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Playlist of Speed garage

  • Old Skool Speed Garage & Bassline House Mix


    Jam I Am - all mixes Playlist:
    1. Da Klubb Kings - It's Time 2 Get Funky [0:00]
    2. Micky T & Motionz - A Soul Thing (Piano Mix) [05:53]
    3. 187 Lockdown - Gunman [10:08]
    4. Mask - Hey DJ (Agent X remix) [14:38]
    5. Summer Fun Vol.2 - Sweet Harmony 2006 [18:49]
    6. Bass Collective - Ascension [22:46]
    7. Kymberley Myles - I'm In Love (part 2) [27:14]
    8. Bass Dominators - 4AM (Davey Boy's 5 past 4 remix) [31:58]
    9. DJ Law - Diamond Life [37:02]
    10. Mash-Up Kings - Put Your Hands Up [42:01]
    11. Unlawful DJ's - Chopped Up Charlie [46:25]
    12. Majestic vs. Lil Rich - The Greatest Composers [51:29]
    13. Mr. Vegas - Western End (The B-15 Project Original Mix) [54:31]
    14. Riplash & Sus - Encounter [59:46]
    15. Motionz & Micky T - A Soul Thing (Organ vs Bass Mix) [1:03:25]
    16. J.M Project - Buzzy Got Jumped [1:07:38]
    17. Majestic - My Children [1:12:13]
    18. Richard Dolby - The Anonymous Track [1:16:27]
    19. Hunt Down The Savage - Don't Wanna Lose You [1:22:10]

    uplifting bassline house and 4x4 speed garage classics :)

    mixed with vinyl, by me - Jam I Am :)

    please join my facebook page -

  • Speed Garage/Niche/Bassline Mix 2019


    4th bassline mix of 2019.
    Full playlist available here -
    Please have a listen and like if u like! Thanks to all listeners and supporters!

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  • Speed Garage Anthems CD1


    Speed Garage Anthems Volume 1 CD1 1997

    1-01 –Tina Moore Never Gonna Let You Go (Kelly G Bump-N-Go Dub)
    1-02 –Bobby D'Ambrosio Moment Of My Life
    1-03 –Underground Distortion Everythin' Is Large (Radio Edit)
    1-04 –Soundscape (6) Dubplate Culture (49 Degrees Centigrade)
    1-05 –RIP* The Chant
    1-06 –R.I.P. Productions Yeah
    1-07 –TJR Just Gets Better (TJR Dub Radio Edit)
    1-08 –Another Level Be Alone No More (Dubmonsters Mix)
    1-09 –Genaside II Mr Maniac (Underground Distortion Mix 1)
    1-10 –R.I.P. Productions Deep Inspiration
    1-11 –G Flame And Mr G* Make Me Hi
    1-12 –Andy Mowat Pump It Up
    1-13 –Scott Garcia A London Thing
    1-14 –Todd Terry Presents CLS Can You Feel It (In House Dub)
    1-15 –Rosie Gaines Closer Than Close (Mentor Original Mix)
    1-16 –Underground Distortion Give Ya Funk
    1-17 –Martha Wash Carry On (Tuff Jam Mix)
    1-18 –Raw Pleasure Shake It Up
    1-19 –Robin S* Show Me Love (Todd Edward's Mix)
    1-20 –Double 99 Ripgroove (Original Mix)

  • BK298 DJ Speed Garage Mix Part One 1998 - 2018


    Big up Tom Shorterz for the Guest Mix on Rinse FM

    Mixed by Craig Corrigan & Clinton Shawe

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  • Bounce



  • Mameyudoufu - Days | Speed Garage


    Mameyudoufu - Days | Speed Garage
    ❤️ Trust your heart, trust the melody! ❤️
    Second Channel (Piano Music):
    Discord 💬 : 😇
    Submit your music ❤️:

    ✔️ Support mameyudoufu:
    Soundcloud :
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    Bandcamp :

    ✔️ Artist: ミカピカゾ|3日目西A24b
    Art Link:
    Artist Link:

    🌈 Genre:
    Future Core

    If you are the right holder of any of the tracks displayed in this video and you want your music to be deleted, please e-mail me at

    💡 Other Songs:

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  • Zekk - Summer | Speed Garage


    Song: Zekk - Summer | Speed Garage
    ❤️ Trust your heart, trust the melody! ❤️

    Discord 💬 : 😇
    Submit your music ❤️:

    ✔️ Support Zekk:

    ✔️ Artist: アサ
    Art Link:
    Artist Link:

