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Playlist of What to wear when rushing a frat

  • JMU Panhellenic Recruitment 2019


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  • Creating Complex Syncopated Rhythms with Spitfire Symphonic Motions


    Learn more about Spitfire Symphonic Motions:

    Christian shows how you can create complex syncopated rhythms using Spitfire Symphonic Motions, along with Spitfire Chamber Strings, Spitfire Symphonic Strings and Albion ONE.

    For more info on this library, watch the Walkthrough:

    Spitfire Chamber Strings:
    Spitfire Symphonic Strings:
    Albion ONE:

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  • ASU Kappa Kappa Gamma Rush Video 2019


    produced & edited by Maddy Crouch
    my instagram: @shegotshot @maddycrouch

  • University of Delaware Alpha Phi 2019 Recruitment


    Filmed and edited a recruitment video for University of Delaware's Alpha Phi.

    Shot on a Canon 1dx Mark II and edited/colored in premiere pro.

    Follow me on Instagram @zackpatrick

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  • College Tour Stop 1: Kappa Alpha - University of Maryland


    Teddy Beats kicked off his Hold Me college tour at the Kappa Alpha fraternity at the University of Maryland to celebrate a million plays on his latest single. Next stop - Towson University!

    Follow Teddy Beats on Spotify:

    Connect with Teddy Beats

    Check out the chill new music video for my latest track On My Way here:

  • Aepis WILD WEST 2016 UGA Athens GA


    Love what you see?
    Contact and plan your party today!

    We Throw Parties.

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  • J D Salinger – The Catcher in the Rye Audiobook


  • BBC Symphony:Genesis and Genius BBC 交響樂:天才與創世紀 第一集



    Simon Russell Beale presents a radical reappraisal of the place of the symphony in the modern world and explores the surprising way in which it has shaped our history and identity.

    The first episode begins amidst the turmoil of the French Revolution with the arrival in England of Joseph Haydn, dubbed the 'Father of the Symphony'. It continues with Mozart, the genius who wrote his first symphony at the age of eight, and Beethoven, the revolutionary who created the idea of the artist as hero and whose Eroica Symphony changed music for ever.

    The music is performed by the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, conducted by Sir Mark Elder.

  • Rebel Isle The Great Famine Part I


    This podcast, the first in my new series on the Great Famine, gives a background to Ireland in the 19th century. Entitled 'Rebel Island' it focuses on the life of one extraordinary Irish rebel - Anne Devlin. She lived a remarkable life and was involved in the 1798 and 1803 rebellions. These reshaped Ireland and had profound consequences impacting life right up to and during the Great Famine.

    Anne Devlin's life also explains why sectarian tensions between Catholics and Protestants dominated life in Ireland, what the Act of Union was and why it was so important.

    An episode guide including a fully referenced transcript of the show is available for patrons at Become a patron today and get lots of exclusive content.

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  • Gerry Spence- The Making Of A Country Lawyer - 2 of 4


    Published October 1st 1996 by MacMillan Audio

  • Max Webster And Rush - Battlescar


    Recorded live at Phase One Studios in Toronto, Canada on July 28,1980. This was Max Websters Fifth and final album.

    The song was written by Kim Mitchell of Max Webster and Pye Dubois who co-wrote a handful of Rush songs including Tom Sawyer.

    Kim Mitchell - Vocals, Guitars
    Geddy Lee - Vocals, Bass
    Gary McCracken - Drums
    Neil Peart - Drums
    Dave Miles - Bass
    Alex Lifeson - Guitars
    Terry Watkinson - Keyboards
    Pye Dubois - Lyrics

  • An Evening with Frank Bruni


    New York Times columnist and best-selling author Frank Bruni is one of the most extraordinary writers of
    his generation. Bruni has run the gamut in his career—as an acclaimed political reporter, Rome bureau chief and chief New York Times food critic—before launching his popular column on the New York Times opinion pages.

    His most recent book, Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be, has been hailed as one of the most important works on the current college application mania.

    His next book, Born Round, explores his struggles with food and weight.

    Frank was joined by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Anne Kornblut, who currently serves as Communications Director at Facebook.

