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Playlist of The Farm

  • Mindanao Cover By The Farmer


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  • The Farm


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    The Farm · Lime Cordiale

    Faceless Cat

    ℗ 2012 Lime Cordiale

    Released on: 2012-07-06

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  • The Farms Songs: Birds Mix - Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes


    All the birds from the farm are having fun singing and dancing. Here is a mix of the birds' songs. Check it out!

    Learn, sing and dance with Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes

    #KidsSongs #NurseryRhymes #FarmSongs

    The Farm's Songs: Birds Mix:
    1. Lottie Dottie Chicken
    2. Little Yellow Chickadee
    3. Six Little Ducks
    4. The Little Chick Cheep
    5. The Chicken Dance

  • Perfect Christmas cover By The Farmer


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  • When the children cry cover by The Farmer


    At Wangan Calinan Davao City

  • The Farm


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    The Farm · Aerosmith

    Nine Lives

    ℗ 1997 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

    Released on: 1997-03-18

    Dulcimer, Harmonica, Keyboards, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Vocal, Composer, Lyricist, Recording Engineer: Steven Tyler
    Background Vocal, Dulcimer, Guitar, Slide Guitar, Composer, Lyricist, Recording Engineer: Joe Perry
    Composer, Lyricist, Recording Engineer: Mark Hudson
    Composer, Lyricist: Steve Dudas
    Composer, Lyricist: E. Y. Harburg
    Composer, Lyricist: Harold Arlen
    Composer, Lyricist: Herbert Stothart
    Acoustic Guitar, Guitar: Brad Whitford
    Bass Guitar: Tom Hamilton
    Conductor, Arranger: David Campbell
    Drums: Joey Kramer
    Keyboards: John Webster
    Producer: Kevin Shirley
    Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer: Kevin Caveman Shirley
    Assistant Engineer: Rory Romano
    Mastering Engineer: Leon Zervos

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Kabukiran - Freddie Aguilar | The Farmer


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  • The Farm


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    The Farm · Various Artists · Michael Salvatori · Skye Lewin · C Paul Johnson · Rotem Moav · Pieter Schlosser

    Destiny 2 (Original Soundtrack)

    ℗ 2017 Bungie Music Publishing

    Released on: 2017-09-05

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • The Farm


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    The Farm · Thomas Newman

    Road To Perdition

    ℗ 2002 UMG Recordings, Inc.

    Released on: 2002-08-12

    Producer: Thomas Newman
    Composer: Thomas Newman

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • The Farm - All Together Now Live at Brixton Academy


    All Together Now With The Farm
    Recorded Live At Brixton Academy, London 26th March 2005. Enjoy and Please Subscribe!!

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  • Roo Arcus - Out On The Farm


    Music video by Roo Arcus performing 'Out On The Farm'. (C) 2013

    The self-penned second #1 radio single and music video 'Out On The Farm' is an insight into Roo and his family's life and was filmed on their cattle property on the Southern Tablelands of NSW, Australia... and covers such topics as kids, neighbours, BBQ's and good old fashioned country values and hospitality.

    Everyone in this video are Roo's real family, friends and neighbours.

    Directed by Ross Wood 171 Entertainment.

  • Down on the Farm


    Provided to YouTube by Rhino/Elektra

    Down on the Farm · The Doors

    Other Voices

    ℗ 2006 Elektra Entertainment Group Inc. for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States

    Engineer: Bruce Botnick
    Producer: Bruce Botnick
    Marimba: Emil Richards
    Bass Guitar: Jerry Scheff
    Drums, Producer: John Densmore
    Keyboards, Producer, Vocals: Ray Manzarek
    Guitar, Harmonica, Producer: Robby Krieger
    Lead Vocals: Robby Krieger
    Writer: Robby Krieger

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Coco Jambo by Mr. President | The Farmer


    Reggae Version

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  • Mahal Kita by Freddie Aguilar Cover by The Farmer


  • Kapayapaan | The Farmer


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  • Down On The Farm


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    Down On The Farm · Tim McGraw

    McGRAW (The Ultimate Collection)

    ℗ Curb Records, Inc.

