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Playlist of Theresa's Sound

  • Theresas Sound-World


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Theresa's Sound-World · Sonic Youth


    ℗ 1992 Geffen Records

    Released on: 1992-01-01

    Producer, Studio Personnel, Engineer: Butch Vig
    Producer: Sonic Youth
    Studio Personnel, Mixer: Andy Wallace
    Studio Personnel, Engineer: Edward Douglas
    Composer Lyricist: Kim Gordon
    Composer Lyricist: Thurston Moore
    Composer Lyricist: Lee Ranaldo
    Composer Lyricist: Steve Shelley

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Sonic Youth - theresas sound world


    Sonic Youth's Theresa's Sound World off 1992 album Dirty.

    I do not own this song.

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  • Sonic Youth - Theresas Sound-World


    Recorded live on November 20, 1992 at PC 69 in Bielefeld, DE.

  • Sonic Youth - Theresas Sound World


    Dirty (1992)

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  • Theresa Andersson - Hold On To Me


    Official Music video for Theresa Andersson's Hold On To Me from the upcoming album Street Parade - out April 24th! This video features footage of Theresa's performance at Mardi Gras, marching with the Krewe of Muses.

    Get all of Theresa's latest news, tour dates, music, videos and more at:

    Directed by Petter Ringbom

    Photography: Oskie Creech

    Muses Credits

    Trumpet: Hannah Kreiger-Benson, K.C. OʼRorke, Rebecca Hames, Greg Beaman

    Saxophone: Lori LaPatka, Robin Clabby, Wayne Mitchell, James Partridge, Travis Blotsky, Steven Young

    Trombone: Ashley Shabankareh, Jeremy Mojo Phipps

    Tuba: Sam Bradley, Duncan Pray

    Drumline: Chris Cuccione, Derrick Freeman, Jay Layton, Madelaine Crabtree, Jason Songe, John Michael Roussell, Arthur Mintz, Darryl DiMaggio, Jacques Duffourc

    Singer/dancers: Carolina Avila, Paige Fary, Elizabeth Ellinghausen, Megann Jones, Mary Elizabeth Garaudy, Nicole Carbon, Natalie Rine, Katie Pintado, Elizabeth Carson, Samantha Rohr, Naomi Prentice

    Muse Credits: Rachel Moran, Chalsey Blanchard, Linsey Shubert, Elizabeth Lopez, Gabby Daigle

    Drum Major: Brandon

    Puppeteers: Noah Scruggs, Chris Armand, Cazes Verbois, Elizabeth Jackson

    Banner Walkers: Kate Grace Bauer, Lily Harris

    Hat Bearers: Bryan Spitzfaden, Hunter Higgins

    Sound: Cam Nicklaus, Ben Lorio

    Costume Design: Ruthie Nicklaus

    Choreography: Vanessa Van Vrancken

    Sculpting: Jacques Duffourc and Hi-Yah!

    Idea Development: Arthur Mintz

    Welding: Jack Kelleher

    Make-Up: Amy Leyoub

    Drivers: Emily Garner Scruggs, Ruthie Nicklaus

  • Theresas Sound-World


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Theresa's Sound-World · Vitamin String Quartet

    VSQ Performs Sonic Youth

    ℗ 2005 Vitamin Records

    Released on: 2005-04-19

    Producer: Vincent Gillioz

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • MODERN MINDS - Theresas World


    Song by M. Berg
    From 7'' EP
    Theresa's Word b/w Bungalow Rock; It's Gone
    (Bumstead Records, 1980)

    The MODERN MINDS are:

    - Moe Berg: vocals, guitar
    - Bobby Drysdale: Bass
    - Kim Upright: Drums

    Band from Alberta, Canada

  • Sonic Youth - Theresas Sound World - Live 1992 HQ


    Live USA 1992. Amazing intro, superb guitar storm.
    Best live performance of this song, from the Shoot! double-CD live bootleg.