  • Foxes Book of Martyrs - Volume 1 - Chapter 09


    -Video Upload powered by

  • Fraternity and Sorority Rush Tips


    Provided to YouTube by Ingrooves

    Fraternity and Sorority Rush Tips · Paul Taylor

    Fraternity and Sorority Rush Tips

    ℗ 2018 Zabulon Publishing/P37 Studios/XLP

    Released on: 2018-09-11

    Composer, Writer: Paul Udouj

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • frat frit frit frut frut hazing


  • Patiotop Buckets. Frat style.


    Frat bros and some random chick drain patio top buckets.

  • MURPH @ SAE Fraternity University of Alabama


    MURPH @ SAE Fraternity University of Alabama

  • College Tour Stop 2: Theta Chi - Towson University


    On the second stop of the Hold Me college tour, Teddy Beats played for the Theta Chi fraternity of Towson University at Torrent Nightclub to celebrate a million plays on his latest single. Next stop - Georgia Tech!

    Follow Teddy Beats on Spotify:

    Connect with Teddy Beats

    Check out the chill new music video for my latest track On My Way here:

  • Sorority Advice: Your Qs Answered!


    Hey Y'all!

    This video is to help any of you who may be joining a Sorority at your college or University! These tips are here to help you and give you a better idea of what to expect! Any questions or concerns feel free to ask in a comment below!

    Thanks so much for watching!


    Katie :)

  • Afrokeys Song Contest - O, Ye Unbearable Souls


    Lyrics are below...
    song made for Afrokeys contest

    I never made a mad dash
    make long walk wednesday a motherfucking hashtag
    covering my tracks, attract dust that doesn't have sad
    stories, it's a hazmat horror scene, the fat cat fortune fee
    the class act orgy, piss poor decorum for the sorer knees
    so wear an ass hat at the sorority
    I've never rushed a frat - a fascist faction of the horny bees
    bringing birdies back into the fashion, flashing foreign fleece
    I'll stash it and I store in the back of my poor memory
    a messy garage that I've got for a lease
    I take the sign off and I caught a rock through the window
    fall next to a pencil
    I call that a symbol, hit the cymbal on the drum set
    blow the whistle, now the trumpet
    this the sound of success and yes

    I love it, I love it
    and I'm just too horny to not fuck with
    I love it, I love it
    and I'm just too warming to not hug, yeah
    I love it, I love it
    now all ye unbearable souls

    a nervous wreck, I'm turning red like fallen leaves
    bothered when I gotta stop for green
    talking chomping broccoli trees
    see, I'm a sodomite for Cinna-buns
    sinning for some chocolate treats
    nostalgic for the winter months
    when temptations were toxic sweets
    boxer-briefs are slimmer cut
    but then I bust the pocket seams
    it seems the dinner run did become all we need
    honestly, I'm wallowing in hollow greed
    shallow graves bog me down in fogs and clouds
    I slosh around and holler pleas
    of hungry hardship, grumpy farmers always water seeds
    and I wanna see what we brought up, we got crops to eat
    sloppily, I don my bib and gnaw the beets
    but not too long before I'm on to de-ssert
    now that is the stuff that I'm a fiend for
    so pass the pizza for the cheesy odor topped with sausage
    all I see is a snack, while she sees an aphrodisiac, oh lord

    I love it, I love it
    and I'm just too corny to not come pick
    I love it, I love it
    and I'm just too sorry to not forgive
    so all ye unbearable souls
    hold me very very close
    o, ye unbearable souls

    running on a rainy night, struggling with gaining sight
    jogging all my memories and muddying my favorite types
    fade to white, feigning flight
    not really one for muscle but I'll stay to fight
    with blazing light, I'm hammering the stress away
    and then I'm like the Pantheon when I change
    and I change
    I'm morphing my purpose and my forge is a furnace
    surging through the forests for a pure reset, I said
    I'm tormented, I'm turning to the torrents of the pseudonyms
    a tsunami that two of these surf boards can skim
    and I'm swimming in the river and I'm drinking the elixir
    if I'm sinking to the bottom, skip those rocks until there's just dirt
    I bust a verse and paint a scene
    shuffle words and shape your dreams
    agelessly, we cover earth with blanket themes
    and we wanna turn the page to read

    I love it, I love it
    and I'm just too stormy to not puff wind
    I love it, I love it
    and I'm just too sportive to not just wink
    now all ye unbearable souls
    hold me very, very close
    o, ye unbearable souls

    it's the hipster and the hungry and the human
    and you can decide who is who

    Helpful hint: it's sort of sarcastic
    Food for thought: is each verse someone separate or are they all one in the same?

