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Playlist of TMNT 2012

  • TMNT 2012 Karai How to be a heart-breaker


    I hope you like my tribute to Karai from TMNT.

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  • TMNT 2012 April and Karai How to love someone


    I hope you like my tribute to April and Karai.

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  • TMNT 2012 Fanmade Storyboard


    An old vid I made with my own drawings...a friend of mine helped me with the ideas. I don't like it so much, but I'll give it a go and submit it to the internet.


    Check out my drawings on DeviantART :)

  • TMNT 2012 Believer raph & leo


    song: imagine dragons (Believer)

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  • TMNT 2012 survive the night


    For all the fnaf fans out there here u go :)

    Song-survive the night by enchanted mob



  • TMNT 2012 - Who we Are


    song: Who we Are
    by: RED
    program: Movie Maker

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  • TMNT 2012 Theme Songs In Comparison


  • TMNT 2012 Calling all the monsters


    . music by china ann michlain, and video by demigawd2

  • TMNT 2012 - intro instrumental


    TV and Extended versions are available here:

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  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 Music Synthesia


    Original Music

  • TMNT 2012 Character Songs - SKILLET Version


    I Love TMNT

    My Favourite Character is still Raph


    just leave a comment below if you have better ideas for another vid

  • Leo True Strength


    hey guys this is my third video i am still trying to get the hang of this program so any suggestion to improve the videos are welcome!!!

    Leo... leo is my favorite turtle.. although i love them all leo kind of stood out for me!! He was so brave in this season and i think that his character is one of the most developed characters in the whole series, this season he started so weak and he finished so strong and that's the reason i named the video true strength

  • TMNT 2012: Mutant Apocalypse - Sing me to Sleep


    edit 9/3/19:
    I normally put AMV in the title so people won't get confused thinking that this is the actual episode but apparently people don't know what episode this is even though it is literally in the title. This episode was a special it's called Mutant Apocalypse. Mutant Apocalypse is split into several parts (I don't remember how many) I'm sure you can find the episodes online somewhere. This whole video is of that episode. So please for the love of god stop asking what episode this is.

    song: Sing me to Sleep
    by: Alan Walker
    program: Movavi Video Editor 12

  • Tmnt 2012- Awake And Alive


    My first video! Hope you enjoy and please subscribe

  • TMNT 2012 Girls-Keep Up????


    Konnichiwa my panther cubs! Wow! I cannot believe I have reached 50 subbies! Thank you all for all your support! So now, I made a new,different video. I know it isn't really an animation but, I'm new to this stuff.
    I hope you enjoy the video!
    Please like,comment,and Subscribe for more!
    See ha later my panther cubs! ????

    Please tell me in the comments if you want more vids with my TMNT OC Girls

    Instagram: @LPSKatana15_LPS
    Facebook: LPSKatana15 LPS

  • ~Mikey~Leo~Raph~Ghost


    Ok so basically i made a story of this so here it is c:

    Ok so basically Leo thinks he isn't a good leader so he tries to hurt himself so his other brothers could lead, but Mikey and Raph hear what Leo is saying to himself and so Raph and Mikey make sure he doesn't get hurt. Later on Leonardo Finds out that Raphael knows about the secret so they start to fight. Mikey just keeps hugging and telling Leo he is a great leader. Later on Leonardo thinks what he was trying to do and saying he wanted to be a ghost but he actually stopped trying to hurt himself. The end c:

  • TMNT 2012~Leonardo and Donatello~Sweet Dreams~mv


    wow this one was fast to make xD lol, Anway I has some things to tell you guys and stuff.

    song- Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics

    Time Taken: 3 hours

    I own nothing.

    ok so welp you guys probably already know that school is gonna start soon ._. and that means I would probably make videos on the weekends only rip. Also if you guys didn't know I changed my name xD it was Ninja Frog27 now its Ninja turtle27 (its really not that hard to figure out) :P. ALSO, guys I know there's a big logo that says FILMORA on this video but its fine i'll get rid of it later on just enjoy the video and pretend its not there. Its transparent anyway lmao xD. Anyway byezzz c:

  • TMNT 2012 raphael sings cheerleader


    This song keeps getting stuck in me head D: -Song cheerleader by OMI (video by

  • TMNT 2012 Озвучка Комикса| Прости меня брат#1


    Krasner Time -
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  • TMNT 2012 We Are One


    Hope you enjoy it! Please subscribe! :D Oh! And Happy New Year!

