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Playlist of The Dark Side of the Moon

  • Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon


    Pink Floyd - (Speak To Me - Breathe) / Any Colour You Like

    A video I always wanted to make, Enjoy.

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  • Dark Side Of The Moon


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Dark Side Of The Moon · Lil Wayne · Nicki Minaj

    Tha Carter V

    ℗ 2018 Young Money Records, Inc.

    Released on: 2018-09-28

    Producer: Bloque
    Producer, Co- Producer, Associated Performer, Keyboards, Organ: Jonah Christian
    Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Manny Galvez
    Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Matt Testa
    Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Aubry Big Juice Delaine
    Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Jason Delattiboudere
    Studio Personnel, Asst. Recording Engineer: Manny Park
    Studio Personnel, Mixer: Fabian Marasciullo
    Studio Personnel, Assistant Mixer: McCoy Socalgargoyle
    Composer Lyricist: Dwayne Carter
    Composer Lyricist: Onika Maraj
    Composer Lyricist: Jamal Reid
    Composer Lyricist: Jonah Christian

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • The Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd -


    Martin Miller Session Band plays Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. Recorded live at Weltklang Studio, Plauen on 10th August 2017.

    Track List:
    1. Speak to Me
    2. Breathe
    3. On the Run
    4. Time
    5. The Great Gig in the Sky
    6. Money
    7. Us and Them
    8. Any Color You Like
    9. Brain Damage
    10. Eclipse

    Martin Miller - Guitar & Vocals (
    Felix Lehrmann - Drums
    Benni Jud - Bass (
    Marius Leicht - Keyboards & Vocals

    Special Guests:

    Jenny Marsala - Vocals (

    Michal Skulski - Saxophone

    Studio: Weltklang Studio, Plauen (Germany)

    André Gorjatschow - Director & Camera
    Dirk Meinel, Christian Roscher - Audio Engineering
    Matthias Prokop, Morgan Reid, Susanne Bartels, Josh McMorran - Camera
    Ulrich Wichmann - Camera Assistant

    Audio mix & video edit - Martin Miller

    Additional Guitars - Martin Miller
    Additional Keyboards - Marius Leicht
    Background Vocals - Matthias Prokop & Martin Miller
    Spoken Words - Levi Clay, Cheryl Harford, Fenn Alexander, Mike McLaughlin

    I do not own the rights to the compositions.

    Label: Harvest

    Speak to Me
    Songwriter(s): Nick Mason

    Songwriter(s): David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright

    On the Run
    Songwriter(s): David Gilmour, Roger Waters

    Songwriter(s): David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, Richard Wright
    Lyrics Roger: Roger Waters

    The Great Gig in the Sky
    Songwriter(s): Richard Wright, Clare Torry

    Songwriter(s): Roger Waters

    Us and Them
    Songwriter(s): Richard Wright, Roger Waters

    Any Color You Like
    Songwriter(s): David Gilmour, Richard Wright, Nick Mason

    Brain Damage
    Songwriter(s): Roger Waters

    Songwriter(s): Roger Waters

  • Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of The Moon PULSE Remastered


    Pink Floyd concert video taken from the 20 October 1994 concert at Earls Court, London, England in The Division Bell Tour. It was originally released on VHS and Laserdisc in 1995. Later years 2019
    David Gilmour – guitar, vocals
    Nick Mason – drums, percussion, vocal phrase (recording)
    Rick Wright – Hammond organ, synthesiser
    Guy Pratt – bass guitar
    Gary Wallis – percussion, extra drums on Pulse
    Tim Renwick – rhythm guitar
    Jon Carin – synthesiser,
    Dick Perry - Saxophone
    Sam Brown – backing vocals
    Durga McBroom – backing vocals,
    Claudia Fontaine – backing vocals
    Track listing
    Speak to Me removed due to copyright / otherwise Blocked
    1. Breathe 00:00
    2. On the Run 02:44
    3. Time 06:18
    4. The Great Gig in the Sky 00:12:58
    5. Money 00:18:18
    6 Us and Them 00:27:01
    7. Any Colour You Like 00:34:06
    8. Brain Damage/Eclipse 00:37:22

    Some background :
    The Dark Side of the Moon is the eighth studio album by Pink Floyd, released on 1 March 1973
    The Dark Side of the Moon received critical acclaim upon release, and has since been hailed by critics as one of the greatest albums of all time

