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Playlist of Washington, D.C. hardcore

  • hate5six Blood Pressure - April 12, 2015


    Blood Pressure at The Dance Institute of Washington in Washington, DC on 2015-04-12

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  • Bad Brains - Banned in D.C.


    From the self titled album.

    ROIR 1982

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  • Bad Brains - King of Glory w/ Dave Hahn


    D.C. Hardcore

    If u got the lyrics send them to me please.

  • Bad Brains - I and I Rasta


    D.C. hardcore

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  • Punk the Capital; Building a Sound Movement -TRAILER remastered-


    The long awaited documentary Punk the Capital is finally out!
    2019, 88 min.
    a film by James June Schneider, Paul Bishow, Sam Lavine

    When punk rock erupted in Washington D.C. in the mid-1970s, it was a mighty inter-generational convergence of powerful music, friendships, and clear minds. Punk the Capital explores the transformative period between 1976-1983, situating D.C. punk and harDCore within the larger narratives of punk and rock n' roll. Featuring bands such as Bad Brains and Minor Threat and figures such as Henry Rollins, Ian MacKaye, HR, and Cynthia Connolly, this long awaited documentary takes us to the heart of why both the sounds and ideas from this highly influential music scene continue inspire around the world.

    -Thanks to Zack Judson, Rob Myers, and JB Delorme for the animation work and Jerry Busher for the sound mix in the trailer -

  • In The City


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    In The City · HR

    Hey Wella

    ℗ 2008 DC Hardcore

    Released on: 2008-10-21

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Ashes Emo/Hardcore | Bethesda MD - performing at The Black Cat D.C.


    Ashes performing at The Black Cat in D.C. 1993-94??? Copyright © 2017

    Emo / hardcore style band from Bethesda, Maryland - USA. The band existed for a few years during the early to mid 1990's. They were fronted by a female vocalist and had a strong hardcore influence.

    The band also features Brian McTernan who later became well known for his role in the straightedge hardcore band Battery, as well as his ongoing production work with many other hardcore and punk rock bands.
    Members: Brian McTernan, Elena Ritchie, Jack Radner, Matt Squire

  • Green Day Bang Bang Live Washington DC


    Bang Bang live at the Verizon Center 3/13/17

  • Dove - Wrecking Ball


    melodic hardcore from Washington D.C., their only stuff, recorded in the late '80's but released only in 1992. all-star band created by Eric Lagdameo (ex Double-O, Red C) - vocals. line-up completed by Peter Moffett (Government Issue, Wool...) - drums, Toni Young (ex Red C ; died of pneumonia in the mid-80s) - bass, Stuart Casson - guitar, and Ben Pape (The Four Horsemen) - bass on this album, who replaced Toni for the recording of this release. In 1986 they entered a band contest held by Columbia records and won a $ 20,000 dollars for recording budget. They spent the money on a more professional studio and recorded this excellent album which for unknown reasons sat on a shelf for years. Officially released finally in 1992.
    1 - Wrecking ball 5,04
    2 - In a circle 1,54
    3 - Dreaming man 3,04
    4 - Tomas O Bedlam 1,51
    5 - Hopes ? 5,06
    6 - Just a dream 1,08
    7 - Waiting for you 2,35
    8 - Vigilante 1,16
    9 - Who's that face ? 5,00

    total playing time : 27,04

    this video contains these songs :

    n 8 00:00 / n 2 01:14 / n 3 03:08 / n 7 06:12 / n 1 08:42 / n 5 13:43

    on this album :

    Eric Lagdameo - v
    Stewart Casson - g
    Peter Moffett - d
    Ben Pape - b

    keyboards by Jon Meadem
    backing Vocals by the Dove Boys Whisper Society Choir

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  • Double O - Youve Lost


    Double O - You've Lost (EP). 1982. Washington, DC. Hardcore Punk.

