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Playlist of Tropkillaz x Troyboi feat. Team Brazza - Oouch (Remix 2019)

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    Tropkillaz x Troyboi feat. Team Brazza - Oouch


    Alle Rechte vom Original Song liegen bei Mad Decent© und Warner Music Brasil© . Trotzdem Viel Spaß mit dem Remix ...Liken,Teilen und Abonnieren wenn ihr neu seid um nichts zu verpassen ...

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    Tropkillaz x Team Brazza - Rock´n´Roll


    Alle Rechte vom Original Song liegen bei Mad Decent© und Warner Music Brasil© Trotzdem viel Spaß mit dem Remix
    Liken,Teilen und Abonnieren wenn ihr neu seid um nichts zu verpassen

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    TroyBoi - Pause


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    TroyBoi - Pause

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    Sam Spiegel & Tropkillaz - Perfect


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    TroyBoi - Laalach




    Pic Artist Mona Finden

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    TroyBoi - KINJABANG




    Pic Artist Benedick Bana

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    TroyBoi ft. NEFERA - Bad Behavior


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    TropKillaz - Mambo EXTREME BASS BOOST



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    Diplo & Troyboi ft. Nina Sky - Afterhours



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    2019 Hip Hop Dance Mix #3


    In this 5 minute long mix i take you through a colorful mix of different styles of Hip Hop. I tried to be very versatile in this short time frame and cover as much genres as possible. Expect the latest tunes of 2019. This mix is perfect for fitting a dancing choreography over it.

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    did a short mix for Dancelife Dresden dance studio


    01 Willie Colón, Héctor Lavoe - Barrunto (Tropkillaz Remix)
    02 MC Fioti, Future, J Balvin, Stefflon Don, Juan Magan - Bum Bum Tam Tam
    03 Cardi B, Bad Bunny, J Balvin - I Like It
    04 iMarkkeyz x Stevie G - What I Want
    05 Lil Jon, Offset, 2 Chainz - Alive
    06 Lil Wayne - A Milli (Album Version Explicit)
    07 The Partysquad - Pum Pum
    08 Farruko, Nicki Minaj, Bad Bunny, Farruko, Nicki Minaj & Bad Bunny feat. 21 Savage & Rvssian - Krippy Kush (Remix)
    09 Diplo, French Montana, Lil Pump, Diplo, French Montana & Lil Pump feat. Zhavia Ward - Welcome to the Party
    10 Kodak Black - Transportin'

    check out:

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    Troyboi Vibez Tour Movie - James Thomas 2018 Do you? - Merk It - After-hours


    Troyboi Vibez Tour 2018

    Film and Edit by James Thomas
    IG: @jamesthomas

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    TroyBoi - Afterhours


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    Tropkillaz - One Here Comes The Two


    Tropkillaz - One Here Comes The Two
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    Apashe ft. Wasiu - Majesty


    Apashe ft. Wasiu - Majesty (CloZee Remix)

    FREE DL:

    🎵 Apashe

    🎵 CloZee


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    🔈 WEGOHARD MANI 🔈TroyBoi - Say Yeah


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    Troyboi - O.G



    Follow me:



    //La cancion no me pertence todos los derechos a su autor//

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    Tropkillaz - Freaks


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    Disclaimer: We do not own the rights to this composition all rights are in the copyright of its respective owners, Entertainment purposes only.

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    Bola, Rebola - Anitta, J Balvin, MC Zaac e Tropkillaz


    Bola, Rebola - Anitta, J Balvin, MC Zaac e Tropkillaz (Bastidores Manhã e Tarde) gravado em salvador...



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