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Playlist of YAMAHA THR



    THR10II -
    THR10II Wireless -
    THR30II Wireless -

    Andertons Vol. 4 backing tracks for you to jam along -

    The latest instalment of Yamaha THR amps brings the range up to speed with the modern guitarist on the go. Packed with almost twice as many amp and mic emulations as old models, complete wireless capability, plug-and-play recording and loads more, the THR is a desktop powerhouse of an amp.

    Pete is playing a Hansen T-style and Lee is playing is Gibson Les Paul. Please visit our website for more info.

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  • Yamaha THR-II | Series Overview


    Introducing the new THR-II series: expanding the desktop amp concept with more sounds and a rich wireless experience.

    The new THR-II series takes the THR concept to new heights with more of everything, including new guitar amp models, bass amp models, mic models for acoustic-electric guitar, and flat voicings for everything else.

    All three new THR-II amplifiers feature Bluetooth® support for audio playback and editing via the THR Remote app. The THR30II Wireless and THR10II Wireless amps also include an integrated wireless receiver that pairs perfectly with an optional Line 6® Relay®G10T transmitter, and built-in rechargeable batteries that enable you to play wherever your music takes you.

    Hear what some of our artists thought about the sound quality, the new wireless features, and how they use THR at home and on the road. Look for full interviews and performance videos from Oz Noy, Josh Smith, Joe Falconer, Jacob Berry, Yvette Young, Matteo Mancuso, Soren Andersen, Jeff Schroeder, and Jack Thammarat.

    Learn more:

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  • Yamaha THR-II: Worth The Hype?! | Friday Fretworks


    The new Yamaha THR30II - is it any good?

    Buck & Evans 2019/2020 Tour Dates:

    15.11.19 - Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff *SOLD OUT*
    16.11.19 - Jimmy's, Liverpool
    19.11.19 - The 100 Club, London *SOLD OUT*
    23.11.19 - Cathouse Rock Club, Glasgow
    28.11.19 - The Flowerpot, Derby
    29.11.19 - The Castle & Falcon, B'Ham *SOLD OUT*
    09.01.19 - The Facebar, Reading
    11.01.20 - Night & Day Cafe, Manchester
    16.02.20 - Whelan's, Dublin
    18.02.20 - Voodoo, Belfast
    01.03.20 - Planet Rock Winter's End
    14.03.20 - The Cluny, Newcastle


    Hey! My name's Chris Buck and I'm a musician from South Wales, United Kingdom. Thank you for checking out Friday Fretworks! As the name suggests, there's a new video every Friday. If you haven't already, please subscribe and if you have, it'd be lovely if you came to say hello on Facebook and Instagram as well. Links below!

  • Yamaha THR II Series Review | Better Music


    The three previous THR10 models have been replaced by the new THR10II! All previous models are in the THR10II. Need more? Well, the THR10IIWL has a rechargeable battery and wireless receiver built-in! Still not enough? The new 30-watt model THR30IIWL has the wireless option, rechargeable battery and stereo line outputs!

    Shop THR30IIWL ==
    Shop THR10IIWL ==
    Shop THR10II ==

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  • Yamaha THR30II Wireless Amp - Demo


    Lets check out the brand new THR30II Wireless from Yamaha!

    Yamaha THR Series:

    The Patreon:
    The Merch:
    The Instagram:
    The Facebook:
    The Amazon Store:
    The Website:
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    Or This Mic:

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  • Boss Katana 50 MkII vs Yamaha THR30-II - Which One Is Best For Home Use?


    Shop Boss Katana Amps -
    Shop Yamaha THR-II Amps -

    Full demo of the Boss Katana MkII amps -
    Full demo of the Yamaha THR-II amps -

    Line6 Relay G10T Receiver -
    Boss WL-20 Wireless Guitar System -

    Lee & Rob partake in a shootout like no other! Can the Katana MkII and the THR-II really be compared? When it comes to low-volume jamming, recording and home practice, they have more in common than you might think...

    Other gear used in this video was a Gibson Custom Shop '58 Les Paul Standard, a Snake Oil Very Thing Over Drive Pedal & a Boss WL-20 wireless system.

