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Playlist of XTC

  • Xích Thêm Chút - XTC Remix | RPT Groovie ft TLinh x RPT MCK | RAPITALOVE


    XTC(Xích Thêm Chút) Remix | Rapitalove EP Bonus Track
    #rapital #rapitalove #xtcremix #bonustrack
    Composer: RPT Groovie, TLinh, RPT MCK
    Prod. by fat_benn & RPT LT
    Editor: Zuy, t&d
    Artwork by Dillus

    00:00 Intro
    00:14 RPT Groovie (Hook)
    00:44 RPT Groovie (Verse)
    01:43 TLinh (Hook)
    02:15 TLinh (Verse)
    03:00 RPT MCK (Break)
    03:13 RPT MCK (Verse)
    03:46 Outro


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  • XTC - Dear God


    XTC - Dear God (Official Video)

    Music video by XTC performing Dear God. © 1988 Virgin Records Ltd.

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  • XTC - Mayor of Simpleton


    video of my favourite song by XTC

  • Solardo & Eli Brown - XTC


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  • XTC - Making Plans For Nigel


    UK hit 1979 peaked at No.17, 11 weeks on chart

  • XTC - The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead


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  • What Makes This Song Great? Ep.76 XTC


    In this episode of What Makes This Song Great? we explore the music of XTC.





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  • XTC - Grass - Full HD 1080p Video


    XTC - Skylarking 30th Anniversary Edition (cd/blu-ray)

    Skylarking is the fourth and perhaps most anticipated release in a series of expanded XTC album reissues, including 5.1 Surround mixes, new stereo mixes and High-Resolution stereo mixes by Steven Wilson, along with a wealth of extra audio and visual material.
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  • XTC RPT Groovie x TLINH x MCK


    #Rapitality #RPTGroovie
    Cảm ơn mọi người đã ủng hộ xem và đăng kí kênh của mình ạ ^^

    RPT Groovie x TLINH x MCK


    Drummer - Vinh Smith
    Percussion - Vũ Quang Dũng
    Bassist - Lê Phương Nam
    Guitarist - Phước
    Keyboard 1 - ToF
    Keyboard 2 - Y Qua


    Fllow me: Y Qua Hlong


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  • Dj Totti - XTC | دي جي توتي - إكس تي سي


    Dj Totti - XTC | دي جي توتي - إكس تي سي

    Listen Now!

    Connect with DJ Totti:


    YouTube Management by: Arpuplus


    ©2021 DJ Totti. All rights reserved.

  • Albums That Changed Music: XTC - English Settlement


    ➡️➡️Learn more about English Settlement by XTC here:

    XTC first formed under the name Star Park in 1972, and then Helium Kidz in 1973. The band spent a time trying out different styles, at one point wanting to be like the New York Dolls. Between ’73 and ’75, frontman and primary songwriter Andy Partridge wrote hundreds of songs in that vain that failed to gain any real traction.

    The group rebranded itself again, finally settling on the name XTC. Partridge at least partially credits hearing the Sex Pistols in 1976 for taking the band in a new direction, saying: “[Hearing ‘Anarchy in the UK’] sort of spurred me on – watching this stuff that I thought was rather average.”

    XTC began pursuing their own voice, recording four albums between 1978 and 1980. The group saw their first commercial breakthrough with Drums and Wires in 1979, which featured two charting singles written by bassist Colin Moulding: “Life Begins at the Hop” and the breakthrough “Making Plans for Nigel.”

    Moulding has said of both tracks, “I wanted to ditch that quirky nonsense and do more straight-ahead pop.” -Colin Moulding

    The album was also the band’s first collaboration with the powerhouse production/engineering duo Steve Lillywhite and Hugh Padgham, which introduced a thunderous drum sound to XTC’s arrangements.

    Padgham’s invention of gated reverb while working with Phil Collins became the quintessential drum sound of the ‘80s.

    This sound was further explored on the band’s fourth album, Black Sea, in 1980, again with Lillywhite and Padgham handling production and engineering respectively.

    Partridge recalls, “[Black Sea’s production was like] Drums and Wires to the Nth degree … The drums got boomier and bigger and more gated and more aggressive, and the guitars got slashier, with more punch to them.”

    With two breakthrough albums under their collective belt, 1982’s English Settlement marked a departure from their previously successful style. This time, Partridge pushed the group towards pastoral pop, with an emphasis on acoustic instruments, longer songs, and more intricate arrangements.

    The ambitious double album would be the band’s highest-charting record, and have a lasting impact on music in the decades that followed.

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  • XTC on Where Are They Now


  • Lukas Leon - XTC


    Biisilista: 1. Kuka se on 2. MÄ 3. Ilta on nuori 4. FU feat. F 5. Lämmitä mua feat. Lola 6. Mitä mä tarviin feat. Ares 7. Cringe 8. HENDRIX feat. Aleksanteri Hakaniemi 9. Rooma feat. Etta 10. Kenet sä muistat

  • Witchblade OP 1: Psychic Lover - XTC


    This song is very rare to find in high quality on the net so I took the song from my physical copy of the soundtrack and uploaded for everyone to listen and enjoy.

