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Playlist of Things beginner guitarists say

  • Things beginner guitarists say - Jared Dines


    Things beginner guitarists say
    By Jared Dines

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  • things guitarists NEVER say


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  • Types of Guitar Noobs


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  • things you should NEVER say to a guitarist



    special thanks to: justin dines, zach holtzer, connor dale, and trevor anderson

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  • 100 Cliche Things Guitarists Say


    You've already heard every guitar player you know utter these guitarist cliches... NOW YOU CAN HEAR ME SAY THEM. Here's just a few:

    Dude! Is that a Klon clone?
    Dude! Is that a Metal Zone?
    Can I get more guitar in the monitor, please?
    This amp just sounds better cranked.
    I’m gonna try and create some ambiance.
    I was just born in the wrong era.
    It’s not the notes you play, it’s the notes you don’t play. I think it was Miles Davis who said that or something.
    I want you to make the drums sound like John Bonham, ya know like “When the Levee Breaks”.
    What are you doing Saturday night? My band is playing a show at LiveWire East.
    Have you heard of the CAGED system?
    Have you ever learned to play guitar, but can’t because you only watch YouTube?
    But does it DJENT?

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  • 5 Things Every Beginner Guitarist SHOULD Learn


    In this episode I will show you 5 Things Every Beginner Guitarist SHOULD Learn. This is based on my 35 years of guitar teaching.








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  • 12 Tips I Wish I Knew as a Beginner Guitarist


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  • 5 Things I Wish Beginner Guitarists Knew


    These are the first 5 Things I fix with thousands of students. These common practice mistakes create long term bad habits. Those bad habits will keep you in a rut. If you’re a beginner you’re lucky because this will save you a lot of lesson fees and time. If you’re an advanced player and feel stuck this is the key!

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  • 10 COMMON MISTAKES Beginner Guitarists Make






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  • Dagans 12 Essential Tips For Beginner Guitarists - Things I Wish I Was Told


    Dagan talks about 12 tips he wishes he was told when he first started playing.

    In this video, Dagan shows us his essential tips for beginner guitarists that will help you along the way to rock stardom. We also get to see how Dagan is a secret origami specialist.

    Tips discussed...

    0:00 12 Tips For Beginner Guitarists
    1:00 Tip #1 Use the correct fingers when fretting
    2:48 Tip #2 Avoid The “Death Grip”
    3:50 Tip #3 Practice your syncopation
    4:50 Tip #4 Play along to a metronome
    5:50 Tip #5 Practice standing up
    6:40 Tip #6 Consistency is key
    7:20 Tip #7 Practice whilst watching TV
    8:00 Tip #8 Learn how to play your favourite songs
    8:27 Tip #9 Learn songs by ear
    9:00 Tip #10 Learn songs outside of your comfort zone
    9:30 Tip #11 Don’t be afraid of knocking your guitar
    10:45 Bonus Tip – never sell your first guitar
    11:00 Tip #12 Start playing slow, then build up speed

    Starting out in the world of guitar can be a little daunting, and as you start to learn new skills you may pick up a few bad habits. These bad habits may or may not hinder your progress when it comes to guitar, so Dagan has decided to offer a few pearls of wisdom that will help make your learning experience more enjoyable and set you up for life!

    We find out how long you should practice guitar for, what type of music you should be practising, good finger placement habits and many more great tips.

    Have you got any more tips for us? Let us know in the comments below.


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  • Tips For Beginner Guitarists


    In today's lesson we look at tips for guitarists at the beginning of their journey.
    1. Don't Just Play Songs 00:24
    2. Find a Good Teacher 01:05
    3. Learn The Notes on the E and A Strings 02:02
    4. Practice To Perfection 03:48
    5. Don't Neglect Your Ear 04:18
    6. Incorporate A Metronome 04:59
    7. Remember We've All Been There 06:02

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    Guitarist/Songwriter/Samurai Born in the Manitoba prefecture of Canada, samuraiguitarist, Steve-san Onotera, honed his discipline under the study of the country's most powerful musical sensei. Bred on rock, raised on the blues, trained in jazz, samuraiguitarist creates incredibly innovative videos that showcase his talents on the guitar.

  • 10 Accessories Beginner Guitarists Should Buy Before They Start


    In this guitar lessons I explain what accessories beginner guitarists should buy before they start their journey. Details of recommended brands and models in each category can be found on the web site!