    Following Meddle in 1971, Pink Floyd assembled for a tour of Britain, Japan and the United States in December of that year. In a band meeting at drummer Nick Mason's home in Camden, bassist Roger Waters proposed that a new album could form part of the tour. Waters' idea was for an album that dealt with things that make people mad, focusing on the pressures faced by the band during their arduous lifestyle, and dealing with the apparent mental problems suffered by former band member Syd Barrett
    All four members agreed that Waters' album concept unified by a single theme was a good idea. Waters, Gilmour, Mason and keyboardist Richard Wright participated in the writing and production of the new material, and Waters created the early demo tracks at his Islington home in a small studio built in his garden shed. Parts of the new album were taken from previously unused material; the opening line of Breathe came from an earlier work by Waters and Ron Geesin, written for the soundtrack of The Body, and the basic structure of Us and Them borrowed from an original composition by Wright for Zabriskie Point.
    The band rehearsed at a warehouse in London owned by the Rolling Stones, and then at the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park, London. They also purchased extra equipment, which included new speakers, a PA system, a 28-track mixing desk with a four channel quadraphonic output, and a custom-built lighting rig. Nine tonnes of kit was transported in three lorries; this would be the first time the band had taken an entire album on tour.
    The album had been given the provisional title of Dark Side of the Moon (an allusion to lunacy, rather than astronomy). However, after discovering that that title had already been used by another band, Medicine Head, it was temporarily changed to Eclipse. The new material premiered at The Dome in Brighton, on 20 January 1972, and after the commercial failure of Medicine Head's album the title was changed back to the band's original preference The Dark Side of The Moon

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  • Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon Full Album - Pink Floyd Best Rock Songs Of All Time


    Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon Full Album - Pink Floyd Best Rock Songs Of All Time

  • Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of The Moon Live 1972 / 73


    This was Stolen from the great wide web
    The maker is unknown, possibly a bootlegger
    Looks to be bits and pieces from different shows near the
    time period when The Dark Side of The Moon was released
    and played .
    Whoever made this, very nice work, thanks from myself and from over 1 million of us in Floyd city
    00:01 - Speak To Me.
    02:14 - Breathe.
    05:14 - On The Run.
    10:10 - Time.
    17:24 - The Great Gig In The Sky.
    23:00 - Money.
    29:17 - Us And Them.
    37:00 - Any Colour You Like.
    45:28 - Brain Damage.
    49:10 - Eclipse.

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  • Jona - Dark Side Of Your Moon


    DARK SIDE OF YOUR MOON featuring JONA Music: Arnel dC Aquino SJ | Words: Johnny C Go SJ Music Arrangement by: Marvin Querido Jona's participation courtesy of Star Magic, Creative Media Entertainment, and Star Music

    The song is from the album CHOSEN: SONGS FROM A NEW MUSICAL, a project of the Ateneo SALT Institute in cooperation with ABS-CBN and the Jesuit Music Ministry of the Jesuit Communications Foundation.

    And the LORD God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins, and clothed them…. Then He drove [them] out, and at the east of the garden of Eden he placed the cherubim, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the tree of life.

    GENESIS 3:21-24

    “Can God love the most unlovable part of me?”

    Can God, Who is All-Holy and Who sees everything, love us despite our darkest, most despicable sins? Clearly, God does not protect us from the consequences of our own sins the way He did not spare Adam and Eve. But there is an unmistakable tenderness about Him—the same tenderness that moved him to clothe them right before sending them out of Paradise. It leads us to suspect—even to dare to hope—that against all our reasoning, God may cherish even the least acceptable and least lovable parts of ourselves. But we need to decide that we want to accept His love.

    The song can be streamed/downloaded on the links below:

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    Copyright 2018 by ABS-CBN Film Productions, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

  • Time | The Dark Side of the Moon Project


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  • Dark Side of the Moon


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Dark Side of the Moon · Redlight King

    Irons in the Fire

    ℗ 2013 Hollywood Records, Inc.

    Released on: 2013-01-01

    Composer Lyricist: Mark Kasprzyk
    Composer Lyricist: Xandy Barry

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Dark Side Of The Moon-Dream Theater -LIVE



  • ✔️Transformers 3 - Dark side of the moon



    NB: If you like it then this album is available to buy on itunes, amazon etc...

