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Playlist of Sugarhill Gang

  • The Sugar Hill Gang - Rappers Delight


    The title says it all, enjoy the music. :)

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  • Rappers Delight


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    Rapper's Delight · The Sugarhill Gang

    Pop Compilation

    ℗ Monrose Digital

    Released on: 1993-01-23

    Author: Rodgers Edwards
    Composer: Rodgers Edwards

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  • ABCs


    Provided to YouTube by Rhino

    ABC's · The Sugarhill Gang

    Jump On It!

    ℗ 1999 Rhino Entertainment Company

    Writer: Henry Jackson
    Writer: Joey Robinson, Jr.
    Writer: Michael Wright

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Sugarhill gang - 8th wonder


    Sugarhill gang - 8th wonder
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  • Sugarhill gang - the lover in you


    Sugarhill gang - the lover in you
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  • The Sugar Hill Gang ♑♒♓ Rappers Delight ????????????????Original Extended Full Version 1979 HQ by magistar


    Disco Magic album
    Joe Joyce dj
    by Zoran Nikodijevic

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  • Sugarhill Gang - The Lover In You


  • Sugarhill Gang - Funk Box .wmv


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  • The Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight Lyrics




    Video by Stephen

  • Sugar Hill Gang - Rappers Delight - Chic - Good Times - HQ Audio mix )))


    Rapper's Delight is a 1979 hip hop track by the Sugarhill Gang and produced by Sylvia Robinson. While it was not the first single to include rapping, Rapper's Delight is credited for introducing hip hop music to a wide audience. It was a prototype for various types of rap music, incorporating themes such as boasting, dance, honesty and sex, with the charisma and enthusiasm of James Brown. The track interpolates Chic's Good Times, resulting in band members Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards suing Sugar Hill Records for copyright infringement; a settlement was reached that gave the two songwriter credits.

    Good Times is a song by American R&B band Chic from their third album Risqué (1979). The disco song, ranked No. 229 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, has become one of the most sampled tunes in music history, most notably in hip hop music.

    Rapper's Delight is number 251 on the Rolling Stone magazine's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and number 2 on VH1's 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs. It is also included in NPR's list of the 100 most important American musical works of the 20th century. It was preserved into the National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress in 2011. Songs on the National Recording Registry are culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.

    The song was recorded in a single take. There are three versions of the original version of the song: 14:35 (12 long version), 6:30 (12 short version), and 3:55 (7 shortened single version

  • Be A Winner - Sugarhill Gang | Old Skool Rap Hip Hop | 80s Male Rap Groups


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    Be A Winner (Original 12 Mix) (1983) (6'47) - Sugarhill Gang. Produced by D. Winbush, B. Alexander and Sylvia Robinson. (P) 1983 Sugar Hill Records. All rights reserved. Used by kind permission. Thank You!

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  • Bob Sinclar ft. The Sugar Hill Gang - Lala Song


    Official video for Bob Sinclar featuring The Sugar Hill Gang - Lala Song

    Due for release on AATW on the 22nd June 2009

  • The Sugarhill Gang - Apache Lyrics



    Video by Stephen

  • Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight HD


  • Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight 1990


    No copyright infringement intended.
    For promotional and entertainment purposes only.
    The Ultimix edit of this 90's club hit.
    Issue #32
    Edit by Rob Harvey.

  • Showdown - The Furious Five Meets Sugarhill Gang | Old Skool Rap Hip Hop


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    Showdown (Original 12 Mix) (1981) (5'55) - The Furious Five Meets Sugarhill Gang. Written by Sylvia Robinson, Larry Johnson, Michael Johnson, The Furious Five & The Sugarhill Gang. Produced by Slyvia Inc., Larry & Michael Johnson. (P) & (C) 1981 Sugar Hill Records Ltd. All rights reserved. Used by kind permission. Thank You!

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  • Sugharhill Gang - Apache


    Sugharhill Gang - Apache (Trolla Bass Booty Remix)
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  • Rappers Delight - The Sugarhill Gang Drums Backing Track with chords and lyrics


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  • Sugarhill Gang - Apache


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  • Sugarhill Gang 2015 - DJ Smaaland


    anbefaler 1080p, med mindre du har epilepsi

  • The Sugarhill Gang - Bad News


    The Sugarhill Gang will always be known for Rappers Delight...however, on their debut LP they had three songs where they actually sang. Bad News (Don't Bother Me) is a nice mid-tempo tune featuring the Sugarhill Gang and The Sequence singing vocals.