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  • Yamaha THR-II Amplifier Series Overview


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    More videos like this Yamaha THR-II Amplifier Series Overview ????
    Shop for the Yamaha THR10 II 20-watt modeling combo at Sweetwater ????
    Shop for the Yamaha THR10 II Wireless 20-watt modeling combo at Sweetwater ????
    Shop for the Yamaha THR30 II Wireless 30-watt modeling combo at Sweetwater ????

    No matter where you are, you can plug into a Yamaha THR10 II guitar amplifier and experience realistic tube tone. This battery-powered combo amplifier includes a full arsenal of guitar and bass amp emulations, along with mic models for your acoustic-electric and flat modes for everything else.

    #Sweetwater #Yamaha #THRII

    The Zoom F8N Multitrack Field Recorder was used to record the audio in this video, and can be purchased here:

  • ヤマハ ギターアンプ「THR-Ⅱ」シリーズ OVERVIEW




    Yamaha Guitar Japan
    Twitter @yamahaguitar_jp

  • Yamaha THR5 | Paul Gilbert


    Paul Gilbert has made Guitar World's 50 Fastest Guitarists of All Time, and his guitar shredding is legendary. Paul picked up his first guitar when he was 5 years old. By the time he was 15, he was featured in Guitar Player magazine. After graduating from the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) in Los Angeles, Paul immediately joined the faculty as a guitar teacher. While teaching, he formed the band Racer X and Grammy-nominated group Mr. Big.

    No matter where he is around the globe, Paul Gilbert is always connected to his students with the help of his Yamaha THR5. In this video, Paul shows us how he sets up his THR up for maximum versatility and explains why great amp tone is essential to playing your best.

    Discover THR:

    Learn with Paul:

    Keep up to date with Yamaha Guitars:

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  • The ultimate Desktop Amp? Yamaha THRII Series


    Gear from this video at Sweetwater:
    Yamaha THR II
    Yamaha pioneered the desktop amp with their THR line of amplifiers and now want to show how far this concept can go with the THR II line of amps... let's check them out...
    Yamaha THR II

    Here is tons of stuff I use in my videos...

    Here are some links to Thomann...
    Yamaha THR II

    My voice recorded with:

    Everything hangs on these...

    My interface: Apollo X4

    here is a link to the AMPETE switcher:

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  • The BRAND NEW Yamaha THR30II Wireless Short Demo ????????????????


    In this sponsored video with Yamaha, I check out the BRAND NEW Yamaha THR30II Wireless.

    THR Series:

    THR30II Wireless
    -Realistic tube-amp tones and feel plus essential effects
    -15 guitar amp models, 3 bass amp models, 3 mic models for acoustic-electrics, and flat voicings for everything else
    -Bluetooth® support for audio playback, editing via THR Remote, and more
    -Built-in wireless receiver compatible with optional Line 6® Relay® G10T transmitter
    -Built-in rechargeable battery lets you play anywhere
    -Hi-Fi audio playback with Extended Stereo Technology
    -Plug-and-play USB connectivity for recording and playback
    -1/4” line outputs provide additional flexibility for recording or performance
    -THR Remote editor/librarian app for desktop and mobile devices

    This video is sponsored by Yamaha

  • Getting Classic Sounds With The Yamaha THR10


    Soren Andersen demonstrates how to get some classic sounds using the Yamaha THR10.

  • Yamaha THR10 Valve Modelling Guitar Combo Amp Review


    In this demo, Dagan reviews the Yamaha THR10 Valve Modelling Guitar Combo Amp and shows us how impressive this battery powered amp really is.

    Check out the Yamaha THR10 Valve Modelling Guitar Combo Amp over at PMT Online today:

    The cool thing about the Yamaha THR10 Valve Modelling Guitar Combo Amp is that it’s packed full of fantastic valve amp tones as well as a world of effects to provide you with an all in one amplifier package that is highly portable. Ideal for busking, small gigs and studio work, you’ll find the THR10 extremely useful when it comes to recording at home as it also acts as an audio interface that works with electric guitars, acoustic guitars and bass guitars too! It also contains dedicated pre amps for acoustic and bass guitars with memory banks to store your favourite settings.

