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Playlist of Tony Kakko

  • Tony Kakko - Bohemian Rhapsody


    Tony Kakko - Sonata Arctica's lead vocalist and the Kemi Orchestra performing one of the greatest songs ever - Bohemian Rhapsody, in Finnish town - Kemi.

    I own nothing .
    All rights reserved by Tony Kakko and the Kemi Orchestra.

  • Tony Kakko - Pieni Rumpali


    ▶ Kuuntele:

    Ohjaus & käsikirjoitus: Saku Perintö
    Kuvaus: Julius Koivistoinen
    Leikkaus: Sami Mäkelä
    Tuotantoyhtiö: Love U Mean It

    Yhteistyössä: | |Tolu

    ℗ & © 2015 Universal Music Oy

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  • Last Ride Of The Day - Nightwish - Lyrics


    Last Ride Of The Day
    Tony Kakko

  • Nightwish ft Tony Kakko - Beauty and the Beast


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  • Interview with Tony KAKKO from SONATA ARCTICA for Talviyö


    Interview with Tony KAKKO from SONATA ARCTICA for Talviyö

  • The vocal range of Tony Kakko


    For more information, visit

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  • The Islander - Nightwish Ft. Tony Kakko - Lyrics


  • Vocal Coach ANALYZES Sonata Arctica Tony Kakko Analysis


    EDIT: Sorry about the 'cons' list not showing up. There is a glitch in my editing software that has caused this to happen more than once now. I'll try to make sure it doesn't happen again. List of cons:
    1) Relies on force and pressure on top end of range
    2) Uses nasality to combat the excessive pressure
    3) Physically forces vibrato, rather than letting it be a byproduct of good technique

    Thank you so much to my Patron Samu for supporting me! He requested Tony Kakko, and here it is! I hope you all enjoy. Tony was an interesting singer to analyze, as he fits incredibly well in Sonata Arctica, but also possesses what I feel to be a very unique skillset. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more content like this!

    Source Video:

    IG: @zachansleyvocals
    Twitch: zachansleyvocals

  • Tony Kakko- Run To You


    This is my first time using this way so sorry if its bad

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  • SONATA ARCTICA Interview 2019 - Tony Kakko & Elias Viljanen


    Sonata Arctica kehren 2019 mit ihrem bereits zehnten Album Talviyö zurück und haben uns im Interview ein paar interessante Einblicke gegeben! Zum Beispiel, warum nach Unia mal wieder ein finnischer Titel gewählt wurde.

    Sonata Arctica return with their tenth album Talviyö and they brought us some pretty interesting insights during this interview! For example why they used a finnish album title for the second time after Unia.-----------------------------------

  • Tony Kakko and Audience - Old Mcdonald


    Sonata Arctica
    live at Jaxx

    Tony Kakko and Audience - Old Mcdonald

  • Tony Kakko Recording a New Tune With OLYMPUS LS-100


    Recording a completely new little tune with Olympus LS-100 Multi-track Linear PCM Recorder at my little creative hidey-hole space.
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    Oh, yeah. Before you say anything:There's a reason we have a guitarist in the band. ;)

    -Kakkoslaatu Productions-

  • Dark Sarah feat. Tony Kakko - Light In You


    Dark Sarah feat. Tony Kakko - Light in you is a last song of the Behind the Black Veil album. Released 2015 through Inner Wound Recordings.

    The story of Light in You:

    Sarah hides her self from Dark Sarah into the woods. She feels confused and alone, even the moonlight has left her. Suddenly Sarah sees a light, she falls down in awe of the silvery light in the sky. The moon has come (Tony Kakko). He tells Sarah that he has come to guide her to a new path in her life and he still sees the light in her. In the white wilderness they fall in love. However there is a shadow upon them - the moon fades away when the day comes. They can only wait for the sunrise.

  • STILL ALIVE by Black Sun


    Black Sun's new song 'Still Alive' featuring various Finnish legends marks the band's rebirth.

    'Still Alive' is the first single from the band's upcoming release, and it will mark a new era, a clean slate for the South American rockers. Producer NINO LAURENNE arranged Finnish metal legends and talents like TONY KAKKO, LORDI, NOORA LOUHIMO, PASI RANTANEN, and ELIAS VILJANEN (Sonata Arctica), NETTA LAURENNE (Smackbound), JUKKA PELKONEN (Omnium Gatherum) and ASIM SEARAH (Damnation Plan / Wintersun) to feat in this powerful and catchy metal hymn.

