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Playlist of Wah Pedal 101

  • Wah Pedal 101 - Which Cry Baby is for me?


    It's the 50th Anniversary of the Wah pedal, so we look at a bunch of models and compare an original 70s Wah to a brand new one!

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  • EFFECTS 101: Wah


    Johnny DeMarco shows ways to use a wah pedal. These pedals are some of the most common guitar effects, and are used on stages and in studios everywhere.

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  • A Wah Pedal Lesson - The Secrets of a Wah Pedal Explained!


    A Wah Pedal Lesson - The Secrets of a Wah Pedal Explained!

    In this video lesson I show how you can use a wah pedal for best results when it comes to playing funk rhythm, lead, and riffs. I'll show you a few easy tips and tricks for making the most out of your favorite wah pedal. The Wah pedal I am using in this video is the Jim Dunlop GCB-95F Cry Baby. I really dig the Fasel chip version of this pedal it's a lot more mellow than the regular GCB-95.

    Recording set up:
    I am plugged into my Fender Super Reverb 65 Reissue amplifier on the clean channel into a Two-Notes Torpedo Live.

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  • Pedal 101 PART 2: Wah Pedals


    Hey guys, I'm Ben.
    I'm a professional guitar player from the UK.

    It's time for part 2 of my Pedal 101 series. In this video...Wah Pedals.

    Music by : Anno Domini Beats & Ben Hartwell


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    Camera used:

    Lens used:

    Microphones used:

    USB interface:

    Guitar FX:


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  • Guitar Effects Pedal Lesson: How To Use A Wah Pedal


    - this is just a quick video about how to use a wah pedal.

    Wahs are my favorite, hope you dig it.

  • Best way to start using a wah pedal beginner guitar lesson gear and effects


    FREE video lesson and eBook - learn soloing devices, scales, tips, and tricks to dress up your scales and lead guitar playing. Plus tons of scale diagrams all over the neck!

    - Get our FREE Jam Track Coach that has six killer jam tracks plus two FREE eBooks where we go over the tracks one at a time and diagram out all the scales and soloing strategies. Its a great practice tool from Next Level Guitar

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    Best way to stat using a wah pedal beginner guitar lesson gear and effects

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  • Wah 101 | Teachers’ Tips | The Guitar Store


    Meet a guitar effect so sweet they named it twice: the wah-wah pedal! Say wah-wah-t!?!?!?
    Stevenflow demonstrates some wah-wah pedal basics in this funky episode of Teacher’s Tips.

    For more information about lessons with Stevenflow (Steve Schneider) please visit:
    or email him at:

    Steve’s band, Upwell:


    *Additional Video courtesy of:
    Free Green HD
    Just Dance Extractions

    *Additional Audio courtesy of:
    There It Is Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


  • A Beginners Guide To Guitar Effects Pedals...Effect Types Explained!


    Sam gives us a complete beginners guitar to effects pedals including sound examples and pedal placement tips.

    Don't know an Echo from an Octaver? Your Flange from your Big Muff? In this beginner's guide to guitar effects pedal, Sam explains and takes a listen to most of the different types of effects, to help you get started on your guitar effects odyssey! This is a complete novices guide to effects pedals including sound examples - so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

    Skip to each section of this video:

    Intro 00:00

    Single Pedals vs Multi Effects 01:44

    Dynamic Effects (Compressor, EQ, Boost & Volume) 04:00

    Pitch Effects (Octavers, Pitch Shifters & Harmonisers) 08:52

    Drive Pedals (Including difference between Overdrive, Distortion & Fuzz) 12:39

    Modulation Effects (Chorus, Flange, Phaser etc) 18:36

    Delays & Echo Pedals 23:34

    Reverb Pedals 28:42

    Wah Pedals 33:02

    Outro 36:09

    For most of the examples in this we're using Landlord FX effects pedals, as they sound great but are very affordable, the perfect starting point for getting into stomp boxes...check out the full range here:

    Other links mentioned in this video...

    How To Set Up Your Pedalboard:

    Top 7 Tuners:

    Loopers & How To Loop:

    Read more:

    Shop all guitar effects pedals:

    If you're new to the world of electric guitars and finding the thousands of effects pedals available a little bit daunting or confusing, this beginners guide should hopefully make the different genres of effect types a little easier to understand. Within this video we look at the pros and cons of both individual pedals and multi-fx units, explain signal chains and pedal placement, look at the differences between delays, echo and reverbs and answer questions such as what is an effects loop?. We hope you find this guide useful, you can try out any of the pedals that Sam's using here for yourself at your local Professional Music Technology.

