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Playlist of Tales of the Rat

  • Origin of Rat Fink


    brief excerpt from Tales of the Rat Fink. It's a great documentary. If you like this, go buy it on Amazon

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  • Raat Ke Saaye Tale - Bullets |Sunny Leone, Karishma | Aakanksha Sharma, Raghav Sachar, Rohit Sharma


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    Song - Raat Ke Saaye Tale
    Singer - Aakanksha Sharma
    Music - Raghav Sachar
    Lyricist - Rohit Sharma
    Arrangement, Programming and Live Saxophone by Raghav Sachar
    Recorded at AutoTune Studio
    Mixing and Mastering by Raghav Sachar at AutoTune Studio, India

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    Check out this original Bible story by Kids on the Move.
    Kids on the Move is the children's ministry of Church on the Move, in Tulsa, OK. Subscribe to our YouTube page and visit us on instagram and facebook @kotmtulsa to stay up to date with everything Kids on the Move.

  • Songs of the SMP - Derivakat Dream SMP Album


    Songs of the SMP is out on all streaming platforms! Thank you SO MUCH for all the support this community has shown me over the past couple of weeks, it means the world to me that you enjoy my songs!

    Stream the album:
    Music by Derivakat
    Thumbnail and video art by Jaze
    Special thanks to Kiba and Yuki

    Hit the bell next to the sub button to get notified when a new song is dropping and join my discord server for exclusive content!

    Derivakat social media:

    Timestamps and links to individual songs:
    0:00 Ain't No Crying
    2:36 Syndicate
    5:05 Welcome Home
    8:48 Blue
    11:16 In My Head
    13:53 Kiss Your Dreams Goodbye
    17:00 Turn Back Time
    19:06 4AM
    Do not use or reupload my work without my permission. You can use my Dream SMP songs in your video or animatic as long as you give proper credit in the description.
    #DreamSMP​ #SongsoftheSMP

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  • MIRACULOUS | ???? HAWK MOTH - THEME SONG ???? | Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir


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    Two high-school students, Marinette and Adrien, are chosen to become Paris’ superheroes: Ladybug and Cat Noir. They each have a Miraculous, a jewel linked to their the magical creatures (Kwamis) that give them powers.

    Their mission is to keep Hawk Moth – who wants to steal their Miraculouses – from wreaking havoc on the town by creating increasingly dangerous supervillains – all while living their high school lives and keeping their identities secret.

    At school, Marinette has a crush on Adrien but cannot tell him, so she acts awkwardly whenever he’s around. As a superhero, Cat Noir loves Ladybug, but his ego annoys her: Marinette prefers Adrien anyway!
    Throughout the school year and their adventures, Ladybug discovers many nice qualities in Cat Noir while Marinette grows ever closer to Adrien, making huge efforts to overcome her shyness.

    Marinette Dupain-Cheng a.k.a. Ladybug is an aspiring fashion designer at Collège Françoise-Dupont. Marinette is sweet, joyful, and a bit awkward, but respected by her peers. She has a big crush on Adrien, whom she can barely speak to out of nervousness and embarrassment; her best friend Alya is often seen trying to help Marinette declare her love to him, although it ends in disaster. She can transform into the superheroine Ladybug with the help of her Kwami, Tikki, to defend Paris with her crime-fighting partner Cat Noir. Her special superpower, Lucky Charm, creates an object and allows her to identify other key objects that she can use with the created object to defeat the villains. Among the superheroes that use Miraculous, she is responsible for capturing and purifying the akuma butterflies. As Ladybug, she brushes off Cat Noir's advances, unaware that Cat Noir's alter-ego is the source of her own affections. Astruc describes Ladybug as a positive character who brings happiness, like a candy, and like Amélie Poulain crossed with Spider-Man.

    Adrien Agreste a.k.a. Cat Noir is Marinette's classmate and a popular fashion model for his father's clothing company. He transforms into the superhero Cat Noir with the help of his Kwami, Plagg, to assist Ladybug in saving Paris.
    Adrien is kind and well-liked, and hangs out often with his best friend Nino. Though his family is wealthy, he laments his poor relationship with his stern father, Gabriel; his mother, meanwhile, has disappeared. He is in love with Ladybug, despite not knowing her true identity, and tries to impress her, although he makes bad jokes and cat-themed puns as Cat Noir, which frequently annoy her. His special ability, Cataclysm, allows him to destroy an object that he touches with a swipe of his paw.

