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Playlist of Ten Years Gone

  • Ten Years Gone


    Provided to YouTube by Atlantic Records

    Ten Years Gone (1990 Remaster) · Led Zeppelin

    Physical Graffiti

    ℗ 1975 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States.

    Remastering Engineer: George Marino
    Guitar, Producer: Jimmy Page
    Drums: John Bonham
    Bass Guitar: John Paul Jones
    Vocals: Robert Plant
    Engineer: Ron Nevison
    Writer: Jimmy Page
    Writer: Robert Plant

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Led Zeppelin / Ten Years Gone / Live / High Quality


    Led Zeppelin perform Ten Years Gone live in concert in Knebworth 1979. This was just before Jon Bonham`s tragic death.

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  • Ten Years Gone


    Provided to YouTube by Atlantic Records

    Ten Years Gone (Remastered) · Led Zeppelin

    Physical Graffiti

    ℗ 2013 Atlantic Records

    Guitar, Producer: Jimmy Page
    Drums: John Bonham
    Bass Guitar: John Paul Jones
    Vocals: Robert Plant
    Engineer: Ron Nevison
    Writer: Jimmy Page
    Writer: Robert Plant

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Jimmy Page - Led Zeppelin - Ten Years Gone - Practice/Demo Tape GREAT!


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    Listen to the track here

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  • Ten Years Gone Lyrics by Led Zeppelin


    i chose this background because in my opinion, the ten years gone performance i knebworth is my favorite, [wow 3 thousand views thank you all][:O 6000 views!!]

  • Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes - ten years gone.mpg


    Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes
    July 10, 2000
    Jones Beach Amphitheater
    Wantagh, NY
    Set List
    01 Celebration Day
    02 Wanton Song
    03 Misty Mountain Hop
    04 Hots On For Nowhere
    05 No Speak No Slave
    06 Sick Again
    07 What Is And What Should Never Be
    08 Horsehead
    09 Oh Well
    10 Ten Years Gone
    11 In My Time Of Dying
    12 Just Can't Be Satisfied
    13 Your Time Is Gonna Come
    14 Remedy
    15 The Lemon Song
    16 In The Light
    17 Shapes Of Things
    18 Nobody's Fault But Mine
    19 Heartbreaker
    20 Bring It On Home
    21 She Talks To Angels
    22 Out On The Tiles
    23 Whole Lotta Love

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  • Ten Years Gone


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Ten Years Gone · Jimmy Page · The Black Crowes

    Live at the Greek

    ℗ 2017 Black Crowes Partnership

    Released on: 2017-07-14

    Music Publisher: W.B. Music, Corp (ASCAP)

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Ten Years Gone


    Provided to YouTube by Ingrooves

    Ten Years Gone · Jack Trammell

    The Rekreation

    ℗ ℗ 2017 Position Music

    Released on: 2017-07-28

    Writer: Jimmy Page
    Writer: Robert Plant

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Ten Years Gone Guitar Lesson - Led Zeppelin - Chords/Rhythms


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    In these guitar lessons we will take an in-depth look at the Led Zeppelin classic Ten Years Gone off of their Physical Graffiti album.

    Ten Years Gone contains not only some catchy guitar riffs from the incomparable Jimmy Page, but also some highly dynamic guitar parts including the intro and verse.

    First things first, you will need to tune your guitar to dropped D tuning DADGBE.

    For that intro and verse progression, you will need to focus a lot on the dynamic level of the music. Jimmy's playing goes from very extremely subdued and quite, to full bodied from moment to moment. Being able to recreate those dynamic elements is the main key to getting this section to sound correct.

    After that the main riff enters with a huge sounding single note line leading into a guitar riff utilizing diads played on the D & G strings. This riff can be a little bit awkward at first and it is important to play it with the right fingerings in order to play it smoothly.

    Continuing in the first video lesson we will have the bridge which utilizes power chords with the dropped D tuning. The rhythm is probably the most challenging part of this riff even though it isn't very difficult. Pay close attention to that last chord and use an upstroke to perform that cool sounding chord.

    Other than that we will have the break section which contains some really nice chord work. This part is a nice chord workout.

    In the second video lesson I will focus on the guitar solo parts. We will go note-for-note through Jimmy Page's main guitar solo, and I will will give additional tips on how to play the other guitar solo parts. There are many overdubs to contend with. In fact, Jimmy used up to 14 guitar tracks recording Ten Years Gone, so obviously performing all of those will be impossible.