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  • Galactic Pegasus - Mirages - - Andrew Baena


    Download the EP!


    thicker than water,
    Your veins must be an ocean of treachery.
    White lies, no, they mean nothing to me,
    As you coax me into false fraternity.

    What are you trying to prove?
    And who are you trying to fool?
    What are you trying to prove?
    And who are you trying to fool?

    If I had time to wipe the dirt off my eyes,
    I wouldn't have walked so blindly.
    Your love and care
    Was what you wore, a mask you wear.
    I see your shade,
    I hear your voice,
    I walk the sand with no choice
    To find the love you showed me
    To find the love you owe me.

    And one day, I won't turn back,
    Burn all your bridges, and bury the past.
    You're wasting time and you're wasting mine.
    You have left me behind.

    Count all of your mistakes on the fingers
    You have left, you thief.
    As I'll cut everyone off for all the things
    You tried to take from me.
    I am a mirage; you can't feel the
    Water rushing down your throat
    When your lungs Are filled
    With the lies you spoke.

    In a world of my enemies,
    I stand alone.

    In a world of my enemies, I stand alone.
    Never fearing what the future has in store.
    If the sand swallows me, I'll pull you under.
    Blood will always outweigh water.

  • Snoops DJ & Warren G at an SDSU frat party on Halloween


    Halloween on frat row with Snoop's Dj (dj Jam) & Warren G



    Just a little vid on what it was like rushing at West Liberty University. Going greek at small schools is significantly different than at larger schools so tune in even if you aren't a WLU student! This is intended to give some insight on small school greek life and help any potential new members with the rushing process.

    Not affiliated with West Liberty University or Greek Council/Panhellenic

  • DJing SAE frat party @Harvard


    Year 1: DJing experiences!

  • So Not Frat


    ------NEW REMIX HERE:
    Watched Jimmy Tatro's video Shit Frat Guys Say and remixed it.
    Checkout Jimmy's Channel: LifeAccordingToJimmy

    Brought to you by your LocL DJ

  • Southern Gentlemen by Northern Hipsters


    Just so everyone knows this is a joke
    Dude why you wearin' those fishy belts
    Even though you don't like to fish
    And what the hell is up with those nut huggers
    So called chubbies
    Why you be givin' yourself a nickname
    Chubsters don't you know that stuff is lame?
    And your sunglass straps, what's up with that?
    Do you lose them when you're fishing?

    Oh wait y'all don't fish
    Oh yea I forgot my b
    Let's get back to the song
    Here's the chorus

    Over a thousands dollars
    Spent on this crap
    Just to show off that you are a frat
    Pale white thighs
    With no room to grow
    You're blinding my eyes with your legs white as snow
    Sperry's on your feet
    Polo on your chest
    You all think you are the best
    America Shorts what a great idea
    Shoulda thought of that first
    Wait Drew you're not a queer

    Dude what is going on through your head
    I don't know but it's gone so let's get back to the song
    Where were we? Oh, Sperry's right.
    Dude don't diss Sperry's, they're kinda tight
    Drew what's wrong with you dude?
    I don't know it won't happen again
    Good good
    Good good
    Good Good
    Good Good

    Dude what's going on inside of me?
    I guess I just wanna be a little fratty
    I don't know what to do I'm kinda scared
    Everything in my life is so undeclared

    It's alright buddy, don't worry
    I'm here for you, hipsters for life.
    We don't need this strife,
    We'll make it through
    Buds til the end, yea me and you

    Over a thousands dollars
    Spent on this crap
    Just to show off that you are a frat
    Pale white thighs
    With no room to grow
    You're blinding my eyes with your legs white as snow
    Sperry's on your feet
    Polo on your chest
    You all think you are the best
    America Shorts what a great idea
    Shoulda thought of that first
    Wait Drew you're not a queer

  • Bedouin - Romina Di Gasbarro


    O Bedouin, O stars
    Are you gonna stay a while?
    For the sweet and ancient fire inspires
    Rising up from burning silhouettes
    The silhouettes of time
    Flickering in the fire.