    A mini amp that packs a huge sound. Check out the Yamaha THR10 and the entire range of THR amplifiers today and choose the best option for you.


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  • Is this your perfect THIRD amp!? A Closer Look at... THE NEW, UPDATED Yamaha THR-II Series


    The Yamaha THR10 really has set the standard for home practice amps, and the Yamaha THR10 is the next step for hard rock guitar players.

    Designed to offer the ultimate off stage response, the THR10 is loaded with features to help you get the most out of your practise time. With ultra-realistic effects including reverbs and delay, true hi-fi quality stereo audio playback for backing tracks, built in tuner, tap tempo and Virtual Tube Illumination, this is a really comprehensive little package.

    You have your big amp that sounds great cranked up to 10. Maybe you have your practical, smaller amp for rehearsals and smaller shows. Now you have the perfect third amp. The amp for everything else, THR. Prepare to spend a lot more time playing guitar…

    Instagram: @peachguitars
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  • Boss Katana Mini vs Yamaha THR - Mini Amp Comparison


    This is a mini amp comparison of the tones and features of the Boss
    Katana Mini and the Yamaha THR5.
    ►Get the THR Amps: (Affiliate link)
    ►Get the Kat Mini: (Affiliate link)
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  • Yamaha THR10X - Metal


    Get the Yamaha THR10X from Amazon :

    My Facebook page:

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    Feared band page:

    Signal chain:
    Strandberg #31 - Yamaha THR10X USB out - Logic 9

    Yamaha -
    Strandberg Guitarworks -
    Presonus -
    Seymour Duncan -
    Razorimages(designer of intro) -

    *If you think I'm doing a good job and want to support me in any way, best thing is to grab any of my albums from
    Thanks for the support!*

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  • 국민 방구석 앰프! YAMAHA THR10을 파헤쳐볼까요?! 홍반기타연구소


    국민 방구석 앰프! YAMAHA THR10을 파헤쳐볼까요?! (+Sound Sample) [홍반기타연구소]

    이 앰프에 대해서 다양한 리뷰들이 있지만 실사용자 입장에서 간단한 앰프 리뷰를 해봤습니다!
    재밌게 감상해주세요~~

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  • Yamaha THR10 10-watt Stereo Desktop Modeling Amp Review by Sweetwater


    Mitch Gallagher presents the Yamaha THR10 desktop modeling amplifier, with the help of Sweetwater guitarist Don Carr. After a walkthrough of the controls, Don demonstrates the different amp model and effects settings. Then Mitch will record multiple takes using different amplifier models, using the THR10 as an audio interface over USB. After the video, click the link below to learn more about the Yamaha THR10. Thanks for watching!

    Get the Yamaha THR10 here:
    Check out the entire THR series of modeling amps here:

    Sweetwater's Guitars and Gear, Vol. 133

  • Yamaha THR5


    Yamaha THR5 (The BEST Practice Amp In The World?)
    The Yamaha THR series is regarded by some as the best practice amp there is. Here I check to see if it is. I also mention the Roland Micro Cube, which I've previously thought was the best. Do I still think so? Watch this to find out.

    This Yamaha amp has been around for a while, but it's managed to evade me for some reason. That's no longer the case. Hope you enjoy the video.

    For official website, visit
    For lessons, visit
    To support, visit

  • Yamaha THR-II | Wireless Amp Series


    THR-10ii Wireless:
    THR-30ii Wireless:

    The 30-watt Yamaha® THR30II Wireless guitar amplifier brings realistic tube-amp tones and feel to your desktop and beyond. Cover any style with tones for electric, acoustic, and bass guitar. And it’s fully wireless. With Bluetooth® support, a Line 6® wireless receiver, and built-in rechargeable battery, you’ll play anywhere your music takes you.


