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Playlist of Women in jazz

  • Why Aren’t There More Women In Jazz?


    We all know that women are underrepresented in jazz. How are we going to fix it?

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  • Women in Jazz


    With the women's suffrage at its peak in the 1920s and the entrance of the flapper women began to make a statement within society and the Jazz Age was not immune to these new ideals. With women now taking part in the work force after the end of the First World War there were many more possibilities for women in terms of social life and entertainment. Ideas like equality and free sexuality were very popular during the time and women seemed to capitalize during this period. The 1920s saw the emergence of many famous women musicians including Bessie Smith. Bessie Smith also gained attention because she was not only a great singer but also an African American woman. She has grown through the ages to be one of the most well respected singers of all time. Singers such as Billie Holiday all the way to Janis Joplin are said to have been inspired by Bessie Smith. Another exception to the common stereotype of women at this time was piano player Hardin Armstrong. She was given the piano part in her husband's big band radio performance series called Hot Five and then his next series called the Hot Seven It was not until the 1930s and 1940s that many women jazz singers, such as Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday were recognized as successful artists in the music world. Women such as pianist Billy Tipton dressed up like a man to gain acceptance into society as an artist. These women were persistent in striving to make their names known in the music industry and lead the way for many more women artists to come.

    (extract from Wikipedia 2011)

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  • Sexiest Ladies of Jazz Vol. 2 - The Trilogy - Full Album


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    The Jazz Sexiest Ladies brings together a special selection of female vocalists who provide their jazz-infused versions of today's favorite pop hits. This series has impacted the musical scene around the world giving several success by mixing the greatest pop hits and the finest arrangements and studio production.

    In this romantic full album Trilogy, we´ve collected the best of these women singer performances and we offer them in a 35 songs selection.
    Great singers such as Karen Souza, Sarah Menescal, Flora Martínez, Urselle, Stella Starlight, Anakelly and Cassandra Beck among many others giving incredible jazz versions of hits of Radiohead, Michael Jackson, Justin Timeberlake, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Adele, Madonna, Codplay, Depeche Mode, U2, Simply Red and many others.
    Hope you´ll enjoy it.

    Tracks & Time:
    1 --Creep -- Karen Souza -- 00:00
    2 --Love Never Felt So Good --Anakelly -- 03:27
    3 --Don´t Speak --Sarah Menescal -- 06:33
    4 --The Captain of Her Heart --Flora Martinez -- 10:42
    5 --Don´t Let Me Down --Stella Starlight Trio -- 14:51
    6 --A Hard´s Day Night --Deborah Dixon With Les Crossaders -- 18:40
    7 --Personal Jesus --Jazzystics Feat. Karen Souza -- 21:35
    8 --Blue Moon --Betty Says -- 24:52
    9 --Viva La Vida (Bossa Version) --Scubba -- 27:50
    10 --Ray of Light --Deise Costa Feat. Os Digitalistas -- 31:57
    11 --Born To Be Alive --Amazonics -- 35:38
    12 --Space Cowboy --Eve St. Jones -- 39:38
    13 --Starboy --Jazzystics -- 42:59
    14 --Get The Party Started --Stella Starlight Trio -- 46:44
    15 --Paris --Karen Souza -- 49:39
    16 --Rat in My Kitchen --48th St. Collective -- 53:27
    17 --The Scientist --Flora Martinez -- 56:45
    18 --Walking On the Moon --Groove Da Praia -- 01:01:10
    19 --Disorder --Ituana -- 01:05:21
    20 --I Only Want to be With You --Eve St. Jones -- 01:09:47
    21 --Holding Back The Years --The Cooltrane Quartet -- 01:13:36
    22 --All Apologies --Michelle Simonal -- 01:17:29
    23 --Think For A Minute --Les Crossaders Feat. Julie Benson -- 01:21:25
    24 --With Or Without You --Michelle Simonal -- 01:25:35
    25 --Wicked Game --Karen Souza -- 01:29:13
    26 --Breakout --Eve St. Jones -- 01:33:19
    27 --Under the Milky Way --Anakelly -- 01:37:28
    28 --Adventure Of A Lifetime --Sarah Menescal -- 01:42:04
    29 --Believe --Michelle Simonal -- 01:45:57
    30 --Love Will Tear Us Apart --Bellestar -- 01:50:05
    31 --My Cherie Amour --Celso Mendes Feat. Lua -- 01:53:02
    32 --The Sweetest Taboo --Scubba Feat. Ivette Moraes -- 01:55:37
    33 --Everyday Is Like Sunday --Karen Souza -- 01:59:46
    34 --True Colors --Flora Martinez -- 02:03:26
    35 --Sorry --Stella Starlight Trio -- 02:06:38

    #Jazz #Ladies #LoungeMusic

  • Next Generation Women in Jazz Combo


    The Monterey Jazz Festival’s Next Generation Women in Jazz Combo is a group of talented young women from across the United States, directed by award-winning bassist Katie Thiroux B.M. ’09. The ensemble is visiting Berklee College of Music to work with the Berklee Institute of Jazz and Gender Justice under the artistic direction of Terri Lyne Carrington.


