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Playlist of World Population Between Year 1800

  • Russian Folk Music & Slavic Music


    Russian folk music and Slavic music about Russian and Slavic landscapes, villages, and mythical tales.

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    Tracklist :

    Russian Music:

    0:00 – Russian Winter
    3:09 – Night in Russia
    6:01 – The Bogatyr
    9:39 – Tale of the Firebird
    12:42 – Gray River Fort
    15:56 – Market of the Northlands
    19:11 – Old Stone Ruins

    Slavic Music:

    22:21 – Slavic Lands
    25:48 – Growling Bear Tavern
    28:50 – Slavic Warriors
    31:59 – Woodland Leshy
    35:06 – Forest Vila
    38:31 – Alkonost
    41:45 – Devana
    44:52 – Belobog
    48:05 – Czech Castle
    51:16 – Kingdom of Serbia
    54:32 – Polish Town
    57:32 – Poland
    1:00:40 – Ukrainian Village

    These beautiful pictures are from Ivan Aivazovsky (1st pic), Svet-Svet (2nd pic), Apollinary Vasnetsov (3rd pic), Viktor Vasnetsov (4th pic), Ivan Bilibin (5th pic), ge0rgekraldzungle (6th pic), Chentzu (7th pic), Jan Nepomucen Głowacki (8th pic), and Vitryak (last pic).










    Relevant hashtags:

    #russian #russianmusic #slavicmusic #russianfolk #slavic #folk #folkmusic #czechmusic #polishmusic #serbianmusic #balalaika

    ~ All music is composed by Derek and Brandon Fiechter ~

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  • 世界人口增长数据




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  • Dutch Republic National Anthem Het Wilhelmus


    Wilhelmus van Nassouwe, usually known just as the Wilhelmus; English translation: the William), is the national anthem of the Netherlands and is the oldest national anthem in the world though the words of the Japanese national anthem (not the music) date back to the ninth century.[2] Although it was not recognized as the official national anthem until 1932, it has always been popular with parts of the Dutch population and resurfaced on several occasions in the course of Dutch history before gaining its present status.
    Like many anthems, the Wilhelmus originated in the nation's struggle to achieve independence. It tells of Willem van Oranje (William of Orange), his life and why he is fighting against the King of Spain. As a result, the anthem is written in a first person perspective, as if it were sung by William himself. William of Orange being the I-figure (Early Modern Dutch ick) in the 1st stanza Den Coninck van Hispaengien heb ick altijt gheeert (I have always honoured the King of Spain). It was also the anthem of the Netherlands Antilles from 1954-1964.
    This refers to the initial loyalty of the leading figures of the Dutch Revolt, the Counts of De Montmorency (Hoorne) and Lamoral (Egmond) who both were executed, and the then surviving Prince of Orange (William), to the Spanish King Philip II and their claim that they merely objected against some hardships of the Spanish rule over the Netherlands. These objections were especially concerning the taxation, political oppression and the religious persecutions.
    The text and tune of the song are remarkably peaceful for a national anthem. The Wilhelmus derives its name from the first word of the song; the Geuzenliedboek's original introduction to the text speaks of a new Christian song (Een Nieu Christelick Liedt).

  • This Is Not The End - Inspiring Speech On Depression & Mental Health


    This Is Not The End - Inspiring Speech On Depression & Mental Health - Music Speech by Fearless Soul

    If you are suffering from depression, please seek help. Talk to someone. Commit to work on yourself. You CAN turn it all around and you DO DESERVE it.

    Get help in your country:

    Download This Track FOR FREE on our Soundcloud channel here:

    Here are suicide helplines, worldwide.
    Albania: 127
    Argentina: (54-11) 4758-2554
    Australia: 13 11 14
    Austria: 142
    Barbados: (246) 4299999
    Belgium: 106
    Botswana: 3911270
    Brazil: +55 51 211 2888
    Canada - Greater Vancouver: 604-872-3311
    Canada - Toll free-Howe Sound/Sunshine Coast: 18666613311
    Canada - TTY: 1-866-872-0113
    Canada - BC-wide: 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)
    China: 0800-810-1117
    China (Mobile/IP/extension users): 010-8295-1332
    Croatia: (01) 4833-888
    Cyprus: +357 77 77 72 67
    Denmark: +45 70 201 201
    Estonia (1): 126
    Estonia (2): 127
    Estonia (3): 646 6666
    Fiji (1): 679 670565
    Fiji (2): 679 674364
    Finland: 01019-0071
    France: (+33) (0)9 51 11 61 30
    Germany (1): 0800 1110 111
    Germany (2): 0800 1110 222
    Germany (youth): 0800 1110 333
    Ghana: 233 244 846 701
    Greece: (0) 30 210 34 17 164
    Hungary: (46) 323 888
    India: 2549 7777
    Ireland (1): +44 (0) 8457 90 90 90
    Ireland (2): +44 (0) 8457 90 91 92
    Ireland (3): 1850 60 90 90
    Ireland (4): 1850 60 90 91
    Israel: 1201
    Italy: 199 284 284
    Japan (1): 03 5774 0992
    Japan (2): 03 3498 0231
    Kenya: +254 20 3000378/2051323
    Liberia: 06534308
    Lithuania: 8-800 2 8888
    Malaysia (1): (063) 92850039
    Malaysia (2): (063) 92850279
    Malaysia (3): (063) 92850049
    Malta: 179
    Mauritius: (230) 800 93 93
    Namibia: (09264) 61-232-221
    Netherlands: 0900-0767
    New Zealand (1): (09) 522 2999
    New Zealand (2): 0800 111 777
    Norway: +47 815 33 300
    Papua New Guinea: 675 326 0011
    Philippines: 02 -896 - 9191
    Poland (1): +48 527 00 00
    Poland (2): +48 89 92 88
    Portugal: (808) 200 204
    Samoa: 32000
    Serbia: 32000
    Singapore: 1800- 221 4444
    South Africa: 0861 322 322
    Sweden (1): 020 22 00 60
    Sweden (2): 020 22 00 70
    Switzerland: 143
    Thailand: (02) 713-6793
    Ukraine: 058
    United Kingdom (1): 08457 909090
    United Kingdom (2): +44 1603 611311
    United Kingdom (3): +44 (0) 8457 90 91 92
    United Kingdom (4): 1850 60 90 90
    United Kingdom (5): 1850 60 90 91
    United States of America: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
    Zimbabwe (1): (263) 09 65000
    Zimbabwe (2): 0800 9102

