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Playlist of The Laundronauts/

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    MUCH MUSIC version of Stain by The Laundronauts


    The Laundronauts' original Muchmusic video version of STAIN
    Gareth - lead vocals, bass
    Stephen J. - guitar
    Gordon - drums
    Troy Niemans - director
    Spincycle Records - producer

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    Come Clean by The Laundronauts


    WINNER! On February 13, 2010 Come Clean won Best Original Music at the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival. The award was described as recognition of music that best complimented and enhanced the film experience...well we've got that in spades. We couldn't be more excited to have paired up with The Laundronauts!

    **Update: Come Clean has been selected for the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

    The Laundronauts paired up with Alina Cerminara, Chantal DeBrouwer and Megan Russell (me) to bring you this Alice in Laundroland creation. Clean never looked so good.

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    The Laundronauts - LIVE - Stain


    The Laundronauts LIVE at Evolution Night Club as the Zone's Band of the Month in November '09.

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    The Laundronauts - LIVE - Colourfast Girl


    The Laundronauts LIVE at Evolution Night Club as the Zone's Band of the Month in November '09.

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    The Laundronauts - LIVE - Do Your Laundry


    The Laundronauts LIVE at Evolution Night Club as the Zone's Band of the Month in November '09.

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    The Laundronauts - Come Clean LIVE @ Logans


    The Laundonauts perform Come Clean at Logan's Pub in Victoria on January 22, 2011.

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    Sonic Eclectic presents: The Laundronauts


    Sonic Eclectic presents: The Laundronauts Stain

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    The Laundronauts 09.11.10


    Rumbletone presents The Laundronauts. Vancouver 09.11.10

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    Wishy Washy - The Laundronauts


    Drunk & watching The Laundronauts at Logan's

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    Sonic Eclectic presents: Scholarman


    usa artists: Scholarman Hopes and Dreams

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    The Love Me Nots


    The Love Me Nots
    You're Really Something
    Atomic A Go Go Records
    Directed by Jd Smith

    Produced by The Love Me Nots and Jd Smith

    Edited, 2nd Camera, Photography: Andy Hartmark
    Director of Photography: Chaz Geisler

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    Music Video: Funkus Humungous Cozy Loud


    An early 90's music video from the Vancouver Band, Cozy Loud, including Dale Plevin (Skinny Puppy session bassist). Originally aired on Much Music, 'The Wedge'. Director, Brian McGugan

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    SSRIs Certain Set Configuration Music Video


    SSRIs - Certain Set Configuration (Music Video)

    from the album Effeminate Godzilla-Sized Wind Chimes (2010)

    available in CD and Vinyl here:
    or mp3 download here:

    SSRIs are a band from Vancouver, BC.

    Stop motion animation by Elliot Langford, Caitlin Livingston, and a bit by Scott

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    Laundronauts - music video practice


    German VS Holly; Stephen VS Geni. Practicing some of the fight moves before music video taping

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    Smells Like This


    The second track from The Laundronauts' second full-length album, The Laundronauts In Filth.

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    Stain the Night by Dave Torq Torgovec


    looking for bassist and drummer in CT/MA/RI area....

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    Spincycle Records presents the official video for The Laundronauts' song Stain from their album, The Laundronauts Come Clean available on iTunes and CD Baby.
    Directed by Troy Niemans of Outernational Films. Starring Gareth Wynne, Stephen J, Gord Marshall, and Joy Everson.

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    Laundronauts Spin Cycle @ Pub 340 May 3 2008


    The Laundronauts do Spin Cycle @ Pat's Pub with some weirdo in the crowd dancing...

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    Directed by Tiernan Hanby

    Born in a Wimbledon Hospital weighing a healthy 7 1⁄2 pounds, Alex Child aka Trip grew up in Hammersmith, West London. After the blur of college and a set of A levels that spelt DUDE, Trip found himself making and performing music across the capital at mates studios, on pirate radio stations and at open mic nights as a live vocalist and MC. After winning numerous Jump-off 'one bout MC battles' and hosting the DMC world championships, a chance meeting with the scratch perverts led to another chance meeting with Killa Kela. Not long after, Trip was touring the world with both acts, supporting bands such as NERD, Justin Timberlake, Busta Rhymes, Red Man and Outkast.

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    Wishy Washy - Album Version


    The lead-off track from The Laundronauts' second album 'The Laundronauts In Filth'. Features fan footage taken from various live performances leading up to the recording sessions.
    The full album 'In Filth' tentatively set for release early 2013.

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    Mo n Lenas Laundronaut video


    Laundro fans teach everyone how to stop, drop, fluff-n-fold!

