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Playlist of The LOX

  • The LOX - Gave It To Em


    The Official music video to Gave It To EM from The #LOX #LivingOffXperience album.

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  • The L.O.X. - Recognize


    The Preemo Track Off The LOX Album We Are The Streets

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  • Biggie Smalls feat The Lox - Last Day


    Biggie Smalls feat The Lox - Last Day

  • Jadakiss Recalls Styles P Throwing A Chair At Diddy So The LOX Could Leave Bad Boy Records


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    Guest: Jadakiss (@therealkiss)

    Interview Conducted By: Jeremy Hecht (@jeremy_hecht)

    Senior Content Strategist & Shot By: Jaysn Prolifiq (@jaysnprolifiq)

    Video Edited By Jeremy & Jaysn

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    #Jadakiss #StylesP #Diddy

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  • The LOX - You Know Clue’s Steez


    DJ Clue - Clue for President (1997)

  • LOX & DMX - Bout Shit


    Rest in Prestige DMX!
    If you Bout Shit......Subscribe to a mufugga channel!

    produced by Scram Jones
    #LOX #DMX #ScramJones

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  • Mariah Carey - Honey ft. Mase, The Lox


    Honey by Mariah Carey feat. Mase, The Lox - Bad Boy Remix
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    It's like honey when it rushes over me
    You know sugar never ever was so sweet
    And I'm dyin' for ya, cryin' for ya, I adore ya
    One hit of your love addicted me
    Now I'm strung out on you, darlin', don't you see?
    Every night and day
    I can hardly wait for another taste of honey

    #MariahCarey #Honey #OfficialAudio

  • DMX, Nas, Method Man, Rakim - Long Time ft. Jadakiss


    DMX, Nas, Method Man, Rakim Long Time ft. Jadakiss (2021) (Remix) HD | Inspired by DMX Exodus Album 2021

    DMX - Exodus (Full Album) Out Now!
    ► Stream:
    ► Playlist:

    DMX Exodus Tracklist:
    1. That's My Dog ft. The Lox & Swizz Beats
    2. Bath Salts ft. Jay-Z & Nas
    3. Dog's Out ft. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz
    4. Money Money Money
    5. Hold Me Down ft. Alicia Keys
    6. Skyscrapers
    7. Male Stick Up Skit
    8. Hood Blues ft. Conway, Benny
    9. Walking In The Rain ft. Nas, Exodus Simmons
    10. Take Control ft. Snoop Dogg
    11. Exodus Skit
    12. Letter To My Son (Call Your Father) ft. Usher
    13. Prayer

    DMX - Bath Salts (Audio) ft. JAY-Z, Nas

    Nas, JAY-Z & DJ Khaled - SORRY NOT SORRY (Official Video)

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    ???? Recommended: Nas, JAY-Z, Method Man - 3 Kings -

    DMX, Nas, Method Man, Rakim, Jadakiss (The Lox) Performing Long Time (Remix) 2021

    Inspired by DMX - Bath Salts ft. JAY-Z, Nas

  • Just Wanna Please You Remix


    Provided to YouTube by SongCast, Inc.

    Just Wanna Please You Remix (feat. The Lox) · Mona Lisa

    Just Wanna Please You Remix (feat. The Lox)

    ℗ 1994, Mona Lisa

    Released on: 2015-02-28

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Lox Chatterbox - Confess


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  • Dope Money


    Ryde or die v1
    Dope Money
    very classic!

  • DJ Premier & The Lox - Recognize


    D-Block & Premier

  • The Lox - Breathe Easy


  • The LOX Well Always Love Big Poppa Reversed


    R.I.P. Notorious B.I.G. aka Biggie Smalls

  • Miss Jones feat. The Lox - Love Somebody Else.wmv


    -= We Love R&B =-

  • LSG - You Got Me


    LSG - You Got Me (Feat. The Lox)

  • Mariah Carey - Honey ft. Mase, The Lox


    Official remix of Honey, the lead single of Mariah Carey's critically acclaimed 1997 album Butterfly.