    Produced by Nino Laurenne
    Music by Black Sun and Nino Laurenne
    Lyrics by Black Sun

    Guest Vocals (in order of appearance)
    Tony Kakko
    Pasi Rantanen
    Noora Louhimo
    Asim Searah
    Netta Laurenne
    Jukka Pelkonen
    Nino Laurenne

    Guest Solo (second solo)
    Elias Viljanen

    Recorded at Hi NoiZ Studios and Sonic Pump Studios
    Recording Engineering by Nino Laurenne and Washington ‘Washo’ Mora
    Mixed by Nino Laurenne at Sonic Pump Studios
    Mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers Finland


    Apple Music:

  • Tony Kakko from Sonata Arctica singing My Heart Will Go On


    Love his voice ! =)

  • Northern Kings - Finnish Heavy Metal Medley


    Marco Hietala, Tony Kakko and JP Leppäluoto.
    Songs: Tallulah (Sonata Arctica), Colder (Charon), Wings Of Darkness (Tarot), Towards Dead End (Children Of Bodom), Hunting High And Low (Stratovarius), & Wish I Had An Angel (Nightwish)

  • Sonata Arctica - Interview Tony Kakko - Paris 2019 - Duke TV FR-DE-ES-IT-RU Subs


    Subtitles: Français, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, русский
    Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica) - Paris, France - July 4. 2019

    0:26 - Finnish Title
    1:27 - Writing “A Little Less Understanding”
    2:32 - Not reading people’s comments
    3:42 - Instrumental tracks
    4:34 - Singing on a lower range

    Journalist: Marianna Morgante
    Camera, Edit, Mix: Antoine de Montremy
    Camera, Motion Design: Laurent Hart
    Russian Translation: Alex 'Wiseguy' Bartholomew

    Valérie Reux (JMT Consulting), Nuclear Blast, Hôtel Mercure.

    © 2019 Duke TV

  • Tony Kakko - Ruling The World


    Into The Light was made by RAGE composer and multi instrumentalist Victor Smolski. It was him who composed, arranged and recorded the album, with all in all ten songs based on a thrilling, solid Power Metal foundation. But the real highlights are the participants behind the microphones: Victor gathered a conglomeration of ten singers whose bands have been signed to NUCLEAR BLAST in the past 20 years or still are on the label's roster, among them Hansi Kürsch of BLIND GUARDIAN, NIGHTWISH's former singer Tarja Turunen, EDGUY's Tobias Sammet and HELLOWEEN'S Andi Deris. And here are the song played by Tony Kakko: Ruling the World

    Song: Ruling the World
    Artist: Tony Kakko
    Album: Nuclear Blast All-Stars - Into the Light
    Year: 2007
    Track: 3

    Copyright © Nuclear Blast Records, Victor Smolski and The Orchard Music.
    This video is just entertainment, nonprofit.

  • Elize Ryd & Tony Kakko - Julen är här


    Julen är här, Raskasta Joulua 18.12.2014 Helsingin jäähalli

  • Apocalyptica I Dont Care ft. Tony Kakko Ilosaarirock 2009


    (Good audio and video)

    The beginning is the crowd clapping for an encore.

    Tony Kakko explains in Finnish: Wow, us boys were thinking about playing one more song.

    Apocalyptica playing I Don't Care ft. Tony Kakko from Sonata Artica live at Ilosaarirock 2009

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  • Julen Är Här


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Julen Är Här · Toni Kakko · Elise Ryd

    Raskasta Joulua

    ℗ 2013 Spin-Farm Oy

    Released on: 2013-01-01

    Associated Performer, Electric Guitar: Tuomas Wäinölä
    Associated Performer, Guitar, Producer: Erkka Korhonen
    Associated Performer, Programming, Keyboards: Vili Ollila
    Associated Performer, Bass Guitar: Erkki Silvennoinen
    Associated Performer, Drums: Mirka Rantanen
    Associated Performer, Vocalist: Elise Ryd
    Associated Performer, Vocalist: Toni Kakko
    Composer: Billy Butt
    Author: Sölve Rydell

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Tony Kakko entertaining audience


    04.11.2012, Columbiahalle Berlin
    Tommy had some problems with the snare drum, so Tony had to do a little improvisation while Tommy fixed the drum.