  • Sonic Youth - Theresas Sound World - live Portugal 1993


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  • Sonic Youth - Theresas Sound-World acoustic


    Acoustic version on a guitar that actually can keep tune haha. Still hard to reach the high pitches though.
    Tuning: ACCGG#C

  • Sonic Youth - Theresas Sound-world


    July 4, 1993
    Haachtsesteenweg - Rock Werchter Festival
    Werchter, Belgium

  • the drenched lullabies ~~~theresas sound world


    the green garage with the yellow spots sessions
    theresa's sound world ( all rights reserved to sonic youth )
    take : 2
    guitar and vocals ( joon d odom)
    drums : razz

  • the drenched lullabies ~~~theresas sound world


    from lookin' through the yellow glass sessions by the drenched lullabies
    theresa's sound world

  • the drenched lullabies ~~~~theresas sound world


    from pushing all the right flowers sessions 2
    theresa's sound world ( all rights reserved to sonic youth)
    a song with out a number
    acousitc guitar and vocals ( joon d odom)

  • Sonic Youth - Theresas soundworld


    Not official,a fan video(i'm not the author :( .When SY released Dirty LP,back in 1992, they asked their fans to send them homemade videos for songs.This is one that videos.The word is that when putting together Corporate Ghost,SY couldn't get in touch with author and ask him/her for coryright permission so video never got to be on DVD.If something doesn't work,don't kill me,it's my first upload.

  • the drenched lullabies ~~~theresas sound world


    the cat the rabbit the dog the faults etc etc sessions
    theresa's sound world ( all rights reserved to sonic youth )
    take : 10
    guitar and vocals ( joon d odom)
    sound effects

  • Sonic Youth - Theresas Sound-World


    Album: Dirty (1992)

  • Sonic Youth - Theresas Sound World


    This guitar can't keep in tune at all..I mean, it's really unique in it's own way haha.
    I'll try to do this song on an acoustic later on but it was pure fun to try out this piece of vintage.
    Tuning: ACCGG#C

  • SONIC YOUTH - Theresas Sound World - Palace Theater - New Haven, CT - 10/22/92


    SONIC YOUTH - Palace Theater - New Haven, CT - 10/22/92 another one of my favorite SY songs...Theresa's Sound World,,,great live performance!

  • Theme With Noise


    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

    Theme With Noise · Sonic Youth

    Spinhead Sessions

    ℗ 2016 Squeaky Squawk

    Released on: 2016-06-17

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Teri Teri~


    Lol, I'm accident lost the raw file so I cannot make this full nor fix it.
    Btw, I'm not good at making real video too, teehee~


  • S Sound Ft. Junior Boy – We Dey Blend


    Download via : -

    Fast rising music superstar S Sound popularly known as Wako & Melody comes through with a brand new song titled “We Dey Blend” Featuring the gals dem sugar of Obimzy Records Junior Boy.
    The Melody Boy didn’t miss out of the ‘featuring’ party as he links up with Junior Boy on his new single titled ‘We Dey Blend’. We Dey Blend was produced by Ace Afro-beat producer Danny B and was Mix and Mastered by ZesTahBad, Check it out below and let us know what you think about the single in the comment section below.
    Created with

  • the drenched lullabies ~~~theresas sound world


    super alternative dinosaur league sessions
    theresa's sound world ( all rights reserved to dinosaur jr )
    take : 1
    guitar and vocals ( joon d odom )