    Leave any pedal based questions in the comments and we'll do our best to answer them!

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  • Heavy Metal 101 - The Wah Pedal


    The Wah pedal adds accent to whatever it is that you are playing! Learn how to use it here!

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  • Wah Pedal Basics and Why They are Useful



    In this video Eric goes over the basics of using a Wah pedal and the effect they produce, demos a Teese Wizard Wah and shows how they can be put to use in your playing in a variety of ways. Stay tuned, much more on the way!


    Copyright © 2018 Guitarsenal

  • Cry Baby Wah Wah Pedal Demo and Review by Marty Schwartz


    Is this the Wah pedal for you? Check out my demo and review of the classic Cry Baby guitar effects pedal and find out!

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  • Using the Wah Wah pedal to get that Funky Sound


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  • EMB Audio Remote Wah 101: 2 of 2, Controls, playing demo


    Playing demo of how the controls operate on an EMB Audio Remote Wah.

  • Crybaby Wah v Vox V847 Wah


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    A regular question for many of our customers when buying a wah wah pedal - what sounds better, the Dunlop Crybaby Wah or the VOX V847 Wah?....we grabbed a camera this time for a quick demo so you can all hear the difference!

    You can hear both wahs played through a Marshall amp on both Clean and Overdrive channels.

  • EFFECTS 101: Overdrive


    Overdrive is one of the most used guitar effects. As Johnny DeMarco shows, overdrive is used in virtually every kind of guitar music and youll see this kind of pedal in nearly every stage or studio.

  • How To Use A Wah Pedal


    How To Use A Wah Pedal

    The wah-wah pedal. One of the most common guitar effects pedals, seen on the pedal boards of almost every great guitarist!

    Whether you are playing clean or dirty, rhythm or lead guitar, there is a place to use a wah pedal :)

    The wah pedal is part of the core sound when playing the styles of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Zakk Wylde, Steve Vai, or countless others.

    In this video lesson I show you a variety of ways to use your wah pedal, for both rhythm and lead guitar playing.

    Although the wah pedal is, in it's most basic form, just a simple tone control, wah pedals are capable of so much more than turning the treble up and down on your sound. They can add a huge amount of expression and emotion to your playing, make your lead parts cut through a mix, or even make it sound like your guitar is talking to you :)

    As with all effects pedals, using the wah comes down to experimenting and trying things out! Take the examples in this video and try them out for yourself, and then make some ways to get your own unique sound from your wah pedal.

    Gear used in this video:
    - Gibson Les Paul Standard
    - EVH Wah Pedal

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    Let me know what you thought of the lesson (and feel free to ask any questions) in the comments below!

    Owen Vickers
    Guitar Mastery Method


  • Wah Pedals: Does the inductor affect the tone? A comparison


    Recently I was working on some wah mods and decided to buy various different inductors to see just how different each were. I've seen some inductors cost from $5 to $65 so these can be quite costly. There is a lot of voodoo talk regarding which one is needed for that vintage sound as well. So, let's compare wah wah inductors! :-)

  • 50 Classic Wah-Wah Riffs on Guitar in One Take | Reverb Riff Marathons


    It's been 50 years since the Cry Baby Wah hit the market and inspired a new legion of guitar players to push the envelope of conventional guitar sounds. In this edition of #RiffMarathons, watch Joe pay homage to those who helped cement the effect in rock music history by performing 50 of the most classic Wah-Wah riffs in a single take.

    Read more about the Dunlop Cry Baby's 50th Anniversary here:

  • Beginner Guitar Lessons: What Are the Most Important Effects Pedals? | Guitar | Lesson | Beginner


    Download Your Free Guitar Handbook Now:
    Earn Your Guitar Degree Online with Berklee:

    In this free beginner guitar lesson, Berklee Online instructor Thaddeus Hogarth gets into a few of the essential effects pedals you’ll want for your electric guitar. He demonstrates the crunchy sound of an overdrive pedal, and how it’s great for soloing; a chorus pedal, and how that can make your guitar sound like multiple guitars when you’re playing rhythm guitar; and the wah-wah pedal, which produces a sound not unlike its name. Specific pedals featured in this beginner guitar lesson include the Zombie Klone MKI by Fredric Effects, which is an overdrive pedal, the Dunlop JHM3 Jimi Hendrix Univibe chorus pedal, and the Morley Mini-Wah pedal. Also visible is the Electro Harmonix Micro Q-Tron Envelope Filter.