  • The lox - I wanna thank you


    Bonne écoute

    Album : Money, power & respect

  • DMX - Thats My Dog ft. The LOX, Swizz Beatz


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    [Intro: Swizz Beatz & DMX]
    Woo, zone (What, ayy, what)
    DMX (What, what)
    Ruff Ryders (What) here we go (What)
    Yeah (What, what)

    [Chorus: Swizz Beatz]
    That's my dog, yeah, yeah (Oh), that's my dog, yeah, yeah (Oh)
    That's my dog, yeah, yeah (Oh), that's my dog, yeah (Dog)
    That's my dog, yeah, yeah (Oh), that's my dog, yeah (Yeah)
    That's my dog, yeah, yeah, that's my dog, yeah (Here we go)

    [Post-Chorus: Swizz Beatz]
    Do it for the have-nots, do it for the lowlifes
    Do it for the have-nots, do it for the lowlifes
    Do it for the have-nots, do it for the lowlifes
    Do it for the have-nots, do it for the lowlifes (Yeah)

    [Chorus: Swizz Beatz]
    That's my dog, yeah, yeah (Bounce) that's my dog, yeah (Bounce)
    That's my dog, yeah (Bounce) that's my dog, yeah (Dance)
    That's my dog, yeah (Yeah) that's my dog, yeah (Woah)
    That's my dog, yeah (Woo) that's my dog, yeah (Woo woo)

    [Verse 1: Jadakiss]
    This is dog for life, somethin' you don't know about
    No pot to piss in, no window to throw it out
    You know what we do to bitch-ass niggas, we ho 'em out
    You ain't gotta worry 'bout the score, we gon' blow 'em out
    Earl, David, Jason, gotta be Sean
    Gots to keep on keepin' up, I gotta get on
    In the hood right now when the economy strong
    These my niggas that I'm talkin' 'bout, follow the song (Listen)
    Yeah, everybody wanna be down, they playin' spades
    To me, all y'all niggas is clowns playin' charades (Clowns)
    You hit a couple chicks in the town, playin' with AIDS
    It's hot over there, my nigga, play in the shade
    You see, we playin' with bullets, y'all playin' with blades
    No handguns, we all playin' with Ks (Brrt)
    For one of these niggas, I'll come with fuckin' grenades (Boom)
    Exactly how many times do I have to say

    [Chorus: Swizz Beatz & Sheek Louch]
    That's my dog, yeah, yeah (Oh), that's my dog, yeah, yeah (Oh)
    That's my dog, yeah, yeah (Oh), that's my dog, yeah (Dog)
    That's my dog, yeah, yeah (Oh), that's my dog, yeah (Yeah)
    That's my dog, yeah, yeah, that's my dog, yeah (Here we go), ayo

    [Verse 2: Sheek Louch]
    We ain't cool like that, homie, we barely even talk (Facts)
    Every rapper ain't close 'cause they comin' out New York
    I ain't get a call from you when my mom was in the morgue
    Or a nigga needed money, so how the fuck is you my dog?
    Got a lil' older, seen shit for what it was
    Yeah, I known you longer, but I like him for what he does
    No talk, .38 revolver just because
    Straight liquor, that cranberry fuckin' up my buzz
    That's my dog, yeah, we done got it off the ground
    Turned it to Ruff Ryders, gave niggas a new sound
    You heard I was from Yonkers like it was a new town
    I'm lookin' at these labels, like, Who the fuck is these new clowns?
    Silverback, nigga, can't wait for me to fall
    Same time, their bitches can't wait for me to call
    These hatin' motherfuckers I be tryin' to avoid
    Let's do it for Breonna, let's do this shit for Floyd

    [Chorus: Swizz Beatz]
    That's my dog, yeah, yeah (Oh), that's my dog, yeah, yeah (Oh)
    That's my dog, yeah, yeah (Oh), that's my dog, yeah (Dog)
    That's my dog, yeah, yeah (Oh), that's my dog, yeah (Yeah)
    That's my dog, yeah, yeah, that's my dog, yeah (Here we go)

