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Playlist of The Jags

  • The Jags - Party Games - Runaround 1980


    The Jags on Runaround 1980, presented by Mike Reid. Rebroadcast 2020. The Jags were a British rock band formed in Scarborough, North Yorkshire in 1978. Best known for the 1979 power pop single Back of My Hand. I recorded this on a Humax PVR, copies to DVD-R archive #4050

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  • The Jags on The Old Grey Whistle Test. Tune in to Heaven. iPad


    The Jags playing live on the much missed BBC music prog The Old Grey Whistle Test. My loose sunglasses really annoyed me then, and still annoy me now.
    Check out Annie Nightingale's face as she walks out of shot.

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  • The Jags - I Never Was A Beachboy


    British Power Pop 1978-1982

  • The Jags - Womans World


    Nick Watkinson and John Alder started writing songs together in early 1977. By the summer of the following year they had put a band together and quickly landed a recording contract with Island. Their first record, Back Of My Hand, did well on the charts, but this single, their follow-up, unfortunately failed to garner the same interest. However, both songs are terrific power pop and Dumb Blonde later made it's way onto a Powerpearls compilation.

    For more info on the Jags, check out the Cheap Rewards Record Blog:

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  • The Jags on Get It Together playing Womans World, iPad


    We recorded this version in about 2 hours in a studio at Granada in Manchester for the UK children's programme Get It Together. So superior to our original version, Nick put in an inspired vocal performance, and I still love Roy North's The fabulous Jags...thanks fellas. We should've changed our name there and then. Happy days.

  • The Jags - Back Of My Hand


    The Jags - Back Of My Hand (1979) (HD)...

    One of my favourite songs of all time Back Of My Hand by The Jags from 1979...

    Sharpened up,. Redubbed and edited to the full length audio track... enjoy... :-)

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  • The Jags-Party games


  • The Jags-The sound of G-O-O-D-B-Y-E


  • The Jags - Evening Standards


    The Jags were an awesome band. People need to remember them.
    (I do not own this music)

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  • The Jags - The Sound of


    Song from The Jags 1981 album, No Tie Like A Present. Copyright Island Records.

  • The Jags - Last Picture Show


    UK power pop/MOD band. From album Evening Standards by Island Records, 1980.

  • The Jags-Evening standards


  • The Jags - Back of m hand


    the jags on top of the pops

  • The Jags Desert Island Discs


    The Jags Desert Island Discs from the album Evening Standards. Just a compilation that I made very quickly, not concentrating too much on sync issues, and using photos found online and other videos from youtube. Enjoy!

  • The Jags - Little Boy Lost


    British Power Pop 1978-1982

  • The Jags-Single vision


  • The Jags - Womans World


    The Jags with Woman's World from Evening Standards 1980

  • Jags - Back of My Hand


    You only call me if your feeling blue
    You tell me i don't pay attention to you
    But if you only knew, just what i'm going through
    You wouldn't phone those guys who mess around with you girl
    When i call you i get stack of lies
    You whip 'em out before you dry your eyes
    I'm not a fruit machine a nineteen sixties dream
    And in the 'bet you' list i bet you've never seen her

    Pre chorus
    Your not unreadable,your not unbeatable,
    I know just what you are, don't push your luck too far
    Your not untouchable, not just another girl
    I'd get in touch with you , i only wish you knew that

    I've got your number written on the back of my hand x 3
    I've got your number

    I had a dream i met another girl
    But in the morning she was just a kick inside,
    I hope i'm gettin' through the interference too
    My money's running out i don't know what to say now
    The operator's saying cut the line
    You want to call here for the very last time,
    You're only young at heart, but there's a time to start
    Just realizing what i've got down here girl!

    Pre chorus
    You're not unreachable ....etc


    Guitar solo

    Say don't you realize
    Is there nothing left inside
    Hey did i get you wrong
    Say where's your number gone

    First half of first verse...then pre chorus...chorus

  • The Jags - Another town, another place


  • The Jags - Ya Ya


    Like most everybody else, the only song I know from the Jags is the power-pop classic 'Back of my Hand'. This tight and energetic performance shows there's more to them than that! (song includes M's Pop muzik :-)
    From the Dutch VPRO tvshow Neon.
    Hat tip to John Alder for delivering the title, see

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  • The Jags-Dumb Blonde


  • The Jags - The Train and the Plane / Silver Birds


    No Tie Like a Present 1981

  • The Jags Rock


    The Jags playing Rock Around the Clock and Rockin Song Titles.
    Back in 2005 after their induction into the Iowa Rock N Roll hall of Fame I was asked to play with the Jags for a few shows and here are a couple of songs from one of those shows. These guys were huge in the late 50's and early 60's playing on the Dick Clark tours around the country. What a great time!!