    Watch more beginner guitar lessons with Thaddeus:

    About Berklee Online:
    Berklee Online is the continuing education division of Berklee College of Music, delivering online access to Berklee's acclaimed curriculum from anywhere in the world, offering online courses, certificate programs, and degree programs. Contact an Academic Advisor today:
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    1-617-747-2146 (international callers)

    About Thaddeus Hogarth
    Born in the U.K. and raised in the West Indies, Thaddeus Hogarth is an associate professor in the Guitar department at Berklee College of Music. A two-time winner of the Independent Music Award for R&sB/Blues (2001, 2006), he has been a prominent guitar player and singer-songwriter on the New England music scene since 1990, when he graduated from Berklee. He leads his own group, the Thaddeus Hogarth Band, featuring David Buda on bass, Joey Scrima on drums, and David Sparr on keyboards. They have shared the bill or stage with such legends as Tower of Power, Average White Band, James Montgomery, Fred Wesley, and Johnny Winter, and were recently hand-picked to represent Bose nationwide for the launch of its revolutionary live music amplification technology.

    His work also includes collaboration with the reggae legend and Grammy nominee, Sister Carol. Prior to this, Hogarth was the principal singer-songwriter and guitarist for Heavy Metal Horns, known for their original heavy hitting funk-rock grooves and full brass sound. The band released two CDs with international distribution—Heavy Metal Horns (Square Records) and Horns In The House (Polystar Japan/Danger), in addition to garnering awards such as Best New Band (Boston magazine, 1990) and Outstanding Club Act (Boston Music Awards, 1992). Since then, he has released four award-winning solo CDs and a live concert DVD, and is the author of Funk/R&B Guitar: Creative Solos, Grooves, and Sounds (Hal Leonard/Berklee Press). His music and voice can be heard worldwide in full-length and independent short feature films, commercial television, PBS, and MTV. Billboard magazine describes Hogarth's music as Soul Terra Firma, and the Boston Globe calls him a guitar virtuoso.

  • Top 5 Wah Pedals To Try


    See our full range of Wah pedals here

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  • Wah Vs Auto Wah - HERE Is The Difference! Guitar Wah Pedal Comparison Tutorial - Settings


    Eric's Guitar Pedal Playlist
    Eric's Guitar Amp Setup Playlist
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  • Setting Up an EV-1 as an Axe-Fx II Wah Pedal


    It's easy to set up Fractal Audio's EV-1 as a wah pedal for your Axe-Fx II, FX8, or AX8.
    NOTE: this setup uses the on-unit Pedal input. For setting up a pedal with the MFC-101, see our existing MFC setup video:

  • Wah Wah Shootout!


    We take a look at 5 wah wah pedals, back-to-back and then we check out what they sound like when played...all at once! See our full range of wah wah pedals here.

  • EFFECTS 101: Octaver


    What does this stompbox do? Johnny DeMarco demonstrates the octave pedal and shows how to get the most from this unique effect whether recording in the studio or playing live with the band.

  • EFFECTS 101: Compressor


    Compressors are subtle-but-essential guitar effects and are very common on stage and indispensable in the studio. Johnny DeMarco shows how these vital guitar pedals work, and how to use them for your music.

  • 5 Reasons To WAH


    Wah is a seriously underrated effect. We associate it with 70's cop shows and psychedelic music, but there's all kinds of fun ways to use it. In this episode I'm gonna share 5 ways you can you use WAH to add texture and tonal manipulation to your rig.

    JHS Pedals:

  • Pedals 101: What do the knobs do on guitar pedals?


    As a part of our Guitar Pedal Basics playlist, this is for those who are just getting started with guitar effects or who simply aren't familiar with the various labels for knob controls on guitar effects. While this may seem common sense to some, others might struggle and get confused with all of the different ways to not only control a guitar pedal or effect, but the name given to that control by the guitar pedal company or manufacturer.

  • Wah Pedal Shootout - Monkey Lord & Andertons special offer


    Wah Pedal Shoot Out - Featuring the Vox Joe Satriani Big Bad Wah

    If you would like a discount on the Vox Joe Satriani Big Bad Wah just buy one here:

    And when you are asked for a Coupon Code on the payment page just type MONKEYWAH in cap's with no spaces and you will be given 10% off ;-)

    Jim Dunlop Original CryBaby -

    Vox V847A Original Wah -

    Robert Keeley Modded CryBaby -

    Fulltone USA Clyde Standard Wah -

  • EFFECTS 101: Reverb


    All about reverb pedals with Johnny DeMarco: how they work and how to dial in the right sound for stage or recording.