    Realistic tube-amp tones and feel plus essential effects
    15 guitar amps, 3 bass amps, 3 mic models for acoustic-electrics, and flat modes
    Bluetooth® support for audio playback, editing via THR Remote, and more
    Built-in wireless receiver compatible with optional Line 6® Relay® G10T transmitter
    Built-in rechargeable battery lets you play anywhere
    Hi-Fi audio playback with Extended Stereo Technology
    Plug-and-play USB connectivity for recording and playback
    1/4” line outputs provide additional flexibility for recording or performance

    A/D Converter 24-bit + 3 Bit Floating
    D/A Converter 24-bit
    Sampling Frequency 48 kHz
    Memory Allocations User Memory: 5
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 420 x 195 x 155 mm
    Weight 3
    Accessories AC Adapter (15V 3A)
    Quick Guide
    CubaseAI Download Access Code

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  • Recording an entire track using only the Yamaha THR...


    LA-based studio guitar tech/producer/gear wizard Marc VanGool records an entire track using only a Yamaha THR10, Cubase AI6 and a 2008 MacBook.

    The go-to guy for anything guitar-related in LA, Marc's credits include Daughtry (Marc's THR5 made it on to the latest record!), Kelly Clarkson, Black Stone Cherry, Theory of a Deadman, Creed, Adam Lambert, Papa Roach and 3 Doors Down and he's as likely to be found modding an amp or building a pedalboard as he is tracking an amazing guitar part or finding the perfect guitar sound for a hit record with his awesome collection of amps (a small part of which can be seen in the background of the video). Suffice to say, what he doesn't now about tone isn't really worth knowing...
    And don't be fooled by the collection of incredible amps and outboard in the control room at Bay 7 Studios, everything you can hear was done using only what comes in the THR box (apart from the laptop and guitars).

    Download the finished track, and the final Cubase project file, from

  • Yamaha THR10X - Satchel


    Steel Panther's Satchel demonstrates some of his influences, favourite riffs and the guitar solo to Gold Digging Wh*re (from the new album, Balls Out) backstage during the band's Balls Out World Tour using a Yamaha THR10X.

  • Boss Katana Mini VS Yamaha THR - Which One I’m keeping and Why!


    ►Get the THR Amps: (Affiliate link)
    ►Get the Kat Mini: (Affiliate link)
    The Boss Katana Mini and Yamaha THR5 are both awesome mini amps, but I'm only going to keep one.
    It's time to let go of the THR and I'll discuss why.

    Check out the original videos:

    Visit lando27music on:





  • Yamaha THR30IIW - Sound Demo


    *Buy now:
    Here´s a sound demo of the Yamaha THR30IIW Desktop Amp with many sounds and settings.
    Soundfiles/Video: Thomas Dill

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  • The Best Guitar Practice Amp? Yamaha THR10 Review


    The Yamaha THR10 is an excellent amp for guitar practice and recording! In this video I talk about its many features and demo some of its many sounds. Hope this helps if you are considering one!

    Yamaha THR10:

    Camera Gear:
    Panasonic G7 -
    Rode VideoMicro -
    (The above links are affiliate links)

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  • Yamaha THR10 - Philip Sayce vintage pedals demo


    Blues supremo Philip Sayce puts his THR10 through its paces with a series of vintage pedals.
    While most modelling amps struggle to work well with effects in the front end, thanks to Yamaha's VCM component modelling, THR responds exactly like you'd expect a tube amp to, even with Philip's 'best of the best' effects in the front end...

    The video was recorded at Mates Rehearsal Studios in Hollywood, with the THR mic'd into the PA system - what you hear is an accurate representation of the sound in the room.

    Philip Sayce's new album, Influence, is available exclusively in Europe and the UK from August 25th (global release coming soon!).

  • Yamaha THR II 10 and 30 Wireless


    Let's check out these amps from Yamaha.
    The THRII 10 & 30 Wireless.

    This is a re-upload.


    Recorded with the
    UAD Apollo Twin Duo
    Digital Performer 9.5

    Original melody composition by © Jonathan Koh
    Backing track from: Jam Track for Guitar

  • Yamaha THR30II Wireless | Interview | Yvette Young


    I found it really inspiring.

    In this video Yvette Young, guitarist and songwriter for instrumental math-rock band Covet, shares her musical background explaining how it shaped her playing style and unique writing method. Yvette goes on to share how she first discovered THR, and details how the new THR30II Wireless inspires her songwriting.