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  • TMNT 2012 - Stars


    song: Stars
    by: Skillet
    program: Movie Maker

  • TMNT 2012 Vision Quest: Watching for Comets


    song: Watching for Comets
    by: Skillet
    program: Movie Maker

  • TMNT 2012 Theme Song With Lyrics 1


  • ~TMNT 2012~ Leo sings Song 2


    show-TMNT 2012


    song-Blur-song 2

  • TMNT 2012 Opening on Piano


    sans rapping

    something fell near the end and I have no idea what it was

  • TMNT 2012 theme song has an Extended Sparta Remix


    EDIT: 58 likes and 25,000 views?! Super awesome! :D

    This is a v2 of my TMNT sparta remix since I make a v1 for my Halloween special but the epicness part was screwed up while I was using Audacity. But in this version I get the epicness timing right. So....I hope you enjoy!


    Made in Sony Vegas 11.

    Credits goes to Nickelodeon for the TMNT source and thank you KeatonKeaton99 for the Extended Sparta Remix base.

    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

    Want to more of my videos to be a fan of MLP and TMNT? Please Like, Comment & Subscribe!


    Also, this is my second TMNT sparta remix video.

    EDIT: 1,000 views on another TMNT sparta remix video?! Thank you guys! (:

  • Raphael TMNT 2012 Landmine


    Music Credits to Three Days Grace
    Visual Credits to Nickelodeon

  • TMNT 2003 Intro with 2012 Theme


    It's Ninja Time
    Turtles Power

  • ||TMNT 2012||~Raphael/Mikey~||Youre so creepy||mv||


    Woo first video :D hope you enjoy. I was gonna use one of my different editing program but that was gonna take forever sooo yeah lol.
    In case your wondering I use Hitfilm 4 express and Filmora to edit, but I'll only make short music videos on hitfilm because it takes to long to make the hole thing. Also maybe when I do MEP parts i'll use hitfilm

    I own nothing. I do not own the song it is from Ghost town and the show is from Nickelodeon.

    Song- You're so Creepy by Ghost town

  • Jelsa/Elsanardo MV - I Believe In Love TMNT 2012/Frozen/ROTG


    I SHIP THEM ALL~!!! *^* Have you watched Mirror Mirror? :o THIS song made me dance and make this video xD I DO love Leo with all of my heart, and would never let anyone take him away...

    BUT that doesn't stop me from shipping and respecting OTHER ships Cx And Jack Frost... Mmhhm yis. *//*

    I DON'T own the song or clips! ~

  • TMNT 2012 Sunflower by Post Malone and Swae Lee


    This is for all for you TMNT 2012 fans out there for this song you'll love It. I do not own this song and TMNT 2012.

  • TMNT 2012-15 Tribute | High Hopes - Panic At The Disco | Please Read Description!


    Starring - Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, Master Splinter, Casey Jones, April O'Neil, Karai (Miwa)
    Video - Lesya Rei
    Music - nobody likes the opening band ( that is the YT name idk why but yeah), Love your work!
    Song - High Hopes by Panic at the Disco
    (We don't own any of the TMNT, We're just fans) :D

    Yeadaho guys! Sorry I wasn't posting any videos, I was busy with school work and a whole bunch of school activities! I'm starting to post some TMNT cause I LOVE them too much! :D
    If you guys want me to do some more videos I would gladly do so! I was just having some difficulty to think of what song could go with what video. If you have something in mind that you want to see on my channel Post it in the comments below and I'll make it for ya! :D

    - DJ

    P.S. I may change my name soon, idk. Put some suggestions in the comments of what I should change my name to! I would Love to see what you come up with! :D
    I will keep the DJ part if you want me to! I have many names I have been coming up with but I want to see how names you could come up with first before I post another video of the list of names I came up with myself. Most likes, or something very interesting, Will go in the video.
    I get interested very easily, and besides I'm a person who is very bad with names.