    This Is Not The End - Inspiring Speech On Depression & Mental Health
    Speakers, Transcript and Track Details:

    Official Website:

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  • Los paises con mas poblacion y habitantes del mundo 2050 || 1960 - 2050 || 2020


    Estos son los paises mas poblados del mundo. Las zonas mas habitadas 2020. Los paises con mas poblacion en 2050

  • 無能なルシッド ViSULOG 2019年3月号コメント



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  • Can You Hear the Difference Between a Cheap and Expensive Violin?


    Some of you have asked to purchase the Amazon violin! Click here if you can't afford $285k:

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    MY GEAR HERE (Loop Pedal, Shoulder Rest, Pickup, Rosin etc.)

    Why are some violins so expensive??? I went into Peter Prier and Sons in Salt Lake City, where I put to the test a violin I bought off of Amazon for $62, and an antique Italian violin for $285,000. Scroll down for answers on what makes these instruments worth so much.

    The first song I play is Hallelujah, and the second is AC/DC Thunderstruck.


    Thank you to Daniel Prier!

    Supply and Demand: One reason the value of an antique Italian violin is so dear is because there are so few of them left, and they are no longer being made. Simple economics dictates that when there is a demand but little supply, value increases.

    The Quality: Musicians have long believed that the antique Italian violins are superior to other violins in quality and sound. It’s believed that cooler temperatures from the 1200s to the mid 1800s contributed to a denser tree bark, making the wood that was used in constructing these instruments of a higher quality and offering a better acoustic.

    They’re Fashionable: Owning an old Italian is a status symbol in the world of music, thus increasing its legend, value and price.

    The Condition and History of the Instrument: Any of these violins are between 100-300 years old, making it an historical icon as well as an instrument. If the instrument is also in excellent condition, the value increases.

    Vincenzo Panormo (1794) - $130,000

    More on Panormo:

    My favorite: Giuseppe Scarampella - $185,000
    More on Scarampella:

    Carlo Antonio Testore (1700) - $285,000
    For more info on Carlo Antonio Testore:

    ROB LANDES is an award-winning violinist who started playing the violin at 3 years in Orem, Utah. Born to a large musical family, Rob gave his first solo recital at 10 years old, performed in the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on the Disney Channel with the Disney Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra, and founded a piano trio that performed actively throughout his teenage years. Rob has won first prize at numerous music competitions and has soloed with the Utah Symphony, Utah Valley Symphony, San Diego Chamber Orchestra, BYU Philharmonic, and BYU Chamber Orchestra. As a first violinist of the BYU Chamber Orchestra, Rob performed in more than twenty cities throughout central and southern Europe, and as concertmaster of the orchestra, gave a concert to a sold-out audience in New York’s Carnegie Hall. Rob was awarded full scholarships to attend Brigham Young University and Rice University where he earned a Bachelor’s in Music and Master’s in Music, respectively. While studying at Rice, Rob began covering rock and pop music, and upon returning to Salt Lake City after graduation, began playing with a looper pedal which he uses to create intricate and stunning arrangements of today and yesterday’s most popular music Rob recently won the award for Best Instrumental at the Utah Music Awards for his rendition of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.

    For video production or music inquiries from record label ARK Studios Media Group please email

  • Rage Against the Machine - Take the Power Back


    No copyright intended

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    Non-explicit version of Rage Against the Machine's Take the Power Back, edited by Andy Gehron of Rebel Radio on January 27, 2017.

    Album = Rage Against the Machine
    Year = 1991
    Intro time = :34, :44
    Total time = 5:33

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  • Monmouth University: Be inspired!


    Be inspired to do anything! Undergraduate students attending Monmouth University benefit from quality academic programs, small classes, professors who meet the highest standards for teaching and academic excellence, a magnificent campus, and state-of-the-art facilities.

    About Monmouth University

    Monmouth University offers its students a dynamic and varied academic environment with abundant opportunities to learn, adapt, and grow both personally and professionally. The University offers innovative academic programs, and qualified students can undertake anything from hands-on scientific research to global community service. A dedicated, caring, and distinguished faculty ensures learning is active and lively.

    Small classes, which allow for individual attention and student-faculty dialogue, together with purposeful academic advising and intensive career counseling, are hallmarks of the Monmouth experience. Monmouth University is listed in the Princeton Review's Best Colleges and U.S. News & World Report's America's Best Colleges. Monmouth's student body is diverse, with a combined population of approximately 4,500 undergraduate and 1,800 graduate students.

