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Playlist of The Undead

  • SEMBLANT - The Undead



    The Undead

    I'm here to bring you the winter
    The blackest clouds are covering the surface again
    All dreams of freedom are over
    All doors of wisdom are opened

    I build an empire of glass
    The will to live belongs to me again

    I say you I'm back, you tell me I'm dead
    I told you I'm here, you scream and can't understand

    There's no life to hold my breath
    World's a shade of what I am
    It's time to rise and dream again
    Walking the Earth as the undead

    Darkest waves of mankind
    All disgrace that makes you blind
    Sleepers of eternity
    It's a dead society


    1. Behind The Mask
    2. Beautiful Carnage
    4. 11:11 - The Door Is Open

    :: Band is:
    - Sergio Mazul - Male Vocal
    - Mizuho Lin - Female Vocal
    - J Augusto - Keyboards
    - Leonardo Rivabem - Bass
    - Sol Perez - Guitar
    - Juliano Ribeiro - Guitar
    - Rhandu Lopez - Drums

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  • Ed Sheeran “Shape of You” BUT its Undead You MINECRAFT ANIMATION


    This is the animated Minecraft music video to my Ed Sheeran Shape of You Minecraft parody called Undead You. Wrote this parody & thought it was hilarious. Hope you enjoy the weirdness.


    TryHardNinja - singer, lyrics

    Peter Litvin - instrumental, music production

    Tag - Lighting & Rendering

    Blend - Character Animation

    Kam - Animation Help


    MY RECORDING SETUP (affiliate links):

    ♦️These are the headphones I personally use and love:

    ♦️Awesome simple pre-amp, great if you’re starting out:

    ♦️My mic I use is the Lucas CS4 and is very expensive. For anyone starting out I would recommend the Blue Yeti USB Microphone:

    ♦️If you’re looking for an upgrade from a USB mic I recommend the Shure SM7B microphone:





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  • Foxhunt - The Undead





    Artwork by Aoi Ogata


    Diversity's Spotify Playlist:



  • Foxhunt - The Undead Tasty Release


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  • Dark Music - Marsh of the Undead


    You can get the song here, together with all my other music:

    You can also support me and my music directly on Patreon if you wish:

    Real CD's:

    The 12th Song of the Album Mirror of the Night, the dark Land awakens and an undead Army gathers, called by unholy Summonings.
    Composed 100% by myself on Keyboard, as always. Production made with Magix Music Maker Pro 16.

    © Copyright of all Audio belongs to Adrian von Ziegler.

    © Album Artwork created by Carina Grimm.

  • Undead


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    Undead · The Undead

    Dawn of the Undead

    ℗ Post Mortem Records

    Released on: 2017-09-07

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • The Undead full set live in Sacramento, California


    The Undead perform their smash hits @ Cafe Colonial in Sacramento, California
    April 12th, 2018...also appearing were The Strange Party & Danny Secretion

    Visit The Undead here.

    For more Capital Chaos TV

    Bobby Steele & The Undead came to California for the first time in over a decade! Bobby was the Misfits first guitarist, Appearing on the Horror Business, Night of the Living Dead, Beware, 3 Hits from Hell and the Halloween releases between 1978-1980. He then started the Undead who have been active since 1982.

  • The Undead - When The Evening Comes


    The Undead @ Brighton Bar Friday October 5th, info & tix:

  • When the Evening Comes


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    When the Evening Comes · The Undead

    Dawn of the Undead

    ℗ Post Mortem Records

    Released on: 2017-09-07

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • The UNDEAD - My Kinda Town


    Crappy copy of a great video. Please, someone post a better copy of this! This will have to suffice until them.

  • Undead - The Killing Of Reality


    2.Let Me Go
    3.Voices & Visions
    4.Acid Punk
    6.Heard It Before
    7.Terrorist TV
    9.Hate Campaign
    10.In Retrospect
    11.Nightmares After You

  • Basarab - Praise the Undead


    BASARAB - Praise the Undead from Pride of Older Times demo (2003)

    Download demo from

  • The Undead Carnival


    Completely unedited and straight from the studio; The Instrumental tracks for The Undead Carnival which was once known as Carnival Horrors.

    This version is an early studio copy; Sorry it's a little heavy on the bass. (It was the last track recorded)

    Be sure to like the band's page, they have now reformed and are working on new material.
    If anybody would like a copy of the music (as long as it remains uncopyrighted), inbox me your e-mail address.

    Creative rights remain those of Heroes & Outlaws, and to all present on and at the time of recording.
    No copyright license is currently present for the media in question and all creative parties have been names and credited fully. In the event this music becomes protected by copyright law; show me the relevant proof and either remove the parts I have creative rights to or credit me in all future releases. And then to also supply sufficient royalties to myself, and all who feature on the track. If I am removed from the recording or sufficiently credited on all future publications of the piece of media in question I shall remove the video from YouTube.