    The THR30II Wireless:
    The 30-watt Yamaha® THR30II Wireless amplifier brings realistic tube-amp tones and feel to your desktop—and beyond. Yamaha originated the “desktop amplifier” category and the THR30II Wireless takes the concept to new heights. New amp models for electric guitar and bass, mic models for acoustic-electrics, and flat voicings for everything else let you cover any genre. And it’s fully wireless. Play wherever your music takes you with Bluetooth® support, a Line 6® wireless receiver, a built-in rechargeable battery, and stereo line outputs for additional flexibility. A redesigned enclosure with increased bass response and a refreshed look that complements any décor complete the package.

    Learn more:

    *Effects courtesy of Yvette’s pedalboard

    Keep up to date with Yamaha Guitars:

  • Yamaha THR-II Series Launching Event


    Inilah keseruan event NgeBlues bareng sobat Yamaha, 18 Februari lalu. Dengan dibarengi launching resmi produk baru yaitu THR-II Amplifier.

    Pada 18 Februari 2020, Yamaha Musik Indonesia Distributor resmi meluncurkan generasi baru amplifier Yamaha THR-II bersama komunitas Blues Hood. Menghadirkan Zendhy Kusuma sebagai pembicara utama, Yamaha THR30II Wireless kita geber dari sore hari hingga larut malam. Selain menggunakan fitur Line Out-nya, kita juga sempat membandingkan sound dari amplifier full wireless ini saat ditodong.

    Selain Yamaha THR30II Wireless yang ada di panggung, para saudara kandungnya yaitu THR10II dan THR10II Wireless juga kita hadirkan di ruangan-ruangan demo agar bisa dicoba langsung oleh para gitaris yang sangat antusias dengan suasana seperti di kamar.

    Lebih canggih dan lebih lengkap dari generasi sebelumnya, kini Yamaha THRII dilengkapi 15 model ampli gitar, 3 model ampli bass, dan 3 model microphone gitar akustik. Selain itu, Yamaha THRII dibekali kemampuan Bluetooth untuk editing sound via mobile app dan music playback, kemampuan Wireless (THR30II Wireless & THR10II Wireless), baterai yang dapat diisi ulang (THR30II Wireless & THR10II Wireless), dan Line Output (THR30II Wireless).

    ►Info lengkap : (Live 17 April 2020)

    ►Buy a #YamahaTHRII at :

    ►Find more and follow :
    - Yamaha Musik ID Instagram :
    - Yamaha Musik ID Facebook :
    - Yamaha Guitar Facebook :

    #YamahaMusikID #BermusikDiRumah #YamahaTHRII #GitaranDariRumah

  • Yamaha 기타앰프 THR10


    Yamaha 기타앰프 THR10

  • Great Practice Amp Under $300 - Amp Demo - Yamaha THR10 - Perfect All In One Solution


    Check out the demo on this little 10 watt box of awesome. Great around the house practice amp!

    Want to kick your playing up a notch? Check out the website and take your playing from copying other peoples licks to creating your own!

    Got a song request? Click the link below to enter your request. If I choose your request you will have a chance at getting a $10 guitar center gift card.

    Looking for more free in depth instruction? Check out the videos below where I cover everything from acoustic strumming to how master your fretboard in the major and minor pentatonic soloing series.

    Interested in learning how to solo better? Want to understand how and why your favorite artists solos sound so good? Click on one of the free video series below.

    Major Pentatonic:

    Minor Pentatonic:

    Want to tighten up your acoustic strumming and rhythm guitar playing check out the strumming tutorial here:

    Want a couple of drum tracks to practice your rhythm or soloing? Click on the links below:

    Follow me on social media here:

  • The 3 Best Home Use Guitar Amps for 2017!


    This is a video shoot out between (in our opinion!) the 3 best home use amps on the market today. We compare the Yamaha THR10 to the Vox Adio GT & the Fender Mustang GT40.

    For more info on the Vox Adio go here -
    For more info on the Yamaha THR10 go here -
    For more info on the Fender Mustang GT40 go here -

    It was a bit of a challenge to mic up all 3 amps in a way that really replicated the kind of sounds we get in the room. So unlike our normal videos where we close mic each amp, in this video we're just using a couple of room mics. I hope you find the sound OK. Its the same mics for every amp, so apart from their relative position, it should be a fair comparison. All these amps were recorded at home use volume levels.

