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Playlist of YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS - No Prey, No Pay (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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    YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS - No Prey, No Pay | Napalm Records


    Pre-order Hostis Humani Generis now:

    Out February 7th!

    YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS on the first single “No Prey, No Pay”:
    “By the grace of God and King George’s arse! We are releasing a new video, and our next album is officially on the way! “No Prey, No Pay” sets the stage for the album and describes how times suddenly had become more difficult for those sailing under the black flag. More than ever, piracy had become a hazardous task, many times with the sole purpose of getting enough value to guarantee a decent meal for a couple of days.”

    Producer & Light design: Jonas Nimrodsson
    DOP: Tomas Olsson
    Line Producer: Björn Malmros
    Script, Editing & Color grade: Jens Tzan Choong
    Production Design: Peter Mollwing
    Concept: Anders Nyberg
    Second unit DOP: Kenneth Ly
    Production assistent: Simon Brändström
    Animals on set: Simon Sundberg
    Actors/Extras: Johannes Mattsson, Jonatan Eriksson


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    No Prey, No Pay


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    No Prey, No Pay · Ye Banished Privateers

    No Prey, No Pay

    ℗ 2020 Napalm Records Handels GmbH

    Released on: 2019-11-08

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Ye Banished Privateers


    Ye Banished Privateers @ Umefolk festival 2019

    The death of bellows
    Cooper’s Rum
    No Prey No Pay
    Rowing With One Hand
    Welcome to tortuga

    Video by Per-Johan Nylund

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    THE AGONIST - The Gift of Silence


    Order Orphans here:

    Directed Chris Kells of FTB Visuals
    Shot by Chris Kells, Ryan Andrade and Jonathan Beaton

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    KNASTERBART - Kneipenschlägerei | Napalm Records


    Jetzt Perlen vor die Säue vorbestellen | Pre-order Perlen vor die Säue now:

    Out November 29th

    Buch: Tobi Schneider, Angelino Wagener
    Kamera: Tobi Schneider, Henning Hammoor
    Regie: Angelino Wagener
    Choreographie: Benjamin Werner
    Produktionsassistenz: David Herder
    Runner: Kilian Spinnecker

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    HORROR CHAMBER - The Edge of Existence


    HORROR CHAMBER - The Edge of Existence (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Taken from the album “Thoughts: The Slow Decay” (2019).
    Video by Ablaze Productions -
    Special Makeup by Caroline Tedy
    Horror Chamber is:
    Felipe Pujol - Guitars
    Guilherme Lannig – Vocals
    Paulo Hendler - Guitars, Vocals
    Rafael Kniest- Drums

    Follow Horror Chamber:

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    DestroyTheHumans Hostis Humani Generis Full A side.


    1 - Lead Us
    2 - Anthem of Negativity
    3 - On Your Knees
    4 - You

    A side from the Split Tape with Dirty Mike & The Boys, Hostis Humani Generis. Coche Bomba Records. Layout by Mike Abominator.

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    PYOGENESIS - Mother Bohemia // Official Lyric Video // AFM Records


    Taken from the album A Silent Soul Screams Loud out January 24, 2020

    PYOGENESIS - Mother Bohemia (2019) // Official Lyric Video // AFM Records

    Follow us also on these channels:
    AFM Website:
    AFM Webshop:

    Follow Pyogenesis:

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    Sun & Sea ~ Pirate Folk Metal CC


    Baltimore, Maryland based Folk Metal band Teshaleh performing original track Sun & Sea at TheDepot (Baltimore) for an event from Vae Victus Promotions on July 12th, 2019.

    This is our spin on a bit of a Pirate / Sea Shanty. With a dark twist.

    This song is not yet recorded, but we do have other songs available on our EP: Born Of Fire. You can find it on our website, as well as most music and streaming services.


    EMAIL (for booking and other inquiries)


    (Also available as CC)
    We sailed the sea, the crew and me
    Taking what we want for free
    Saw no need for living morally
    Any who defied us, no longer breathe

    Prizes to be won
    Despite the damage done
    Above the roaring sea
    Below the raging sun

    Late that day we saw our prey
    They had no chance of escape
    We all knew that men would die
    But that cargo begged to be mine

    Prizes to be won
    Despite the damage done
    Above the roaring sea
    Below the raging sun

    Are you ready?
    On my command
    We take no prisoners
    None shall survive
    Send them all to Hell!

    How could we know what horrors lurked
    Awaiting us deep in her core
    Once it awoke the screams began
    As it reduced the men to gore

    Our time has come
    Nowhere to run
    Above a screaming sea
    Below a blackened sun

    Prizes to be won
    Despite the damage done
    Above the roaring sea
    Below the raging sun

    It smelled the sins inside our hearts
    Some devil with eyes dead and cold
    Our treasured souls now forfeit
    The price we paid for our weight in gold

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    Wicked Tongues - Thieving Wolves


    Thieving Wolves from Wicked Tongues, all rights reserved
    Album Color of Attack available July 8, 2017
    Producer: Jesse Rone Johnson, Higher Ground Music
    Mastering: Zen Mastering


    Verse 1

    When the mouth’s glued shut
    All the confessions sound the same
    Where are your spies with their wandering eyes and their force-fed names
    An electric time
    Where is your lover tonight?
    Be it the gods of the radio watching your every move at night


    We’re all thieving wolves in the sideshow
    With our guns drawn quick, Turning parlour tricks for the rent
    And we’re all freaks and whores in the sideshow
    So make damn sure to put us down
    Cause the contract-killed don’t come nicely back from the dead

    Verse 2

    In a jet, black stare
    Where all the rumors feed like prey
    Will you deny turning secrets to lies til we’re all starved sick
    And the fallacy, is there ain’t no soul if you’re begging it right
    So cut out the tongues of the sinister ones if it helps you sleep at night


    Reader, reader
    What’s your frame of mind?
    You won’t be young and clearer
    We don’t need to fear your kind at all
    To walk beyond the clearer
    We’re all creatures in your carnival
    To dance the unfamiliar
    We don’t need to fear your kind at all
    You won’t deny



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    NECRORGASM - Faggot Killer


    NECRORGASM - Faggot Killer (live @ 5th GDGS fest, 12/03/2016 - Thessaloniki / Eightball)



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