    [Verse 3: Styles P]
    You can feel the love or all the evil that men do
    Either playin' God or a dog that needs a menu
    I was born a wolf, my nigga, let me continue
    Come from a town where niggas fly out the window
    Either they got thrown or the dust did it
    Nah, the knife didn't kill him, but the rust did it
    Lookin' at the new McLaren, need a clutch in it
    That gun probably got a homi', but I fucks with it (I fucks with it)
    All these niggas been my dogs since the lowlife days (My dogs)
    Got a forty-five, shit'll probably blow like haze
    You don't want a homi', you should let me go my way
    I'm like Doughboy, you gon' wanna roll like Tre (Yeah)
    All my niggas know the ticket on the heroin price
    Every bar that I say is sort of like Klondike (Hah)
    Yeah, that's cold motherfucker, get a hold motherfucker (Get a hold)
    That's my dog, if he asked, I'll take your soul motherfucker

    [Chorus: Swizz Beatz]
    That's my dog, yeah, yeah (Oh), that's my dog, yeah, yeah (Oh)
    That's my dog, yeah, yeah

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  • The Lox - Dodge Van Freestyle Instrumental



    Second Channel:

    Main Channel:





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  • MISS JONES FEATURING THE LOX love somebody else 1997.


    DJ DJAOCKS old school forever thank

  • Richie Thumbs / The LOX - Thumbs Up!


    '96/'97 LOX Hidden Gem!!!

  • Alchemist Sample Library| The Essence | The LOX



  • The Lox - Fuego


    Prod. by Alchemist

  • Zhané Ft The LOX Saturday Night


  • Made Men ft. The LOX - Tommys Theme - Instrumental


    ©1999 Def Jam Recordings (DEF 311-1)

    Produced by Hangmen 3

  • FREE Styles P x The Lox Type Beat |2020| - Life and Death


    {FREE} Styles P x The Lox Type Beat |2020| - Life and Death

    BPM: 82
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    Exclusive $500

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  • The LOX - The Product Instrumental


    The LOX - The Product Instrumental

  • The Lox: Livin Off Experience Album Review


    I2G reviews the new LOX album

  • Trap Or Die - The Lox X Styles P X Jadakiss X Sheek Louch 2020 Type Beat


    Purchase this beat at

    Video made with FL Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin

    Effect author credits:
    Youlean Audio Shake - Youlean
    SplinePeaks - David Hoskins Adapted from

  • Mariah Carey - Honey


    Audio of Honey (feat. Mase & The Lox) (Bad Boy Remix) performed by Mariah Carey from the single Honey. The original version appears on the album Butterfly.
    ℗ 1997 Sony Music Entertainment Inc.

    Credits & Info:

    Formats: CD
    Catalog #:
    Label: Columbia
    Written by: Mariah Carey, Sean Combs, Kamaal Fareed, Steven Jordan, Stephen Hague, Bobby Robinson, Ronald Larkins, Larry Price, Malcolm McLaren
    Produced by: Puff Daddy, Stevie J., The Ummah

  • Crown Me -SOLD-


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    Syer On The Beat Secret Stash Drumkit -

  • Instrumentals The Lox Well Always Love Big Poppa


  • The Lox - Ryde Or Die Bitch


    Producer: Timbaland
    Year: 2000
    ft. Eve & Drag-On

  • The Lox || Bout Shit || Bass Only


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  • The LOX - Money, Power & Respect


    Artist: The LOX (feat. Lil' Kim & DMX)
    Producer: D-Dot, Waxx & Corparal
    Album: Money, Power & Respect (1998)

    Album available at:


  • The LOX - Bust Yo Guns Instrumental


    This is the Instrumental for the LOX freestyle Bust Yo Guns by Styles P. and Sheek Louch (Link Below)

    Rate, Comment & Freestyle.