    Hawk Moth is a mysterious villain who has the power to create new super-villains with his akuma, which are butterflies that he corrupts with his dark power. He preys on people who are at a point of weakness and appeals to their negative emotions, such as fear, sadness, anger or jealousy. In exchange for granting them powers to exact revenge on those who have wronged them, he asks his villains to steal Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses for him, so that he may use both to gain immense power. He possesses the Moth Miraculous. Long believed to be lost, its original purpose is to create superheroes, but because Hawk Moth has it, he is able to use the power of both Miraculous and its Kwami for his plans.

    For more Miraculous Ladybug check out:

    Miraculous™ is a trademark of ZAG - Method. ZAG © 2017 ZAG - Method - Toei Animation - SAMG -SK Broadband - AB - De Agostini Editore S.p.A. All Rights Reserved.
    #Miraculous #HawkMoth #Song

  • Tattletale


    Hey guys! Hope you enjoy this #Tattletale music video!

    Haven't seen the original? Watch HERE:

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    My little brother’s always gettin on my nerves
    Call him an angel, but I’m digging up dirt
    Get the right equipment, first things first
    He’s gonna wish he never messed with me
    I got some candy, I’ll leave it out
    Sign saying, “No Boys Allowed!”
    Now I’ll hide here, all staked out
    My plan’s going, going perfectly
    Here he comes!
    See him coming round the corner, do a double take
    Check if the coast is clear, he looks both ways
    Tip, tip, tip-toeing tryna get a snack
    But he doesn’t know that it’s just a trap!

    Mom! Oh
    You’re in such big trouble!
    I’m about to burst your bubble!
    Mom, come in here quick
    He’s up to something, thinks he’s slick

    It’s uncool
    It’s unfair
    Why you gotta be such a tattletale!
    Why you-why you gotta be such a tattletale!
    Why you gotta be such a tattletale!
    It’s uncool
    I don’t care
    Why you gotta be such a tattletale!
    Why you-why you gotta be such a tattletale!
    Why you gotta be such a tattletale!

    That’s it, now it’s really going down
    He has it coming, cause he wanna scream and shout
    Ok, lets go another round
    But he’ll be sorry when he gets ground-grounded!
    Honestly, he’s constantly bothering me
    He probably - thinks he’s onto me, it’s comedy!
    Ha Ha Ha Ha!
    He won’t see it coming
    Catching him ain’t nothing
    Here he comes!

    See him come round the corner, do a double take
    Check if the coast is clear, he looks both ways
    Jump, jump, jump, jumping on the couch and off
    But he doesn’t know that he just got caught!

    Mom! Oh
    You’re in such big trouble!
    I’m about to burst your bubble!
    Mom, come in here quick
    He’s up to something, thinks he’s slick

    It’s uncool
    It’s unfair
    Why you gotta be such a tattletale!
    Why you-why you gotta be such a tattletale!
    Why you gotta be such a tattletale!
    It’s uncool
    I don’t care
    Why you gotta be such a tattletale!
    Why you-why you gotta be such a tattletale!
    Why you gotta be such a tattletale!

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  • Conan Gray - Maniac


    Official music video by Conan Gray performing “Maniac”

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    “Maniac” lyrics:
    You were with your friends, partyin'
    When the alcohol kicked in
    Said you wanted me dead
    So you show up at my home, all alone
    With a shovel and a rose
    Do you think I'm a joke? 'Cause

    People like you always want back what they can't have
    But I'm past that and you know that
    So you should turn back to your rat pack, tell 'em I'm trash

    Tell all of your friends that I'm crazy and drive you mad
    That I'm such a stalker, a watcher, a psychopath
    And tell them you hate me and dated me just for laughs
    So why do you call me and tell me you want me back?
    You maniac

    (Maniac, some may say) You maniac
    (Maniac, some may say) You maniac
    (Maniac, some may say) You maniac
    (Maniac, some may say)

    You just went too far
    Wrecked your car, called me cryin' in the dark
    Now you're breakin' my heart
    So I show up at your place right away
    Wipe the tears off of your face
    While you beg me to stay, well

