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Playlist of The Bridewell Taxis

  • The Bridewell Taxis - Honesty


    High quality audio.

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  • The Bridewell Taxis - Face In The Crowd - Josephs Well, Leeds - 7/10/2005


    The Bridewell Taxis first reunion show in 2005

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  • The Bridewell Taxis Dont Fear the Reaper


    Video for The Bridewell Taxis Don't Fear the Reaper

  • Bridewell Taxis - Spirit Honesty


    BRIDEWELL TAXIS Spirit honesty

    The Bridewell Taxis (later The Bridewells) were a Leeds-based British Indie rock group active from 1987 to 1993.[1]

    The Bridewell Taxis shone brightly but briefly as one of the few bands from east of the Pennines to make an impact on what was to become known as the Madchester scene.

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  • The Bridewell Taxis Dont Fear the Reaper


  • The Bridewell Taxis - Just Good Friends


    High quality audio.

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  • Bridewell Taxis Peel Session


    Recorded at BBC Maida Vale Studio 5 on 18/09/1990, first broadcast on 28-10-1990
    Line up : Mick Roberts (vocals), Simon Scott (bass), Sean Mcelhone (guitar), Glenn Scullion (drums), Gary Wilson (keyboards), Chris Walton (trombone)

    01. Spirit
    02. Whole Damn Nation
    03. Face In The Crowd
    04. Aegis

  • the Bridewell Taxis Honesty


    Video for the Bridewell Taxis Honesty

  • The Bridewell Taxis - Give In


    High quality audio.

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  • bridewell taxis hold on.wmv


    Great song taken from the Just Good Friends ep.

  • Bridewell Taxis - Honesty


    Contains Flashing Lights

  • Bridewell Taxis - Crowd & Crew at Leeds Town Hall


  • The Bridewell Taxis Face in the crowd


    B-side to 1991 single Don't fear the reaper

  • The Bridewell Taxis - Spirit


    High quality audio.

  • the Bridewell Taxis Smile


    Video for the Bridewell Taxis Smile

  • The Bridewell Taxis - Dont fear the reaper





  • Bridewell Taxis 24/07/90 at Warehouse, Leeds.


    There is 30mins of this archive available.
    Only a short clip, the artists may choose to reject the content.
    Contains Flashing Lights

  • QE Bridewell plays YGG Open Mic April 2013


    QE Bridewell plays YGG Open Mic at Factory Street Studio's Bradford
    April 2013

  • The Bridewell Taxis - Whole Dance Nation



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  • The Bridewell Taxis - Aegis


    Aegis by The Bridewell Taxis, taken from the Peel Session recorded on 18 September 1990.

  • The Bridewell Taxis - Spirit


    Spirit by The Bridewell Taxis, taken from the Peel Session recorded on 18 September 1990.

  • Bridewell Taxis - In God We Trust - Live At Leeds Town Hall


  • ITV Chart Show - Indie Chart



    Bridewell Taxis - Spirit
    The Farm - All together now

  • The Bridewell Taxis - Whole Damn Nation


    Style:Pop Rock, Indie Rock

  • World Stop Turning, Warehouse 93


    To paraphrase another well know song, it was 20 years ago today that The Bridewells called it a day, bowing out with a live performance on ITV's Warehouse show. This is the first track, World Stop Turning

  • The Bridewell Taxis Hold On live @ The Hacienda Manchester


    The Bridewell Taxis Hold On live @ The Hacienda Manchester

  • the Bridewell Taxis Whole Damn Nation @ The Hacienda


    the Bridewell Taxis Whole Damn Nation @ The Hacienda

  • The Playground Chairs - Sigh


    Doncaster indie band The Playground Chairs - Sigh

  • The Bridewell Taxis Moving Fast Live @ Leeds Town Hall


    The Bridewell Taxis Moving Fast Live @ Leeds Town Hall

  • Ranking Anual Doble Nueve 1989 part 2/3


    RANKING ANUAL DOBLE NUEVE 1989 (Version Alternativa) 2/3 :