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  • 10 Incredible Women In Jazz Everyone Should Know About | bernies bootlegs


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    Here are ten of the very best women in jazz, both past and present. Who was you favorite? Who did I leave out? Leave a comment below!

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  • Women in Jazz


    As the 1920s wore on, jazz, despite competition with classical music, rose in popularity and helped to generate a cultural shift. Dances like the Charleston, developed by African Americans, suddenly became popular among younger demographics.[6] With the beginning of large-scale radio broadcasts in 1922Americans were able to experience different styles of music without physically visiting a jazz club. The radio provided Americans with a trendy new avenue for exploring the world through broadcasts and concerts from the comfort of their living room.[8] The most popular type of radio show was a potter palm: amateur concerts and big-band jazz performances broadcasted from cities like New York and Chicago. Jazz artists like Louis Armstrong originally received very little airtime because most stations preferred to play the music of white American jazz singers. Big-band jazz, like that of James Reese Europe and Fletcher Henderson in New York, was also popular on the radio. This style represented African Americans in the cultural scene predominately controlled by white Americans.

    (extract from Wikipedia 2011)

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  • Women in Jazz


    Annie Ross (born 25 July 1930, Mitcham, London, England, UK) is an English jazz singer, chanteuse and actress, best-known as a member of the trio Lambert, Hendricks & Ross.

    Ross is one of the early practitioners of a singing style known as vocalese, which involves the setting of original lyrics to an instrumental jazz solo. Her 1952 treatment of saxophonist Wardell Gray's Twisted is a classic example of vocalese.[4] Twisted has been recorded by Joni Mitchell, Bette Midler, Maria Friedman, and many others. Her first album, Singin' and Swingin' (1952) was recorded in New York with members of the Modern Jazz Quartet. Other albums include Annie By Candlelight (1956), Sings A Song With Mulligan (1958) with baritone saxophonist Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker on trumpet, A Gasser! (1959) with Zoot Sims, In Hoagland (1981) with Georgie Fame and Hoagy Carmichael, and Music Is Forever (1995) featuring Tommy Flanagan on piano.

    In February 1956, the British music magazine, NME reported that Ross's song I Want You to be My Baby was banned by the BBC, due to the lyric, Come upstairs and have some loving.

    She recorded seven albums with Lambert, Hendricks & Ross between 1957 and 1962. Their first, Sing a Song of Basie (1957), was to have been performed by a group of singers hired by Jon Hendricks and Dave Lambert with Ross brought in only as vocal consultant. When the first two tracks were recorded and deemed unsatisfactory, it was decided that the trio should attempt recording the material and overdub all the additional vocals themselves. The resulting album was a success, and the trio became an international hit. Over the next five years, Lambert, Hendricks & Ross toured all over the world and recorded such albums as Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross! (aka The Hottest New Group In Jazz, 1959), Sing Ellington (1960), High Flying (1962), and The Real Ambassadors (1962), written by Dave Brubeck and featuring Louis Armstrong and Carmen McRae.
    Ross left the group in 1962[4] and, in 1964, opened her own nightclub in London. Annie's Room featured performances by Joe Williams, Stuff Smith, Blossom Dearie, Anita O'Day, Jon Hendricks, and Erroll Garner, as well as Ross herself. A compilation album of Ross' 1965 performances from Annie's Room, was released on CD in 2006.

    (extract from Wikipedia 2011)

  • Women in Jazz p1


    Andrew Sheron ( ) talks to Berklee College of Music student Kata Kozma ( and ) about some of the most influential and iconic female jazz artists of our time.



  • Women in Jazz, Friday Highlights


    Women in Jazz, Friday Highlights (1995)
    This wonderful compilation features Mady Kaye, Hope Morgan, Judith Miller, Tina Marsh, and Pam Hart.
    Sponsored by the DiverseArts Production Group, Concert producer: Pam Hart with HartBeat Productions and videotaped by the Austin Music Network.
    Austin Music Network Collection.

