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Playlist of Spinosaurus(Modified) VS T

  • Jurassic World Evolution Dinosaurs Fighting 1 - T rex vs Spinosaurus


    Jurassic World Evolution Dinosaurs Fighting 1 - T rex vs Spinosaurus

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  • Jurassic World Evolution : Male T Rex GTX 1060 6GB


    Male and Female Rexes have been transported recently to Isla Nublar and terrorized visitors on innovation center.

    System Spec :
    Core i5 3470 @3.2Ghz
    GTX 1060 6GB
    RAM 8GB

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  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Tribute: Light Em Up


    I DO NOT Own ANYTHING! I just wanted to make a music video featuring my favorite dinosaur of all time. I DO NOT want to get in any trouble. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

    Song: Light 'Em Up
    By: Fall Out Boy

  • Jurassic Park 3- Spinosaurus Theme


    Despite whatever opinions people have regarding the third Jurassic installment, Spinosaurus is without a doubt one of the best things of it. It is an aggressive creature, a prototype hybrid to the more perfected Indoraptor prototype, the Indominus rex. As dangerous as it is, there is a sort of mystery surrounding this illegal creature and it is said to be a super predator, one tat can can cause a mass extinction across the island of Sorna...

    It wasn't easy making this custom suite, since almost all of the music that has the Spinosaurus leitmotif is action oriented but I did my best to make a seamless experience.I'm not a big fan of this movie's soundtrack but I must say that it has some great pieces here and there...

    Hope you guys enjoy the video and remember to like, comment, and subscribe!

    The tracks used for this custom suite are:
    Isla Sorna Sailing Situation
    Cooper's Last Stand
    Frenzy Fuselage
    Clash of Extinction
    Underwater Attack
    Spinosaurus Confrontation
    Nash Calling

    Jurassic Park 3 is the property of Universal.
    All music was composed by Don Davis.
    The Jurassic Park 3 stone logo was created by steamblust.

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  • Spinosaurs vs Spinosaurs dinosaurs fighting Jurassic World Dinosaurs


  • Brachiosaurus Tribute Avril Lavigne - When Youre Gone


    #Brachiosaurus #AvrilLavigne

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  • Spinosaurus Vs T Rex Jurassic world Evolution


  • Jurassic World Evolution : Tyrannosaurus Rex vs Indoraptor GTX 1060 6GB


    100% Tyrannosaurus Rex VS 100% Indo Raptor. I know indo raptor is crazily Strong but this time the old veteran Rexy took him down.

    System Spec :
    Core i5 3470 @3.2Ghz
    GTX 1060 6GB
    RAM 8GB

  • Jurassic World Evolution : Nublar Dino Attacks GTX 1060 6GB


    Dino War : Vicious Baryonyx broke out and attacked visitors but the Allosaurus tried to fight the beast. Meanwhile Spinosaurus was kickin another baryonyx in the background.

    System Spec :
    Core i5 3470 @3.2Ghz
    GTX 1060 6GB
    RAM 8GB

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  • Rexy The T Rex Tribute in


    Tribute to the queen of dinos- Rexy! She is from Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. All rights reserved!

  • more teeth - Jurassic world evolution short film


  • Ankylosaurus VS Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaurs names


    I created this video with the Pachycephalosaurus vs Ankylosaurus

  • Jurassic World Evotution Indominus rex & Spinosaurus Dinosaurs Fighting


  • Blue, Indominus Rex, And Pterodactyl VFX Test


    This is a test using animation in Jurassic World. I know, it's short, but the animation was only that long, anyway. Hope you enjoyed and don't forget to SodaSub!

  • Jurassic Fight Club End Credit Soundtrack


    Hey Mighty Dino Fans and I’m here with the actual soundtrack end channel credits of Jurassic Fight Club.
    I may have issues with the show itself but the soundtrack in the end is sort of the saving grace and chilling.

    Please, Enjoy...

  • Jurassic World evolution episode one t-Rex vs Dominus Rex


  • Spinosaurus - Exposición finalizada -


    ¡No has visto un #dinosaurio como este! ¿Qué tal un viaje al norte de África de hace 95 millones de años? Descubre un lugar temible con múltiples depredadores como el #Spinosaurus. En la exposición “Spinosaurus: el gigante perdido del Cretáceo”, organizada por National Geographic con la colaboración de la Universidad de Chicago, verás cómo era el primer dinosaurio adaptado para nadar que se conoce y el más grande entre los carnívoros. Hasta el 25 de febrero de 2018.

