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Playlist of The Tiger Lillies - She's a Whore

  • The Tiger Lillies - Shes a Whore


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  • The Tiger Lillies - Shes a Whore


    Urine Palace - Track Nine

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  • The Tiger Lillies - She`s a Whore


    The Tiger Lillies Urine Palace 2007

  • Tiger Lillies Whore


    Album: Ad Nauseam (1995)

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  • Tiger Lillies Hell


    Album: Births Marriages And Deaths (1994)

  • The Tiger Lillies — Daughter


    © Lulu: A Murder Ballad (2014)
    Misery Guts Music

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  • The Tiger Lillies - Urine Palace 2007 full album


    (playlist down here)
    Swedish 30 piece orchestra meets London filth merchants.

    We performed this collection of songs in Uma, Sweden in May 2006 with the Symphony Orchestra of Norrlandsoperan who had invited us to perform with them for a live concert series and had full arrangements written for this one-off event. The results were quite startling, one minute dramatic and moving, the next an x-rated warner brothers cartoon score. We felt that it was important to record the show, even just so we could confirm to ourselves that it actually happened. -Martyn Jacques

    *** plz. visit my channel if you seek more Tiger Lillies, I'm uploading the albums.
    The songs get even more meaning when you play them in the right order. ;) ***

    1- Manure - 00:00
    2- Cancer - 05:12
    3- Kick a Baby - 07:52
    4- Drowning - 10:17
    5- Yellow Angel - 15:27
    6- Getting Old - 20:06
    7- My Funny Valentine - 22:22
    8- Masturbating Jimmy - 26:24
    9- She's a Whore - 28:30
    10- Gonorrhoea - 32:14
    11- Eternity - 37:17

  • The Tiger Lillies ~ Ghetto


    From the album Ad Nauseam (1995)

    God holds your hand then, and she is so strong,
    she's got a hand brake that lasts so long,
    and God how she loves you when you feel blue.
    crushed, you're so crushed, you don't know what to do.

    this world is a ghetto where money is the dream,
    and you've pawned your last coat, with nothing to redeem.

    she broke your heart then, with one broken stare,
    left you the wreckage on which to stare.
    you better realise something, they push you when they can,
    God he don't say nothing, he just carries the can.

    this world's a ghetto where money is the dream,
    and you've pawned your last coat with nothing to redeem

  • Everybody Loves a Whore


    Provided to YouTube by Entertainment One Distribution US

    Everybody Loves a Whore · The Brought Low

    Third Record

    ℗ Small Stone Records

    Released on: 2010-05-11

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Tiger Lillies Sinderella Martyn Jacques Justin Bond


    The Twisted Tale Of A Christmas Crack-Whore: A taste of Martyn's newest creation, reality faerie tale for our times. Poor Sinderella, Justin Bond, is a whore with deep psychological problems caused by resentment towards her wicked stepmother, Martyn Jacques, a sadistic whore with introspective complications. So far, Sinderella's problems can only be assuaged by crack. The world awaits the coming of Prince Charming, whomever he/she/it may be. To open in London December 18.
    Highline Ballroom. New York City, November 10, 2008

  • Sailor Whore


    Anus Mush

  • Gothic Girls - Devil


    Goth Rock/New Wave
    UK 1983
    Vinyl, 7 Outrage

  • Matthau Mikojan - Too Fortunate To Cry.Concert in Moscow 22.05.09 at Relax club


    Matthau Mikojan - Too Fortunate To Cry.Concert in Moscow 22.05.09 at Relax club



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