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Playlist of Zeritu ft. Joss Stone

  • Zeritu ft. Joss Stone - Ethiopia


    Just simply brilliant!!! We met up with the lovely Zeritu from Ethiopia and her fellow musicians, the experience was fun, engaging and all-round fantastic, Zeritu really does put on a good show. With her phenomenal vocals, singing about political issues, this song certainly causes us to think, and makes us consider our own purpose in life. After all, the greatest luxury is being free. Watch, listen and see what you think. We hope you enjoy!

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  • Nancy Agag ft. Joss Stone - Sudan


    Here is a video of a collaboration we did with Nancy Agag from Sudan.

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  • BoBa ft. Joss Stone - Eritrea


    A perfect song for valentine's day. On our 136th country, we visited Eritrea and met up with the group BoBa and performed the Kemey’Leki’ song in the local language Tigrigna. There is something special singing about love and if you're one of those people counting down the days and someone is always on your mind. This love is meant to be. Love and music really is the universal language. Watch the video and see what you think!

  • Queen Koumb ft. Joss Stone - Gabon


    Here is a video of a collaboration we did with Queen Koumb from Gabon.

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  • Asher Otto ft. Joss Stone - Antigua


    Antigua, wow, what a treat it was to meet up with the lovely Asher Otto and her fellow band members. A really uplifting song which would jump start anyone's day. Her style of music has been influenced by Jazz, contemporary and RnB. We sang a beautiful song about missing home, which we can all relate to at some point in our life's. If you want a happy moment, be sure to watch and listen to these wonderful vocals. Thanks for having us, it was an amazing experience.

  • Hawidro ft. Joss Stone - Egypt


    Check out our collaboration in Egypt with the amazing band Hawidro meaning “The Return” in Nubian. Their own style of music is called Afro Egyptian which is a mix of soul and North African music with a personal twist. Singing with the group about love and romance overlooking the river Nile was a wonderful encounter. The lyrics and the sounds of their instruments was something we never quite heard of before. Their spirited presence had the room in smiles.

    Watch and share if you like……

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  • Kya Loum ft. Joss Stone - Senegal


    Another day another collaboration in Afica. This time we met up with the delightful Kya Loum and had a little jam looking over a Senegalese bay.

    New album, 'Water For Your Soul,' out now!


  • Mario Sacasa ft. Joss Stone - Nicaragua


    Our visit to Nicaragua back in 2016 was a wonderful encounter, especially meeting up with the musician singer-songwriter and guitarist Mario Sacasa. His music is a rich rhythmic mix that reflects the musical traditions and folkloric whispers of his native Nicaragua. Sat on the Old Cathedral of Managua, known as the Catedral de Santiago in Spanish, was a rare experience and one that will remember for the rest of time.

  • Shabnam Suraya ft. Joss Stone - Tajikistan


    A little while ago, we met up with the beautiful singer Shabnam Suraya from Tajikistan, singing about love made for a wonderful morning. With lots of different instruments in the room and some amazing vocals from Shabnam, created some impressive sounds. Her genre is a mix between folk, pop and Tajik music, she sings in Farsi, Pashto and Russian. It was a great joy to be around Shabnam and her fellow friends, we thank them so much for being part of the Total World Tour.

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  • Nneka ft. Joss Stone - Babylon - Nigeria


    In Nigeria, we met up with an old friend Nneka and sang her song 'Babylon'. With the help of Sweet Sounds, we had a jam on a street corner of Lagos. If you like what you hear check out Nneka through her website at

    New album, 'Water For Your Soul,' out now!


  • Toty Samed ft. Joss Stone - Angola


    We met up with the lovely singer-songwriter Toty Sa'med from Angola, his influences range from psychedelic rock to jazz. With our acoustic guitars overlooking the unique city of Luanda singing with Toty was a highlight of this trip. The elegance and beauty of the song's lyrics fullfed a perfect day.

    Watch, have a listen and see what you think?

  • Oliver Mtukudzi ft. Joss Stone - Zimbabwe


    In Zimbabwe, we met up with the lovely Oliver Mtukudzi, with his husky voice, a guitar and a drum we sang a song about a lady who lost her husband. It was a pleasure to meet him and spend the evening jamming the night away.

