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Playlist of The Junkers feat. Tim Steinfort

  • The Junkers feat. Tim Steinfort - Skinhead is my name Official Video


    This is first official video to the song Skinhead is my name from new The Junkers EP under the same title.

    Skinhead is my name

    I came from nowhere into this world
    to feel the hunger, to feel the rage
    With tattoed arms, scars on my head
    Coz I don't compromise or feel regrets
    Few simple rules leading my steps
    Destroy the enemies, support Your friends
    Remember that your family's always first
    Walk thru this life with strong and tighten fists

    Don't ever ask me why I play that crazy game
    Coz all this questions are driving me insane

    From the bottom of my heart
    to the ones that still remains
    And only words
    SKINHEAD is my name
    From the shadow of my soul
    I will spread fear and pain
    And only words
    SKINHEAD is my name

    I have my code I wanna live like that
    And do not look on any political twats
    I have my music which means a lot to me
    I am the working class and I will always be
    Filled with that hate, with honour and the pride
    Love for my land I have deep into my heart
    I'll wear my boots until the day I die
    It's not a fashion, it's a way of life

  • The Junkers - Skinhead is my name


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  • Junkers - EP Skinhead is my name promo


  • Ben Watson Feat. Tim Steinfort: Germany Slavery 21st Century


    Ben Watson Feat. Tim Steinfort: Germany Slavery 21st Century

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  • THE JUNKERS - Ferajna - video Grudziądz 2016


    Fragment koncertu zespołu The Junkers, który odbył się w dniu 12.11.2016. w Klubie AJAX w Grudziądzu . ....No Bullshit...No Politics...Only Good Music.

  • Bakudan Abgrund


    Bakudan Abgrund

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  • Fear City - True Breed


    Deze video gaat over FCS - New Breed

  • Haymaker - Skinhead


    Haymaker - Forbidden video

  • To drunk to fight


    Provided to YouTube by iMusician Digital AG

    To drunk to fight · Haymaker

    We apologize to nobody

    ℗ Haymaker

    Released on: 2018-03-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Tim Steinfort and Saints & Sinners Alcoholic Anthem


    Tim Steinfort and Saints & Sinners

  • Haymaker - Back in the days


    Let me tell you a story called back in the days of glory
    When I was a young man in the skinhead way of life
    I felled the pride to be a skin forever
    Stay strong and stick together
    We stood as one partners in crime
    I ve got your back if you got mine
    Rejected by society
    We were provoking the authorities

    Back in the Days, back in the good old days of glory
    The good old days of glory
    When I was young

    My friends were alcoholics they were into skinhead music
    I did the same and I ve became one of these antisocial guys
    Who often got arrested, did what my mind suggested
    Stranded like a bandit ended in the bed with someone else his wife
    Didnt have responsibilities
    Always running from reality

    My life was just a mess my thoughts were dangerous
    Beer tasted better but it s only in my mind I guess
    Never knew where I belonged
    When I was young!

  • Tim Steinfort & Vlad The Bulldog Change The Establishment


    The people are Divided instead of being united
    We beat each other up and our government is delighted
    Together we can be what we can never be alone
    So what makes you think that we can make it on our own
    If voting made a difference than it would be a crime
    If you trust a politician you're just wasting your time
    They cannot change the world that we're living in
    It's not in their hands they're just puppets on a string


    Stop wasting your time fighting each other
    Stop wasting your time fighting your brother
    We're all slaves of the system slaves of the government
    Divided we can never change the establishment

    I ain't a fucking nazi a commie or a red
    Even if they put a motherfucking gun to my head
    I won't join either one of them cause all they're about
    Is having lot's of badges and a big mouth
    So rightwing or left ain't got nothing to say
    We share the same amount of bills that we have to pay
    To the banks and the companies until we die
    Exploited by business men in suit and tie


    From the left to the right from the front to the back
    We're all told that the enemy is about to attack
    While the media poisons the minds of the youth
    They will crucify whoever dares to speak the truth
    Jezus the messiah got nailed to the cross
    Do you ever wonder why JFK got shot
    And why Marten Luther King's dream never came true
    All these people got killed cause of their point of view


  • Tim Steinfort - Stand by me


    Old school romance

  • Haymaker - Skinhead for life ACAB cover


    Haymaker - Skinhead for life (worldwide) ACAB cover

  • Serce Chuligana Wrocław 05 2018


  • Bakudan Wach Auf


    Bakudan Wach Auf



    AGGRESSIVE - What I Am - feat. PETRA PRUDKOVA & TIM STEINFORT, LIVE in Prague 13.02.16

