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Playlist of World's Fastest Workers

  • 15 Fast Workers Who Do Unreal Things


    Some people take a long time to do their job, like the guy who writes these scripts for me who always misses his deadline. Although to be fair, he gets distracted every day by how good-looking he is. But other people work at speeds even Barry Allen would be envious of. These are fast workers who do unreal things.

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  • The worlds fastest workers!


    The world's fastest workers! amazing funny

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  • Amazing Skill Fast Workers God Level ????????????


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    Amazing Skill Fast Workers God Level (2021)????????????

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    #mystates,#AmazingSkill #FastWorkers

  • Worlds Fastest Tire Changer - funny way to change tires -Tyre Mounting World record


    Must watch - fast tire changer
    funny way to change tires
    Tyre Mounting World record / Worlds Fastest Tire Changer / Reifenwechsel Weltrekord

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  • 15 Most Dangerous Trees You Should Never Touch


    Trees are beautiful, majestic and borderline poetic. They give children something to climb, birds somewhere to live and provide all of us with precious, precious oxygen. But, did you know, there are some trees that are 10,000% NOT our friends? Did you know that there are some trees that are SO dangerous you shouldn’t even go near them, not alone TOUCH them! These are the most dangerous trees you should never touch!

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  • Unbelievable super skilled workers


    #superfast #skilledworkers #workers #fastskilled
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  • 15 Most Amazing Videos in The World You Need To See


    The dawn of the internet gave us many great things such as Wikipedia, anendless resource of education and information, and Facebook, a fantastic way to stalk your ex. Now we may be biased here, but we think the internet’s greatest contribution to the planet is the abundance of crazy videos on offer- and it’s time for you to watch some of the best! These are the most amazing videos in the world that you NEED to see! When? Now!

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  • 15 Things You Will See for The First Time in Your Life


    There’s a first time for everything, and that includes seeing some of the stuff contained within this video! The internet is a truly bizarre place at times, a smorgasbord of curious videos to capture the imagination and blow your mind. And right here, right now, we’ve got some of the craziest!These are things you will see for the first time in your life!

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  • YUNGBLUD - original me ft. dan reynolds of imagine dragons


    “the underrated youth” EP is OUT NOW -
    Stream and download “original me -
    New merch available at -

    Director: Jordan Bahat
    Production Company: Tool of North America
    Executive Producer: Dan Kent
    Head of Production: Amy DeLossa
    Producer: Rose Krane
    DP: Benjamin Kitchens
    1st AC: Leonard Walsh
    2nd AC: Traiana Nescheva
    DIT: Lanlin Wong
    1st AD: Kris Manzano
    Gaffer: Rey Barrera
    BB Electric: Jerry Enright
    Key Grip: Frank Arant
    BB Grip: Jeff Journey
    Dolly Grip: Eric Jordan
    Grip: Stu Miller
    Grip: Chris Codd
    Jib Op: Chris Dowell
    Art Director: Bill Bittman
    Prop Assistant: Jeremiah Rounds
    Prop Assistant: James Hicks
    Wardrobe - Dan Reynolds: Christina Acevedo
    Wardrobe - Yungblud: Harper Slate
    Assitant: Sophia Alvarez
    Key Make-Up Artist: Lauryn Tullio
    Gang Boss: Kelly Dugin
    G&E Driver: Paul Boots
    Moho Driver: Tony Pena
    Set Medic: Jace Simmonds
    PAs: Albert Penuela, Engie Herrera, Jordan Paldi
    Directors Assistant: Sean Corbin
    Set VFX Supervisor: Robert Schober
    VFX: Ingenuity Studios
    VFX Supervisor: David Lebensfeld
    VFX Producer: Kieley Culbertson, Francesca Orrach
    Editor: Niles Howard
    Color: Matt Osbourne @ The Mill
    Color Producer: Blake Rice
    Fork Lift Legends: Glenn Lanier & Gary Poling / Main Gate Junk Yard
    Music Video Rep: Lark Creative
    Commissioner: Hanan Cher
    Label: Geffen
    Management: Locomotion

    Music video by YUNGBLUD and Dan Reynolds performing original me. © 2019 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records

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  • the story of the derrickman toolpusher roustabout roughneck and companyman


    This video is just for entertainment.. i do not own any rights do this video / write or have nothing to do with this song.. this song is written by Wes St. Jon all the credit goes to him ..hope ya enjoy...