    Transformers 3 (Soundtrack)
    Transformers 3 Dark of the moon OUT NOW !!
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    music used in this video belongs to its composer - Steve Jablonsky.
    I do not own anything in the video, no copyright infringement intended,
    all music and images belongs to its owners/creators. enjoy :D

  • Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon - Time


    Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon - Time (FLAC)

  • 【Attack on Titan Character song】Levi - Dark Side of the Moon


    It's been a while, but I got around to subbing Levi's official character song!! With fanart from various artists on Zerochan/pixiv.
    Kamiyan's vocals are wonderful as always! (˶‾᷄﹃‾᷅˵)ӵᵘᵐᵐᵞ♡♡♡
    Translation/subbing by me.

    Song: Dark Side of the Moon
    Character: Levi Ackerman
    Vocals: Kamiya Hiroshi
    歌詞: Dark Side Of The Moon
    歌手: リヴァイ(神谷浩史)
    アニメ: 進撃の巨人

  • Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon


    Any Colour You like
    Brain Damage

  • P̲ink F̲lo̲yd - The D̲ark S̲ide of the Mo̲o̲n 1973


    P̲ink F̲lo̲yd - The D̲ark S̲ide of the Mo̲o̲n (Full Album) 1973

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  • Home made movie - Dark Side Of The Rainbow


    User home made movie

  • Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon


    Here is something completely different than what I normally do, but I really like Pink Floyd.
    So, I covered one of their entire albums. And some people say I don't use my time productively...

    What happened? Why does this suddenly have so many more views? Did I miss something?

  • Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon Live 1974 Wembley


    Speak to me - 00:00
    Breath (In The Air) 02:40
    On The Run - 05:35
    Time - 10:40
    The Great Gig In The Sky -17:16
    Money - 23:58
    Us And Them - 33:01
    Any Color You Like - 40:53
    Brain Damage - 49:07
    Eclipse - 52:45

  • Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon Recording Sessions Abbey Road Sessions - 1972


    The album was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, in two sessions, between May 1972 and January 1973. The band were assigned staff engineer Alan Parsons, who had worked as assistant tape operator on Atom Heart Mother, and who had also gained experience as a recording engineer on The Beatles' Abbey Road and Let It Be. The recording sessions made use of some of the most advanced studio techniques of the time; the studio was capable of 16-track mixes, which offered a greater degree of flexibility than the eight- or four-track mixes they had previously used, although the band often used so many tracks that to make more space available second-generation copies were made.

    Beginning on 1 June, the first track to be recorded was Us and Them, followed six days later by Money. Waters had created effects loops from recordings of various money-related objects, including coins thrown into a food-mixing bowl taken from his wife's pottery studio, and these were later re-recorded to take advantage of the band's decision to record a quadraphonic mix of the album (Parsons has since expressed dissatisfaction with the result of this mix, attributed to a lack of time and the paucity of available multi-track tape recorders). Time and The Great Gig in the Sky were the next pieces to be recorded, followed by a two-month break, during which the band spent time with their families and prepared for an upcoming tour of the US.

  • Trinity Orchestra plays Pink Floyds The Dark Side of the Moon: Time and Breathe


    On 8 July 2012, the entirely student-run Trinity Orchestra returned with a new performance of their most adventurous and highly anticipated musical project: Pink Floyd's iconic 70s progressive rock album 'The Dark Side of the Moon' arranged for full orchestra, band, and singers.

    Following 2011's Daft Punk medley, this music video shows the full orchestral performance of Time and Breathe (Reprise) in Christ Church Cathedral as part of the 10 Days in Dublin Festival. The full set list included Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pink Floyd's 'The Dark Side of the Moon', Wish You Were Here and Comfortably Numb.

    Trinity Orchestra is a voluntary student society and derive no financial benefit from the production of this video.

    Music by Nick Mason, Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Richard Wright
    Lyrics by Roger Waters
    Arranged by James O'Leary
    Conducted by Eamonn Bell
    Filmed by: Tom Speers, Callum Swift, Sam Mulcahy, Max Rocha
    Edited by Tom Speers
    Directed by Tom Speers and Callum Swift
    Production: Colm McNally, Jack Berrill and Sam Coffey
    Live Sound: John Kearns
    Visuals: Enda Colfer
    Recorded by Rob Kearns at Christchurch Cathedral, Alexandra College and Scoil Bhríde Boys School, Blanchardstown.
    Mixed by Rob Kearns.
    Mastered by Paul Casey
    Lead Vocals: Hozier and Oli Smith
    Backing Vocals: Joe Carroll, Karen Cowley, Anne Nuding, Sallay Chandra-Garnett
    Guitar: Rob Kearns
    Bass: Alex Ryan
    Drums: Fiachra Kinder
    Keyboard: Rob Farhat
    Special thanks: DU Film Society, Alexandra College and Scoil Bhríde Boys School, Blanchardstown
    Additional Thanks: Aine Balfe


