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    #Ticketmaster exposed - How they help scalpers rip you off!


    #Ticketmaster #GretaVanFleet
    Ticketmaster has been caught red-handed by undercover reporters helping scalpers jack up the prices of tickets... all for a cut. This is the reason you can't get tickets to popular events.

    All views shared in this video, unless quoted from an oustide source, are strictly my own opinion. I encourage everyone to research this story and draw their own conclusions.

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    Calling Out Taylor Swifts Ticketmaster Fan Scam


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    Taylor Swift (and her label and team that created this idea) are scamming fans into buying more copies of her new album Reputation and overpriced merch as she tries to boost sales with a Ticketmaster verified fan pre-sale. More info at the links below


    Source 2:

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    ►Intro riff by Rob Scallon:

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    ¿Qué rock, amigos?

    Metallica agotó dos fechas en la preventa Citibanamex en menos de dos horas, debido a la alta demanda, la banda decidió abrir una tercera (y probablemente última) fecha y mucha gente se quejó por los problemas de la página al no obtener un boleto.

    En este video te doy tips y consejos para poder hacer una compra exitosa.

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    Tour Rumors:
    ♡open ғor lιnĸѕ♡
    SnapChat: candygal32

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    Iron Maiden + Ticketmaster - How Paperless Works


    The UK tour is just around the corner! In case paperless ticketing has got you all in a twist, here's a very brief guide to how it works.

    Animation by Val Andrade.

    All paperless help can be found here -

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    Taylor Swift and Ticketmaster Greedily Fleecing Fans


    Paste's article:

    The crappy video:

    Social media:

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    Ticketmaster Being Sued Over Resale Scam


    This is a follow up to our previous story about Ticketmaster's Resale Scam... Now there's a class action lawsuit in the works. Here's what you need to know if you were affected...

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    Here's a well documented attempt at buying tickets for the upcoming Rolling Stones show through the Ticketmaster website. Scam? False Advertising? Some kind of head game? You be the judge.

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    How Ticketing Works with Jo Young, Ticketmaster | FastForward 2017


    As the live music boom continues, more and more players, not necessarily music-specific, are looking to get into the ticketing market. Concurrently, more and more event goers expect tailored, fast and relevant communications that require real in depth understanding of both the marketplace and fans.

    Jo Young takes us through the hidden complexities of the modern ticketing market, the consumer and tech trends affecting ticketing right now, and why investing in data and analysis is paramount for selling tickets most effectively.

    Jo Young, Ticketmaster UK (@jo1young)

    FastForward 2017 was held at Muziekgebouw aan't IJ, Amsterdam NL
    Recorded on 24 February 2017 by The Hideout (

    More info:


    FastForward is a boutique music business conference aimed at, but not exclusive to, under 35s, that exists to help lay the foundation for a sustainable career in the modern music industry.

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    Intro audio credit: Right Place, Right Time by BOA (2016)

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    Airline Ticket Scalper Prank | Ticketmaster Verified


    We sent a scalper to the airport to hawk plane tickets. Did he get any takers? Nope, but he did get a “that’s crazy!” We couldn’t agree more – buying tickets from a scalper or a so-called secure resale site is crazy talk, whether you’re talking tickets for a plane, concert, or game. When it comes to live event tickets, know you’re 100% good to go with Ticketmaster verified tickets. You’re not getting someone’s old ticket – you’re getting a new one issued just for you. These tickets get you in, guaranteed. No funny business.

    Visit for the best Music, Sports, Arts & Theater, and Family events.

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    Ruth B. - If This is Love


    Music video by Ruth B. performing If This is Love. (C) 2017 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment

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    Ticketmaster is working with Scalpers to rip off public


    An amazing investigative effort put forth by the CBC and the Toronto Sun has exposed Ticketmaster in their elaborate and shady scheme to work with ticket brokers in order to jack up prices and collect more fees... Watch this entire piece as you won't believe how blatent and outlandish their efforts are to squeak out a few extra bucks from innocent patrons.

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    Ticketmaster is a technology company


    We look at ourselves as a technology company. A few years ago we didn't do that. We had to redefine ourselves culturally, Mark Yovich, head of Ticketmaster International says.

    More video's:

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    Ticketmaster Is Ripping You Off! - Taking more of your money through scalpers


    Ticketmaster has been caught working WITH SCALPERS to rip you off! Here's my thoughts...
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    Ticketmaster was recently caught by the CBC and Toronto Star courting ticket scalpers to use their Trade Desk platform. This means they are getting MORE of your money by letting the scalpers sell for higher prices and higher fees.