  • Tim Steinfort Solidarity


    Tim Steinfort Solidarity (Angelic upstarts cover)

  • Tim Steinfort Talking To A Soldier


    Well I ran into a soldier I've met the other day
    He came back home but he wasn't here to stay
    He was talking about the army from his point of view
    He said: Tim join the army we need people like you
    Now I like competition but I ain't gonna fight
    I can only do wrong when the reason is right
    You won't see me out there in a foreign land
    Just to die or to live with blood on my hands


    Now don't get me wrong and try to understand
    I ain't got a problem with killing a man
    But I don't want this filthy blood on my hands
    For a reason no one understands

    Now he's drinking lots of beer and he's talking about
    the glory of the army that I seriously doubt
    He lost his friends in a bloody war
    He said: I'm going back there to settle the score
    I see a lot of anger when I look into his eyes
    The only thing he wants is to kill a bunch of guys
    Now can't you really find something better to do
    Just look at what the army has done to you


    I'm still talking to the soldier I've met the other day
    He's wasting his life saying fuck it any way
    He Said: This is my rifle this is my gun
    This is for shooting and this is for fun
    So I told him honestly I wish we'd never met
    You can kiss my ass and you won't get my respect
    If the money is the reason you are going to war
    Than I guess I'm gonna have to show you the door


  • The Junkers - 05. Uliczna sprawiedliwość


    Ogień Apokalipsy [2015]

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  • Haymaker - Girly shirts


  • Haymaker - Rocking in a free world


    Haymaker - Rocking in a free world (Neil Young cover)

  • Haymaker - Fear City Skins.


    Please download this video and upload it again on youtube, because they are trying to ban us. Thank you!

  • This ones for us


    For the ones that always stood their ground
    For those who spoke when no one made a sound
    For the ones that fought until the end
    For the ones that die with empty hands

    For the ones that made it for so far
    For those who are real proud of every scar
    For the ones that probably die young
    You're my inspiration for this song


    For the ones that still stand proud
    For the ones that never ever had a doubt
    For the ones like you and me
    This one's for us

    For the ones they stomp into the ground
    For decent folks that often come around
    For the ones with poor hard working hands
    For the ones that no one understands

    For the ones that had been beaten down
    For those that feel true love for there home town
    For the ones that came out second best
    For those who are still damaged from the past


    It's for honest men who could not find a solution so they lied
    For macho men that are somehow still not man enough to cry
    For heroes trough out history that fought until they died
    And outlaws that have tried to show their ways were justified
    For the ones like you and me
    This one's for us

  • The Junkers - Too Many Times Official Video HD


    Skinhead rock and roll from Poland

    Too many times

    Since over thousand years of our history
    We were always here with pride and dignity
    Fighting for our rights, fighting for our lives
    In the sea of blood we were fighting to survive.
    On the barricades, on the battlefields
    We were bleeding for that land, fighting on the streets
    Raise the flag with pride always head up high
    Fighting against evil forces and their bloody lies.

    Smashing sickle and the hammer, smashing svastika
    Under occupation but still free in their hearts.

    These People too many times
    had suffered but they made a stand
    TO FIGHT!!! ...and free their own land

    So many uprisings against evil men
    Fallen mothers and the children, cry of innocence.
    Even when this country dissapeared from the maps
    People always had strong resistance in their hearts.
    Never surrender and never break down
    Like a phoenix from the ashes raising for this land.
    You may try to break us down, You can try to kill
    We will fight to survive and we'll always win

  • Tim Steinfort talks about being unpolitical


    Tim Steinfort talks about being unpolitical

  • Tim Steinfort Jake the slugger


    Jake found his bottle of whiskey again and I guess we all know what that means
    There'll be trouble tonight Jake will look for a fight so you better get out of his way
    Jake was a boxer who used to knock out his opponents in the first round
    And when he fought the best he was strong he was fast almost twice the man he is today

    But whiskey and cocaine ended it all it became his daily routine
    To be drunk to be high to be stoned and deny his addiction to all of these drugs
    A shot at the title was out of the question he messed up his fighting career
    Now he cleans up the mess and he takes out the trash for your everyday neighborhood thugs


    Jake was a slugger who fought like no other
    But fucked it all up drinking whiskey like water
    And he went down the drain using lot's of cocaine
    No the king won't return to the ring

    No half the man that he once used to be Jake has to stand on his own
    Without love without friends no support or defense everybody's afraid of old jake
    When Jakey get's angry get out of the way or you risk loosing all of your teeth
    He's on whiskey and coke he's not in for a joke you do not want to make that mistake


    I remember old Jake from back in the days
    Before he turned into the city's discrace
    When Jake had to live with the loss of his son
    The addictions began and the fighter was done

    Sinds the death of his son he decided to throw in the towel in to the ring
    Without strength left to fight only anger inside he tries to escape from the pain
    Tonight he is looking for someone to blame there's no doubt that there will be a fight
    Don't you look in his eyes or you will pay the price and than you will be knocked out tonight


  • Prick joins Haymaker!


