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Playlist of Wu Wei

  • Wu Wei Zai Jia


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Wu Wei Zai Jia · Mr.

    If I Am…

    ℗ 2009 Cinepoly Records Co. Ltd.

    Released on: 2009-01-01

    Producer: C. Y. Kong
    Producer: Davy Chan
    Producer: Gary Tong
    Composer: Alan Po
    Composer: Tom
    Author, Arranger, Work Arranger: Mr.

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Wu-Wei


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Wu-Wei · Karunesh

    Sounds Of The Heart

    ℗ 2002 Oreade Music

    Released on: 2002-09-05

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Wu Wei


    Provided to YouTube by IDOL

    Wu Wei · Pierre Bensusan

    Wu Wei

    ℗ Dadgad Music

    Released on: 2009-11-02

    Composer: Pierre Bensusan

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Karunesh - Wu Wei


    Karunesh - Wu Wei - Album: Sounds Of The Heart - 2004 - Visit:

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  • Wu-Wei


    Provided to YouTube by eMuzyka

    Wu-Wei · Indios Bravos

    Mental Revolution

    ℗ 2007 MyMusic Group

    Released on: 2014-10-08

    Main: Indios Bravos
    Composer: Piotr Banach
    Lyricist: Piotr Banach

    Auto-generated by YouTube.



    1997. ÁPRILIS 26. BANÁN KLUB

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  • 无味 Wu Wei Lyrics 郑胖 Zheng Pang


    Duōshǎo rén méiyǒuguò mímáng
    duōshǎo rén yīrán zài chěngqiáng
    wǒ shǒuzhe wǒ de juéjiàng
    zài huíyì lǐ chéngzhǎng
    wàngle ba
    wǒ méiyǒu gǎnshāng
    duōshǎo rén méiyǒuguò páng huáng
    duōshǎo rén yīrán zài liúlàng
    wǒ shǒuzhe wǒ de mèngxiǎng
    nǎpà yǒu zài duō de shāng
    jìxù ba
    lù hái yǒu hěn zhǎng
    zhè yīqiè qíshí běn wúwèi
    xì xì de pǐncháng màn man tǐhuì
    kǔ là suān tián ràng nǐ dāpèi
    zěnyàng cái huì gèng wánměi
    zhè yīqiè qíshí běn wúwèi
    shuí qiàn xiàle qíng shuí lái shúzuì
    xǐ nù āiyuè xiào lǐ de lèi

  • Wu Wei


    Wu Wei is a piece of music inspired by the Daoist concept of effortless action. It was made by sending a sequence to the Behringer Neutron and Model D, while running the sounds through Echo devices feeding back into each other. There's a heavily processed field recording of rain and thunder in the background to add texture and ambience.

    Visit my site for more stuff like this, including Live Instrument downloads, tutorials and music!

    Brian Funk

  • Ajeet Kaur Haseya live w Jai Jagdeesh Wu Wei Wisdom Sanctaury Ubud


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  • Indios Bravos - Wu-Wei


    Utwór z płyty Mental Revoltion (2004r.) zespołu Indios Bravos

  • Wu-Wei


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Wu-Wei · Christopher Walcott

    Tai Chi

    ℗ 2011 DiscMedi S.A.

    Released on: 2011-07-08

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Klaus Wiese- Wu Wei


    From the album Ming Noir, 2001. A track by the great master of spiritual music. Visit for his music and other great ambient performers.

    Wu wei (simplified Chinese: 无为; traditional Chinese: 無爲; pinyin: wúwéi, variantly written in traditional Chinese: 無為) is an important concept of Taoism (Daoism), that involves knowing when to act and when not to act. Another perspective to this is that Wu Wei means natural action - as planets revolve around the sun, they do this revolving, but without doing it; or as trees grow, they do, but without doing. Thus knowing when (and how) to act is not knowledge in the sense that one would think now is the right time to do this, but rather just doing it, doing the natural thing.

  • Wei Wu Wei 1993


    1993-ban a Budapesti Búcsú egyik helyszíne a Tabán volt, ahol az alternatív zene képviselői léptek fel. Többek között a Wei Wu Wei is. Adásban 1993 július 31.-én volt a Rocktükörben. Riporter: Csapó Gyula

  • 5566 - Wu Suo Wei


    Wu Suo Wei by 5566. Opening Song from the taiwanese drama - My MVP Valentine.

