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Playlist of Tiger Lillies - The Early Years final edit (first 16 minutes)

  • Tiger Lillies, The Early Years part 2


    Another fragment of my documentation of the Tiger Lilllies between 1990 and 1997. You can buy the DVD at

  • Bully Boys - Tiger Lillies and Snip! Snip! - Tiger Lillies


    2 of my fav songs by the Tiger Lillies during their Shock-Headed Peter tour and album.

    Song rights the own of course. I got the vid from Facebook.

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  • Tiger lillies 240210


    Szene Wien

  • Tiger lillies 240210


    Szene Wien

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  • Overtime


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Overtime · The Tiger Lillies

    Bouquet of Vegetables the Early Years

    ℗ 2000 Misery Guts Music

    Released on: 2000-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Tiger lillies 240210


    Szene Wien

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  • Contrastate & The Tiger Lillies : Goodbye great nation part one


    (The match is added)

    Goodbye great nation (20:44)
    c 1996 Contrastate & The Tiger Lillies

  • Love And War


    Blood, sweat and tears during the photo session for our new album 'Love and War'.
    A tribute (of sorts) to Monteverdi, that will be released and performed live for the first time on the 25th of August, in the Edinburgh International Festival (Usher Hall).
    This video was filmed & edited by our photographer & graphic designer b7ue.

  • Dribble - The Tiger Lillies


    The long 'lost' music video for Dribble! This is a video of almost mythic proportions - without doubt, one of the most sought after holy grails of Tiger Lillies video collecting there is. Until very recently, this video was believed by many to be completely lost, the original film master having been 'corrupted' long ago... As if by some miracle however, and thanks to the efforts of none other than Mr. Adrian Huge himself, a copy has finally surfaced. The video was shot in or around 1996 by Sien Total Media, and utilizes a complicated stop frame animation technique to great effect. If your wondering why Adrian Stout looks so unfamiliar to you in this video, it's because thats not Mr. Stout as all - this video features The Tiger Lillies first bass player, Phil Butcher.

    This song is 'Dribble' and is from the album, Ad Nauseam.

    For more information about The Tiger Lillies, please visit the official site:

    The Tiger Lillies Freakshow Site:


    The Forum of The Tiger Lillies:



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  • Dulce et Decorum Est by The Tiger Lillies


    Wilfred Owen's poem Dulce et Decorum Est set to music by Martyn Jacques for The Tiger Lillies album A Dream Turns Sour, based on World War One poetry.

    First live performance of A Dream Turns Sour will take place at LIFT Festival 2014, on June 28 & 29 at Battersea Arts Centre:

    All Tiger LIllies albums are available on the band's website and iTunes:

  • IsItDarkUponTheMoon - Tiger Lillies


    A collection of digitally captured moments accompanying Martyn Jaques' demo version of a new, unreleased Tiger Lillies's song.

  • The Tiger Lillies - Little Match Girl


    I don't own this video and I'm not profiting from it in any way. It's here purely as promotion and for people to enjoy.

  • The Tiger Lillies



  • The Tiger Lillies - Souvenirs


    Just another Tiger Lillies Video

  • tiger lillies. louis


    live in budapest. feb. 13. 2010

  • Over You


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Over You · The Tiger Lillies

    Circus Songs

    ℗ 2009 Misery Guts Music

    Released on: 2009-09-22

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • The Tiger Lillies-bye bye-24/04/2010


  • Tiger Lillies - Wrong Attitude


  • tiger lillies


    martyn gets quite pissed off

  • The Tiger Lillies - Getting Old


    Urine Palace - Track Six

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  • The Tiger Lillies - Live Cité de la Musique


    The Tiger Lillies - Live Cité de la Musique 2012

  • Tiger Lilies Live@ Κηποθέατρο Παπάγου,Athens - Beat the pain,Anotherglass of wine


    Tiger Lilies Live @ Athens - Κηποθέατρο Παπάγου Performing Madame Piaf tour - 23/08/2016

  • Lilies POP Excelsior June09


  • Tiger Lillies Sinderella Martyn Jacques Justin Bond


    The Twisted Tale Of A Christmas Crack-Whore: A taste of Martyn's newest creation, reality faerie tale for our times. Poor Sinderella, Justin Bond, is a whore with deep psychological problems caused by resentment towards her wicked stepmother, Martyn Jacques, a sadistic whore with introspective complications. So far, Sinderella's problems can only be assuaged by crack. The world awaits the coming of Prince Charming, whomever he/she/it may be. To open in London December 18.
    Highline Ballroom. New York City, November 10, 2008

  • The Tiger Lillies - Swine


    Early Lillies from The Early Years.