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  • Women in Jazz


    The Jazz Age was a movement that took place during the 1920s or the Roaring Twenties from which jazz music and dance emerged. The movement came about with the introduction of mainstream radio and the end of the war. This era ended in the 1930s with the beginning of The Great Depression but has lived on in American pop culture for decades. With the introduction of jazz came an entirely new cultural movement in places like the United States, France and England. The birth of jazz music is often accredited to African Americans but expanded and modified to become socially acceptable to middle-class white Americans. White performers were used as a vehicle for the popularization of jazz music in America. Even though the jazz movement was taken over by the middle class white population, it facilitated the mesh of African American traditions and ideals with the white middle class society. Cities like New York and Chicago were cultural centers for jazz, and especially for African American artists. In urban areas, African American jazz was played on the radio more often than in the suburbs.[3] 1920s youth used the influence of jazz to rebel against the traditional culture of previous generations. This youth rebellion of the 1920s went hand-in-hand with fads like bold fashion statements (flappers) and new radio concerts. As jazz flourished, American elites who preferred classical music sought to expand the listenership of their favored genre, hoping that jazz wouldn't become mainstream.

    (extract from Wikipedia 2011)

  • Jazz Vocal and Jazz Songs: Glamorous - Full Album


    Jazz vocal and jazz songs - Glamorous Full Album of jazz vocalist female jazz vocals music playlist with Addie Nicole (of Halocene) and David Lewis Luong. See volume 2 of this jazz vocal and jazz songs of jazz vocalist female jazz vocals music playlist here: and and volume 3 of this jazz vocal and jazz songs of jazz vocalist female jazz vocals music playlist here: See Sandra's jazz songs album here:

    Featured in this jazz vocal and jazz songs of jazz vocalist female jazz vocals music playlist are:

    Track 1: So glamorous (starts at 00:00)
    Track 2: I am a little wild (starts at 6:31)
    Track 3: Sunday morning coffee (starts at 12:07)
    Track 4: Just move with me (starts at 16:51)
    Track 5: In Ipanema (starts at 21:51)
    Track 6: Rhythm of my heart beat (starts at 27:31)
    Track 7: Can I live in the sky (starts at 35:30)
    Track 8: Only for the night (starts at 40:10)
    Track 9: One more night (starts at 45:36)
    Track 10: Someone to hold me tight (starts at 50:20)
    Track 11: I don’t go easy baby (starts at 55:01)
    Track 12: Is this life (starts at 59:45)

    Download this jazz vocal and jazz songs album from here:

    Original music by David Lewis Luong, Australia. Lead vocal by Addie Nicole. For every song you buy from David's music site ( he will donate 50% of the net proceeds to the 'World Vision' charity program to help build a better world for children.

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  • UBB Halle Women in Jazz 2013 -FEVER-


    Women in Jazz 2013 I'm Objekt 5 mit der UBB UNI BIG BAND HALLE. Hier mit der bezaubernden Sängerin, Karen Gensow.

  • Joy Lapps-Lewis - Discover Women in Jazz


    Joy Lapps-Lewis is a tenor pannist, composer and educator whose proficiency on her instrument is world-renowned. The steelpan provides the perfect vessel through which she can explore Afro- and Latin-Caribbean sounds. The resulting music, with the pan's crystalline yet warm bell-tones ringing out, is infectious with jubilance and groove.

  • Allison Adams Tuckers 10th Annual Women in Jazz


    Allison Adams Tucker's 10th Annual WOMEN IN JAZZ -
    Inspired by the 1st SWAN Day (Support Women Artists Now) in 2009 and celebrating Women's History Month, International Women's Day and San Diego Women's Week, six of San Diego's best female jazz artists come together for a special evening celebrating the feminine side of jazz and the works of female composers around the world. Featuring Allison Adams Tucker voice, Brenda Greggio piano, Jodie Hill bass, Joannah Sy drums, April West trombone, Monette Marino percussion


    I'm An Errand Girl For Rhythm (Nat King Cole)
    Caravan (Duke Ellington)
    Just For The Thrill (Lil Hardin Armstrong)
    Crossing Borders (Monette Marino)
    You Belong To Me (Chilton Price)
    The Shape (Brenda Greggio)
    Jardin D'hiver (Henri Salvador/Keren Ann)
    Gertrude & Stein's
    The Way You Look Tonight (Dorothy Fields/Jerome Kern)
    Sangria (Tania Maria)

    Concert Tips

    (Please select Friends & Family to avoid service charge.)

  • Women in Jazz - Laura Taglialatela


    Piccola chiacchierata con Laura Taglialatela che ci parla della sua esperienza con Women in Jazz

  • John DePaola and Friends presents Women In Jazz w/Suzy Park 7/24/22


    Thanks for watching! Please donate to keep the music alive at Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts. Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable corporation. Registration #: CH46010.