  • Nightwish & Tony Kakko


    Nightwish & Tony Kakko ( Sonata Arctica ) - Beauty And The Beast


    Remember the first dance we shared?
    Recall the night you melted my uglyness away?
    The night you left with a kiss so kind
    Only a scent of beauty left behind

    Ah, dear friend I remember the night
    The moon and the dreams we shared
    Your trembling paw in my hand
    Dreaming of that northern land
    Touching me with a kiss of a beast

    I know my dreams are made of you
    Of you and only for you
    Your ocean pulls me under
    Your voice tears me asunder
    Love me before the last petal falls

    As a world without a glance
    Of the ocean's fair expanse
    Such the world would be
    If no love did flow in thee
    But as my heart is occupied
    Your love to me now has to die
    Forgive me, I need more than you can offer me

    Didn't you read the tale
    Where happily ever after was to kiss a frog?
    Don't you know this tale
    In which all I ever wanted
    I'll never have
    For who could ever learn to love a beast?

    However cold the wind and rain
    I'll be there to ease up your pain
    However cruel the mirrors of sin
    Remember, beauty is found within

    ...Forever shall the wolf in me desire the sheep in you...

  • Johanna Kurkela, Jarkko Ahola, Tony Kakko and JP Leppäluoto - Avaruus 12/13



    No copyright infringement intended. All videos belong to YLE Finland.

    Jouluksi Kotiin 2011 (Song 12/13)

  • Northern Kings - Take On Me


    Northern Kings es el nombre de un supergrupo de covers finlandés, compuesto por cuatro de los más reconocidos músicos del metal nórdico: Jarkko Ahola (Teräsbetoni), Marco Hietala (Nightwish y Tarot), Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica) y Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto (Charon). Su primer single, We Don't Need Another Hero, es un cover de una canción escrita por Graham Lyle y Terry Britten e interpretada por Tina Turner como tema principal para la banda sonora del filme de 1985 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

    Su primer álbum, Reborn de 2007 contiene, además del single, canciones como Broken wings, o Rebel yell. El 18 de noviembre de 2008 salió a la venta el segundo álbum de la banda, bautizado como Rethroned en el que siguen recopilando canciones Pop y Pop-rock de los '80, para reeditarlo en covers sinfónicos. Como dato curioso, la banda tuvo 2 nombres preliminares: KillDivo y HellDivo

  • Powerglove - Gotta Catch Em All


    SO ya here is some powerglove metal, its pokemon lol
    Gotta Catch Em All (Feat. Tony Kakko)
    This is the Singing Version
    the picture is from

    i do not own any rights to song, powerglove does

    Looks like powerglove noticed my vid got some hits plz preorder there cd

    it'll support em XD

  • Tony Kakko - Enkelikello | Raskasta Joulua 2018


    Lahti Halli 16.11.2018
    Lahti, Finland

    Solistit : Kimmo Blom, Antony Parviainen, Tony Kakko ja JP Leppäluoto

  • Nightwish feat. Tony Kakko-Astral Romance 2001 sub Ingles-Español


    (The video is actually from a live version of Beauty and the Beast) Las majestuosas voces de Tarja Turunen y Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica) dan vida Remake Astral Romance incluido en el EP de Nightwish -Over The Hills And Far Away (2001), canción cantada originalmente por Tuomas Holopainen en el disco Angels Fall First .
    El video esta hecho con tomas del DVD From Wishes to Eternity esta canción jamás ha sido cantada en vivo y es una verdadera lastima.
    Disfrútenlo... y compartanlo por favor
    Nightwish featuring Tony Kakko

  • Tony Kakko & Tuomas Holopainen


  • DARK SARAH feat Tony Kakko- Light in You- video shooting


    Light in You music video from Dark Sarah (feat. Tony Kakko) out in 15th April! Order the album Behind the Black Veil here:

  • Trick Or Treat - United Feat. Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica


    Taken from the album Rabbits' Hill Pt. 2. Get your copy NOW: / Amazon: / iTunes:

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  • Vanishing Point -Circle of Fire Feat. Tony Kakko


    Vanishing Point just released a cd in EU today and to celebrate this moment I made just a small video for Circle of Fire. I'm a huge fan of Tony Kakko, and I found out he was going to be on this cd! I was excited in 2008 VP and Tony performed Two Minds, One Soul together on stage and now 6 years later they came back and did a song together very exciting.