    NOTA: Estas Versiones Alternativas de los Ranking Anuales de Doble Nueve de la decada de los 80s NO son las oficiales, son producto del trabajo realizado por el usuario mrjones99 de Foros Perú; un trabajo que a mi parecer merecia tambien tener una version en video pues el armado de sus rankings se asemejan bastante a lo que en esa decada sonaba en la estacion, como no tenemos un registro oficial de los puestos durante estos años la ubicacion de las canciones es algo anecdotico en lugar de informativo, y espero que sirva para que muchos recuerden esas canciones que tenian olvidadas por el paso del tiempo.

    9.     THE BRIDEWELL TAXIS  Just Good Friends
    98.     TEXAS  I Don't Want A Lover
    97.     DINOSAUR JR  Freak Scene
    96.     SENSELESS THINGS  Too Much Kissing
    95.     POISON  Your Mama Don't Dance
    94.     SOUNDGARDEN  Hands All Over
    93.     BILLY JOEL  We Didn't Start The Fire
    92.     KING SWAMP  Is This Love?
    91.     SIMPLE MINDS  Belfast Child
    90.     THE MISSION  Butterfly On A Wheel 
    89.     BIRDLAND  Paradise
    88.     PINK FLOYD  Learning To Fly
    87.     THE CREATURES  Standing There
    86.     MICHAEL PENN  No Myth 
    85.     THE WONDER STUFF  Don't Let Me Down Gently
    84.     ALICE COOPER  Poison
    83.     MIKE & THE MECHANICS  The Living Years
    82.     SQUEEZE  If It's Love
    81.     PETER MURPHY  All Night Long
    80.     MIDGE URE  Dear God
    79.     ROBYN HITCHCOCK  Madonna Of The Wasps
    78.     IT BITES  Still Too Young To Remember
    77.     LENNY KRAVITZ  Let Love Rule
    76.     DA VINCI  Call Me A Liar
    75.     BAD ENGLISH  When I See You Smile 
    74.     THE PROCLAIMERS  I'm On My Way
    73.     DRAMARAMA  Last Cigarette
    72.     THE RAMONES  Pet Cemetary
    71.     ELECTRONIC  Getting Away With It
    70.     THE THE  Armageddon Days Are Here
    69.     MARTIN L. GORE  Compulsion
    68.     THE WATERBOYS  World Party
    67.     THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN  Blues From A Gun
    66.     INNOCENCE MISSION  Black Sheep Wall
    65.     STAN RIDGEWAY  Going Southbound
    64.     THE STONE ROSES  Fool’s Gold
    63.     BEASTIE BOYS  Hey Ladies
    62.     PREFAB SPROUT  The King Of Rock N' Roll
    61.     TOM PETTY  I Won't Back Down
    60.     WIRE  Eardrum Buzz
    59.     BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE  Contact
    58.     WARRANT  Heaven
    57.     PIXIES  Debaser
    56.     ULTRA VIVID SCENE  Mercy Seat 
    55.     NEW ORDER  Round & Round
    54.     THE REPLACEMENTS  I'll Be You 
    53.     VIOLENT FEMMES  Nightmares
    52.     MICHAEL BOLTON  How Am I Supposed To Live Without You
    51.     PHIL COLLINS  Another Day In Paradise

  • Bank Holidays Thereabouts


  • Club De Lay - Follow


    Meidän uusin single Follow blendaa meidän perinteisenvinksahtaneen brittirock-soundin modernimman tuotantotyylin kanssa. Suunta, johon oltiin menossa jo edellisellä julkaisulla Loviisankatu EP.
    Follow jättää kevyet jäähyväiset menneisyydelle sekä toivottaa hellän lämpimästi tulevaisuuden tervetulleeksi. Samalla juhlitaan CDL:n 10v juhlavuotta, joten tänä vuonna saattaa olla luvassa uusi EP ja ties mitä muuta spesiaalia - just Follow!