    Bull In The Heather - from 'Experimental, Jet Set, Trash and No Star' (1994)Theresa's Sound-World - from 'Dirty' (1992)Kool Thing - from 'Goo' (1990)Expressway To Yr Skull - from 'Evol' (1985)Chapel Hill - from 'Dirty' (1992)Get Into The Groove(y) - Ciccone Youth - from 'The Whitey Album' (1989)Flower - from 'Bad Moon Rising' (1985)Superstar - from the tribute album, 'If I Were A Carpenter (1994)Drunken Butterfly - from 'Dirty' (1992)
    StarpowerShadow of a Doubt - from 'Evol' (1986)
    clips from 'Sound and Chaos: The Story of BC Studio' (2014)
    Silver Rocket - from 'Daydream Nation' (1988)
    Thurtson Moore interview (2017)
    Dirty Boots - from 'Goo' (1990)
    Death Valley '69 - from 'Bad Moon Rising' (1985)
    Gloomy Sunday - Lydia Lunch - from the album, 'Queen of Siam' (1980)
    Secret Girl - from 'Evol' (1986)
    I Love Her All the Time - from 'Bad Moon Rising' (1985)
    Symphony No. 6: First Movement - Glenn Branca - 'Symphony No. 6 (Devil Choirs at the Gates of Heaven)' (1989)
    Christgau is the McDonald's of Rock Critics - by Touching You - from something I found on youtube (2011)
    Expressway to Yr Skull - from 'Evol' (1986)
    Excerpt from 'Girl In A Band' audiobook by Kim Gordon (2015)
    Get Into The Groove(y) Addicted to Love - Ciccone Youth - from 'The Whitey Album' (1989)
    Schizophrenia - from 'Sister' (1987)Cotton Cross
    Providence - from 'Daydream Nation' (1988)
    MoteTunic (Song for Karen) Kool Thing - from 'Goo' (1990)
    Excerpt from 'Girl In A Band' audiobook by Kim Gordon (2015)
    Within You, Without You (Beatles cover) - from the tribute album, 'Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father' (1988)
    100 %Swimsuit IssueTheresa's Sound WorldDrunken ButterflyChapel Hill - from 'Dirty' (1992)
    Bull In The Heather - from 'Experimental Jet Set Trash and No Star' (1994)
    Superstar (mashup) - Sonic Youth (1994) from the tribute album, 'If I Were A Carpenter (1994) and The Carpenters' version from 'The Carpenters' (1971)
    Flower - from 'Bad Moon Rising' (1985)
    Washing Machine - from 'Washing Machine' (1995)
    The Diamond Sea - from Washing Machine' (1995)
    Hits of Sunshine (for Allen Ginsburg) - from 'A Thousand Leaves' (1998)
    The Simpsons Theme - The noise rock version by Sonic Youth, which aired at the end of the episode Homerpalooza (1996)
    Trivia! Danny Elfman, who wrote this theme, dated Kim Gordon way before the Simpsons came out and Sonic Youth was a band.
    Hosted + Produced by dhanishattuckPlease subscribe and make us happy!

  • Ferrum - Sense the sound of youth


  • Sonic Youth - Theresas Sound-World


    One of my favorite songs from Sonic Youth. Off of the album Dirty, this is Theresa's Sound World.


  • Theresas Sound World


    Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

    Theresa's Sound World · Stefan Rusconi · Sonic Youth

    It's a Sonic Life

    ℗ 2010 Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH

    Released on: 2010-04-05

    Bass: Fabian Gisler
    Drums: Claudio Strüby
    Co-executive Producer: Peter Bürli
    Engineer: Daniel Dettwiler

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Sonic Youth Sucks...Its just Noise..


    Juno hates sonic youth

  • Theresas Sound World


    Part of the 'Mike Aid' project where Scunthorpe musicians put aside their band allegiances coming together to create something beautiful.

    Cover of Theresa's Sound World by Sonic Youth
    Mike Aiders: Martin, Mike, Fov and Dave Snell

  • the drenched lullabies ~~~ theresas sound world


    MELANCHOLIA i didn't miss you ( mini ep ) sessions
    theresa's sound world ( all rights reserved to sonic youth )
    take : 9
    guitar and vocals ( joon d odom )
    drums : dean sud

  • -teresa- yanagawa sound system 2008.09.27


    2008.9.27(土) 九州クリエイターズマーケットでのライブ映像です

  • Sonic Youth - Theresas Sound-World on bass


    The distortion sound is just the one from the distortion effect in Reaper, the DAW I record into. It's not very good. The album treatment I did on Goo got blocked, so I guess no more of those.