    Released on: 2016-10-21

    Artist: Tim McGraw

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • The Farm - Stepping Stone Ghost Dance Mix


    High quality audio. One of the 'Madchester' anthems around at the time, and their first major single. I've only put 'Ghost Dance Mix' on the title, as it appears off my Best of CD. Sounds just like the original, unless it differs?

  • All Together Now - The Farm


    (Hooton / Grimes)
    (P)1991 Farmsong Ltd. from the album Alltogethernow - the very best of the best of The Farm
    24 BIT Digitally Remastered

    Peter Hooton definió ‘All together now’ como una canción que trata sobre la “unidad” y la “humanidad” y fue uno de los singles del álbum debut de la banda, “Spartacus” (1991). El disco estaba dedicado a los padres de Andy McVann, miembro del grupo que murió durante una persecución en coche al escapar de la policía. ‘All together now’ es la canción más conocida de la banda inglesa y fue producida por Suggs, el líder de Madness. Los acordes que la canción emplea son los mismos que los del ‘Canon en Re Mayor’ de Johann Pachelbel. The Farm no fueron los primeros en utilizar esta pieza que se ha empleado infinidad de ocasiones en el mundo del rock y el pop: desde ‘Oh Lord! Why Lord?’ (1968), de los Pop Tops, hasta ‘Eyes of the world’ (1986) de Fleetwood Mac, por citar un par de ejemplos. Tampoco fueron los últimos: ‘Go west’ (1993) de los Pet Shop Boys, ‘Cryin’’(1993) de Aerosmith., ‘Basket case’ (1994), de Green Day, ‘Don’t look back in anger’ (1996), de Oasis o el más reciente ‘Step’ (2013), de Vampire Weekend, demuestran lo adaptable que resulta esta pieza de la música barroca.
    Con el paso del tiempo, ‘All together now’ de The Farm se ha convertido en un himno futbolístico, pero no hay que olvidar su significado histórico ante el inminente centenario de la Primera Guerra Mundial que tendrá lugar el año que viene. Aunque es un eslogan publicitario muy manido, la tregua demostró que en Navidad todo puede suceder. Tal vez, se si hubiera alargado un poco más aquel alto improvisado, la Historia se habría ahorrado escribir uno de sus capítulos más duros.

    Remember boy that your forefather's died
    Lost in millions for a country's pride
    Never mention the trenches of Belgium
    When they stopped fighting and they were one

    A spirit stronger than war was at work that night
    December 1914 cold, clear and bright
    Countries' borders were right out of sight
    They joined together and decided not to fight

    All together now, all together now
    All together now in no man's land (together)
    All together now (all together), all together now (all together)
    All together now (together, together)
    In no man's land (together, together)

    The same old story again
    All those tears shed in vain
    Nothing learnt and nothing gained
    Only hope remains

    All together now, all together now
    All together now in no man's land (together)
    All together now (all together), all together now (all together)
    All together now in no man's land (together)
    All together now (all together now), all together now (all together now)
    All together now (together, together)
    In no man's land (together, together)

    The boys had their say, they said no (all together now)
    Stop the slaughter, let's go home
    Let's go, let's go (all together now)
    Let's go (all together now), let's go home
    All together now (together, together)
    In no man's land (together, together)
    All together now (all together now), all together now (all together)
    All together now (together, together)
    In no man's land (together, together)

  • The Farm - All Together Now


    High quality audio. Apsolute classic, what more can I say?

  • The Farm - Groovy Train - Official Video


    The first Hit single from the Spartacus album.

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  • Down On The Farm


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Down On The Farm · Guns N' Roses

    The Spaghetti Incident?

    ℗ 1993 Geffen Records

    Released on: 1993-01-01

    Producer: Mike Clink
    Producer: Guns N' Roses
    Studio Personnel, Mixer: Bill Price
    Composer Lyricist: Charles Harper
    Composer Lyricist: Alvin Gibbs
    Composer Lyricist: Nicholas Garrett

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • THE FARM - Home Sweet Home


