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Playlist of The Business

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    Yung Berg ft. Casha - The Business


    Yung Berg's official music video for 'The Business' ft. Casha. Click to listen to Yung Berg on Spotify:

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    Sexy Lady:

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    If you know exactly what I wanna do
    Then I'm a give the business to you
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah ah ya dig
    It's me baby and the girl C all right

    See I ain't neva met a girl
    That's getting down like you
    And I ain't neva met a girl
    That put it down like you
    (Ay ay ay ay ay)
    Say thug in yo life
    That's what you need shawty
    Anything you want
    It's guaranteed for my
    Boo boo boo boo boo
    And I ain't tryina go hard
    On what I need shawty
    I'm tryina tell you exactly what I need from
    You you you you you
    Cause you know I wanna

    #YungBerg #TheBusiness #Vevo

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    Yung Berg ft. Casha- The business


    Yung Berg ft. Casha- The business

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    The Business


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    The Business · X Ambassadors

    The Reason EP

    ℗ 2014 KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records

    Released on: 2015-08-10

    Producer: Alex Da Kid
    Composer Lyricist: Sam Harris
    Composer Lyricist: Alex Da Kid
    Composer Lyricist: Noah Feldshuh
    Composer Lyricist: Adam Levin
    Composer Lyricist: Casey Harris

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    The Business - The Best Of The Business


    01 - Out In The Cold 00:00
    02 - Streets Where You Live 03:01
    03 - Harry May 06:33
    04 - National Insurance Blacklist 08:49
    05 - Suburban Rebels 10:01
    06 - Product 14:19
    07 - Smash The Disco's 16:50
    08 - Disco Girls 18:41
    09 - H-Bomb 20:52
    10 -Blind Justice 22:48
    11 - Get Out While You Can 25:03
    12 - Guttersnipe 27:55
    13 - Real Enemy 31:15
    14 - Loud Proud And Punk 33:34
    15 - Get Out Of My House 35:41
    16 - Outlaw 38:13
    17 - Saturday's Heroes 40:30
    18 - Frontline 43:18
    19 - Spanish Jails 47:21
    20 - Freedom 50:42
    21 - Coventry 53:50
    22 - No Emotions 57:12
    23 - Do A Runner 1:00:31
    24 - Welcome To The Real World 1:03:31
    25 - Fear In Your Heart 1:07:00
    26 - Never Say Never 1:10:23
    27 - Look At Him Now 1:13:12
    28- Drinking And Driving 1:16:38

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    The Business-Streets Where You Live


    Early demo recording from South London's finest Oi! band.

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    Playdeville - With the Business Ft YBE


    Watch the official video for “With the Business” feat. YBE from PLAYDEVILLE's album ONE OF THEM NIGHTS Available Now!

    More From PLAYDEVILLE:

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    The Business - X Ambassadors


    from The Reason EP

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    Business - Blind Justice -


    UK DK 05
    BUSINESS Blind Justice

    The renowned film capturing the essence of Britpunk in its early days, UK/DK. Subtitled 'A Film About Punks And Skinheads', UK/DK not only includes some excellent live footage and promos from the leading lights of the Britpunk scene, it also documents the era. Full of interviews with band members, street punks and Punk journalists, the film shows how being a Punk became not simply a trend but a way of life.

    The film features The Business, an early show indeed

    Order the DVD now at

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    The Business - Drinking And Driving


    Dogz bollox :-)

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    Your Body Is The Business


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Your Body Is The Business · Avant

    The Letter

    ℗ 2010 The Verve Music Group, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

    Released on: 2010-01-01

    Producer: Berris Bolton
    Producer, Co- Producer: Avant
    Studio Personnel, Mixer: Peter Mokran
    Composer Lyricist: Asaleana Elliott
    Composer Lyricist: Avant
    Composer Lyricist: Berris Bolton
    Composer Lyricist: Aaron Sledge

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    The Business - Do Anything You Wanna Do


    Under The Influence (2003)

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    The Business - Real Enemy


    Blinding :-)

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    The Business-Keep The Faith