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    741 semanas en las listas, el arte de su icónica portada, el misticismo que la rodea y su paisaje sonoro vinieron a culminar con los años de música progr esiva y experimental de Pink Floyd, a diferencia de los anteriores este álbum se centra en los elementos más atómicos de la vida humana, tomaron la vida, la muerte, sentimientos como la codicia, la locura, el miedo y la ansiedad para adentrarlos en el disco al ritmo de un corazón humano en un viaje de 44 minutos que deja al oyente contemplando el Imagen más amplia
    desde varios ángulos. 





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  • The Great Gig In The Sky | The Dark Side of the Moon Project


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  • Dream Theater - Time - Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd


    Another good stuff from DT. The guys are incredible! Perfect!

  • Speak To Me/Breathe | The Dark Side of the Moon Project


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  • The dark side of the moon | Live at Formentera | by the Pink Floyd Project


    Performed by The Pink Floyd Project (Germany)

    The Pink Floyd Project comes from southwest Germany, consists of 10 ambitious hobby musicians and was founded in 2003 by Karl Heinz Luther (Keyboards). In October 2017 we undertook an adventurous concert tour to the Spanish Mediterranean island Formentera, which can only be reached by ship and is more than 1600 km away from our home base. Here you can see the history of this unique event and how it came about. Have fun, we are looking forward to your comments! :-)

    El Proyecto Pink Floyd proviene del suroeste de Alemania, está formado por 10 ambiciosos músicos aficionados y fue fundado en 2003 por Karl Heinz Luther (Teclados). En octubre de 2017 emprendimos una aventurera gira de conciertos a la isla española del Mediterráneo, Formentera, a la que sólo se puede llegar en barco y que se encuentra a más de 1600 km de nuestra base de operaciones. Aquí puede ver la historia de este evento único y cómo se produjo. Diviértete, ¡esperamos tus comentarios! :-)

    Das Pink Floyd Project stammt aus südwest-Deutschland, besteht aus 10 ambitionierten Hobbymusikern und wurde 2003 von Karl Heinz Luther (Keyboards) gegründet. Im Oktober 2017 unternahmen wir eine abenteuerliche Konzertreise auf die spanische Mittlemeerinsel Formentera, die nur per Schiff zu erreichen ist und über 1600 km von unserer Homebase entfernt ist. Hier seht ihr die Geschichte dieses einzigartigen Events, und wie es überhaupt dazu gekommen ist. Viel Spaß, wir freuen uns auf Eure Kommentare! :-)

  • The Dark Side of the Moon: analog & digital comparison


    In this video we explore and compare different digital and analog versions of one of the most famous Pink Floyd's album, the Dark Side of the Moon. In particular we focus on the track 'Money' sourced by:
    1990's CD, 2003 anniversary SACD, 2003 anniversary remastered & 1973 original vinyl pressings, XDR - HX Pro cassette tape and reel to reel master tape copy (2 track 15ips)!

    (N.B. The actual listening of these versions live, that is reproduced through a Hi-Fi system, is truly incomparable in respect to these digitalized files. The Master Tape copy version is by far the best, although listening to the Hi-Res files the quality is only slightly better. I guess this is the downside of digital audio, conversion and compression processes)

    !ATTENTION! - For a better comparison stream or download the high resolution versions (192Khz / 24 bit) of 'Money' of each media following these links:

    - CD version:

    - SACD version:

    - Vinyl (2003 version):

    - Vinyl (1973 version):

    - Cassette tape version (XDR - HX pro version):

    - Master tape copy (2 track 15ips, machine 1) version:

    - Master Tape Copy 2 (2 track 15ips, machine 2):


    Music: Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon - 'Money'

  • Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon | Use Headphones


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    Words by JOHNNY GO, SJ
    Music by ARNEL AQUINO, SJ
    Performed by JONA
    from the album CHOSEN
    Jesuit Music Ministry

    photos from

  • Lets Go To The Darkside Of The Moon


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Let's Go To The Darkside Of The Moon (New Recording) · Original Love

    Sunny Side Of Original Love

    ℗ 1993 EMI Music Japan Inc.