    People like you always want back what they can't have
    But I'm past that and you know that
    So you should turn back to your rat pack, tell 'em I'm trash

    Tell all of your friends that I'm crazy and drive you mad
    That I'm such a stalker, a watcher, a psychopath
    And tell them you hate me and dated me just for laughs
    So why do you call me and tell me you want me back?
    You maniac

    (Maniac, some may say) You maniac
    (Maniac, some may say) You maniac
    (Maniac, some may say) You maniac
    (Maniac, some may say)

    Psychopathic, don't be so dramatic
    We had magic, but you made it tragic
    Now you're manic, honestly, I've had it
    Listen to yourself, think you need to get some help

    Tell all of your friends that I'm crazy and drive you mad
    That I'm such a stalker, a watcher, a psychopath
    And tell them you hate me and dated me just for laughs
    So why do you call me and tell me you want me back?
    You maniac

    (Maniac, some may say) You maniac
    (Maniac, some may say) You maniac
    (Maniac, some may say) You maniac
    (Maniac, some may say)

    Produced by Daniel Nigro
    Video Director: BRUME
    Video Producer: Mike Lev for MDDN & BLK MTN, LLC

    #conangray #maniac

    Music video by Conan Gray performing Maniac. © 2019 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Down The Rat Hole - My New Favorite Record Store // Vinyl Community


    Let's take a look at my new favorite record store, The Rat Hole! They've been open less than a week here in Riverside, CA, and Gregory Short and I paid them a visit this weekend. Unbelievably low prices, so obviously we had to shop shop shop. With prices like these, shut up and take my money.

    Link to Gregory Short's video about The Rat Hole:

  • Duck Tales Theme Song DualXess Bootleg


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  • Undir Aani Manjar : Chhan Chhan Goshti - Part 1 ~ Marathi Animated Childrens Story


    Story Name : Undir Aani Manjar
    Music : Kedar Pandit
    Artist : Bhakti Barve Inaamdar
    Writer : Traditional
    Title : Chhan Chhan Goshti
    Animation By :M/s. Praves Motion Studio (Bipeen Walgude)
    Concept & Announcer: Pradeep Bhide

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  • Buddy Rich Big Band - Tales of a Rhoda Rat 1977


    Buddy Rich Big Band - Tales Of a Rhoda Rat 1977 from the album Buddy Rich Plays and Plays. Tales Of a Rhoda Rat composed by Bob Mintzer.The Buddy Rich Big Band was known for its exciting energy, be it Swing or Jazz-Rock Fusion.

  • Tales of Rhonda the Rat


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Tales of Rhonda the Rat · Buddy Rich · Bob Mintzer


    ℗ 2003 Hyena Records

    Released on: 2003-09-23

    Music Publisher: XXXXXXXXXX

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • The Sadies - The Horseshoe


    The animated music video for The Sadies' song The Horseshoe from the official movie soundtrack for TALES OF THE RAT FINK. The movie is based on the life and times of famed hot rod & custom car designer Ed Big Daddy Roth and The Sadies provide the soundtrack.

  • Buddy Rich - Tales of Rhoda Rat.wmv


    Buddy Rich Plays and Plays - Tales of Rhoda Rat

  • Buddy Rich - Tales of Rhoda Rat


    Epic track taken from the 1977 album Buddy Rich Plays and Plays and Plays, released on RCA records.

  • Tales from the Story Cabin 11: The Rat and the Ox


    Find out what happens when the rat and the ox cannot agree on who should go first in the 12 year cycle of the Chinese Zodiac.

  • Edison High School Jazz Ensemble; Tales of Rhoda Rat- Buddy Rich


  • Live at The Rat - Kerouac - Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band


    Recorded live at The Rat - Boston - 1976.
    In 2001 the legendary building that housed Boston's infamous Rat was demolished, but this recording (catalog #528, same as the address for the establishment on Commonwealth Avenue in the heart of Boston) remains as evidence of what transpired in that cellar full of noise. Inspired by Hilly Kristal's Live at CBGB's, this is truly the companion double LP to that disc on Atlantic, though the Boston compilation came close but failed to obtain major-label release. Recorded September 27, 28, and 29th, 1976, at the dawn of the new wave, important and historic live recordings of some of the scenemakers live on within these grooves. Long out of print, it is considered to be the Holy Grail of Boston rock and roll.