  • 15 Most Badass Animals In The World


    Some animals are cute. Some animals are adorable. Some are fluffy and quaint and wonderful. But they won’t feature in this video. This video is allabout the animals who walk away from explosions. These are the most badass animals in the world!

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  • Worlds First Electronic Tabla - First Demo by Kuljit Bhamra


    31st October 2019. An informal sharing to fellow co-workers at Central Research Laboratory, Hayes, UK.
    The prototype had been developed over a five year period by Kuljit Bhamra and his team at Keda Music and was demonstrated for the first time at this lunchtime presentation.
    Introduction by Managing Director - Toby Kress. For more information visit
    Keda Music - Making Indian Drumming Available to Everyone!

    PLEASE NOTE: Tabla Touch will be soon distributed in India at a cost-effective price. We will let you know as soon as this is in place. In the meantime, please subscribe to the channel to receive updates.

  • 15 Abnormally Strong Dogs In The World


    We all know dogs are strong emotionally, it’s why they’re so good at loving us. But they’re also strong physically, anybody who’s tried to pry a tennis ball or chew-toy out of a dog’s clenched jaw will know that! But some are SO very strong they’d give The Hound, from Game of Thrones, arun for his money. These are the most abnormally strong dogs in the world!

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  • Classical Musicians Guess What Instruments Strangers Play


    Big thanks to all the musicians who helped make this video possible!

    Nigel Foo, Harp
    Nestor Solorzano, Oboe
    Shugo Hayashi, Violin
    Danilo Contreras, Trombone
    Grace Zheng, Piano
    Orathai Singhaart, Percussion

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    S H O P:
    W E B S I T E:
    F A C E B O O K:
    I N S T A G R A M:
    W E I B O:
    T W I T T E R:
    S N A P C H A T: Brettybang | Eddy.Chen

  • I Made Rappers Look Broke In Photoshop - PART 2


    So I made rappers like #LilPump #Kanye and #PostMalone look broke in photoshop... again...

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  • A Skitzo creating Ear Illusion @ Avaz Twist Tower


    A Skitzo creating Ear Illusion @ Avaz Twist Tower


    Something about our second location.

    Avaz Twist Tower, Sarajevo, BiH

    An architectural masterpiece by Faruk Kapidžić, a construction project of more than 200 construction and other companies from BiH and their thousands of workers - Avaz Twist Tower, the tallest building in the region and one of the most spectacular buildings in Europe.

    The imposing tower, with a total height of as much as 175 meters, which has 32,000 square meters, was built in record time in less than three years. It opened in May 2009.
    Inserted 30 meters below the ground, the Avaz Twist Tower carries 23,000 cubic meters of concrete and three million kilograms of iron. More than 10,000 light bulbs have been installed inside the tower. The facade is mounted of more than 200,000 different parts, invisible from the attractive glass.

    Namely, a special attraction of the tower is the top tower. The lookout is reached by one of the fastest elevators in Europe, which can be reached at a speed of as much as five meters per second. From the top of the tower it offers a magnificent view of the BiH capital. During the New Year's holidays, the lookout, or Avaz Twist Tower, was visited by up to 10,000 tourists a day.
    Avaz tower is also among the ten most beautiful buildings in the world according to the selection of special commissions of the company Schuco, the world's largest manufacturer of glass and aluminum facades. By the way, more than 140 facilities from 70 countries have applied for this prestigious award.

    We are trying with the electronic music reach human soul and make the ear illusion in special locations that you can feel again by watching the music video which we filmed.

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    A Skitzo

    Ear Illusion

    Video credits:

    Artists: A Skitzo
    Location: Avaz Twist Tower, Sarajevo, BiH
    Produced by Ear Illusion
    Film directed by: Matej Kajić & Studio Dunder
    Video Editing & Color: Studio Dunder
    Directors of photography: Studio Dunder
    Drone pilot: Matej Kajić
    Mix & Mastering : A Skitzo