  • Wu Wei Composer: Pierre Bensusan


    By listening carefully within, as well as to our surroundings, by remembering that we are part of an interconnected whole, by remaining still until action is called forth, we can perform valuable, necessary, and long-lasting service in the world while cultivating our ability to be at one with the Tao. Such is the power of wu-wei, allowing ourselves to be guided by the Tao.

    There are not enough Pierre Bensusan's videos up on YouTube. This is my 20Ç.

    Have a wonderfull Weekend, All.

    P.S. Do yourself a favour and visit Pierre Bensusan's website:

  • Wu wei


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Wu wei · Chinese Traditional

    Chine - China: The Sun and the Moon / Le soleil et la lune (Air Mail Music Collection)

    ℗ Playasound

    Released on: 2006-11-01

    Author: Various
    Composer: Various

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Christian Brock - Wu Wei


    This is my take on Pierre Bensusan' wonderful composition Wu Wei. A Wonderful piece! But as you will see by my head nod in the first part this is definitely not the first take I recorded.. Haha Hope you'll enjoy it! :)

    Please subscribe, like and share - And of course in case you've never heard of Pierre before please go check him out. A wonderful passionate guitarist! (

    Christian Brock Music:

    NEW EP THE RIDE OUT NOW! Get it here:

  • Karunesh -- Wu-Wei


    To All my friends have A great relax Week Hugs Annie..

  • WU WEI


    a piece from Pierre Bensusan.
    I know it is not perfect. Please-mercy !
    Pierre Bensusan uses DADGAD tuning.
    I play it in dropped D.

  • Pierre Bensusan | Wu Wei | Live @ The Silk Mill Recording Studio


    Wu Wei recorded live at The Silk Mill Recording Studio (

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  • The HU - Yuve Yuve Yu


    Official music video for 'Yuve Yuve Yu' by The Hu.
    Stream or Buy the new album 'The Gereg' -
    UK - CD / Double Vinyl Link -

    Follow The HU on Spotify:

    Follow The HU:

    #TheHU #YuveYuveYu #HunnuRock

    Tuga Namgur -
    Brandon Friesen -

    Tengeriin Gadas Film

    © 2018 Dashka Productions

  • Wu Wei - Bone Wood


    Great Chill song by Wu Wei!

    Sorry for no uploads lately, but we`re back!

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  • Mr Harry - Wu Wei


    Wu Wei :

    Wu Wei is a Taoist concept which I try to live my life by, the song is about being in the flow and ‘’effortless action’’. I speak about everyday life and how I apply the concept to my life, ‘’its wu to the Wei, roll with the ocean move with the waves, aint no time to hesitate, effortless action go with the grain. Mr Harry

    All Rights Reserved Jaguar Records 2018

  • Wu Wei @ November Music 2014


    Wu Wei is one of the world's best sheng players, I asked him about the instrument and his versatile music. He played at November Music in 's-Hertogenbosch together with Franz von Chossy and had some solo performances. Incl. demonstration.

  • wu wei - Pierre Bensusan Cover - Kang Ho.flv



  • Funky Animal Orquesta - Wu Wei


    Funky Animal Orquesta - Wu Wei [2017]

    1. Funkeaba 00:00
    2. Someday 05:35
    3. Universo 10:18
    4. Niní Echú 16:15
    5. Piel 16:45
    6. Máscaras 20:20
    7. Albor 23:53
    8. Gatinhas 27:54
    9. Veneno 28:23
    10. 7 Rayos 32:30
    11. Cosmos 33:52
    12. Martina 38:43
    13. Tiempos 39:59
    14. Dreams 46:15
    15. Rajnish 50:05
    16. Dr Miles 51:58

    - Martin Maluco Peralta: Bajo eléctrico, fretless, sampler, berimbau, congas, bongó & percusión
    - Damián Barrera: Batería
    - Victor Melo: Trompeta & flugelhorn
    - Luciano Luque: Saxo alto & tenor
    - Paula Rodriguez: Voz
    - Ramiro Alvarez Sanchez: Voz & guitarra
    - Sofia Bonessi: Voz
    - Julian Gomez Cuello: Teclados, Fender Rhodes, coros & dirección de cuerdas
    - Juan Pablo Sampaoli: Guitarra
    - Miguel Angá Diaz: Congas en Niní Echu
    - Damián Torres: Bandoneón en Dr Miles
    - Luiz Dos Odé: Armónica en Dreams
    - Juan Herrera: Flauta traversa en Máscaras
    - Zaida Echandi: Saxo barítono en Dreams y Piel
    - Hernán Soria: Violín en Someday
    - Julio Gutierrez: Violín en Someday
    - Luciana Marzolia: Viola en Someday
    - Sofia Del Moral: Cello en Someday
    - Lenni Funk: Dj en Máscaras
    - Matias Peralta Danglada: Guitarra en Cosmos
    - José Luis Herrera: Voz en Funkeaba