  • Suchomimids / Suchomimus / Spinosaurus / Baryonyx


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Suchomimids / Suchomimus / Spinosaurus / Baryonyx · Ron Schmidtling


    ℗ 2013 Ron Schmidtling

    Released on: 2013-02-16

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Jurassic World evolution Indoraptor vs Chasmosaurus


  • Hungry Shark Evolution : Hammerhead Shark VS Blue Giant Crab


    Finally I could defeat the boss Blue Giant Crab with Hammerhead Shark after losing with Mako Shark

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  • Godzilla vs Baryonyx


  • Pink Panther And Pals Characters In Real Life


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  • BionicBandit - SPINOSAURUS


    Free download:

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    instagram @_bionicbandit_
    twitter @bionicobandito
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    deviant @bionicbandit



    My gosh look at that

  • Ceratosaurus VS Chasmosaurus Jurassic World Evolution


  • Planet dinosaur North America part 1


    Created using VideoFX Live:

  • Chasmosaurus vs Chasmosaurus Jurassic World


  • Pokemon Roars: Kalos Species



    CHESNAUGHT: Custom made roar using Bear and Ankylosaur sounds
    DELPHOX: Modified coyote howls and fox calls
    GRENINJA: Modified tree frog sounds mixed with JP Velociraptor sounds.
    LITLEO: Lion cub sounds
    PYROAR: Lion Roars
    TALONFLAME: Hawk calls
    HELIOPTILE: Dolphin Chirps
    HELIOLISK: JP Dilophosaurus toy hiss mixed with an electric surge sound
    DIGGERSBY: The sounds of a rabbit snoring
    FURFROU: Standard Poodle barking
    PANCHAM: Baby panda bear sounds
    PANGORO: JP Warpath Trike roars
    SKIDDO: Goat sounds
    GOGOAT: JP Warpath Stygimoloch sound
    ESPURR & MEOWSTIC: Scottish fold cat meows with some Reverb added to them
    HONEDGE & DOUBLADE: Sword sound with reverb added to them
    AEGISLASH: Sword clanging with reverb added to it
    DRAGALGE: Monster Hunter Plesioth roar
    PUMPKABOO: Boo sounds from Mario
    GOURGEIST: Female ghostly wail
    MALAMAR: JP Warpath Spinosaurus roar
    TYRUNT: Lost World Jurassic Park infant T-Rex cries combined with some dinosaurs sounds
    TYRANTRUM:.....Do I really have to tell you?.....
    HAWLUCHA: Hawk screeches
    BINACLE & BARBARACLE: Half Life 2 Barnacle sounds, in Barbaracle's case times 5
    PHANTUMP: Modified ghost sounds
    TREVENANT: Dead Space Divider moans
    AMAURA: Modified JP Brachiosaurus cry
    AURORUS: JP Brachiosaurus combined with a whale call and am Armagasaurus roar from some game
    NOIVERN: Varan roar (Godzilla Monster) combined with a Dead Space Necromorph shriek
    AVALUGG: Guiron roar (Gamera Monster) combined with Iceberg sounds
    SYLVEON: Fox cries and whistles that were modified
    GOODRA: Dead Space Leaper sounds combined with some modified stock dinosaur sounds
    ZYGARDE: Legion Roars (Gamera Monster)

    ZYGARDE 10% Legion sounds combined with Red King (Ultraman Monster) growls
    ZYGARDE Complete form: This roar combined with Legion's roar

    Thank you all for watching and don't worry, this isn't the end of this series, as long as there's new Pokémon, there will be new Pokémon Roars videos

  • Dont Wanna Go


    Provided to YouTube by Aquarius Records Ltd.

    Don't Wanna Go · Crowned King

    Break the Silence

    ℗ 2003 Aquarius Records Ltd.

