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Playlist of Stu

  • #LIVE TUCASA STU Campus Hope DAY 1


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  • Stu Larsen & London Contemporary Voices - By The River | Mahogany Session



    Aussie folk hero Stu Larsen is joined by London Contemporary Voices on his Mahogany Sessions debut.

    Since 2010, Mahogany Sessions have been bringing millions of people around the world closer to the artists they love. Incredibly intimate musical moments from the likes of James Bay, Bastille, Hozier, Birdy, Leon Bridges, Jacob Banks, JP Cooper, Rag’n’Bone Man, Gavin James and hundreds more. Subscribe to make sure you never miss out on discovering incredible music.
    Submit your own music to Mahogany Sessions:
    Mahogany Sessions can be enjoyed on YouTube, streamed on Spotify and downloaded on Apple Music.


    Find out more from Stu Larsen:


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  • Pino Franzese & Awhon - NUN CRIRE A STU CORE


    Ascolta su Spotify

    Autori. Angelo Di Lorenzo - Marco Esposito
    Prod. Musicale by Amedeo Perrotta
    Regia. Pixel Video
    Info&Contatti. 329 6133957 (Pino Franzese)
    Info&Contatti. (Awhon)
    Prod.Esecutiva. Checco Danza
    Make-Up Artist. Rosy Vip

    •••Special Thanks to•••
    Nuova Moda 69
    Supertrump Store
    Antonio Scekke'
    Pakos Beat
    Famiglia Iorio

    Awhon Music © Italy

  • Stu Larsen - Thirteen Sad Farewells


    Thirteen Sad Farewells - from the album VAGABOND
    Available from
    iTunes -

    Filmed by Jarrad Seng -

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  • 韓森Professor H × 李杰明 × RGRY【Stu sis】



    詞/曲 Lyricist / Composer:JY、韓森Professor H、李杰明W.M.L、RGRY
    編曲Music Arrangement:RGRY
    影片剪輯 Film Editing:韓森Professor H、韓森的妹妹

    RGRY IG:

  • Stu Larsen - By the River


    BY THE RIVER was written after spending some time on my own, in a little cottage on the Whanganui River in New Zealand, in perfect solitude. I can’t remember a time where I felt so calm or thought more clearly. No television reception, no phone service, no internet connection, no distractions. I went to sleep when the sun disappeared and I woke up to the hum of nature each morning. It was truly magical and it felt like this was how life should be.

    The accompanying video is full of random footage I’ve collected on my phone and camera over the last few years on the road, from my first solo journey back in 2010 through Japan, Europe and USA, to more recent adventures in New Zealand and Scotland and everywhere in between!

    The new album 'RESOLUTE' is out now -
    Stu Larsen online:

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  • Passenger, The Once & Stu Larsen | Hard To Say Im Sorry


    The new album 'Songs For The Drunk And Broken Hearted' is out now and available from
    World tour tickets on sale now -

    hey guys , here is the fourth video in our american tour series …. this one comes from the beautiful city of chicago.

    there were so many songs that we could have chosen - we did a load of research in to old blues and jazz artists and talked about maybe covering ray charles or sam cooke . there are some real legends from this neck of the woods .

    in the end though we decided to have a bit of fun and cover a song from the eighties called “hard to say i’m sorry” and the tenuous link is that the band is called chicago :-)
    i have to admit that power ballads have always been a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine . i also feel quite nostalgic when listening to music from this era as songs like this would have been floating around my (silly little pointy) ears when i was small ;-)
    it was a cool challenge also to take a song that was recorded in such a different style and bring it in to our folky little world .

    guys - we had over a thousand shares on the last video . thats the most we’ve ever had and i’m so so grateful . its such an amazing pay off to see these little videos get to so many people . please keep on sharing as much as you can .

    massive thanks to all the usual suspects - brian , chris , simon , russ , james , thomas , dan , the once and stu larsen .

    enjoy xxxx

    ps to see the other three videos subscribe now to the passenger youtube channel

    Directed and Produced by Bryan Dos Reis
    Recorded by Simon Kemp & Russ Matterson
    Mixed by Chris Vallejo
    Filmed & Recorded at The Vic Theatre, Chicago

    Taken from the album 'Whispers'.

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  • Stu Larsen - Hurricane


    Filmed by Jarrad Seng
    Edited by Ed Ringwood & Nick Kavo

    Stu Larsen online:

  • Far Away From Here - Stu Larsen


    Filmed at a friend's house in Venice, Italy.