    Released on: 1993-12-08

    Associated Performer, Keyboards: Ryutaro Kihara
    Associated Performer, Background Vocalist, Vocals, Guitar, Producer: Takao Tajima
    Associated Performer, Guitar: Takashi Murayama
    Associated Performer, Percussion: Mataro Misawa
    Associated Performer, Horn: Shin Kazuhara
    Associated Performer, Flute, Horn: Jake H. Concepcion
    Associated Performer, Horn: Taro Kiyooka
    Associated Performer, Drums: Shigeo Miyata
    Associated Performer, Bass: Hideyuki Komatsu
    Associated Performer, Horn: Eijiro Nakagawa
    Author: Ryutaro Kihara
    Composer: Takao Tajima
    Arranger, Work Arranger: Original Love

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Kathleen - Dark Side of the Moon


    Kathleen - Dark Side of the Moon Official Visualizer. Listen now at

    Follow Kathleen:

    Dark Side of the Moon Lyrics

    I had to leave home for home
    Packed my car up gave my key to neighbors
    Hope they keep my plants alive
    Then I drove 4 states East
    And every car along the ride was also on their own odyssey
    Florida to Tampa
    Oregon to bend
    These license plates like name tags in reverse migration
    Every mile closer to the dark side of the moonI dunno what’s comin do you any of you?
    But last nightI think I met my mom and this afternoon I met my sister
    And this morning, I finally met my dad while he was outside
    Just picking up dogshit
    Oh despite everything elseI think I met my self
    I’m having to reinvent
    The way I measure time now
    Cause “days and hours” feel like a past life
    Tryna learn new manners
    Like how to great a stranger on the street
    With nothing but your eyesTexas to Houston
    New York to The CityI know you’re getting slammed but you’ll walk again
    Every mile closer to the dark side of the moon
    I dunno what’s coming I just wanna hold you soon
    But last nightI met the Milky Way as it was shivering
    Outside of my window
    And this morningI finally met the birds
    Dark Side of the Moon
    Cause there’s nothing else to do but watch them
    Oh despite everything elseI think I met myself
    A few months ago
    I thought the word was ending it was
    Burning all the work we’d just begun
    But then through mornings without trafficThrough horizons without smog
    I could see that wasn’t fire, no
    That was just the dawn

  • pink floyd the dark side of the moon live in london 1974 full concert


  • Pink Floyd - Breathe HQ. Pink Floyd Tribute


    Breathe is a song by progressive rock band Pink Floyd and appears on their 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon.The authorship and composition of this song is credited to David Gilmour and Richard Wright for the music, and Roger Waters for the lyrics.[1] The song is slow-paced and rich in texture, and features Gilmour playing the lush electric guitar with a Uni-Vibe and lap steel guitar with a volume pedal and several overdubs.On the original album, it is a separate track from Speak to Me, the sound collage which opens the album. Since this track segues directly into Breathe through the use of a sustained backwards piano chord, the two are conjoined on most CD versions of the album.

    Personnel :

    David Gilmour - guitar, scat singing
    Richard Wright - organ, EMS VCS 3, EMS Synthi A
    Roger Waters - bass guitar
    Nick Mason - drums, percussion

    Official links :
    Roger Waters's site :

    David Gilmour's site :

    Pink Floyd's site :

    EMI's site :

    The media fragments included in this video are in property of EMI Group Ltd. and Pink Floyd. I do not own this song.

  • ⌛ Pink Floyd ???? The Dark Side Of The Moon ????


    ???? The Dark Side Of The Moon ????

    ???? Tracklist ????

    1. Speak To Me - 00:00
    2. Breathe (In The Air) - 02:40
    3. On The Run - 05:35
    4. Time - 10:40
    5. The Great Gig In The Sky -17:16
    6. Money - 23:58
    7. Us And Them - 33:01
    8. Any Colour You Like - 40:53
    9. Brain Damage - 49:07
    10. Eclipse - 52:45

    May all Beings be Released from Suffering, be Uplifted, be at Peace & be Free ????