    🌈 Genre:
    Speed Garage

    If you are the right holder of any of the tracks displayed in this video and you want your music to be deleted, please e-mail me at

    💡 Other Songs:
    Mameyudoufu - Wave (ft. 藍月なくる) | Future Core

    Daehan - Don't Stop (ft. Glance) | Future Core

  • Kamome Sano - Feel | Speed Garage


    Song: Kamome Sano - Feel (ft. Mami) | Speed Garage
    ❤️ Trust your heart, trust the melody! ❤️
    Second Channel (Piano Music):
    Discord 💬 : 😇
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    ✔️ Support Kamome sano:

    ✔️ Artist: みこフライ
    Art Link:
    Artist Link:

    🌈 Genre:
    Future Core

    If you are the right holder of any of the tracks displayed in this video and you want your music to be deleted, please e-mail me at

    💡 Other Songs:
    PSYQUI - Are You Kidding Me (ft. Mami) | Jpop Future Core

  • Sky_Delta - Steal Hearts | Speed Garage


    Song: Sky_Delta - Steal Hearts (ft. Mikazil) | Speed Garage
    ❤️ Trust your heart, trust the melody! ❤️
    Second Channel (Piano Music):
    Discord 💬 : 😇
    Submit your music ❤️:

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    ✔️ Support Mikanzil:

    ✔️ Artist: ももこ個展10/4-10/23
    Art Link:
    Artist Link:

    🌈 Genre:
    Speed Garage

    If you are the rights holder of any of the tracks displayed in this video and you want your music to be deleted, please e-mail me at

    💡 Other Songs:
    Camellia - Night Fog (ft. Luschel) | Jpop Future Core

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  • Old School Speed Garage Mix


    A nice little collection of some of my old faves from back in the day, all mixed up in a nice little Speed Garage Cocktail. Av it!!!

    Track listing:

    Gypsy Boy Gypsy Girl - Sharada House Gang
    Silvio Ecomo - Uprising
    Irv Gotti - Down For You
    The Power - White Label
    Poppers Presents Aura - Every Little Time
    Double 99 - Rip Groove
    Colours - What You Do
    Boris Duglosch - Hold Your Head Up High
    Montano v Trumpet Man - Itza Trumpet Thing
    Phunk Junkeez - Got Funk

  • Bomfunk MCs Uprocking Beats Speed Garage Extended Mix


    Bomfunk MC's Uprocking Beats Speed Garage Extended Mix

  • DIY cassette dj mixing / lo-fi speed garage 90s


    speed garage cassette dj mix from self-made decks
    made in russia

    dj pooch - let the bass roll
    sly paul - the sequel! (bad boy dub)
    unlawful dj's - chopped up charlie
    krilatiy feat. ray keith - renegade
    sly - badbwoy
    loleatta holloway - lifting me up (kamas m.f. chicken mix)
    zed bias feat. nicky prince - down
    unknown track
    dj renegade - gangsta (076 Bumbaclaat Dub)
    license 2 kill (4x4 remix)
    not enough (looney dub)
    kymberley myles - im in love (part 2)

  • 「Speed Garage」KOTONOHOUSE feat. EVO+ All Night Long


    This has such a P5 OST vibe to it, I love it. M3 is coming up, what are your expectations and the albums/artists you want to hear more from this time? Let me know in the comments! Enjoy :]

    Buy the album to support the artists:

    ► Title: All Night Long
    ► Album: SPD GAR
    ► Circle: MEGAREX
    ► Composer: KOTONOHOUSE
    ► Vocal: EVO+

    ► Illustrator: foomidori
    ► Illustration:


    ►Follow KOTONOHOUSE:

    ►Follow EVO+:

    Released at Comiket 94

    ►Follow cold kiss sound:
    Discord server:

    All rights belong to the respective owners.

  • Aran - Canvas | Speed Garage


    Song: Aran - Canvas (ft. Nicole Curry) | Speed Garage
    ❤️ Trust your heart, trust the melody! ❤️

    Discord 💬 : 😇
    Submit your music ❤️:

    ✔️ Support Aran:

    ✔️ Support Nicole Curry:
    I can't find her

    ✔️ Artist: ももこ個展10/4-10/23
    Art Link:
    Artist Link:

    🌈 Genre:
    Speed Garage

    If you are the rights holder of any of the tracks displayed in this video and you want your music to be deleted, please e-mail me at

    💡 Other Songs:

  • DJ Richard - Bassline Pressure 2020 Vol 1 - Two Hours Of Speed Garage & Bassline In the Mix


    DJ Richard mixes up over two hours of the latest Speed Garage and Bassline sounds ready to take you into 2020. From the darkest warpers to uplifting crowdpleasers. The scene have really picked up this year with a diverse selection of tracks being made by people within the scene and also some big names from UKG getting on board. Many thanks to all the producers especially those who have given me exclusives and pre-releases. You are the guys keeping this scene moving ! Also many thanks to the record labels and promoters who have stuck with it. Check out some of the links below to find out more about the wonderful world of heavy basslines !