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    Lex Aura - The Business


    Official Audio by Lex Aura - The Business (feat. T-Pain). © 2018 Free The Lost / VVS

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    The Business - Suburban Rebels 1983


    0:00 Get out while you can
    3:07 Blind Justice
    6:10 Work or Riot
    8:55 The Employers Blacklist
    11:09 Nobody Listened
    13:14 Suburban Rebels
    15:34 Mortgage Mentality
    18:21 Guttersnipe
    21:38 Real Enemy
    23:55 Another Rebel Dead
    27:10 Sabotage the Hunt
    28:56 Harry May
    31:10 Drinking and Driving

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    The Business - 123


    04 - The Business - 123 - Doing The Business.

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    The Business - Guinness Boys


    Blinding :-)

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    The Business - Guttersnipe


    Blinding.... :-)

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    The Business - 1980-1981 Official Bootleg


    A1 Out In The Cold
    A2 Streets Where You Live
    A3 No Emotions
    A4 Dayo
    A5 Unevenly Pretty
    A6 Strangers
    B1 Work Or Riot
    B2 Product
    B3 Tell Us The Truth
    B4 Richard Lewis
    B5 National Insurance Blacklist
    B6 Suburban Rebels
    B7 Harry May

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    Untamed Elegance
    The Business of America is Business
    Composed and arranged by Victor Goines
    October 28, 2016
    Rose Theater

    A grand decade when the parties were bigger, the pace was faster, the buildings were higher, the morals looser, the Roaring Twenties were defined by jazz. Watch the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis commemorate the Jazz Age with Untamed Elegance, a suite composed by master saxophonist and veteran JLCO member Victor Goines.

    Sherman Irby - Alto saxophone
    Ted Nash - Alto saxophone
    Victor Goines - Tenor saxophone
    Walter Blanding - Tenor saxophone
    Paul Nedzela - Baritone saxophone
    Vincent Gardner - Trombone
    Chris Crenshaw - Trombone
    Elliot Mason - Trombone
    Shareef Clayton - Trumpet
    Kenny Rampton - Trumpet
    Marcus Printup - Trumpet
    Wynton Marsalis - Trumpet
    Adam Birnbaum - Piano
    Carlos Henriquez - Bass
    Ali Jackson - Drums
    Featuring Jon Irabagon on saxophones

    Subscribe to our channel:

    To learn more about Jazz at Lincoln Center, visit us at

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    Big Data - The Business Of Emotion


    Big Data perform The Business Of Emotion at 102.1 The Edge's Sugar Beach studio in Toronto December 17th, 2014.

    Video Credits

    Camera: Chris Santos, Ryan Faubert, Laura Whelan
    Editing : Ryan Faubert
    Audio Engineering: Michael Emmons
    Audio Mix: Adam Kecskemeti

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    The Business - Terrace Lost Its Soul


    Hardcore Hooligan

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    The Business - Fear In Your Heart


    Welcome to The Real World

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    The Business - Real Enemy 16.4.11


    'Real Enemy' by The Business on the Main stage, Esquires, Bedford. Saturday 16th April 2011. Filmed from the roof space in HD.

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    Big Data - The Business Of Emotion AUDIO


    Subscribe for more I am so outrageously excited to present to you my new song, The Business of Emotion. It features my wonderful and talented friend White Sea, who you may recognize from M83. The song was inspired by the notorious Facebook mood experiments that came to light this summer.

    Subscribe for more New album 2.0 out now including the single The Business of Emotion (feat. White Sea) & Dangerous (feat. Joywave)


    Upcoming Tour Dates:


    Oh I been watching you
    I'm Gonna get you high
    The things I do to you
    They're Gonna make you cry

    doesn't matter if you like it or not
    doesn't matter if you don't wanna play my game
    shoulda never ever ever forgot
    You signed up
    You gotta participate
    doesn't matter if you need it or not
    doesn't matter to me cuz you're all the same
    shoulda never ever ever forgot
    You signed up
    Now there's no escape