    The University's curriculum is in touch with today's globally oriented, technological society and offers challenging and innovative degree programs that interface with social and political issues. Students in all majors acquire a breadth of knowledge beyond their fields of study, including an appreciation of world culture.

    Monmouth University also emphasizes writing, public speaking, and other skills that are critical to personal and professional success. Additionally, Monmouth requires all students to fulfill an experiential education component that is a real-world experience related to the student's interests.

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  • Chicago Early Jazz: Paul Bieses Trio - Timbuctoo, 1919


    Paul Biese's Trio with Vocal Chorus by Frank Crumit -- Timbuctoo, Fox Trot (Kalmar -- Ruby), Columbia 1919 (USA; accoustical rec.)

    NOTE: This frisky fox trot was one of the hits presented in a musical comedy Tina, which had its European premiere in London's Adelphi in 1915 (Unfortunately I found no data about the American staging). The title was due to a cocoa king named Van Dam, who had a dauther and since he had little thought for anything except business, he christened her Cocoa. However, for social purposes she called herself Tina. This leads to series of qui pro quo situations typically for a comedy of the times.

    For my presentation I did however select a little more serious theme, than could be guessed by the frivolous turn-of-the centuries hit. The slides present the walls and people of one of the most mysterious places in the world: Timbuctoo, where lives one of the most mysterious nations in the world: proud, merciless and beautiful Tuaregs, known also as the Sahara warriors. Timbuctoo (or Timbuctoo or Tombouctou) is the ancient Sahara city located in the African country of Mali, near the edge of the Niger River during the rainy season (but about 8 miles from the river during much of the year). The name Timbuktu is used in several African languages to represent a far-away place. It was founded by nomads in the 12th century and it rapidly became a major trading depot for the caravans of the Sahara Desert. During the 14th century, the legend of Timbuktu as a rich cultural center spread through the world, especially when the Emperor of Mali made his pilgrimage to Mecca via Cairo in 1324. The North African traders were impressed by the amount of gold he carried; the legend grew, when several years later the Muslim explorer Ibn Batuta wrote of his visit to Timbuktu and told of the wealth and gold of the region. Thus, Timbuctoo became renown as an African El Dorado.

    During the 15th century, Timbuktu grew in importance, as a centre for salt trading across the desert region. It also became a center of Islamic study and home of a university and library. The city's population numbered between 50,000 to 100,000, with approximately one-quarter of the population composed of scholars and students. Amazing metropolis, which grew in the middle of nowhere! The legend of its riches also grew, being the reason why several expeditions, including British, were formed to establish trade with Timbuctoo. Unfortunately, between the 17th-19th centuries, most of the explorers who attempted to reach Timbuctoo, never returned. Some ended up with the massacre by the local tribes or died in the depths of Sahara or trying to sail along the Niger River. In 1824, the Geographical Society of Paris offered a huge reward to the first European who could visit Timbuktu and return to tell the story of the mythical city. The winner bacame Scottish explorer Gordon Laing, who in 1825-26 travelled from Tripoli to Timbuctoo, being many times attacked by the ruling Tuareg nomads and was shot, cut by swords, and broke his arm. He was unimpressed with Timbuctoo, which had nothing but mud-walled homes in the middle of a barren desert. He died on his way back through Africa. The next explorer was the French named Rene-Auguste Caillie, who travelled disguised as an Arab, as part of a caravan. He studied Arabic and the Islamic religion for several years before his expedition. In April 1827 he left the West Coast of Africa and reached Timbuktu a year later even though he was ill for five months during the trip. Caillie too, was unimpressed with Timbuktu and after two weeks he travelled to Morocco and then home to France. Caillie published three volumes about his travels and was awarded the prize from the Geographical Society of Paris.
    In the late 1800s, France took control of the Mali regionu; Timbuctou was occupied and became the site of a French fort. In 1960, it became part of the independent country of Mali with the population of 19,000 in 1976) and 32, 000 in 1987. Timbuctoo was designated a United Nations World Heritage Site and efforts are underway to preserve the city.
    The tune is played by the Chicagoan jazz musician, saxophon player and leader of his own band: Paul Biese's Novelty Dance Orchestra. Some of Paul Biese's recordings have been made, however, by a small ensamble: Paul Biese's Trio. See more about him at

  • Finlandia - Sibelius - Complete Finlandia in HD - Jean Sibelius - Sydney Youth Orchestra Flagship