    As we discussed in the video, many of you will be able to use bigger & louder amps at home, and if you're one of those people, then absolutely amps like the Boss Katana, Fender Blues Junior & Blackstar HT5 (to name but a few!) may be a better choice than these. But if you need something really small, and really quiet, then we think these three amps are the best!
    Let us know which one won you over!


    Lee & Rob

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    Andertons Guitar & Bass YouTube Channel:
    Andertons Drummers YouTube Channel:
    Andertons Keyboard YouTube Channel:
    Andertons Music Tech YouTube Channel:
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  • Great SRV tone in the Yamaha THR 10 !


    This is just an improvisation over a Little Wing backing track, so I am not playing the original solo part ;) I think this tone comes really close to the SRV tone without busting the bank.



  • 小豬 | YAMAHA THR II vs Boss Katana Mini | 吉他器材#01 桌上型音箱 | My Favorite Portable Guitar Amp 2019


    ++FOLLOW ME++
    Fender - 1959 John English Master Design
    YAMAHA - THR II 10 Wireless
    Boss - Katana Mini
    SE - V7X
    Thank you all so much for watching!
    #小豬 #THR #KATANA

  • Yamaha THR10II


    Yamaha THR10II (The Popular Practice Amp Gets An Update)

    Here's part 2 of this review:

    Yamaha's THR range has been incredibly popular. The THR looks good, many think it sounds great, and some people have even called the Yamaha THR the best practice amp out there. Now Yamaha have released a new version of the THR. It comes in three different models (THR10, THR10 wireless, and THR30 wireless), and the one I'm taking a look at is the THR10.
    Is it worth the hype? Find out in this video.

    For official website, visit
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    Check out my music on Spotify:

    The gear I most often use.
    A Stratocaster of some kind, either an Yngwie Malmsteen Strat, or a custom Strat with a scalloped fretboard. For 7 string stuff I mostly use an Ibanez Universe.
    A Marshall 1987x into a Marshall cab.
    A Fender Yngwie Malmsteen overdrive, plus a Boss NS-2 noise gate, or a Strymon Sunset.
    A Morley Bad Horsie 2 wah, and a delay.
    An AKG C-414 mic for the guitar.
    For acoustic stuff I use a Taylor 710 short scale thingy.

  • Boss Katana Air Impressions: BKA vs Yamaha THR10 and plugged in vs batteries


    After playing around with the Boss Katana Air, I decided to compare it against the Yamaha THR10. Both are small and portable, one is wireless. Here are my deeper impressions of the Katana Air.

    Note that while I did a volume comparison, it appears the volume got clipped so you can't really tell how loud the Katana Air and THR10 are. They are both very loud - however, I will note that while on batteries, it wasn't loud enough to hurt my ears, which is what happened while plugged in.

  • Yamaha THR10 - How To Dial In Your Perfect Tones


    Hello guitar lovers! In this video, Rich talks about the importance of finding your key tones including the likes of clean, crunch, gain and how to transpose these tones into the likes of lead and rhythm guitar playing.

    Our new Christmas series is now live and FREE on YouTube!

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    #yamahathr #settingupanamp #diallinganamp

  • Yamaha THR 10 DEMO / REVIEW


    Yamaha THR 10 DEMO / REVIEW

    Muy buenas gente! Aquí una nueva review de este magnífico amplificador Yamaha THR 10. En esta Demo vemos como suenan todas sus funcionalidades y os explico el porque de este amp, Para que os puede servir y todos estos consejos para que os animéis a comprarlo.
    En la reseña dejo claro que este ampli es para lo que es... Para tocar en casa y disfrutar de un buen sonido, ya que este Yamaha thr 10 para lo que vale funciona muy bien.
    Espero que os guste y no dudéis en escribirme cualquier cosa en los comentarios!
    Nos vemos en el siguiente vídeo de guitarreo, o reviews, o tutoriales o cualquier cosa relacionada con la guitarra y amplificación!!