    From the album VAGABOND available here - /

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  • Stu Hamm U: Slap Bass - #8 Think Like a Drummer - Bass Guitar Lessons



  • Passenger, The Once & Stu Larsen | America


    World tour tickets on sale now - UK, EUROPE, US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND.
    Tickets available at

    The New Album 'Sometimes It's Something, Sometimes It's Nothing At All' is Out Now. Featuring 'Rosie', 'Restless Wind' and 'Helplessly Lost'

    so here it is - the final video from our north american tour series .
    ridiculously it is another paul simon song - i don’t feel too bad about it though as i think if i had to choose my favourite song writer of all time it would be this guy .
    this particular gem conjurs such strong imagery and seems to be the perfect way to end this set of videos and also our time in north america .
    i can say with out doubt that this has been the most amazing passenger tour to date . warning …. this shit is about to get gushy so look away now if thats not your thing :-)

    firstly - the shows ,venues and crowds have been absolutely phenomenal . i think all but three gigs were sold out and every single one was fantastic in its own way .
    i never dreamed that my music would allow me to get on a tour bus and travel around america for the best part of two months , playing concerts . let alone big ones . id like to say an enormous and genuine thank you to everybody who came to a show . none of this would be possible without you and i will never forget that . i owe you so much !

    secondly - i am so so grateful to the team of people around me and my music (some of whom you will see being total idiots in this video ….)
    stu larsen and the once - its a dream to make music with such talented and lovely people . i hope we can continue to do so for a long time to come !
    thomas , simon , russ , james and alex - i couldn’t ask for a more committed , hard working and hilarious team . thank you for caring so much and for working your tails off !!
    dan , hannah ,rebekah and everybody at i.e. music - you are unsung hero’s . thank you for putting in so many hours of hard work and planning and for making it all so easy .
    bryan dos reis - thank you for your vision and amazing work ethic . i can’t believe that you were able to shoot and edit these video’s to such a high standard in such limited time . beyond that you are a fantastic human . thank you !!!
    to paradigm for booking these wonderful gigs and nettwerk records for being one of , if not the best record labels that we’ve ever worked with .
    and to terry for driving the bus and keeping us safe ….

    and finally - thank you all for watching , listening , liking , commenting , sharing and getting behind this idea in such a big way . your support means the world to me .
    as always (and this is the last time i will bully you about this ;-)) if you’ve enjoyed this series of videos and want to help us out then please share this as much as you can . some of the other ones are up to 3 or 400,000 views on youtube now which is just insane and all down to you lot .

    thats all from me for now :-) i’m gonna have a few days off in brighton before it all gets crazy again . for those of you in europe there are still a few tickets left for the october / november shows but they are starting to go pretty quickly …. head over to for details and tickets and i look forward to seeing you all very soon .

    so much love and thanks.

    mike xxx

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  • Stu Larsen, Passenger & The Once | San Francisco


    World tour tickets on sale now - UK, EUROPE, US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND.
    Tickets available at

    Passenger's new album ‘Runaway’ is out now. Stream, Download or Buy –

    South American Tour Tickets on sale now -

    hey guys , here is the 7th and penultimate video from our north american tour series .
    this one is quite different in a few ways . firstly , its not a classic (yet) secondly its not by an american and thirdly my good mate stu larsen takes the lead vocal …. as its his song :-)
    it felt wrong not to do a version of this as its so beautiful and SAN FRANCISCO is such an important spot for stu .
    this i think is my favourite from his new album VAGABOND .
    i remember hearing it for the first time and feeling like i’d heard it a million times before . straight away it had an incredibly classic feel and even after hearing it night after night i still absolutely love it . i hope that it will eventually get to the much wider audience that it deserves . in the meantime , please feel free to share it if you can !!
    stu is a phenomenal musician and one of my dearest friends .
    he’s playing shows through north america over the next couple of weeks and then a few in europe towards the end of the year so please do yourself a huge favour and get out to one of them if you can … all details at

    thanks to the usual suspects - bryan , chris , dan , thomas , the once , simon and russ and a big thank you to alex for stepping in with the lighting !!

    thank you so much for watching and listening .

    mike xxx

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  • Stu Hamm Band Performs Terminal Beach on EMGtv


    Stu Hamm with drummer John Mader give a performance of the classic, Terminal Beach. The renowned session bassist and longtime EMG player has performed with, among others; Frank Gambale, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai... Stu is using the EMG JX and EMG MMCS pickups to capture the punch and pop of the bass. Subscribe to EMGtv for updates on our weekly videos.