    Special thanks to Avaz Twist Tower




    Intro - Valter Brani Sarajevo

    Ashik - A Skitzo ft Ryan Jacob - SoundTeller Records

    Abyss - A Skitzo - Grey Bar Hotel

    Diver - A Skitzo ft Calkins & (Sladjo guitar) - Moonchild Records

    Home Coming - A Skitzo - Toka Musik

    Against Us - A Skitzo - Moonchild Records

    Got You - A Skitzo - Grey Bar Hotel

    Are You Bored Yet? - Wallows feat Clairo - A Skitzo (Unofficial Remix) - Manual Music

    Sevd Ahh - A Skitzo - 90Watts

    Another Route - A Skitzo - Lump Records

    London Grammar - If You Wait - A Skitzo (Rmin Was Here RmX) - Club Mood Vibes

    Before The Rain - A Skitzo - ThreeRecords UK

    In tha Club - A Skitzo - A100 Records

    Dysphemism - A Skitzo - Anagrama Music

    Mournful Eyes - A Skitzo - SoundTeller Records

  • Albert Baldeo talks about Unity, Advocacy & Empowerment


    Unity, advocacy & empowerment.
    United we stand, divided we fall!

    Videos of Albert Baldeo:

    Albert Baldeo enlists CM Meeks help on several
    important issues (Nov 16th, 2019):

    Albert Baldeo fights for our community's
    recognition (Nov 21st, 2019):

    Community Leader Albert Baldeo gets
    Mayor De Blasio to solve crime issues:

    Albert Baldeo fights for religious
    equality & freesdoms:

    Albert Baldeo's protests prevent RHHS
    from closing:

    Albert Baldeo speaks at Gandhi Peace Rally:

    Albert Baldeo fights for our communities
    inclusion at Meeks Fundraiser:

    Albert Baldeo Advocates for Diwali
    to be a school holiday:

    Albert Baldeo talks about community's unity,
    empowerment and voting:

    Albert Baldeo condemns attacks on Sikhs,
    Bengalis, & everyone at vigil:

    Albert Baldeo condemns attacks & slow police
    response in Richmond Hill & Ozone Park:

    Albert Baldeo fights to save our schools:

    Al Baldeo inspires and motivates while
    fighting for our community:

    Al Baldeo inspires and unites Queens community:

    Al Baldeo celebrates Happy Victory Day
    with Bengalis:

    Albert Baldeo receives Congressional &
    Community Leadership Award:

    Albert Baldeo recognized for community leadership
    and work:

    Professor, Labor and Community Leader Chuck Mohan
    condemns past Baldeo railroading:

    Albert Baldeo exhorts new Americans to unite and
    have a voice at Appreciation Dinner:

    Albert Baldeo Shines at Indian Heritage IOC event:

    Albert Baldeo enlists Congress member Yvette Clarke
    to help Guyana's elections & economy:

    Albert Baldeo secures Congressman Greg Meeks
    & USA's help, fair elections & progress for Guyana:

    Albert Baldeo, Speaker Corey Johnson & Mazeda Uddin
    join together for maximum 2020 Census participation
    & emphasizes benefits for community, NYC & NYS:

    Albert Baldeo fires up community
    for the 2020 Census Count:

    Community Leader Albert Baldeo honored at
    immigrant event at Hillside Avenue, Queens NY:

    Albert Baldeo fights for Diwali to be
    made a public holiday:

    Albert Baldeo fights hard to make Diwali
    a public holiday:

    Albert Baldeo fires up South Asian-Caribbean
    support for Donovan Richards for
    Queens Borough President:

    Albert Baldeo interviewed by Imran Ahmad
    about Democracy in Guyana:

    Albert Baldeo comforts & helps injured woman:

    Albert Baldeo discusses coronavirus pandemic,
    census, US citizenship, voting, unity
    & empowerment:

    Albert Baldeo says we must keep up the fight
    & focus (April 2020):

    Albert Baldeo fights for & reports to the
    people (April 2020):

    Albert Baldeo talks about Unity,
    Advocacy & Empowerment:

    The Ken Rampersaud Show:

    1) The Ken Rampersaud Show with guest
    Albert Baldeo (March 8th, 2020):

    2) The Ken Rampersaud Show with guest
    Albert Baldeo (March 11th, 2020):

    3) The Ken Rampersaud Show with guest
    Albert Baldeo (March 14th, 2020):

    4) The Ken Rampersaud Show with guest
    Albert Baldeo (March 18th, 2020):

    5) The Ken Rampersaud Show with guest
    Albert Baldeo (March 21st, 2020):


  • Breathless | Shankar Mahadevan | Full Video Song


    This is the song that gave Shakar Mahadevan fame and made him a household name.