    DJ Richard

    Nathan B/Natty B
    Matthew Craig
    Paul Sirrel
    Kris Jay AKA Chris Matthewman
    Mangoes & Melons
    Ed Case
    Danny J Lewis
    Rico Tubbs
    Sam Bassline
    Spanish Connection AKA Alex Moreno
    Danny Rich
    Renaud Genton
    Dominic Bullock


    Labels & Other Producers
    Digbeth Records
    Jason Ward
    Brock UK
    Lamont Dex
    Bass Machine
    Urban Sprawl

  • Basslines Speed Garage


    All copyrights belong to their respective owners of the featured works. To support them buy the music/cd if you like it after listening to it.



    1st Bassline mix of 2019! Please have a listen and like if you like! Thanks to all listeners and supporters!

    My FB -

    My Sc -

  • 「Speed Garage」PSYQUI feat. Such Dont you want me


    PSYQUI and Such are really becoming one of those iconic duos in the doujin music scene. I'm big fan of a lot of their works together :]
    This album was a banger from start to finish, caught myself listening to it way more often then I thought I would but that just shows how catchy the tracks are. Definitely get a copy if you enjoy speed garage from your favorite artists x mostly female japanese singers. Enjoy! :]

    Buy the album to support the artists:

    ► Title: Don't you want me
    ► Album: SPD GAR
    ► Circle: MEGAREX
    ► Composer: PSYQUI
    ► Vocal: Such

    ► Illustrator: Snow is
    ► Illustration:


    ►Follow PSYQUI:

    ►Follow Such:

    Released at Comiket 94

    ►Follow cold kiss sound:
    Discord server:

    All rights belong to the respective owners.

  • KATOMORI - Sunrise | Speed Garage


    Song: KATOMORI - Sunrise (ft. Shully) | Speed Garage
    ❤️ Trust your heart, trust the melody! ❤️
    Second Channel (Piano Music):
    Discord 💬 : 😇
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    ✔️ Katomori:

    ✔️Support Shully:

    ✔️ Artist: Mika Pikazo
    Art Link:
    Artist Link:

    🌈 Genre:
    Future Core

    If you are the right holder of any of the tracks displayed in this video and you want your music to be deleted, please e-mail me at

    💡 Other Songs:

  • Speed Garage Selector *Speed Garage Classics Mix*


    Classic Speed Garage House mix packed with only the best from 1997' - Perfect for getting you back into those oldskool vibes.

    Turn up the volume and enjoy!

    Download in Lossless From Soundcloud:


    1.) MD 2020 - Feelings of House [Introduction]
    2.) R.I.P Productions - You Got Me Running
    3.) Bobby D' Ambrosio - Moments of My Life (R.I.P Moments Of Dub Mix)
    4.) Robert Miles - Freedom (R.I.P. Original Flava Dub Instrumental)
    5.) Fabulous Baker Boys - Oh Boy (Original Mix)
    6.) Todd Terry Feat. Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown - Something Goin'on (Loop Da Loop Downtown Mix)
    7.) Dawn Tallman - New York City Girl
    8.) Ruff Drivers - Don't Stop (Ballistic Bass Mix)
    9.) Sneaker Pimps - Post Modern Sleaze (Mathews Blunt Force Dub)
    10.) Lovestation - Sensuality (V.I.P Mix)
    11.) 'Track 5' - Pure Speed Garage 2 Compilation
    12.) Maxim - Innocent Trax Vol 1 (Maxim & Spanish Cockney Bonus)
    13.) 'Track 7' - Pure Speed Garage 2 Compilation
    14.) Step To It - Everton Brown
    15.) Amira - My desire (Dreem Teem Remix)

    Enjoy :)



    Mix Garage Garage House Speed Garage Speed Garage House Serious Danger 187 Lockdown Classic Speed Garage 1997 1998 Armand Van Helden Nighttime House House Music Gant Soundbwoy Burial Michael King Lovestation Teardrops DSK What Would You Do Spin Spin Sugar Dark Garage Mix Clay & Deller Funky Playaz

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  • Speed Garage Anthems Volume 2 CD2