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    Filmed at:
    Standard YouTube License

  • Stu Heydon - Darkness


    Uploaded By ► Red Grey Matter
    ''Enjoy Your Day'' Buy Album: ''To My Very Soul'' #Blues
    AAbout, Guitarist Stu Heydon has played and taught the blues all of his life, earning him the Motor Cities Blues Awards – Lifetime Achievement Award, at the Detroit-Windsor Freedom Festival. He has shared the stage with Bobo Jenkins, Sam Lay, James Cotton, Paul Butterfield, James Brown, Little Sonny, John Lee Hooker, Chicago Pete, Jon Popper, Prakash John, Alberta Adams, Wild Child Butler, Rick Gratton, Joe Konas, Buddy Guy, John Campell, Sugar Blue, Dutch Mason, Michael Fonfara, Hubert Sumlin, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Jordan John, Michael Keys, Lowell Fulsom, Butler Twins, Big John Dominas, Tony Wachnuvik, Rick Derringer, Taj Mahal, Denis Keldie, Ross Garren, Aron Forbes, Stacy Heydon, Michael Branton, Michael Greco, Lester Smith, Frank Morino, George Young, and on and on. The Montreal Jazz Fest. Monterey Blues Fest. Chicago Blues Fest. Alabama Blues Fest. Mississippi Blues Fest. Windsor Blues Fest. House of Blues Boston. Buddy Guys Chicago. The Yale Vancouver. Jewish Mothers North Carolina. Ruth Brown’s Blues Stage NY. These are a few places that Stu has performed. There are not many blues styles Stu hasn’t played. Late night jams at Bobo’s studio every Saturday night with Detroit’s finest bluesmen proved to be an invaluable education. Bobo was the Pres. and Founder of the Detroit Blues Club and personally taught Stu the finer points of BLUES GUITAR! Stu was awarded BEST WINDSOR BLUES GUITAR in 1998.
    After working with Bobo Jenkins and Wild Child Butler for twenty years, Stu moved to Carmel California, from Windsor, Ontario. This is when Stu did his most important work and was awarded a Paul Harris Award from the Carmel Rotary Club, for teaching the blues. For over ten years now Stu has been teaching and running THE BLUE ROOM recording studio in Carmel, promoting and keeping the blues alive. He has recorded Aron Forbes, Clint Eastwood, Weber Iago, Bob Phillips, The Blue Tones, The Infra reds, Bruce Forman, George Young, Ali Ryerson, Buddy Lowe, Eddie Erikson, Mike Branton, etc. Stu is responsible for teaching a slew of new blues and jazz artists, touring throughout North America. Teaching has been his passion, because now more than ever, live music is in danger! Stu’s previous CD (To My Very Soul) ( was recorded in Santa Barbara, California with Bob Phillips, Prakash John, Jon Popper, Jordan John, Mike Branton, Domenic Carmodella, Aron Forbes, and Tim Poulton. All songs are original and written by the band.
    Stu has a new CD out 3RD DEGREE with Michael Greco, Mike Branton, Prakash John, Jordan John, Lester Smith, Michael Fonfara, Ross Garren, and Denis Keldie. The songs were written and produced by Stu. Recorded at Stu’s Carmel Studio, Santa Barbara Sound Designs, Grant Avenue Studios, and Mars Studios. The CD was mastered at Capitol Mastering and is Stu’s finest work to date. The CD is available online.
    Darkness lyrics:
    What can I say, baby What can I do
    What can I say, baby What can I do
    There's no getting over Losing you
    Trials and tribulations Combine and take a toll
    Trials and tribulations Combine and take a toll
    And in the end, babe They took away my soul
    But a man must keep on fighting Everyday
    But a man must keep on fighting Everyday
    Only thing he can do Get on his knees and pray
    Darkness, darkness All she left for me
    Darkness, darkness All she left for me
    Broken hearted Left for dead you see
    I'm losing you