    Yamaha THR10
    Chapman ml1 Pro

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  • Yamaha THR 10 II - Good news


    Привет ребята!
    Сегодня решил поиграть через Yamaha THR 10 II
    Весь звук нарулил именно там.
    Исполняю авторскую пьесу для гитары - Good news

    Играю на гитаре PRS CE22
    Использую - Fokin Pickups - Equilibrium
    Dunlop Electric Electric Nickel Performance + 10/52
    Камера - Iphone

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  • Yamaha THR-II Series | THRII10 and THRII30 Demonstration


    Have a listen to the Yamaha THR10II, THR10II Wireless and THR30II desktop amplifiers. Now including bluetooth connectivity for audio playback or control from iOS, Android or Desktop app, all the previous THR10 models (THR10x, THR10c, THR10) are now in a single amp allowing for 15 amp variations.

    The video gives a comprehensive look at some of the different sound settings recorded using the direct stereo outs as well as some tones with a microphone (method of recording is stated at the start of the demonstration section). You can hear heavy, clean, acoustic and many more tones in this video.

    The THR10II Wireless and THR30II both have a built in lithium-ion battery and Line 6 G10 wireless receiver built in, simply purchase the additional Line 6 G10-T wireless transmitter to go completely cable free.

    Amp demonstrated by Tom Baeppler and Michael Gonthier
    Playing an Yamaha Revstar RS720BX, Yamaha Pacifica PAC611VFMX and Yamaha FSX3 Acoustic Guitar

    To find out more about Yamaha THR visit:

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  • Yamaha THR10Ⅱ Wireless × 亀本寛貴(GLIM SPANKY)【デジマート・マガジン特集】


    ギタリストのニーズに応えるリアルなアンプ・サウンドと機能を搭載したNEW THR-Ⅱ。

    Yamahaから登場した新たなTHR-Ⅱシリーズの実力を、3人のプロ・ギタリストが月替わりでチェック。最終回はGLIM SPANKYの亀本寛貴がTHR10Ⅱ Wirelessをプレイしてくれた。幅広い世代のロック・ファンを魅了する名手は、THR-Ⅱシリーズのサウンドをどう感じたのだろうか?



  • YAMAHA THR-IIシリーズ:THR30II Wireless / THR10II Wireless / THR10IIレビュー



    - Guitar -


    Official web site:

    ???? ソーシャルメディア

  • Yamaha THR100HD: Soren Andersen


    Soren Andersen explains and demonstrates different ways of using the Yamaha THR100HD including dual-channel, dual amp and stereo setups.

    Soren's THR was recorded using only the mics - no DI, no EQ and no-post FX. Everything you hear is from THR Head...

  • THR10ⅡとTHR10は実際どんな違いがある!?検証してみた!



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    ED:音楽素材MusMus『Gunshot Straight』

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  • Yamaha THR 10II - Review Part II


    Yamaha THR 10II - Review Part II

    In this part I hook up the THR to my laptop and show you more sounds than you can access from the panel, plus what you can do with the editor. For the first part of the review, go here:
    So is the Yamaha THR 10II any good? Is it worth the hassle of connecting to a laptop? Find out in this video.

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    The gear I most often use.
    A Stratocaster of some kind, either an Yngwie Malmsteen Strat, or a custom Strat with a scalloped fretboard. For 7 string stuff I mostly use an Ibanez Universe.
    A Marshall 1987x into a Marshall cab.
    A Fender Yngwie Malmsteen overdrive, plus a Boss NS-2 noise gate, or a Strymon Sunset.
    A Morley Bad Horsie 2 wah, and a delay.
    An AKG C-414 mic for the guitar.
    For acoustic stuff I use a Taylor 710 short scale thingy.