  • Denise Jannah & Atzko Kohashi - Women in Jazz


    Musical dialogue
    Denise Jannah (vocal) & Atzko Kohashi (piano)
    A Time for Love, Answer Me My Love, Black Coffee
    Music from the Vinyl record Lost & Found by Rhapsody Analog Recordings

  • Sofia, Olivia & Anna - Women of Jazz Part 1


    Listen to relaxing jazz renditions from Sofia, Olivia and Anna Bolivar from their album Women of Jazz #WomenOfJazz #OfficialFullAlbum #IvoryMusic

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    Here's the complete tracklist:
    00:00 Birthday Song
    2:43 Let's Wait a While
    5:43 Can't Take My Eyes Off You
    9:23 I'll Take Care of You
    12:38 Breaking Up is Hard to Do
    15:47 What a Wonderful World
    18:27 Blue Moon
    21:21 Warm Impressions
    24:57 Oh Lori
    29:20 All Behind Us Now
    35:06 Sway
    38:01 My Cherie Amour
    41:29 Someday We Will Find Love
    44:28 Just The Two of Us
    49:07 Laging Kapiling
    52:37 Love is the Answer
    --Anna Bolivar--
    56:35 Leader of the Band
    01:00:51 Photographs and Memories
    01:02:57 Morning Has Broken
    01:06:11 Return to Pooh Corner
    01:10:28 Birthday Song
    01:13:13 All My Life
    01:16:01 It's Too Late

    Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Ivory Music & Video!

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    Ivory Music & Video is one of the biggest independent record companies in the country. Having been active in the industry for more than three decades, we take pride in having worked with OPM classics like The Company, MYMP, Side A, Wolfgang, and April Boy Regino; as well as contemporary artists like Maja Salvador, Silent Sanctuary, Abra, among many others.

    Ivory Music & Video is also currently representing a new breed of roster, which includes versatile actor and musician Carlo Aquino, online sensation AC Bonifacio, and teen idol Sharlene San Pedro; and several rock and alternative bands like Sandiwa, Iktus, and Eevee.

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  • Yunjin Claire Lee - Discover Women in Jazz


    Yunjin Claire Lee is a Korean-Canadian pianist, composer and sound designer. Her sophisticated aesthetic weaves together classical traditions, electronic production, and improvisation, while her intense musicality and virtuosity shine through.

  • Mary Lou Williams Women in Jazz Emerging Artist Showcase


    Pianist Amy Rowe, selected for the second class of the Mary Lou Williams Women in Jazz Emerging Artist Workshop, performs on the Millennium Stage on May 21, 2011 with Sylvia Cuenca on drums and Noriko Ueda on bass.

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  • Women in Jazz with Jasmine Belle and Sarah Lopez of Rise Up


    During Cheltenham Jazz Festival, Jasmine Belle and Sarah Lopez of Rise Up hosted an Instagram takeover discussing their routes in the music industry and what can be done to address the under-representation of women in jazz.

    One of the first to sign up to the PRS Foundation’s Keychange programme, Cheltenham Jazz Festival is leading the debate on Women in Jazz. Research conducted at the Festival in 2019 by Dr Sarah Raines from Birmingham City University revealed that there is much work to be done to transform the landscape of the music industry in giving equity to female jazz musicians. A link to Dr Raines’ full report can be found here

    Rise–Up is the brand new, free to access, all female jazz ensemble from Jazzlines at Town Hall Symphony Hall. It's a positive step towards achieving a 50/50 gender split in the jazz sector by engaging with talented female musicians at the crucial stage in their careers by offering them high-profile mentorship from world renowned jazz musicians, giving them access to rehearsal spaces in the iconic Symphony Hall and also providing them with a platform to showcase their musical and compositional talent through concerts and access to recording studios.

    Find out more about Rise Up:

  • Live @ The 415: The Sean Dobbins All-Star Tribute Ensemble - Celebrating Women in Jazz


    This month’s Sean Dobbins All-Star Tribute Ensemble honors the historical significance of women in jazz music, promoting awareness of the exceptional contributions of female jazz musicians to the idiom, exploring their social challenges and triumphs, and encouraging the development of young female musicians. Joining Sean are bassist Marion Hayden, vocalist Shahida Nurullah and pianist Sequoia Snyder.
    This concert is FREE, but your donations in place of ticket purchases
    are essential in helping us support artists and continue our mission!
    ► Donate to support this program:
    This concert is generously sponsored by the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation.
    Kerrytown Concert House is supported in part by funding from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and the Don Chisholm Friends of Jazz at Kerrytown Concert House.
    #jazz #womeninjazz #womenshistorymonth #annarbor #liveatthe415 #detroitjazz

  • Women in Jazz | Toshiko Akiyoshi behind the poster


    Featured on the official 2020 poster is pianist, band leader, and composer-arranger Toshiko Akiyoshi, whose vital contributions to the art of big band jazz earned her the title of NEA Jazz Master in 2007.