  • THE RAT PACK from Tails of Hamelin by Piers Chater Robinson


    Tails of Hamelin is a musical adaptation of The Pied Piper, with lyrics by Chris Blackwood and music by Piers Chater Robinson.
    Published & Licensed Worldwide by



    The original flip side of 'Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah
    Released by Warner Brothers in August 1963, recorded in July 1963 before a live audience
    A parody of the song Rag Mop with lyrics written by Allan Sherman
    Transferred from an original 1963 Warner Brothers 45 rpm pressing using a vintage 1956 General Electric RPX moving iron magnetic cartridge equipped with 2 mil stylus
    Any pops and clicks were removed using digital noise gates
    64 bit audio processing, DBX II encoded, ICC processed

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  • David Goosey Rat Tales Video


    Taken from the album 'The Mouse Escapes' A song about murder. Written and performed by David Goosey.

    for more information visit

    or download tracks from

  • Tale of the Rat King - Track 8: Into The Wilderness


    Album available at, just $4! This is a video recording of one of my favorite tracks from it, more coming soon!

  • GENE SUMMERS - Rat Fink R.I.P ????


    60s Unissued Wild Rocker (Garage Rock and Roll - Rockabilly) by Gene Summers, January 3, 1939 - February 17, 2021???? You will never be forgotten ???? R.I.P
    Biography :
    Musicians: Sid King (bass) Billy King (guitar) Sammie Meyers (organ) Bobby Jay Saunders (sax) James Thomas (drums) Gene Summers (vocal) written by Dea and Gene Summers.
    (Ed Big Daddy Roth tribute)

    #GeneSummers #EdRoth #Tribute

  • Tales of Rhoda Rat-The End


    Buddy Rich-Harry James

    -Video Upload powered by

  • Tales of Rhoda Rat


    Buddy Rich-Harry James

    -Video Upload powered by

  • Thierry Huillet 7 Tales of La Fontaine #2 The Town Rat and the Country Rat by Cernat & Huillet


    Purchase the score of this work and much more on

    Enjoy HQ recordings by Clara Cernat & Thierry Huillet on


    Thierry Huillet, composer : 7 Fables de La Fontaine for violin & piano : n°2 Le Rat de ville et le Rat des champs, The Town Rat and the Country Rat
    with paintings and drawings by Gustave Doré
    Clara Cernat, violin
    Thierry Huillet, piano
    Sound & video : Jérôme Hallay
    Score available at

    A city rat upon a day,
    Invited from his curds
    A country rat, in courteous way,
    To pick the bones of birds.

    The cloth on Turkey-carpet spread
    With sundry odds and ends ;
    I think it need not here be said,
    How happy were these friends !

    It was a most genteel repast,
    Where Plenty held her reign,
    But ah ! a noise their mirth o'ercast,
    As they were in the vein.

    Hard at the door that noise was heard,
    The town rat ran away,
    The rustic also something stirred
    Advising not to stay.

    The noise was hushed, the town rat grew
    Bold, and brought back his guest.
    “ Come ”said the cit, inspired anew,
    Let's now eat up the rest. ”

    “ I've quite enough, ” the rustic cried,
    “ To-morrow dine with me ;
    Not that I feast in regal pride,
    Or e'er such dainties see ;

    “ But at my leasure still I eat,
    There’s nought to damp my cheer ;
    Away with fests, however great,
    That may be spoiled by fear. ”

    Official Website of Clara Cernat and Thierry Huillet

    Official Website of Thierry Huillet musique21

  • 120 Kangaroo Rat Kings Quest VII: The Princeless Bride Soundtrack Music


    (support the original composers and receive a downloadable version of this soundtrack as a possible donation gift)
    120 - Kangaroo Rat (real SC-55 version)
    From the full and complete soundtrack OST to King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride

    Date Composed: 1994-10-01
    Composed by Neal Grandstaff (copyright 1994)

    This cue plays during conversations with the kangaroo rat in the desert.

    * * * * *

    This is the official release of this soundtrack made in full conjunction with Neal Grandstaff and Mark Seibert, and licensed by Neal Grandstaff ( and published for the first time through XeenMusic (copyrighted 2020). It was composed almost entirely by Neal Grandstaff in 1994, with additional editing and several compositions by Dan Kehler, and the opening and ending sequences by Jay Usher and Mark Seibert, and several SFX by Richard Spurgeon (as well as the customary Sierra Logo Fanfare by Ken Allen).