    Feel good
    Make you feel good
    I'm looking for emotion
    So I know just what to show you. I can
    See you
    See your answers
    This business of emotion
    Yeah I know just what to show you, baby

    There's no consequence
    Gonna rob you blind
    Feed my experiments
    Gonna bleed you dry

    Heart and soul
    Bought and sold

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    The Business - Smash The Disco´s


    Licensed By IODA

    00:00 H-BOMB
    13:45 WORK OR RIOT
    22:42 LAW AND ORDER
    30:22 DISCO GIRLS
    32:54 DAYO
    36:32 REAL ENEMY

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    Thats The Business


    Provided to YouTube by Empire Distribution

    That's The Business · Big Rich

    E-40 Presents: Block Tested/Hood Approved

    ℗ 2006 Street Cred Music Group

    Released on: 2006-10-03

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Brian May - The Business - Lyrics


    Written by Brian May for 'Another World' in 1998.

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    Avant Your body is the business


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    The Business - No One Likes Us


    Song performed by The Business, it's from album Hardcore Hooligan. Catchy!


    No one likes us
    No one likes us
    We're the Business and we don't care

    Been banned from the Whiskey A Go Go
    Been banned from a club in Soho
    Been banned From Red Lion Square
    Been banned from every where

    No one likes us
    No one likes us
    We're the Business and we don't care

    Your music will never last
    Your music is much to fast
    Your not wanted in this industry
    Your music will never be

    No one likes us
    No one likes us
    We're the Business and we don't care

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    The Business - Guinness Boys



    Guinness boys we are here (oh oh, oh oh)
    Guinness boys we are here (oh oh, oh oh)
    Guiness boys we are here, love your woman and drink their beer
    oooh we are the guinness boys

    Me futbol team's lost 4 - 1 (oh oh, oh oh)
    feeling bad and feeling glum (oh oh, oh oh)
    to the pub on a saturday night
    30 minutes later and I feel alright
    oooh we are the guinness boys

    Guinness boys we are here (oh oh, oh oh)
    Guinness boys we are here (oh oh, oh oh)
    Guiness boys we are here, love your woman and drink their beer
    oooh we are the guinness boys

    Some say i'm a drunken bum (oh oh, oh oh)
    Me mother in law she's some front (oh oh, oh oh)
    but I like a drink its a way of life
    it gets me out of the house and away from the wife
    oooh we are the guinness boys

    me mates and me are having fun (oh oh, oh oh)
    I look to the clock its half past one (oh oh, oh oh)
    the wife`s gonna kill me and the doors are locked
    I`ve got no money cause I spent the lot
    oooh we are the guinness boys

    Guinness boys we are here (oh oh, oh oh)
    Guinness boys we are here (oh oh, oh oh)
    Guiness boys we are here, love your woman and drink their beer
    oooh we are the guinness boys

    Guinness boys we are here (oh oh, oh oh)
    Guinness boys we are here (oh oh, oh oh)
    Guiness boys we are here, love your woman and drink their beer
    oooh we are the guinness boys

    Guinness boys we are here (oh oh, oh oh)
    Guinness boys we are here (oh oh, oh oh)
    Guiness boys we are here, love your woman and drink their beer
    oooh we are the guinness boys

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    Big Data - The Business of Emotion Official Music Video


    Subscribe for more Debut album 2.0 out now including The Business of Emotion (feat. White Sea) & Dangerous (feat. Joywave)

    ►►Google Play:

    Upcoming Tour Dates:



    Concept by Big Data and Ghost+Cow
    Directed by Ghost+Cow (Brandon LaGanke + John Carlucci)

    Big Data
    White Sea

    Katherine Diaz
    Aaliya Murphy
    Nicole Altchiler

    Produced by AllDayEveryday and Lubellhouse
    Visual Effects and Design by Light of Day