    Born in Manchuria, Akiyoshi first moved to Japan with her parents at the end of World War II, and then to the United States in 1956 to study at Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Following a series of performances in top New York venues, in 1973, she and her husband, saxophonist/flutist Lew Tabackin, formed the Toshiko Akiyoshi - Lew Tabackin Big Band.

    Celebrate jazz with a new poster and the 2020 limited release free poster giveaway! For more information on how to request your own poster visit:

    Since 1991, Smithsonian Jazz has collected oral histories from the greatest names in jazz. Explore some of our oral histories with the iconic women, including Toshiko Akiyoshi’s full oral history here:

    For more information on the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra visit:

  • Desafinado Washington Women in Jazz Festival


    My arrangement of Jobim's Desafinado for Washington Women in Jazz Festival quartet and Symphony - 2017, Jazz up the Symphony event, written/arranged by Cynthia Marie Dillard, performed by Amy K. Bormet quartet Ephemera and Capitol Symphony.

  • Eighth Annual Alabama Women in Jazz Festival 2021


    Highlights of our women in jazz musicians with Yuressa Shonta and Canita Rogers, featuring band members Grady Gill, Jr and Brandon Pair.

  • Ellene Masri performs her song Music @ Women in Jazz Festival 2018


    Ellene Masri performs her original song Music @ Women in Jazz Festival 2018
    Instagram @ellenemasri
    FB @masriellene
    Sir (Dean) Gant: MD - Piano & Keyboards; Tsyo Rajaona: Bass
    Mathieu Edward: Drums

  • Eighth Annual Alabama Women in Jazz Festival 2021


    Enjoy this amazing performance celebrating women musicians with violinist, JaVonne Jones featuring the Moore Twins.

    Wonderful performance !

  • Women in Jazz Encore Presentation


    The Detroit Jazz Festival Foundation presents a encored presentation of a LIVE virtual chat with women leaders in jazz.⁠⠀
    Originally recorded in December 2020, Dee Dee Bridgewater leads a discussion with three generations of noted women leaders in jazz.⁠⠀
    Featured artists:⁠⠀
    ⁠Dee Dee Bridgewater, Grammy and Tony-award winning jazz vocalist⁠⠀

    Marion Hayden, Detroit-based Jazz bassist/band leader, co-founder of Straight Ahead⁠⠀
    Gayelynn McKinney, Detroit-based jazz drummer/band leader, co-founder of Straight Ahead⁠⠀
    Hannah Marks, New York-based bassist, bandleader and leader of Heartland Trio, the winner of the Detroit Jazz Festival Foundation's 2019 Collegiate ⁠Combo Competition⁠⠀
    #womeninjazz #detroitjazzfestival #detroitjazz #freejazz #jazz #deedeebridgewater #gayelynnmckinney #marionhayden #hannahmarks⁠ #jazzchat #encorepresentation

  • Women In Jazz 2019 Madrid


  • 2020 Next Generation Women in Jazz Combo - MJF 63 Performing Sleepy Time Down South & Dahoud


    Monterey Jazz Festival is proud to present our 2020 Next Generation Women in Jazz Combo performing, Sleepy Time Down South & Dahoud. Directed by Katie Thiroux.

    Learn more about our education initiatives and donate to the Monterey Jazz Festival!

  • Washington Women in Jazz Festival All-Stars 2012 wsg Allison Miller


    Washington Women in Jazz Festival

  • Cyrille Aimée @ women in jazz


    Cyrille Aimée beim 10.Festival Women in Jazz

    Cyrille Aimée (voc), Michael Valeanu (g), Adrien Moignard (g), Jeremie Arranger (b), Rajiv Jayaweera (dr)

    Web und Blog:
    Auf Facebook:

  • How Can We Change the Role of Women in Jazz? from the Hang


    A frank discussion about the issues surrounding women's roles in Jazz. notably how to change the role of women in Jazz. With trumpeter Kiku Collins, bari saxophonist Claire Daly, trumpeter Angeleisha L. Rodgers, ...but can she play? producer-director and journalist Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn, and trombonist Elizabeth Frascoia.

  • Eight Annual Alabama Women in Jazz Festial 2021


    Hope Clayburn is a multi-talented musician helping us continue our support of amazing women this 2021 year. Check out our workshop with her as well, sharing her journey and uplifting students in music everywhere.