  • EFFECTS 101: Delay


    Johnny DeMarco talks about delay pedals: how they work, how to use one and how they sound in the recording studio or on stage.

  • Dunlop CBM95 Cry Baby Mini Wah Pedal Demo by Sweetwater Sound


    Get the Dunlop CBM95 Cry Baby Mini here:

    Bryan Keyhoe from Dunlop presents the highly-acclaimed CBM95 Cry Baby Mini Wah pedal here at Sweetwater Sound. After the video, click the link above to get your very own Dunlop CBM95 Cry Baby Mini wah pedal.

  • Ernie Ball Wah


    Following the success of the award winning Ernie Ball Volume pedal, the new Ernie Ball Wah pedal combines a classic Wah sound with the unmatched engineering, precision and bulletproof construction that artists expect from Ernie Ball. Featuring an easy Plug in and Play design, the pedal boasts a virtually indestructible aluminum alloy casing, an anodized black pedal shell for protection against wear and tear, a super smooth Kevlar drive, a generous 12-degree foot sweep and a bright LED on-off display. Battery operated, the Ernie Ball Wah pedal is a must-have for any serious musician. Optional AC adaptor sold separately



    Hey guys, I want share you my favorite Wah-Wah pedal. As you might know I love compact size pedals and I always wanted to get a small but great and high quality wah pedal. Cry baby is too expensive for me, so I found this multifunctional pedal from Joyo featuring both Wah-Wah and Volume pedal. So I got two pedals in one with a lot of setting and for me this is the best wah-wah pedal at the moment.

    Joyo Multimode Wah-Wah Pedal on Amazon:

    Joyo Multimode Wah-Wah Pedal:

    Joyo website:

    • Visit my Patreon for TABs, backing tracks and other great stuff:

    • Get 7% off DistroKid to sell and distibute your music:

    My equipment:
    All my gear in one place :
    Joyo Zombie Amp:
    Joyo Multimode Wah-Wah Pedal:
    Maxon OD808:
    NUX Cerberus:
    NUX B-2 wireless system:
    Digitech Whammy:
    Xvive Echoman:
    Coolmusic Insane Distortion (AliExpress):
    Coolmusic Multiple Distortion:
    Coolmusic Echolation (AliExpress):
    Coolmusic Plump Delay:
    Coolmusic Reverberry:
    Coolmusic Sixband Equalizer:
    Coolmusic Tuner:
    Insane Distortion (Amazon):
    Echolation (Amazon):
    CoolMusic Store on AliExpress:
    D'Addario tuner:
    D'Addario strings:
    Dunlop strings:
    LaBella strings:
    Dunlop Guitar Maintenance Kit:
    Guitar picks:
    Rode Microphone:
    M-Audio Fast Track USB:
    Focusrite Scarlett Solo:
    GoPro camera:

    You should also watch:
    Guitar Battles:
    Avenged Sevenfold:
    All Top 10 Riffs:
    Guitar Covers:
    Gear Reviews:

    You could always find me here:

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  • Kirk Hammett vs Slash Wah Showdown


    Ryan from Cranbourne Music puts these two great signature wah pedals from Jim Dunlop head-to-head.
    Both of these pedals are available from our online store today.
    Kirk Hammet Wah -
    Slash Wah -

  • EFFECTS 101: Phaser


    Johnny DeMarco shows how to dial in the different tones of a phaser pedal. This popular stompbox is used in all kinds of music and is used in recording studios and live rigs everywhere.

  • SW95 Slash Signature Cry Baby


    Like the man himself, the Slash Wah from Dunlop is both revolutionary and classic, right down to its hot rod metallic red finish and cutting edge circuit design. The Slash Wah deploys a searing high gain distortion coupled with the Fasel-loaded Classic circuit for instant lead tone that not only cuts through, but sings with a sweet and lush top end. Convenient LEDs indicate distortion on/off and wah on/off modes, so there's no more guessing game every time you put your foot down. And with the batteries readily accessible from the top of the rocker pedal, you don't have to fumble with a screwdriver when it's time to re-power. So get your boot on a Dunlop Slash Wah. Top hat not included.