  • Tmnt 2012 Fan Made Intro


    All rights go to Nickelodeon
    All music rights go to Nickelodeon

  • TMNT- 2012 Written in Stars/ April and Donnie MV


    Me loves ze song lol :3

    song-Written in stars

    video-mutant girl

    show-TMNT 2012

  • TMNT 2012: ~AMV~ ¦ Dogpound ¦ Animal I have become


    Now here's a AMV with my favourite character from TMNT!

    Song is Animal I have become from Three Days Grace.
    TMNT 2012 belongs to Nickelodeon.

  • tmnt 2012 glmm little brother


    its not that great as the last few but i worked three days on this

    the thumbnail sucks i know i tried making a front face ing gacha life character

  • TMNT 2012 - Dusk till dawn MV




    Ru4n B4BL4

  • Request: Mikey MV - Not A Bad Thing TMNT 2012


    WEEE, another Mikey MV~! ^///^ This is a small gift for someone on Instagram: here it is, @ninjamaria99! :D Sorry about the delay; I completely forgot about it ;3; But now it's here! c:

    I don't own song or show! I give FULL credit to Mr. Timberlake and Nickelodeon people~ :Dc

  • TMNT 2012-Mikey-Funk soul brother


    this was requested by Blaze boy21 subscribe to him :)

    show-TMNT 2012

    song-Funk Soul Brother by fatboy slim

    video-Fizzy JS

  • TMNT 2012 MV- Raphael~ Somebodys watching me



    song-Rockwell somebody's watching me

    show-tmnt 2012


  • TMNT 2012 Leo - Let It Go w/ Lyrics


    Peeps asked me if I was to make a parody of Leo singing Let It Go, and so I did this xD Sorry for my horrible singing (AGAIN), and to people who asked if they should sing this for need, but at least give credit if you really want to make this better? x)

    Hope you enjoyed! :3 I do not own song or character; just my lyrics and picture. c:

    I switched, That empty shell is gone, to that perfect leader is gone. :3

  • TMNT 2012 - Moments Like This


    Song(s): Moments Like This
    By: The Afters
    Program: Windows Movie Maker

  • TMNT 2012 Firewok


  • TMNT 2012 - No Place Id Rather Be


    This video was a whip since I forgot. Pretty much picked a random song and added clips together lol.
    If you like my videos/channel, you'll love theirs:

    song: No Place I'd Rather Be
    by: Clean Bandit
    program: Movavi Video Editor 12

  • ~TMNT 2012~Roar~


    Sorry for no videos again guys we're just waiting till people finish they're parts for our MEP Feel Invincible. We're almost done with it, but we need 3 people to finish they're parts. Don't worry the MEP will come soon.

    Song-Roar by Monster University

    We own nothing!

    Also if the 3 people that didn't finish their part, quit the mep then we could use a backup just in case we'll think of it.

  • pain || TMNT 2012 Edit


  • Мини Клип||Лео и Шредер_Fearless||T.M.N.T 2012


    То чувство, когда нечем заняться на карантине)

  • mistake || TMNT 2012 Leo


    —song; C'mon by Panic! at the Disco and fun
    —ac; I forgot
    —app; Video Star
    —media; TMNT 2012
    —ib; I forgot their user

  • TMNT 2012 - Boy Like You


    song: Boy Like You
    by: Ke$ha
    program: Movavi Video Editor 12

  • Tmnt 2012 - Music Video



    Inscreva - se

    Edit time : 2 hours
    Tempo de edição : 2 horas

    Song name : Leave Out All The Rest
    Nome da música : Leave Out All The Rest

    Ruan BaBla



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