    Finlandia by Jean Sibelius, Op 26. Max McBride conducting the Sydney Youth Orchestra Flagship ensemble
    Sibelius Finlandia is the composer's most powerful, well-known piece.
    Finlandia has its origins in the turbulence and bleakness of Imperial Russia's stranglehold on Finland.
    For nearly the entire 1800s Finland had been merely another state in the vast Russian empire, who kept trying to make the Finnish population more Russian. The dominating empire forced poor Finns into its army and censored the press and free speech.
    But in the last decade of the century the oppressed Finns began to assert their independence. Finnish nationalism became a powerful movement, a tidal wave threatening Russia's tyranny.
    In October 1899, in the middle of this frenzy of nationalism, Sibelius wrote a musical work to accompany a dramatically patriotic poem (The Melting of the Ice on the Ulea River by Zachria Topelius).
    A bit later, a group of patriotic members of the Finnish press organized a fund-raiser for newspaper pension funds. But it was really a trick. It was a front for promoting and financing a free press for the Finns to voice themselves, to combat Russia's free speech censorship.
    Sibelius took the some of the music from his recent poetic piece for a concert marking the end of the fundraiser. Calling it 'Music for Press Ceremony', it contained the seed of what would become Finlandia. The piece captured the mood of the times so brilliantly that Sibelius reworked it into a seperate symphonic poem in 1900.
    It became immensely popular and a symbol of Finland's struggle for independence.
    Because the title Finlandia was a bit too suspicious to censors trying to beat down nationalism, the piece was often performed under disguised names. Impromptu was one of the covers, although my favorite has to be the tongue-in-cheek Happy Feelings at the Awakening of Finnish Spring.
    Sibelius's Finlandia is pretty much Finland's second national anthem. The music is so powerfully patriotic and moving that it contains the spirit of Finland, and is easily Sibelius's most well-known and famous piece. (Note: Some Finns have proposed that the Finnish national anthem be changed to Finlandia by Jean Sibelius, with lyrics by V.A. Koskenniemi and Joel Rundt).
    It's exciting and emotional, packed with grand melodies and dramatic explosions. Sibelius gives each of the instrumental groups in the orchestra a chance to shine, and when brought together the orchestra becomes a spectacular powerhouse. It's compelling listening.
    The melodies are so Finnish and authentic-sounding that a lot of people thought that Sibelius just borrowed them from Finnish folk music. But the composer created all his own melodies - perhaps a testament to his Finnish spirit and energy (although he was born in Sweden and Finnish was his second language).
    Let's have a little walk through the music...
    Sibelius's Finlandia opens with threatening deep brass chords. In my mind this represents the Russian empire - distant, seemingly invincible, and ominous:
    But the music quickly becomes passionate, loud, and frantic. Rally, Finns, fight the oppressors!
    Eventually the woodwinds introduce a quiet, divine hymn. Sibelius wrote on the score around this part: on great long hills, where tempests brood and gather, primeval earth beneath primeval sky, evoking the ancient beauty of Finland's landscape and praying to God for deliverance:
    This inspiring melody grows until it becomes a triumphant conclusion, guaranteed to stir the blood of any Finn!
    I recommend one recording of Sibelius Finlandia. That is the majestic, impassioned recording by Herbert von Karajan conducting the Berliner Philharmonic. The way in which Karajan performs Finlandia is incredible. (Source )
    Finlandia in Popular Media:
    Finnish film director Renny Harlin featured Finlandia prominently in the film score for his 1990 film Die Hard 2: Die Harder.
    Finlandia is used for a love scene in Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers! by Russ Meyer.
    Finnish symphonic power metal band Nightwish has used Finlandia as an intro to their live concerts, such as shows that are a part of their Imaginaerum World Tour.
    Sydney Youth Orchestra Flagship ensemble is the pinnacle of the SYO family, comprising of a symphony orchestra of 80 of Sydney's finest players up to age 24. SYO performs concerts of the highest quality. Programs are broad ranging, covering the Classical, Romantic and 20th Century traditions, as well as new works of contemporary Australian repertoire.

    Best viewed in High Definition on a large screen.

    Recorded live on 3rd June 2012 at The Concourse, Chatswood, NSW, Australia. This video is part of a 2 hour program that included; Sibelius Symphony 1, Brahms Schicksalslied Op 54 (Song of Destiny) and Looking to the Stars by Graeme Koehne.

  • Hans Rosling - Changes in Income and Life Expectancy Over the Years


    This is a short excerpt from a wonderful presentation from Hans Rosling. I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Rosling and watching his presentation on 15 February 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland. I particularly loved his sense of humour and playfulness, such as when, at the end of this video, he explains the reason for the dramatic rise in average income in China in recent years.



    Eibhlín Dubh Ní Chonaill (Eileen O' Connell), c. 1743 -- c. 1800, was an Irish noblewoman and poet, the composer of Caoineadh Airt Uí Laoghaire ('The Lament for Art O'Leary').
    In 1767 she fell in love with Captain Art Ó Laoghaire of Rathleigh, Macroom, County Cork, as he rode past on a dark white steed. He had recently returned from service in the Hungarian Hussars. Eileen was 23. With the marriage against the express wishes of her family, Art and Eileen eloped and settled down at Rathleigh with Art's father, Cornelius Ó Laoghaire. They had five children, three of whom died in infancy. She was pregnant at the time of Art's death.
    Art Ó Laoghaire (O'Leary) was a Roman Catholic, one of the few surviving Catholic gentry. The anti-Catholic Penal Laws in force in Ireland during the 18th century made it impossible for 95% of the population to receive an education or have a career in their own country. Ó Laoghaire had been educated on the Continent and served as a Captain in the Hungarian Hussars, a Regiment of the Empress Maria Theresa's Army of Austro-Hungary.
    Art had a dispute with Abraham Morris, Sheriff of Cork. Because of the Penal Laws, all Irish Catholics had to endure severe restrictions on employment, trade, ownership of property and the practise of their religion. Lack of opportunity in Ireland resulted in thousands of Irish men and women leaving for Europe and America; indeed, this was why Art had sought military service in the first place. Morris vigorously attempted to enforce these laws, while Art made regular attempts to overcome them, resulting in extremely bitter and personal enmity between the two.
    The dispute came to a head in 1773 when Morris offered Art five pounds for his horse; according to the Penal Laws, a Catholic could not own a horse worth more than five pounds, so Morris was entitled to do this. Art refused, and went on the run. A price of 20 guineas was put on his head. Once proclaimed an outlaw, he could be shot at sight quite legally.
    Ó Laoghaire attempted and failed to ambush Morris at Millstreet and soon after was shot at Carraig an Ime. His mare raced to Rathleigh, riderless, soaked in blood. Eibhlín Dubh mounted the mare and galloped back to Carraig an Ime, where she found Art's body.
    She then composed a 390-line lament mourning Ó Laoghaire's death and calling for revenge. The Caoineadh ('lament') was composed ex tempore, became part of the Irish oral tradition and was not written down until many years later. It has been described as the most remarkable set of keening verses to have survived.

