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Playlist of WUS Black berry Artie's life vs Ralph's life (2007

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    WUS Black berry + Arties life vs Ralphs life


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    The beginning of PC Howard begins. Featuring Gilbert Gottfried

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    WUS caller busts on Booey for being a phoney


    I love it when reality hits the WUS. Booey is such a retard.

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    WUS Artie discusses SJs move to the Tonight Show


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    WUS Artie destroys Sal and Richards gay stuff


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    The baby gorilla effortlessly dispatches a hapless Sal when Sal tries to defend his and Richard's gay hijinks.

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    Artie vs. Gary round two


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    A heroin-addled baby gorilla spent the morning tearing Booey a big asshole then spent most of the WUS doing likewise.

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    Artie vs. Hack Pack mini-saga


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    Not really very long, but I thought it would be nice to tie it up with the WUS that followed it.

    Artie during an interview on the Raw Dog Show on Sirius calls Shuli, Sal, Levy, and Richard The Hack Pack as a little aside, and Shuli aka Mr. I Paid My Dues for 13 Years But Still Suck Balls as a Comic gets some sand in his pussy.

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    The day after Arties bullshitting seminar on the WUS


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    The recap of one of the funniest and cringeworthiest moments on the WUS when they all gang up on some session player for the band Satellite Party to try to help him score.

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    Ralph and Wiggys gay poolside romp August 9th 1999


    just listen.

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    Artie vs. Joe Buck pt. 4


    The saga continues.

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    Stern wanted to marry money but unfortunately met Beefus pt. 2


    The evolved feminisht strikes back. Features an earlier Chappelle appearance.

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    Cabbies last day of freedom


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    Right before Cabbie goes in to do some tax evasion time, he stops by the show.

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    Benjy gets f*cked by Buchwald


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    I don't usually post recent show clips and doubt this will last long if at all, but Benjy pulls back some of the clandestine fuckery curtain that Don Buchwald and the Pelican have put in front of the show when he reveals he was promised credit in the new BS project Howard Stern Comes Again by Buchwald and he wasn't even mentioned.

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    Howard hates his boyfriend Ralph as a houseguest


    As opposed to everybody else who hates him for every other reason on the planet

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    Wiggys gold-digger test


    Wiggy responds to an article that documents one of his dates during the mad tear (in his a*se) and it doesn't make him look like casanova

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    On the John Debella feud


    Can't recall the date, it's either '08 or '07, but Captain James T. Wig discusses former Philly Zookeeper John Debella and what went on during that time.

    In the wake of the crickets following his shambles of a book release, I figured I'd put a few more of these out. Robin also discusses her book Quivers: A Life, which we at Radio Gunk took the time to dissect and review for you all (here's part one--part two is on YT also) . Everybody who thinks she was abused should listen to this and pull the wax out of your ears. We weren't convinced, and you won't be either.

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    Funny bit about Tom Chiusano and the advertising


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    Tom Chiusano comes in to discuss why sales commissions have been cut. Hilarity eventually ensues.

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    Sam Simon discusses Michael Richards show and Ralph his butt-buddy


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    Though I've never liked him, Sam Simon tells some interesting stories on Stern about working with Michael Richards on his eponymous (and short-lived) tv show.

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    WUS Artie talks about writing for roasts


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    Artie vs. Gary round one


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    A heroin-addled baby gorilla gets into it with Booey and Will and drops some truth bombs.

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    WUS Artie talks about impressions


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    Just another good WUS segment for you all featuring the baby gorilla

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    Howards gay Honey West fantasy


    Author Norah Vincent comes in and gets Howard to reveal he had a gay fantasy as a kid. He tries desperately to get out of it, but nothing doing.

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    Trying to hook Artie up with Lisa G + VD discussion


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    Robin vs. Karma


    The world's least informed or prepared newswoman strikes again.