  • L.O.X. - L.O.X. Time


    LeClam's Breakfast Bagel


    GOOD bagel
    chive cream cheese
    Worcestershire sauce 

    Recipe: Spread the chive cream cheese on the bagel. The bagel must be attained from New York or New Jersey, American States. These regions have the best bagels I've sampled, no questions asked. If you do not have access to chive cream cheese, dice chives and add them to your regular cream cheese. Gently lay some lox on the cream of cheese. Next, assort some funions overtop the lox. Finally, add 3-4 dashes of Worcestershire sauce and you have yourself something very special. 

    L.O.X. Time 0:00
    Mind Like A Brick 2:56
    Sugar Bird 10:29
    Ants 13:52
    Bug's Life 20:22
    Midwestern Dogs 27:47
    C.C.C.P. 33:51

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  • The LOX - Try Me Remix


  • FREE The Lox Type Beat 2018 Who Want What | Free Type Beat | Rap:Hip Hop Instrumental 2018


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    Produced By Pierre Leufray Jr. | Copyright © 2018 Pierre Leufray Jr., All Rights Reserved

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  • The LOX - If You Think Im Jiggy


    To get the full instrumental purchase DAME GREASE Presents... Respect The Producer: The Best of Dame Grease Instrumentals Vol. 1 available now! To purchase the full mixtape (24 instrumental tracks) send an email to The cost is $7.00 and Dame Grease will sign the copy of your mixtape. The tracklist of instrumentals is below.

    Dame Grease -

    Vacant Lot -

    Soul Pitch Media -

    1. I Am Legend (Intro)
    2. Clipse - 20K Brothers on the Corner
    3. Freeway & Jay-Z - Big Spender
    4. DJ Drama - Takin Pictures ft. Jeezy, Jim Jones, Rick Ross, Young Buck, T.I.
    5. Beanie Sigel & Styles P - U Ain't Ready For Me
    6. Styles P - Shoot Niggas
    7. Hell Rell - I Ain't Playin
    8. Hell Rell - You Know What It Is feat. Young Dro
    9. Hell Rell & Styles P - Hardest Out
    10. Hell Rell - Streets Gonna Love Me
    11. Cam'ron & Juelz Santana - It's Nothin
    12. JR Writer - Zoolander
    13. T.I., Cam'ron, & Juelz Santana - Crown Me
    14. Cam'ron - Good Morning America
    15. Meeno - I'm That Nigga
    16. Meeno - Undertaker Theme
    17. Nas - God Love Us
    18. Noreaga - La Da Di
    19. Styles P, Nore, & Dame Grease - Sour Diesel
    20. DMX, LOX, & Drag-On - D-X-L
    21. LOX - If You Think You're Jiggy
    22. DMX - ATF
    23. DMX - Niggas Done Started Somethin
    24. DMX - The Convo

  • The Lox Griselda Type Beat War Prod By KayDaBoss


    The Lox Griselda Type Beat War Prod By KayDaBoss
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    #griseldatypebeat #theloxtypebeat #bossbeatz

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  • Jadakiss x Styles P x Sheek Touch x The Lox Type Beat


    Jadakiss x Styles P x Sheek Touch x The Lox Type Beat
    Produced By.International Maverick
    illmind 30 Day Beat Challenge | DAY 5

  • Shootouts - The Lox/Mase Type Beat | Prod. AceIsBack


    This was submitted by AceIsBack. Don't forget to send us your tracks.


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  • DMX x The LOX Type Beat Power Prod By. G-Raw


    Free to use...

  • Gave It To Em The Lox x Swizz Beatz x AraabMUZIK Type Beat!


    Gave It To 'Em The Lox x Swizz Beatz x AraabMUZIK Type Beat!
    #thelox #swizzbeatztypebeat #araabmuziktypebeat #dmxtypebeat

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  • The LOX - Recognize Instrumental


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  • Jadakiss Styles P The LOX DBlock type beat 2014


    Jadakiss Styles P The LOX DBlock type beat 2014

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  • The LOX- Ignorant Instrumental


    The LOX- Ignorant [Instrumental]

  • The Lox - Get That Paper


    The Lox



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