  • XTC - Senses Working Overtime -HD -BBC2 TV - TOTP 1982


    Thursday 28 January 1982, TOTP (BBC2-TV) Broadcast Senses Working Overtime filmed the day before introduces by Simon Bates
    This is the band's fifth appearanceon the show.

  • XTC - Statue Of Liberty


    (HQ digital stereo remaster) There's a mishmash of XTC uploads on YT, mostly poor quality and low resolution. So I'm uploading all the XTC videos I have with consistent quality for your enjoyment. Released in January 1978, this song was the first single from XTC's debut album White Music

  • RPT Groovie & RPT JasonDilla - XTC, Bác Sĩ Tâm Lý | LIVE @ 84GRND


    RPT Groovie & RPT JasonDilla - XTC, Bác Sĩ Tâm Lý | LIVE @ 84GRND

    XTC - Prod. by Derkalavier
    Bác Sĩ Tâm Lý - RPT Groovie ft. Zury - Prod. by Minh Tốc & Lam

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    RPT Groovie:
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  • XTC - MTV Studios - New York, NY - May 16, 1989


    XTC - MTV Studios - New York, NY - May 16, 1989

    Scarecrow People
    Blue Beret
    King For A Day

    courtesy of

  • Ivan Reys - XTC


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  • XTC- PLAY AT HOME-C4-1984-PART 3/3


    Part 3 of 'XTC Play at home' documentary for channel 4

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  • XTC - Senses Working Overtime


    Released on 'English Settlement' (1982), Virgin Records.

    * DISCLAIMER: I don't own the material of XTC, but I do recommend you to support them buying their material.

  • XTC - Generals And Majors


    Music video by XTC performing Generals And Majors. © 1980 Virgin Records Ltd.

  • XTC-Making Plans For Nigel #258.


    XTC-Making Plans For Nigel #258.

  • XTC - Mayor Of Simpleton


    XTC - Mayor Of Simpleton (Official Video)

    Music video by XTC performing Mayor Of Simpleton. © 1989 Virgin Records Ltd.

  • Senses Working Overtime


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Senses Working Overtime (Remastered) · XTC

    English Settlement

    ℗ 2001 Virgin Records Ltd

    Released on: 2001-01-01

    Producer: XTC
    Studio Personnel, Engineer, Producer: Hugh Padgham
    Associated Performer, Drums: Terry Chambers
    Associated Performer, Guitar: Dave Gregory
    Associated Performer, Bass Guitar: Colin Moulding
    Associated Performer, Vocalist: Andy Partridge
    Composer Lyricist: Andrew Partridge

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • XTC - King For A Day


    Oranges & Lemons

  • XTC - All You Pretty Girls


    (HQ digital stereo remaster) Finally a good quality copy of this video. This song, released in September 1984, was the first single from XTC's seventh album The Big Express. This is of one of the hardest to find XTC videos!

  • XTC


    Provided to YouTube by Ultra Music

    XTC (Extended Mix) · Solardo · Eli Brown

    XTC (Extended Mix)

    ℗ Ultra Records, LLC

    Released on: 2019-07-19

    Artist: Eli Brown
    Artist: Solardo

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • XTC - Are You Receiving Me?


    Promo for the single Are You Receiving Me?

  • X-T-C


    X-T-C · Accept

    Eat The Heat

    ℗ 1989 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

    Released on: 1989-05-30

    Vocal: David Reece
    Composer, Lyricist: Deaffy Deaffy
    Guitar: Wolf Hoffmann
    Cymbal, Drums: Stefan Kaufmann
    Arranger, Engineer, Mixing Engineer, Producer: Dieter Dierks
    Bass: Peter Baltes
    Assistant Engineer, Mixing Engineer: Topo
    Mastering Engineer: Bob Ludwig

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • XTC - Senses Working Overtime


    Classic XTC track Senses Working Overtime from 1982...

  • XTC - Towers of London


    The promo video for their single.

  • XTC - Apple Venus Volume 1


    XTC - Apple Venus Volume 1 (Full Album)

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  • Solardo & Eli Brown - XTC


    Find XTC & our 50 latest uploads in this Spotify playlist:

    Solardo & Eli Brown's uplifting tech-house tune XTC has been doing the rounds for a while now. Finally out via Ultra Music


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    ☢ Ultra Music


    Artwork by Klarens (

    #TechHouse #Solardo #GrooveBassment

  • XTC - Towers of London


    XTC - Towers of London

  • XTC - Im the Man Who Murdered Love


    I'm the Man Who Murdered Love by XTC is the song that Lane plays from her new CD for Rory in The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton (Season 1, Episode 2).

  • XTC - King for a Day


    3/3 of the MTV Acoustic Sessions

  • XTC - The Disappointed - Guitar Jamthrough


    The Disappointed! I'm not one of them! But, Andy Partridge wrote a great song about those disappointed by love. Everyone has felt this. Hey says he's the Chief of the Tribe of Broken Hearts. This is such a fine piece of Pop! The influences are clear, but it's those Beach Boys soaring background vocals that just do it for me. Nonesuch is the 12th studio album by the band, released on the 27th of April 1992. It's the follow-up record to Oranges & Lemons. This LP received critical acclaim, charted at number 28 in the UK Albums Chart, and number 97 on the US Billboard 200, as well as topping Rolling Stone's College album chart. The Disappointed was the lead off single.