    The music, having originally been composed using the Roland Sound Canvas SC-55, has been recorded directly from the original MIDI files using an authentic SC-55. Due to the hardware limitations of the SC-55 causing polyphony problems, if necessary, each channel has been recorded independently and then merged into a single track. Therefore, no notation data is lost through polyphony limitations and the tracks may be heard at their fullest.



    Please consider visiting the new Xeen Music Patreon page, which supports both this channel as well as the original composers, and includes opportunities for the entire soundtracks to be downloaded:

    Other Sierra Soundtrack Playlists (may be pending):
    *KQ1v1 (MT32)
    *KQ1v2 (MT32)
    *KQ2 (MT32)
    *KQ3 (MT32)
    *KQ4 (MT32)
    *KQ5 (MT32)
    *KQ5 (SC55)
    *KQ5 (Arranged)
    *KQ6 (SC55)
    *KQ7 (SC55)
    *SQ1v1 (MT32)
    *SQ1v2 (MT32)
    *SQ2 (MT32)
    *SQ3 (MT32)
    *SQ4 (MT32)
    *SQ4 (SC55)
    *SQ5 (SC55)
    *SQ6 (SC55)
    *Dr. Brain, The Island of (SC55)
    *Mixed-Up Fairy Tales (MT32)
    *Pepper's Adventures in Time (SC55)
    *Slater & Charlie Go Camping (SC55)
    *Trophy Bass 1 (SC55)

    Might and Magic I~V, Planet's Edge, King's Bounty, King's Quest, Space Quest, Ambush at Sorinor, etc.


  • Tales Of Rhoda Rat


    Offkey drums cover

  • Rat Fink 2012 KSTU


  • Beat Rat


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Beat Rat · Wild Evel, The Trashbones

    Tales from the Cave

    ℗ Wohnzimmer Records

    Released on: 2012-02-03

    Author: The Trashbones
    Composer: The Trashbones
    Music Publisher: copyright control

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Rat Race Choir - El Fandango - 9/20/03


    Rat Race Choir - Live at the Emelin Theater - 9/20/03.
    Rat Race Choir performs a new original song entitled El Fandango, written by Dave Chmela. Features Adam Snyder's devastating drum solo and a guitar solo at the top from Craig.
    Dave Chmela - Bass
    Craig Weinberg - Guitar
    Larry McGowan - Keyboards
    Adam Snyder - Drums

  • Boston Then: Al Quints First Show at The Rat & Boston Venues


    Part of Boston Then exclusive interview with Suburban Voice zine Founder Al Quint.

    Boston Then is an interactive narrative on punk, post-punk, and new wave in the city in the late 70s-early 80s. Learn more at

  • Queen - My Fairy King


    Taken from The Debut Album, 1973.
    Sing along to 'My Fairy King' with this official karaoke style Queen lyric video.

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    Queen - My Fairy King (Official Lyric Video)

  • Buddy Richs Tales of Rhoda Rat


    bigbreadeaterellis's Drum Cover

  • Filthy Rat Steals My Grape Soda


    In this episode, a filthy rat steals my grape soda.

    For more thrilling tales:

  • HMV- Dirty Rat


  • rat fink


    b.a. haase And t.p. 9/30/2006

  • Cream - Pressed Rat And Warthog


    Cream - Pressed Rat And Warthog (Alternate)
    Eric Clapton - guitar
    Jack Bruce - vocals, bass
    Ginger Baker - drums

  • Arrivederci Presents Steve’s Rat Pack Tribute with Tony Starlight Livestream


    Steve Hannemen and the Rat Pack Gang (Bo Ayars, Dennis Caiazza, Danny Wold, and Barbara Ayars) are back! With special guest Tony Starlight joining us for his first live public appearance in Portland this year.
    If you are able to support our livestreams, we truly appreciate it. You may do so by contributing to our virtual tip jars with venmo @ax2music or Paypal at . As we approach the one-year mark of the day musicians, live music technical crew, and restaurants and bars suddenly lost their livelihoods, your tips mean more than you know. Thank you so much for continuing to support the Arrivederci ‘family’.
    Learn more about Bo & Barbra Ayars and AX2 at and learn more about Tony Starlight at

  • Buddy Richs Round Midnight/ Tales of Rhoda Rat


    Drum Covers...Not Perfect or complete

  • Rat Fink Chinese Restaurant


    From Manchester, New Hampshire. The Boston Press calls them New Hampshire's best band you've never heard.