    Here are all the articles I referenced:

    #StompboxSaturday #pedaldemos #guitar
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    Hey everyone! My name is Sean Pierce Johnson and I'm the guitarist for the band Cockeyed Optimist. I love demoing effects pedals and all things related to making music.


    Instagram - @seanpierceceo


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    Ticketmaster Scam - different service charges on same tickets


    In the process of purchasing tickets for a Penguins game, I noticed while browsing that adding the same exact tickets to my carts different times, the service charge that Ticketmaster charges can vary greatly. How does this make any sense?

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    New Hope Club | Ticketmaster Chat


    Find tickets here:

    New Hope Club's Reece Bibby, Blake Richardson and George Smith sit down ahead of their debut London headline shows to talk about touring the world, soundtracking a film, and forthcoming new music.

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    Ticketmaster Access Control App


    Die Barcode Scanner mit der Ticketmaster Access Control App sorgten u.a. beim Do The Wave Weltrekord-Versuch in Braunschweig für einen reibungslosen Ablauf an allen Eingängen.

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    The cast of Heathers chat about the show | Ticketmaster UK


    Find tickets here:

    Carrie Hope Fletcher (Veronica), Jamie Muscato (JD), Jodie Steele (Heather Chandler), T'Shan Williams (Heather Duke) and Sophie Isaac (Heather McNamara) chat about the musical at the London launch event.

    From 9 June – 4 August, Heathers will be back in class with brand new songs, new material and new classmates. Produced by Bill Kenwright and Paul Taylor Mills – who co-produced the award-winning Carrie in 2015 – Heathers the Musical is based on one of the greatest teen films of all time, the 1988 classic starred Winona Ryder and Christian Slater.

    This hit musical adaptation has already enjoyed successful runs in Los Angeles and New York, and now finally arrives in the UK.

    Carrie Hope Fletcher will be joined by Jodie Steele (Myth, Wicked (UK and International Tour)) as Heather Chandler, Sophie Isaacs (The Rocky Horror Show (EU tour), Grease) as Heather McNamara and T’Shan Williams (Caroline Or Change, Guys & Dolls) as Heather Duke.

    Jamie Muscato (Big Fish, Lazarus) will take on the role of teen rebel Jason Dean, or JD.

    The leading cast will be joined by Chris Chung as Kurt Kelly, Dominic Anderson as Ram Sweeney, Jenny O’Leary as Martha Dunnstock and Rebecca Lock as Mrs Flemming.

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    Your Thoughts on Ticketmaster?


    We hit the line for an Atmosphere show outside the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles to get a few opinions on Ticketmaster, their fees, and what people think in general of the ticketing giant.

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    Ticketmaster takes on The Monster


    Find tickets here:

    Ticketmaster headed down to Alexandra Palace in London to take on the ultimate inflatable obstacle course for adults, The Monster, as it prepared for its UK tour. Here's a taste of things to come when it visits Manchester, Cardiff, Sheffield, Nottingham, Edinburgh, London, Peterborough and Birmingham.

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    Mayday Parade | Ticketmaster Session


    Find tickets here:

    Mayday Parade perform stripped back versions of new tracks 'It's Hard To Be Religious When Certain People Are Never Incinerated By Bolts Of Lightning' and 'Piece Of Your Heart' taken from their album 'Sunnyland'.

    Remember to subscribe to the Mayday Parade Ticket Alerts on to be one of the first to know when they are set to return to the UK.

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    Preventa 24 y 25 de febrero Ticketmaster.


    Leonel García en concierto, Amor Futuro Tour, 28 de marzo, Teatro Metropolitan México D.F.

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    Holloway Road | Ticketmaster Session


    Find tickets here:
    Holloway Road are also performing at Country To Country Festival. Tickets here:

    Holloway Road perform 'Under Cover' and 'If She Falls' live in session at Ticketmaster HQ.

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    Is Ticketmaster Taking Advantage of us?!!!!


    Hey audio community, is Ticketmaster taking advantage? Tickets for shows seem to sell within the hour of going on sale and then appear on the affiliate sites at three times the cost for the same concert or show. This makes me mad!! Please share your thoughts, share this video to those who will be interested and let me know if this has happened to you. Something seems very wrong with all this!!

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    Music Industry Profile: Fred Rosen formerly of Ticketmaster


    In this clip from - Fred Rosen, founder and former President of Ticketmaster, introduces himself and the business of event ticketing. Along the way, he describes how he built Ticketmaster into the largest event ticket provider in the world, and shares valuable advice for entrepreneurs and executives on everything from marketing strategy to the nature of entrepreneurship to how to handle negative publicity and high-profile setbacks.

