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Playlist of aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' Techwear ver. Dance Practice

  • aespa 에스파 Black Mamba Dance Practice


    aespa's debut single Black Mamba is Out!
    ????Listen and download on your favorite platform:
    ????Black Mamba MV:
    ????The Debut Stage

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    aespa official

    #aespa #BlackMamba #choreography

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  • aespa 에스파 Black Mamba MV Behind The Scenes


    ‘Black Mamba’ hits 100M views!
    Thank you so much for your love and support????

    ????Listen and download aespa's debut single Black Mamba:
    ????Black Mamba MV:
    ????The Debut Stage

    aespa official

    #aespa #BlackMamba #BlackMamba100M

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  • U-KNOW - NOIR Film EP.2 Loco


    U-KNOW’s 2nd Mini Album NOIR is out!
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    'Thank U' MV ????

    U-KNOW Official

    #U_KNOW #유노윤호 #Loco #HouseParty #NOIR #Comedy #Musical
    U-KNOW - NOIR Film EP.2 'Loco (House Party)' ℗ SM Entertainment

  • KPOP rookies that will lead the Fourth generation!


    --Watch in 1080p and headphones for best viewing experience--
    Hi, my lovely begins. Watching my videos isn't just for entertainment it's a lifestyle!! become part of the fam by clicking subscribe. Let me know your own opinions on itzy, idle, aespa etc.

    Also, thank you for 600 subs. once I hit 1k I will be doing a Q&A video where y'all will get to know me better. Love you all also I'm waiting for ITzy comeback teasers because there's been some speculation. Itzy are so unprecedented I don't know what they'll come up with ok. Love you all bye!

    0:00 Introduction
    0:56 itzayyyy!
    2:50 gidle
    3:47 Fromis9
    4:47 Everglow
    5:52 Aespa
    6:51 Ateez
    7:34 txt
    8:08 Stayc
    9:26 loona!
    10:59 Cherry Bullet
    13:54 Cignature
    14:39 Rocket punch
    15:41 ending

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  • Reacting to Aespa - an helpful guide to Aespa


    So when I heard SM had released a new girl group I knew I had to react to some of their stuff, but I was surprised. I assumed aeaspa would be more of a Girls Generation type group, almost like SM's response to twice made up of mostly Korean girls, but they ended up being so different to what I expected!! I really like them so far and I’m looking forwards to what they do next!!

    Here's a link the original video, check it out!

    00:00:27 - 00:01:39 : Overview
    00:01:40 - 00:04:15 : Karina
    00:04:16 - 00:06:46 : Giselle
    00:06:47 - 00:08:39 : Winter
    00:08:40 - 00:12:52 : Ning Ning

    P.S. - I know f(x) eventually got a fandom name, but I meant they never got a fandom name during/near their debut :)

  • U-KNOW - NOIR Film EP.3 불면


    U-KNOW’s 2nd Mini Album NOIR is out!
    Listen and download on your favorite platform:

    'Thank U' MV ????

    U-KNOW Official

    #U_KNOW #유노윤호 #불면 #LaRosa #不眠 #신예은 #SHINYEEUN #Mellow #Romance
    U-KNOW - NOIR Film EP.3 '불면 (不眠; La Rosa) (Feat. 신예은)' ℗ SM Entertainment

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  • 봐도 봐도 예쁘장한~ ♪ 2020년 하반기 수록곡 무대 모음 MBC200704방송


    #수록곡 #무대모음

    00:00:00 PREVIEW
    00:00:15 Beautiful-x - VERIVERY
    00:02:02 FLOWER FANTASY - N.Flying
    00:05:40 Easy - Stray Kids
    00:08:48 별을 따라(Into The Night) - SF9
    00:12:46 새벽별(Hidden star) - 정세운(JEONG SEWOON)
    00:13:49 놀이(Naughty) - 아이린&슬기(IRENE&SEULGI)
    00:17:08 초현실(SURREAL) - AB6IX
    00:20:24 PARADISE - APRIL
    00:22:57 FEVER - ATEEZ
    00:26:24 자각몽(Abracadabra) - 유아(YooA)
    00:29:09 미친 놈(Ex) - Stray Kids
    00:32:53 Airplane - ONEUS
    00:36:27 Pretty Savage - BLACKPINK
    00:39:49 Whiplash - THE BOYZ
    00:43:15 UP NO MORE - TWICE
    00:46:51 From Home - NCT U
    00:51:14 Ok man - MINO (feat. BOBBY)
    00:53:53 딩가딩가(Dingga) - 마마무(MAMAMOO)
    00:56:52 Heaven - 태민(TAEMIN)
    01:00:00 Work It - NCT U
    01:02:55 Hello Stranger - KAI
    01:03:46 Overdrive - DRIPPIN
    01:07:00 Sequence - IZ*ONE

  • aespa Perform Black Mamba on THE SHOW | REACTION


    dont know if ill ever get tired of this song

    #aespa #blackmamba #theshow

  • aespa


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    에스파 Black Mamba
    에스파 Black Mamba teaser
    에스파 Black Mamba mv
    에스파 Black Mamba comeback
    에스파 Black Mamba ringtone



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