • Portnoy, Sheehan, MacAlpine, Sherinian - Birds Of Prey ~1080p HD


    Live In Tokyo is a live performance from November 14, 2012 at Zepp Tokyo for supergroup PSMS, which features drummer Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, The Winery Dogs, Transatlantic), bassist Billy Sheehan (Talas, Mr. Big, David Lee Roth), guitarist Tony MacAlpine & keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Black Country Communion, Dream Theater, Billy Idol). This 95 minute concert showcases a wide range of instrumental performances from each of the members' careers & collaborations. Included in the set are Shy Boy from Sheehan's band Talas, MacAlpine's The Stranger, Sherinian's Apocalypse 1470 B.C. and Dream Theater's A Change Of Seasons: The Crimson Sunrise. Coming out Sept 2013.

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  • billy sheehan bass solo


    Wow can't believe this video has reached so many views haha, uploaded this in like 7th grade just so I could say I have a video on youtube and now its about to cross the 1 million view mark! I love Sheehan and this shows just how amazingly talented this guy is, also have a small favor to ask you guys I too dream to be a great musician, I am no Billy Sheehan, but I am a singer/songwriter and I would be really grateful if you checked out my music just search Hey Serenity on youtube, reverbnation, or google, you can find me. Thanks a lot to everyone who has watched this video!

  • Richie Kotzen and Billy Sheehan of The Winery Dogs


    Guitarist, Richie Kotzen, and bassist, Billy Sheehan, of The Winery Dogs talk, play, and give insight into a few songs on the band's recent, self-titled album.

  • Phil X - Jam at Warwick Bass Camp - Highway Star - with Billy Sheehan


    One of the best Rock shows I have ever seen in my life !!!

  • Billy Sheehans Secret Trick


    Billy Sheehan shares his secret trick in addition to other bass clinic excerpts including technique, three-finger picking style, stories and humor from one of the greatest bassists of all time.



    Play in live @ Budokan '96

  • Billy Sheehan - Hell To Pay


    John Novello - Keyboards
    Dennis Chambers - Drums

  • Billy Sheehan Bass Clinic in Seoul 2016


    수퍼 빅 밴드 Mr. Big의 베이시스트, 최근 The Winery Dogs를 결성하여 절정의 테크닉을 보여주고 있는 Billy Sheehan. 2016년 4월 25일 야마하 베이스 클리닉 날의 모습을 동영상에 담았습니다.

  • Yamaha Attitude Limited III Billy Sheehan


    Yamaha Attitude Limited III Billy Sheehan Sonic Blue.

  • Bass Day 97 - Billy Sheehan


    #BassDay97 #BillySheehan

  • Guitar Center Sessions: Billy Sheehan - Solo Bass Performance


    Bassist Billy Sheehan is known around the world for his prodigious technique and mind-boggling chops. He has toured and recorded with artists like David Lee Roth, Terry Bozio, Steve Vai, Denis Chambers, and Richie Kotzen, not to mention dazzling fans with his legendary band, Mr. Big.

  • Billy Sheehan on his Ultimate Signature Drive pedal by EBS


    Billy Sheehan talks about and plays through the most recent version of his signature pedal with EBS - the Ultimate Billy Sheehan Signature Drive. Available worldwide.
    The link mentioned by Billy in the video is found here:

    Find out more at:

    Filmed and edited by Lasse Eklöf
    Sound recorded by Willem Bleeker
    Additional mixing & editing by EBS.
    Special thanks to Willem Bleeker & the team at the Baggpipe Studio, Stockholm

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  • Steve Vai, Tony McAlpine & Billy Sheehan - Im The Hell Outta Here


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  • Billy Sheehan - Taj


    'Cosmic Troubadour' (Progressive, USA, 2005)

    -Billy Sheehan: bass, baritone bass, guitars, keyboards, synth, vocals
    -Ray Luzier: drums
    -Simone Sello: additional guitars

  • Mr. Big - Live In San Francisco - Bass Solo & Addicted To That Rush - 13 of 17


    Live in San Francisco (1992) Detalhe - este show foi patrocinado pela Makita, uma marca de ferramentas elétricas, a combustão e a bateria (vide a música Daddy Brother Lover and a little Boy, que os músicos utilizam uma furadeira adaptada na hora do solo).