    Released on: 2003-10-14

    Main Artist: Crowned King
    Music Publisher: Crescent Music
    Composer: R delmaire
    Author: R delmaire
    Music Publisher: Regicide Entertainment
    Composer: S Frank
    Author: S Frank

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • pterodactyl mixed with a t-rex...


    t-rectodactyl swag on 100 trillion oh goddamnit basedgod

  • Jurassic World Evolution. Pc settings


  • Supersaurus


    Provided to YouTube by Ingrooves

    Supersaurus · Brian Dullaghan & The Funky Fossil Band

    Dinosaur - 14 Great Dinosaur Songs

    Released on: 2007-12-06

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Accurate/Realistic Custom Tyrannosaurus T Rex Roars Sfx Dinosaur Video


    I modified my voice to sound like a dinosaur
    You guys are free to use these in your videos but give me credit

  • Tiranossauro Vs Triceratops


  • Desendientes 3 - Película Completa En Español PARTE 5


  • The Strathclyde Motets: Sedebet dominus rex


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    The Strathclyde Motets: Sedebet dominus rex · Choir of Jesus College Cambridge · Mark Williams · James MacMillan

    Out of Darkness: Music from Lent to Trinity

    ℗ 2015 Signum Records

    Released on: 2015-02-09

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • My Name is Not Die - Written by Donna Marshall


    Song by Donna Marshall

  • Euoplocephalus


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Euoplocephalus · Jurassic Joe

    Danger Danger Dinosaur

    ℗ 2007 Joe Landers

    Released on: 2007-01-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Dracorex


    Provided to YouTube by DashGo

    Dracorex · Ian A. Love

    Scary Music & Spooky Sounds

    ℗ 2016 Strike Audio

    Released on: 2016-09-27

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Mistico


    Provided to YouTube by Routenote

    Mistico · Baryonyx


    ℗ Black Out Dischi

    Released on: 2018-11-03

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Pokemon Roars: Unova Species Part II


    Credit goes to artists Xous54, the artist's images can be found here


    STOUTLAND: German Shepard barks
    SIMISAGE: Baboon Sounds
    SIMISEAR: Baboon and Orangutan sounds.
    SIMIPOUR:Gibbon chatter and my own custom sound
    DEERLING: Baby Deer letting out a distress call
    SAWSBUCK: Kelbi (Monster Hunter) cries combined with Elk sounds
    BASCULIN: Pitched up Crocodile sounds mixed with fish splashing in water.
    LEAVANNY: Human female vocals modified mixed with Cicada hisses.
    WOOBAT: Bat chirps
    SWOOBAT: Modified bat sounds mixed with JP Velociraptor sounds.
    GARBODOR: Yama Tsukami (Monster Hunter) Roar.
    CRYOGONAL: Sound taken from Ice Sound Effects.
    DWEBBLE: Hermit Crab chatter
    CRUSTLE: Modified Ebirah sounds
    VANILLUXE: Custom made sound using dry ice sounds and snowstorm sound effects.
    STUNFISK: Custom made sound using a catfish groans, electricity sparking and Mantis Shrimp sounds.
    SAWK: A man making Karate sounds just modified.
    ESCAVALIER: Modified Antlar (Ultraman Monster) sounds
    THROH: Modified human male grunts.
    ACCELGOR: Custom made sound using some of Kumonga's (Godzills Monster) chirps and racecars accelerating
    PETILIL & LILIGANT Girls laughing just modified.
    DURANT: Modified Antlar Sounds and Gigan shrieks (Godzilla Monster)
    WHIMSICOTT: Modified Sheep Bleats and Moose bellows.
    ARCHEOPS: Sounds taken from the Sound Effects of Velociraptor
    EMOLGA: Flying Squirrel chirps mixed electricity sparks
    MIENFOO & MIENSHAO: Girl yelling Hiyah modified.
    COBALION & TERRAKION: Bull bellows, in Cobalion's case, I made it more metallic in sound as Cobalion's a steel type and for Terrakion, I made real deep in base, I couldn't amp it down as it wouldn't sound right so sorry if it's a bit loud.
    VIRIZION: Elk Calls
    KYUREM: Jurassic Park Spinosaurus Roars mixed with Modified Cobra Hisses

    WHITE KYUREM: Reshiram's roars I gave it + Kyurem's roar I made for it= White Kyurem

    BLACK KYUREM: The roars I gave to Zekrom + Kyurem's roar I made for it + a hint of Zilla's Roar= Black Kyurem's roar

  • Raptor Blue VS Pteranodon Tribute Bad Boys Blue - Come Back and Stay


    #RaptorBlue #Pteranodon #BadBoysBlue

  • Tyranosaurus Rex, Postrach Prahy


    Tyranosaurus Rex, Postrach Prahy · Ludmilа Nopovа, Pavel Zedníček, Orchestr Karla Vágnera


    ℗ Multisonic

    Released on: 1994-11-20

    Composer: Karel Vágner
    Author: Tomáš Vondrovic

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • LIVORNO ACOUSTICS: Baryonyx - Mondo a colori


    In questo video ascoltiamo un'inedita versione acustica della trascinante Mondo a Colori dei Baryonyx, una delle band livornesi più promettenti.
    Il video è stato girato all'interno del Silos delle Granaglie, uno dei tanti esempi di archeologia industriale attualmente in disuso nella nostra città.