    The text with a brief introduction and a translation:

    This documentary programme was first broadcast by RTÉ ( Ireland's national broadcasting service, in 2009. It was produced by the narrator, Aidan Stanley, the producer of 'The Book on One' for RTÉ Radio 1.

    'The Lament for Arthur Cleary' is a modern play by Derrmot Bolger based on the lament:

    The same play in French:

    Other Irish laments:
    1. The Lament of the Old Woman of Beare:

    a) English:

    b) French:

    2. Deirdre's lament for the Sons of Usnach:

  • Chamacoco shaman chant


    Location: Puerto Diana, Paraguay
    Date: 24 May 2009

    ISO 639-3: ceg
    Population: 1,800 (2007 Perik).
    Language use: Vigorous. All ages. Also use Spanish or Guaraní
    Reference: Lewis, M. Paul (ed.), 2009. Ethnologue: Languages of the World, Sixteenth edition. Dallas, Tex.: SIL International. Online version:

  • On the Second Coming of Christ - Homily by St. Gregory Palamas


    If mere words, words adapted to our measure, can fill the soul of the prudent listener with trembling and awe, who will withstand when the reality is accomplished? These divine words of our holy father St. Gregory Palamas beckon a response: what will we sacrifice for Christ and our fellow man? What life will be worth living, and are we able to live it? The grace of Christ is available to all and He stands ready to help us at the moment we call on Him in faith. The Cross shows us God's infinite love. The apocalypse is now. May we be faithful until the final judgment.

    This reading of St. Gregory's homily is found in The Parables of Jesus: Sermons by Saint Gregory Palamas available here:

    This channel is dedicated to sharing the prayers, hymns, teachings, and service texts of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Glory to Jesus Christ!

  • Timelapse - Transport Fever 2


    Recording in 3 hours
    Enregistrement en 3 heures

  • כותרות שנת 2100


  • France Music Traditional ACCORDION-Musette Accordeon- The best ones


    HALF AN HOUR of France Music Traditional ACCORDION-Musette Accordeon- The best one's
    A great collection of French Cafe Accordion Traditional Music from around the world
    Please don't forget to subscribe!!!
    Plese donate:

    History of Musette Accordion:
    The word musette was originally the name for a bagpipe-like instrument played in the courts of France’s upper classes during the 17th and 18th Centuries. Eventually it fell out of favor with the privileged population and was picked up by the country’s rural peoples, especially those in the central Auvergne region. When the Auvergnats moved to Paris in search of work in the early 1800s, they brought their folk music to town, many of them opening cafés that catered to factory workers and their families. It was in these cafés that Sunday dances, or bals musette as they came to be known, began to be held.
    Café de Paris: Best of French Cafe Music (French Cafe Accordion Traditional Music)) musique française - l'accordéon
    1 Hour of best of French cafe music and French cafe accordion traditional music. Collection with beautiful video of French music playing in french cafes
    Accordion music. French Folk music - Mazurka per fisarmonica - Accordeonmuziek. Instrumental solo. Accordion song. Romantic accordion music. Französische Akkordeonmusik. Musik Frankreich. Musique populaireFrançaise. аккордеон франция - Francesa musica acordeon. Acordeon Francia
    French accordion music Cafe de Paris (Musette Valse, Polka, Java, Fox)
    Best accordion music in France!!!!! Subscribe to this channel and enjoy hours of relaxing videos:
    Thank you for watching!!!!!
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    Accordion Music Instrumental solo – Film music – Fisarmonica strumentale - Musica acordeon instrumentala– Italian film music - Accordeon muziek – Italiaanse Accordeonmuziek - Musique a l'Accordéon Italien- Akordeon music – Italienische Akkordeon solo - Accordeon solo - l'accordeón musique - acordió - أكورديون - harmonikka - harmonika instrumental - ακορντεόν - бая́н - Баян вальс - muzyka akordeon - akordeony - akordeonowe - akordeonie - ધમણવાળું વાદ્ય - cairdín - harmónikku - 아코디언 - akordeonas - Acordeones - tocando el acordeon - хармоника - 手風琴演奏 - アコーディオン - ակորդեոն - Вальс мюзетт аккордеона - баяне музыка - Accordion song - Akkordeon Musik - musica fisarmonica - fizarmonikë - música acordeão - harmonika - dragspelsmusik - dragspel - trekkspillmusikk - trekkspill - haitarimusiikkia - бая́н – Nederlandse Accordeonist- Accordionist - acordeonista - acordeoneros - аккордеонист - Akordeon - аккордеон франция - Nederland - Limburg

  • Music of the worlds religions


    Music of the world's religions.

  • US States GDP Comparison


    This video shows the Top 20 states with highest GDP in the US from 1997 to 2017. California had been dominating from the begining folllowing California and Texas.

    Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a monetary measure of the market value of all the final goods and services produced in a period of time, often annually or quarterly. Nominal GDP estimates are commonly used to determine the economic performance of a whole country or region, and to make international comparisons.

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  • Nightwish - All The Works Of Nature Which Adorn The World


    This video was made for the fans of Nightwish and inspired by the second part of the album HUMAN. :II: NATURE - All The Works Of Nature Which Adorn The World.

    Tuomas said that Nightwish is a love letter to the planet Earth.

    We, fans - are a love letter to Nightwish.

    I do not own the music in the video. All the copyrights belong to Nightwish and Nuclear Blast.

    0:00 Vista
    3:59 The Blue
    7:32 The Green
    12:17 Moors
    17:01 Aurorae
    19:08 Quiet As The Snow
    23:13 Anthropocene (incl. “Hurrian Hymn To Nikkal”)
    26:20 Ad Astra

    Music used in the video:
    Band: Nightwish
    Album: HUMAN. :II: .NATURE.
    1. All The Works Of Nature Which Adorn The World - Vista
    2. All The Works Of Nature Which Adorn The World - The Blue
    3. All The Works Of Nature Which Adorn The World - The Green
    4. All The Works Of Nature Which Adorn The World - Moors
    5. All The Works Of Nature Which Adorn The World - Aurorae
    6. All The Works Of Nature Which Adorn The World - Quiet As The Snow
    7. All The Works Of Nature Which Adorn The World - Anthropocene
    (incl. “Hurrian Hymn To Nikkal”)
    8. All The Works Of Nature Which Adorn The World - Ad Astra

  • Cass McCombs - Im A Shoe


    Listen to the full album:
    I'm A Shoe by Cass McCombs from the album 'Mangy Love,' available now
    Order here:

    Official Site:

    Director / Camera / Editor
    Rachael Pony Cassells

    Producer / Additional Camera
    Malcolm Pullinger

    Creation, destruction, boom, ghost. In the song I'm a Shoe, Cass references the California boomtown / ghost town of Bodie, a town that rose to peak population in the late 1800's gold rush. As people swarmed Bodie and scrambled to strike it rich, the town developed an unrivaled reputation for great violence, murder and a much feared figure - the Bad Man of Bodie.”

    The video for I’m a Shoe was filmed at the ghost town of Mare Island, Vallejo, California which in the chronology of California boomtown /ghost towns, directly follows the demise of Bodie. Bodie’s official end and Mare Island’s boom both came about to service the needs of World War II. The Roosevelt’s government’s War Production Board ordered the closure of Bodie’s gold mines in order to divert labor and equipment to the requirements of the war. Mare Island peaked at this time employing over 40,000 people building warships and submarines, it now sits in ruins. It is a very compelling ghost town with a strange discomforting atmosphere. How will this next uncertain chapter of US history unfold? What will be swarmed, extracted or built? What will be abandoned in the future for the vultures to inherit?

    -Rachael Pony Cassells

  • Randy Holden - Fruit & Icebergs | Population II | RidingEasy Records



    RidingEasy Records proudly announce the official reissue on physical and digital formats of the extremely rare 1970 proto-metal album Randy Holden - Population II.

    Considered one of the first doom metal albums ever, the ex-Blue Cheer guitarist's solo debut has long been sought out by collectors. The remastered full length will be available on all streaming platforms for the first time, with a master more true to the original mix on LP, CD and streaming!

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  • Randy Holden - Between Time | Population II | RidingEasy Records



    RidingEasy Records proudly announce the official reissue on physical and digital formats of the extremely rare 1970 proto-metal album Randy Holden - Population II.

    Considered one of the first doom metal albums ever, the ex-Blue Cheer guitarist's solo debut has long been sought out by collectors. The remastered full length will be available on all streaming platforms for the first time, with a master more true to the original mix on LP, CD and streaming!

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    This is the official YouTube channel of independent label, RidingEasy Records, bringing you the best rock 'n' roll, psych, doom and heavy music on the planet.

  • Longest Life VS Shortest Life!Top 10 VS Buttom 10 Countries for Life Expectancy


    Life expectancy at birth, total (years)

    ( 1 ) United Nations Population Division. World Population Prospects: 2017 Revision, or derived from male and female life expectancy at birth from sources such as: ( 2 ) Census reports and other statistical publications from national statistical offices, ( 3 ) Eurostat: Demographic Statistics, ( 4 ) United Nations Statistical Division. Population and Vital Statistics Reprot ( various years ), ( 5 ) U.S. Census Bureau: International Database, and ( 6 ) Secretariat of the Pacific Community: Statistics and Demography Programme.

    Please watch: Top 20 Country GDP Rank 1960-2018


  • RELIGIONES con mas SEGDUIDORES en el MUNDO ????????


    A lo largo de los años, estas religiones ha crecido en su masa de seguidores.
    Entre las religiones se encuentran:
    La categoría #SinReligión incluye #Agnósticos # Ateos y otros.

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    PC: o
    Microsoft Office 365:

  • The 90s: Most Weeks as #1 on Billboard Hot 100


    This video shows music artists that had number-one hit most weeks in the period of 1990-1999 according to billboard hot 100 charts.
    #Billboard #90sHot #SongChart #AmericanMusic

    The billboard hot 100 chart is the main song chart of the american music industry and is updated every week by the billboard magazine.