    Speed Garage Anthems Volume 2 CD2

    2-01 –Sneaker Pimps Spin Spin Sugar (Armand's Dark Garage Mix)
    2-02 –Ace Of Base Living In Danger (Armand Van Helden Mix)
    2-03 –Juliet Roberts So Good
    2-04 –187 Lockdown Gunman (Pointed Radio Edit)
    2-05 –Chantay Savage I Will Survive (Silk's Classic House Mix)
    2-06 –Tina Moore Never Gonna Let You Go (Kelly G Bump-N-Go Mix)
    2-07 –Another Level Be Alone No More (KMA Mix)
    2-08 –Wildchild Renegade Master (Original Mix)
    2-09 –G Flame And Mr G* Feel Da Groove
    2-10 –Richard Darbyshire Wherever Love Is Found (Julian Jonah Funky Love Dub)
    2-11 –Indo R U Sleeping
    2-12 –De'lacy Hideaway (187 Lockdown's Hidden Vocal Dub)
    2-13 –Jodeci Freek 'N You (MK Dub)
    2-14 –Bobby Brown 2 Can Play That Game (K Klassic Mix)
    2-15 –Coolio Ohh La La (Tuff Jam's UVM Dub)
    2-16 –Roy Davis Jnr* Feat. Peven Everett Gabriel (Live Garage Version)
    2-17 –London Connection Feat. Tempo O'Neal* Love Struck Energy
    2-18 –G Flame & Mr. G Do It Right
    2-19 –Faithless Insomnia (Armand's European Vacation Mix)
    2-20 –Jamiroquai Space Cowboy (Classic Club Mix)

  • speed garage - mcs


    pretty new tune!




  • DJ Richard - Bassline Pressure 2019 - 2 Hours of Upfront Speed Garage & Bass in the Mix


    Attention Speed Garage Massive !!! DJ Richard returns with Bassline Pressure 2019 featuring 2 hours of upfront Speed Garage & Bass for your bass bins !!. Features tracks and remixes from BK298, Rico Tubbs, Matt Craig, Dista, Kris Jay, Mangoes & Melons, Bass Machine, Spooky , Sekt-87 and many many more !!!


  • Dark Bassline / Speed Garage Vinyl Mix 2014 |HD|


    the darker, dirtier side of my bassline & speed garage collection. less vocals, more bass :)
    1. DS1 - Twisted 0:00
    2. Iron Soul - Wow 3:03
    3. DJ V & Rolla - Sleep 6:23
    4. Riplash & Sus - Encounter 9:43
    5. The Brothel Creepers - Street Fyta 12:26
    6. The Heavymen - Flatline 16:29
    7. Tombstone - Reproduction 20:42
    8. Majestic - My Children 23:55
    9. DJ Law - All The Ravers 28:26
    10. DJ Pyper - Dark Cloud 32:40
    11. Visualize - Creep 36:39
    12. JJ Louis - Squares 39:31
    13. DJ Q - Shottas 43:17
    14. Mask - Stay Fly (4x4 remix instrumental) 47:55
    15. Majestic - Bombaclaart 50:34
    16. Screama - Bones 54:10
    17. DJ Q - Evil Kid 55:56
    18. DJ Q - Belly 59:24
    19. DJ Q - Reasons Are 1:02:09
    20. JJ Louis - Round The Twist 1:06:08
    21. Wittyboy - World War 3 1:08:08
    22. Majestic - Nightmare 1:11:54
    23. EJ - Temperature (Instrumental) 1:14:27
    24. Wittyboy - Iron Man 1:17:47
    25. DS1 - Headache 1:20:43
    26. DJ Q - Sick 1:24:06
    27. DJ Pyper - Moon Man 1:26:33
    28. Bass City Rollers - Imperial Deathmarch 1:31:56
    29. Serious Danger - Deeper 1:37:39

    Jam I Am all mixes Playlist:

    Follow Jam I Am on FB for mix updates and tunes -

    this stuff was considered too 'dark' to be played in the few bassline clubs when it first came out around 2004. then it caught on a few yrs later, but ended up dying out around 2010. we still keep it alive tho :)

    i wasnt goin to upload this mix tbh cos my pc was runnin shit when i recorded it and the file skips now n then, plus i messed up couple of mixes, lol.

    but then i thought fk it. mash up gwaan.

    most tunes from 2005-2010. mixed with vinyl. hope u old skool bassline cru enjoy ;)

  • Bassline/Niche/Speed Garage Mix 2019


    Latest bassline mix, collabing with LB for the first time!
    Full playlist of my bassline mixes here -

    Please have a listen and like if u like! Thanks to all listeners and supporters!