  • Sonic Youth, Giardini Estensi, Varese, Italy 06-07-1993 Live


    The Vinyl Buzz brings you a YouTube first! This is Sonic Youth Live at the Giardini Estensi, Varese, Italy, July 06, 1993. This upload was digitally extracted from the **Master Tape**.

    1) Cotton Crown
    2) Bull in the Heather
    3) In the Mind of the Bourgeois Reader
    4) PCH
    5) Skink
    6) Starfield Road
    7) Candle
    8) Stereo Sanctity
    9) Self-obsessed & Sexxee
    10) Secret Girl
    11) Flower
    12) Drunken Butterfly
    13) Theresa's Sound-world
    14) JC
    15) Total Trash
    16) Tokyo Eye

    ANA(M) - WAV [44.1kHz] - FLAC [Level 8]

    SOURCE (AUD#1)
    unknown - Sony WM-D6C

    Sony TC-K511S - Intel HD Audio - Audition

    Transferred by Massimo S. (a.k.a The Vinyl Buzz)
    Thanks to Fabio B. who provided me the master tape.

  • Theresas Sound-world - Sonic Youth


    I do not own this music!

  • Teresa Thomason: Sound Over All Waters


  • Theresas Sound World by Sonic Youth---++---


    A fine selection from their 7th record proper, Dirty........

    even though I love their older stuff, their work in the 90's was great........

    I had everything they did on up to Washing Machine, (which I think is the strongest of their 90's run)..........

  • The Buffoons - Sister Theresa


    A Song from the Album Millenniumproof All 14 Original Sound Recordings created 1999 by The Buffoons Gerard and Ely van Tongeren in co-operation with Henk Bruinewoud,Toon Oude Bos and Koos Wiekenkamp

  • sonic youth / theresas sound world


    a fan video for 'theresa's sound world' from 'dirty.' never distributed to the public officially.

    this is already up on youtube, but the sound is awful. using an original of the video i found online, i dropped out the audio & used a clean version.

  • Sonic Youth - theresas sound world


    dirty, 1992

    -Video Upload powered by

  • Sound Over All Waters :: Oct 14 @middlechurch


    Sound Over All Waters
    Middle Church Choir — Theresa Thomason, soloist
    lyrics by John Greenleaf Whittier
    music by Paul Halley

    To learn more about Middle Church visit:

  • sound of fear eels


    sound of fear eels

    video by sherry

  • Sonic Youth - Swimsuit Issue @ the Big Day Out 1993


  • MDB | Performing: Theresas Song | Live @ Chaplins 09.22.2017


    BoDoc Records Presents: The Blue Jean Jam with MDB (Michael DiSalvo Band) Performing Theresa's Song, an original song written by Michael DiSalvo and published by BoDoc Records, at Chaplin's in Spring City PA on September 22nd 2017. You can go to to find out more about this band and others that we represent. We want to thank Chaplin's & staff Kevin Folk (Sound), Eric Netherly (Door), Kristin Comitale, and Megan Beck. Mixed and Mastered by Chris Cachuela @ Chaplins.

    Checkout BoDoc on these Platforms:

  • BBC Sound System - Theresa


    - Abonne-toi ici :
    - Regarde les playlists de musique africaine de qualité ici:

    Bienvenue sur la chaîne référence de musique d'Afrique de l'Ouest ! Viens vibrer et danser sur la musique Afro Zouk, M'Balax, Salsa, Rumba, Reggae, Mandingue, Zouglou, Afro Saoul, Wassoulou & Assiko

  • Sonic Youth - The Diamond Sea


    written by Sonic Youth | from the album Washing Machine (1995) | Live from Germany (1996) | additional audio/video post-production by sonicboy19 | ** Full show now available in 720p: **

  • Sonic Youth Theresas sound world


    Manley Smith cover Band of Sonic Youth play Theresa's sound world at their practice room . 03/08 2013

  • Joe Frawley - Theresas walk


    Joe Frawley, piano & sound collage ; Melanie Skriabine, vocals; Video by Joe Frawley; music from the album Curious Perspectives, available from Joe Frawley Music November 2011.