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  • San Francisco 1900


    Music by Will Taylor
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  • A Conversation with Roger McGuinn


    Stuart Rosenberg from the Leon Hess Business School interviews Rock N Roll Hall-of-Famer Roger McGuinn. McGuinn is best remembered for his work in the 1960's with the psychadelic folk-rock group The Byrds whose hits like Turn Turn Turn and Mr. Tambourine Man helped define the genre of folk rock.

    About Monmouth University

    Monmouth University offers its graduate students a dynamic and varied academic environment with abundant opportunities to learn, adapt, and grow both personally and professionally. The graduate programs at Monmouth University in New Jersey integrate the most advanced thinking and training in the respective fields in order to provide skills needed in the marketplace. The faculty members are active teacher-scholars dedicated to excellence in teaching and the development of new knowledge.

    The curriculum for each graduate degree is designed to develop the highest degrees of competence, professionalism, and leadership qualities in the student. Small classes, which allow for individual attention and student-faculty dialogue, together with purposeful academic guidance and ample career counseling, are hallmarks of the Monmouth experience. Monmouth University is listed in the Princeton Review's Best Colleges and U.S. News & World Report's America's Best Colleges. Monmouth's student body is diverse, with a combined population of approximately 4,500 undergraduate and 1,800 graduate students.

  • Anno 1800: Streets Aflame


    First, credit where its due. I did not compose, or otherwise participate in the creation of this music. That goes to the fine folks at UbiLoud. All I did to the original song was cut the end off by about 3 seconds, to avoid annoying pauses, and loop it around 30 times for a 30 min video. I created this for personal use, but its public so the public can enjoy, since i haven't seen any loops yet.

    For additional context, this track plays when your residents are unhappy, either due to not having needs met, or other reasons, and start to riot, requiring police stations in the vicinity to quell the riot before it can turn into a full revolution.

  • World Evolution prediction


    China will rise and become the world Superpower.
    Any comments about this video ?

  • Year 2100 | A Short Comedy Sci-Fi Film


    The Year is 2100 and sophisticated AI androids have replaced humans in nearly all occupations.

    Larry, an esteemed professor, is excited that his local University is looking for organics (humans). He naturally assumes the University will be interviewing him for a lecturing post. The Short shows the beginning of his interview where he finds out that, not only is this not the case, but job prospects in the Year 2100 for humans are even worse than he thought...

    Rachel's acting profiles:

  • The Malthusian Trap Explained


    In the late 1800's when life exploded, we entered what economists called the Malthusian Trap. During that time, increases in the population were a bad thing, due to limited resources. I dove into the Malthusian Trap in this clip from the Irrational Economic Summit #IESAustin. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel.

  • Five highest Catholic countries in the world


    five highest Catholic countries in the world

  • Vision of Europe in 2050!


    Vision of Europe in 2050!,Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, Srednja strukovna škola Antuna Horvata Đakovo,

  • The Growing of the World


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    The Growing of the World · Jessica Curry

    So Let Us Melt

    ℗ 2017 Jessica Curry

    Released on: 2017-09-22

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Top 10 Largest economic in the world


    ប្រិយមិត្តនៅក្នុងបណ្ដាញ you tube ជាទីគោរពស្រឡាញ់ វីដេអូមួយនេះមិនមែនធ្វើឡើងដើម្បីតែកើន View នោះទេ។ ខ្ញុំសូមបញ្ជាក់ថា ទិន្នន័យនៅក្នុងវីដេអូមួយនេះគឺជាទិន្នន័យពិតប្រាកដដែលខ្ញុំបាទបានធ្វើការស្រាវជ្រាវអស់រយះពេលដ៏យូរនៅលើ Google ហើយទិន្នន័យទាំងនេះគឺជាទិន្នន័យ ដែលបានមកពីការវាយតម្លៃរបស់ IMF Data and UN Data.
    GDP Ranked by Country 2019
    What are the countries with the largest economies in the world? Here is a list of the top ten countries with the highest GDP:
    1. United States (GDP: 21.41 trillion)
    2. China (GDP: 15.54 trillion)
    3. Japan (GDP: 5.36 trillion)
    4. Germany (GDP: 4.42 trillion)
    5. India (GDP: 3.16 trillion)
    6. France (GDP: 3.06 trillion)
    7. United Kingdom (GDP: 3.02 trillion)
    8. Italy (GDP: 2.26 trillion)
    9. Brazil (GDP: 2.26 trillion)
    10. Canada (GDP: 1.91 trillion)
    As of 2018, only four countries in the world have a GDP per capita in excess of $100,000. These are Monaco (the highest at $166,285), Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Bermuda, all of which are known for attracting wealthy residents as well as for having very small populations, ranging from 38,155 (Liechtenstein) to 590,321 (Luxembourg). Conversely, at just $247, South Sudan has the world's lowest GDP per capita, and many countries, predominantly in Africa, have a GDP per capita below $1000.
    Based on UN and IMF figures, the United States has the largest GDP in the world at $20.4 trillion (IMF) and $18.6 trillion (UN). The second-largest GDP is China's at $14.1 trillion (IMF) and $11.2 trillion (UN). However, the US has a population of 327 million, while China's population is the highest in the world – a massive 1.42 billion (although despite the significant difference, the US also has the third-highest population in the world, behind India in second place with 1.35 billion.
    Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom make up the rest of the top five countries with the largest GDPs at $5,167,050, $4,211,640 and $2,936,290 trillion (US$), respectively (based on IMF figures). Many island nations feature on the list of countries with the lowest GDPs. The British Commonwealth nation of Tuvalu is the lowest with a GDP of US$43 million, followed by the Micronesian island of Nauru at $114 million and the Marshall Islands at $205 million. Not surprisingly, these islands also have small populations and correspondingly low GDP per capita figures, ranging from $3,810 (Tuvalu) to $10,078 (Nauru).
    World GDP
    The world GDP is the added total of the gross national income for every country in the world. Gross national income takes a country’s GDP, adds the value of income from imports, and subtracts the value of money from exports. The value of gross national income, GNI, differs from that of GDP because it reflects the impact of domestic and international trade.
    When the GNIs of every country in the world are added together, the value of imports and exports are in balance. The world economy consists of 193 economies, with the United States being the largest.
    As per World Bank estimates, the nominal world GDP in 2017 was $80,683.79 billion. In 2018, the nominal world GDP was $84,835.46 billion in 2018, and it’s projected to be $88,081.13 billion in 2019. In 2018, the growth rate for the world GDP was 3.6%.