    What a great experience we are having collaborating with different people and learning about the diversity and also the similarities of cultures from around the world.

    Rest in peace, Oliver. Always loved and never forgotten.

  • Nawal ft. Joss Stone - Comoros


    Our time in East Africa was a moment not to be forgotten. We visited
    the fascinating country, Comoros, where we met up with the amazing
    singer Nawal. In a picturesque setting and an enchanting song, our
    time here was all so pleasing. Nawal's music influences are from
    African and Arabic culture. We felt so lucky to do a collaboration
    with Nawal. Thanks a million for having us. Good vibes and sweet

    Watch the FULL video and see what you think.

  • Willis and the Illest Reggae band ft. Joss Stone - Bahamas


    On our last bit of the Total World Tour, we met up with the incredible Willis and the Illest Reggae band from the Bahamas on a desert island all to ourselves. Flying over the tiny islands on a seaplane looked magnificent, once on the ground singing a song called Truth Search, a song about acceptance and fighting for what you believe in, had a great feel-good vibe to it. Music can help in all kinds of situations and it is possible to also find solace in music, this song definitely proves that. We feel really blessed to have collaborated with some wonderful people.

    Thank you for having us & thanks @transislandairways for the lift in the seaplane.

  • Ebéné ft. Joss Stone - Mauritania


    Singing in the Sahara desert in Mauritania with the talented singer Ebéné was a novel experience. The song is about love, passion and romance with some inspiring lyrics.

    We really enjoyed our Jam session together and it was just a lovely afternoon spending time with Ebéné and her friend who made us feel at home. An incredible moment for this part of the Total World Tour.

  • Gulzada Ryskulova ft. Joss Stone - Kyrgyzstan


    A perfect song for the Total World Tour, singing about freedom with the wonderful singer-songwriter Gulzada Ryskulova from Kyrgyzstan. Back in March, we met up with Gulzada and her friends to do a collaboration together. Her music is inspired by Kyrgyz traditions and her genre is described as ethnic music. Her voice is beautiful and one that made us smile a lot. The Song called Tolgonuu is remarkable with so many lovely lyrics.

  • Ethio-Dutch music Night Leoni &


    Videoreport Kibret Mekonnen: On the Ethio-Dutch Music Night 14 October 2011 Leoni Jansen en Minyeshu Kifle played this wonderful music, called TIZITA. Enjoy it!

  • wushetam


    zeritu kebede

  • Royal Messenjah ft. Joss Stone - The Gambia


    Surrounded by crocodiles and under an almighty silk cotton tree, we shot a little vid with Royal Messenjah​ in The Gambia. Mr Messenjah wrote this song with the aim to unite The Gambia. Watch the vid to find out if it worked...

    New album, 'Water For Your Soul,' out now!


  • Elemotho ft. Joss Stone - Namibia


    A lovely collaboration in a stunning part of Africa. Namibia you are beautiful, indeed. We were all so lucky to meet up with the Namibian musician, Elemotho and his friends. Sat by a lake surrounded by natural beauty and the sounds of sweet melody made our day. His genre is a mix between African Acoustic Roots and World Music. A real gent and his music is not to be missed.

    Watch the video and see what you think!

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  • new ethiopian music 2014 zeritu kebede demo ye wend konjo


    new ethiopian music 2014
    new single 2014

  • Erick & the Double Jack ft. Joss Stone - Cape Verde


    In beautiful Cape Verde, we met up with the band Erick & the Double Jack. Singing a love song on a bright sunny day in a gorgeous part of the world, was a highlight of our visit. Everyone needs a bit of Joy and happiness in their lives and this song does just that. Their style of music is a mix of rock, blues, soul and afro jazz. It was great we got to have a jam with them, they were all so lovely. Have a watch and listen, see what you think. We hope you enjoy.