    These videos serve as lessons on how I play this bunch of Pop, Rock, and Reggae songs - sometimes as a single guitarist playing the only guitar part, though that's rare. And sometimes if there is more than one guitar part, then trying to find the single good path through the tune. I complete one pass, demonstrating different Rhythm parts, styles, and techniques. There is no talking. No discussion. No note-for-note explanations. As such, for clarity, my guitar is supposed to be louder in the mix than it would ever be in a live setting. But, if you really want to hear what I hear, do what I do and put on a good pair headphones with great bass response! It's worth it.

    Why this is important to Rhythm Guitar:
    Restraint and delay. Those are the two important aspects to this song. First, it's all about restrained playing. Sitting back makes room for Andy's really rather fine vocals on this track, and those soaring Beach Boy background vocals. Second, is the delay setting. It's a very rare 8th triplet. If you listen carefully, you can really hear the even notes of three behind what I am playing.

    It was cool to work that out.

    As, I just love this band.

    #artofrhythmguitar #echohead #rhythmguitar

  • XTC -Harvest Festival - Demo Version- Homespun


    XTC Homespun
    The Apple Venus Volume One Home Demos

    As a kid, I had no idea what the harvest festival ceremony at school was supposed to be about. This bizarre mix of Christianity, paganity, help the Aged, a jumble sale and fridge raid, all seem to crash together (with schoolboy lust interest) in the lyrics of this song.

    This demo is in two sections. The first being that prime fumbling onto mono cassette. You can hear me trying a chorus of 'one kiss you gave me', teetering over an embryonic melody. This has been edited at 1.04 minutes onto a slightly later eight track ADAT recording. Think you'll agree the song by this stage feels pretty final.

    Don't get too wigged out by the burbling muffled orchestra under the early version. What happened was when I got the idea, I just grabbed the nearest tape, which I think was maybe some 'Handel', and I slammed it into the nearest recorder. In my urgency to catch the muse I'd forgotten that the tape deck was faulty and never properly erases what's underneath. So here we have it, an inadvertently psychedelic version with a baroque master unknowingly jamming with me from beyond the grave.

    I decided to move the arrangement from acoustic guitar to piano simply because of the evocation of an English school assembly. Music master seated at the grand in the hall, girls one side, boys the other. Furtive but powerful glances shooting between the ranks of confused white shirted trainee adults. A smile from a girl across the room can have an atomic blast impact on a spotty, shy lad of thirteen. Ground zero at your heart.

    I'm very proud of the lines 'see the children with baskets, see their hair cut like corn, neatly combed in their rows'. This, for me, is the whole confused dream of school harvest festival distilled into a few words.

    Andy Partridge

  • XTC as The Dukes of Stratosphear - The Mole From The Ministry


  • XTC


    recorded December 1980 or January 1981 for Musicview w/ Tim Sommer

  • XTC - Mermaid Smiled


    Andy Partridge Mermaid Smiled Skylarking demo tape

  • Biometrix - Project XTC


    Biometrix - Project XTC

  • XTC at the Manor


    XTC in the studio at Richard Branson's manor recording Towers of London.

  • Terry Chambers: From XTC to EXTC


    After being delayed 18 months by the pandemic, Terry Chambers is finally out on the road, giving XTC classics the live airing they deserve with his new band EXTC. The drummer is our very special guest on this episode of What Do You Call That Noise? The XTC Podcast along with bandmate, frontman and all-round multitasker Steve Tilling.

    We also hear from fans who caught the band's gig at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth on 7 September 2021.

    Drink recommendation from Karen Neill.

    Main picture: Lou Dommett Young

    Mark Fisher's review of the gig is here:

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  • XTC - All Of A Sudden


    (HQ digital stereo remaster) There's a mishmash of XTC uploads on YT, mostly poor quality and low resolution. So I'm uploading all the XTC videos I have with consistent quality for your enjoyment. This song from XTC's fifth album English Settlement was not a single but a video was made for it nonetheless.

  • HgIchT - Dr. XTC


    all music rights belong to the artist.
    HgIchT - Dr. XTC (Christian S. Bootleg)

    Dr. XTC (original version)▶




    skins s1 e5 sid

    edit by. genki


  • XTC - 5 Senses - Officer Blue


    5 Senses
    12 LP
    1981 09 18
    VEP 208 (Polygram Records/Virgin Records Canada)

  • XTC - Generals And Majors Reaction


  • XTC - Skylarking


    Skylarking - La atemporal perfección pop de XTC
    #AndyPardridge #Colin Moulding y #DaveGregory, con producción de #ToddRundgren, publicaron en octubre de 1986 una de sus obras maestras, en medio de los dos discos de #TheDukesOfStratosfear

    Una presentación de

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