    Produced & Directed by Joey Tosi
    Editing & Sound Engineering by Max Baloian
    Wah Player is Bob Cedro, Sr. Engineer at Dunlop Manufacturing

  • EFFECTS 101: Chorus


    Watch Johnny DeMarco explain the chorus effect and show how to use a chorus pedal for studio recording or playing live.

  • NAMM 2018 Asking guitar players what is your favorite Wah Pedal effect Dunlop CAE Cry Baby


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    NAMM 2018 Asking guitar players what is your favorite Wah Pedal effect Dunlop CAE Cry Baby

  • The WAH WAH Pedal - Give Your Guitar A Voice


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  • That Pedal Show – What Is An Expression Pedal & How Do I Use One?


    Welcome to That Pedal Show! Please subscribe to our channel and visit our store

    Life too short for long YouTube videos? Please see the ‘Interesting bits and go-to sections’ information below.

    In this episode we delve into the world of real-time control via expression pedals. An expression pedal connects to a compatible effects device and can be assigned to change certain parameters. For example, manual control of delay time, delay repeats, modulation speed, depth, extent of pitch shifting etc etc etc. Have a play around with one, and you’ll soon see why they’re called expression pedals.
    We start off simply, talking about single-parameter changes on a single pedal, and end up in multiple parameter changes on multiple pedals using MIDI CC messages. The sounds are out of this world, so this is one for all you sonic explorers out there. Please forgive my look of total bemusement for almost the entire video. (Mick here).
    Enjoy the video!

    Pedals in this episode…

    • TheGigRig Three2One

    • D’Addario Pedal Tuner
    UK &

    • Keeley D&M Drive
    UK &

    • Thorpy FX Veteran
    - no longer available

    • Walrus Audio Monument - No longer made, link to latest version
    UK & Europe:

    • JAM Pedals Delay Llama Supreme
    UK & Europe:

    • Empress Echo System
    UK &

    • EarthQuaker Devices Rainbow Machine
    UK &

    • Strymon BigSky
    UK & Europe:

    • Ernie Ball Expression Drive
    UK &

    • Ernie Ball Ambient Delay
    UK &

    • Roland EV-5
    UK &

    • Source Audio Reflex

    • The GigRig G2:
    * Why do we have preferred retailer links? Find out here:

    Interesting bits and go-to sections…
    - Intro & background: 00:00
    - It’s been a while… 1:25
    - What are we doing today? 3:10
    - The most complex board ever for TPS? 3:58
    - Dan needed to ‘nut up’? 4:22
    - Ernie Ball Ambient Delay & Expression Drive: 4:45 (06:45, 7:40)
    - Amps today: 5:00
    - Ernie Ball Expression Drive sounds: 7:40
    - Ernie Ball Ambient Delay sounds: 11:45
    - Roland EV-5 and Walrus Audio Monument Tremolo: 15:25 (17:20)
    - What is an expression pedal anyway? 15:52
    - Jam Pedals Delay Llama Supreme 22:01
    - Standard and proprietary expression pedals and…
    - Source Audio Reflex: 31:05
    - A Steven Wilson / Mike Vennart tangent: 31:55
    - Source Audio Reflex and EarthQuaker Devices Rainbow Machine WOW! 33:30
    - …and the Delay Llama Supreme: 34:50
    - …and the Empress Echo System: 36:25
    - CC messages – Reflex, Strymon Big Sky
    - D&M Drive, Rainbow Machine, Echo System and Big Sky: 46:22
    - Tuck Andress? 47:12
    - Ed O’Brien: 49:20
    - Most important – GET INSPIRED! 50:35
    - A little bit on the Thorpy Veteran and some more sounds: 51:20

    Guitars in this episode
    • Fender Custom Shop ’63 Telecaster – watch Dan’s video at
    • Collings 290 DC S – watch Mick’s video at
    • Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster – watch Mick’s video at
    • Duesenberg Bonneville –

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  • Jim Dunlop Wah Pedal Fasel Inductor Chip


    Jim Dunlop Wah Pedal Fasel Inductor Chip (With Overdrive Pedal)
    Official Site of the Pedal -
    Guitar - Fender Deluxe Stratocaster with Johnny Hiland Pickups
    Amplifier - Fender Excelsior

  • EFFECTS 101: Flanger


    With its very recognizable sound, this versatile effect pedal can be used for many different things, from recording in the studio to jamming live with the band. Johnny DeMarco shows how to get the most from flanger pedals.