    Welcome to Red Grey Matter Club!
    For the last years I’ve collaborated with many famous and relatively unknown blues & Rock artists and labels and helped them reach new audiences through my Red Grey Matter YouTube channel dedicated to promoting only quality music. Slowly growing, the channel has become one of the most popular places for fans of blues & Rock on the web.
    If you’re a musician/band or music label and want to be featured on Red Grey Matter and the website here is what to do
    Red Grey Matter is about the music. My mission is to promote lesser known blues & Rock artists and bring you a selection of tunes with real grit and emotion.
    If you’re a music fan, you can enjoy my playlists on YouTube and my interesting music trivia posts on Facebook.
    If you’re an artist or label and want to be featured on the website and the channel, check this Page.
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  • Stu Blank - Black Night


    Lisa Kindred, Terry Hanck, Pat Newman, Johnny Nitro, Gary Silva, Johnny Ace & Stu Blank- BBQ Blues: Live From The Majic Lamp -Buy Album: Charles Brown Cover, Stu Blank never achieved much success in his life, if you measure success in any conventional manner. But he was such a soulful person, a man made of music, that other musicians who saw him play never forgot the experience. There is success that no amount of money can match.
    Blank was one of the rare and precious musicians who run on instinct. He started fooling with piano when he was a boy and never stopped.
    Photos from the series Mad Men - Buy the complete collection -

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  • Boogie with Stu


    Provided to YouTube by Atlantic Records

    Boogie with Stu (1993 Remaster) · Led Zeppelin

    Physical Graffiti

    ℗ 1975 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States.

    Engineer: Andy Johns
    Remastering Engineer: George Marino
    Piano: Ian Stewart
    Acoustic Guitar: Jimmy Page
    Producer: Jimmy Page
    Drums: John Bonham
    Acoustic Guitar: John Paul Jones
    Mandolin: John Paul Jones
    Vocals: Robert Plant
    Writer: John Bonham
    Writer: John Paul Jones
    Writer: Jimmy Page
    Writer: Robert Plant
    Writer: Ian Stewart
    Writer: Mrs. Valens

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Boogie with Stu


    Provided to YouTube by Atlantic Records

    Boogie with Stu (Remaster) · Led Zeppelin

    Physical Graffiti

    ℗ 2013 Atlantic Records

    Engineer: Andy Johns
    Piano: Ian Stewart
    Acoustic Guitar: Jimmy Page
    Producer: Jimmy Page
    Drums: John Bonham
    Remastering Engineer: John Davis
    Acoustic Guitar: John Paul Jones
    Mandolin: John Paul Jones
    Vocals: Robert Plant
    Writer: John Bonham
    Writer: John Paul Jones
    Writer: Jimmy Page
    Writer: Robert Plant
    Writer: Ian Stewart
    Writer: Mrs. Valens

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Bass Musician Magazine interviews Stu Cook


    Raul Amador chats with Creedence Clearwater Revisited bassist Stu Cook at Ilani in Ridgefield, WA.

    Brought to You by: Bass Musician Magazine, the Face of Bass
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  • Federika Simonetti - Stu core tappartene


    Federika Simonetti - Stu core t'appartene ( Ufficiale 2021 )

    Arrangiamenti: G. Begher
    Mix e Mastering: G. Begher
    Studio di Registrazione: Athena Record

    Segui Federika:
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    Tutti i miei video:

    @seamusica Ufficiale

    iscriviti al canale
    © ® GSrecord 2020
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    #Federikasimonetti #Stucoret'appartene #Seamusica2021

  • Stu - Diamond


    Stu - Diamond
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  • system of a down - chic n stu


    The song is Chic n' Stu by System of a Down. This was shot at Cicis Pizza in Springfield MO.

    Until soad releases their own video, I guess this will have to do!

  • Gyptian - Hold Yuh -- Stu Rawle


    A live session with Soundyouncansee, with a cover of Gyptian's Hold Yuh

    Big thanks to Soundyoucansee and Aria Shop for allowing me to film in their shop, and as always, Dee Rosa for the clothing!