  • Yamaha THR10 and Why I Chose It Over Boss Katana: Explained by Professional Audio Engineer


    Yamaha THR10. Why I chose it over Boss Katana explained by the professional audio engineer/mixer Andrew Zeleno. How it compares to Wizard Modern Classic 4500$ amplifier 100 Watts (AC/DC tech's company). We'll be talking about THR10, THR10C and THR10X. They are versatile guitar amplifiers for practicing and bedroom levels. You can get power tubes saturation based on digital emulation with really low volume. How to get a cranked amp with low volume. How it compares to guitar plugins. Why I prefer Yamaha over Wizard + Suhr Reactive Load + Rosen Digital/Ownhammer IRs when I need to write music or practice. You can use it for iphone or backing tracks. You have everything from clean to crunch to high gain. Hi gain verion THR10X has the crunch and the lead channel of Engl Powerball having amazingly deep low end and body of a sound as for this small box. Also this amp has a tuner, FXs, headphones out and AUX input. Plus it can be working on batteries. You have 5 present buttons. Also it can be controlled by an app on the computer. Katana amp is still too loud for me and I don't gig. Katana sounds good when it's loud. So I prefer quiet Yamaha. For THR10 you can change the firmware from v2 to v1 changing the tone. In the video I explain the sound difference between THR10 and THR10X. In general they have different sound. Also you get stripped down version of Cubase buying this amplifier. Also in a video I mention Softube Console 1 and DynAudio Lyd7 monitors. As effects you get: flanger, phaser, chorus, tremolo, delay, delay+reverb, spring reverb and hall reverb with long predelay and time.

    The list of all emulations:
    THR10 (V.1 and V.2)
    Clean = Fender Twin Reverb
    Crunch = VOX AC30
    Lead = Marshall Plexi
    Brit Hi = Marshall JCM800
    Modern = Mesa Boogie

    Clean = Fender Deluxe
    Class A = Matchless DC30
    US Blues = Fender Blues Jr.
    Brit Blues = Marshall Bluesbreaker
    Mini = Dr. Z Mini-Z

    Power 1 = Engl Powerball
    Power 2 = Engl Powerball (lead channel)
    Brown 1 = early Van Halen
    Brown 2 = later Van Halen
    Southern Hi = Dimebag Darrell
    Clean = Fender Deluxe

    My signal chain for that example was: Gibson SG with 498T - AKG c1000 mic - SSL SuperAnalogue Preamp - SSL Converter
    THe second example: Canon 80D on-camera mic

    Check the playlist with my videos on Mixing, Recording and we'll check a homework of one of my student:


  • Yamaha THR10 Guitar Amp Demo


    NOTE: Some people have pointed out the buzzing between playing. The buzzing is caused by a power supply problem on the prototype used here and very early models. Now ships with improved powersupply that solves the buzzing completely.

    Introducing the brand new Yamaha THR guitar amp! The stylish THR is your third amp! Ideal for practice, jams and taking with you wherever you go thanks to battery operation, the THR is the new standard in guitar practice amps.

    THR even features built in effects, authentic, advanced tube amp modelling, a USB recording / playback interface and an aux input for MP3 players.

    Find out more (including the latest prices) by visiting our website

  • Yamaha THR


    Najnowsze dziecko Yamahy w porównaniu do poprzednich serii posiada jeszcze realistyczniej odwzorowanie brzmienie wzmacniaczy lampowych.

    Na pokładzie znajdziemy symulację 15 modeli wzmacniaczy, 8 efektów oraz interface audio zapewniający nam bezproblemowe nagrywanie. Sterować wzmacniaczem możemy klasycznie potencjometrami, przez bluetooth, a także przez komputer.

    Bluetooth może służyć również do odtwarzania muzyki na tym małym wzmacniaczu.

    A jak to brzmi? Przekonajcie się sami.

    Yamaha THR10 II w ofercie sklepu

    Produkty firmy Yamaha

    Wzmacniacze gitarowe


    Sklep muzyczny

  • Yamaha THR 5


    Yamaha THR 5:

    digitaler Übungsverstärkercombo mit Interface
    Leistung: 5 Watt
    5 Verstärkereinstellungen
    Presets für Acoustic, Bass, Flat
    5 speicherbare User-Presets
    8 Effekte
    Bedienelemente: Amp, Gain, Master, Bass, Middle, Treble, Effect, Delay/Reverb, Guitar Output, USB/Aux Output, 5 x User Memory
    Anschlüsse: Klinke- sowie Aux-Eingang, Kopfhörerausgang und USB
    Batterie oder Netzbetrieb
    Gewicht: 2,0 kg

  • Yamaha THR 30 II


    Yamaha thr 30 II Soundcheck