  • Billy Sheehan Studio Bass Solo on Pigtronix Philosophers Tone Compressor - Shredding!


    Studio track of Billy Sheehan shredding through the Pigtronix Philosopher's Tone

  • Billy Sheehan


    To highlight VG’s “Pop ’N Hiss” feature on the ’80 classic Eat ’Em and Smile by David Lee Roth, Billy Sheehan offered to give a guided tour of the famed “Wife” bass he used on the album. He also digs into the Yamaha BB3000 he used on that tour and for Roth’s next album. Read the piece in the January issue,

  • DiMarzio Will Power Pickups for Billy Sheehan


    Brilliant bassist Billy Sheehan of The Winery Dogs plays and talks about his Will Power™ pickups, the new record, and The Winery Dogs' tour.

  • Transcending Traditional Bass with Billy Sheehan — GearFest 2019


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  • Billy Sheehan - Caroline - Official Music Video


    Billy Sheehan Caroline Music Video. From the Compression CD, Gary Meeker Director of Photography and Editor. Video Produced by Billy Sheehan & Bionic Spine Productions.

  • Billy Sheehan on How I setup my bass


    In this instructional video Billy Sheehan shows us how he sets up his own basses. This is an excerpt from his complete interview, which can be viewed by clicking the link below.

  • Billy Sheehan - Basic Bass lesson


    William Billy Sheehan (Buffalo, 19 de março de 1953) é um baixista conhecido por ter tocado com Steve Vai e David Lee Roth e nas bandas Talas e Mr. Big.

    Billy foi eleito pelos leitores da revista Guitar Player como melhor baixista por 5 vezes. A mesma revista fez um paralelo entre seus solos no baixo e os de Eddie Van Halen na guitarra. O repertório de Billy no baixo inclui o uso de acordes, tapping com as duas mãos, controle do feedback e sofisticadas estruturas harmônicas.

    Curta - - Curta

  • Billy Sheehan @ CPM Music Institute


    La prima scuola di Musica in Italia.
    Billy Sheehan incontra i ragazzi del CPM Music Institute di Milano durante l'Open Week dell' Aprile 2013.

    Billy Sheehan meeting the guys from CPM Music Institute in Milan, during April 2013's Open Week.

  • Guitar Center Sessions: Billy Sheehan - Live Performance


    Bassist Billy Sheehan is known around the world for his prodigious technique and mind-boggling chops. He has toured and recorded with artists like David Lee Roth, Terry Bozio, Steve Vai, Denis Chambers, and Richie Kotzen, not to mention dazzling fans with his legendary band, Mr. Big.

  • Kristen Capolino feat Billy Sheehan Oblivion at Daryls House Club 7.31.19


    Kristen Capolino feat Billy Sheehan Oblivion at Daryls House Club 7.31.19
    See More from Kristen at:

    This was Live from:
    Daryl's House Club
    130 route 22
    Pawling Ny 12564

    Call for reservations (845) 289-0185

    Recorded & Mixed by: Peter Moshay
    Video by: Adam Bernier

  • Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan - Bluesy Jam


    Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan jam in a bluesy mood.

  • Billy Sheehan: Tracking Bass & Interview - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro


    Free tutorials, multitracks and more:

    Warren tracks bass with Billy Sheehan on Mark Loughman's new album. They work through a song to get the best bass possible on it, discuss Billy's bass, recording, the importance of mastering your craft and all things music.

    Produce Like A Pro is a website which features great tips to help the beginning recordist make incredible sounding home recordings on a budget.

  • The Best of Billy Sheehan


    INSTAGRAM - @brunomasquio
    iTUNES -

  • Billy Sheehan Bass Clinic Event Recap at Chicago Music Exchange


    Legendary bass guitarist Billy Sheehan of Mr. Big, Steve Vai, and Winery Dogs stops by the store to educate fellow musicians & fans on everything from composition and technique to life as a prominent touring musician.