    Check out LB's channel here -

    My FB -

    My Sc -

  • Bassline & Speed Garage Mix 2019


    Another Bassline Mix for 2019. Please have a listen and like if u like! Thanks to all listeners and supporters!

    My FB -

    My Sc -

  • Ultimate Speed Garage Classics : In the Mix! Best of UK Garage Mixed by EPhunk


    TRACK LIST BELOW : Revisiting some of Speed Garage's finest moments, from the vaults of the old skool! Part ONE of an extended series of mixes of classic UK and Speed Garage Anthems. Exclusively selected and carefully mixed by DJ EPhunk :)

    01.) EPhunk - Intro

    02.) Dee Patten vs. JDS - Who's the Bad Man WL 2002

    03.) Mark Ryder pres. Ruff Da Menace - Gunslinger
    (Do I Feel Lucky) 2002

    04.) SW15 - Take Me? (Fungus Mungus Vol. 1) 2000

    05.) Tail Spin - All Massive (Tail Spin Massive Mix) 1997

    06.) Serious Danger - Battle Plate 1997

    07.) DJ Switch feat. MC Cobra - Birmingham Town
    (Original Speed Garage Mix)

    08.) Coco - I Need A Miracle (Sol Brothers Dub Plate Special) 1997

    09.) A vs. B - Ripped In 2 Minutes (Rated PG Club Mix) 1997

    10.) White Label - Untitled 2000

    11.) Deep Cover - Sounds of Eden (Young Offendaz Remix) 2001

    12.) DJ Quicksilver - Planet Love (Dextrous Remix) 1998

    13.) DJ Dado - Coming Back (Baby Blue Remix) 1997

    14.) Juliet Roberts - Free Love '98 (Bumpy Sunday Mix) 1998

    15.) Highlights - I Need a Man (Speed Garage Mix) 1999

    16.) Studio 2 - Travelling Man (12 Mix) 1998

    17.) Deeper Cut - Don't Ask Why 1997

    18.) Andy & The Lamboy feat. Michelle Weeks - The Inside
    (Sol Brothers Mash-Up Dub) 1998

    19.) Kumagai - White Horse (Dark Horse Mix) 1999

    20.) Da Hool - Meet Her at the Love Parade (Dextrous Mix) 1998

    21.) 2 Fabiola - Flashback (Adams Speedgarage Mix) 1998

    22.) Cleopatra - In the Heat
    (It's To Hot Under the Garage of My House Remix) 1997

    23.) Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar
    (Armand's Dark Garage Mix) 1996

    24.) Todd Terry feat. Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown -
    Something Goin' On (Loop da Loop Downtown Mix) 1997

    25.) Praxis feat. Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out (Garage Remix 2) White Label 2000

    26.) Information Society - What's On Your Mind
    (Elimix Speed Garage Mix) 2000

    27.) Buzzy Bus - Jump (Scritch Dub Mix) 1998

    28.) Radical Playaz - The Hook (Original Mix) 1998

    29.) Toxik Twins feat. Jungle Brothers - I'll House You
    (Huda Hudia's Funk-Star Speed Garage Mix) 1998

    30.) Summer Junkies - Hey Ya'll 1999

    31.) R.I.P Productions - The Chant (We R) 1997

    32.) Armand Van Helden - Got Till It's Gone
    (Speedy Garage Mix) 1998

    33.) D.Disco - The Line (Unreleased Pressure)
    (Loop Da Loop Downtown Dub) 1997

    34.) Le Click - Heaven's Got to Be Better '
    (Marc & BMW One's B-Town Street Mix) 1997

    35.) Tina Arena - Now I Can Dance
    (Pee Wee`s Speed Garage Mix) 1998

  • J.Splat - This is Speed Garage Vol.2


    Relased during the short 2-3 year period when speed garage blew up and was getting played everywhere or at least being incorporated into numral house sets at every chance with mega hits like CJ Bolland- Sugar is sweeter, Double 99-Rip groove, 187 Lockdown's Gunman or Kung Fu and the biggest hit which was Armand Van Heldan's garage mix of the Sneaker Pimps-Spin Spin Sugar. Baiscally from 96/7 to sometime in '99 speed garage was a sure fire way to get noticed with the loud wobbling and pulsing basslines on top of percusion filled house beats and catchy vocal samples. Jason does a good job at not just mixing and blending but his track selection was a good one too. I know most of gave up on speed garage as soon as the novelty died and it faded from fame but its fun to here a quality mix now and again. Stay tuned for more J.Splat mixes in the near future. And check out my channel for aroun 200 mixtapes and livesets in all electronic genres from the rave era of the 90s and early 2000s.