    Make sure to visit our website at and

  • Fiona Ross talking about the new organisation Women in Jazz Media


    Helena Summerfield talks to Fiona Ross about the new organisation Women in Jazz Media (WIJM) for Jazz North Online. WIJM were partners in Jazz North's March 2021 Jazz Camp for Girls online adventures day. Girls were introduced to Storytelling using photography, podcasting and writing with members of the WIJM team. Thanks WIJM!

    The Women in Jazz Mission statement
    - Promote and celebrate women who work in Jazz Media
    - Encourage and support a more diverse Jazz community
    - Create a healthy and supportive environment for women who work in Jazz Media
    - Encourage collaborative thinking and mutual support within the Jazz community

    #IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge #womentothefore

  • Jazz Congress 2021: Mentoring Women in Jazz


    As part of this year's Jazz Congress conference, co-hosted by Jazz at Lincoln Center and JazzTimes, Katie Simon (WBGO, Jazz Night in America) leads a conversation with women in jazz who have created and run mentoring projects for younger and emerging female artists.

    To learn more about Jazz Congress, visit

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  • Various ‎– Women In Jazz: Pianists, Vol 2 Full Album Piano/Jazz/Vocal


    Absolutely crucial survey featuring ladies on keys from the 20s through the early 60s... A Stash Records (cult NY Jazz Label known for those druggie compilations - also rad) second in a series focusing on Women in Jazz. Nice!

    Playing the piano was the easiest way for a woman to get into the music business as a professional. From the very beginning of jazz, a woman pianist was usually welcomed in most of the small combos and even in some of the larger bands as they developed in the middle twenties. Some had had rudimentary music instruction in childhood, others evolved their own system of learning and then built a personal style from it.

    A1 –Arizona Dranes ⚪ Crucifixion 【1926】0:00
    A2 –Vera Guilaroff ⚪ A Cup Of Coffee 【1926】3:31
    A3 –Lovie Austin ⚪ Travelling Blues 【1924】6:16
    A4 –Lil Hardin-Armstrong ⚪ Put ’Em Down Blues 【1927】8:59
    A5 –Mary Lou Williams ⚪ The Rocks 【1938】12:13
    A6 –Una Mae Carlisle ⚪ Don’t Try Your Jive On Me 【1938】14:52
    A7 –Cleo Brown ⚪ Mama Don’t Want No Peas An’ Rice An’ Coconut Oil 【1935】17:48
    A8 –Hadda Brooks ⚪ Chopin Nocturne 【1945】20:25

    B1 –Beryl Booker ⚪ Love Is The Thing 【1953】22:37
    B2 –Rose Murphy ⚪ My Blue Heaven 【1947】25:38
    B3 –Nellie Lutcher ⚪ Hurry On Down 【1947】27:50
    B4 –Dorothy Donegan ⚪ St. Louis Blues 【1946】30:18
    B5 –Barbara Carroll ⚪ Morocco 【1949】33:10
    B6 –Hazel Scott ⚪ ’Round Midnight 【1952】36:17
    B7 –Jutta Hipp ⚪ Indian Summer 【1953】39:18
    B8 –Toshiko Akiyoshi ⚪ Tempus Fugit 【1961】41:51


  • Camila Meza Says Its Time To Wake Up About Women in Jazz on Soul Sisters I Billboard


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    Jazz artist Camila Meza joins Soul Sisters on the eve of New York's Winter Jazzfest to offer some real talk about the challenges facing women in that genre today - and what she suggests we can do about it.

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  • Jazz Club U.S.A.


    Jazz Club USA # 12 - Women in Jazz

    Host: Leonard Feather

    Date: 1951-03-18

    The Hip Chicks:
    Unknown title (excerpt) 0:43
    New York, March, 1945
    Jean Starr (tp) L'Ana Lyams (sop) Marjorie Hyams (vib) Vicki Zimmer (p) Marion Gange (g) Cecilia Zirl (b)
    Rose Gottesman (d)

    Vivien Garry Quintet:
    A woman's place is in the groove 2:12
    Los Angeles, September 5, 1946
    Edna Williams (tp) Emma Colbert (vln) Wini Beatty (p) Vivien Garry (b) Dody Jeshke (d)

    Mary Lou Williams Girl Stars:
    The Blues at Mary Lou's 5:23
    New York, February 25, 1946
    Marjorie Hyams (vib) Mary Lou Williams (p) Mary Osborne (g) Bea Taylor [= Billy Taylor, Sr.] (b) Bridget
    O'Flynn (d)

    Mary Lou Williams' Girl Stars:
    Boogie misterioso 8:40
    New York, July 24, 1946
    Marjorie Hyams (vib) Mary Lou Williams (p) Mary Osborne (g,vcl) June Rotenberg (b) Rose Gottesman (d)