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    The Birthday Cakes


    Live at the Sunstar Lounge in Saint John, New Brunswick.
    July 17th, 2010

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    COME CLEAN music video by Alina Cerminara, Chantal De Brouwer, and Megan Russell.

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    The Flowers of Romance - Music Video


    Director: Troy Niemans.
    Production Company: Outernational Films Inc.

    Band: Stone Pony.
    Song: The Flowers of Romance

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    Sessions Episode 10 Part 2: The Peter Parkers


    Part 2 of our interview with Moncton's The Peter Parkers. Sessions talks to Errol and Remi from the band about the major shifts in both musical style and lineup over the course of their twelve year career, as well as the state of the functioning independent musician versus signing to a record label. We also feature live performances of 'Autoclove' and 'Hired Hands', recorded live at The Paramount Lounge in Moncton, NB, March 23rd, 2007.

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    02 The City- Maurice


    Download all of the songs from Maurice's new EP (released October 25th) from this link for free:

    I am a fan of Maurice, supporting great local music!

    Hailing from the rainy city of Victoria, B.C., Maurice cut its teeth in small bars and community halls. These intimate venues allowed the members to perfect their songs about love, loss, and the city around them. It was these very songs that caught the ears of David Foster in 2006. Shortly thereafter, the band travelled to Los Angeles to record their debut record. Young People with Faces was released in March 2010 on Foster's 143 Records, through Warner Brothers.

    Jean-Paul Maurice, the band's singer and guitar player, has a knack for taking an ordinary story and turning it into a captivating and moving tale. His expert song-writing is only lifted higher by the piano of Simon Margetts, and the full, balanced rhythm provided by Mark Lavoie on bass and Connor Waddell on drums.

    Maurice released their new EP Big Country in October. This new collection comes hot on the heels of numerous tours throughout 2010 where they played with bands like Sloan and fellow West-Coasters Mother Mother and Said the Whale. Most recently the band had a chance to demonstrate their impressive live show at Rifflandia 3, where they opened for Gord Downey. The new record, available for free on their website, showcases a fresh, bright sound while delivering, as always, captivating songs that will stick with you for a lifetime. With Big Country Maurice prove that pop music is much more than something to be written off.-

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    RADco - Strychnine


    Radco (Red Arrow Drilling Company) video for the Sonics classic.

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    When Punk Meets Metal Day 3


    The Laudronauts, The Zap Straps, The New Colors, Moss Rock and Sea-Sekshun will be tearing it up fun style on the last day of the 3day When Punk Meets Metal May Long Weekend Showcase......

    Be sure to check out all these bands!!

    Gonna be a fun fun weekend!!!

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    slaughter is the best medicine by Absence of LIght


    im just playin in a band

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    CUT THE TIE ... a laundro-classic from Erik 4-A


    Thanks for submitting this laundro-classic video, Earthling Houndog!

    For all things Howlin' Houndog-related check out his MySpace:

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    I Got A Girl - Vicious Cycles


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    I Married The Monster by The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies


    Music Video for I Married The Monster written and performed by The Blue Giant Zeta Puppies. From the EP Martians Don't Surf! Original Images from 1950s Sci-fi movie Devil Girl From Mars, starring Patricia Laffan.

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    Ultra Bidé Get High


    god id god...puke is puke

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    Debut single from the new Divinity album 'The Singularity'

    Directed by Troy Niemans of Outernational Films

    Filmed at RadioPark Music Room

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    The Tranzmitors at Pub 340


    March 8, 2008
    The Tranzmitors interviewed in Mongrel Zine #3

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    Trevor Davies - and Tread


    Trevor Davies, Wilson Pascoe and Alex Hicks share a night at the Queens Jan. 19th 2011

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    Viperfish Interview


    Viperfish - Interview (with subtitles, December 2010.)

    - Official web site

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    ColourFast 2005 studio montage


    Footage of various stages of the recording of the debut album of Melbourne (Australia) band ColourFast.

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    A story about an egg battling chaos, struggling for power and facing the fragility of life.


    EGG in PART 1 : Nicholas Porteous
    EGG in PART 2 : Jeremy Kantor

    GHOSTS : Tony Dallas, Adam Sabla, Ryan Betts, Meg Bourne, Mairin Cooley, Sydney Gregoire, Hailey Mangus, Daniel Ruiz, Clayton Pierrot, Emma Gregory, Jenna Grant, Altaira Northe, Dan Loan, Aime Gislasen, Cheena Jean, Selina Crammond & SPECIAL GUEST DANCING GHOST Parker Bossley.

    THE SSRIs : Joseph Hirabayashi, Elliot Langford, Aaron McKinney & Kevin Romain.