    No copyright infringement is intended and absolutely no monetary gain is being made off this content or by this channel.

  • speed garage - mc special


    some of my favourite speed garage mc's leave commentz.plz

  • Speed Garage Anthems In Ibiza CD 2


    Speed Garage Anthems in Ibiza CD 2

    2-1 –187 Lockdown Kung Fu (Original 187 Mix)
    2-2 –Double 99 / Industry Standard (2) Ripgroove (Classic) / Vol. 1 (What You Want)
    2-3 –Goldie Digital (Armand Van Helden's Mix)
    2-4 –Ramsey & Fen Love Bug (Bump Mix)
    2-5 –Y-Tribe Baby (You Bring Me Up) (Gruve Mix Radio Edit)
    2-6 –Hi-Rise (2) I Believe In Miracles
    2-7 –Lil' Louis French Kiss
    2-8 –G Flame Polly Lizard
    2-9 –Backstreet Boys Everybody (Backstreet's Back) (Sharp London Vocal Mix)
    2-10 –X-Press 2 Muzik X Press
    2-11 –The Bucketheads The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)
    2-12 –Another Level Freak Me (KMA Below Zero Mix)
    2-13 –Basement Jaxx Fly Life (Erick 'More' Dub)
    2-14 –Jay-Z I Know What Girls Like (Jason Nevins Remix)
    2-15 –The Occasions Look No More (Booker T's Vocal Mix)
    2-16 –Ultra Naté Found A Cure (Full Intention Club Mix)
    2-17 –Crystal Waters Gypsy Woman (La Da Dee)
    2-18 –Tina Moore Nobody Better (Radio Edit)
    2-19 –Degrees Of Motion Do You Want It Right Now (Club Mix Edit)
    2-20 –The Tamperer Feel It (Sharp Master Blaster Remix#0
    2-21 –Todd Terry Keep On Jumpin'

  • 「Speed Garage」Zekk & poplavor ft. mami Gloomy Flash


    What a banger of a track! Loved it the instant I heard it. Lovely work by Zekk and poplavor and beautiful vocals by mami. Overall enjoyed the album. Zekk's, kamome's and PSYQUI's tracks were my personal favorites but some others really grew on me after few listens. What were your favorites in this album? :]

    Buy the album to support the artists:

    ► Title: Gloomy Flash
    ► Album: SPD GAR 2
    ► Circle: MEGAREX
    ► Composer: Zekk & poplavor
    ► Vocal: mami

    ► Illustrator:
    ► Illustration:


    ►Follow Zekk:

    ►Follow poplavor:

    ►Follow mami:

    Released at Comiket 96

    ►Follow cold kiss sound:
    Discord server:

    All rights belong to the respective owners.

  • DJ Richard - Oldskool Speed Garage Mix 2002 - Warpers & Rumblers !


    Download All my Mixes :
    Facebook link :
    Youtube Channel :
    SoundCloud :
    **** See my Youtube Channel for More Funky Vocal House, Electro, Speed Garage, Oldskool House , Bassline, Garage, 2-Step & Jackin Mixes from 2000 onwards ..Over 10years of DJ Mixes!!****

    Recently uncovered again when looking through my old my mixes this features 75 minutes of massive bassline oldskool speed garage. Only the biggest warpers from the days of vinyl, snipers and white labels ! Recorded back in 2002. This one featues some seriously dark and dirty oldskool basslines from the golden era of speed garage 1997-1999.

    Check my facebook or soundcloud for more mixes with more being uploaded every day..(oldskool speed garage, oldskool house, bassline house, garage, 2 step)




  • 90s Speed Garage/House Mix!


    Little mix I made using the free trial version of AtomixMP3 which you can download from

    I loved all the speed garage stuff back in the mid-90's so that's what makes up the majority of this mix. The whole mix was done live and in real-time meaning I didn't spend hours perfecting each bit. One track (Make The World Go Round) sounds a bit distorted plus I used one track twice but you wouldn't have known if I hadn't of told you! ;-)
    Anyway, we're not here to discuss my (lack of) mixing skillz we're here to discuss the great tracks!

    1990s: United Kingdom
    From the Acid House scene of the late 80's, the scene transformed from predominantly a London-based phenomenon to a UK-wide mainstream underground youth movement. Organizations such as Fantazia, Universe, Raindance & Amnesia House were by 1991/92 holding massive legal raves in fields and warehouses around the country. The height was achieved in 1992 with Fantazia party called One Step Beyond, which was an all-nighter which attracted 25,000 people. Other notable events included Obsession and Universe's Tribal Gathering in 1993.