    From east to west you roam, from Venus rising from sea foam,
    You’re the son, the apple of discord, a Trojan prince you were born
    The son of Noah would not be the drowned
    that Nimrod raised his fist to the clouds
    and pierced them with his temple tower, readied for the final hour
    So the Lord split the tongues of the masses that came tumbling down from the tower towns
    of Babel like beads of storm running like finger lakes into the fertile plough.

    Oh Bedouin…

    From Anatolia to Ionian seas, you
    “loose your ships to seek domains in Italy”
    feed under the belly with your new fraternity
    the milk of wolves passing through ancestries,
    In poets, painters, alchemists, and peasantry,
    In the bourgeois and nobility,
    O Bedouin…you’re rushing through me

    Castles crumble, battles call,
    Etruscan to Latins, Greek-Roman to Gaul,
    Egyptian queens and lover’s brawls, your Reign of Empires falls on
    Byzantines, Saracens, Holy Terror Papacy,
    Norman, Austrian and Spanish tribes, your name is not yet realized
    So the road north was taken by Beatrice and Renzo down to the southern cliffs,
    And gesture to Pulcinella and Pantalone
    “Come to the river and wash your clothes in the Arno.”

    O Bedouin

    By the river they met with the wooden child
    running from the fox and cat and monster so riled
    “If you don’t wise up you’ll never be a boy
    Stay away from schemes and old decoys.”
    I promise, I promise, I promise, I’ll be good
    Into a boy, from fire wood
    O Bedouin…You rage a battle in me.

    A flock of white vales cross Neptune’s waves,
    and centuries pass like hours in days
    Stirring up dark ancient seas, drawing new lines in old mythologies
    In the distance a portrait, a Newfound land, anchored on the shores of tattooed paths
    of Chipawahs and Ojibways, and Seneca that passed this way.
    When the grey wolf howled from the mountain sky, from the precipice, the danger cry,
    the she-wolf inside you tighten her grip for her reply,
    Did you listen? Did you muzzle the wild?

    O Bedouin

    And from a land once jeweled with hides and evergreens
    Grew babel towers of urban deities
    Profit idols and flashing programming
    of west to eastern new commodities
    And political gods and media frauds with tabloid offerings
    who sacrifice on the altar of bargains, and marketing
    O Bedoiun…You’re howling me…

    In Julius and Socrates,
    in the Pompeiian and her little baby,
    in Mecca, Latium and Nazarene,
    in the disciples and the apostles’ creed
    in Orfeus and Allighieri
    in Spanish Queens and peasantry
    in Napoleon and Garibaldi
    in the Resurgence and tyranny
    in broken bones and packaged dreams
    in the living gallery,
    in the bought, and sold, and fallen, rapined
    in the northern greed and the southern disease

    O Bedouin, when are you gonna free?

    Words and music by Romina Di Gasbarro © 2018 Romina Di Gasbarro (SOCAN)
    Romina (voice, guitar),
    Elmer Ferrer (guitar),
    Roberto Occhinpinti (double bass, producer),
    Larnell Lewis (drums)
    Engineer: Sydney Galbraith (Desert Fish Studios)
    Album art: Yesim Tosuner of Backyard Designs.
    Label: Modica Music

    This recording was made possible through the generous support of the ONTARIO ARTS COUNCIL / CONSEIL DES ARTS DE L'ONTARIO and CANADA COUNCIL FOR THE ARTS / CONSEIL DES ARTS DU CANADA.
    All Words and all music by © Romina Di Gasbarro
    © Risorgimento 2018 (SOCAN)
    © all rights reserved
    Purchase this song at
    Visit for more.

  • Reed is Fratty


    My buddy Dave playing a song he wrote about me and another friend.

  • Lockdown Conversations Oral Hygiene


    With the lockdown enforced dental visits are restricted and you need to take every precaution, here are a few oral hygiene tips. this is Lockdown conversation with Phillip Williams

  • DJ Icey, Syracuse, Trexx Halloween Party 10-29-10 #2


  • 20 Watts: Syracuse, Music, College


    20 Watts at is a college student ran music publication/blog based in Syracuse, NY at Syracuse University. We review music, interview prominent artists, shoot video features while also churning out quarterly print issues. We're 20 Watts.

    Music by Erica Scarano.

    ,Love and Stereo

  • How To Buy Your First Electric Guitar For Beginners


    How To Buy Your First Electric Guitar For Beginners

  • Kappa Kappa Gamma; Beta Tau Recruitment Chairman Amber Lee




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