    Song: Breathless
    Singer: Shankar Mahadevan
    Album: Breathless
    Music Director: Shankar Mahadevan
    Lyricist: Javed Akhtar

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    Breathless lyrics
    Koi Jo Mila To Mujhe
    Aisa Lagta Tha Jaise
    Meri Saari Dumiya Mein
    Geeton Ki Rut Aur
    Rangon Ki Barkha Hai
    Khushboo Ki Aandhi Hai

    Bheki Hui Si Ab
    Saari Fizaayein Hai
    Mahki Hui Si Ab
    Saari Havaayein
    Khoyi Hui Si Ab
    Saari Dishaayein Hai
    Badli Hui Si Ab
    Saari Adaayein Hai

    Jaagi Umange Hai
    Dhadak Raha Hai Dil
    Saanson Me Toofa Hai
    Hothon Pe Nagme Hai
    Aankhon Me Sapne Hai
    Sapno Me Beete Huye
    Saare Woh Lamhe Hai

    Jab Koi Aaya Tha
    Nazro Pe Chaaya Tha
    Dil Me Samaya Tha
    Kaise Mai Bataun Tumhe
    Kaise Use Paaya Tha
    Pyaare Se Chehre Pe

    Bikhri Jo Zulfein
    To Aisa Lagta Tha Jaise
    Kohre Ke Peeche
    Ek Os Me Dhula Hua
    Phool Khila Hai Jaise

    Baadal Me Ek Chaand Chupa Hai
    Aur Jhaank Raha Hai Jaise
    Raat Ke Parde Me
    Ek Savera Hai Roshan Roshan

    Aankhon Me Sapno
    Ka Saagar Jisme
    Prem Sitaaron Ki Chaadar
    Jaise Jhalak Rahi Hai

    Lahro Lahro Baat Kare
    To Jaise Moti Barse
    Jaise Kahi Chaand
    Ki Paayal Goonje
    Jaise Kahi Sheesh Ke

    Jaam Gire Aur Chann Se Tootey
    Jaise Koi Chip Ke Sitaar Bajaye
    Jaise Koi Chaandani Raat Me Gaaye
    Jaise Koi Haule Se Paas Bulaye

    Kaisi Meethi Baate Thi Wo
    Kaisi Mulakate Thi Woh
    Jab Maine Jaana Tha
    Nazro Se Kaise Pighalte Hai Dil Aur
    Aarzoo Paati Hai Kaise Manzil

    Aur Kaise Utarta
    Hai Chaand Zameen Par
    Kaise Kabhi Lagta
    Hai Swarg Agar Hai To
    Bas Hai Yahi Par

    Usne Banaya Mujhe
    Aur Samjhaya Mujhe
    Hum Jo Mile Hai Humein
    Aise Hi Milna Tha
    Gul Jo Khile Hai Unhe
    Aise Hi Khilna Tha

    Janmo Ke Bandhan
    Janmo Ke Rishtey Hai
    Jab Bhi Hum Jamne To
    Hum Yuhi Milte Hai

    Kaano Me Mere Jaise
    Shahad Sa Ghulne Lage
    Khwaabo Ke Dar Jaise
    Aankhon Me Khilne Lage
    Khwaabo Ki Duniya
    Bhi Kitni Hasi
    Aur Kaisi Rangee Thi
    Khwaabo Ki Duniya Jo
    Kehne Ko Thi Par
    Kahi Bhi Ni Thi
    Khwaab Jo Toote Mere

    Aankh Jo Khuli Meri
    Hosh Jo Aaya Mujhe
    Maine Dekha Maine Jaana
    Wo Jo Kabhi Aaya Tha
    Nazro Pe Chaaya Tha
    Dil Me Samaya Tha
    Jaa Bhi Chuka Hai Aur
    Dil Mera Hai Ab Tanha Tanha
    Na To Koi Armaa Hai Na Koi Tamanna Hai
    Aur Na Koi Sapna Hai

    Ab Jo Mere Din Aur
    Ab Jo Meri Raate Hai
    Unme Sirf Aansoo Hai
    Unme Sirf Dard Ki Ranjh
    Ki Baate Hai Aur Faryaade Hai
    Mera Ab Koi Nahi
    Mai Hu Aur Khoye Hue
    Pyaar Ki Yaddein Hai
    Mai Hu Aur Khoye Hue
    Pyaar Ki Yaddein Hai
    Mai Hu Aur Khoye Hue
    Pyaar Ki Yaddein Hai

  • Fastest Rapper in the WORLD


    this video is not 2x!!