    #True #Zodiac #Sun #Signs Based On the actual #Stars & #Constellations

    #Aries: Apr 19 - May 13 (25 days)

    #Taurus: May 14 - Jun 19 (37 days)

    #Gemini: Jun 20 - Jul 20 (31 days)

    #Cancer: Jul 21- Aug 9 (20 days)

    #Leo: Aug 10 - Sep 15 (37 days)

    #Virgo: Sep 16 - Oct 30 (45 days)

    #Libra: Oct 31 - Nov 22 (23 days)

    #Scorpio: Nov 23 - Nov 29 (7 days)

    #Ophiuchus: Nov 30 - Dec 17 (18 days)

    #Sagittarius: Dec 18 - Jan 19 (32 days)

    #Capricorn: Jan 20 - Feb 15 (28 days)

    #Aquarius: Feb 16 - March 11 (24 days)

    #Pisces: Mar 12 - Apr 18 (38 days)

  • Speak To Me


    Provided to YouTube by Pink Floyd

    Speak To Me · Pink Floyd

    The Dark Side of the Moon

    ℗ Pink Floyd Records

    Released on: 1973-03-16

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Ernesto vs Bastian - Dark Side of the Moon - Full Length Original


    Couldn't find the full length original of this track anywhere on YouTube so here it is! I do not own the copyright but if you like it, go and buy it!

    Listen in 1080p HD makes a big difference!

  • Listening Party - P I N K F L O Y D - D A R K / S I D E / O F / T H E / M O O N


    Happy Birthday Floydrush2112! All for one and One For The Vine!~Sebastian

  • Pink Floyd - Eclipse - Dark Side Of The Moon


    Last track from Pink Floyd's 1973 Dark Side Of The Moon. I took the video from a DVD from the Immersion Set of Why Pink Floyd...? Love this song! Enjoy!

  • Any Colour You Like | The Dark Side of the Moon Project


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  • Izzamuzzic – The Dark Side Of The Moon


    ☊ Link to Download:
    ☊ Mirror:
    ☊ Composition's Author:
    ☊ Release Group:
    ☊ Tracklist:
    1) izzamuzzic - kid stuff
    2) izzamuzzic - we
    3) izzamuzzic - sick
    4) izzamuzzic - low
    5) izzamuzzic - no one(azi version)
    6) izzamuzzic - snake
    7) izzamuzzic - noo ar
    8) izzamuzzic - resex
    9) izzamuzzic - miloouoca
    10) izzamuzzic - narcotic
    11) izzamuzzic - tar(azi version)
    12) izzamuzzic - line(full)
    13) izzamuzzic - mask
    14) izzamuzzic - you

  • Pink floyd the dark side of the moon HD


  • Pink Floyd 8-Bit - The Dark Side of the Moon


    The album is built on the ideas that Pink Floyd had explored in his concerts and previous recordings, but lacks the long instrumental pieces that characterized the post-march works in 1968 of its founding member, principal songwriter and symphonyist, Syd Barrett. The theme of the album includes conflict, greed, aging and mental illness, the latter theme partly inspired by Barrett's mental deterioration.

    Track Listing :
    01. ''Speak to Me'' 00:00
    02. ''Breathe'' 05:37
    03. ''On the Run'' 06:42
    04. ''Time'' 11:09
    05. ''The Great Gig in the Sky'' 16:13
    06. ''Money'' 18:52
    07. ''Us and Them'' 25:44
    08. ''Any Colour You Like'' 28:29
    09. ''Brain Damage'' 32:33
    10. ''Eclipse'' 36:26

  • Chris Staples - Dark Side Of The Moon


    presents Chris Staples performing Dark Side Of The Moon live in the KEXP studio. Recorded August 19, 2014.

    Host: John Richards
    Audio Engineer: Kevin Suggs
    Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Scott Holpainen & Justin Wilmore
    Editor: Justin Wilmore

  • Dark Side Of The Moon


    Provided to YouTube by Ditto Music

    Dark Side Of The Moon · Paul Kelly

    On The Market

    ℗ Sharpe Music

    Released on: 2016-11-18

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Dark Side of the Moon, Side 1: A Piano Odyssey


    In this video, I play the entirety of Side 1 of Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd on piano. I play the following songs in immediate succession: Speak To Me, 'Breathe, On The Run, Time, and lastly The Great Gig in the Sky.
    I have been working on this project for a couple of years now. Pink Floyd is my favorite band, and Dark Side of the Moon is, in my opinion, their finest album. Naturally, this epic project brought itself forth upon my mind. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of decent sheet music for these songs, so I had to write a lot of the music myself by listening to Pink Floyd's album or downright interpreting it myself. I tried to be as faithful as possible to the beautiful melodies and sounds of the original music.
    So if you have ever wondered what an all-piano version of Dark Side of the Moon would sound like, look no further! It simply cannot get any better. I have put all my heart and soul into this music, and I hope you enjoy it!

  • Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon


    Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon, the side 1, remastering study (one of my hobbies). Tried to improve dynamics, mids and stereo. Compare for instance with All credits to the creators and musicians, I don't own anything but my smile and hope. Listen on studio monitors or 2.1 sattelite set

  • 03 - Dark Side of the Moon / Paul Lovatt-Cooper


    Fanfare l'Union Paroissiale de Sâles Concert annuel 2018
    Direction: Jean-Marie Jordan

    Concert enregistré à la salle polyvalente de Sâles en publique

  • PREMIERE: Tinexis - The Dark Side Of The Moon Dreamcatcher


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    Release Date: 17-07-2017

    ► Stas Drive ♫

    ► tinexis ♫

    01. Tinexis - The Dark Side Of The Moon (Original Mix)
    02. Tinexis - The Dark Side Of The Moon (Stas Drive Remix)

    Release Info:
    As a new label bursts onto the current dance music scene, Dreamcatcher is a bright light in the ever-expanding musical firmament. With a debut release that captures the essence of the underground progressive sound, Tinexis illuminates The Dark Side of the Moon.

    A major force in his home country's music scene, Tinexis is a mysterious artist in a world of social media noise. Pushing against the idea that high visibility is the key to success, the Swiss artist finds an 'appeal in anonymity'. Whether performing live, through his Other Sides podcast, or brand new monthly Depth Immersion show on Proton Radio, Tinexis continues to mesmerise and hypnotise through a unique blend of music that captivates fans and listeners alike.

    His debut release thus continues to build on a reputation that is set to grow. Dark Side of the Moon is a brooding dance floor gem that evolves with consummate ease via a backdrop of pounding beat, driving percussion and melodic mastery. Shimmering arpeggios vie with intricate bass groove and stuttered vocal cuts as an emotive chord progression flows. Pausing at a stripped back breakdown, a stepped lead line cuts through the sonic spectrum with its crystalline edge before joining forces with rhythm and bass once more in the third movement to hugely impressive effect. This is a remarkable debut.

    A double-century of production credits sit proudly next to the Stas Drive name as he finds his work allied to blue-chip imprints including microCastle, Sudbeat and Hope. Indeed, it was for the latter that saw Stas make an appearance on Nick Warren's hugely successful crowd-funded album, The Soundgarden, with his track, Arjuna. Regularly supported by the DJ glitterati, John Digweed, Sasha and Hernan Cattaneo have all kept the Stas Drive name in the limelight.

    Now working his production magic for Dreamcatcher, the Stas Drive remix of Dark Side of the Moon is built upon a dark, pounding groove that sees a seismic kick lay the foundations for a running bass line to keep energy high, as metallic percussive shots span the stereo-spectrum in precise fashion. A wealth of additional production material is in full evidence as a dance-floor jewel explodes at the mid-point with its stabbed synth line. Using Tinexis' emotive lead line to full effect at the breakdown, Stas Drive's skill is to combine this with his own production element.






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  • Viva La Vinyl. Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of the Moon


    Viva la vinyl celebrates the originals and the best. The greatest albums from some of the most legendary artists of all time.

    Shop Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon

    The vinyl revolution is here. Viva la vinyl.

  • Eldren performs Pink Floyds Dark Side of the Moon -


    Eldren Performs Darkside of the Moon by Pink Floyd. Footage from 2019 show at the Oriental Theatre, Denver, CO
    Tickets now available for Feb 8, 2020!!!

  • 3. Time - Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon


    Alan Parsons' original 1973 discrete quadraphonic mix of Pink Floyd's album The Dark Side of the Moon. Remastered by me to fix the slight phase issues the original mix had. Written by Roger Waters, Nick Mason, David Gilmour and Richard Wright.

    This video is encoded in 640 kbps Dolby Digital 5.1. YouTube is indeed capable of 5.1 audio, but a device capable of playing it back properly is required. Apparently certain smart TV's and devices such as a Chromecast are capable; your results may vary.

    ℗ © Pink Floyd Music Ltd. (Warner Music Group)



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