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    Playing with the Shnobeltone Daily Driver Overdrive Pedal

    My chain is:
    Gretsch Duo Jet (1966)
    Daily Driver
    Vox AC30 (1962)
    Unidyne III 545
    API 312 mic pre

  • Stu policjantów


    Provided to YouTube by Parlophone Poland

    Stu policjantów · Justyna Steczkowska


    ℗ 1997 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by POMATON EMI

    Composer, Lyricist: Ewa Omernik
    Composer: Justyna Steczkowska

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Stutalo stu telefono


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Stutalo 'stu telefono · Ciro Renna


    ℗ Mea Sound

    Released on: 2019-03-19

    Author: Ciro Renna
    Composer: Gaetano Carluccio

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Gianni Celeste - Rind a stu lietto


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    @seamusica Ufficiale

  • Learn to play Imagine || Ukulele Lesson


    Learn to play Imagine as a chord solo here:

    TIMESTAMPS/CHAPTERS for this video:
    Intro & outline of lesson 1:51
    Performance: Keanuhea 4:58
    Personal Story 8:07
    Meditation Ex (with Uke) 11:17
    Chord review 14:20
    Strum Ex & 1st Play Thru of Imagine 16:33
    Strum Embellishment & 2nd Play Thru of Imagine 22:00
    Strum Details (Tone, & More) 30:06
    Play Thru of Imagine #3 (going DEEPER) 36:12
    Folk Process: 43:28
    How to Practice (one of many Zen Techniques) 48:23
    Playing the Piano Intro: 50:56
    Q&A 1:01:00
    Patreon Page 1:07:35
    Performance: Malagueña improvisation 1:08:53
    Performance: My Little Jumping Flea (original) 1:16:03

    Download free song sheet for Imagine here (also attached to this post):

    15% off at my online store (e-books, uke tabs, music downloads, t-shirts, mugs, sticks & more)
    PROMO CODE: STAYHOME (all caps) at checkout. DISCOUNT CODE EXPIRES NOV 1, 2020

    Are you digging this & want to donate to Ukulele Zen? Two options for secure online payments:
    Paypal -
    Venmo - My account is @Stuart-Fuchs

    During the livestream I will share:
    ~A short meditation: for deep listening & we'll apply it to the ukulele
    ~An all levels lesson: Chords, Strum, Intro & some chord melody ideas
    ~Play-along of the song Imagine
    ~I'll also perform a few tunes for you!
    If you can't be here for the live broadcast, watch the replay anytime!

    Support his channel on PATREON & enjoy access to a library of exclusive lessons, printable song sheets, uke tabs & play-along jam tracks with your membership

    ~Ukulele played in this video (Kasha Tenor Made by Brian Griffin - tell him Stu sent ya’! )
    ~Ukulele played in this video (Kala Cedar top Tenor):
    ~Uke strings played in this video (each set enough for TWO changes):

    Check out Stu's CD's Here:
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    Website, mailing list, Press kit:

    #ukulelezen #imagine #ukulelelesson

  • Gino Da Vinci - Stu nnamurato


    Estratto dal cd 'NU 'NNAMMURATO prodotto e distribuito dalla Zeus Record

    Italians do it better - Il canale dedicato alla musica Italiana - Trova i tuoi artisti e canzoni preferiti e (ri)scopri i grandi classici della musica Italiana. Iscriviti gratuitamente al nostro canale
    Italians do it better e scopri subito i nostri nuovi video ! - Facebook FanPage: - ITmYOUsic:

  • Stu Larsen - Aeroplanes


    Follow Stu Larsen on...

    We do not own the rights of the music. If any producer or label has an issue with this song, please get in contact with us and we will delete it immediately.

  • Stu Larsen & Natsuki Kurai - Going Back To Bowenville


    Stu Larsen & Natsuki Kurai - on tour soon!

    A Film By Nagi Kurai

    Featuring -
    Shinji Kawase
    Natsuki Kurai
    Chikako Kurai
    Nagi Kurai
    Kae Kurai (almost)
    Stu Larsen

    Filmed at Gumbo Studios, Yokohama, Japan.

    Buy the NEW EP -

  • Enzo settembre a stu telefono


    canzone napoletana che non si trova qui

  • Stu Hamm - Star Spangled Banner - Bass Guitar Performance


    NEW bass guitar lessons from Stu Hamm -

    Learn bass guitar from Stu Hamm -

  • NUN TUCCAMMO STU TASTO, Massimo Ranieri e Serena Rossi


    Il brano, interpretato da Massimo Ranieri e Serena Rossi, è tratto dalla trasmissione televisiva Sogno e son desto andata in onda il 30 gennaio 2016 su Rai 1.
    E' stato, a mio parere, uno dei pezzi più riusciti di questa edizione dello spettacolo di Ranieri che l'ha eseguito con particolare verve, forse perché stuzzicato ed invogliato dalla interpretazione della Rossi che ho trovato di grande piacevolezza, garbo e sentimento.
    Un bravo veramente sentito alla grazia, bellezza e qualità di Serena Rossi.