  • Worlds Fastest Workers


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  • Top 10 worlds fastest workers


    Fastest worker's you've ever seen..

  • Fast Workers Compilation 2019 - Amazing Skills Insane Level!


    People are amazing. These workers are the fastest and most skilled in the world.

    FASTEST WORKERS IN THE WORLD 2019 (Amazing People)

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  • Fast Workers God Level 2020 .universe media


    Fast Workers God Level 2020 .universe media
    For this month's people are awesome video we thought we'd try something a bit different, check out our Fast Workers God Level 2020, a compilation of workers with amazing speed or flair!

    Fair Use Disclaimer:
    This channel may use some copyrighted materials without specific authorization of the owner but contents used here falls under the “Fair Use” as described in The Copyright Act 2000 Law No. 28 of the year 2000 of Bangladesh under Chapter 6, Section 36 and Chapter 13 Section 72. According to that law allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for -fair use- for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

  • Amazing People Fast Hands Compilation | The FASTEST WORKERS in The World 2019


    Amazing People Fast Hands Compilation | The FASTEST WORKERS in The World 2019 DO NOT TRY IT AT HOME !!!

  • FASTEST WORKERS 2019 God Level Expert ✅✅✅ Ep 1


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  • worlds fastest workers 2019


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    duniya ke fastest log....sabse fast halwai...aesi interesting videos ke liye subscribe krein....

  • Fast worker in contraction side


    #worker #contraction

  • Super Fast Human !!!


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  • इनके काम करने की स्पीड देखकर अच्छे अच्छे चौक गए top 20 fastest workers in the world


    top 20 fastest workers in the world


    Friends, you must have seen many such videos where some people are seen working very fast,
    If a person turns out to be faster than our thought, what would you like to say to him, friends, if you do not have the fear of losing, then of course you can compete with these sharp people
      Because today we will surely be surprised to know about the people you are going to introduce, whose actions and speed you have hardly seen before, so let's move towards our video, but friends, by starting the video further First, there is only one request from you that you must like the video.

    Number 1- Now look at these people, everyone is surprised to see their speed, where everyone takes a lot of time to cut the apple, then they cut the apple in the blink of an eye, and the longer you take an apple In the same time, you will have peeled all the apples in your hands.

    Number 2- Friends, we need focus to fry anything, if we get a little attention from here, then we are also at risk of burning, but this thing is frying at such a fast speed without getting scared. You can not see the speed of their work with naked eyes.

    Number 3- Friends, how much time you can spend at your shop to pack the same 5 minutes or 10 minutes but maybe you can not pack anything as fast as this girl, because this girl can cook cookies at such high speed. She is packing that her hands do not know about it, if there are such workers at the shop, then why do not the customers feel crowded at the shop.

    Number 4- You must have made bread, but you have never seen such a method of rolling bread, because this worker is not only rolling the bread, but also giving it the right shape, and in a few minutes it While dancing, you prepare a big and spherical roti, and you can see the speed of the handset by watching the video, so why do friends tell us by commenting in the comment section. D can be made bread.

    Number 5- It takes a lot of time to decorate any table, but some humans have gone so far in this work that for them it is only a few seconds, then it is enough to put the plate on the table Decorate in a superb manner and in a few minutes, and their way of working is also very unique as you can see in this video.

    Number 6- Friends, how many onions you can cut at one time, at most one or two but it may be possible to cut the onion in more quantity by machine, but look at this person. Cutting in such a way as if it is an expert in work, where people are not able to cut even one onion with their hands properly, then the other and it will be very many times together The are ways to cut.

    Number 7 - Friends, you must have eaten the candy, but to give the right shape to the candy, they are cut into equal sizes, and machines are also used to do this work, but without any support of this machine. Engaged in giving the right shape of this candy with his hands, and the shapes of the candy cut by him are perfect, and their speed is also worth watching.