  • Sugarhill Gang - Apache


    TOP 80 - ℗ 1981 Sugar Hill Records Ltd.
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  • Rappers Delight takes the CBC Music Rap Quiz


    Rapper's Delight (formerly The Sugarhill Gang) take CBC Music's Rap Quiz. How well did you do?

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  • Rappers Delight


    Cover of the Sugarhill Gang song done by the Rock Doctors, May 2013, Set 2. Song 8 of 16

  • FL Studio: Rappers Delight - The Sugarhill Gang


    First project, decided to go with something easy to get used to the way the program works.

  • Someone Like You Remix The SugarHill Gang Furious5


    The SugarHill Gang Grandmaster Mele Mel & SCORPIO Furious5 Ft. Barshon Remix by Atari Hero of Monatomic Music
    available here
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  • The Sugarhill Gang - Boyz From Da Hill


    Featuring Wonder Mike, Kory-O, Master Gee, and Big Bank Hank from 1994. One of the last records to feature all three original members.

    I haven't heard the original but if its anything like the other 4SM mixes I've heard, it's practically identical.

    Verse 1 (Wonder Mike):
    Come get a dab of some more delight
    Coming from the hype as a hype mic wonder, the Wonder Mike
    The party rocker, smooth hip-hopper
    Whole house shaker, big fly money maker
    In the house, yeah you know the sound
    Of the original, lyrical, biggest on the mic around
    Sugarhill, back in full effect
    Hitting the spot, mic checking ??
    Yo, we took hits and started stacking 'em
    We're the first emcees to go platinum
    The mad props to the crew first on the scene
    I set it off and went and got the cream
    The name's the same, the fame, the aim, the claim
    The tracks are fat and it's all that
    We're gonna take a script and start flipping it
    Stand back if the boys starts ripping it

    Chorus (x2):
    Boys From Da Hill (x2)
    With the Pow-Pow boogie
    Never ran, never will

    Verse 2 (Kory-O):
    Ah, hold up, pack up it's time to flow
    Make way for the new kid Kory-O
    I'm representing the boys from off the hill
    Give a pound cos I'm down, I got mad skills
    K cos I kick it, O cos it's on and on
    R cos I'm rich when I grips the microphone
    Y for the yes to yes, yes yes y'all
    With the break I'll break, won't fake or stall
    Won't take no mistakes, won't stop or stutter
    I take a peek in the rhyme and make it sound butter
    So take a double dip of this here flavour
    And just chill cos, it's all good player
    Sugarhill is back and we're packed like a fat rat
    It's a fact our crowds are packed
    Into the places we tick and tock
    And a hip hop and you don't stop

    Chorus (x2)

    Verse 3 (Master Gee):
    Well, at the helm you see, no other brother than me
    The cold brother, love makin, mighty Master Gee
    Since 17, when you boys were in school
    Playin the role, trying to be cool
    Well, I was on my way to hip-hop fame
    Girls kiss my picture, scream my name
    I tore up shop and you know they rocked
    To my hip-hop-hippi you don't stop
    Platinum and Gold line my walls
    And from coast to coast the girls filled the halls
    And while they checked me out, they lose control
    Because my voice gets deep down in their souls
    They try to tear my clothes with just one touch
    Can you say a fly girl loves you that much?
    Take your so called hits, yo and check the score
    You'll find that my first record sold more than all yours

    Chorus (x2)

    Verse 4 (Big Bank Hank):
    Yes, yes y'all, you don't quit
    Big Bank is back to get funky with it
    Check the first to verse the voice to find the style
    Counting you down, give back the crown
    Time to take the trash out, get your cash out
    When I blow up, don't pass out
    I was a womanizer way back, can't you tell?
    Ladies loved me before they loved L.L.
    Taking you back to when a mack was a mack
    I was good with the ladies, now I want my title back

    Yo, don't punk just chill
    Cos you're rocking with the boys from off the hill

    Big Bank Hank:
    We're coming off hard with a real funky rhyme
    Wrecking you all for the very last time

    Wonder Mike:
    We're Sugarhill, putting you ducks in check
    And at the same time snatching up all respect

    Master Gee:
    And for you suckers, our rhymes distract to the hip
    Leaving your bodies hanging for the tales of the crypt

    Wonder Mike:
    So you can button your lip if you have to
    We're Sugarhill

    Yeah, right back at you

    Chorus (x2)

    Ain't no thang, we're down with Kool and The Gang (x4)

    Chorus (x2)

  • Groove mix - Michael Jackson, Sugarhill gang, Vanilla Ice, Kool and the gang and more.


    Groovy disco music. with good old music artists.