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    10 TYPES OF ACOUSTIC GUITARISTS. In this video you mostly hear original ideas. I do however play Drifiting by Andy Mckee (the stubborn beginner guitarist). And then there's the obvious rock riffs.

    Thanks to Fender PLAY I can do Youtube part-time. If you want to learn acoustic/electric guitar and become better than me, this is the place to go. Right now they're offering a 30-day FREE trial so you can try it out. (They even have a sleek app). Try it out now! I wish this existed when I started learning

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  • 5 Beginner Guitar Tips | Advice From A Pro Guitarist


    Advice for the beginner guitarist, from a professional guitarist.

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  • what i did right as a beginner guitarist


    Beginning guitar is a scary and confusing time, especially when learning guitar online. Without knowing anything about the instrument, you have to be your own guitar teacher. This has it's downsides, but it also has its advantages.

    There are plenty of videos about beginner guitarist mistakes and :things I wish I knew as a beginner guitarist, and they're good, so this is also one of those. But i wanted to be a little positive and also talk about what I did right as a beginner guitarist. When you're self taught, your success is completely dependent on you, which is freeing, and terrifying. In this video I try to help you take the right first step in your online guitar learning journey.

    Some of the topics I tackle include: picking the right first guitar, how much you should practice guitar, and other beginner guitar advice.

    what i did right as a beginner guitarist:


  • The Musical Alphabets- Music Theory For Beginner Guitarists- Lesson 22


    Hey guys, This video starts a series in the series of our Beginner lessons????..Music theory is an essential part of guitar playing as it will make you see music/guitar in a broader sense, and everything we've been learning so far will make more sense!!
    Have Fun!!❤❤


  • Why Youre Still a Beginner Guitarist


    Guitar skill and the amount of time you've been playing don't necessarily increase equally. I've learned that the hard way. In this video I cover reasons why you're guitar progress might be slow, despite the amount of time you've been playing guitar.

    As a beginner guitarist it's important to avoid forming bad habits and develop a good practice routine. You should also use good guitar learning tools for beginners, and finish them!

    Anyway, enjoy the vid!

  • Useful Tips For Beginner Guitarists


    Hi guys, sorry about the mistake in Tip 6 use a metrome..
    In this lesson, you'll learn some Basic tips for someone just starting to play the guitar..Ofcourse there are more of this as you advance in your guitar journey.we'll discuss more in subsequent lessons.
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  • The 5 Things I Wish Knew as a Beginner Guitarist | The One Lesson You NEED!


    The 5 Things I Wish Knew as a Beginner Guitarist. Classy title, huh? Well the contents of this video contain way more than 3 things. what I am delivering to you are strategies and concepts that you can use for the lifetime of your guitar endeavors. This lesson is truly the one lesson you need, or needed depending on where you are in your journey. Since so many beginners start on acoustic guitar, I videoed myself playing acoustic. I truly feel this is one of the most important guitar lessons you could ever take.

    In this lesson I give you the most important advice on how to cut the time it takes you to learn how to play in half. From Fretting difficult chord, to navigating tough chord changes, to using time as the context within which to practice. I cover how to practice perfectly and yes it is possible. beginner Guitarist.

    If you are an older beginning/intermediate guitarist, some of the strategies here can benefit you tremendously, too
    #themostimportantguitarlesson #beginningguitar #guitarlearningstrategies #olderbeginnerguitarist

  • Top 5 Tips for NEW Guitarists!


    Top 5 Tips for NEW Guitarists!
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    Important Things Down Here ⤵

    Welcome to my Top 5 Tips for new/beginner guitarists!

    I’ve had a lot of people in comments/tweets/stuff tell me that I inspired them to pick up guitar and play (which is crazy lol)

    With that in mind, I wanted to make a video like this to provide some guidance and advice when starting out on guitar!

    If you’re a more intermediate/advanced guitar player, these tips might still help out as well

    Leave a comment letting me know if you guys want to see more videos like this, or not like this…suggestions are good either way lol ^-^

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    Thanks for watching!

    Erik - Musick

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  • Triads - Music Theory For Beginner Guitarists - Lesson 24


    Hi guys, in this video you'll learn how triads are formed from the major scale.
    Have Fun!!❤❤


  • 13 common mistakes by beginning guitarists


    Things I wish I'd known when I was learning. Also, tips for fixing those mistakes.

