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Playlist of Tupac

  • Tupac - Ghetto Gospel


    Tupac - Ghetto Gospel
    Featuring Elton John

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  • 2Pac - Little Do You Know



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    Song: 2Pac - Little Do You Know

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  • Tupac - Hit Em Up


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  • 2Pac - If My Homie Calls


    Music video by 2Pac performing If My Homie Calls. (C) 1992 Interscope Records

    #2Pac #IfMyHomieCalls #Vevo #HipHop #OfficialMusicVideo

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  • 2 Pac - The Tupac Tape VOl.02


    ✘ WHAT IS THIS ?

    The purpose of this channel is to stream instrumental music and pay homage to some of the most remarkable producers and emcees that helped building this culture. We do not own the rights to the music You are listening to, if you wish to enjoy some of these tracks in better quality use iTunes, Bandcamp, or google to purchase an original copy !

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    ✘ PLAYLIST ✘

    01. Pour Out A Little Liquor
    02. Heartz Of Men
    03. Cant C Me
    04. Fuckin With The Wrong Nigga
    05. Pain
    06. Troublesome 96
    07. Breathin
    08. Dear Mama
    09. Thugz Mansion
    10. Letter 2 My Unborn
    11. Black Cotton
    12. Lost Souls
    13. Runnin (Dying To Live)
    14. 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted
    15. California Love (Remix)
    16. Str8 Ballin
    17. Toss It Up
    18. All About U
    20. This Aint Livin
    21. Ghost
    22. Staring Through My Rear View

    ✘ About me...

    Born and raised in Bulgaria, currently living in Munich, Germany, I start listening to hip-hop when I was 12. I discovered the culture through legendary names such as KRS-One, Public Enemy, Biggie, Nas, Guru and Pac.
    I started making beats as soon as my mom bought me a 150 $ second hand PC and I found a way to instal Fruity Loops on it.
    My work is highly influenced by Premier, J Dilla, 9th Wonder, Just Blaze, Alchemist and Pete Rock. Even though the boombap sound is in the center of my production I constantly try to experiment and incorporate different genres and sounds in my music. Here I upload some compilations of classic instrumental music and also my beat tapes, my instrumentals and my own sounds...


    Rap Instrumentals, Full Album Instrumentals,
    Boombap Beats, Hip-Hop Mix, Chill Instrumental Music.
    Instrumental Music, Beattapes, Full beat tape, Boombap Mix,
    Old School Instrumentals, HipHop Beats, Old School Music,

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  • Alicia Keys performs Tupac Shakur medley at the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony


    Alicia Keys performs a medley of Tupac Shakur's Ambitionz az a Ridah,” “I Get Around,” “I Ain’t Mad at Cha,” “Dear Mama” and Changes at the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

    Looking for more Induction Ceremony memories celebrating Tupac Shakur? Visit his official Hall of Fame online bio:

    Dive into the full 2017 Induction Ceremony video collection at and watch all videos, read from the official Hall of Fame program bios and view image galleries from the big night and archival materials.

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  • Tupac - Changes


    Tupac - Changes (Lucca Remix)
    Lo-fi/Vaporwave beats remix


    Artwork by Lines Lyfe

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  • Bizzy Bone - Life Goes On


    Bizzy Bonez Tribute Song To Tupac Life Goes On..R.I.P

  • Tupac Shakur - Dear Mama | Lyrics


    Tupac - Dear Mama (Lyrics)
    Video by: JEGiR KH

    Tupac Shakur - Dear Mama | Lyrics

    You are appreciated

    [Verse One: 2Pac]

    When I was young me and my mama had beef
    Seventeen years old kicked out on the streets
    Though back at the time, I never thought I'd see her face
    Ain't a woman alive that could take my mama's place
    Suspended from school; and scared to go home, I was a fool
    with the big boys, breakin all the rules
    I shed tears with my baby sister
    Over the years we was poorer than the other little kids
    And even though we had different daddy's, the same drama
    When things went wrong we'd blame mama
    I reminisce on the stress I caused, it was hell
    Huggin on my mama from a jail cell
    And who'd think in elementary?
    Heeey! I see the penitentiary, one day
    And runnin from the police, that's right
    Mama catch me, put a whoopin to my backside
    And even as a crack fiend, mama
    You always was a black queen, mama
    I finally understand
    for a woman it ain't easy tryin to raise a man
    You always was committed
    A poor single mother on welfare, tell me how ya did it
    There's no way I can pay you back
    But the plan is to show you that I understand
    You are appreciated

    [Chorus: Reggie Green & Sweet Franklin w/ 2Pac]

    Don't cha know we love ya? Sweet lady
    Dear mama
    Place no one above ya, sweet lady
    You are appreciated
    Don't cha know we love ya?