    Producers - Dan Lubell, Nicola Westermann
    Production Manager - Andre Pinto
    Production Coordinator - Katie Cordeal
    DP - Paul McCarthy
    VFX Supervisor - Dan Bowhers
    Choreographer - Elena Vazintaris
    Assistant Choreographer - Nicole Von Arx
    Stylist - Aminah Haddad
    Makeup - Mara P Capps
    Makeup Assistant - Octavia Pride
    Hair - Michael Braun
    Camera Operator/DIT - Andrew Pulaski
    Steadicam Operator - Adam Gonzales
    1st AC - Elizabeth Casinelli
    2nd AC - Tanner Carlson
    Key Grip - Benjamin Logan
    Gaffer - Darrel Day
    PAs - Ainsely Samuda, Liam Christophers
    Location Manager - Collin Smith

    Edited by Andrew Pulaski
    Visual Effects and Design by Light of Day
    VFX Supervisor & Lead Flame Artist - Dan Bowhers
    Design Director - Nicholas Freeman
    Executive Producer: Charles Self
    Flame Artists - Colin Stackpole, Pete DeAndrea, Jacob Robinson, Peter Charles
    3D Artist - Michael Wharton

    Management - Crush Music
    Record Label - Warner Bros. Records

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    The Business - Smash the Discos


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    Percy Keith - The Business


    Release Date Everywhere 7/19/2018

    Loyalty Naturally Instilled Corporation LLC.

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    Big Data - “The Business of Emoji ”


    Subscribe for more New album 2.0 out now including the single The Business of Emotion (feat. White Sea) & Dangerous (feat. Joywave) 


    Upcoming Tour Dates:


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    Q&A Part 3 - The Business


    Hey everyone, welcome to part 3, where I talk about different aspects of the business, getting into it, and managing your way through it. My journey is pretty common: I graduated college with a performance degree in 2005 and went into a big young artist program for 3 years before beginning a professional career, which I’ve maintained for about a dozen years. I have had to make some major personal journeys of self-discovery and growth so that I could pursue my dream.

    ADVICE: 1:06
    What to work on when you’re still in school and conservatory. What are the most important healthy habits to build, and taking advantage of those years in a safe setting to experiment and try new things. Finding the best practices both technically and personally, which will serve you better in your career when you start working full time.

    LANGUAGES: 5:28
    The benefits of investing time into serious language study; you’ll be better at practicing and learning music and you’ll have more colors at your disposal. It’s one of the weaknesses Americans tend to have, and if you want a European career it will help you immensely!

    THE CAREER: 7:54
    Here I talk about some of the realities of the real talk. The business is very cutthroat and it’s good for you to be sure this is what you really want before you start diving in. It’s important to build your foundation of strength to deal with the challenges. Everyone has a struggle of their own.

    AFTER SCHOOL: 10:35
    What to do when you’re preparing your next steps as a fully trained singer. Decide what’s best for your current desires and level of ability. Perhaps a big move? Probably a young artist program or maybe a professional chorus?

    Preparing a good package that showcases you at your best. Auditions should make a statement of who you are as an artist. Competitions, because they are for money, should showcase you at your best and most unique. If you’re a common voice type, find what you can bring that is individual or exceptional. It is important also to be careful with what you wear, invest in tailoring that flatters you and presents you favorably.

    FEEDBACK: 18:51
    Figuring out which feedback is helpful and which feedback you can dismiss. If you are hearing something repeatedly, take heed. If you’re getting polarized advice, take what you feel is right and forget about the rest. Remember that these people giving you pointers aren’t interested in anything but being honest. Differentiate objective comments from subjective ones.

    MANAGEMENT: 21:01
    Managers know who you are if you’re already working in the performance circuit. In fact, you are not anonymous, you are absolutely being judged when you are a young artist, and in every single engagement you are a part of. The opera world is very small and managers have their feelers out from the time you are very young and starting out. Be on your best behavior always.

    It is incredibly important to manage your internet presence; nowadays we cannot deny its importance, and the more you can curate your output, the better. Keep your YouTube videos current and your social media professional and positive.

    It’s important to keep a positive attitude at work, even if you aren’t having a good time; vent at home, or to a close friend or partner. But don’t put it on the internet, and leave it at the door when you get to work. Directors and conductors, as well as companies and colleagues, will sometimes prove to be challenging to deal with. You may be asked to change your interpretation to suit a director’s point of view, and your artistic choices to suit a conductor’s desires.