    However, the scene was slowly changing, with local councils waking up to how to prevent organisations gaining licenses by massively increasing the fees, so the days of legal one-off parties were numbered. The scene was also beginning to fragment into many different styles of dance music which made large parties more expensive to set up and more difficult to promote. The happy old skool style was replaced by the darker jungle (later renamed drum n bass) and the faster happy hardcore.

    The illegal free party scene also reached its zenith for that time when, after a particularly large festival, when many individual sound systems such as Bedlam, Circus Warp, DIY, and Spiral Tribe set up near Castlemorton Common, in May 1992 the government acted. Under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 where the definition of music played at a rave was given as:

    music includes sounds wholly or predominantly characterised by the emission of a succession of repetitive beats.
    — Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994[3]

    Sections 63, 64 & 65 of the Act targeted electronic dance music played at raves. The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act empowered police to stop a rave in the open air when a hundred or more people are attending, or where two or more are making preparations for a rave. Section 65 allows any uniformed constable who believes a person is on their way to a rave within a five-mile radius to stop them and direct them away from the area; noncompliant citizens may be subject to a maximum fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale (£1 000). The Act was ostensibly introduced because of the noise and disruption caused by all night parties to nearby residents, and to protect the countryside. It has also been claimed that it was introduced to kill a popular youth movement that was taking many drinkers out of town centres drinking on taxable alcohol and into fields to take untaxed drugs and drink free water.

    After 1993 the main outlet for raves in the UK were a number of licensed venues, amongst them Bowlers (Manchester), , The Edge, formely the Eclipse (Coventry), The Sanctuary (Milton Keynes) and Club Kinetic.

    Raves were also overshadowed in the press by the death of Leah Betts, a teenager who died after taking ecstasy; journalists emphasized the drug use, even though she actually died from drinking too much water, and that it happened at a party in her own home, not a rave.

  • Speed Garage Selector *Serious Danger Mix*


    Classic 'Serious Danger Speed Garage House' Mix, best of the best from 1997.



    1.) Serious Danger - Introduction
    2.) Serious Danger - Deeper (Part Two)
    3.) Serious Danger - Voodoo Bells
    4.) Lovestation - Teardrops
    5.) Serious Danger - Love Is Forever (ISB Re-Edit)
    6.) Lovestation - Sensuality (VIP Mix)
    7.) Luka - Making Nines
    8.) Serious Danger - Lost (All That Dub)
    9.) Serious Danger - Do You Dream (Exclusive Mix)
    10.) Somore - I Refuse (What You Want)
    11.) Serious Danger - Feel Mighty Real (Magic Steppa Mix)
    12.) Serious Danger - Battle Plate
    13.) Serious Danger - High Noon (ISB Mix)



    Classic 1997 Speed Garage House Serious Danger Lovestation Luka Somore 187 Lockdown 1998 Mix Best Oldschool Oldskool

  • BK298 DJ Speed Garage Mix Part Two 2019


    upfront Speed Garage with new productions by bk298

  • Speed Garage - Soundbwoy Addiction - Space Invasion



  • DJ Richard Bassline Pressure The New School Vol2 - 2015 Speed Garage, Bass House, Future Bass


    TRACKLIST BELOW ! ...Bassline Pressure is back again for 2015. Featuring 113 minutes of the biggest speed garage basslines of the year mixed up by DJ Richard. As ever with the Bassline Pressure series thats been running since 2001 its packed with more Massive Warpers and Dirty Reese Basslines than any other mix series
    Featuring mixes and productions from the likes of Dista & Bradshaw(Urban Sprawl) , DJ Kor(Ultra Bass), Rare Candy, Skapes, Low Steppa, Lamont Dex, AC Slater, Fx Logic, Underheadz & Matt Craig many more ...full tracklisting to follow shortly
    Download All my Mixes :
    Facebook link :
    Youtube Channel :
    SoundCloud :

    skapes - runaway remix
    jay robinson - throwback
    harddrive - deep inside (low steppa remix)
    daggers - dont need you anymore (skapes remix)
    deekline - good to have the feeling
    original nutta (rico tubbs remix)
    Herve - Hate on me (Skapes remix)
    Murder Tune
    Majorca - Benny Blanco (conducta remix)
    Lisa Sharred - Old School Thing
    Coity Rykennon - Lover
    Dista & Bradshaw - Hold Me
    somethings going on (skapes remix)
    BMV - Rewind
    Rare Candy - Its the way
    FX Logik - Keep Movin (Metaphase remix)
    Tapok - Freedom
    J Jean - Killer From The West
    Dont play with fire (rare candy remix)
    Sol Brothers - Crew for real
    Matt Craig - JJ Tribute remix
    Lamont Dex - Jungle Warrior
    AC Slater - Game Of Horns
    Dista & Bradshaw - I need you
    Ac Slater Sinden - Not No Love Song
    Armed & Dangerous (Badbwoy Flex)
    DJ Kor - You Cant Stop the Groove
    Underheadz - Got to Believe