    Produced by the infamous Jeff Rose at Junkyard Studios.
    Musicians featured:

    Nathan Hewitt- Lead guitar
    Adam Fear- Rhythm guitar
    Daniel Mifsud- Percussion
    Joshua Melhuish - Bass guitar

    For more of my recordings please visit my soundcloud:

  • The Undead Manz - The Vine OFFICIAL VIDEO


    The Undead Manz's Official videoclipe The Vine taken from the album 'The Rapture Of Undead's Bride', released by MS Records and Voice Music - 2018.

    The Vine is available in Single Track:

    'The Undead Manz' was created by Z - The Undead

    The Vine - Lyrics
    Music: Z and Jericrow
    Lyrics: Z

    Through the ages man created groups and societies
    To be able to spread their lies and apologies
    Doctrines and teachings that determine how you should be
    A damned network of lies only you do not to see

    In your eyes
    Runs the blood of evil lie
    Do not waste your precious time
    You cannot see (The Vine)

    You are a member of the recruited endless fools
    Engaged in the handling’s mass serving only as tools
    Look around you realize how many ideologies want you
    Forget who you were before 'cause now you’re fooled too


    The Time has Come!
    Because now you’re fooled too!
    Wake up now and take your gun
    The War is coming!

    # Chorus:
    We want all of you!
    Because you woke up too!
    Pull the trigger and do not be afraid
    We are here with you
    We are here with you
    We are here with you

    Digital release by CD Baby, available at:

    Follow us on:

    Spotify -

    Soundcloud -

    Instagram -

    Facebook -

    Produced by Z Undead and:

    Recorded in two stages, in four days:

    Stage 01
    June, 18th, 2018 - scenes in Belvedere Castle, in the city Treze de Maio/SC-Brazil
    Day track recorded videos* and take pictures**, include artwork for 'The Rapture Of Undead's Bride'
    Lens by Ricardo Boaventura* and Andre Vargas**, respectively.

    Stage 02
    March, 3rd, 2019 - scenes in Waterfalls of Jump River (Quedas d'agua de Rio do Salto) =D .... in the city Timbe do Sul/SC, scenes of The Magicians and The Bride in The Magic Forest.

    March, 4th, 2019 - scenes in Forum da Comarca de Criciuma, scenes of Muchachos and The Bride in The Stone Circle.

    and, finally, March, 24th, 2019 - scenes in Gruta N. S@. de Lourdes, in the city Criciuma/SC, scenes of The Guardians and The Bride, in the Portal Starways.

    All Lens by Dyonatan Rech in this stage

    Guest Starring:
    Larrayne Z Mazzucco is The Bride

    Giovani R. Turazi and Nicola B. L. Medeiros is The Muchachos and The Magicians

    Aline Dagostin is The Sacrifice Woman

    Barbara Sonai and Edilson A. C. Junior is The Guardians.

    Script , Edition and Effects by Z Undead
    Colors by Dyonatan Rech and Z Undead

    Directed by Z Undead

    Special Thankz for All The Undeadz of New Nation!
    We Live 4 All of You!

    The Undead Manz - Brazil

    Hailz Undeadz!

    All Rights Reserved - May, 29th, 2019

  • the Undead Audio - A Love Letter


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    Friggin Awesome sounds right here!. Turn this one up!


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  • The Undead A Life Of Our Own & Undead @ Pulse Vape Lounge, Bristol, PA 9/3/16


    The Undead A Life Of Our Own & Undead @ Pulse Vape Lounge, Bristol, PA 9/3/16, Ex-Misfits Guitarist Bobby Steele, September 3rd 2016, Samhain, Danzig, Kryst The Conqueror, Misfits, Fiend Club, Post Mortem Records.

  • the Undead Audio - Final Mission


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    This guy drips another solid track!

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  • The Undead LIVE 8/24/2008 Tompkins Square Park NYC FULL SET


    DISCLAIMER: HORRIBLE QUALITY! Truly, I don't know why I decided to shoot this, I have been digging around in the vaults and decided to throw it up on youtube. This was some Frank Wood Promoted concert (to celebrate the anniversary for the Tompkins Sq. riots that took place in '88).

    #misfits #bobbysteele #undead #tompkinssquarepark

  • The Undead - R.A.T.T.F.I.N.K.