    © 2012 WMG
    THE FARM - Home Sweet Home - available on iTunes -

  • Thomas Newman - The Farm


  • The Farm - All Together Now


    The Farm was unofficially called Soul of Socialism in the early 1980s. This band comprised Peter Hooton, Steve Grimes, John Melvin and Andy McVann, who was killed in a car chase on October 1, 1986, running away from the police, and to whose parents the band's subsequent album, Spartacus, would be dedicated. The band evolved out of an earlier group called The Excitements, initially including Phil (Stinker) on bass, Neil (Cad) Campbell on drums, as well as Steve Grimes on guitar. They became The Farm after Martin Dunbar (vocals) left and Peter Hooton joined. The name came from a friend's farm where they used to practise. In the 1980s they released a single, Hearts and Minds, produced by Graham Suggs McPherson, lead vocalist with Madness. In 1986, after McVann's death, Melvin left the band, to pursue a varied career as the director of his own construction firm, but he eventually returned to music in 1990 under the guise of Mr Smith, a two-piece band that would tour frequently, but not release anything of note. After the departure of Melvin and the death of McVann, Hooton promptly brought in a new line-up. They released four Indie singles but failed to earn themselves a big break until 1990




  • Down On The Farm- Tim McGraw


    Down On The Farm- Tim McGraw (Lyrics+Pictures) On Screen

    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

  • The Farm - Groovy Train HQ


    Groovy Train was the second single released by Liverpool-based group The Farm.

    It was released in August 1990 as the first single from their debut album Spartacus (which would be released in April 1991), having been produced by Graham Suggs McPherson of Madness and Terry Farley.

    The single reached #6 on the UK Singles Chart, #4 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, #41 on the US Billboard Hot 100, and #15 on the US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart.

    It contains a distinctive guitar intro by Keith Mullin which was possibly his most significant contribution to any one song. Groovy Train featured on the influential 1990 Madchester compilation album Happy Daze.

  • Earth is Life | The Farmer


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  • Song We Are Masters of the Farm 우리는 농장의 주인


    우리는 농장의 주인
    Song performed by the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble of the DPRK. Featured in the early 1990s DPRK film Urban Girl Comes to Get Married.

  • Tim McGraw - Down On The Farm


    Watch the official music video for Down On The Farm by Tim McGraw.

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    All Together Now é uma canção da banda inglesa The Farm, lançada em 1990 no álbum Spartacus.
    A música é inspirada no Dia da Trégua de Natal da Primeira Guerra Mundial, ocorrido em 1914. Os soldados britânicos, alemães e franceses abandonaram suas armas, trocaram presentes e jogaram futebol.
    Em 1992 foi executada na telenovela brasileira Perigosas Peruas.

  • The Farm - All together now


    The Farm - All together now (Sub Español)

  • 4everfreebrony - Working On The Farm


    Link to album:

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    Original song Waiting In The Weeds by The Eagles.

    Instrumental recreated by me.


    The was a fun little solo project. I've know the original song for years, but I always felt it was highly underrated, so I decided to give it a little love by introducing bronies to the song. I put quite a bit of thought into the lyrics for this one, so I hope you enjoy it!


    That amazing artwork up there was done by Szymon Furjan!



    That time again, begin the harvest
    The apple season's coming one year more
    And though I show a smile outside
    It always gets me every time
    I just can't help but think of how it was before

    I don't remember when it was, and I don't want to
    But still the memory of that day just won't get out
    And though the blame wasn't put on me
    I wouldn't say too much, I wouldn't eat
    I had lost my chance to make you proud

    (chorus 1)
    And I've been working on the farm
    Working 'til the setting sun is down again
    And brother's singing with the choir
    Practicing his solo parts and harmonies
    And sister's searching for herself
    Finding out the reasons she's slowly changing
    And Granny may be family as well
    But she won't be replacing you

    I've been spending time with the bedroom mirror
    To stop and take a look at what I've become
    If I could be what you once were
    I'd make you smile, I'm sure
    I guess you don't know what you've got until it's gone

    (chorus 2)
    And I've been working on the farm
    Working 'til the job is good and done
    Along the orchards running through the fields
    Lying on the outskirts of this peaceful town
    And I imagine you would both be here
    And working through the years
    You'd hold me on you shoulders
    And now the two of you are gone
    The days are cold and long
    When winter comes around
    And sometimes I'll feel so alone
    It doesn't feel like home
    Without your endless tender love and care
    Nothing's ever fair for no one

    I've been pushing through the tears lately
    Just like you taught me once
    And though I may not ever see your faces
    I'm growing up

    (chorus 3)
    'Cause I've been working on the farm
    Working 'til the apples all fall down
    Into the baskets lining up the fields
    Pondering the moment when they'll finally be of worth
    A chance they all deserve
    And each of them a soul
    The trees and all
    I've never been the kind to go alone
    I guess that there's a first and last for everyone

    (repeat chorus 1)

  • the farm-family of man


    top tune

  • Charley Pride Down On The Farm


    Here's a little-heard yet touching song from Charley, a #25 hit in 1985.