    We prefer to think of ourselves as the best opening band in the world on the rare occasions that we do play. Why don't we play too much? Pure economics... or the lack of money, groupies and or liquor. But Critter, being the sexist- capitalist-money-monger that he is could be swayed if the price was right. Then we just have to convince Davey. And then Stig. And then Bongo. You get the picture. And Critter spends most of his free time in his other band... The Jabbers! Yup. Critter player in GG Allin & The Jabbers back in the good ole days and now with the plain old Jabbers... with Wimpy Rutherford of the Queers on vocals....

    And then there is Bongo...who like Critter, also has a side project... He has traded in his drums for the lead vocal mic in the best damn Ramones tribute band this side of 53rd ... The Ramonics...
    And another thing, punk... we sorta don't request friends... HAHAHA! they request us! Yeah, we are jerks. Actually, we just wanna see if anyone cares because we have an entire album worth of material in the can... and who knows... if enough people wanna hear it, we just might release it someday. Until then, Rock & Roll Mother F'ers!

    Off there Myspace:

  • Child of Light OST - 18. The Rat That Plays


    Official Soundtrack Music of Child Of Light

    Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano
    Available in:

    Art Production:

    Original artwork of thumb made by Arince Wang:

    Original Video by Tonal Revelations:

    Watch more stuff of Tonal Revelations:

    Image and Video Edited by Therjyer:

    Child of Light OST - 18. The Rat That Plays
    Composed by: Béatrice Martin (Cœur de pirate)
    Watch more stuff of Cœur de pirate:

    Created by the talented team of Ubisoft Montreal using the UbiArt Framework, Child of Light is an RPG inspired by fairy tales.

    © 2014 Ubisoft Entertainment. All rights Reserved. Child of Light, Ubisoft and the Ubisoft logo are trademarks of Ubisoft Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries.

  • Lion Rat Painting Drawing | Learn to Draw Easy Lion Rat | Step by Step Tutorial of Lion Rat for Kids



    Enjoy this fun and educational ‘Lets’s Draw’ video for children, a step by step simple drawing tutorial that teaches children how to easily draw and color a Lion Rat.

    Learn Lion Rat Drawing and the fun is presented in imaginatively desired style. Learn to Paint and Draw in Blazensart.

  • Rat Race Choir - Portrait


    Rat Race Choir - Portrait (Live TV)Dave chmela , Mark hitt , Larry Mcgowin, Bill Mathews

  • Buddy Richs Round Midnight/Tales Of Rhoda Rat


    bigbreadeaterellis's Drum Covers

  • Rat BossDuck Tales Remastered Sound Effects HD


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  • RAT系ペダル3機種弾き比べ


    Pro Co RAT2
    1981inventions DRV
    Pro Co RAT2 tuned by equilibrium

    equilibrium efx.さんのページ

    0:52 〜 Les Paul Custom Crunch
    2:21 〜 Esquire Crunch
    3:33 〜 Les Paul Custom Mid Drive
    5:24 〜 Esquire Mid Drive
    7:03 〜 Les Paul Custom Hard Drive
    9:13 〜 Esquire Hard Drive

    Gibson CS 1957 Les Paul Custom
    Fender CS 1952 Esquire

  • Rat Run


    Rat Run by Jonathan Kershaw; from the new album Bizarre Tales. Rodent chaos in this chromatic blast. Available now for download or on CD from CD Baby ( Amazon, iTunes or

  • Magic Tiles 3 - The Special Song The Calling By The Fat Rat


    Ok, so before I played this level I hadn't listened to the orginal track to the song so I was amazed on how good the song is. I simply love it. But as you know I don't like that they add in the exact same song instead of a remix. They did maybe add in a piano version of it but if they make a remix to every other song than I think they can make one to the new special songs too. Because they are after all special songs. Anyway that's my opinion feel free to leave your opinion and what you want to see in the future :-). Enjoy and i'll see you in November again.



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