    [second and third chorus, And dear mama instead of Dear mama]

    [Verse Two: 2Pac]

    Now ain't nobody tell us it was fair
    No love from my daddy cause the coward wasn't there
    He passed away and I didn't cry, cause my anger
    wouldn't let me feel for a stranger
    They say I'm wrong and I'm heartless, but all along
    I was lookin for a father he was gone
    I hung around with the Thugs, and even though they sold drugs
    They showed a young brother love
    I moved out and started really hangin
    I needed money of my own so I started slangin
    I ain't guilty cause, even though I sell rocks
    It feels good puttin money in your mailbox
    I love payin rent when the rent's due
    I hope ya got the diamond necklace that I sent to you
    Cause when I was low you was there for me
    And never left me alone because you cared for me
    And I could see you comin home after work late
    You're in the kitchen tryin to fix us a hot plate
    Ya just workin with the scraps you was given
    And mama made miracles every Thanksgivin
    But now the road got rough, you're alone
    You're tryin to raise two bad kids on your own
    And there's no way I can pay you back
    But my plan is to show you that I understand
    You are appreciated


    [Verse Three: 2Pac]

    Pour out some liquor and I reminisce, cause through the drama
    I can always depend on my mama
    And when it seems that I'm hopeless
    You say the words that can get me back in focus
    When I was sick as a little kid
    To keep me happy there's no limit to the things you did
    And all my childhood memories
    Are full of all the sweet things you did for me
    And even though I act craaazy
    I gotta thank the Lord that you made me
    There are no words that can express how I feel
    You never kept a secret, always stayed real
    And I appreciate, how you raised me
    And all the extra love that you gave me
    I wish I could take the pain away
    If you can make it through the night there's a brighter day
    Everything will be alright if ya hold on
    It's a struggle everyday, gotta roll on
    And there's no way I can pay you back
    But my plan is to show you that I understand
    You are appreciated


    Sweet lady
    And dear mama

    Dear mama
    Lady [3X]

    I don't own any copyrights to this song
    Copyright is claimed by UMG On behalf of: EMI and Interscope and the upload is monetized by copyright owner.

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  • Tupac - If My Homie Calls


  • Tupac - California Love


    Homemade clean version. I DO NOT OWN THIS. This is for entertainment purposes only. Just made this for fun!!

  • Tupac - Thug Life


    ❤ Second Channel:

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    Dogo Jangwa akimchana Dogo Tupac kwenye singeli michano ndani ya studio za Efm Radio

  • Tupac - Holla Back Girl If Ya Hear Me


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    I mixed Tupac's Holler If Ya Hear Me with the instrumetnal from Gwen Stefani's Holla Back Girl. Enjoy.

  • Tupac Shakur - Thugz Mansion Feat. Nas


    R.I.P 2pac, This one is one of my favorite 2pac songs, I hope you all can see the powerful message on this song, Nothing But Peace, Love, and Street Passion, Every Ghetto Needs A Thug Manzsion

  • 2Pac - So Many Tears


    Producer: D-Flizno Production Squad
    Year: 1995

  • FREE | Life Aint Easy - Tupac type beat | 2pac instrumental | prod. sketchmyname


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  • Tupac Shakur _ My Burning Heart


    Tupac Shakur _ My Burning Heart
    Beginnings Lost Tapes

  • Tupac - Life Goes On instrumental with hook



  • Oakland Rapper Richie Rich shows fans a letter from Tupac and his Tupac Shakur Tribute Motorcycle


    Oakland Rapper Richie Rich shows everyone a letter from Tupac and his Tupac Shakur Tribute Motorcycle.