    [ Producción & dirección general: Martin Maluco Peralta. Productor ejecutivo: Martin Maluco Peralta. Producción artística: Martin Maluco Peralta, Damián Barrera, Julian Gomez Cuello, Ramiro Alvarez Sanchez. Grabado, mezclado & masterizado en Desdemona Estudio por: Sebastián & Martin Bergallo, excepto Niní Echú grabado en Sitges Barcelona y armónica en Dreams grabado en Madrid por Luiz Dos Odé. Arte de tapa: Sol Maestri ]


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    « Funky Animal Orquesta »
    Córdoba, Argentina.

  • Indios Bravos-Wu wei


    Woodstock 2006

  • Etro Anime - Purest One


  • GLITCH HOP Wu Wei - Glimmers


    Great style on this glitch hop tune from Wu Wei
    Available now from Glitch Hop Community:

    Welcome to the Vital EDM music channel!
    The best in melodic electronic dance music.
    Dubstep // Future Bass // Trap // House // Glitch Hop // Chill Music // EDM

    ???? Join the party on Facebook & Twitter:

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    thisisvitalfm (at)

    I listen to EVERYTHING! Sorry I can't always reply but I give everyone a chance no matter how popular.
    I prefer private Soundcloud links w/ download.

  • Christopher Walcott - Wu-Wei


    Esta canción la encontré en internet hace casi 4 años cuando estaba buscando canciones para que mi hijo recién nacido se durmiera, desde que la escuché me enamoré de ella, y cada vez que la escucho me recuerda aquellos días. La subo por dos razones, una es por el significado que tiene para mí y otra porque no le he encontrado en Youtube, y quiero compartirla con ustedes.

    Espero les guste tanto como a mi y se relajen con ella. :)

  • Wu Wei


    Naoyuki MANABE (Shō 笙), Wu Wei (Sheng)

    St. Katharinen - Hamburg - 07.07.2019
    Realisation - Hannes Wienert

    Audio/Video - Recording: Shimo Dong Zhou, Thomas Siebert
    Editing - Thomas Siebert






  • HKO Screen - sheng soloist Wu Wei


    We Wei is an experti in Chinese instrument sheng.
    Helsinki Philharmonic performs the Sheng Concerto by composer Unsuk Chin under the baton of Matthias Pintscher.

  • PIERRE BENSUSAN - Wu Wei LIVE @ BuergerBahnhof


    Pierre Bensusan - wu wei
    LIVE @ SaitenReise Gitarrenfestival Wuppertal, Oktober 2014.
    BürgerBahnhof Vohwinkel.

  • Gilberto Gil - Pop wu wei


  • Hypha & Wu Wei - Huyendo


    Music: Hypha & Wu Wei - Huyendo
    Muti Music
    From the artist album Hypha by Hypha

    Video Production:
    Produced: Danya Solomon
    Directed: Danya Solomon, Renata Yagolnitzer and Sam Fuller
    Edited: Sam Fuller
    Styled: Gabriella Lovazzano
    Danced: Johnny5 Turfinc Lopez and Levi Idummy Allen
    **In Summer Productions**

  • Nightingale: Wu Wei - Karunesh


    Nightingale, a compilation of New Age music by German artists released in 1991. This piece is by Karunesh, called Wu Wei.

    ©Higher Octave Music 1991

  • WU WEI - 無為 - No acción en 2 hs.



  • Tangerine Dream - Wu Wei. Live.


    Tangerine Dream - Wu Wei. Live.

  • Wei Wu Wei Üres szavak


    Valamikor, talán a '80-as évek végén, azaz már harminc éve született ez a dal. Az Almássy téri bulikban hallgattam szívesen. Köszönet érte!