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    Howard vs Jim Carrey and Richard Johnson pt. 1


    Wiggy gets all butthurt about a Playboy interview Jim Carrey gave in which he was quoted as saying Sam (Kinison) would go on Howard Stern and they'd say Hey, you're not funny when you're not stoned.

    Another example of a comic being enabled by Stern at any cost.

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    Arties original Lorne Michaels story


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    Artie describes a meeting with Lorne Michaels which should have been in his book but never was.

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    Norm MacDonald interview


    This is the first time we hear the Bob Uecker stuff from Artie and Norm.

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    Goofing on Robins glasses + Arties Harry Caray impression


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    Christine Governale Defends Mom Duties To Howard - 12/1/05


    In an attempt to launch HOWARD 101 original programming - Howard decides to have a therapy show. He taps Sal & Christine Governale to hash out their marital and domestic problems on the channel.

    After getting shit-talked by Howard and Sal, Christine jumps on the air and defends her parental prowess - as well as her role as a part-time working wife. She goes on to fire back at Howard for being an apathetic absentee father/husband, and lashes out at his world's-oldest-teenage skater-boy wardrobe, as picked out by Ralph.

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    Sal asks for Traction


    No description needed

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    Howard Stern Vince McMahon interview


    Most notable for the admission that he fucked around on Alison which caused the divorce

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    Jasons mom calls in


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    The woman who gave birth to a pothead goblin calls in to the show.

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    Back-Office Gossip with Stuttering John


    An hour full of gossip and discussion with Stuttering John about JD Harmeyer the #metoo monster, Ralph, and further depth into the Mansion and the Apartments of Howard Stern! The New Howard Stern book, Howard Stern Comes again. Back office Gossip of the Howard Stern show. Last but not least Stuttering John Talks about His new book

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    Howards Divorce Reality Sets In About Half His Marbles - 6/26/02


    Howard's divorce from Alison is analyzed - as he tries to project his divorce on the HSS staffer's marriages.

    Howard's court-ordered routine of going to see the kids in Old Westbury LI and the realization of losing his house and half his marbles is starting to take it's toll - and cramp his lifestyle.

    Keep your ears open for a very rare name drop of one of Seal-Team-Sex. An ex-cop by the name GAFFNEY is quickly brought up as Howard's real driver, by Ronnie and Howard. I never heard that name before.

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    Wiggy tells SJ not to ask him about anything


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    On SJ's last day with Stern he heard You could have come to me anytime! But not long before, this is what you hear.

    Fuck you, pelican. We're not going anywhere, and neither are these clips. Download them and share them wherever you choose, folks.

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    Paul The Midget


    Great Artie story involving (what else?) Dirty Work + midgets.

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    The Worlds Dumbest Morning Zookeeper and his gay crush on Dr. Sarno


    You'll never hear HS sound as retarded as he does here. Every quote is a picture of stupidity. Ben Stern was right.

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    The Complete Bro Saga


    Part 2 of the infamous Bro vs. Pelican fight.

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    The Worlds Worst Interviewer Vol. 2


    This is part two of a series of compilations of retarded, projection-based, father-hunger, gay and faggot questions asked by the Pelican (and Robin occasionally). The next time somebody tells you what a great interviewer this cocksucker is, play them this, or direct them to vol 1, also on my channel:

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    Howard Goes Off On Robin Williams Drug Past - 11/10/99


    During Robin Quivers news, a randomly triggered Howard decides to go off on Robin Williams for humble-bragging about his past drug history.

    Years later, it's revealed, or Howard claims he was offered Ivan Reitman's MAN OF THE YEAR before Williams.

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    Sal goofs on Robins failed TV pilot


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    Robin reads Beefus FHM interview


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    One of the best times where Robin dug into the Pelican and really got him.

    Some well-rehearsed grifter answers in that interview for sure.

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    Robin Williams Comes In For Rare Ancient Interview - 10/24/86


    In an on going exhausting search to find the infamous Robin Williams interview where Howard supposedly asks RW about cheating on his first wife with his nanny - I found this one from October of 1986. These are the earliest days of moving from WNBC to K-ROCK in NYC.