    Mary Osborne Trio:
    Mary's guitar boogie 11:59
    New York, 1946
    Sanford Gold (p) Mary Osborne (g) unknown (b)

    Beryl Booker Trio:
    Low ceiling 15:27
    New York, October 8, 1946
    Beryl Booker (p,vcl) Mary Osborne (g) June Rotenberg (b)

    Beryl Booker Quartet:
    I wished on the moon 18:59
    New York, c. 1950/51
    Beryl Booker (p) John Collins (g) Slam Stewart (b) Mr. Skin (d)

    Dexter Gordon Quintet:
    Mischievous lady (excerpt) 22:05
    Hollywood, June 5, 1947
    Melba Liston (tb) Dexter Gordon (ts) Charles Fox (p) Red Callender (b) Chuck Thompson (d)

    Gerald Wilson & his Orchestra:
    The moors 22:48
    Los Angeles, 1946
    Al Killian, John Anderson, Joe Red Kelly, Hobart Dotson (tp) Melba Liston, Henry Coker, Robert Huerta,
    Vic Dickenson (tb) Floyd Turnham, Maurice Simon, Eddie Davis, Vernon Slater, Gus Evans (reeds) Vivian
    Fears (p) Irving Ashby (g) Red Callender (b) Henry Tucker Green (d)

    Hazel Scott & Toots Camarata's Orchestra:
    I've got the world on a string 26:27
    New York, early 1947
    Hazel Scott (p) with Band including Charlie Shavers (tp) Ernie Caceres (bar) + others

    FAIR USE DISCLAIMER: I do not own copyright for this copyrighted artwork, but under Section 107 United States Copyright Law as noted by the United States Copyright Office (Copyright Act 1976), allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.
    I state here in a good faith that I have made and uploaded here this copy of this copyrighted artwork completely for the purposes of teaching and research, that my action - i.e. my production of the copy of this copyrighted artwork and sharing of it here on Youtube in this particular case - is totally non-profit, and that I believe that my production of this copy of this copyrighted artwork and sharing of it here in Youtube in this particular case can only increase value of this copyrighted artwork and produce only positive effects for this copyrighted artwork in its potential market.

  • Women in Jazz Know the Score at Highland Jazz March 2003


    Women in Jazz with Cercie Miller and Diane Wernick on saxophones, pianist Consuelo Candelaria, bassist Genevieve Rose and drummer Carolyn Castellano at Highland Jazz March 2003

  • Henrietta Robinson at Women in Jazz Know the Score- Concert at Highland Jazz


    The Land of Oo-Ba-Dee with Henrietta Robinson on vocals. Diane Wernick on saxophones. Carolyn Wilkins on piano. Carolyn Castellano on drums. Jane Wang on bass. Performed live at Highland Jazz March 1996 as part of Women's History Month

  • Washington Women In Jazz Festival


    The first Washington Women in Jazz Festival! Featuring hard working phenomenal female jazz musicians from the D.C. area and beyond. Each show pairs a vocalist with an instrumentalist to create fresh new ideas and community.

    $12 adv/$15 door
    $40 series pass
    order tickets here:

    March 2
    Melissa Gardiner (trombone)
    Lena Seikaly (vocals)

    March 9
    Amy K Bormet (piano/vocals)
    Gabrielle Murphy (sax)

    March 23
    Jessica Boykin-Settles (vocals)
    Leigh Pilzer (sax)

    March 30
    Christie Dashiell (vocals)
    Sarah Hughes (alto sax)

    with the stellar rhythm section of Amy K Bormet, Karine Chapdelaine, Lydia Lewis (3/2&3/23), Andrew Hare (3/9), and CV Dashiell III (3/30)

    Twins Jazz
    1344 U St NW, Washington, DC, 20009-7559
    (202) 234-0072

    Video by EA Stansbury



    Abbey Lincoln, Geri Allen, Bobbi Humphrey, Lesa Terry, Renatyah Adams in part one discuss the business of music on CACE INTERNATIONAL TV.

    CACE INT'L TV, a 30 minute show, airs online weekly on Wednesday @ (MEDIA / Brooklyn Public Network, channel 1) , on BPN Cable in Brooklyn,NY, on Verizon Fios in all of NYC @ 1:30 pm & 9:30 pm (New York time). As cultural historians, CACE INT'L TV showcases the art , music and culture of our international creative artists, continuing to bring the best to our international audience.

    Together, the theme music for the CACE INT'L TV Show, is composed and performed specifically for the show by Harry Whitaker.