  • Linear Drumming Lesson 3 With Stu Roberts


    The third video in this series. Linear Drumming Pattern One Expansion. Taking the Linear Pattern One to the next stage. Paiste Yamaha EAD Yamaha 9000 Yamaha Recording Custom Free Drum Lesson

  • Stu Hamm U: Tap Bass - #8 Playalong - Bass Guitar Lessons


    STU HAMM: h

  • Stu Larsen & Natsuki Kurai - The Mile live at Toasted


    Filmed at Toasted in Tsujido, Japan.

  • Lievete stu jeans


    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Lievete stu jeans · Antonio Ottaiano

    Le storie della vita

    ℗ Zeus Record srl

    Released on: 2011-03-25

    Music Publisher: D.R
    Author: Gianni Luna
    Composer: Gianni Luna

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Passenger, The Once & Stu Larsen | Sailing to Philadelphia


    World tour tickets on sale now - UK, EUROPE, US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND.
    Tickets available at

    Passenger's new album ‘Runaway’ is out now. Stream, Download or Buy –
    Tour Tickets on sale now -

    hi everyone , firstly i just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who watched , liked and shared the video we put up last week . apparently it was trending on youtube !!!! absolutely amazing (if you missed it then just search “passenger angel from montgomery” )

    here is the second video from our north american tour . we filmed this one in PHILADELPHIA .
    we thought for a while about which song we should cover as there are so many amazing bands and artists from around this part of the country . we talked about doing a springsteen song but i think as i’ve covered him so many times before i was keen to try to do something else ……

    the one we chose is just beautiful . it was originally sung by Mark Knopfler and James Taylor and its a song that tells the story of two surveyors coming over from england to america in the 1700’s . (they went on to establish the border between pennsylvania and maryland , delaware and virginia which is now commonly known as the mason dixon line …. thanks wikipedia haha )

    on a personal level - i fell in love with this song when it came out fifteen years ago . we used to sit in my friends bedroom for hours just playing this album and particularly this song over and over again . whenever i hear it now it takes me back there instantly . please do check out the original if you haven’t heard it as i think its a bit magical ….

    we filmed this around the city and performed it in the Electric Factory (thank you to the staff there for being so quiet …. think we pissed everyone off …..wooops )

    if you like it then please do us a huge favour and share it around . we really do appreciate it .

    massive thanks to brian dos reis , simon kemp , russ matterson , james scott , chris vallejo , Stu Larsen , The Once , thomas stein and dan medland for coming together and making this possible . i love you all x

    Sailing To Philadelphia - Mark Knopfler & James Taylor
    Directed and Produced by Bryan Dos Reis
    Recorded by Simon Kemp & Russ Matterson
    Mixed by Chris Vallejo
    Filmed & Recorded at The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, USA

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  • Cosimo Papandrea - Tarantella i stu paisi


    Lo staff del NunuLab è lieto di annunciarvi l’uscita del nuovo lavoro discografico dell’Artista Cosimo Papandrea. Dopo anni di collaborazioni, ha rinnovato la sua fiducia per il nostro laboratorio creativo affidandoci il compito di realizzare gli arrangiamenti e l’esecuzione di tutti i brani presenti nell’album. La registrazione, l’editing, il missaggio ed il mastering, nonché la grafica sono stati interamente realizzati all’interno del NunuLab, che ha dunque seguito a 360° la produzione.
    Questo lavoro porterà sicuramente una ventata di freschezza in questa estate caldissima, con qualche brano inedito, delle rielaborazioni di canzoni di grandi artisti del sud e la tarantella che non può mai mancare.
    Pertanto lo staff ringrazia tutte le persone che hanno collaborato e si sono divertite con noi: Cosimo Papandrea, Francesco Scarfò ,Giovanna Scarfò, Carmelo Scarfò, Alfredo Verdini, Pino Lentini, Angelo Pisani, Caterina Mammoliti, Nicodemo Scarfò, Nicodemo Ferraro, Antonia Scarfò, Chiara Ferraro, Martina Ferraro. Un grande ringraziamento va al maestro Angapiemage “Anga” Galiano Persico che da lontano ha collaborato con le note del suo magico violino.
    Buon ascolto

    Prodotto da Carmelo Scarfò e Cosimo Papandrea


  • Stu Phillips - Knight Rider - vinyl lp full album David Hasselhoff


    2-LP set features music from the limited CD release on the first LP and a second disc with unreleased music from the series. The album was supervised by Stu Phillips and features all new artwork and notes.