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    Fred Rosen CEO of Ticketmaster Explains High Service Charges


    In this clip, former Ticketmaster CEO Fred Rosen discusses how the economics of ticket pricing for live concerts has evolved over the past few decades. He describes the invention of the Golden Circle (which was the first premium-priced event ticket plan) and the advent of tiered pricing based on seat location. He also shares his thoughts on how tiered pricing has transformed the business of live music for promoters, artists, managers, and agents.

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    fuck ticketmaster fuck scalpers


    so I just came on here to vent because i was just so mad and upset but if you are going to the tour please let me know!!

    Twitter : @hoe_seokk
    Insta : iisa_piins

    My ETSY link :

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    The Hunna | Ticketmaster Session


    Find tickets here:

    The Hunna perform a very special version of 'Still Got Blood' live in session on stage at O2 Academy Brixton.

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    Lukas Nelson | Ticketmaster Session


    Find tickets here:

    Now announced for Country to Country 2018, Lukas Nelson stopped by the Ticketmaster UK office to perform a stripped back version of 'Find Yourself'.

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    Pearl Jam - 1995-01-14 Washington, DC


    MTV news clip about the D.C. Shows from January 1995.

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    The Hunna | Ticketmaster Session


    Find tickets here:

    The Hunna perform a very special version of 'She's Casual' live in session on stage at O2 Academy Brixton.

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    The Hunna | Ticketmaster Session


    Find tickets here:

    The Hunna perform a very special version of 'Bad For You' live in session on stage at O2 Academy Brixton.

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    Exclusive behind the scenes tour at Hamilton in the West End | Ticketmaster UK


    Find tickets here:

    We join Olivier Award winner Michael Jibson backstage at London's newly renovated Victoria Palace Theatre for a tour of Hamilton.

    The King George III star takes us through the theatre, onto the stage, and into the wings, before chatting to the wigs and wardrobe department to find out more about the magic behind the international phenomenon.

    Hamilton opened in London's West End in December 2017 to five star reviews across the board, bringing the tale of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton and his rise in stateside politics.

    The show broke records on Broadway with a mammoth 16 Tony nominations, winning 11, including Best Musical. The show was also the recipient of both the 2016 Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album and the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

    At this year's Olivier Awards the West End production walked away with seven awards including being awarded for Best New Musical.

    Hamilton recently confirmed its extension into March 2019.

    HAMILTON is the story of America’s Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant from the West Indies who became George Washington’s right-hand man during the Revolutionary War and helped shape the very foundations of the America we know today. The score blends hip-hop, jazz, blues, rap, R&B and Broadway – the story of America then, as told by America now.

    The musical has book, music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda, and is directed by Thomas Kail.

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    Watch more trailers and teasers from the world of theatre here:

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    Deaf Havana | Ticketmaster Session


    Pre-order the album Rituals here:
    Find tickets here:

    Deaf Havana vocalist James Veck-Gilodi visited Ticketmaster HQ to perform stripped back versions of latest single 'Sinner', alongside 'Fever', as they announced their London headline show at the O2 Academy Brixton on Friday 7 December.

    The band are currently gearing up to release their new album, 'Rituals', due for release on the 3 August 2018.

    Speaking of the record, James says: This is the first time I feel like I have made an album that is all for me, written purely for my own enjoyment.”

    “I understand that I might alienate some people who might not ‘get’ the album, but I am so fortunate that the band are behind me all the way. Everyone is super excited to get out on the road and play all these songs live.”

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    For more sessions check out our playlist here:

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    Chris de Burgh - Lady in Red | Ticketmaster


    Chris de Burgh kommt 2017 wieder auf Tour! Sichert euch eure Tickets bei Ticketmaster:

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    Happy Mothers Day From Ticketmaster


    Memories are forever so go make some!

    Happy Mother's Day to all the great moms out there who strive each and every day to make our world a better place.

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    Ive Seen: Why Ticketmaster, Clear Channel Networks, Live Nation SUCK!!!


    Why the music scene is stale and expensive. It goes deep politically and is steeped in corporatism. Music is by tOCK and you can download the album free at

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    Declan McKenna | Ticketmaster Chat


    Find tickets here:

    Declan McKenna plays BBC Music Introducing Live on the 4 October, before his own headline tour later in the month.

    We asked Declan McKenna's fans to submit questions. Here he opens up about his first gig, favourite records, rise to fame, socks, and much more.

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    Tim Minchin Ticketmaster Verified Fan® Presale Australia


    Tim Minchin's BACK tour Presale, powered by Ticketmaster Verified Fan®

    Sign up at


    At Ticketmaster, we’re committed to getting more tickets into the hands of fans. Through our partnerships with artists, we’re here to help ensure that real fans get to see the artists they love - and that scalpers and bots are kept away - giving you priority access to great tickets.