  • Teater i HD. Seeatre film trailer: The Tiger Lillies perform Hamlet med Martyn Jaques i front


    Se teater film på her :

    Republique har skabt en intens, musikalsk nyfortolkning af Shakespeares kendte klassiker, Hamlet. Forestillingen blev nomineret til en Reumert for Årets Musiktetater/Show 2012. På scenen og bag live musikken står det britiske Grammy-nominerede band The Tiger Lillies med kontratenoren Martyn Jaques i front.

    Seeatre er streaming af teater film i HD kvalitet på nettet.

  • Tiger Lillies - Crack of doom at Norrlandsoperan, Umeå 2006


    Tiger Lillies performing Crack of doom at Norrlandsoperan.

  • The Tiger Lillies


    The Tiger Lillies, клуб Б1, презентация альбома The Urine Palace, 15 июня 2007. Съемки

  • The Tiger Lillies LIVE @ Trafo


    this song was performed by The Tiger Lillies at Club Trafo, Budapest, Hungary on 13th september, 2008.



    arthur is a beautiful song

    Arthur I love you
    Though you've got B.O.
    And you trainers are dirty
    and your brains rather slow

    And Arthur I love you
    Though you read The Sun
    And you wear a leisure suit
    When you're having fun

    And your not a fascist
    You're just a cog
    And you keep a Pit-bull
    'cause their a lovely dog

    And Arthur I love you
    You're no piece of slime
    Just used and accused
    By the ruling class swines

    Lets face it Arthur
    Arthur you're fucked
    You never could say
    That enough, that enough....
    Was enough

  • Tiger Lillies - Angry / THEY SHOOT MUSIC


    Tiger Lillies performing Angry, live in Vienna

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  • Love and War - the accident


    Don't try it at home!
    Look what happened to Adrian Huge.

  • Sweet Suicide and Bottles in the Sea - The Tiger Lillies


    Live: Cité de la musique, France [2012]

  • The Tiger Lillies on Later With Jools Holland Bully Boys


    If there's one Tiger Lillies video that most people have seen, it's probably this one. So why even bother uploading it.....? Well, aside from this being a slightly higher quality print than the one more commonly found on Youtube (You'll notice the watermarks are totally different.), it's also slightly longer, and features Jools Holland's original introduction to the band, and his brief words after the song.... And aside from all that, you really never can have to much of this video! The Tiger Lillies actually do show up from time to time in other parts of the full episode, but those bits are so brief, I honestly had a hard time editing them down to a reasonable length....

    This was originally apart of a 2001 episode of Later With Jools Holland. The Tiger Lillies preformed only one song, Bully Boys, from their Junk Opera, Shockheaded Peter. The other bands that appeared in this episode were James, Matthew Jay, Kate Rusby, Buju Banton, Rodney Crowell and several more.

    For more information about The Tiger Lillies, please visit the official site:

    Come chat with us about The Tiger Lillies on the forum, here!:

    And keep up with the latest Tiger Lillies news on Twitter!:

    *All rights belong to their respective owners, we own nothing.

  • The Tiger Lillies - Either Or 2013 full album


    (playlist down here) Either Or stands out within the extensive Tiger Lillies’ discography for more than one reasons:

    It‘s the first out of thirty three Tiger Lillies’ albums without the contribution of original band member Adrian Huge, who for the later half of 2012 has been replaced by drummer Mike Pickering.

    It’s one of the weirdest sounding Tiger Lillies’ albums, with multi-instrumentalist David Coulter (The Pogues, Tom Waits, Radiohead, Boy George) enriching Martyn Jacques’ music with his banjo, uke and violin, nose flute, jew’s saw, weeping saws, maracas, ominchord and clackamore.

    It’s the only Tiger Lillies album that delves into the world of Philosophy and dares to verbalize its quests in a new, uncompromising language.

