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Playlist of Wes Montgomery

  • Wes Montgomery - Full House 1962


    00:00 Full House
    09:14 I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face
    12:45 Blue 'n' Boogie
    22:27 Cariba
    32:09 Come Rain Or Come Shine (take 2)
    39:06 Come Rain Or Come Shine (take 1)
    46:25 S.O.S. (take 3)
    51:30 S.O.S. (take 2)
    56:20 Born To Be Blue

    Wes Montgomery - guitar
    Jimmy Cobb - drums
    Johnny Griffin - tenor sax
    Paul Chambers - bass
    Wynton Kelly - piano

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  • Wes Montgomery Live In 65


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  • Artists That Changed Music: Wes Montgomery


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    Wes Montgomery is regarded one of the three founding fathers of the jazz guitar, the other two being Charlie Christian and Django Reinhardt.

    Montgomery changed the world of music with his hitchhiker’s thumb, impossible guitar techniques, and sumptuous musical talent. He recorded 20 albums as a leader, many of them best-sellers, and won many readers’ and critics’ polls, as well as three Grammy Nominations and two Grammy Awards.

    Montgomery achieved all this in less than 10 years after his breakthrough at the age of 36, because in another example of the tragically short, meteoric career of many jazz greats, he died in 1968, aged just 45.

    Wes Montgomery lived in Indianapolis almost his entire life, and also died there. On the morning of June 15, 1968, he woke up in his house with chest pains, and soon afterwards collapsed of a heart attack. He was pronounced dead at the local hospital at 10:40am.

    Wes Montgomery’s spirit has also been kept alive by his recordings, which today include a large amount of posthumous releases. Moreover, a new documentary about him, working title Wes Bound is being made end scheduled for release in 2023.

    But most of all Montgomery’s spirit remains alive in the countless players who are influenced by him. Joe Pass once said, “To me, there have been only three real innovators on the guitar—Wes Montgomery, Charlie Christian, and Django Reinhardt.” And the great John Scofield once remarked, “I tried to copy Wes Montgomery, but it was too hard.”

    Just a few of the countless jazz guitarists who have referenced Montgomery include George Benson, Martin Taylor, John Etheridge, Pat Metheny, Larry Coryell, Jim Mullen, and Lee Ritenour. The latter released an album called “Wes Bound” in 1993 and called his son Wesley. Montgomery also has been name-checked by rock and blues players like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Satriani, Steve Howe, Joe Bonamassa, and many, many others.

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  • Wes Montgomery - Round Midnight


    Wes Montgomery - Round Midnight

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  • Wes Montgomery - Heres That Rainy Day - Live London 1965


    Stan Tracey (piano) Wes Montgomery (guitar) Rick Laird (bass) Jackie Dougan (drums)
    Television broadcast, Tempo, ABC TV, London, England, May 7, 1965

  • Wes Montgomery - Windy


    THP December 12, 1967.

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  • Wes Montgomery - Bumpin On Sunset


    No copyright infringement intended.

  • 3 Reasons Wes Montgomery Is Amazing And Worth Checking Out


    Wes Montgomery is the father of modern Jazz guitar, but it was not because he played with his thumb or used octaves. This video explores what is truly amazing about his playing.

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    00:00 Intro
    00:09 Hearing Wes For The First Time
    01:20 An Unpopular Opinion on Wes?
    02:09 #1 Not Afraid To Keep It Simple
    03:02 #2 The Power Of Short Phrases
    04:07 Are You a “Real” Wes Fan?
    04:53 Metheny Is The New Wes?
    05:28 #3 Repetition Legitimizes
    05:59 The Secret to Wes' Phrasing
    07:04 Did Wes Know Music Theory?
    07:20 How Powerful Music Theory Really is
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  • Wes Montgomery Jazz 625 - Complete


    Wes Montgomery Quartet on the BBC-TV show Jazz 625 in 1965. Complete transcription available at

    Wes Montgomery - guitar
    Harold Mabern - piano
    Arthur Harper - bass
    Jimmy Lovelace - drums

    Click to jump to individual songs

    0:00 West Coast Blues (intro)
    2:12 Yesterdays
    6:00 Jingles
    11:56 'Round Midnight
    20:03 Twisted Blues
    28:11 Full House
    34:18 West Coast Blues (outro)

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  • Wes Montgomery Performing John Coltranes Impressions Live In 1965 Jazz


    Connect With Lunar Orbit Here:

    Wes Montgomery Performing John Coltrane's Impressions Live In 1965

    Father of Modern Jazz Guitar
    Wes Montgomery Impressions
    Wes Montgomery Willow Weep For me Album

  • Four On Six


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Four On Six · Wes Montgomery · Tommy Flanagan · Percy Heath · Albert Heath

    The Incredible Jazz Guitar

    ℗ 2007 Riverside Records/Fantasy, Inc.