    2,000 copies pressed.

    Side A

    1. Main Title
    2. Michael Saved / Keep Fighting
    3. Not Bad / He Dies
    4. Automobile Heaven / Piece Of Cake / Dreamin’ / Auto Cruise
    5. Evil Tanya
    6. They’re Off
    7. Escape From Jail
    8. The Shootout
    9. Hi Yo KITT
    10. Through A Truck / Airport Chase

    Side B

    1. They’ll Never Believe / To The Pipes
    2. Bull / More Bull
    3. Fight In The Woods
    4. KITT From Outer Space
    5. Long Walk
    6. Showdown
    7. Karr Dies
    8. Mikki’s Escape
    9. KITT vs. Horse
    10. Frantic / KITT’s Magic
    11. Go / Convoy

    Side C

    1. Like Chickens With Scorpions
    2. Rope Trick / Thanks A Lot
    3. Davey In Trouble / Gang
    4. Gang Approach
    5. Enter The Bikers
    6. Shake Up
    7. Restaurant
    8. KITT Car
    9. Open Door / Exit Garage / Jane Befuddled
    10. Brian Chased / Continued
    11. Small Party / Bad Info / What’s Wrong?
    12. Over and Over
    13. Holy Toledo!
    14. Accelerate
    15. Copter

    Side D

    1. Bread And Water / Interior Jail / Reston Leaves
    2. Nice Day / Head On
    3. Are You Okay?
    4. Food Fight / Can’t Out Run ’em
    5. Help Fast!
    6. Orange Grove Sneak / Incredible / Camper / Knockout
    7. Sammy’s Crash / Mike Shows Off
    8. Only 55
    9. Slammin Sammy / Marie And Lisa
    10. Mark Stunts
    11. Ring of Fire / Bike Jump
    12. Trapped
    13. End Titles

  • Swerve - Stu Larsen & Lydia Cole


    Stu Larsen & Lydia Cole

  • Andrzej Zaucha i zespół teatru Stu - Usłysz!


    Dziś ostatni utwór z musicalu w reżyserii K. Jasińskiego Pan Twardowski, 1990 - Usłysz! (muz. J. Grzywacz, sł. W. Jasiński).
    Śpiewa zespół teatru Stu oraz Andrzej Zaucha.

  • licz do stu-czerwone gitary 1965


    Pieknie i czysto zagrany polski rockandroll,w najswietniejszym wydaniu.Zwroccie uwage,ktory to jest rok!!!!lata 60-te

  • Political Stu


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Political Stu · Circle Jerks

    Wild in the Streets

    ℗ 1982 Circle Jerks

    Released on: 2012-08-31

    Producer: David Anderle and Gary Hirstius

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Keith Richards Bill Wyman Ian Stewart 1966 STU BALL


    Ian Stewart And The Railroaders - Stu-Ball - Producer: Bill Wyman
    London, IBC Studios, 5 January, 1966
    Line-up: STU (piano) - Bill Wyman (bass) - Keith Richards (gtr) - Tony Meehan (dr)

  • VARIETE Koncert Teatr Stu


  • Stu G | Majesty Performance 62 AC Closer Look


    A walk through the Majesty Performance from The Stu G '62 AC Kemper Profile Pack with ToneJunkieTV

    Available now at

  • Gianni Celeste - Dinta stu core


    Gianni Celeste - Dinta 'stu core

    Segui GIANNI CELESTE nei canali ufficiali:

    tutti i miei video:

    @seamusica Ufficiale

  • Pablopavo & Ludziki - Do Stu #wosp2020


    Pablopavo, a właściwie Paweł Sołtys, jest wokalistą, kompozytorem, pisarzem i autorów tekstów, jednym z pionierów reggae i raggamuffin w Polsce. Mamy dla Was fragment ich koncertu na Placu Bankowym. Zobaczcie!

  • Linear Drumming Lesson 1With Stu Roberts


    Linear Drumming with Stu Roberts. For More Go To



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