    The album title quotes Danish philosopher Søren Aabye Kierkegaard’s 1834 Either/Or two volume publication. The songs are mostly inspired by Either’s last section, The Seducer’s Diary. Echoing the voice of Kierkegaard, the Tiger Lillies speak in their own beautifully blasphemous language about a world where pleasure is the highest good and its pursuit is encouraged regardless of means and consequences. The notion of ‘sin’ is put into question and all evil deeds are justified as long as they give meaning to people’s existence.

    *** plz. visit my channel if you seek more Tiger Lillies, I'm uploading the albums.
    The songs get even more meaning when you play them in the right order. ;) ***

    1- Blood Alley - 00:00
    2- Boredom - 03:32
    3- Nothing is Sin - 06:27
    4- Innocence - 11:55
    5- Sailor - 15:11
    6- Either Or - 19:39
    7- Gutter - 23:14
    8- No Sense - 26:29
    9- He's so Bad - 33:33
    10- God up in Heaven - 38:44
    11- Depression - 41:48
    12- Love for Sale - 45:48
    13- Tears in the Rain - 50:14
    14- Forget About Us - 55:28
    15- Teardrops - 1:00:17
    16- Destroy - 1:05:29

  • The Tiger Lillies - Eternity


    the tiger lillies live: freakshow @ savoy, helsinki 13.5.2011

  • The Tiger Lillies with Kronos Quartet - Trampled Lilly


  • The Tiger Lillies Masturbating Jimmy


    The Tiger Lillies Masturbating Jimmy

  • Interview with the Tiger Lillies 1/3


    Interview with the Tiger Lillies on their concert at the Bar jeder Vernunft in Berlin.

  • Madame Piaf


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Madame Piaf · The Tiger Lillies

    Madame Piaf

    ℗ 2016 Misery Guts Music

    Released on: 2016-06-01

    Music Publisher: Misery Guts Music Ltd

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • The Tiger Lillies - 11 - Roll Up - Live@Sentrum 09.05.2014


    The Tiger Lillies - 11 - Roll Up
    London / Great Britain (dark-cabaret, punk-cabaret)

    Sentrum (Kyiv / Ukraine)

    Neformat Ukraine - we support music you love.
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    Filmed by Kirai Gigs Studio:
    than 800 concerts and more than 3200 videos, check our full catalogue of live videos!)

    Stay tuned!

  • The Tiger Lillies - Live at Russian TV


    The Tiger Lillies - Live at Russian TV...
    A big thank to Amanda !

  • Tiger Lillies в Москве


    Английской группе Tiger Lillies исполнилось 20 лет. Типа... с днем рождения...

  • Tiger Lillies - Hearts Of Doves / THEY SHOOT MUSIC


    Tiger Lillies performing Hearts Of Doves (Pride), live in Vienna

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  • The Tiger Lillies - Bastard


    A nice man came on Monday,
    he was so good and kind,
    she almost felt a twinge of guilt
    when she had robbed him blind.
    A nice man came on Tuesday,
    rich, gentle and good,
    she put him so much into debt,
    he lost his livelihood.

    But, when a bastard came along,
    a bastard through and through,
    then she loved that bastard,
    she loved that bastard true.

    A nice man came on Wednesday,
    Macky slit his throat,
    and after he had slit it,
    he sold his hat and coat.
    A nice man came on Thursday,
    she said him she did love,
    until the money, it ran out,
    then she him gave the shove.

    But, when a bastard came along,
    a bastard through and through,
    well, then she loved that bastard,
    she loved that bastard true.




  • Living Hell


    A short film of the Tiger Lillies 2009 tour covering Ohio, Denver, LA and San Francisco with absent bass players, airports, snow, costumes and video shoots. Witness the Tiger Lillies making their first music video of 'Living Hell' in San Francisco. A Huge film.

  • tiger lillies-billys blue


    ...his drugstore blue

  • Tiger Lilies Live @ Athens - Κηποθέατρο Παπάγου - Χολαργού - 23/08/2016


    The Tiger Lilies Live @ Κηποθέατρο Παπάγου-Χολαργού Athens Greece - 23/08/2016 performing madame Piaf Tour

  • Theres Logic in This World


    Video of 'There's Logic In This World' from the Tiger Lillies cd 'Here I Am Human'.

    A Huge Film



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