    More about the F chord

    Learn Smells Like Teen Spirit here, at 2:14

    Learn about tuning your guitar

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  • Chord Scale - Music Theory For Beginner Guitarists - Lesson 25


    Hi guys, This is a Basic summary of the Previous Music Theory lessons we've learnt..This is how chords in a scale is derived and this is applicable to all Major scale.
    Have Fun!!❤❤


  • beginner guitarist vs pro guitarist


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  • 5 Things Every Beginning Jazz Guitarist Should Know


    There are so many people who seem to be focusing on the wrong things and slow down their progress when they want to learn Jazz. This video is going to give you some suggestions about how to think about what you are learning so that as a Jazz Guitar Beginner, You actually work towards learning Jazz and don't drive yourself crazy practicing exotic scales.

    Jazz Chords - 5 Exercises You Need To Know About

    Thoughts on what to practice and learn in the beginning:

    Get the PDF and GuitarPro files on Patreon:

    00:00 Intro
    00:28 It is not only about Scales
    01:35 Play Music Not Exercises
    03:07 A Bebop Job Interview
    03:37 Learn Songs
    04:17 Listen to Jazz
    05:20 Vocabulary - If you ever want to sound like Jazz
    06:22 Jazz Chords - A Great Place To Start
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    My name is Jens Larsen, Danish Jazz Guitarist, and Educator. The videos on this channel will help you explore and enjoy Jazz. Some of it is how to play jazz guitar, but other videos are more on Music Theory like Jazz Chords or advice on how to practice and learn Jazz, on guitar or any other instrument.

    The videos are mostly jazz guitar lessons, but also music theory, analysis of songs and videos on jazz guitars.

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  • 5 Things Guitarists Dont Need To Learn But They Think They Do!


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  • The Major Scale - Music Theory For Beginner Guitarists - Lesson 23


    The major scale is a very crucial part of music theory, in this lesson, we will take a look at how the major scale is derived.
    Have Fun!!❤❤


  • Top 5 Tips For New Guitarists To Stick With It! Dont give up!


    This lesson is my very best top 5 tips for new guitarists to help them stick with those first couple of tough months!
    Full free beginner course:

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    It's nearly all 100% free and card details are not needed to register. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose! My theory course is the best on the web (and one of the very few paid parts of the site) and it's awesome - if your theory is lacking and you wanna fix it - that's the place to go! At my store, you'll find a huge range of super cool guitar themed t-shirts, all my (paper) books, merch and lots more ???? and we got proper fun backing tracks for you to jam along with too!

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  • Music Theory For Beginner Guitarists - What Do You NEED To Know?


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    For more totally free guitar lessons, check out There you will find a comprehensive beginners course, along with every guitar lesson of mine on YouTube. There, all lessons are structured and easy to find with relevant chord sheets or TAB links plus help and advice - ALL FOR FREE!

  • Unboxing a New Electric Guitar and How to Set It Up | Fender


    In this video, Senior Product Development Manager Al Abbassi walks through unboxing, the anatomy of, plugging in, tuning, and playing a brand new Standard Series Stratocaster. If you have just purchased a new Fender product, find more information about it at

    Guitar Anatomy 0:50
    Plugging In 4:26
    Tuning Your Guitar 5:02
    Using The Tremolo 6:17


    About Fender:
    Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is the world’s foremost manufacturer of guitars, basses, amplifiers and related equipment. With an illustrious history dating back to 1946, Fender has touched and transformed music worldwide and in nearly every genre: rock ‘n’ roll, country and western, jazz, rhythm and blues, and many others.

    Connect with Fender:
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    Unboxing a New Electric Guitar and How to Set It Up | Fender

  • Music Theory Lesson For Beginner Guitarists | A Must Watch for All Beginners


    In today's lesson Issac teaches us three simple music theory concepts. This music theory lesson will help you build a strong foundation for all your future knowledge. This is music theory that's practical and can be applied to your instrument immediately.

    For online private lessons with Issac visit:


    When you join NYC Guitar School, you join a community of over 1,000 guitar lovers from around New York City and around the world. Over 15,000 busy New Yorkers have learned to play with NYC Guitar School and have given our school hundreds of 5-star ratings on Yelp, Google and Amazon. Both new and experienced players who come through our doors (physical or virtual) enter a welcoming community where they can follow a personalized approach to their musical goals.

