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Playlist of The Entrepreneurs - Say So! [Tapetown Sessions - SPOT2019 Special]

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    The Entrepreneurs - Say So! Tapetown Sessions - SPOT2019 Special


    The Entrepreneurs performing 'Say So!' live at Tapetown Studio on Lydhavnen, Aarhus.

    Camera: Laurine Brugman, Mathias Gaard
    Edit: Tapetown
    Recording & Mix: Rasmus Bredvig at Tapetown
    Mastering: Emil Thomsen at ET Mastering
    In collaboration with:
    ET Mastering, Spot Festival, Lydhavnen, djbfa, dpa, Musikpuljen Aarhus

    The band played the biggest stage at SPOT festival at 23.00 on saturday 4th of May. The morning before returning home to Copenhagen they dropped by the studio for a live session with only a handfull of people present.
    This live recording really captures the intensity of their live performance and how skilled they are both as musicians and as a group. The sound captures the raw energy and shows a different side of the song than you get on the album.

    They recently released their debut 'Noise & Romance' on Tambourhinoceros. You can pick up the album right here:



    For more alternative, punkrock, lofi, indie, noise, fuzz & other delicious pleasures - check out our channel.

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    Mavourneen - Bliss Tapetown Sessions - SPOT2019 Special


    Mavourneen performing 'Bliss' at Tapetown Studio on Lydhavnen during SPOT festival 2019.

    Camera: Laurine Brugman, Marcus Jacobsen, Mathias Gaarde
    Edit: Tapetown
    Recording & Mix: Rasmus Bredvig at Tapetown
    Mastering: Emil Thomsen at ET Mastering
    In collaboration with:
    ET Mastering, Spot Festival, Lydhavnen, Silent Events DK, Penguin Productions, djbfa, dpa, Musikpuljen Aarhus, Drowned in Sound



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    The Entrepreneurs - Say So!


    Drummer: Vanilje Rønne Danielsson
    Directed by Asger Møllsøe
    Filmed and edited by Asger Møllsøe
    Gaffer & Grip: Rolf Josephsen & Jakob Leifer Ravnemose
    Make-up: Natalia Nielsen
    Runner: Christina Rohde
    Setdesign: Christina Rohde & Asger Møllsøe
    Extras: Marianne Malm, Mark Krasnik, Kenneth Jensen, Gina Birgitte Kollerup & Magnus Thordal

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    The Entrepreneurs @ Alive Festival 2018


    Music: Joaquin taken from The Entrepreneurs' debut album Noise & Romance (out on feb 1, 2019)

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    The Entrepreneurs - Session 1


    Session 1 is taken from the album Noise & Romance (released on Feb 1, 2019).

    Director of Photography: Asger Møllsøe
    Grip - Rolf Josephsen
    Sound: Jacob Brøndlund

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    The Entrepreneurs - Joaquin


    Taken from the album Noise & Romance:

    Directed and Edited by Asger Møllsøe
    Starring Vigge Rønne Kejlbo Woll

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    Patricia Wheeler - Imagine @Pickathon 2018 S02E04


    Imagine Series - Season 2 - Episode 4

    Patricia Wheeler is a producer, writer, and storyteller from Hell, Michigan based in Detroit. She is The Moth’s Michigan producer, and curates and MCs storytelling shows at Pickathon, LampLight, and HollerFest Music Festivals. Her essays can be found online. She has told stories with Risk!, The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers, and many others. She leads workshops to help businesses and individuals harness the power of story within their work. She holds a Master’s degree in Storytelling from East Tennessee State University.

    Check back on the 2nd Monday of every month for a new Imagine episode in Season 2 (Oct. 2018 - Aug. 2019).
    Filmed at Pickathon ( on the beautiful Pendarvis Farm, August 3-5, 2018.
    Special thanks to The Oregon Film Office.

    Producer: Ryan Stiles
    Executive Producer: Zale Schoenborn, Terry Groves
    Assistant Producer: Stephanie Manzo
    Line Producer: Seth Chandler
    Production Manager: Josh Madera
    Production Coordinator: Kara Lewis, Holly Wyman
    Associate Distribution Producer: Ned Failing, David Gluck
    Legal: Vincent Sliwoski, Harris Moure, PLLC
    Director: Jay Malecki
    Technical Director: Kara Aldana
    Stage Manager: Andrew Verhoeven
    Assistant Stage Manager: Candace Lazarus
    Editor: Katie Dalziel
    Curator: Patricia Wheeler
    Camera Crew: David Van Auken, Stephen Dettman, Ryan Fruge, Rishi Linley, Nicholas Mast, Nye Taylor-Seaking
    Festival Lighting Director: Daniel Meeker
    Live Audio Engineer: Martin Gonzales
    Broadcast Mix/Recording Engineer: Chris Gray
    Monitor Engineer: Daniel Congdon / Joey Cox
    Sound Design: Josh Derry

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    Fashion Beat TV Interviews The Entrepreneurs


    We sit down with Danish band The Entrepreneurs moments after their Roskilde Festival 2016 gig. Subscribe for more content and follow us on our social channels.


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    Pure Bathing Culture - Full Performance


    Pure Bathing Culture stops by for a Live Mix.

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    Adelén - What´s Next


    Adelén – What´s Next:

    Follow me on:

    Directed by Eirik Stordrange
    Edited by Eirik Stordrange



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