  • Trending Tropics - The Farm


    Trending Tropics Ft. - The Farm (Audio Oficial) Escúchalo en Spotify:

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    (C) 2018 Sony Music Entertainment Colombia S.A



    by Ricky R. Renfro (videos)


  • 03- Escape from the Farm


    Battlestar Galactica Season 2 - OST: Bear McCreary

  • The Farm: Down And Out


    Recorded live at Expo Studiotheater on Friday, March 13th, 2009.

    Vocals: Elmar Ferner
    Guitar: Niklas Turmann
    Keyboards: Jochen Pietsch
    Bass: Michael Schugardt
    Drums: Momme Boe

  • Little Feat - Down On The Farm - 10.02.10


    Little Feat - Lovelane Hoedown - Dedham, MA - Charity show for: Lovelane Special Needs Horseback Riding Program - 10.02.10 - Down On The Farm

  • Seasick Steve - Down On The Farm


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  • The Farm: Old Medley / Los Endos


    Live at Expo Studiotheater in Hanover, Germany

    Vocals: Elmar Ferner
    Guitar: Niklas Turmann
    Keyboards: Jochen Pietsch
    Bass: Michael Schugardt
    Drums: Momme Boe & Christin Neddens

  • Nathaniel Rateliff- And Its Still Alright- On The Farm Sessions @Pickathon 2019 S07E05


    On The Farm Series - Season 7 - Episode 5

    American Songwriter presents Nathaniel Rateliff in this episode of the On The Farm Series.

    Check back on the 2nd Thursday of every month for a new On The Farm episode in Season 7 (Oct. 2019 - Aug. 2020).

    Filmed at Pickathon ( on the beautiful Pendarvis Farm, August 1-4, 2019.

    Artist: Nathaniel Rateliff
    Song: And It's Still Alright
    Album: And It's Still Alright

    Special thanks to The Oregon Film Office.

    Producer: Ryan Stiles
    Executive Producer: Zale Schoenborn, Terry Groves
    Assistant Producer: Tanner McCullough
    Line Producer: Seth Chandler
    Production Manager: Claudia Amatulli
    Production Coordinator: Kara Lewis, Holly Wyman
    Associate Distribution Producer: Ned Failing, David Gluck
    Legal: Vincent Sliwoski, Harris Moure, PLLC
    Editor: Tanner McCullough
    Director: Emilee Booher
    Audio: Morgan Hobart
    Audio Producer: Lewi Longmire
    Production Assistant: Ruby Oland, David Worthington
    Photo: Kathleen Ayers

  • Fresh off the Farm


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Fresh off the Farm · Taylor Red

    Fresh off the Farm

    ℗ 2020 Taylor Red

    Released on: 2020-02-14

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Out of Africa OST - 09. Alone On the Farm


    Out of Africa original score by John Barry - Track 09. Alone on the Farm

  • Luke Bryan - Heres To The Farmer


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    Music video by Luke Bryan performing Here's To The Farmer. (C) 2016 Capitol Records Nashville

  • LoCash Cowboys - Fresh Off The Farm Lyrics


    this is how we do it - 2009
    i don't own this song

  • Luke Bryan - The Road To The Farm


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    Music video by Luke Bryan performing The Road To The Farm. (C) 2016 Capitol Records Nashville

  • Chris Norton Plays The Farm


    Here is my favorite piece from Destiny 2 that I condensed into a piano arrangement

    I also do Skype lessons! Message me if interested and we can set up a meeting.

    Link to sheet music:

    Xbox: Chromium Cob

  • Seasick Steve - Down on the farm


    Pinkpop 2012



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