  • The Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight


    The Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight (Ben Leibrand Remix) 1989 Release (B Side) of Rapper's Delight

  • The Lover In You - Sugarhill Gang | Old Skool Rap Hip Hop | 80s Male Rap Groups


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    The Lover In You (Pete Wingfield Mix) (1982) (6'55) - Sugarhill Gang. Produced by Pete Wingfield and Sylvia Inc. (P) 1982 Sugar Hill Records Ltd. All rights reserved. Used by kind permission. Thank You!

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  • Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight - REmix - Drum Cover


    Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight Remix
    Drum Cover

  • The Sugarhill Gang - Passion Play


  • the sugarhill gang-rappers delight live at beat club 1979


  • Chic ft. Sugarhill Gang - Good Times vs Rappers Delight


  • Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight


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  • Rappers Delight - The Sugarhill Gang


    Performance from Soul Train.

  • Smells Like Teen Spirit x Rappers Delight - Nivana / Sugarhill Gang


    Much thanks to our family at Spice Lounge Port Credit for letting us film in their space!
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    We had some fun with GoCams this time round! Lot's of Dead Penny happening in 2014, stay in the loop!

    Sam Morton - Vocals & Guitar
    Donny Milwalkee - Drums
    Ernesto Barahona - Trombone

  • Chic & Sugar Hill Gang - Good Times and Rappers Delight


  • Sugarhill Gang - The lover in you Album Edit



  • Qwestlife featuring Sugarhill Gang, Siedah Garrett & GrandMaster Melle Mel & Scorpio - Fever


    Download & stream:

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    Qwestlife’s dedication to crafting authentic, heartfelt and original disco tracks has been well documented over the course their partnership. The duo, a cross-European collaboration between Southern French maestro Tom Laroye and London mainstay Andy Williams (aka Yam Who?), came together in 2013, and with Tom’s song-writing abilities and Andy’s club track mastery, they were a match made in musical heaven. Using old school methods and analogue techniques to produce enchanting boogie-filled numbers, the Glitterbox regulars now release their debut album ‘Prophecy’ on the imprint, encapsulating the boundless energy of their DJ sets in an exquisite 11-track collection. With highlights including previous singles like the joyous Glitterbox anthem ‘Hit It Off’ and instant party anthem ‘Give Me A Minute’ (the duo’s label debut) the feel-good qualities of this album highlight not only Qwestlife’s production abilities but also their expansive knowledge of the genre. Album exclusives like ‘Can’t Stop’ and ‘Cut You Loose’ show them exploring a distinctively housier vibe with vocalist Alena, while ‘Universal Love’ and ‘Don’t Break My Heart’ could have been taken straight from the heart of a 1970’s disco. Featuring an incredible array of collaborators that range from Detroit legend Amp Fiddler, session vocalist to the stars Teni Tinks, Barbados’ Bobby Saint and the ubiquitous Sugarhill Gang this album is a wonderful ode to the dancefloor and a record box essential.

  • Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight


    RaRCS stands for Record and Record Combined Stereo, which means that the left and the right sides of the video come from two different studio records.
    In this case you can enjoy Rapper's Delight from the Sugarhill Gang. Theoretically these performances could have been live, but they were not. On the right side you can see the Disco Inferno performance (playback), while on the left side the Soul Train performance (also playback).

  • Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight - Disco Singles


    Sugarhill Gang's Rappers Delight, released in 1979, was the first hip hop track to make it into the Billboard charts.

    The audio here was taken from a 1979 Canadian pressing of the 12 inch 33 rpm Disco Single release.

    Track List:

    1. Rappers Delight - Long Version 0:00
    2. Rappers Delight - Short Version 14:38

  • The Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight


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    Este es un cover de una canción que hizo que el bajo me llamara la atención como instrumento (el sample fue sacado de Chic - Good Times). Espero sea de su agrado y, si pueden, me apoyen con un Like/Favorito y compartiendo el video.

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  • The Sugar Hill Gang - 8th Wonder


    All audio materials uploaded on this channel are for entertainment purposes only. All rights and credits goes to the owners of the audio recordings. No copyright infringement intended.

  • RE:Groove - Sugarhill Gang - Apache


    Episode 1 - The Pharcyde - Runnin'

  • Sugarhill gang - work, work, the body


    Sugarhill gang - work, work, the body
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  • THE SUGARHILL GANG- space race


    from 1980

  • Rappers Delight by The Sugarhill Gang - piano transcription + free score!


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  • Bob Sinclar Ft Sugarhill Gang - Lala Song


    Bob Sinclar Ft Sugarhill Gang - Lala Song (Club Version)



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