    Lorenzo Pagni (Riprese & Montaggio):
    Rolando Bertani (Riprese & Montaggio):
    Associazione Fotografica Il Salmastro (Fotografia):
    Drone Activity (Riprese Aeree):

    Comune di Livorno, Livorno Film Commission, Associazione Culturale Premio Ciampi, Porto di Livorno 2000, Porto Immobiliare.

  • Indominus rex edit


    Apps: video star and inshot

    Song: Barbie and Ken

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  • If Shes A Deceiver - Away We Go


    We are I was Told There'd Be Cake (IWTTBC for short).
    Our names are Benjamin O'Hagan and Fay Morris.
    Like us on Facebook:

    This video was originally uploaded to Fay's channel: and has a few views, but we wanted to make our own independent channel.

    Thank you for watching! n.n
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  • Just Ray and Jake and some Shes a Deceiver.......


    Why not?

  • Urtaroak


    Provided to YouTube by La Cupula Music

    Urtaroak · Kantu Kolore


    ℗ Mikel Leibar Porcel

    Released on: 2018-04-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.



    Today I’m going to show you guys how to make an accurate habitat for Carnotaurus and Herrerasaurus in Jurassic World Evolution !
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  • Raptor One - XVI .


    Primer tema extraído del EP B.A.R.R.A.F.O.S de Raptor One.

    [Verso Uno]

    Yo sigo siendo el mismo en el mismo lugar de siempre,
    Con la firme esperanza de volver a verte.
    De tenerte, de volver a sentir tus labios
    De hacer realidad todo aquello que olvidamos.

    Deja atrás los pecados,
    Sólo recuerda que te amo y que te extraño;
    Recuerda que mis besos siguen siendo tuyos,
    Y que mi corazón muere donde nace tu orgullo.

    Míos fueron tus ojos,
    Mío es el dolor desde que se acabó el nosotros.
    Otros lograrán ser mejor que yo,
    Pero nadie logrará sacarme de tu corazón.

    ¡¿Y como no recordarte?!...
    Sí fuiste lo mejor que pudo pasarme.
    Es en tu honor, a ti, a tu dulce mirada,
    A esos tantos meses sacados de un cuento de hadas.

    Que de nada, se hizo mi todo.
    Quebrada quedó mi alma y sólo
    Busco la medicina a ésta herida; sangre brota,
    Consecuencia de no impregnar más tu aroma en mi ropa.

    [Verso Dos]

    Mi fe quedó rota, mi alma se vuelve loca.
    Al imaginar que otro te besa, que otro te toca,
    Que miras con otro la noche y su constelación
    Que ya es ajeno tu corazón.

    Perdón, por no pedir perdón.
    Perdón, por ser cobarde y no afrontar la situación.
    Perdón, por creer que sin ti estaría mejor,
    Pero me falta el aire al no sentir tu respiración.

    Tú sabes que no miento, sabes cómo me siento,
    Al recordar esos momentos...
    Donde se detenía el tiempo,
    Donde tu alma le daba calor a mi cuerpo.

    21 gramos de mi ser te pertenecen,
    Así cómo mis días, mis noches y mis meses.
    Te regalo una sonrisa por si llegas a tener un mal día.
    ¡Vida mía! Todavía eres tú quien me guía.

    Guadalupe, aún te amo aunque lo dudes,
    Aunque no supe valorarte, jamás puse,
    Mentiras en tu pecho para que en mi no dudes
    Y si es así, que el alma me crucen.

    Tengo 16 perdones por pedirte, 3 heridas en tu pecho por sanar.
    2 personas, 0 motivos pa' regresar.
    1 alma que te añora, 6 meses después.

    Letra y Voz: Raptor One
    Mezcla y Máster: MetalmoRap/RH Records
    Instrumental: Yondo Music.




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