    Have fun with these two lessons, they really show some classic Jimmy Page at his best!


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  • Ten Years Gone


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Ten Years Gone (Music Only) · Tribute Band Karaoke

    Tribute Band Karaoke: Led Zeppelin - Volume I (Music Only)

    ℗ 2007 Titan Music Inc. d/b/a/Titan Tribute Media

    Released on: 2007-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Ten Years Gone


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Ten Years Gone · Hazelrigg Brothers

    Songs We Like

    ℗ 2017 Hazelrigg Brothers

    Released on: 2017-09-12

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Led Zeppelin - Ten Years Gone Lyrics


    Led Zeppelin -Ten Years Gone Lyrics
    Watch in High Definition

  • Zepparella - Ten Years Gone - 2016 Concord


    Zepparella performing Ten Years Gone
    Live at Todos Santos Plaza in Concord California
    on Thursday August 4, 2016

  • Ten Years Are Gone


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Ten Years Are Gone · John Mayall

    Ten Years Are Gone

    ℗ A Republic Records Release; ℗ 1973 UMG Recordings, Inc.

    Released on: 1973-09-01

    Producer: John Mayall
    Composer Lyricist: John Mayall

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • 1977 Ten Years Gone


    1977-06-23 - Los Angeles, California

    Cobra Label (For Badge Holders Only)

    Quality and performance Great!

    Great version

  • Led Zeppelin- Ten Years Gone Reaction


    Led Zeppelin- Ten Years Gone Reaction
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  • Led Zeppelin - Ten Years Gone - Seattle 07-17-1977 Part 7


    I DO NOT own this video!
    No copyright infringement intended
    Led Zeppelin live at Kingdome, Seattle Washington, USA. 07-17-1977
    Also known as Supersonic Seattle and The Year Of The Dragon.
    62,000 Led Zeppelin Fans Jam Kingdome
    They came at night by the thousands, some waiting for two days in the rain and cold for a chance to have their ears assaulted and nerves numbed and to say they saw Led Zeppelin. It was a night of pot, pills and popcorn with the popcorn coming in a close third to the other two. But overall, the Led Zeppelin concert at the Kingdome came off without too much trouble. There were several arrests, lots of dope and booze smuggled in – either under coats or inside bodies – and some very sick kids from drinking too much. “It's not a bad bunch considering the number of people here”, one Seattle police officer said of the 62,000 people, “and considering the reputation of the group.” Led Zeppelin has earned a reputation for attracting surly crowds which generally fight and riot. But the most damage was to the ears and there is a possibility 62,000 people will spend today saying, “Huh?” What attracted these people, generally hard-core rock fans, was the experience.

    It was appreciated by some when the lead singer, Robert Plant, told the crowd he was deaf in one ear. It was a miracle the whole band wasn’t stone deaf. Later, Plant said his hearing came back during one number. The concert started shortly after 8 p.m. amid fireworks and people holding up lighted matches, the moment everybody had been waiting for. Throughout the long Sunday, the huge crowd remained orderly as it waited to get through the gates and have the experience. At 4:30 yesterday afternoon, the 20,000 or so Zeppelin fans waiting at the Kingdome started to chant, “We want in, we want in.” Suddenly a movement rippled through the crowd like a wave pushing the front-line troops into the fence. Plant promised that the 1977 tour would be “blood, thunder and the hammer of the gods”. A squad of paramedics was geared up for the blood and everybody else was geared up for the thunder and hammer part.

  • Led Zeppelin-Ten Years Gone


    Led Zeppelin's Ten Years Gone from the album Physical Graffiti.

  • Virtual Zeppelin - Ten Years Gone Cover


    Members are,


  • The Overlooked Zeppelin Masterpiece And The Story Behind It!


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  • Ten Years Gone Guitar Solo Cover


    Led Zeppelin / Ten Years Gone
    Multi-Track Guitar Cover With Free Backing Track

  • Michael Kiwanuka - Ten Years Gone


    Led Zeppelin Cover. Amazing interpretation.