    Number 8 - You may have seen the wheel barring, but these wheels are packed to take them to the shops before putting them in the wheels, and this girl is packing this barring as if As if playing with a toy, it collects the barring with one hand and packs it easily with the other hand, and does both of them together at a time.

    Number 9- Friends, iron is used in every quantity in every material nowadays, and even small parts of iron are used to do big things, only then in many companies small pieces of iron are used. Are made, but even more special thing is that the young men and workers working here work to pack these pieces at very high speed, and by looking at their hands, you Peed can imagine the places that will do this work in many high speed, and these clearly see that it will take a few seconds to finish the whole thing all over.

    Number 10- Friends, in this video, there is a unique confinement between the house mistry and the workers, both of them are doing their work at such a fast speed that they can build a house in 1 day, And the special thing in this is that the workers are giving each other the same by staying in their place, and as you can see in this video how this worker gives the mixture of cement to the mistry and Mr. Tri takes also the way the catch this easily.

    Number 11- Today, noodles are in great demand not only in the whole country but also in India, today noodles are eaten in large quantities, so today there have been many machines to make noodles, but this is our own They are engaged in making noodles by hand, and their speed is not less than any machine, it is working very closely to cut the flour at a very fast speed, and that too is in the perfect shape of the noodles. Areas are.

    Number 12- You must have eaten marshmallows at some time and even today, marshmallow children are very fond of them, but this person seems to be making marshmallows at a very high speed,

  • Adam Fire Cat


    Fastest Busboy Fayetteville Arkansas Village Inn

  • #World #Fastest #Car in #Real #Life - 2021


    #Fastest Workers in the World ???????? #SUPERMAN IS #HERE !!!
    Who Is the Fastest #Living #Being in the World?
    Fastest Workers 2020 ???? Amazing Level Experts #22
    World's Fastest Hands 2019 - Fastest Workers in World #2019
    #TOP 10 #Strongest Hands in The World | 2020 ✅
    #Usain Bolt - Fastest #Man On #Earth
    #World #Fastest C#ar in #Real #Life - 2021

  • chicken worker


    factor x

  • Fastest workers - Compilation



  • The Fast Takers.AVI


    The Fast Takers live at Johnny B's. She's Goin' Crazy. April 8, 2010.

  • The Secret of Chicken shop worker is the definition of fast food


  • ThecoffeeCup Song : VARYA


    What, coffee? I don't drink coffee. IT MAKES ME HYPER!!!!!!!!!

  • Worker Bee Drug Bust


    Provided to YouTube by Ingrooves

    Worker Bee Drug Bust · UNDERscore Music Library

    Under Investigation

    ℗ 2011 The License Lab

    Released on: 2011-12-20

    Composer, Writer: Samuel Wells Ecoff

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Floone Slow Worker


    Live at the Ducie bridge June 2012

  • Twitch stream car wash/time lapse? fast forward.


    nearly 3 hours of footage packed into 2 minutes

    #cars #twitch #stream

  • B1 PET 1 Test 4 Part 4


  • Preventing Lung Disease in Rural Uganda – A Train the Trainer Programme


    Learn more about Chronic Lung Disease and some of the causes of it.

  • Gab & Jam Ep 167 5 Tips for Making Music Videos for the D I Y Rock Star


    Ep 167 5 Tips for Making Music Videos (for the D.I.Y. Rock Star) Video Description

    We’re so excited to be finishing up yet another music video for our album, “Sugar Fit” and we see that others in our community have been working on creating music videos as well, so we thought we could share a little of what we have learned from the process of making our own music videos. So here are just 6 tips to help make your life easier if you are shooting your own music video.

    6 Tips for Making Music Your Own Music Videos:
    1. Don’t be afraid of stock video footage
    2. Try to spend at least 3 or more takes of live performance footage
    3. Try to exude as much performance energy toward the camera
    4. Don’t worry about onlookers (when recording)
    5. Don’t be afraid to re-edit and re-upload a video that you are not happy with
    6. Keep at it.

    Hey, we KNOW that this only scratches the surface for tips on making your own music videos. What advice would you add to this list? We’d love to hear it! Tell us all about it in the comments below.

