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Playlist of What Happens Next?

  • Glenn Travis - What Happens Next -


    Glenn Travis - What Happens Next - (Audio)
    Download or stream What Happens Next here!

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  • Joe Satriani - What Happens Next


    What Happens Next
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    About the album:
    Joe Satriani’s 16th studio album is What Happens Next, a high-energy album that takes the legendary guitarist’s skills to exciting new heights.

    The new instrumental album features a power trio of Satriani on guitar along with two Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees: Deep Purple/Black Country Communion bassist Glenn Hughes and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, the latter reuniting with Satriani for the first time since their work in the supergroup Chickenfoot with former Van Halen vocalist and bassist Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony. This unparalleled rock rhythm section gives What Happens Next a depth of groove that sets it apart from Satriani’s other work.

    Satriani once again teams up with producer/engineer/mixer Mike Fraser on What Happens Next. Fraser has recorded and mixed every AC/DC album since 1990’s The Razors Edge and has been a frequent collaborator with Satriani since the release of Crystal Planet in 1998, producing, engineering or mixing Satriani’s solo albums as well as both studio projects by Chickenfoot.

    This 12-track album showcases Satriani’s gift for constant evolution and reinvention as a bandleader and composer of intricate guitar-driven rock. What Happens Next finds Satriani discovering sounds and textures never before heard from an instrument he has unquestionably mastered over his three-decade solo career.

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  • Watch What Happens Next


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    Watch What Happens Next · Waterparks


    ℗ 2019 Hopeless Records, Inc.

    Released on: 2019-10-11

    Main Artist: Waterparks
    Producer: Zakk Cervini
    Composer: Awsten Knight
    Music Publisher: Songs of Red Bull (ASCAP)/Civere Sounds (ASCAP) (35%)
    Music Publisher: Waterparks (65%)
    Composer: Zakk Cervini

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  • What happens next - Jesse McCartney lyrics


    New song of Jesse McCartney

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  • What Happens Next? by Shinsuke Yoshitake


    I'd like to share a book I recently discovered. It's by Shinsuke Yoshitake. I added some background ukulele music (Wanting Memories by Ysaye Barnwell). Hope you like my presentation. It doesn't include everything in the book, so please look for the book if you're interested.

  • Watch What Happens Next | Waterparks | Lyrics



    my waterparks fan account ~

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  • Joe Satriani - What Happens Next Live@ Padova 22/07/2018


    Joe Satriani - What Happens Next Live@ Padova 22/07/2018

  • Joe Satriani What Happens Next By GMarcelo


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    Channel GMarcelo:

    Joe Satriani Thunder High On The Mountain

  • What Happens Next


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    What Happens Next · Slick Shoes


    ℗ 1997 Tooth & Nail Records

    Released on: 1997-01-01

    Producer: Adam 'Atom' Greenspan
    Composer: Jackson Mould
    Composer: Jeremiah Brown
    Composer: Joe Nixon
    Composer: Ryan Kepke

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    We arrived to play the public piano today in Birmingham City Centre.Christmas Time.
    Everyone was enjoying the Boogie Woogie Piano but the security guard was not all all happy as you will see in this unbelievable video.
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  • What Happens Next?


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    What Happens Next? · Cam Cummings

    What Happens Next?

    ℗ Just Another Song

    Released on: 2020-01-31

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  • Joe Satriani - What Happens Next // Live in Istanbul


  • The Material What happens next


    Video of The Material What happens next in its acoustic version with lyrics on screen to sing along

    The Material rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What Happens Next Will SHOCK YOU


    Basically every click bait.
    I do have new tracks in the coming weeks, that is no joke.

    Happy April 1st :)

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  • What Happens Next Joe Satriani by GMarcelo


    BACKING TRACK------------------



    Terry Miles and The Great Dr K along with Josh The Punk get down to some Boogie Woogie Anarchy in The UK.

  • What Happens Next to THE REAL TUESDAY WELD?


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  • Joe Satriani - Super Funky Badass What Happens Next


    Full Álbum:-------------

  • What Happened Next


    A little video I have created for my Wednesday Night Lockdown Quiz Night... Hope that you enjoy!

  • The Cute Lepers - What Happens Next


    The Cute Lepers perform What Happens Next live on KEXP. Recorded 2/20/2010

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  • What Happens Next


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    What Happens Next · BRAVVN

    What Happens Next

    ℗ 2020 BRAVVN

    Released on: 2020-04-27

    Auto-generated by YouTube.