    SECONDARY CAMERA : Michael Jacobsen & Ryan Betts.

    PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS : Justin Djamtorki & Mairin Cooley.



    SPECIAL THANKS TO : Mairin Cooley, Sydney Gregoire, Erin Salazar, Paul Wong, Epicurean Deli & to my amazingly supportive family and friends.


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    The Boojies - My Crummy Life


    Live from the Cameron House, Toronto, ON, Apr. 2010

    James B. (Organ, vocals), Mario P. (guitar), Doug B. (bass), Bob M. (drums)

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    Veins Of Malice Winning Battle Of The Bands 2013


    First ever metal band to win B.O.B. at Warren Township High School.




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    Knockout Pill - Tinker Boy


    Poster owns no copyright to music or video which is posted for entertainment and nostalgic purposes. Formed in 1994, Knockout Pill appeared at Canadian Music Week in 1995 alongside Rheostatics, Weeping Tile and Junkhouse. The band released one EP on Squirtgun Records and an indie debut album Can I Open the Big Present First that was in the top 10 indie sales charts for over 40 weeks and voted the 3rd best Canadian lp of '96 by NOW and the 7th best indie album of the year by ACCESS. They've supported acts such as Ash, Wedding Present, Cornershop, TPOH, Rusty, Skydiggers and ODDS. Whether they returned to the studio in November 1997 to record new songs with guest appearances by HAYDEN is unknown. Shannon, singer/guitarist and songwriter for the band was heading to New York to pursue a solo career. This, their first video, enjoyed major rotation at Much Music and the band made recent appearances on New Music, Wedge, Global TV and were interviewed in newspapers and radio stations across Canada. Will update when more info can be found.

    1995 - eponymous EP (SQUIRTGUN RECORDS)
    1997 - Can I Open the Big Present First (PAGE MUSIC)

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    Anna B. and The Heartbones CD Release


    CD Release Party at the Firehall Arts Centre in Vancouver.

    Anna B and The Heartbones new CD is entitled A Deal With The Wind and is available at CDbaby and at
    Anna B. - Vocals and guitar
    Steven Nikleva - Electric guitar
    Simon Kendall - Accordion
    Terry Townson - Trumpet
    Michael Rush - Double bass
    Michael Simpson - Drums

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    Sonic Eclectic Presents: David Sinclair Trio


    Sonic Eclectic Presents: David Sinclair Trio FEEDBACK

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    Cradle of Filth Live in SP 18.12.2010 - The Twisted Nails of Faith


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    The Paper Cranes - Rabbit In A Snare


    Ryan McCullagh - Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar
    Miranda Roach - Keyboard,Melodica
    Braeden Paterson - Guitar
    Jeff Mitchelmore - Drums
    Alex Bodman - Bass
    The Paper Cranes are a husband and wife indie-pop band from Victoria, British Columbia whose specialty is crafting infectiously melodic pop songs with heart-wrenching lyrics that make you want to dance until you pass out and cry into your pillow at the very same time.
    The band is fronted by multi-instrumentalist, Ryan McCullagh with his wife, Miranda Roach on the keyboards. The domestic duo is joined by Braeden Paterson on the guitar with the rhythm section being comprised of Jeff Mitchelmore and Alex Bodman on the drums and bass guitar, respectively. The five young musicians have won a sizable fan-base in their hometown and abroad with their vibrant live performance and rather dashing wardrobes.
    During the 3 years that The Paper Cranes have been active they have supported bands like Pretty Girls Make Graves, Wolf Parade, Islands, and The Walkmen amongst many others and have been showcased at Pop Montreal as well as Toronto's North by Northeast Music Festival. Their single, I'll Love You Until My Veins Explode was given a four star rating by and the CBC has named them one of the 10 bands to watch in 2008 alongside Crystal Castles and Tokyo Police Club. Their 2008 full-length album, Halcyon Days, has enjoyed a considerable run on college radio charts and songs from the album will be featured prominently in episodes of the new Comedy Network series, House Party. A song from the album has also been featured in a Nissan television commercial.

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    Mercury Rev - A Drop in Time


    Wonderful demo version of the All is Dream song, from the Nite and Fog single.

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    Fist City video on The Wedge, Jan 26 2011


    From the debut episode of the new Wedge hosted by Damian Abraham.

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    Natalie von Rotsburg at Pub 340 Sunday jam, December 2014


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    Sleeper Hit - Come Clean


    Had an awesome gig in our hometown last month. We'll be releasing a couple more videos from this show soon, so be sure to subscribe if you want to be in the know!

    Recorded live at the Lawrence Barn in Hollis New Hampshire



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