    Taken from the long out of print punk rock classic album Act Your Rage. Buy The Undead's current releases at

    -uploaded in HD at

  • The Undead - Evening Of Desire


    The Undead @ Brighton Bar Friday October 5th, info & tix:

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  • The Undead Halloween @ Pulse Vape Lounge, Bristol, PA 9/3/16


    The Undead Halloween (Misfits cover) @ Pulse Vape Lounge, Bristol, PA 9/3/16, Ex-Misfits Guitarist Bobby Steele, September 3rd 2016, Samhain, Danzig, Kryst The Conqueror, Misfits, Fiend Club, Post Mortem Records.

  • The Undead - Tears On A Pillow


    The Undead @ Brighton Bar Friday October 5th, info & tix:

  • Gorelord - The Rising Of The Undead


    Artist / Interpret : Gorelord
    Song / Title / Titel : The Rising Of The Undead
    Album : Norweigen Chainsaw Massacre
    Genre / Stil : Death / Dawn Metal ( Norway )

  • The Undead


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    The Undead · Undead

    Beyond the Soul

    ℗ 1179660 Records DK

    Released on: 2019-02-25

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • the Undead Audio - Steps and Strides


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    Smooth retro synth funk right here. A must listen for all retro lovers. Enjoy!

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    Jayne Kennedy in the 80's -


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  • the Undead Audio - Touch


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    More smooth sounds from the Undead Audio. Enjoy

    Pic Info/ Source
    June 1987 issue of Vogue magazine. Model: Carey Lowell

    Charlotte S. Mckee modeling for Akade Wear. Shot by Mr. Iozo


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  • Trance Of The Undead - Grave Sacrament


    Band: Trance Of The Undead
    Country: Brazil
    Title: Chalice of Disease
    Format: LP/CD
    Year: 2021

  • the Undead Audio - We Own The Night


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    Authentic vibes!!

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    The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)


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  • the Undead Audio - Down Low


    New Retro Wave + the Undead Audio Down Low
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    Sound familiar? Yup. Pure greatness lies ahead!! ;)

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    Pic Source
    Tango and Cash - 1989


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  • Electric Wizard - We, The Undead


    2002 - Let Us Prey (Rise Above Records)




  • The Undead - Gimme Your Autograph


    The Undead @ Brighton Bar Friday October 5th, info & tix:

  • COLD BLUE REBELS Love Of The Undead Official Video



  • THE UNDEAD ~ IN 84



  • Gamma Ray Empire Of The Undead Track by Track 1 Avalon


  • Witchcross-Crypt of the Undead intro + Restless Spirits


    Witchcross-U.S. Chicago IL. Horror/Occult Doom Metal band(Count William Jannusch-vocals/Dereck Anderson-lead guitar/Roger Massey-bass/Gary Pedersoli-drums) from thy brand new 2014 album- Crypt of the Undead.This is the opening Crypt of the Undead(intro)/ and the first album track Restless Spirits. This album will be released in late Fall 2014!!! Enter the gates of Hell and into our realm of darkness.. Restless Spirits(Music by Dereck Anderson/William Jannusch/lyrics by William Jannusch. Audio Intro by Chad Elliott/Joe Duhr!!)Copyright 2014 Witchcross productions..

    Enter the forest on a darkened stagecoach ride into nocturnal horror. Proceed through the graveyard gates into thy ancient house, where evil spirits cry and the ghosts of those long departed climb the spiral staircase and stalk the blood soaked corridors, whispering their black magickal chants, possessing the living who would dare to walk these unhallowed and forbidden grounds, and listen to their otherworldly cries of pain. As the werewolf howls at the full moon, 13 Witches gather to summon Demons from beyond the Gates of Hell by black candlelight. In the mist enshrouded forest cemetery, a lonely Vampire returns to the crypt of the Witch, his true love, and joins her among the graves in a world of undead existence. Deceased mariners' spirits haunt the shores, as the waves roll in, carrying pieces of their broken ship inland. Thunder and lightning give way to the malevolent storm, from which there is no escape, except to die, and find yourself trapped in this nightmare forevermore..

  • Frozen Tower of the Undead B1F - CABAL Online OST


    A soundtrack from the MMORPG CABAL Online, enjoy!

    Link to CABAL Online OST (Map & Dungeon Themes) playlist:

    Link to CABAL Online OST (Quest & Mini-Dungeon Themes) playlist:

    MP3 v0 Download links: (for the following links, to download files correctly you have to watch the top right corner of the screen, wait a few seconds, then click the Skip Ad button that appears at the top right to get to the download; as a college student, any little bit of money helps me out)

    To download just this song:

    To download the entire soundtrack as a two-part ZIP:
    Part 1)
    Part 2)
    To download the entire soundtrack as a two-part RAR:
    Part 1)
    Part 2)

    Original OGG Download links: (no conversion quality loss)
    ZIP Download)
    RAR Download)

    These soundtracks are the property of ESTsoft Corp. and were uploaded purely for entertainment purposes. No copyright infringement intended.