  • Wah-Wah Pedals


    Demonstratie Pedale Wah-Wah
    Echipamente: Dunlop Kirk Hammett Cry Baby, Dunlop Original Cry Baby, Vox Joe Satriani Big Bad Wah, Ibanez Weeping Deamon Jr. , Ibanez Weeping Deamon, Vox Night Train NT15H, Vox Night Train 1x12 Cabinet V112NT, Dunlop DC Brick Power Supply

  • Octave Fuzz 101


    You can stack an octave pedal with your fuzz but it'll never be an octave fuzz pedal. This unique and gnarly effect has been used by everyone from Jimi Hendrix to the Beastie Boys. Today I'm gonna walk through everything you need to know about octave fuzz.

    Roger Mayer Tells the Octavia Story:

    Check out the gear featured in this episode here: 

    Join reverb with my referral and get $10 ! Click the Link: 

    JHS Pedals:

    Gear in this video:
    0:45 GNI Octa Fuzz
    0:59 GNI Analog Tap Tempo Delay
    1:06 GNI Hot Drive
    2:15 Electro-Harmonix Micro Pog
    2:18 Boss FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz
    4:08 Tycobrahe Octavia
    5:14 Fulltone Octafuzz
    6:05 Shin-Ei Companion Psychedelic Machine
    6:40 Univox Super Fuzz
    7:03 Ibanez Standard Fuzz
    7:18 Shin-Ei Sekova Alternado Fuzz
    7:45 Earthquaker Devices Fuzz Master General
    8:20 Fender Blender 4 Knob
    9:01 Ampeg Scrambler
    10:06 Dan Armstrong Green Ringer
    10:51 Lovepedal Believe
    11:04 Way Huge Purple Platypus
    11:12 Way Huge Red Llama
    11:49 Kay Fuzztone
    12:58 Foxx Tone Machine
    13:52 Danelectro French Toast
    14:09 Joyo Voodoo Octave
    14:27 Fulltone Ultimate Octave
    14:39 Prescription Electronics Experience Octave
    15:42 MXR Dyna Comp and MXR Blue Box
    16:33 Stomp Audio Labs Octopus
    16:46 ProAnalog Ascension

    Record Time:
    The Jimi Hendrix Experience Are You Experienced?
    Led Zeppelin In Through The Out Door

  • Logic Pro X - Automate Wah and Wham Pedal Position in Pedalboard




  • How Do Wah Wah Pedals Change Your Guitar Sound?


    In this video we look at how a wah wah pedal changes your guitar tone using a spectrum analyser. Wah Wah pedals act much like a band pass filter that can be shifted up and down the frequency spectrum. With a spectrum analyser we can see this effect visually.
    Any questions or comments welcome.
    All the best

  • EFFECTS 101: Tremolo


    One of the first guitar effects, Johnny DeMarco shows what a tremolo pedal sounds like and how to dial in your sound for playing live or recording in a studio.

  • VINTAGE VOX CRY BABY WAH-WAH MODS! Maximize the wah-wah tone!



    I scored this Vox Cry Baby while searching Ebay last week...

    In this video i will show some setup tips to take it to the next level

    I used a Carling DpDt switch from Amazon. And the rest was just in the tweaks!

    If you dig this stuff, be sure to Like-Share- Subscribe!

    True Bypass and other mods here:

    Gear used:
    1959 Fender Stratocaster
    1968 Fender Super Reverb

  • Vox V845 Wah Wah Review


    See the full details of the VOX V845 Wah Wah here: -

    The Vox V845 Effects Pedal is a new version of the most famous guitar effects pedal of all time. Based on the specifications of the original pedal developed by Vox in the '60s, the Vox V845 Pedal offers guitarists the same legendary Wah-Wah tone in a new sturdy but very affordable design. An AC power connector is fitted to save on batteries and the outer case is coated with tough all-black finish making it the perfect choice for your pedal board.


    Vox developed the world’s first Wah-Wah effect during the '60s in an effort to allow guitarists to emulate the sound of a trumpet being muted — an important musical ingredient of the day. Vox’s original Wah-Wah pedal quickly gained widespread popularity and its unique sonic characteristics have encouraged further experimentation by guitarists ever since. Having made spotlight appearances on some of the most famous recordings of all time, the Wah-Wah is still considered “must-have equipment” for guitar players of all levels and abilities today.

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    Göran Elmquist från Sound Of Silence visar hur en wah-wah pedal fungerar.