    Released on: 2008-01-01

    Producer: Orrin Keepnews
    Associated Performer, Guitar: Wes Montgomery
    Associated Performer, Bass Guitar: Percy Heath
    Associated Performer, Drums: Albert Tootie Heath
    Associated Performer, Piano: Tommy Flanagan
    Composer Lyricist: Wes Montgomery

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • George Benson Wes Montgomery thumb technique


    George Benson guitar lesson from breezin lounge sessions. George discuss his thumb picking technique. More vids here :
    George Benson learn from experiences
    George Benson Jazz Blues In the key of G
    George Benson shares his picking secrets
    George Benson the days of wine and roses
    George Benson talks about Wes Montgomery Pat martino Joe Diorio
    George Benson learning songs
    George Benson plays the blues over rhythm changes
    George Benson how to practice
    George Benson playing along the neck

  • The Chord Solos of Wes Montgomery - Techniques and Concepts


    In this episode of Everything Music we explore the chord solos of the great Wes Montgomery! We discuss how his solos always follow the same order of single notes to octaves to chords. I will also show you the kind of voicing’s (Drop 2) that he likes to uses in his chord solos. The songs that I focus on are “Cariba” from the Full House record and “Fried Pies” from the Boss Guitar record.

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  • West Coast Blues


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    West Coast Blues · Wes Montgomery · Tommy Flanagan · Percy Heath · Albert Heath

    The Incredible Jazz Guitar

    ℗ 2007 Riverside Records/Fantasy, Inc.

    Released on: 2008-01-01

    Producer: Orrin Keepnews
    Associated Performer, Guitar: Wes Montgomery
    Associated Performer, Bass Guitar: Percy Heath
    Associated Performer, Drums: Albert Tootie Heath
    Associated Performer, Piano: Tommy Flanagan
    Composer Lyricist: Wes Montgomery

    Auto-generated by YouTube.



  • Wes Montgomery Trio - Days of Wine and Roses


    Wes Montgomery Trio - Days of Wine and Roses (1963)

    Personnel: Wes Montgomery (guitar), Mel Rhyne (organ), Jimmy Cobb (drums)

    from the album 'BOSS GUITAR' (Riverside Records)

  • Wes Montgomery-Four On Six -Guitarra de Jazz.


    Gracias a las televisiones públicas europeas, existen testimonios históricos como esta interpretación del genial guitarrista Wes Montgomery, en su país, no tuvieron esa deferencia con el, lamentable...

  • Wes Montgomery - How to make Simple sound Amazing


    This Wes Montgomery Guitar Lesson is breaking down parts of the solo on Four on Six. This version is from the album: The Incredible Jazz Guitar. What makes Wes a great improviser and jazz guitarist is not that he played octaves or chord solos. There are other aspects of his playing that are the reason that we consider him the most important jazz guitarist in modern jazz.

    This video goes over 5 aspects of his playing that you can easily work on in your own guitar solos. I think really defines what is great about his playing.

    Wes Montgomery recorded four on six several times. The most famous recording is probably on the SMoking at the Half Note album. This video is on the Wes Montgomery Solo off the album The Incredible Jazz Guitar with among others Tommy Flanagan.

    If you want to check out another Wes Montgomery Lesson then have a look at this playlist:

    0:00 Intro Wes Montgomery - Four On Six
    0:10 5 Simple Things in Wes' Style
    0:53 Four on Six and The Incredible Jazz Guitar of WM
    1:22 #1 Just use the arpeggios (and make great melodies)
    3:32 #2 Don't be afraid to Use Repeated Notes (Groove and Melody)
    5:24 What are the things you love about Wes Montgomery? Leave a comment
    5:50 #3 Motifs and Call-Response melodies
    8:05 #4 Dynamics within the Solo lines
    9:28 #5 Do You Have The Blues?
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  • Wes Montgomery quartet - full house





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  • David Becker Lessons with a Gibson Custom L-5 Wes Montgomery at Normans Rare Guitars


    Another video with the amazing David Becker at #NormansRareGuitars! David and Norm talk about this Gibson Custom L-5 Wes Montgomery and David's lessons on his website and on The All Guitar Network! What do you think?





  • Wes Montgomery - Bumpin


  • Wes Montgomery Twisted Blues


    The great jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery performs Twisted Blues. From the Vestapol DVD Legends of Jazz Guitar, Vol. One. More info at

  • Gone With The Wind


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Gone With The Wind · Wes Montgomery · Tommy Flanagan · Percy Heath · Albert Heath

    The Incredible Jazz Guitar

    ℗ 2007 Riverside Records/Fantasy, Inc.