  • Raskasta Iskelmää


    Iskelmä festivaalit, Himos, 29.6.2018

  • Haastattelussa Tony Kakko


    Sonata Arctican kiertueaktiviteetit The Ninth Hour -studioalbumin (2016) tiimoilta ovat pääosin takana. Yhtye ryhtyy nyt valmistelemaan uutta pitkäsoittoa, joka ilmestyy ensi vuonna.

  • The vocal range of Tony Kakko


    This video contains outdated research and some inaccurate note pitches and terminology. Visit for the latest discussion and information.

    Tony Kakko is best known for his singing in Sonata Arctica and Northern Kings. He is a great high baritone with an incredible raspy timbre in his high register, a silky-smooth mid-range and booming lows. He has the ability to sing in many different styles; from aggressive, to soothing, to even yodelling.

    Time for some notes! Starting with the mid-highs:

    1. 0:00 - Great G#4 sliding up to B♭4. Song is Letter to Dana (live).
    2. 0:30 - Melody from Wacken performance of Gravenimage, top note is B4.
    3. 0:53 - A looooong G#4 from a sound check.
    4. 1:09 - Powerful singing from Northern Kings song Killer. Top notes are B4.
    5. 1:26 - Incredible C#5, then sustained B4 from a live performance of It Won't Fade.
    6. 1:46 - High passage from Wildfire in which Tony hits a falsetto A5, some G#5s and a quick full F#5. A nice sustained B4 comes afterwards
    7. 2:13 - Strong, sustained B4 from live performance of Draw Me.
    8. 2:25 - Singing up to C#5 in Shamandalie.
    9. 2:45 - E♭5, then C#5 in Ain`t Your Fairytale.
    10. 3:00 - Great screamy F5 and E♭5s from live show of It Won't Fade.
    11. 3:11 - Raspy E♭5s from outro of a live show. Vodka's what we need!
    12. 3:22 - C#5s and E5s from live performance of 8th Commandment.
    13. 3:32 - Short E5 from Wacken performance of Gravenimage, followed by a raspy non-modal scream reaching G#5.
    14. 3:51 - Long E5 from My Land.
    15. 4:02 - Great E5s from an acapella version of Fullmoon
    16. 4:26 - Melody E5s in the chorus of Weballergy.
    17. 4:49 - Raspy E♭5 followed by sustained A4 sliding up to B4. Then some great singing up to a full F#5 and ending on a full E5.
    18. 5:20 - Chants with the crowd reaching F5.
    19. 5:32 - Short D5, followed by a melody-line F5! Song is White Pearl, Black Oceans
    20. 5:52 - Another crowd-chant, topping at E5.
    21 .6:06 - Short, head-voiced F#5 from Blank File.
    22. 6:11 - Singing up to a quick full F#5 in Destruction Preventer.
    23. 6:20 - Smooth gliding up to a full F#5, and falsetto G#5 in Destruction Preventer (there's an old live clip where he goes sharp on the F#5s, hitting a full-voiced G5!).
    24. 6:40 - Screaming up to a powerful raspy falsetto G5 in The Dead Skin, followed by a raspy F5.
    25. 7:03 - Sung F#5s and a quick, head voice-sounding G#5 in Blank File
    26. 7:22 - Unfortunately for you... this makes me your God... awesome raspy falsetto scream reaching A5 in a live version of Don't Say a Word!
    27. 7:45 - Falsetto A5 while messing around in the intro of Fullmoon.

    Now for some low notes!

    28. 7:51 - Soft singing down to B2 in Tallulah.
    29. 8:02 - More soft singing to B♭2 in The Misery.
    30. 8:10 - Strong E2 in Replica 2006.
    31. 8:13 - Strong lows down to E2 and B1 in live version of Juliet.
    32. 8:21 - Growly E2s in studio version of Juliet.
    33. 8:39 - Booming spoken lows in outro of live version of White Pearl Black Oceans. Lowest note is D2.
    34. 8:57 - F#2 and C#2 in the background of Deathaura
    35. 9:04 - The Word's Forgotten, the Words Forbidden, reaches C#2
    36. 9:15 - Strong F#2 sliding down to C#2 in live sound check.
    37. 9:26 - Tony sings an octave lower in Tallulah and achieves a strong C#2. Deep, bassy timbre here.
    38. 9:40 - Strong D2 sliding down to an A1 after some yodelling in a live show!
    39. 9:43 - Live version of Replica reaching C2
    40. 9:49 - Listen closely to the background for the repeated phrase behind it all..., with whispered B1s

    New info: Tony hits a B♭5 in the intro of Da Best Song Ever (watch?v=kS3HYU3TOiw)
    Also hits a (very random) C6 in The Vice, 1m 42s in.
    Also hits a G6 in a 'silly' cover of Hocus Pocus
    Hits full-voiced G5s in some old live performances of Destruction Preventer

  • Raskasta Joulua - Tony Kakko - Enkelikello 9.12.2015


    Verkatehdas, Hämeenlinna 2015

  • Skylight feat. Tony Kakko - Devil Down


    DJ Kakko?

