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Playlist of Take A Look Into Timbaland's Production Process | Cooking Up With Timbaland

  • Michael Jackson - Slave To The Rhythm


    Michael Jackson - Slave To The Rhythm
    Production Companies: Optimum Productions, Pulse Evolution, Tricycle Logic
    Creative Director: Jamie King
    Associate Creative Director: Stephanie Roos
    Executive Producers: John Branca, John McClain
    Producers: Frank Patterson, John Textor, Karen Langford
    Supervising Producers: Oualid Mouaness, Natalie Johns
    Visual FX Supervisor: Stephen Rosenbaum
    Production Designer: Tamlyn Wright
    Editor: Guy Harding
    Stylist: Michael Bush (Michael Jackson)
    Stylists: Franck Chevalier (Dancers), Douglas VanLaningham (Dancers)
    Choreographers: Rich Talauega, Tone Talauega
    Production Manager: Nathan Stoebner
    Production Coordinator: Joseph Davison

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  • Boris Brejcha @ Tomorrowland Belgium 2018


    So much love!

    00:00 - 01:45 / Intro
    01:45 - 07:50 / Take It Smart (Original Mix)
    07:50 - 13:35 / Thunderstorm (Original Mix)
    13:35 - 18:22 / Space Diver (Original Mix)
    18:22 - 26:40 / Gravity (Original Mix)
    26:40 - 32:15 / The Troublemakerz (Original Mix)
    32:15 - 39:26 / Nothing Seems To Be (Original Mix)
    39:26 - 45:38 / Never Look Back (Original Mix)
    45:38 - 51:45 / To The Moon And Back (Original Mix)
    51:45 - 58:14 / Blue Lake (Original Mix)
    58:14 - 1:04:25 / I Am The Joker (Original Mix)
    1:04:25 - 1:10:09 / Game Over (Original Mix)
    1:10:09 - 1:17:13 / Purple Noise (Original Mix)
    1:17:13 - 1:23:28 / Hashtag (Original Mix)
    1:23:28 - end / Angel In The Sky (Original Mix)


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  • Young Guru: Creativity in the engineers chair | Loop


    Young Guru has worked with the likes of Jay Z, Beyonce, Drake, Rhianna, Rick Ross and Snoop Dogg. In this conversation at Loop 2015, he discusses how his approach to making records allows him to move fluidly between the roles of co-pilot, audio specialist, and even musician, and how today’s engineer can (and should) be so much more than a technician with good ears.

    Find out about Loop 2016:

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  • CHOREOGRAPHY BTS Dance practice


    BTS Official Homepage
    BTS Blog
    BTS Facebook

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  • Bling Like That Neptune Sound Tutorial | Pharrell & Chad Hugo Type Beats | Reason 10


    Today we discuss the Neptunes sound. I cover all the bases of music theory, arrangement, drum programming, and sound selection. The Neptunes are on my Mt. Rushmore of Super Producers, so it's fun and interesting to analyze and break down their style - like no one else could. Thank you all for the support - be sure to subscribe!

    Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo were big Triton and Motif users, sometimes this is tricky to emulate in your DAW. But with the right Korg Triton sound sets and Reason 10 Parsec and Keys ...we can make the magic happen.

    This tutorial was a requested by @Kazutribe

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    MG The Future is a music producer from North Carolina. This channel was created to provide concepts, context, and content for the audio producer community.

  • TOKiMONSTA - Remix Lab with Anna Lunoe


    TOKiMONSTA has been making waves with her eclectic and creative brand of electronic dance music for more than a decade. The multitalented artist, producer, DJ and label head (Young Art Records) was recently nominated for a Grammy Award for her album Lune Rouge, adding to her impressive list of credentials.

    In this episode of Remix Lab, TOKiMONSTA joins host Anna Lunoe live in the studio to flip Rosehardt's High Hopes off the Young Art Sound II compilation. From sampling salt shakers and cracked Red Bull cans to re-tuning vocals, TOKiMONSTA went deep into making a beat from scratch and delivered a killer remix. She also dropped some of her favorite Ableton tips and tricks and revealed a few of her go-to plug-ins. So hit play and get into the mind one of the best.

    5:42 - Beginning with remix with the vocals
    9:29 - Finding chords and melody
    29:30 - Why TOKiMONSTA doesn't collab much with other producers
    32:48 - Color-coding in Ableton
    39:00 - Sampling Red Bull can, salt shaker and other objects
    45:25 - Good off vs. bad off with drums
    46:58 - EQing the salt shaker and the magic of Bob Ross
    50:00 - Manipulating the sounds in the Maschine Mk3
    1:01:11 - Crash!
    1:01:56 - Recovered ... mostly
    1:11:03 - Arranging on the fly
    1:14:00 - Who doesn't love a cowbell?
    1:18:42 - Presenting at the Grammys
    1:24:18 - Finding a slot for the can
    1:27:46 - When I work on music I lose all social cues...
    1:28:15 - Adding a riser
    1:30:29 - Panning the drop
    1:35:16 - Adding reverb to the tail end of a vocal
    1:36:05 - Using the Fabfilter Timeless 2's Analog Tape Echo
    1:41:00 - Laying down a bassline with the Microkorg
    1:46:00 - Best studio snacks?
    2:04:48 - More Microkorg - adding filtered effects
    2:08:00 - Watch TOKiMONSTA blaze through an arrangement
    2:15:44 - Listening to the final remix.

    Welcome to Red Bull Remix Lab, where music’s top artists producers share their production secrets with live remix sessions, instructional series and more. From the ins and outs of today’s popular production software to firsthand knowledge about how to make it in the music game, Remix Lab brings you inside the studio to soak up knowledge from the game’s best.

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  • FL Studio 12.5 macOS | Rick Ross Type Jazz Piano | Melodyne | SOR2


    Today's video is a user request, Can we get a Rick Ross Jazz Piano Tutorial? - YES. So i take FL Studio, Melodyne, and Sega Genesis?! To Task ...

    I will show you how to analyze music, create and modify catchy chord progressions, and drop some major keys about going with the FLOW. I also feature some cableguys timeshaper and KillBigHead kits towards the end.

    Thank you for your time and support! Be sure to subscribe. Notification Gang?

    s/o Kay Emmm for making request.

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    MG The Future is a music producer from North Carolina. This channel was created to provide concepts, context, and content for the audio producer community.

  • Discussion | The Making of G.M.F.U | Reason 10 | Harrison Mixbus | You Always Pay In The End


    New Discussion and follow up to my previous video in regards of the current climate and culture of content creators. This time i take a deep dive on the behind the scenes process of why and how the track was made. Intentions and creation gems. Also, I take a deeper dive into the bigger picture.....

    s/o Producer YNot (Track Inspired Me)

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