  • National Anthem of the Netherlands: Het Wilhelmus


    ENGLISH: Wilhelmus van Nassouwe, usually known just as the Wilhelmus (Dutch: Het Wilhelmus), is the national anthem of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It dates back to at least 1572, making it the national anthem with the oldest music. Although the Wilhelmus was not recognized as the official national anthem until 1932, it has always been popular with parts of the Dutch population and resurfaced on several occasions in the course of Dutch history before gaining its present status. It was also the anthem of the Netherlands Antilles from 1954 to 1964.

    NEDERLANDS: Het Wilhelmus is sinds 1932 officieel het Nederlandse volkslied. De tekst is omstreeks 1570 geschreven op een bestaande melodie, de huidige variant van die melodie dateert uit het begin van de 17e eeuw. Het Wilhelmus wordt beschouwd als een der oudste volksliederen ter wereld, al is de tekst van het Japanse volkslied ouder. De tekst van het lied is in de mond gelegd van Willem van Oranje, alsof hij die zelf uitgesproken heeft. Voor dat laatste bestaat echter geen enkel bewijs. De tekst weerspiegelt Willem van Oranjes tweestrijd inzake de opstand in de Nederlanden: enerzijds probeert hij als vertegenwoordiger van het staatsgezag trouw te zijn aan de Spaanse koning, anderzijds volgt hij zijn geweten dat hem voorschrijft in de eerste plaats God en het Nederlandse volk te dienen. Het lied was populair als militaire mars, maar raakte daarna in vergetelheid tot het in de 19e eeuw opnieuw werd ontdekt. Het was aanvankelijk vooral populair in oranjegezinde en confessionele kringen, maar werd tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog tot min of meer onomstreden nationaal symbool. Van het Wilhelmus wordt meestal het eerste couplet gezongen, soms gevolgd door het zesde.

  • Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932 : Every Day


    The Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932, sometimes also referred to as Paulista War or Brazilian Civil War is the name given to the uprising of the population from the Brazilian state of São Paulo against the 1930 coup d'état when Getúlio Vargas forcibly assumed the nation's Presidency. The goals of the constitutionalists were elections, democracy, a new constitution and the departure of São Paulo's governor appointed by Vargas who wasn't even from São Paulo.

    Note : There were minor uprisings in Rio Grande do Sul and Pará, that didn't effectively occupied land, in Rio Grande do Sul they focused on sabotage. These minor uprisings won't be show in the video.
    Music :
    Kevin MacLeod - Division

  • En 2100


    Des élèves se retrouvent en 2100 et observent le futur de la Terre.
    De retour dans le présent, ils se mobilisent pour éveiller les consciences sur l'urgence d'agir en faveur de la planète.

    Les élèves de la classe C3B 2018-2019 de l'école Jean Monnet de Fenouillet vous présentent cette chanson qu'ils ont écrite et son clip qu'ils ont eux même réalisé.

    Des extraits vidéos proviennent du film HOME de Yann Arthur Bertrand et produit par Europacorp.

    Sous-titres disponibles en anglais et en espagnol !
    Subtitles available in english and spanish !
    Subtítulos disponibles en inglés y español !

  • Life Expectancy in the World from 1960 to 2016 - Yearly Timelapse


    The map time lapse shows the percentage of the population of each country on earth that dies after the age of 65 from 1960 to 2016.

  • World Meter


    Provided to YouTube by Base79

    World Meter · Tropical Bleyage

    4 You

    ℗ Dacru Records

    Released on: 2020-03-16

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • History of the World Every Year


  • ????Población del ???? Mundo desde 1800 hasta 2020 ????


    ???? Población Mundial desde 1800 hasta 2020 ????
    ???? Nuestros datos de población surgen a través de estimaciones de los países que se remontan a 1800 hasta la fecha ????
    ???? Utilizamos datos de la población de las Naciones Unidas entre 1950 y 2100 de la División de Población de las Naciones Unidas World Population Prospects 2017 y el pronóstico para el año 2020 está utilizando su variante de fertilidad ????‍????‍????‍???? media.

  • World Religions Ranking Population Growth by Religion 1800 2100


  • Future of the World Map 2018-3018


    I only uploaded this because the music was amazing. By Smart Banana

  • Human Population Through Time | Year 1 to 2050 AD


    A video showing world population since Year to present and present to the estimated future year 2050.
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  • ???? Total Population of the World from 1800 to 2020 ????


    ???? People in the World from 1800 - 2020 ????
    ???? Look at China ????
    ????I didn't know India had so many people????

  • World Population through the Ages in visual form


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