  • Sonata Arctica- interview with Tony Kakko



    I've been listening to 3 metal bands each day since I was 12 years old. If I were sad, their music would lift me up. If I were happy, their music would enhance my feelings of joy. Even as a child I said that one day I'll be having interviews with these amazing musicians whose talents I admire so much. Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica is one of those people whom I've been admiring for the last 10 years, so you can imagine how nervous I have been when my dream finally came true and I had a chance to conduct an interview with him... Felt like a seventeen year old, conducting my first interview all over again... Puzzled, muddled, nervous and happy all at the same time. Every time I have interviews with Sonata Arctica I disappoint myself as a journalist (but I can't help it... It's hard for me to stay focused and objective while chatting with them).


  • Sonata Arctica – Interview With Tony Kakko, Ecliptica Tour in Helsinki 2000


    Sonata Arctica – Interview With Tony Kakko, Ecliptica Tour in Helsinki 2000
    Finnish tv-Show Jyrki 2000

  • Tony Kakko and JP Leppäluoto - Maa on niin kaunis 11/13



    No copyright infringement intended. All videos belong to YLE Finland.

    Jouluksi Kotiin 2011 (Song 11/13)

  • Sonata Arctica - Tony Kakko Yodeling Solo


    When Henrik decides it's time for a beer break, Tony is left to entertain the crowd... by yodeling! Recorded April 22nd, 2010 in San Francisco at Slim's.

  • Tony Kakko - Jouluyö, juhlayö 3/13



    No copyright infringement intended. All videos belong to YLE Finland.

    Jouluksi Kotiin 2011 (Song 3/13)

  • Sinners Moon - My Servant


    Sinners Moon - symphonic metal band from Slovakia

    you can find us on :

    video created by LukeN

  • Epica and Tony Kakko - White Waters


    From the album Design Your Universe
    White Waters (with Lyrics)
    Hope you like it =D

  • Ave Maria - Tony Kakko, Raskasta Joulua @ Tavastia 19.12.2010


    Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica) - vocals
    Erkka Korhonen - guitar
    Erkki Silvennoinen - bass
    Vili Ollila - keyboard

  • Raskasta Joulua - Ensimmäinen Joulu - Tony Kakko @ Kuopio-halli 2018


    Raskasta Joulua - Ensimmäinen Joulu - Tony Kakko @ Kuopio-halli 15.12.2018
    More videos:
    Oi jouluyö - Tommi Salmela @ Kuopio-halli 2018
    Sylvian Joululaulu - Antony Parviainen & Tuomas Wäinölä Guitarsolo @ Kuopio-halli 2018
    Tonttu - Ville Tuomi @ Kuopio-halli 2018
    Konsta Jylhän joululaulu - Ville Tuomi @ Kuopio-halli 2018
    Me käymme Joulun viettohon - Tommi Salmela @ Kuopio-halli 2018

  • EP 1.04: Tony Kakko and the pack of the Sonata Arctica #FHTZ


    Sonata Arctica mastermind Tony Kakko talked to us about how the music world changed since the band's beginnings, possibilities for musicians to making a living, and technology.

    Produced by Simon Kurt & Sebastiano Mereu for

    Videography by Digitale Massarbeit

  • Tony Kakko - Joulupäivä | Raskasta Joulua 2018


    Lahti Halli 16.11.2018
    Lahti, Finland

    Solistit : Kimmo Blom, Antony Parviainen, Tony Kakko ja JP Leppäluoto

  • Tony Kakko & Jarkko Ahola Joulurauhaa @ Raskasta Joulua Tavastia 18.12


    Tony Kakko and Jarkko Ahola singing Joulurauhaa in Tavastia 19.12.2010 and this was the last gig of Raskasta Joulua / Heavy Xmas tour.

  • Intervista Sonata Arctica


    Exclusive interview with Tony Kakko, lead singer and leader of Sonata Arctica. Enjoy.
    Alcatraz, Milano, Italy. 22/11/2012



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