  • PROTESTER - Hide For Reality USA - 2017


    Form Grave Mistake Webstore :
    Washington, D.C. may be the birthplace of the straight edge philosophy as articulated in song, but it certainly hasn’t been the wellspring of straight edge hardcore that many would think it would be. In the nearly forty years since the term was coined Boston, Southern California, New York City, and even Cleveland and suburban New Jersey have laid claim to the mantle of straight edge hardcore mecca. All the while, D.C. would sporadically spit out a band or two, but never one able to lead the way on the national scene while maintaining the root elements of this distinct musical tradition. Protester emerged about five years ago as a one-man-band, a study in the isolation that such a lifestyle inevitably leads to. “Hide From Reality”, their debut LP and first release as a full band, is their definitive statement as a group ready to raise the profile of D.C. hardcore to new heights. Free of the empty anthems and melodic intrusions of the worst of the genre, “Hide From Reality” is equally informed by the more nihilistic side of punk while retaining the harder edge of the fiercest in their class. With the top grade musicianship that only years on the road can bring, this record forcefully asserts their place at the top of the heap.

  • Washington D.C.


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    Washington D.C. (Hard House Remix) · Jordan Seaner

    Around the World (Remixes) Pt.1

    ℗ 2019 Techno around the world

    Released on: 2019-12-01

    Composer Lyricist: Jordan Seaner
    Songwriter: Jordan Seaner

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Verbal Assualt - Souls Church, Washington, DC 1990


    Live 08-26-1990.
    Verbal Assault was an American hardcore-punk band that started in Newport, Rhode Island. They played their first show on 21 November 1983, released a demo (The Masses), three EP's (Learn, On and Exit), a 7 (Tiny Giants) and an album (Trial). Throughout the 80's they toured North America and Europe extensively, and played their last show on 4 August 1991.

  • Execution Hour - The Blade Descends 2020 Crossover / Hardcore


    Execution Hour - Crossover / Hardcore band from Washington, D.C., USA

    1.Hang Your Head
    2.Dominance Collapse
    3.Sins Of Our Fathers
    4.Nothing Left To Lose

    Note: If you are a member of the band or a member of a label related to this release and you want the video to be removed please let me know by sending me a pm on youtube or on facebook page or on my email adress.
    #grindwarchannel #grindwar

  • Execution Hour - The Blade Descends


    Bad mood and no sound to get over it? Then check out the new crossover hardcore band EXECUTION HOUR from Washington D.C. With their first record THE BLADE DESCENDS the combo delivers stomping and metallic hardcore punk, which comes along extremely angry by its brutal breaks and striking motorcycle melodies, although the tempo is almost entirely in the normal range and only rarely rises. If you like to listen to four angry tracks, which musically are somewhere between HIGH COMMAND and 100 DEMONS, you should listen to THE BLADE DESCENDS as soon as possible, because EXECUTION HOUR leave a good impression with their demo and should be kept in mind by genre fans in the future.


    released June 8, 2020

    All proceeds from digital sales will be donated to Black Lives Matter DC!

    Note: I simply do this to support Diy and underground bands so If you are a member of the band or a member of a label related to this release and you want the video to be removed please let me know by sending me a pm on youtube or on facebook page or on my email adress. Thank you very much

  • Fugazi - Rend It - Washington D.C. - 1992


    Night light comes into my room
    Some shade of bruise-colored blue
    Moves through my mind like a chemical
    Imbalance on schedule
    My tasting face to the floor
    Passive abject I'm sure
    I lick my lips when I need it
    Don't want to lick them no more

  • Ignition - live in Washington , DC


    I have no info on this at all. I'm just assuming it's in DC. Sorry about the's quite awful.

  • Swiz -Ghost


    from their 1988 self-titled album and also included on their CD anthology. Underrated DC hardcore.