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  • Tupac Changes lyrics


    changes tupac

  • Tupac Where Is The Love


    the title says it all R.I.P Todd.

  • Tupac Ft. Shock G and Money B - I Get Around Lyrics Explicit


    Legendary Rapper, Legendary Song. RIP Tupac Shakur.

    You guys can help me decide what song to archive next.

  • 2Pac - Changes


    Official audio to #2Pac's #Changes. © 1998 Interscope Records.

    Buy/Stream Greatest Hits Album
    Apple Music:
    on official website:

  • Tupac Hail Mary


    tupacs song Hail Mary

  • JHENE AIKO Live Higher/ Keep Ya Head Up Tupac


    Jhene AIko at ther packed performance at Zanzibar, Santa Monica performs with her band 'higher' and tupac's keep ya head up on 022612.

  • Who Killed Tupac? E01 Part 3 720p


    © COPYRIGHT A&E TV 2017
    “Who Killed Tupac?” is a six-hour limited series, focusing on the investigation, twenty years after the death of the prolific and influential rapper and actor, Tupac Shakur. Each installment of this investigative series will include aspects from the legendary artist’s life as well as follow famed civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump as he conducts a full-scale, intensive investigation into key theories behind his murder. Crump has represented the families of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and other victims of gun violence who many believe were denied their due process of the law. When Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, who went to high school with Crump’s mother, saw that he was fighting for truth and justice for the family of Trayvon Martin, she expressed to him how important that was and that this fight is not just for Tupac and Trayvon, but for all our young black men who didn’t get justice. In exploring how Tupac didn’t get his due process, Crump seeks to show how it is relevant to what is happening in the social justice movement in America today.

    Through Tupac’s own words and exclusive new interviews with eyewitnesses, family, friends, and colleagues, viewers will come to understand every facet of Tupac Shakur’s complex personality. In addition, Crump will have a behavioral analysis completed of the late Orlando Anderson, the man many suspect was involved with Tupac’s murder, based off of an archival exclusive interview that was shot prior to his death in 1998. Key interviews also include Tupac’s brother Mopreme Shakur, his childhood friend E.D.I. Mean as well as other members of his group Outlawz, his first manager Atron Gregory, Al Sharpton, radio personality Big Boy, Christopher Darden, former manager Leila Steinberg, former MTV correspondent Tabitha Soren, executives at Death Row Records, former gang members of the Bloods and the Crips, Quincy “QDIII” Jones III and Digital Underground’s Money-B.

    The series’ opening song, “Heaven 4 a Gangster,” is written and performed by Grammy-nominated rapper, The Game. He wrote and recorded the song in honor of his hero, Tupac Shakur. The single, “Heaven 4 a Gangster,” dropped on September 13 as a tribute to coincide with the 21st anniversary of Shakur’s untimely death.

  • 2 Pac Instrumentals compilation | Tupac Beats collection


    2 Pac Instrumentals compilation

  • Tupac - Gangsta Party


    Tupac - Gangsta Party (Instrumental) (Beat)




  • Tupac - Brendas Got A Baby


    Tupac - Brenda's Got A Baby (Instrumental) (Beat)

  • Keyshia Cole Taps Tupac, Young Thug for New Album


    Keyshia Cole talks about collaborating with Young Thug (Act Right) and sampling 2Pac (Ride) on her new album 11:11 Reset.


  • SUB ITA TUPAC parla della faida East vs West Coast prima di morire


    Nella sua ultima intervista dopo gli MTV Awards del 1996, Tupac Shakur (con Snoop Dogg) parla della faida tra i rapper della East e della West Coast, in compagnia di Snoop Dogg.

  • Jada Pinkett raconte sa rencontre avec Tupac HD


    Jada Pinkett raconte sa rencontre avec Tupac avec émotion lors d'un documentaire de 2009.