    Team Joss x

  • Joss Stone - Newborn cz. I Wrocław 11.09.2016 Poland


    Początek konceru Joss Stone we Wrocławiu

  • Joss Stone - What If I - Villafranca di Verona 2018


    Live in Villafranca di Verona, Castello Scaligero, 15-7-2018

  • Zewdy & Habte singing & playing Endaygedlegn by Zeritu Kebede


    Zewdy Singing Traditional Ethiopian Song With Her Father!
    Visit: to see more...

    Shout out to DADA & ROZY for exclusive access...

    Shot & Edited by HOLLYHOOD
    Real Digital Media

  • The Kava Boys ft. Joss Stone - Tonga


    These guys were brill. The Kava Boys made our long trip here, worth the travel. Even though this was a sad song, the vibes were chilled and the people were lovely. They're just good friends who meet up regularly and have a jam together. We hope they're all doing well and still drinking kava on the beautiful island of Tonga. Watch the video and share if you like!

    Team Joss x

  • Matibeye Geneviève ft. Joss Stone - Chad


    Last year we met up with the amazing Matibeye Geneviève from Chad, she sings about love, equality, forgiveness and peace. Her songs are usually in French, Arabic and a local language called Gambaye. Spending time with Matibeye and her friends was a real pleasure, we feel so grateful to have met them all. Thanks for having us. Check out the collaboration and share if you wish.

  • Kenya - Joss visits The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


    In 2016, we visited a wonderful charity in Kenya called ''The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust''.

    The Trust today is the most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world and one of the pioneering conservation organisations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa.

    The trust has successfully hand-raised over 150 infant elephants and has accomplished its long-term conservation priority by effectively reintegrating orphans back into the wild herds of Tsavo.

    Chaired by Daphne Sheldrick, the DSWT is run by Angela Sheldrick, the daughter of David and Daphne, who has been managing all of the Trust’s activities for over a decade.

    It was amazing to know that there are people with good hearts in this world. The work being done here to care for the elephants is very humbling. Congratulations to all the people involved in this centre. The baby elephants were really beautiful, and incredible to watch, it was a delight to spend some time and interact with these amazing animals.

    The experience was a great introduction to Africa.

    To Find out more please visit their website here…

  • JSTWT- Swaziland: Joss meets with Bholoja


    Whilst out in Swaziland, Joss managed to meet up with Bholoja- a lodger at the House On Fire venue.

    Joss spent some time getting to know a traditional Swazi song and had a little jam..

    Team Joss x

    Shot by: Russ Malkin

    Edited by: Leopold Hughes

  • Shavkat Matyakubov ft. Joss Stone - Uzbekistan


    Whilst in Uzbekistan, we met up with the lovely Shavkat Matyakubov and his band who sing with many types of traditional musical instruments from Uzbekistan, which produce a variety of melody and sounds. The song we sang is called Tujuk which is from a 15th-century poet called Alisher Navoi. It was wonderful to get into the spirit of singing a song from the past that has a unique story to tell.

    Here is the Full video, please share if you like…..

  • Lib Yaleh featuring Zeritu Kebede and Tadele Gemechu - Official Music Video


    Produced by Tommy T.
    Directed by Daniel Tamrat

  • Binhan ft. Joss Stone - Guinea-Bissau


    A beautiful day was had in Guinea-Bissau when we met up with the lovely Binhan. His songs are about peace, love and hope, In the glorious sunshine singing together in front of a magnificent background, we sang some harmonies which brightened up the day even more. We loved hanging out with Binhan, his personality shines and his style of music is very pleasing to the ear.

    'Water For Your Soul,' out now!


  • Shpat Deda ft. Joss Stone - Kosovo


    A beautiful evening in Kosovo back in 2016, we met up with the singer song-writer Shpat Deda. A lot of his songs are based on feelings and true stories, music like this is an incredible vehicle to express emotion. With his characteristic voice and pleasing harmonies, it was a picture-perfect moment for this part of the Total World Tour. A lovely collaboration with a lovely person.  Hope you will enjoy.