    (This track used to be on my old Youtube account lostguru585, until it got wiped out for having too much copyright content. The soundtracks on the account amassed over 1,000 subscribers and over 5 million total views before it was terminated.)

  • Waltz Of The Undead


    Song written by Bloody Holly of Lucid Serenade, a solo female musical project. Hit the Subscribe button!
    To hear all songs become a Patreon member. Over 30 songs! You may use this song in your own Youtube videos.
    Lucid Serenade is a combination of dark and light music.

    Also check back for short stories and comedy.

    Zombie apocalypse

    Special thanks to Crump and Vermillion Project for additional footage!

  • The Undead - Somebody Super Like You


    phantom of the paradise ost
    track 6 The Undead - Somebody Super Like You

  • The Undead


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    The Undead · Silverbones

    Wild Waves

    ℗ Silverbones

    Released on: 2017-07-24

    Author: Silverbones
    Composer: Silverbones

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Vader - Rise of the Undead


    Vader - Rise of the Undead (early bonus version)
    Necropolis Bloodpack limited edition (2009) | Lyrics below |

    Burning ashes consuming dying world
    Total cemetery infected by the living
    Final act, metamorphosis
    Screaming to release the wrath and pain

    Raise!... the undead
    Awake and roar
    Rise!... of the undead
    To rule again...

    Now alive - awakened to awake
    Yet not forgotten spirit dwelling in a deep
    Rise above again!
    And give us back the pride
    Crush the false humanity
    Hear us, who respect your flame

    Smell of the rotting fleshes
    - putrefaction cover all around
    The ground is moving, crosses fall
    - the apocalypse was only the beginning
    Hands pointing the burning skies
    - where the guilty one wears the stolen crown
    Enough! Our slumber is just broken
    -... and the false and his slaves must be gone!

    We all calling judge from burning pits of Hell
    Released by death - Undead we became
    No more suffering for us and our brothers
    Vengeance is about to begin...

    Raise!... the undead
    Awake and roar
    Rise!... of the undead
    To rule again...
    Rise!... the undead
    Scream it loud!

  • Deathrow - the undead cry


    Deathrow Alemania thrash metal !!!!
    magnifico tema instrumental

  • THE UNDEAD I Got Your Number TOMPKINS SQUARE PARK May 29 2016


    THE UNDEAD performing I Got Your Number at Tompkins Square Park in NYC 05.29.16.

  • THE UNDEAD My Kinda Town + Theres A Riot In Tompkins Square NYC May 29 2016


    THE UNDEAD at Tompkins Square Park in NYC 05.29.16.

  • Cluster Buster - Regiment Of The Undead


    A track from the Knee-Deep In Dead album from Cluster Buster. get it here :

    Visit me here :

  • Rise of the Undead


    "Rise of the Undead" by Per Kiilstofte is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivatives 4.0 International.

    Download Free Mp3 & Purchase Commercial Use & Sync license at: | Want to know if you can use this? Read our license -


    1) When you buy a license to a piece of music, that music is yours to use for an unlimited amount of projects in any media (including but not limited to Games, Film, TV, Radio) worldwide, forever whether commercial or non-commercial.

    2) When you download a free listening version of our music, you can use that for listening.


  • The Undead Carnival


    Thanks for all your support guys and gals it was really felt by some of the members in the band as you can guess H&O are no more and i think shit is still a lil sour between members however everytime i try to put a link to this video of the facebook page, the page owner deleats it so its up to YOU to keep telling everyone where this partly complete epic is :D it was fun while it lasted guys but its not all bad im now drumming for a new band called Through The Eyes OF Enemies but be warned its alot heavier and in all fairness this is where i belong i cannot express how much it meant to have you guys from around the world follow this band just goes to show no matter where in the world music will always unite!
    Any ways nuff of my blubbering, enjoy the song and the Music video i put together for you all

    Much Love people
    Daniel Mifsud
    ex- Heroes & Outlaws Drummer

    rip H&O

    All licences,rights and roylties of the motion picture footage from the movie Zombieland
    are that of sony pictures.

  • Exit Humanity- Plague Of The Undead


    Band: Exit Humanity
    Song: Plague of the Undead
    Album: Undead Savior
    From: Germany
    Genre: Death Metal
    Members: Kavi, Ulung, Rivano, Alm, Adi, Iyan
    If you Dig them like me, then like them here

  • Date with the Undead


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Date with the Undead · Harley Poe

    7 Inches of Hell

    ℗ 2021 Joseph Barr Whiteford

    Released on: 2021-01-11

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • The Undead - Thorn In Your Side


    The Undead Bobby Steele Ex Misfits



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