  • Banned in DC, Washington DC hardcore tribute, live Barcelona 13-11-2018, Fabra i Coats


    After Cynthia Connolly conference about his esencial Banned in DC book, dealing with pictures and memories from 80's Washington DC hardcore scene...
    a short tribute gig occurred, covering songs from Fugazi, Minor Threat, and other bands from that scene, in a free and informal mood
    Musicians included, at least: Edu Pou (ZA!), Side Chick, Marc Curcio (The Near Death Ensemble), Caustic Roll Dave, Mike Mariconda (The Devil Dogs, The Raunch Hands), Benjamin Villegas (El Paso), Sergi Rovira de la Volta (Always Drinking Marching Band), Liviana Mauretti, Ryan Simbai Jenkins (Blackfeet Orchestra), Toni de La Prospe (quenojoan)

  • Double O - Is It Better


    Double O - You've Lost (EP). 1982. Washington, DC. Hardcore Punk.

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  • Faith - 1st Demo 1981


    80's Washington DC hardcore band Faith's first demo recorded
    at Inner Ear Studio in December 1981.
    Tracks are:
    You're X'd
    Don't Tell Me
    In The Black
    In Control
    It's Time
    Another Victim
    No Choice
    What's Wrong With Me
    In 2011 Dischord released a remastered version of the Subject
    To Change EP & this demo on one lp/cd.
    For more info on that check out:

    For more info on the band check out:

  • Bad Brains live 9:30 Club, DC. circa 1987


    Brought to you by Bad Brain's contemporary DC hardcore band: Law and Order of Fetal Records

  • Only The Diehard Remain - Battery


    Battery Washington D.C. Hardcore

  • Bad Brains--Big Fun


    nice tune from DC hardcore legends from God of Love

  • FUGAZI - Live Washington, DC 10-23-1992


    If history is kind to Fugazi, their records won't be overshadowed by their reputation and methods of operation. Instead of being known for their community activism, five-dollar shows, ten-dollar CDs, resistance to mainstream outlets, and the laughably fictitious folklore surrounding their lifestyle, they will instead be identified as setting a high bar for artistic excellence that is frequently aimed for but seldom achieved with great frequency. During their existence, the four-piece created some of the most intelligent, invigorating, and undeniably musical post-hardcore rock & roll. Along with their stridently underground ethics — which were more out of pragmatism and modesty than anything else — they gained an extremely loyal and numerous global following. To many, Fugazi meant as much to them as Bob Dylan did to their parents. Somewhat better to look at, perhaps, and certainly more accessible, but just as commanding of attention and adoration. More than anything, Fugazi inspired; they showed that art can prevail over commerce.

    Drummer Brendan Canty, bassist Joe Lally, and guitarists/vocalists Ian MacKaye, and Guy Picciotto formed Fugazi in 1987. Initially a trio, Picciotto was added to the lineup after the band's first live shows. Prior to forming, the members already had deep pedigrees in the D.C. punk scene. Dischord labelhead MacKaye, who had previously been in the Teen Idles and Minor Threat, had just come from Embrace. For better or worse, Embrace, along with Picciotto and Canty's better Rites of Spring, kick-started the emocore sub-genre that would rise to prominence ten years later.

    After further honing their cathartic live act and expanding their material, their first EP (Fugazi) was released in late 1988. More of an extension of Rites of Spring's thick, dynamic, varied-tempo soul-bearing than anything else, the EP featured Suggestion, which would become the band's most well-known song. Though the course of rock history shows that loud music created by angry men tends to be of a predatory nature, Suggestion was an anomaly. MacKaye spoke from the female point of view, railing with frustration at how their sex is objectified. Not hampering the song's status as one of the most recognized chunks of late-'80s post-hardcore was its catchy, vaguely reggae-influenced rhythms and searing guitars.

  • VAN PELT - Live at DC9, Washington DC on JULY 20 10pm


    NYC indie/post-hardcore vets The Van Pelt recently announced that they’re reissuing their first two albums on May 12 via La Castanya, and that they’d also be playing shows to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sultans of Sentiment. While a full tour hasn’t been revealed yet, they did announce a hometown show.