  • Jano Band - Performing live SHEGYE / ሸግዬ Amazing Performance 2018


    Jano Band - Performing live SHEGYE / ሸግዬ [Amazing Performance 2018]

  • A Bunch of Chaps & One Chapette ft. Joss Stone - Liberia


    In Liberia, we met up with a group of local musicians (who had no band name- hence the title). In a lovely setting on the beach, we sang a song about how much PCK (the one singing the lead ) loves his mum. Awwwww! Sweet! A perfect end to the day, so glad we could collaborate with an array of different talents.

  • Zeritu Kebede - Demo YeWend Konjo


    Zeritu Kebede - Demo YeWend Konjo (Ethiopian music)

  • Deo Munyakazi ft. Joss Stone - Rwanda


    So much fun was had doing this collaboration with the singer Deo Munyakazi here in Rwanda. He has a unique style, something we not heard of before, especially with an unusual instrument. It was lovely to be around him and learn what he had to teach. Moments like this, make this journey extra special.

    New album, 'Water For Your Soul,' out now!


  • Baye Speedy - filfilu - ELIYAS MELKA GOOD JOB WITH ZERITU


    simply so nit !

  • Project Mama Earth


    Project Mama Earth: - The Making of our group Project Mama Earth. The whole project is about Mother Nature. It’s from her perspective.

    Project Mama Earth features:
    Jonathan Joseph
    Jonathan Shorten
    Étienne M’Bappé
    Nitin Sawhney
    Joss Stone

    Click here for more:

  • Otoufo ft. Joss Stone - Togo


    In 2017, we met up with the lovely Togolese artist, Otoufo from Togo. Her style of music is a mix between Afrobeat, Highlife and traditional Togolese music. Singing about being proud of where your from portrays a positive message and makes you feel awesome about yourself. Good times were had with Otoufo and her fellow band members. What great vibes and wonderful memories for the Total World Tour. Watch the video and see what you think!

    Team Joss x

  • Bana Congo ft. Joss Stone


    Check out these lovely souls, Bana Congo (children of Congo) who through music have encouraged themselves and the healing of hundreds of children suffering from malnutrition in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Music is so powerful and magical it has helped these children believe that their recovery was possible and life is beautiful beyond illness. We feel so blessed to have experienced their energy and loveliness. A real treat for us all. Enjoy and have a wonderful Sunday!

    Team Joss x

  • Joss stone - Some kind of wonderful



  • zeritu Kebede Yane


    zeritu Kebede Yane

  • JSTWT - Finland: Joss meets with the charity, Lyhty.


    Our travels around Europe took us to Finland where we looked around an impressive charity called Lyhty, who help people with disabilities and provide them with access to certain skills in order to improve their independence.
    The charity has various projects running and one we saw, was a cafe that offers adult mentoring. The goal of the cafe is for people to help build their strengths and skills in order to gain independence. On the day, we met some lovely people who showed us the type of skills they had learned, from customer service to cooking. There was a whole range of different types of tasks to help all abilities. A really fantastic organisation who dedicate their time to help others.

    If you want to find out more about the charity visit their website on

  • Zeritu Kebede - Artificial


    Zeritu Kebede is a singer-songwriter whose debut album �Zeritu� was released in 2006 to widespread acclaim. She has toured around the world and has been involved in public awareness campaigns on HIV/AIDS,climate change and other issues in Ethiopia.

  • Coconu Bwoi ft. Joss Stone - Belize


    Here's a little vid we shot with Coconu Bwoi from Belize. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Team Joss x

  • Deltino Guerreiro ft. Joss Stone - Mozambique


    Here is a video of a collaboration we did with Deltino Guerreiro from Mozambique

  • Lale Beknazarova ft. Joss Stone - Turkmenistan


    Joss sang the Turkmen lullaby with Lale Beknazarova who is the national singer of Turkmenistan, who sings a combination of classical and folk music. A very traditional song played with the instrument, the Dutar, made a unique and interesting sound which gave us a wonderful Introduction to Turkmen music. It was a great privilege to be around Lale and experience the sound of her voice. Watch the collaboration and see what you think. We hope you enjoy.

    Team Joss x

  • zeritu


    zeritu music video

  • ETHIOPIAN NEW COVER MUSIC Akal lakal zeritu kebeda and Abinet Agonafir


    this video mad by Akion