    Released on: 2008-01-01

    Producer: Orrin Keepnews
    Associated Performer, Guitar: Wes Montgomery
    Associated Performer, Bass Guitar: Percy Heath
    Associated Performer, Drums: Albert Tootie Heath
    Associated Performer, Piano: Tommy Flanagan
    Composer: Allie Wrubel
    Author: Herbert Magidson

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Thumb Picking: Wes Montgomery Style | How To Play Jazz Guitar With Your Thumb | Jazz Guitar Lesson |


    In this video, I quickly show you how to get that super warm jazz sound by picking the strings with your thumb. This is how Wes Montgomery famously played his guitar and his iconic octave riffs. Playing with your thumb produces a much different tone than a pick and it often makes your playing more soulful. Give it a try! And leave me a comment! Thanks for watching!

    Do you want to learn some Wes Montgomery Licks that you can play with your thumb? Check out this lesson:

    I have hundreds of other lessons for guitar players who like Jazz, Blues, Bebop, and Fingerstyle guitar arrangements. There are also a lot of lessons on guitar technique and guitar scales along with exercises meant to build your chops. Check them all out here:
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  • WES MONTGOMERY Blue Grass Jazz Workshop


    Blue Grass Jazz Workshop (1965)
    Wes montgomery (guitar)
    Hans Koller,Johnny Griffin,Ronnie Scott,Ronnie Ross (s)
    Martial Solal (p)
    Michael Gaundy (b)
    Ronnie Stephenson (d)

  • Latu Miller | Sundown


    Millers of Samoa part 6 of 8. Talofa world! This is an amateur recording of me covering this Wes Montgomery 12-bar blues with help from my brother Maua Miller on bass. Swing by and read about us at

  • Wes Montgomery - how insensitive


    One of the classics of jazz-bossa songs, composed by Antônio Carlos Jobim. This is an instrumental version by Wes Montgomery.

  • How to Play Guitar Like Wes Montgomery - Chord Melody Example - Jazz Guitar Lessons


    More Free Guitar Lessons:

    In this vein, video 1 harmonizes Am chord tones (A, C, and E) with appropriate Am7 and Am6/9 voicings, while the nonchord tones (G#, B, and D) are harmonized as parallel diminished seventh chords.

  • Wes Montgomery - Bumpin on the Sunset


    Rob with Jonathan Brady at Daytona State College.

    Wes was my idol. He was one of the nicest and most humble music giants I've ever met. In person, Wes would play impossible stuff on the guitar. He was a true master of the guitar (single note lines, octaves, and block chords) and was kind enough to give me advice and guidance. I will always be thankful and indebted to Wes Montgomery. This is dedicated to Wes on his birthday, March 6th.

  • Nicas dream - Wes Montgomery 1965.


    Nicas dream - Wes Montgomery 1965
    A nice jazz standerd where the 4/4 jazz is exchanged with latin rhythms was written by master jazz pianist Horace Silver.
    Wes Montgomery is accompanied by a group of young Dutch musicians, probably all still in their early twenties. Although unknown in the larger part of the world these are Pim Jacobs piano, his younger brother Ruud on bass and drummer Han Bennink who can compete with the best in the larger part of that world.

    Wes Montgomery1923 - 1968) Montgomery is often considered the greatest of modern Jazz guitarists.Montgomery toured with Lionel Hampton early in his career, however the combined stress of touring and being away from family brought him back home to Indianaopolis. To support his family of eight, Montgomery worked in a factory from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, then performed in local clubs from 9:00 pm to 2:00 am.
    Instead of using a guitar pick, Montgomery plucked the strings with the fleshy part of his thumb, using downstrokes for single notes and a combination of upstrokes and downstrokes for chords and octaves. This technique enabled him to get a mellow, expressive tone from his guitar. Wes had a corn on his thumb, which gave his sound that point. He would get one sound for the soft parts, and then that point by using the corn. That's why no one will ever match Wes. And his thumb was double-jointed. He could bend it all the way back to touch his wrist, which he would do just to shock people.
    He didn't have a very long to live to enjoy his commercial success, he died of a heart attack at age 45 in 1968

  • A Day In The Life


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    A Day In The Life · Wes Montgomery

    A Day In The Life

    ℗ 1967 The Verve Music Group, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

    Released on: 1967-01-01

    Producer: Creed Taylor
    Composer Lyricist: John Lennon
    Composer Lyricist: Paul McCartney

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Wes Montgomery - Caravan


    Wes Montgomery - Caravan 1964 from the album Movin' Wes, Verve Records. Wes Montgomery was one of the greatest Jazz Guitarist of the 20th Century. On Caravan he is backed by a energetic Big Band.

  • Wes Montgomery - The Way You Look Tonight


    The Way You Look Tonight, a composition of Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields, here played by the american jazz guitarrist Wes Montgomery in his album Guitar on the Go, released in 1963.

  • Wynton Kelly Trio, Wes Montgomery ‎– Smokin In Seattle Live At The Penthouse


    Recorded in Seattle, Washington at The Penthouse on April 14 and 21, 1966.