    View a list of past and upcoming events at CME here:

    Shop Billy Sheehan at Chicago Music Exchange:

    Yamaha Billy Sheehan Attitude 3 Limited Bass in Sonic Blue:
    EBS Sheehan Signature Bass Drive:
    Rotosound BS66 Billy Sheehan Signature Stainless Steel Roundwound Long Scale Bass Strings 43-110:

  • Guitar Center Sessions: Billy Sheehan - Become a Better Bass Player


    Bassist Billy Sheehan is known around the world for his prodigious technique and mind-boggling chops. He has toured and recorded with artists like David Lee Roth, Terry Bozio, Steve Vai, Denis Chambers, and Richie Kotzen, not to mention dazzling fans with his legendary band, Mr. Big.

  • Billy Sheehan JAPAN 9-12-1988 PART 1


  • Lokaos entrevista Billy Sheehan


    Repórter: Júlia Bueno
    Pauta: Eduardo Guilherme, Thiago Verpa e Julia Bueno
    Imagens e edição: Gabriel Carvalho

    Agradecimentos: Manifesto Bar

  • Billy Sheehan Plucking Lesson


    From the Interview on the podcast No Guitar is safe.

  • SONS OF APOLLO Billy Sheehan bass solo live in Athens 4K


    24th of September 2018, Fuzz club, Athens/Greece.

  • The Winery Dogs - Billy Sheehans Bass Solo on Unleashed in Japan 2013


    William Billy Sheehan é um baixista conhecido por ter tocado com Steve Vai e David Lee Roth e nas bandas Talas e Mr. Big. Billy foi eleito pelos leitores da revista Guitar Player como melhor baixista por 5 vezes. Esta performance está no DVD Unleashed in Japan 2013 da banda The Winery Dogs.



    O Naldão separou pra você algumas linhas insanas de baixo do grande baixista Billy Sheehan! ???? Comenta aqui embaixo qual música dele você mais curte! ????

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    Baixo Tagima Millenium 4 Imbuia
    Pedal Fuhrmann Bass + Preamp
    Cabos Datalink
    Cordas NIG:

    Microfones Shure: VP89M
    Vocal: PGA27




    Ficha técnica:

    Instrutor: Reginaldo Costa
    Imagens: Duda Gonzalez
    Áudio: Noel Fernandes
    Edição: Gabriel Duarte



  • Pat Torpey jamming with Billy Sheehan


    パットトーピーのドラム教則DVD「BIG DRUMS」からビリーシーンとのセッション

  • Bass - Billy Sheehan - Advanced Bass Lines


    Billy Sheehan shares the secrets of his signature techniques, including neck bends, tapping, pinch harmonics, and much more! This eye-opening look into the mind of a bass master will add new dimensions to your own playing.

    To purchase this DVD, visit:

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  • Yamaha Billy Sheehan Attitude 3 Limited Bass - Tech 21 VT Bass Pedal | CME Gear Demo


    Marc goes into great detail to show you all the awesome features of the Yamaha Billy Sheehan Attitude 3 Bass. Very cool bass, especially with the drop tune lever!
    Check it out

    The #Yamaha #BillySheehan Attitude 3 Bass is available at Chicago Music Exchange:

    Tech 21 VT Bass Pedal:

  • I interview Billy Sheehan in Nashville regarding our new project


    During my trip to Nashville, I got a chance to work with Billy on songs for my upcoming album. I also did a short video interview with him.
    We go over the project and his reasons for working with me.
    We also get some insight into how Billy approaches songwriting.

  • Guthrie Govan & Billy Sheehan - Cause Weve Ended as Lovers - Licklibrary LIMS 2008


    Learn BASS with Licklirbary Browse our collection here Cause We've Ended as Lovers by Jeff Beck performance by Guthrie Govan, Billy Sheenan and Pete Riley.
    Filmed by Licklibrary at LIMS 2008.

    For more on Guthrie Govan, Billy Sheehan, Pete Riley or more guitar Live performances follow this link:

  • Sons of Apollo Billy Sheehan Interview-Talks MMXX, New Talas Album, Van Halen


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    Jimmy Kay from Canada's The Metal Voice spoke to Son's of Apollo, Talas, Ex David Lee Roth Bassist in Montreal Canada on February 3 2020 at the Corona Theater.

    Sheehan spoke about the new upcoming Talas Album, being asked to join Van Halen, David lee Roth Reunion and the new Sons of Apollo album MMXX



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