  • Pierre Bensusan - Wu Wei


    Pierre Bensusan - Wu Wei - live

  • 毕书尽 - 无畏的明天 / Bi Shu Jin - Wu Wei De Ming Tian


    Hey Guys

    Go check out our video. So if you guys like this video, please subscribe and give thumbs up. And also comment down below, which song should be the next.

    We do not own anything, all credits go to the right owners. No copyrights intended.

    Hope you guys enjoy it.

  • Wu Wei


    Provided to YouTube by Label Engine

    Wu Wei (Original Mix) · Gluck (Arg)

    Ego Suicide

    ℗ Whoyostro White

    Released on: 2020-01-17

    Author: Nico Rocca

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Pierre Bensusan - Wu Wei Cover


    TARO playing Wu Wei written by Pierre Bensusan.

    Guitar: Lowden O-12
    Pickup: L.R.Baggs Anthem
    Tuning: DADGAD with 2 capo

  • Pierre Bensusan - Wu Wei Cover


    Wu Wei

  • Simbiosis - Wu Wei


    1. El despertar de Kumbhakarna 0:00
    2. Ayayaya-há 2:09
    3. Cómo estaba tu corazón 6:54
    4. A veces pienso que no hay nadie en vos 12:03
    5. Viento 17:24
    6. No soy bipolar 22:19
    7. Late 26:07
    8. Sobre los destellos 30:10
    9. Aunque tu cuerpo 34:28
    10. Pase 39:05

    Julian Rossi : Voz, guitarra, teclados, sintetizadores y violoncello en Pase
    Maria Clara Rossi: Voz, teclado en Pase
    Pablo Zatti: Bajo
    Mariano Zatti: Bateria, percusiones

    Invitados: Agustina Acuna, voz en Cómo estaba tu corazón. Jeremias Adriel Martinez, saxo en Ayayaya-há

    Baterías, bajos, guitarras y teclados grabados en 432 Sala en Bahía Blanca por Lisandro Fernandez Bugnest
    Sintetizadores, percusiones y efectos grabados en la Zatticasa en La Plata
    Voces grabadas en estudio El Zumbido por Matías Olmedo
    Mezclado y masterizado por Juan Gasco en Gco. Estudios
    Arte de disco: Ivan Gonzales

    Todos los temas compuestos por Simbiosis, letras por Julian Rossi excepto Pase por Maria Clara Rossi.

    Producido por Simbiosis.


  • Wei Wu Wei - Ködfoltok


    A ködfoltok azAblak egy tájra c.CD közkedvelt száma.Sokszor játszották TV-s csatornák, rádiók toplistáján,koncerteken kötelező darabként,ráadásként is mindíg eljáttszottuk.A Ködfoltok szinte a névjegyünkké vált.Tagok:Somogyi Ferenc,Flór Noémi,Farkas Tamás,Flór Gábor,Adamecz József,Krunovszki Gábor.

    Hajnali szél veri az arcomat,
    A taxi már majdnem elhaladt,
    Amikor leintem, bent meleg van, téphetünk.

    Csendben fékezünk a ház előtt,
    Régen volt már, hogy láttam őt,
    Átadom a pénzt az ablakon és rohanok.

    Amíg a kulcsot keresem,
    Valami fojtogat,
    Úgy érzem, utoljára jövök hozzád.

    Mire gondolsz most, mire gondoljak,
    Mire virradunk, ha besüt a holnap?

    Kintről ködfoltok merednek rám,
    Ébred a város, zöld ruhám levedlem,
    Forró testedhez bújok.

    Orromban újra az illatod,
    Végre megint magamnál vagyok,
    Egy érzés elragad, és én hagyom magam.

    Reggel, amikor ébreszt a vágy,
    Lakatlan szigetem lett az ágy,
    Csak zöld ruhám vár, hogy felvegyem, és indulok.

  • Wu Wei


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Wu Wei · Harvey Summers

    Spiritual Vitamins 6 - Music Of Tao

    ℗ 2007 blue dot music

    Released on: 2007-04-30

    Music Publisher: blue dot music

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Breatharian Wu wei part 3. Self realized BEING


    Elitom El-amin tells more of our true human potential and how we can manifest our true God-like, creative nature in a positive way.

  • 이선용 Play the guitar 2019


    이선용(Seonyong Lee)이 연주하는 Pierre Bensusan의 'We Wei'입니다.

    [Play the guitar 2019]
    2019. 9. 7 올림픽공원 뮤즈라이브



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