    Digital Download Available Here:

    Music By Ales Shishlo, Vad Mikutski, Masha Zinevitch
    Lyrics By Masha Zinevitch
    Mixed By Dean Hurley
    Mastered By Mike Bozzi At Bernie Grundman Mastering

    I Went Out Tonight
    To See What They Had Done
    To See What Happened Here
    What I Can Do
    Thanks For Waking Up
    It’s Your Time To Rule
    Time To Stay Alive
    Whatever Is Coming Our Way
    We Can Fight It Back!
    Whatever Happens Next
    Your Power Is Your Worst Nightmare
    Look At What You’ve Done To Get More!
    My Brothers Are Much More Than This!
    Are You Listening?
    Are You Hearing Me?
    Whatever Gets In Your Head
    We Will Fight It Back!
    Whatever Happens Next

  • What Happens Next Montage


    Take a look into each song on What Happens Next and hear what Chad Smith​, Glenn Hughes​, and Joe have to say! Pre-order today at:

  • 12 The Material - What Happens Next New Album


    Band: The Material
    Album: What We Are
    Track 12
    Song: What Happens Next

  • Northern Portrait - What Happens Next?


    You came, called me responsible
    for your troubles and your pain
    Well, ok, that's not impossible --
    I just don't find it interesting

    There were times when I couldn't bear
    my own company
    But those times changed when you were not there
    And there's nothing left to see anymore

    Walk, now -- come here and take my hand
    Please don't be afraid
    Come here, I won't do anything
    Let's just disappear, my dear

    I can't, I can't believe it's true
    Lie down next to me
    I can't, I can't believe it's true
    But that's how things will be

    For god's sake, can't you just realize
    it's not what it seems?
    This time, there won't be any chance
    you'll disturb my dreams
    Oh, no

  • What happens next?


    This must be the weirdest penalty kick ever. Guess what happens next ...

  • Jesse McCartney - What Happens Next - Milwaukee 2019


  • Joe Satriani - What Happens Next Announcement


    Joe announces his new album, What Happens Next, featuring Chad Smith and Glenn Hughes, coming out in January 2018! The first single Energy is available now! Check it out at and more info on Joe at

  • What Happens Next? - The Human Condition


    W.H.N.? is a american thrashcore and crossover thrash band from San Francisco.
    Album: The First Year
    Year: 2000

  • #11. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis


    From the should have been Oscar winning Original Score of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

    Composed by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - [The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007) OST]

  • Watch What Happens Next - Waterparks


  • Orbital - What happens next?



  • Joe Satriani - What Happens Next


    The title track, a sneaky, sexy, inviting groove represented the journey to a new recording in a new place with new people, as well as a new personal approach to What Happens Next. Enjoy episode #9 in the 12 Days of What Happens Next!

    Daily episodes of the What Happens Next Track-By-Track series are released Dec 13 - 24th, 2017 at

    What Happens Next will be released on January 12th, 2018! Pre-order at:

  • What Happens Next- Jason Wade LIVE @ Starland Ballroom


    Jason Wade (Lifehouse) sings a new song, What Happens Next at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville NJ on April 25th 2006. BEAUTIFUL SONG!

  • What Happens Next


    Provided to YouTube by SonoSuite

    What Happens Next · Zara Villaumbrosia

    On Set

    ℗ Zara Vilaumbrosia

    Released on: 2011-07-22

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Gang of Four - What Happens Next 2015


    Gang of Four What Happens Next 2015 (Full Album)


    01 – Where the Nightingale Sings 00:00 - 04:01
    02 – Broken Talk (Featuring Alison Mosshart) 04:02 - 08:22
    03 – Isle of Dogs 08:24 - 12:12
    04 – England’s In My Bones (Featuring Alison Mosshart) 12:14 - 15:25
    05 – The Dying Rays (Featuring Herbert Gronemeyer) 15:26 - 18:54
    06 – Obey the Ghost 18:56 - 23:29
    07 – First World Citizen 23:33 - 27:34
    08 – Stranded 27:36 - 31:15
    09 – Graven Image (Featuring Robbie Furze) 31:16 - 35:21
    10 – Dead Souls (Featuring Hotei) 35:21 - 38:45

  • Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - What Happens Next


    Listen to Ghosteen, the new album from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds here:
    Subscribe to the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds YouTube channel here:

    Taken from the Nick Cave & Warren Ellis original soundtrack album - The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. Now available for the first time on vinyl. Pre-Order Now -

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  • JOE SATRIANI on What Happens Next, Songwriting, G3 Tour & Why ROCK Music Is In Decline


    Metal Wani writer Daniel Jaramillo had a chat to legendary guitarist Joe Satriani.

    They spoke about Satriani’s new album What Happens Next and the inspiration behind the title, the recruitment of Glenn Hughes and Chad Smith in the sessions, the chemistry they ignite when they play as a trio.

    He talks in depth about the creative process of writing songs from scratch and what distinguishes “What Happens Next” from his previous albums, how this record has a fantastic rock, soul and groove than any of his albums till date.

    He tells Daniel what makes instrumental guitar music so special for audiences and if he’s considered adding vocals to his music, he mentions the up and coming guitarists that have blown him away and whether he believes rock music is in decline.

    He also spoke about touring G3 next year with John Petrucci from Dream Theater and Phil Collen from Def Leppard, how he feels about doing G3 shows for more than 20 years and if he has any plans to work again with Steve Vai. Finally he answers whether a tour to Australia is on the cards for next year as part of his already busy touring schedule around the world.