    For more information: WWW.CACEINTERNATIONAL.COM


  • WOMEN IN JAZZ 2012


    OPENER ZU WOMEN IN JAZZ 2012 mit der UBB UNI BIG BAND HALLE unter Leitung von Hartmut Reszel

  • 2018 WAYJO presents Ellen Kirkwood Women in Jazz | Set 2


    2018 saw the West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra commemorate its 35th anniversary and celebrate the theme 'Women in Jazz' across the annual program.

    This concert features composer/trumpeter Ellen Kirkwood and the 2018 WAYJO Tuesday Night Orchestra
    Set 1 (60 mins)
    Set 2 (54 mins)

    You can also hear Ellen speak about this concert
    and visit her website

    The 2018 WAYJO Tuesday Night Orchestra are...
    Musical Director: Marty Pervan
    Alto Saxophones: Sean Hayes & Joseph Banks
    Tenor Saxophones: Maximillian Wickham & Thomas Hamilton-Stone
    Baritone Saxophone: Meghan Davidson
    Trumpets: Dušan Cuculoski, Henry Van De Wall Bak, Zoe McGivern / Jenny Byland & Julia Wallace
    Trombones: Alex Parkinson, Ollie Lane & Harrison Nichols
    Bass Trombone: Thomas Salleo
    Guitar: Kyle Imlah
    Piano: James O’Brien
    Bass: Joshua Cusack
    Drums: William Chiew
    Vocals: Reece Clark

    Recorded live Downstairs at The Maj on Friday 4th May 2018 by Justine Thornley. This unedited video was captured on an older video camera at rear of the venue. She also maintained live social media coverage and event photography.

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  • Women in Jazz - Lines for ladies - A Night in Tunisia


    Women in Jazz - Oper Halle/Saale
    Lines for ladies - A Night in Tunisia
    Anne Czichowsky (voc)
    Sabine Kühlich (voc, sax)
    Laia Genc (p, voc)
    Judith Goldbach (b)
    Mareike Wiening (dr)

  • Women in Jazz - Lines for ladies - Bijou


    Women in Jazz - Oper Halle/Saale
    Lines for ladies
    Anne Czichowsky (voc)
    Sabine Kühlich (voc, sax)
    Laia Genc (p, voc)
    Judith Goldbach (b)
    Mareike Wiening (dr)

  • Running Start Competition - Leah Racine & Sofia Rabiela - Women in Jazz Outreach | 2.9.2020


    Witness the energy and creativity of today’s music students as the MSU College of Music presents the 2020 Running Start Competition Live Pitch!

    From Leah and Sofia:
    Our collective is excited to fulfill our duty of being the next generation of female jazz role models to the aspiring youth and are ready to bridge the gap to equal representation. Women are powerful, talented, and capable and we're ready to be heard.

  • Women of Jazz


    Provided to YouTube by The state51 Conspiracy

    Women of Jazz · Smooth Jazz Sax Instrumentals · Sexual Music Collection · Instrumental

    Dining Jazz Vibes – Jazz for Dinner, Coffee Time Background Music, Instrumental Lounge, Jazz 2017

    ℗ 2017 Diamond Music Record

    Released on: 2017-05-04

    Composer: Marco Rinaldo
    Music Publisher: Rehegoo Music Edition

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • 2018 WAYJO presents Ladies Sing the Blues Women in Jazz | Set 2


    2018 saw the West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra commemorate its 35th anniversary and celebrate the theme 'Women in Jazz' across the annual program.

    This concert features both 2018 Monday Night Orchestra (Set 1 54 mins) , and Wednesday Night Orchestra (Set 2 46 mins)

    Enjoy big band jazz works sung by Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday, Sarah Vaughan and many more great jazz vocalists of the 20th century. WAYJO's own vocalists are joined in this concert by Libby Hammer, Sarah Ramsey and Victoria Newton.

    Musical Director: Mace Francis
    Alto Saxophones: Tessa Campbell, Claire Keet
    Tenor Saxophones: Tom Walsh, Tim Newhouse
    Baritone Saxophone: Jemima Mills
    Trumpets: Matthew Smith, James Chapman, Benjamin Lim, Corban Chapple
    Trombones: Steve Bickley, James Van De Ven, Sam Hadlow
    Bass Trombone: Alistair Barrow
    Guitar: Oliver Vonlanthen
    Piano: Tim Voutas
    Bass: Kane Shaw
    Drums: Ryan Daunt
    Vocals: Laura Igglesden

    Recorded live Downstairs at The Maj on Friday 6th April 2018 by Justine Thornley. This unedited video was captured on an older video camera at rear of the venue. She also maintained live social media coverage and event photography.

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