    1 There Is No Greater Love 0:00
    2 Not A Tear 8:18
    3 Jingles 14:50
    4 What's New? 19:23
    5 Blues In F 24:15
    6 Sir John 27:01
    7 If You Could See Me Now 35:41
    8 West Coast Blues 41:38
    9 O Morro Nao Tem Vez 45:40
    10 Oleo 51:56

    Bass – Ron McClure
    Drums – Jimmy Cobb
    Guitar – Wes Montgomery
    Piano – Wynton Kelly

    Source: 10 × File, FLAC, Album, 24bit 44.1kHz

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  • Fried Pies - Wes Montgomery


    Matt Cohen Trio's cover of Wes Montgomery's Fried Pies

    Hear more at:

    Matt Cohen - Guitar
    Evan Vine - Bass
    Sam Kellerman - Drums

    Engineer: Curtis Moses
    Cinematographer: Jon Pham
    Mixed by: Ryan Stewart
    Video Editor: Matt Cohen

  • Wes Montgomery California Dreaming 1966)


  • Wes Montgomery, Day in the Life backing track


    For Education Purposes Only

    Wes Montgomery studio backing track

  • The Guitar Gods - Wes Montgomery - The Girl Next Door


  • My One And Only Love - Wes Montgomery


    My One And Only Love by Wes Montgomery
    From the Album Bumpin'

  • WES MONTGOMERY - Watch What Happens -


  • Mr Walker Wes Montgomery


    I play along with Wes on this amazing tune from The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery from 1960,

  • Wes Montgomery with Liza Minnelli


    Excerpt taken from Hollywood Palace circa 1967.

  • Wes Montgomery February 1965 New York, NY


    Wes Montgomery at the Half Note, NYC
    Portraits in Jazz. Hosted by Alan Grant
    Feb 12, 1965 and Feb 19, 1965

    Tracklist: Feb 12:
    So What?
    Mi Cosa

    Wes Montgomery - [Guitar]
    Wynton Kelly - [Piano]
    Ron Carter - [Bass]
    Jimmy Cobb - [Drums]

    Tracklist: Feb 19:
    Burks Works
    A Little Blues
    4 on 6
    Alan Grant talks
    All the Things You Are
    I Remember You

    Wes Montgomery - [Guitar]
    Wynton Kelly - [Piano]
    Larry Ridley - [Bass]
    Jimmy Cobb - [Drums]

    #WesMontgomery #gnuTUBE

  • Con Alma - Wes Montgomery


    Con Alma by Wes Montgomery
    from the album Bumpin'

  • Entrevista a Wes Montgomery parte 1 || Subtítulos en español


    #WesMontgomery #Entrevista #Español
    Entrevista a Wes Montgomery de finales de los '60 en el programa de la TV estadounidense 'People in Jazz'.

    Si os gusta Wes, puede que os interese este vídeo:

    Si encontráis algún error en la traducción hacédmelo saber, no soy traductor profesional :-)

    Traducción y subtítulos: Juan G. Acosta (

  • Wes Montgomery Trio - Bésame Mucho


    es Montgomery Trio - Bésame Mucho (1963)

    Personnel: Wes Montgomery (guitar), Mel Rhyne (organ), Jimmy Cobb (drums)

    from the album 'BOSS GUITAR' (Riverside Records)

  • Guitar solo Transcription - Wes Montgomery on No Blues - Jazz guitar


    No Blues is a Jazz blues tune by Miles Davis. The guitar solo transcription is from the live recording with Wynton Kelly trio featuring Wes Montgomery. The album is Smokin' at the Half Note and I recommend it to any Jazz lover when it´s really swinging.
    Wes Montgomery´s guitar solo on No Blues is just great and in the video there's the first part when Wes playing single string tones. He continue playing octaves and finished the solo with chord lines.

    The jazz musicians on the album are:
    Wes Montgomery – guitar
    Wynton Kelly – piano
    Paul Chambers – bass
    Jimmy Cobb – drums


    Pdf files available from the links below.

    Members area website. Sign up here.

    Pdf files (Pdf files - jazz transcriptions):

    My official lessons website:

    Get two free e-Books with 15 Jazz guitar licks & 15 Fusion guitar licks here.

    Feel free to like, share & subscribe!

    Jazz on!

  • There Will Never Be Another You - Wes Montgomery


    Wes Montgomery Live At Jorgies Jorgie's Jazz Club, St. Louis, MO, August 19, 1961

    Wes Montgomery (guitar);
    Buddy Montgomery (piano, vibraphone);
    Monk Montgomery (electric bass);
    Billy Hart (drums).

  • Gibson L-5 Wes Montgomery .


    Jazz Guitarist Jon Dalton Discusses The Gibson L-5 (Innervision Records).



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