  • Watch What Happens Next / Waterparks - Lyrics


    Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research.

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  • Joe Satriani - Invisible


    Joe discusses Invisible in episode #11 in the 12 Days of What Happens Next, which included recording while Steve Vai and Brendan Small looked on and daydreaming about what it would be like to turn invisible and then to come back.

    Daily episodes of the What Happens Next Track-By-Track series are released Dec 13 - 24th, 2017 at

    What Happens Next will be released on January 12th, 2018! Pre-order at:

  • What Happens Next


    Provided to YouTube by Label Worx Ltd

    What Happens Next (Radio Edit) · Ryan K

    What Happens Next

    ℗ Alter Ego Music Publishing

    Released on: 2018-04-30

    Composer: Ryan K

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • What Happens Next // Jesse McCartney, The Resolution Tour Portland 2/11/19


    Jesse McCartney at Roseland Theater in Portland, OR on his Resolution Tour. 2.11.19

  • Veil - What Happens Next?


    Veil - What happens next? Live in Festival Jardins de Pedralbes (Barcelona)

    Listen on SPOTIFY:

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    What Happens Next?
    “A Veil which lets you see through it but is never completely transparent, preserving the mystery of the artist; a veil that moves along, slowly and measuredly with the wind.”

    This is how Veil (Txell Prada) defines her artistic alter ego and her music, showcased again in her fourth single What happens Next, a song in between indie and pop both melancholic and swaddling.

    “What Happens Next” proves once again her talents as a songwriter and her ability to reach bigger audiences through personal and moving songs filled with sensitivity. On the production side, Veil ads touches of what could be a rock ballad as well as a children choir that further confirms that the singer is capable of adding different influences while keeping her signature sound.

    What Happens Next?

    “Un Velo que permite ver a través de él pero que nunca es por completo transparente, preservando el misterio de la artista; un velo que se mueve lenta y acompasadamente con el viento.”

    Así define Veil (Txell Prada) su alter ego artístico y su estilo musical que vuelve a plasmar en su cuarto single What Happens Next, un tema entre el indie y el pop, melancólico y a la vez envolvente.

    Con “What Happens Next” demuestra una vez más su talento como letrista y su capacidad para llegar al gran público a través de canciones personales, conmovedoras y llenas de sentimiento. En este nuevo single con toques de balada rock destaca el coro infantil usado en el estribillo y es una prueba más de que la cantante es capaz de mezclar diferentes influencias manteniendo su firma sonora.


    Snow falling down past December
    Light finds a way through the storm
    We built a life and we need to let it go
    What happens next if we go?

    We're all dancers
    Finding answers

    Who will lead our lives?
    Who will clean our past?
    Who will tell us what's the good in bad?
    Someone we can trust
    That someone's us
    Dum dum dum dum....

    What makes you smile
    Though it's all wrong
    How can sound find a way for a song?
    I gave you my heart, now you need to let it go
    But what happens next when you go?

    We're all dancers
    finding answers...

    Who will lead our lives?
    Who will clean our past?
    Who will tell us what’s the good in bad?
    Someone we can trust
    That someone's us

    Dum dum dum dum....

    Composed, written & produced by: Txell Prada & Albert Solà
    Executive producer: WAO Agency
    Mixed & mastered by: Gorka Dresbaj in The Room Bcn
    (p) WAO Music / U98 Music 2018.
    © WAO Music / U98 MUSIC 2018.

    Camera: Aleix Massot
    Edition: Belen Ruiz

  • Joe Satriani - Dream and Vision behind What Happens Next


    Joe shares his strong dream and vision behind What Happens Next embracing soul and rock roots! Watch as Joe, Chad, and Glenn all chime in on that vision.

    Pre-order at:

  • Joe Satriani - Headrush


    Joe explains the crazy boogie inspiration behind Headrush from What Happens Next!

  • What Happens Next?


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    What Happens Next? · Kayos

    What Happens Next?

    ℗ 2020 Kayotic Productions

    Released on: 2020-09-23

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Joe Satriani - Forever and ever What Happens Next


    Full Álbum:-------------

  • Lifehouse- What Happens Next


    I recorded this live at Jillian's in Louisville, KY on April 16, 2006. This is Jason Wade of Lifehouse singing the new song What Happens Next.

  • Joe Satriani - Smooth Soul


    Joe explains how Smooth Soul harkens back to when Joe was a young player listening to Carlos Santana and Jimi Hendrix learning that an electric guitar player could play a beautiful instrumental melody. It's episode 6 of 12 Days of What Happens Next!

    Daily episodes of the What Happens Next Track-By-Track series are released Dec 13 - 24th, 2017 at

    What Happens Next will be released on January 12th, 2018! Pre-order at:

  • What Happens Next


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    What Happens Next · The Material

    What We Are

    ℗ 2010 The Material

    Released on: 2010-12-02

    Auto-generated by YouTube.



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