  • Ten Years Gone - Led Zeppelin HQ


    Ten Years Gone es una canción escrita y producida por Robert Plant y Jimmy Page, publicada en el álbum doble Physical Graffiti. Fue compuesta y grabada en 1974, año en el cual la banda se dedicó íntegramente a la producción de su siguiente disco, tomando un pequeño descanso con respecto a la gira masiva del año 1973, la cual había tenido un éxito rotundo, y consolidó a la banda como máximo referente del rock.
    En lo que respecta a la letra, Plant se inspiró en un infortunio amoroso que atravesó antes de lanzarse a la fama con Led Zeppelin. La anécdota data de diez años antes de que él escribiera la canción. En esa época, Plant salía con una mujer a la que amaba de verdad. Esta, al enterarse del gran sueño que tenía él de ser un cantante de rock, le obligó a elegir entre ella o la incipiente carrera musical que empezaba a forjar por esos años. La respuesta parace ser obvia: Plant escogió la música, su verdadera pasión.

    Nota: Video resubido debido a problemas con el copyright.

  • 【Zepparella】 Ten Years Gone


    Live at the Sweetwater Music Hall, Mill Valley, CA (6/11/16)

    Audio was taken from tracks on Zepparella's Live at Sweetwater recordings (6/10 & 6/11, 2016) and released on 11/9/16.
    My video footage was from the 6/11/16 performance and synced with these audio tracks that came from the soundboard mix that night.

    Note that there were some studio edits made to some of these recordings for which I had to make some audio edits (on 3 of my 6 uploaded videos) to fit with the video footage I had. The edits are subtle and you may not notice them at all unless you watch and listen closely

    So for those of you who have repeatedly commented about the audio quality from my Panasonic Lumix HD camera please note that I am always in the front row where the audio is raw, unmixed, and super loud! (not sure why people think I should have access to soundboard quality audio while standing with a live crowd). So here is a first opportunity to get the much requested soundboard quality mixed audio merged together with my video footage. Hope you will all enjoy and keep the comments positive.

    The song list I have based on the soundboard audio mix includes (6 total):
    The Song Remains The Same, The Lemon Song, Trampled Under Foot, Moby Dick, Ten Years Gone, & How Many More Times.

    However, at this time it appears that my Moby Dick video is blocked due to copyright claim by Warner Chappell. You can alternatively view this on the following Dailymotion link:

    Vocals - Noelle Doughty
    Drums - Clementine
    Guitar - Gretchen Menn
    Bass - Angeline Saris

    Set List from 6/11/16:
    01 - Immigrant Song
    02 - The Rover
    03 - Out On The Tiles
    04 - The Song Remains The Same
    05 - Black Dog
    06 - The Lemon Song
    07 - When The Levee Breaks
    08 - Trampled Under Foot (with Angeline bass solo)
    09 - Moby Dick (with Clementine drum solo)
    10 - Ten Years Gone
    11 - How Many More Times
    12 - Houses Of The Holy
    13 - Custard Pie
    14 - The Ocean
    15 - Whole Lotta Love
    16 - Bring It On Home (Encore)

  • Ten Years Gone - Led Zeppelin


    My crack at Ten Years Gone by Led Zeppelin. Song by Jimmy Page , Robert Plant.

  • Ten Years Gone Dazed And Confused Road Rangers January 4, 2020


    #1 Led Zeppelin Tribute Band in Detroit.

  • Ten Years Gone Lesson - Led Zeppelin


    Here's an explanation of how to play Ten Years Gone. The low E string is tuned down to D.

  • Led Zeppelin - 10 Years Gone Reaction!


    Be a patreon here!

  • The Magpie Salute - Ten Years Gone Nov 14, 2017 - Warehouse @ FTC - Fairfield CT *5 cam SBD SYNC*


  • Guitar Lesson: Ten Years Gone


    All 3 Sections of the Jimmy Page Intro. Fender Telecaster with DiMarzio Twang King pickups into Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue (PRRI) with Eminence Legend 1058.

  • Ten Years Gone


    A Led Zeppelin song version, played in a acoustic guitar made in Brazil (Del Vecchio - 1960/70), and restored in 2018:

  • Ten Years Gone


    This is hands down my favorite Zeppelin tune. I have always wanted to cover it but I could never play and sing it at the same time. ... I still can't ... but I think this is as close as I'll ever get. :)

  • Ten Years Gone - Zeppelin Tribute - Jazz Vespers Quartet


    Performed live November 4, 2012, First Unitarian Church, SLC, Utah
    David Halliday, Sax; Courtney Smith, Piano; Denson Angulo, Bass; Steve Lyman, Drums.
    Karl Lies,, audio engineer
    Lee Shuster, video production

  • UMPHREYS McGEE : 10 years Gone 3-30-19 Ryman Auditorium


  • Ten Years Gone


    The Led Zepplin classic Ten Years Gone performed by Rock soul band The Commonheart

  • TEN YEARS GONE Guitar Lesson - How To Play Ten Years Gone By Led Zeppelin


    How To Play Ten Years Gone By Led Zeppelin - Rhythm Guitar Parts, Plus The Solo

  • Ten Years Gone Live


    Ten Years Gone by Led Zeppelin, live in Cleveland, OH at the Richfield Coliseum. From the Destroyer Bootleg. Enjoy.