    Our latest single Follow pairs Club De Lay's Britpop/Madchester sound
    with a new more modern production style, where we started heading to on our latest release Loviisankatu EP.
    At the same time, Follow is a farewell wave for the past and a tender, welcoming embrace to the future. We are currently writing new songs for the next EP, and are aiming for a summer/fall release.
    There's also great reason to celebrate this year, as Club De Lay turns 10! So in addition to the release of a
    new album, there will be some special things coming up. Better stay tuned comrades!

    Kansikuvan suunnittelu: Jami Varonen, toteutus: Kilda Creative

  • Paris Angels - Scope Two


    High quality audio.

  • QE Bridewell plays YGG Glorious Nite of Music


    QE McCallam plays YGG Glorious Nite of Music at Factory Street Studio
    Bradford April 2013

  • The Wordsmiths - Angel


    High quality audio. The Wordsmith's were an Indie outfit from Penicuik, near Edinburgh. The band formed in 1990, and were influenced by the bands around them at the time, such as the Baggy; The Charlatans and The Inspiral Carpets aswell as the earlier cult C86 independent scene.

  • Datblygu Cyn Symud i Ddim


    Ar ol casglu llwch am flynyddoedd, fideo cynnar o Cyn Symud i Ddim gan Datblygu
    Ymddiheuro am y golygu
    After collecting dust for years, an early video of Cyn Symud i Ddim by Datblygu
    Apologies for the edit

  • The Mock Turtles - Can You Dig It? Extended Mix


    High quality audio. I know there are several posts for the same song, although this is a different version meaning it's longer! As you well know, this song was made famous through the advert for Vodafone back in 2003, subsequently making a comeback and re-release with different cover artwork depicting a mobile phone. A classic Madchester anthem, enjoy!

  • The Mandelbrot Set - Nothing You Need


  • Bridewell Taxis Spirit LFO Mix


    Infamous and obscure techno-house rework of 1990 indie anthem, from Leeds bass-bin destroyers. LFO (Mark Bell & Gez Varley)

  • Poppy Factory - 7x7


    The really rather wonderful 7x7 single by Bradford's Poppy Factory, released in 1991. Failed to make any impact on the pop charts, as did their other two singles. As a result, perhaps unsurprisingly, their debut album 'Good Time' was never released, leaving the great British public with only around a handful of Poppy Factory tracks. This, imho, is one of the best. Great, great tune. The main refrain is 'Call me Charlie Bubbles' referring to the main character in the movie of the same name.

  • The Hollow Men - Thrilled


    High quality audio. Quintisential jangly pop. Should have been a hit....

  • Intastella - People


    High quality audio.

  • the bridewell Taxis Small White Boy @ Leeds Town Hall


    the bridewell Taxis Small White Boy @ Leeds Town Hall

  • Paris Angels - Fade


    High quality audio.

  • Paris Angels - Perfume


    From the album 'Sundew' performed by Madchester band, Paris Angels. The song is a synthesis of 1960's Jangle and Disco , although this I think is the remix of the original version.

  • THE BRIDEWELL TAXIS John Peel 18th September 1990


    THE BRIDEWELL TAXIS John Peel 18th September 1990

  • New FADS Peel Sessions


    Tracks 01 - 04 recorded 19th December 1989
    Tracks 05 - 07 recorded 11th November 1990
    Track 01 is a Jimi Hendrix cover

    01. Purple Haze
    02. Man Without Qualities II
    03. Jaggerbog
    04. Big (Instrumental)
    05. Get Better
    06. Part 4
    07. Man Without Qualities One

  • poppy Factory - Stars


    Chilled downtempo electronica/rock track which is so Rare that very few DJ's ever encountered it - or even noticed it. Though anyone who knows me will no doubt know this track ;)

    Label: Chrysalis
    Format: Vinyl, 12

  • Bridewell Taxis Radio Plug - All Artwork by Chris Blackman


    A radio plug by Tim Hartley why Taxis are . . . . How Chris got it from , , , , ,



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