    Try everything once, even if you think it’s not good at first; you might change your mind.

    Every production is a collaborative effort. We are all in this together, so be open. If you are problematic in rehearsals, you may burn bridges and regret it later.

    REJECTION: 35:12
    Dealing with the answer “NO,” and finding out why, exactly. See if there are some changes you can make, and get to work on them. Make changes to your life if necessary, and they might have to be big. Start financial planning as early as possible and try to save money by working extra jobs so that you can have cash on hand to book yourself a flight to sing a competition or buy a new outfit for an audition. There are lots of different financial situations we all deal with, and you won’t necessarily be in the same boat as your more well-off colleagues.

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    H Crown Feat. SoTattedSharky - Get the business prod. by DJ Mustard


    H Crown Feat. SoTattedSharky - Get the business prod. by DJ Mustard

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    Back in the Business


    Devenez nos amis :
    Retrouvez les paroles sur

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    the business-harry may


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    The Taxpayers - The Business Man


    Purchase the album or listen to more of this artist:

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    The Business - Suburban Rebels



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    The Business No Mercy For You


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    Hopsin - Bout the Business


    Get song on Itunes

    Directed by @George_Orozco
    DP @justinjonesdp
    MV Produced by Don Cunnan & Ovideo jimerez
    Song written and composed by Hopsin

    Instagram @hopsinson
    Twitter @hopsin

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    the Business - National Insurance Blacklist


    the Business - National Insurance Blacklist
    classic south london's oi! punk band doing the employers blacklist


    Job chances seem very thin
    It's a losing battle we must all win
    The C.B.I. are winning keep down the pay
    Mysterious people calling early in the day
    The x has appeared another lost life
    No tears are shed for the children and wife

    The dailys ignore it or treat it with fact
    Still when have they been know to report fact

    In our country so fair and free
    So say the holders of the economy
    There is a monster said not to exist
    They call it the employers blacklist

    Nobody really knows what's going on
    Be a rebel and you'll always be wrong
    Same old side of the story told to the screen
    The government is too wise to be tricked
    Anyone too clever has got to be nicked
    You listen to this and you think I'm sick
    Well if you think that mug, you must be think

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    GMEBE Bandz - Back To The Business Ft. Hot Boy Bumpa & Benji Glo


    Back To the business By: EBE Bandz.

    No videos are monetized, Just an EBE fan!

    No copyright infringement intended!

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    The Business - Suburban Rebels


    The Business* - Suburban Rebels - 1983

    A1 - Get Out While You Can
    A2 - Blind Justice
    A3 - Work Or Riot?
    A4 The Employer's Blacklist
    A5 - Nobody Listened
    A6 - Suburban Rebels
    B1 - Mortgage Mentality
    B2 - Guttersnipe
    B3 - Real Enemy
    B4 - Another Rebel Dead
    B5 - Sabotage The Hunt
    B6 - Harry May
    B7 - Drinking And Driving

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    Yung Berg ft. Casha- The Business


    Requested by: DMIdramaqueen1DM

    this song was hard to do since they sung all the lyrics really close together. like it was hard to transition the clips because you need a break in the lyrics to change clips, and this had very little. but i did it =)

    I don't claim to own anything

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    The Business / Drinking and Driving Rebellion 08


    Half past 5 I'm in the pub
    Six O'clock it's home for grub
    Eight O'clock I'm back to the bar
    Sod the walk I'll take the car

    Knock it back
    Have another one
    Drinking and driving is so much fun

    In the motor off you go
    Not too fast and not too slow
    Keep your head and keep your cool
    Must avoid that rightful pull
    As you meander down the road
    Don't forget your highway code
    See the spot and take your pick
    Out of the car to be sick!...

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    Brave Mans Death - J Roddy Walston and The Business


    Brave Man's Death from the debut self-titled album from J Roddy Walston and The Business, available now! Click to purchase on iTunes for only $7.99!

    Connect with J Roddy Walston and The Business:



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