    ???? Weekly one-on-one video music lessons or classes. Personalized coaching with an expert teacher in guitar, bass, vocals, ukulele, drums or digital production.
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  • 7 Cheap Bass Guitars That Dont Suck - Great Tone, Budget Friendly Prices


    Dagan takes a look at 7 cheap bass guitars that actually sound great and play extremely well.

    Watch the new 2018 updated video:

    0:00 - Sterling by Music Man Sub Ray4 bass:

    3:09 - Hofner Ignition Series Violin Bass Sunburst:

    6:19 - Eastcoast P300 P Electric Bass Guitar:

    8:25 - Ibanez SR300E Bass:

    12:35 - Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass '70s, MN, Natural:

    14:32 - Ibanez GSRM20 miKro:

    16:43 - Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Short Scale Bass Guitar:

    In this video, Dagan proves that you don't have to spend a fortune to get a bass guitar that sounds and feels great. When we say Cheap think Budget Friendly instead. These are some of the best cheap bass guitars that money can buy, all of which will provide many years of comfortable playing and the articulate tone you need to get your bass lines to stand out in the mix.

    Each of these cheap bass guitars range from just over £100, to under £300, making them affordable options for those looking for beginner bass guitars or just something else for around the home or recording with.

    Don't be fooled by the small price tag - these are often relied upon by intermediate guitarists and professional guitarists alike thanks to their high quality construction, superb playability and amazing sound - you get a LOT of tone for your money!

    These are 7 of the best cheap bass guitars that you can rely on and won't break the bank!


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  • Four essential chords for beginning guitarists, a strum & a song


    In this video learn D, G, C and E minor plus a strum pattern, and how to put it all together for Brown Eyed Girl. Find the rest of the chords and words here:

    Private lessons via Skype and in Ottawa, ON (Canada)

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  • Are You a Beginner Guitarist? - The Things I wish I knew at 15 Years Old




    Here some tips for beginner guitarists. This can apply to anyone but particularly aimed at youngsters who are learning to play. These are things I wish I understood.
    If you like this video, please check out some of my other videos!

    Hi! I am Brian Bower. I am a rock and metal enthusiast who loves to play guitar, make videos and talk! I have been playing guitar consistently since I was 15 years old. I love talking about gear, playing, whatever. I mainly have been playing Ibanez guitars for the better part of 15 years. Some of my favorite acts are Rush, The Tragically Hip, Steve Vai, King Diamond, Textures, Yngwie Malmsteen, Hammerfall, Pyramaze, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Beyond Creation and many others. I am open to playing other types of music. I have also been uploading off on to YouTube for years. If you like my content, give me sub. Thanks for checking out my channel! Rock on!



    HOW TO GO FROM BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE GUITARIST (3 TOP TIPS) Today, I'm going to share with you the top 3 tips that you, as a beginner level guitarist, can do to go from where you are to becoming an intermediate level guitar player. I'm sharing with you the things I've personally learned as well as what I've seen work with many of my students.

    These are my 3 tips to get you over the hump in your progress. If you spend some time focused on these 3 things, you will see improvement in your playing.

    AND, if you want to get additional help with playing guitar, go check out my FREE COURSE HERE:

  • Which Guitar to Buy? -Beginner to Advanced Guitarist-


    What gear is the best gear and why? No matter how long you have been playing for.


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  • A Guitarists Guide To The Banjo - Beginners Banjo Tutorial by Brian McIntyre


    Brian McIntyre gives us a beginner's guide to the banjo - from a guitarists point of view.

    As an accomplished guitar player and teacher, Brian demonstrates two beginner 'rolls' on the banjo.

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  • Things Beginner Guitarists Say


    Learning guitar is one of the most challenging things you can do. How many of these did you find yourself saying when you started out?

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  • Things Beginner Guitarists Say


    Things Beginner Guitarists Say | Hey guys! Welcome to another video! This is some of the things that beginner guitar players say! Note: I am making fun of beginner guitar players, do not take this video seriously! Its satire!

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  • Annoying things beginner guitarists do...


    Hey Guys!!
    Recently iv'e been thinking of making kind of funny Videos
    So i came up with this
    I don't mean to offend or discourage any guitarist...
    Everyone goes through these initial learning stages....
    its just that i've presented it in a funny manner.
    Hope u enjoy!
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  • Things Guitarists Say


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  • Things beginner guitarists should know


    These tips for beginner guitarists are things I've learned from my 20 years of playing guitar (12 years professionally). I hope you learn something interesting from my oddball delivery.