  • The Jags -The Old Grey Whistle Test - Evening Standard. iPad


    Second track from the band's appearance on the Whistle Test

  • Steve Carl & The Jags Curfew


    1957 Rockabilly

  • Back of My Hand


    Mostly John covers British pop band, The Jags, and their 1979 hit Back of My Hand.

  • The Jags - Single Vision/BMW


    The Jags rule!

  • Double Vision - The Jags


    This is the B side of the single Back of My hand by The Jags

  • The Jags Back of My Hand 12 ep


    The Whole Back of My Hand 12 ep by The Jags
    side a:
    1) Back of my hand
    2)Double Vision

    side b
    1)Single Vision
    2)What can i do

  • The Jags- Party Games video. iPad


    This video is as rare as hen's teeth as it was never broadcast and has only been seen by us (The Jags), Island records and obviously the man who made it, who's name I don't recall.
    Excuse the quality, it's from a very chewed up VHS.
    I'm the one in the rather fetching green trousers and red shirt.

  • The Jags - The Tourist


    The Jags with The Tourist from Evening Standards 1980

  • The Jags - Back Of My Hand


    The Jags with Back Of My Hand from Evening Standards 1980

  • The Jags-Double vision


  • The Jags - The Tourist


    Evening Standards 1980

  • The Jags - New York @ Bilebändi 2012


    New York (Paloma Faith-Jodi Marr)

    The Jags:
    Linda Herranen -laulu
    Antti Lipponen -laulu
    Janne Halonen -kitara
    Arto Nurmi -basso
    Juha Räsänen -rummut
    Maria Ilmoniemi -koskettimet
    Tommi Kolunen -trumpetti
    Janne Huttunen -saksofoni, huilu
    Robert Löflund -saksofoni

  • The Jags - Little Lloyd Wright & Fearing A Tornado


    My two favorite songs by the Jags. The last two song from their second album No Tie Like the Present.

    The LP sound is definitely present. But take into account that the stylus is 15 years old and the Fisher turntable 25 and I say it doesn't sound too bad.

  • The Jags - Fearing A Tornado


    No Tie Like A Present (1981)

  • The Jags


    The original line up of the JAGS recorded this song during their first week of rehearsals with single microphone on an old reel to reel tape recorder. It was not even included in the demo recordings which were sent out to record companies in 1979 which resulted in Island records signing the band.

  • The Jags - Back of my hand


    The Jags perform Back of my hand on Top of the pops

  • MaxC & The Jags


    The incredible Max'C performs a Stevie Wonder -cover All I Do with the accompaniment of the amazing Jags -band. This performance was shown in Finland's MTV3 -channel on the Mother's Day 2011. The event was a charity concert organized by Pelastakaa Lapset ry and Blue Media OY. The show took place in Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki. The Jags line up that day was: Juha Räsänen drs, Arto Nurmi bs, Janne Halonen gtr, Robert Engstrand keys, Maria Ilmoniemi organ, Janne Huttunen sax, Robert Löflund bari sax, Mikko Koponen trpt, Antti Lipponen voc, Manna Borg voc.

  • JaCee and the Jags - Moon Kiss Sun Official Lyric Video


    Music video for Moon Kiss Sun [Official Lyric Video] performed by JaCee and the Jags.


    Copyright (C) 2014 JaCee Music ltd..
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  • Silence Of The Jags


    Random video i made in Media Tech

  • Has-Been by The Jags.mp4


    The fifth video in The Jags collection, Philadelphia's first punk band (1978-1979).

  • The Jags-Dumb blonde


  • The Pink Spiders Back Of My Hand The Jags live cover


    Number Five! Can you believe it? This one's a deep cut from 1979, originally recorded by the UK power pop sensation The Jag. Featuring special guest lead guitar shreddin' by Jared Corder from *repeat repeat

  • JaCee and the Jags - Fergusin blues


    Music video for Fergusin blues (Official Audio) performed by JaCee and the Jags.


    Copyright (C) 2015 Jump it up! or Fergusin.
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  • Back Of My Hand - Martin John Burton


    Here's my solo version of the Jags Back Of My Hand from 1979.
    One of my all time favourite songs.

  • JaCee and the Jags - Its my turn, again Official JaCee Lyric


    Music video for It's my turn, again [Official JaCee Lyric] performed by JaCee and the Jags.


    Copyright (C) 2015 Brownie.
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  • Back of My Hand - Mr Spankey & The Hipthrusters


    Recorded on a Samsung S8 at the Nags Head, Ramsden Heath, Essex UK on Friday 28 May 2021.

  • Long Way Home - Jenny and the Jags Park House 10/20/17


    Live at The Park House in Pittsburgh, PA




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