    The Van Pelt — 2017 Tour Dates
    07/20 – Washington DC @ DC9
    07/21 – Philadelphia, PA @ Boot & Saddle
    07/23 – Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus

  • Salad Days: The Washington DC Punk Revolution Official Documentary Trailer


    Salad Days:The Washington DC Punk Revolution Documentary
    Coming in 2013!

    The documentary is set to feature Ian and Alec MacKaye, Dave Grohl, Henry Rollins, and more.

    Plans are afoot to release a documentary focussing on Washington DC's 1980s punk scene. 'Salad Days: The HarDCore Punk Revolution' is currently being pulled together by writer/director Scott Crawford, a man who first began putting out fanzines at the tender age of just 12 years old, according to Pitchfork. The film will see Crawford interview many of the same personalities he spoke with as a wide-eyed fan 30 years on.

    The documentary is set to feature Ian and Alec MacKaye, Dave Grohl, Henry Rollins, and more, with the official Facebook page stating: 'Salad Days: The HarDCore Punk Revolution' will be the most comprehensive, honest and insightful look at the DC punk scene from the early 1980s to the decade's end. The film will include exclusive archival photographs, concert footage and interviews with dozens of bands, artists, label owners, zine publishers and others who helped mold and nurture DC's underground community during this inspired decade of music.

  • Salad Days: The DC Punk Revolution Documentary Sab Grey


    Clip #2 from Salad Days: The DC Punk Revolution, an upcoming documentary by Scott Crawford. In this clip: Iron Cross frontman Sab Grey discusses growing up as part of the early 80s DC hardcore punk scene.

    Salad Days: The Birth of Punk in the Nation's Capitol is a comprehensive, honest and insightful look at the DC punk scene from the early 1980s to the decade's end. The film will include exclusive archival photographs, concert footage and interviews with dozens of bands, artists, label owners, zine publishers and others who helped mold and nurture DC's underground community during this inspired decade of music.

  • GIVE - Full Set - Live @ Fort Reno - Washington, DC - 7/2/2012


    GIVE performing live at a free, outdoor show at Fort Reno Park in Washington, DC on 7/2/2012.

  • Total Fury - Committed to the Core ep


    early 2000's punk from Japan highly influenced by early 80's dc hardcore

  • Dave Smalley - Punk Rock Days - Kickstarter


    Hello everyone. I'm Dave Smalley. You might know me as the frontman for the Boston-based hardcore band DYS, the singer for Washington, DC, act Dag Nasty, the singer of ALL, and, since 1990, the frontman for skate punk band Down By Law.The time has finally come for me to release material as a solo artist. The creative yearning to do solo work came to fruition earlier this year when I entered Don Zientara's studio in Arlington, Virginia, to record some new material. I was able to lay down 4 tracks: 2 new songs and 2 Dag Nasty covers. Now, I would like to share these tracks and others with the world, but I need assistance from both longtime fans and also new ones to make this dream a reality. I've come up with what I think are some pretty cool benefits for the people who are kind enough to help me out.

    Once I've reached my goal and raised enough money to release the new songs, I plan to hit the road and play these songs, and others from my catalog, to the fans that have been with me for so long.

    The Kickstarter campaign will go live on December 13th. Please help me reach my goal. Share this with a friend, relative or loved one. I've got thirty days to reach my goal.

    I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this. I have the most amazing fans in the world.
    Love - Dave

  • Corvo - Artifact Session


    Corvo - Artifact Session (Full Album)

    01 - Pérdida 00:00
    02 - Rechazo Colonial 02:27
    03 - Ignorancia y Arrogancia 03:38
    04 - Todo Por Dinero 05:28
    05 - ROTC 06:59
    06 - Who Are You? (Cover Void) 09:05

    Recorded live May 26th 2019 at Artifact Audio in NYC

    Tapes available here:

    Recording/Mix/Master by Sasha
    Art by Giselle
    Photo by Farrah Skeiky

    Washington, D.C, USA
    Hardcore punk / Punk / D-beat

  • The Siege Of Washington Dc


    Provided to YouTube by Label Worx Ltd

    The Siege Of Washington Dc (Original Mix) · The Peoples Republic Of Europe


    ℗ New Darkness Publishing

    Released on: 2001-08-01

    Composer: Pieter Winkelaar

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Steve Earle & The Dukes - July 14 2000 Washington DC


    Steve Earle & The Dukes
    9:30 Club, Washington DC
    July 14, 2000

    There is an audio flaw from 52:33 until 53:41

    Transcendental Blues
    Everyone's In Love With You
    Another Town
    Hardcore Troubadour
    My Old Friend The Blues
    Telephone Road
    More Than I Can Do
    I Can Wait
    The Boy Who Never Cried
    Steve's Last Ramble
    Lonelier Than This
    I Don't Want To Lose You
    Wherever I Go
    Fearless Heart
    Devil's Right Hand
    I Ain't Never Satisfied
    Halo 'Round The Moon
    Billy and Bonnie
    Galway Girl
    Mandolin Intro
    Copperhead Road
    Over Yonder (Jonathon's Song)
    All My Life
    The Unrepentant
    Christmas In Washington
    No Reply
    Guitar Town
    I'll Be Comin' Around
    Before They Make Me Run

  • Official - Sauce Day


    Washington D.C. hardcore punk rock indie music video BlankTV

    Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's biggest, uncensored, completely d.i.y. punk, hardcore, indie and alternative music video site,!
    We've got News, Games, Contests and the stuff that we can't show on Google!
    Free! Uncensored! Retarded!! Credits: Production Company:Kmac Productions

  • Frank Zappa - 1972 11 11 - D.A.R. Constitution Hall, Washington, DC


    The Petit Wazoo Orchestra, October - December 1972

    Musicians: FZ, Tony Duran, Dave Parlato, Jim Gordon, Bruce Fowler, Malcolm McNabb, Tom Malone, Earle Dumler, Glenn Ferris, Gary Barone.

    America Drinks
    Seven / Boogie [parts on D.C. Boogie, ID, other parts on Trudgin' Across The Tundra , OSD]
    Duke Of Prunes

  • No Justice , St. Stephens Church, Washington, DC, December 9, 2000


    Mouthpiece / No Justice / Darkest Hour / Count Me Out / Shark Attack / Dead Serious at St. Stephen's Church, Washington, DC on December 9th, 2000.

    Flyer here:

    If you post the setlist in the comments, I'll add it here.

  • Asunto - Se acerca el final


    Se acerca el final
    Afirmacion de vida 2007

    Pioneros en la escena hardcore sudamericana, es catalogada como una de las bandas vigentes vegan straight edge con mayor trayectoria y antigüedad de Sudamérica.

  • LISTEN! The Legendary Bad Brains from Washington D.C. Live Version I ~ Film by Cheaptoyman


    Legendary American punk hardcore pioneers Bad Brains are captured here doing a live version of their classic I. Filmed produced by Cheaptoyman in 2013. Long live American Punk!

  • At The Drive-In-Invalid Litter Dept. 9:30 Club, Washington D.C. 6-14-15


  • SOULSIDE/Name In Mind DC Hardcore


    Name In Mind
    DC Hardcore

  • Truckfighters - Desert Cruiser


    Truckfighters - Desert Cruiser (Live at The Rock & Roll Hotel, Washington, DC on 2/12/20) Gravity X in reverse in it’s entirety with Church of Misery, Valley of the Sun, Black Wizard, Form the Void. #truckfighters #desertcruiser #gravityx

  • Plastic Taste - Demo 2019 Hardcore Punk


    Plastic Taste - hardcore punk band from Washington, D.C., USA


    Note: If you are a member of the band or a member of a label related to this release and you want the video to be removed please let me know by sending me a pm on youtube or on facebook page or on my email adress.
    #grindwarchannel #grindwar

  • Feritas in Washington, D.C., 29 May 2015


    Melodic death metal band Feritas performing at The Pinch in Washington, D.C.