  • Led Zeppelin-Ten Years Gone-Seattle 77-Part 1


    Seattle 7/17/77-Ten Years Gone-Part 1

  • led zeppelin - Ten Years Gone - LEGENDADO


    Originalmente uma canção instrumental que teve a letra acrescentada por Robert Plant. De acordo com o próprio Plant, a composição foi em homenagem a uma antiga namorada que, 10 anos antes, tinha feito com que ele fizesse a difícil escolha entre ela e os fãs (ainda antes do Led Zeppelin ser formado).
    Está incluída no álbum de 1975 Physical Graffiti.

  • Tom Landry - Ten Years Gone - Part 1


    Bay Area musician, Tom Landry, gives 3 part lesson of Led Zeppelin's Ten Years Gone from the album Physical Graffiti.
    Part 1 - Demo of song without solo. Drop D tuning.
    On-line lessons available. Send a message for details.



    ..... Ten Years Gone.....

    00:00 03 april 1977
    10:38 06 april 1977
    23:38 07 april 1977
    32:34 09 april 1977
    42:47 10 april 1977
    54:01 19 april 1977
    01:01:37 23 april 1977
    01:11:28 25 april 1977
    01:22:02 27 april 1977
    01:30:58 28 april 1977
    01:40:05 30 april 1977
    01:51:38 18 may 1977
    02:02:49 21 may 1977
    02:14:03 22 may 1977
    02:26:09 25 may 1977
    02:38:03 26 may 1977
    02:49:46 28 may 1977
    03:00:15 30 may 1977
    03:11:14 07 june 1977
    03:22:19 08 june 1977
    03:33:47 10 june 1977
    03:45:59 11 june 1977
    03:57:04 13 june 1977
    04:06:44 14 june 1977
    04:17:38 19 june 1977
    04:28:05 21 june 1977
    04:39:33 22 june 1977
    04:52:44 23 june 1977
    05:03:48 25 june 1977
    05:14:22 26 june 1977
    05:24:45 27 june 1977
    05:36:59 17 july 1977
    05:49:00 23 july 1977
    06:01:30 24 july 1977
    06:13:31 24 july 1979
    06:21:25 04 august 1979

  • Led Zeppelin rare ten years gone Live June 11,1977 Madison Square Garden,New York


    Here's a live recording of Ten Years Gone.It's not a very good one,but anyone who is a die hard Zeppelin fan will still appreciate any live performance.I added a photo of John Paul Jones Moog bass pedals which he played while playing this number on the triple neck guitar.Enjoy!!!

  • Ten Years gone - Vocal cover


    Led Zeppelins - Ten Years gone Vocal cover (HD Audio),Linktronics,

  • Led Zeppelin - Ten Years Gone


    Led Zeppelin - Ten Years Gone (Latter Days)

  • Led Zeppelin: Ten Years Gone


    Old pics and video of Led Zeppelin.
    My new tribute to the best band ever!
    It was made by me, so it's probably that it sucks... but I hope you like it.
    Sorry my English and thanks for your comments & votes!

  • Led Zeppelin - Ten Years Gone


    An acoustic demo of Ten Years Gone from the bootleg album of studio demos and outtakes, All That Glitters is Gold. Video is taken from Prelinger Archives at

  • Alexander M. - Ten Years Gone


    I love this song

  • Tom Landry - Ten Years Gone - Part 2


    Bay Area musician, Tom Landry, gives 3 part lesson of Led Zeppelin's Ten Years Gone from the album Physical Graffiti.
    Part 2 - broken down for chords, fingering and right hand technique. Drop D tuning. On-line lessons available. Send a message for details

  • Ten Years Gone - Led Zeppelin


    Please like, comment and subscribe...

    This video is just for fun, no copyright intended... drop d tuning

  • LED ZEPPELIN - CD2 04 Ten Years Gone


    Physical Graffiti - Remastered Deluxe Edition (2015)
    Atlantic Catalog Group

    Sin fines de lucro. No hay intención de infringir copyright.