    Prick joins Haymaker!

  • Stobi joins Haymaker


    Stobi joins Haymaker

  • The Junkers Ogień Apokalipsy HD


  • Fear City Skins


    Provided to YouTube by iMusician Digital AG

    Fear City Skins · Haymaker

    We are haymaker

    ℗ haymaker

    Released on: 2017-03-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • My Subculture - Martens Army and Tim Steinfort in Moscow


    Deze video gaat over Moscow Doc. 1

  • The Junkers - 11. Buty do zabijania


    Ogień Apokalipsy [2015]

  • The Scum drunken sparring footage.


    Scum footage 2004

  • Discharger - Skinhead


    Album Born Immortal

  • TheJunkers - All The Way


    The Junkers from Poland, rehersal september 2017

  • The Junkers - 06. Klina klinem


    Ogień Apokalipsy [2015]

  • The Junkers - Like a bomb


    Like a Bomb

    I'm not the god damn pacifist
    You'll be in danger when I get pissed
    If You just step into my way
    Be ready that I will blow away

    Like a bomb!!!
    Like a fucking bomb!!!
    Like a bomb!!!
    I go off like a bomb!!!
    Like a fucking bomb!!!

    Sometimes I can't control my fists
    Hate is tattooed on my wrist
    Don't ask me why I feel that pain
    Coz I can easly go insane

  • Rust - Urban Legends


    Rust - Urban Legends

  • The Junkers - 05. I dont like you


    Nasza wolność [2007]

  • Haymaker - Underdogs


    mixed and mastered by Sven Post


    Take the hits don't be a bitch, come back stronger eat the rich
    No one likes us we don't care, bullshit each and everywhere
    Start a fuzz to get that buzz, goddamn right you're one of us
    Big boots with the white laces , shaved heads angry faces yeah!


    We're the underdogs we finish back on top
    We play it rough we play it hard we party till we drop
    They are many we are few but we don't give a fuck
    We're the underdogs we finish back on top Oi!

    We will do what can't be done, we will win what's never been won
    Those you underestimate will be on top make no mistake
    Underdogs will go to war like nothing ever seen before
    Skinheads the most hated highly underestimated yeah!


  • Haymaker - Wegeleben


    Haymaker - Wegeleben

  • The Junkers - 08. Robotnicza duma


    Teraz i zawsze i na wieki wieków [2011]

  • Tim Steinfort Ive been thinking


    I've been thinking about the world and it's political leaders
    I've been thinking about the game that's been ruined by cheaters
    The poor need more while the rich men are pretending to be poor
    I've been thinking about religion and the will of god
    If you don't practice what's been preached than you'll end up shot
    all the colts and religions are made to keep the animals in line


    Well I've been thinking about the fact that the world is in the hands of fools
    You know the kind that we used to beat up in school
    They are filthy kind of people that take but never learned how to give
    They're telling us how to live

    I've been thinking about the law and death over live
    They say to hell with the poor only the rich man survives
    They made a law for the rich and a law for people just like you and me
    But what would they do if they are hungry and broke
    They think that life on these streets is nothing more than a joke
    Who are they to decide what kind of punishment is gonna fit the crime


    And if you don't think about all of the things that you doubt
    Than I guess you just belong to the average crowd
    I don't follow no orders I obey no comments
    All you overeducated fools can kiss my motherfucking ass

  • My Subculture - Haymaker and Live and Loud 2018 in Chicago


    My Subculture - Haymaker and Live and Loud 2018 in Chicago

  • Haymaker - Skinhead for life


    Haymaker - Malaysia (Borneo)

  • Discharger - Never Surrender - Szczecin April 13th 2013


    Discharger video

  • Haymaker, Aarburg Switzerland


    For the Fans, Because of the Fans!



    Release: the Sword of Our Ancestors (Bandworm Records, 2008)

    Vocals/guitar: Tim
    Guitar: Peter
    Bass: Gwenn
    Drums: Olle

    Music style: oi! - streetrock - metal - folk - punk - hardcore - battlefield - rock - viking - skinhead - streetcore - rock 'n roll

  • Haymaker - Too drunk to fight


    Too drunk to fight



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