    Watch our interview with drummer Nidhi:

    Watch Feritas in Fairfax, VA:

    Find us on Facebook:

  • Washington, DC Pickups + Gifts + Paper Plans


    No copyright infringement is intended. Copyright rights under critique. Videos are not monetized.


    Queer Core Documentary:

    Article on Dorothy Ashby:


  • At the Drive In - Metronome Arthritis Live @ 9:30 Club Washington DC 3/20/17


  • Kids For Cash - Demo 1985


    80's Washington DC hardcore band Kids For Cash demo from 1985.
    Track are:
    Know Nothing
    Social Alcoholic
    Don't Have To Fight To Be A Man
    Stepping Stone
    I Can

  • Double O - Gray to Black


    Double O - You've Lost (EP). 1982. Washington, DC. Hardcore Punk.

  • Regulator Watts - The Mercury CD


    Abridged version (Vermillion and Hashknife Outfit omitted) available here: Support the artist!

    Desert rock influenced post-hardcore from Washington, DC.

    Originally released by Slowdime in 1998. Compiled from earlier releases:
    Tracks 1-4 originally released as The Mercury EP (12 vinyl, 1996)
    Tracks 5-6 originally released as New Low Moline (7 vinyl, 1997)
    Track 11 originally present on The Aesthetics of No-Drag (LP/CD, 1997)
    All other songs previously unreleased.

    0:00 '48 Donut Queen
    4:24 Los Angeles
    9:36 Northern Innoculation
    12:03 Winslow
    16:03 Rocket To Chicago
    18:07 New Low Moline
    22:43 Sick Little Twist
    26:11 The Final Lexicon II
    30:29 Clayton Elementine
    32:53 Vermillion
    35:32 Chechero
    38:56 Hashknife Outfit
    42:33 Version Idols

  • DOWN by Bells Of


    1985 was a transitional period for the Washington DC music scene. Founding members of the hardcore movement pulled away from its original trajectory in search of a new musical direction. Rites of Spring, Embrace, and Gray Matter are all well-known and well-documented examples of this time and shift that came to be known as Revolution Summer.

    But theirs were not the only voices.

    In the early months of ‘85, 17-year-old guitarist Lawrence McDonald set out to form a new band. His ex-bandmates from his previous hardcore band Capital Punishment were doing the same—Mike Fellows with Rites of Spring and Colin Sears with Dag Nasty. Lawrence found vocalist Alec MacKaye (Faith), drummer Pete Wilborne (The 400), and bassist Bleu Kopperl and Bells of was born. Inspired by the budding movement of the time, the band moved quickly. By summer they began their first recording at Inner Ear Studio with Don Zeintara, and on August 11, 1985, Bells of played their first show at Bethesda Community Center. Unfortunately, Alec departed soon after, leaving the recording without vocals and the band without a vocalist.

    Not wanting to lose momentum and having written all the lyrics anyway, Lawrence returned to Inner Ear to sing his songs for the first time. He pulled fellow skater and nubile guitarist Jason Farrell (later of Swiz) into the band to help in a live setting while Lawrence transitioned to lead vocals and guitar. On October 25, 1985, Bells of played their second show, with Rites of Spring and Embrace. It was Lawrence’s 18th birthday, and the real birthday for Bells of—a musical entity that has continued uninterrupted to this day.

    For reasons that are not entirely clear, this first Bells of recording was never released. After mixing the songs, Don Zientara set the tape box on a shelf at Inner Ear where it was forgotten as Lawrence set about writing more. By the following spring, Lawrence had shed all the songs, shed the members, and started over anew—a cycle he would repeat multiple times over the years. A few of the songs made their way across the country on cassette dubs passed between DC purists and pockets of fans with little or no backstory to the songs’ origin. Rich Jacobs was one of those fans. He enlisted the help of Jason Farrell to track down Lawrence and the lost collection of songs to give them the release they both felt it deserved. The tape box was still sitting on Don’s shelf 30 years later.



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