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  • Tupac & Alicia Keys - Un-Thinkable Can you get away


    Nice remix

  • TUPAC AMARU :::Banda Show Internacional::: 2020


    © 2020 PICHIÜ HD

    TUPAC AMARU :::Banda Show Internacional::: 2020

  • Müslüm Gürses 2pac


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    A Duet from the two kings of heaven. Müslüm Baba and Tupac Shakur. Mixed by me, with Respect! Enjoy it!
    here is Do for love by Tupac :

    and here is Senden vazgeçmem by Müslüm Gürses:

  • Tupac Amaru/Mix Huaynos/Cuadrilla Negritos


    La Banda Tupac Amaru de Huancayo acompaña musicalmente el baile de la cuadrilla de los Negritos de Chacllatacana,con un conjunto de huaynos,entre ellos los intitulados Vaso de cristal,Dos soles,Tankayllo,Cholita huancavelicana,Yutuschay y Chachaschay.
    La tradicional Festividad de los Negritos de Chaccllatacana se realiza los últimos días de diciembre(en Huancavelica) y los primeros días de enero(en Chaccllatacana).
    Un agradecimiento a los mayordomos,autores y alberos de esta tradicional festividad por el ingente esfuerzo en la realización de esta festividad.
    ©2020 Apu Amaru

  • TUPAC,BOB MARLEY N LAUREN HILL i want to give you some love xxxX.wmv


    Smashface Production

  • Polo G Talks Chicago, Success Since Breakout Hit, Pop Out, Tupac Shakur as Influence, + More


    Rolling Loud made its way to New York City's Citi Field this fall 2019 for the first time, and a lot of burgeoning and established acts took the stage. One artist to particular from Chicago by the name of Polo G touched down the first day of the two-day festival in Queens. We caught up with the 20 year old Columbia Records signee to talk about life growing up back home in Chicago, his growth as an artist since his breakout hit single, Pop Out with Lil Tjay that made him popular, Tupac Shakur being one of his biggest inspirations, his album, 'Die a Legend' and more.


  • Tupac Amaru/Mix Querer es poder-Malo tu corazón-Triste final/Negritos de Chaccllatacana Huancavelica


    La Banda Tupac Amaru de Huancayo presente en la tradicional llegada de bandas de la Festividad de los Negritos de Chaccllatacana,deleita musicalmente al público con un conjunto de huaynos,entre ellos los temas intitulados Querer es poder,Malo tu corazón y Triste final.
    Esta festividad se realiza los últimos días de diciembre y los primeros días de enero en el pueblo de Chaccllatacana en Huancavelica.
    ©2019 Apu Amaru

  • Allegro & Güllü FT.Tupac Shakur - Herşeyim Oldun #143





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  • Presentaciòn Banda Glorias del Tupac Huancayo Langa 19-08-2016


  • TUPAC AMARU TABSI | Mix Bolos - Te Botas - Mary Se Llama - Todo Terreno 2019


    Contratos : 918 607 058



  • 2018 TUPAC AMARINOS PRIMICIA _ ????????


    Mundo de músicas
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  • 10. If There Be Pain - By Tupac


  • Matts Dads Basement- Tupac Lyrics


    I saw 2pac at McDonalds
    He got a Big Mac and some fries
    I saw 2pac at McDonalds
    Looked right into his big
    Brown gangster rapper eyes
    I said you lied to me and my family
    And the whole world watching MTV
    I can’t believe the things you did
    I said you lied to me and my family
    And the whole world watching MTV
    I can’t believe you for what you did
    I looked at him and I think I cried
    He looked at me and he replied
    He said West Side
    Is the best side
    ‘west side is the best side’
    He said west side
    Is the best side

    I saw 2pac at McDonalds
    He got a Chicken McNugget
    I saw 2pac at McDonalds
    That old G first taught me to thug it
    I said you lied to me and my family
    And the whole world watching MTV
    I can’t believe the things you did
    I said you lied to me and my family
    And the whole world watching MTV
    I can’t forgive you for what you did
    I looked at him and I took a breath
    Please tell me why you faked your death
    He said West Side
    Is the best side
    ‘west side’
    He said west side
    Is the best side
    California knows how to party
    In the city
    City of Compton
    Ain't no life like a 2pac life
    Cause a 2pac life don't stop

  • Faith Evans on Biggie, Tupac, Lil Kim interview - Westwood


    Faith Evans talks to Westwood on 1Xtra about Biggie, Tupac, East Coast Vs West Coast, Lil Kim, The Notorious movie and her new album.

  • Tupac bamuha Level


    rukiga translated clips by himbi king



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