    If anyone has any intel on where his nanny comment is Howard makes to RW, let me know. Because I don't trust this serial lying huckster Plugnocchio on any level that this conversation ever actually existed in the early 90's

    And if you can find it in THIS 55 minutes, you get an upload request honored.

    P.S. Howard is basing the theme and premise of the book (of which title he stole from Jackie Martling) on this apology and evolved image he's trying to brand himself with now.

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    Jerry OConnells Candor Punches Howard In The Nose Job - 5/14/08


    Jerry O'Connell sits in on the WUS and reveals candid intimate details about his personal life and marriage with Rebecca Romijn. It turns out, Rebecca used her Mystique mutant powers to pummel Jerry.

    The next day on the HSS, the previous WUS triggers Howard to reveal a tale where a an unnamed woman pummeled Howard in the much the same way as Jerry from Rebecca. Howard's shady ambiguity has the HSS staff throwing out guesses from Judith Regan to Mary McCormack.

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    Emily Stern Catches Howard & Beth At Hotel Bar - 6/27/02


    After the HSS staff & Adam Carolla talk about wedding gift protocol - Howard reveals a story (starts about 24:20) of when his oldest daughter Emily (then 17/18) accidentally caught he and Beth out on a group date at a nameless hotel bar (Howard won't say which). Howard had not revealed Beth to his family yet, and Emily is freaked.

    Crunch the numbers, Duchwaldophiles, and do the math as to what the Alison to Beth transitional murky and ever changing timeline is now. Most of us Gunkers have it pre-Alison divorce.

    Who knows what the real truth is with this conman serial liar???

    P.S. (24:50) Listen to Granny Stern tell his daughter Deborah's not to get married and have a kid. Meanwhile........

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    Ask Howard Game - 1/13/00


    KC Armstrong creates a game where he concocts a series of questions about an increasingly mysterious Howard that he hasn't seemingly talked about before - and/or would be of interest to an inquisitive audience.

    The staff also weighs in on what they feel Howard might say and push back on it.

    The game is particularly interesting as Howard is wig-deep in impending divorce and mid-life crises' - as well as a cloak and dagger, pathological serial liar.

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    Gary discusses his molestation as a kid pt. 1


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    I can't remember the date, but maybe '98 or '99. One of two parts

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    Howard Desecrates Jessica Hahns Dead Husband & Dominic Barbara - 5/14/08


    After Dominic Barbara and his friendship to Howard gets pissed on for his bad cell phone connection - Jessica Hahn calls in. She gets triggered by Howard to defend her old friend, Dominic.

    Howard then reads emails that dishonor the memory of her deceased husband, Married With Children creator Ron Leavitt. An emotionally irate Jessica calls Howard out on elitist inhumanity, and for being a manipulating user. Most notably, Howard and Beth using Dominic's Shelter Island house to semi-elope and go off the grid from the paparazzi, as well as Howard's kids.

    A debate then ensues about whether or not Jessica Hahn is actually a wackpacker or not - factoring the HSS schadenfreude criteria.

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    Talk about Robin Williams feud March 27th 2008


    In the wake of Wigward's pitiful excuse for a book, he's dropping a lot of BS about how bad he feels for how he treated Robin Williams.

    Nothing more than he was a jealous prick for all those years he had to watch other people get invited to be on Johnny Carson.

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    Episode 65 Queen self titled debut 45th Anniversary with Free Form Rock Podcast


    Today, Terrence along with Free Form Rock Podcast (which is hosted by Terrence's ex-colleague Marc Alden Taylor and Marc's current co-host Lee Gerstmann) get together to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the 1973 self titled debut classic from Queen and how much the album has held up today. Also buries Andrew Jacobs and explain how he went from a Puma named Pete to a baby named Huey to a human named Andrew Jacobs who then morphed into a turtle!

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