  • Christoph Sakwerda- Dreamteam


    „Dreamteam“ erscheint am 14.02.2020 (Soulfood Music Distribution GmbH / Believe Germany) auf allen bekannten Download- und Streamingportalen.

    Directed by Robert Boehnel

    Director of Photography
    Sebastian Köhler

    First Assistant Director
    Aileen Dianne

    Produced by
    Steven Dornbusch
    Silvio Warmuth
    Peter Neugebauer

    Executive ProducerFriedrich Sakwerda
    Robert Boehnel
    Theresa Schultheiß
    Christoph Sakwerda
    Linda Schieberle
    Philipp Kühlein
    Stephan Heese
    Clemens Leidiger
    Lena Jähn
    Marie-Philine Frances Rockmann

    Theresa’s Boyfriend
    Adetayo „Tutipsy“ Manuwa

    In Cooperation with
    UCI Kinowelt
    Das Schlafgut Dessau

    Special Thanks to
    Friedrich Sakwerda
    & Christine Sakwerda
    Linda Pieczonkowski
    Falko Müller
    Anja Tiede
    Maik Schauseil
    Torsten Stuewe
    Stephan Heese
    Lena Jähn
    Jerome Lemke
    Adetayo „Tutipsy“ Manuwa

    Mastering, Sound Director & Vocal Recording
    Daniel Barbosa (DLUXE Media)

    Lyrics & Composition
    Christoph Sakwerda
    Caroline von Brünken

    Title Design, Color & Editing
    Boehnel Film + Design

    Robert Boehnel

    Production Assistent, Clapper & Best Boy
    Aileen Dianne

    Camera Operator & Gaffer
    Sebastian Köhler

    Soulfood music distribution
    & believe Germany

    Management & Booking
    Newado Entertainment

    A Robert Boehnel Film © 2020 Christoph Sakwerda, Boehnel Film + Design, Newada Entertainment, Soulfood Music Distribution & believe Germany

  • CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent Angklung & Kulintang Ensemble, SYF 2019


    “Hold On To Our Dream” (CHIJ Schools Theme Song)
    Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation, 17 April 2019
    Conductor & Arranger: Ms Faridal Jamal
    Music & Lyrics: © 2002 Julie Sim & Trevor Nerva. All rights reserved.
    Video copyright: © 2019 CHIJ St. Theresa’s Convent. Used with permission and thanks.


    Verse 1
    IJ Spirit burning bright,
    fill this world with love and light,
    light that shines for all to see,
    love that sets our spirits free.

    Verse 2
    IJ friendships through the years,
    born of simple joys and tears,
    something tells us deep inside,
    IJ friends are friends for life.

    Hold on to our dream of peace, don’t stop believing,
    our hearts and hands ever seeking, ever serving.
    Hold on to the sound of our friends all joyously singing,
    our voices raised to the Lord our God above,
    hold on to our dream.

    Verse 3
    IJ Spirit burning bright,
    fill our hearts with love and light,
    light to see ourselves anew,
    love begins with me and you.

    Verse 4
    IJ voices ringing true,
    reaching out and breaking through,
    every heart will hear our call,
    share our dream of peace for all.

    Hold on to our dream of peace, don’t stop believing,
    our hearts and hands ever seeking, ever serving.
    Hold on to the sound of our friends all joyously singing,
    our voices raised to the Lord our God above,
    hold on to our dream.

    Final Chorus
    Hold on to our dream of peace, don’t stop believing,
    our hearts and hands ever seeking, ever serving.
    Hold on to the sound of our friends all joyously singing,
    our voices raised to the Lord our God above,
    hold on to our dream, hold on to our dream,
    hold fast to the IJ Dream.
    Hold on to our dream!

    © 2002 Julie Sim & Trevor Nerva. All rights reserved.

  • Sonic Youth Remix Theresas Total Sound


    Sonic Youth Remix American Dharma spirit wisdom travel Kerouac perspective experience



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