    #musicvideos #diymusicvideo #musiclifestyle #diyrockstar #homegrownmusicvideos #prejippie #bloomingprejippie #gabandjam

    It goes live on March 19, 2021. Here’s the “Faith in Me” music video link:

    We have decided, upon popular demand, to offer you, our listeners, a chance to get a fully loaded two-disc vinyl version of our new funk album, “Sugar Fit.” Click the link below to make your presence felt. Order yours today. Vinyl Pre-Order Campaign through Patreon ( )

    Speaking of wanting to sell our music, our funk album “Sugar Fit “ is available for a limited time for $10 at the link in the description just for you! Click this special discounted code link to head on over and download it. It will be going up in the next few weeks, and will NEVER be this price again, so don’t miss out!

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  • 94: Michael Dean - F45, Team training, life changing!


    On todays Podcast we are joined by Michael Dean, UK sales director for F45, the world's Fastest growing fitness franchise. Michael fills us in on what to expect from an F45 class and how this intense 45-minute workout can bring about massive changes to fitness and physic.Now operating in over 40 countries, the program delivers high intensity, interval training sessions with a mix of circuit and hit style workouts. Each group session features over 4,000 exercises, and an extensive range of 35 workout programs, meaning you will never do the same workout twice.
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    This song was inspired by our oilfield workers that rarely get any praise and make our everyday life possible. Keep the world turnin boys!

    Song Written by Derek Posey





  • Bikram Speaks Out!


    Bikram Thapa, a worker activist fired from the Oakland Airport Subway, talks about the struggle for justice for airport food service workers.

  • the world and everything in it


  • Creating individualized care so cerebral palsy patients can live their fullest life


    Listen NowDr. Stephanie Acord discusses how early identification and new diagnostic methods and therapies for children with mild to severe cerbral palsyare helping to improve life-long outcomes.Dr. Stephanie AcordRelated Information:Cook Children's Neurosciences Movement Disorders ResearchCook Children's Neurosciences Transcript:00:00:02Host:     Welcome to Doc Talk, today we're talking with pediatric neurologist Dr. Stephanie Acord. Dr. Acord sees and treats children with cerebral palsy and is a member of Cook Children’s Movement Disorders Program. She also works closely with the neurosurgery eileptology, physiatry, and stroke teams here at Cook Children’s to provide patients and their families with the most up to date information and treatment options. Welcome Dr. Acord.00:00:27Dr. Acord:          Thank you. Glad to be here.00:00:31Host:     So I'd like to start off with a little background about you how did you choose neurology and in particular movement disorders and cerebral palsy?00:00:38Dr. Acord:          I don't think there is actually a patient that I can recall that steered me in the direction of neurology it's more of that type of field of medicine that neurology is a lot of times people think of it more as that kind of like putting together pieces of a puzzle, and I think that's why many people actually shy away from neurology. But to me that's the challenge that is intriguing, and very interesting to me.00:01:11Dr. Acord:          My first exposure with movement disorders and cerebral palsy actually came here at Cook Children’s. I was in the middle of doing a child neurology rotation at the university of Kentucky and I became very interested in reached out actually to Cook Children’s and got a rotation set up here in between my second and third year of medical school.00:01:21Dr. Acord:          During that rotation I spent a good portion of time with doctor Warren Marks and Fernando Acosta who really showed me the ropes as maybe disorders.00:01:31Dr. Acord:          I think one of the unique things about Cook Children’s is that here we have several movement disorder specialist whereas many other places in the country that actually don't have any let alone several00:01:41Host:     Can you tell us a little about the Cerebral Palsy Program here at Cook Children’s?00:01:48Dr. Acord:          Cerebral Palsy clinic here at Cook Children’s is a multidisciplinary team approach in which includes the neurologist, the physiatrist, the orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons the therapists that are inovolved as well as the orthotics and prosthetics team. The nice thing about having a multidisciplinary team clinic is that you can have several providers looking at a patient at one particular time and all come together in terms of what do they feel like is the best treatment option for the patient that given time.00:02:18Dr. Acord:          And then depending on the treatment plan that's laid out is whether or not do you need to come to that clinic every time verses do they come to that clinic every so often but they don't necessarily need the resources in that clinic for every visit. 00:02:38Host:     So according to the CDC cerebral palsy is the most common motor disability in children about one in 323 children being diagnosed with this condition and yet it seems like there are still a lot of misperceptions around cerebral palsy even in the medical world, can you talk about what those are and why?00:02:48Dr. Acord:          I think that many

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