    Registration closes at 5pm(AEST) on Sunday 2nd September 2018

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    Connie Talbot singing When We Were Young at Ticketmaster, London


    August 7 2018
    Song: When We Were Young
    Original Performer: Adele

    Go follow connie:

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    Def Leppard | Ticketmaster Chat


    Find tickets here:

    Ahead of their UK tour, playing 'Hysteria' in full, we interview Def Leppard vocalist Joe Elliott about creating the album, its legacy, and the UK live shows.

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    Taylor Swift Tix℠ powered by Ticketmaster Verified Fan®


    The first round of dates for Taylor Swift's reputation Stadium Tour was just announced! And we're excited about an exclusive program to help you get the best access to tickets, in a really fun way. Taylor Swift Tix℠ powered by Ticketmaster Verified Fan®

    Visit to enter the program.

    Get the highly-anticipated new album 'reputation'

    Taylor Swift online store:

    Get the first single Look What You Made Me Do

    Apple Music:

    Follow rep Stadium Tour:

    Facebook: (@TBA)

    Twitter: (@repStadiumTr)

    Instagram: (@repStadiumTr)


    Follow REP News Media LLC,:

    Facebook: (@REPNewsMediaLLC)

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    Twitter: (@REPNewsMediaLLC)

    © Taylor Nation LLC. All Rights Reserved

    © Big Machine Record Label LLC under exclusive license to Universal Music Group. All Rights Reserved

    © REP News Media LLC,

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    Il Divo | Ticketmaster Chat


    Find tickets here:

    Il Divo will tour the UK in the summer of 2018, announcing the Castles & Country Tour which will visit stately homes and castles across Britain. The dates include a headline appearance at London’s Greenwich Music Time.

    Classical crossover group Il Divo will match their performance with beautiful settings, kicking off at Euston Park in Thetford on the 5 July 2018. The tour then visits locations in Berkshire, Wales, Edinburgh, Warwickshire, Northumberland, Chichester, Leicestershire and Yorkshire, as well as at London’s Greenwich Music Time on Sunday 8 July.

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    Nothing But Thieves | Ticketmaster Chat


    Find tickets here:
    Donate here:

    Launching the #IAMWHOLE campaign at the top of London's iconic BT Tower, we interview Nothing But Thieves to find out more about the campaign, their UK tour, and life on the road.

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    FOURCE – The BOX concert 2019 – trailer


    Na een uitverkocht eerste concert voor bijna 3000 uitzinnige fans in de Tilburgse poptempel 013, geven de jongens van FOURCE dit jaar maar liefst twee concerten, namelijk op zaterdag 14 en zondag 15 september in de Amsterdamse concertzaal The BOX.


    Kaarten voor het concert kosten € 28,50 per stuk en dat is inclusief servicekosten en 1 euro voor het Rode Kruis. De kaartverkoop verloopt via de website van Ticketmaster ( de ticketlijn van Ticketmaster (0900-3001250, 60 cpm en 1 euro extra servicekosten) en bij alle ruim 500 vestigingen van Primera (1 euro extra servicekosten).

    Video: Pim Verlaat
    © 2019 EGO Company

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    The Glorious Sons | Ticketmaster Session


    Find The Glorious Sons tickets on Ticketmaster:

    One half of The Glorious Sons stopped by Ticketmaster UK HQ to perform very special versions of 'Josie' and 'Sawed Off Shotgun' , and to chat a little about their sound.

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    Inside Santa Pods Main Event | Ticketmaster UK


    Find tickets here:

    Check out what happened when Ticketmaster attended the Santa Pod Main Event at the Santa Pod Raceway in Podington, Bedfordshire.

    Santa Pod Raceway in the UK is the home of European Drag Racing and host to the televised FIA / FIM European Drag Racing Championships. It's the fastest and loudest motorsport on earth with sensational race action from dragsters and doorslammers to beetles and bikes.

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    Check out more from the world of Sport and Special Events in our playlist:

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    Happy Holidays From Ticketmaster!


    Thank you all for a wonderful 2014. We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season and much success in 2015!

    Visit for all your ticket needs. Now more tickets in store for you with fan-to-fan enable events. Say so long to sold out!

    Download the Ticketmaster app!

    For iPhone:

    For Android:

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    Ticketmaster FINALLY Fixes Online Ordering Website


    - For over a month (at least), the Ticketmaster website had a major problem that undoubtedly hurt sales for Justin Bieber's (and other artists') upcoming concert series. Ticketmaster finally fixed the problem today.

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    Dane Baptiste | Ticketmaster UK


    Find tickets here:

    Comedian Dane Baptiste stopped by Ticketmaster HQ for an interview about his G.O.D. (Gold.Oil.Drugs) stand up show, as well as just why opinions are like buttholes.



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