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  • Best Gifts For Beginner Guitarists


    Many of you who watch this channel may be well on your way to guitar greatness, but I’m sure you know someone out there who’s just getting started, and still aren’t quite sure what they need to ensure their success as a learned guitar player. Luckily your old friend Marty is here to give you a few pointers on what to purchase for the budding guitarist in your life, to start their journey to rock’n’roll stardom. And since the holidays are upon us, it’s the perfect time to start shopping!

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  • 8 Tips for Beginner Guitarists


    8 Tips for Beginner Guitarists

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    Beginner Guitarist Tips:

    00:00 - Introduction
    00:19 - How To Hold A Guitar
    03:16 - How To Identify The Strings
    06:11 - How To Tune The Strings
    09:44 - How To Hold A Pick
    12:56 - How To Pick Individual Strings
    16:03 - How The Fingers In Your Fretting Hand Are Numbered
    16:57 - How To Grip The Neck
    21:47 - How To Properly Fret The Notes

    Get ready for a barrage of tips for beginner guitarists because I’m going to give you the crash course I never had on my first day playing guitar.

    When offering guitar tips for beginners, I like to focus on all the things needed to get you playing right away. After all, that’s what a guitar is meant for, being played!

    In this video I share with you all the tips for beginner guitarists that I wish someone had told me on my first day of playing. Chances are I would’ve ended up a much better guitar player knowing EXACTLY what beginner guitarists needed to do to start playing more properly and effectively.

    These guitar tips for beginners may seem overly simplistic, with things like how to hold the guitar or how to use the tuning keys, but trust me it’s much better to follow exactly how to do these things instead of being left to figure it out on your own. Only in playing guitar is it not advised to throw away the instruction manual ????

    I’ll run through these beginner guitar tips one by one, and break them down for you, so there can be nothing standing in your way from start to play all of your favorite songs!

    And by the way, you can learn those 6 SUPER EASY basic chords I talked about at this link here:

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    ???? That cheat sheet is a game changer, no matter what level you’re at in guitar. When life sometimes gets in the way of practicing the guitar that we love, you never have to sacrifice your progress. All you need is a guideline on how to use what little time you have to achieve the MAXIMUM results. This cheat sheet will give you that!

    As you embark on the journey of beginner guitarists, you gotta know my #1 rule… HAVE FUN! Take what you’ve learned today and put it to work, but have fun while you’re doing it. Maybe even teach it to someone else and pay it forward :)

    Rock On!
    Guitar Mastery Method

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  • 5 Things You Should Never Say To A Guitarist/Guitar Player


    Jake recommends playing the Hohner Special 20 harmonica
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    Jake recommends playing the Hohner Special 20 harmonica
    Hohner Special 20 Harmonicas can be bought here:
    Key of C:
    Key of A:
    Key of G:
    Key of Bb:
    Key of F:
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    Key of D:
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    Set of 3:

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    Harmonica for Dummies:
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  • 5 Guitar Tips For Absolute Beginner Guitarists


    The 5 most important things to pass on to newbie guitar players. I have been playing for nearly 30 years and this is what I think absolute beginners should know. These are things I wish some one told me when I started out.

    While my studio and video set are tore down ready for a house move, I'm making a series of short videos, talking about the tips I've learnt that I wish I learnt sooner and I wish I could go back and tell my younger self.

    In this video, I talk about tips for absolute beginners - those guitarists picking up the instrument for the first time and just setting out on their musical journey.

    My regular lessons will be resumed as soon as my house move goes though. In the mean time I hope you find this useful.

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  • The two words you should NEVER say to a guitarist


    These two words man... just avoid saying them. Just to guitarists tho.


  • 5 Guitars Perfect For Beginners!


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  • 8 Lead Singers Who Are Also Lead Guitarists


    They say multitasking is hard, these guys do it with ease. Here are 8 lead singers who are also lead guitarists.

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  • My TOP 10 TIPS as a beginner guitarist for learning to play clean major chords.


    For the longest time, I have struggled with chords and it has taken me hours and hours to play just the most basic of the major chords cleanly. Some of the issues were following my time trying to teach myself using online resources and these have now been addressed through paid professional tuition.

    In this video, as a pure beginner and following several requests for this video, I share my top tips for learning to play clean chords. I will not go through individual lessons because there are hundreds of videos from experience teachers online. Instead, this video takes a beginners viewpoint of what I found to make a difference and to keep me motivated and pushing forwards.

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