  • Hannah Wants - ROOTS



    I’ve been meaning to make this mix for a really long time and whilst I know it won’t be to everybody’s taste, I wanted to showcase some of my favourites tracks from when I first began DJ’ing way back in 2002! I wanted to be able to show people where my love for music started and where for me, it all began.

    You may or may not know that when I first started buying vinyl’s and learning to DJ I fell in love with Speed Garage, Bassline House, Funky House and UK Garage - a music genre/scene that dominated Birmingham (my hometown) at the time.

    I started out with some not-so-tight Numark belt drive decks and slowly began teaching myself the art of DJ’ing. When I say slowly, I mean slowly... For a short time I wasn’t even aware that I had to adjust tempo’s to mix a track and it’s safe to say my first couple of weeks practising didn’t sound too great! Fast forward twelve or so years, I’m now living my dream as a DJ!

    I had SO much fun making this mix. It was both an amazing trip down memory lane and a pleasant surprise to realise that I sometimes drop a few tracks in my set now that I played allllllll those years ago!

    I have absolutely no idea if this type of music was being played in your city/scene, wherever that may be around the world, however it’d be interesting to know... What I do know is that these Speed Garage / Bassline vibes were massive in the likes of Birmingham (UK) and Sheffield (UK) in the early 2000’s - if you were a part of the scene back in the day, you need no introduction!

    This two-hour mix consists of 31 tracks that range in release year from 1996 to 2005. These 120 minutes are my ROOTS...

    Track list:

    01. Fatima Rainey – Hey (Mount Rushmore’s Deep Vocal Mix)
    02. Ladycop – To Be Real
    03. Mass Medium – Got To Have It
    04. Roger Ruff – Do Ya (Great Bass Mix)
    05. DJ Pooch – Let The Bass Roll (Funky Mix)
    06. Nu Force – When The Morning Comes (DJ Flavours Club mix)
    07. Gordon Matthews – Itza Trumpet Thing
    08. Robin S – Midnight (Ultimix 68)
    09. Sara Parker – My Love Is Deep (Sharp Vocal Mix)
    10. Silvio Ecomo – Uprising (Speed Garage Mix)
    11. EEDB Vs Flirtations – Time (TnG Mix)
    12. Funk Junkeez – Got Funk (Heavy On Da Bass Mix)
    13. The ‘701’ Track
    14. Agro DJ’s – Run To Me
    15. Clubbit – All I Wanna Do
    16. Celetia- Rewind (Rob Bee RMX)
    17. GB Experience – Gimmie The Bass
    18. Jonestown – Sweet Thang (Mustard Mix)
    19. B15 Project & Mr Vegas – Birmingham Crew
    20. 99 Allstars – Chemical Generation (Upstate J60 Vocal Experience)
    21. Twin Town – Rock It
    22. Twin Town – Risin’
    23. Philly Station ft. Tammi Wright – Mon Supa Love (Agent Sumo RMX)
    24. Ruff Driverz – Deeper Love (Ruff Mix)
    25. Summer Junkies - Hey Y’all
    26. Devoted - Gotta Have (Antoine & Mad Mark RMX)
    27. Miss Peppermint – Let Me Hear The DJ
    28. 2 Eivissa – Move Your Body
    29. Fake – Outstanding (Perqx Disco Mix)
    30. Luthor Vandross – Never Too Much (RMX)
    31. Summer Junkies – Basslines Live Forever



    All the old skool speed garage on youtube seems to be from 2002 onwards. Everyone knows the proper stuff was first around in 1997-1998 so heres a mix with some real classics from the golden era.

    01 Good Cop Bad Cop - Blatant
    02 Kiddo Kuts vol 1
    03 Debbie Malone vs Billionaire Boys Club - Rescue Me
    04 Original Nutter - Oi Nutter
    05 Alex Lee & Nicky Noo - Hard To See

  • Speed Garage Anthems in Ibiza CD 1


    Speed Garage Anthems in Ibiza CD 1

    1-1 –Another Level Freak Me (Club Asylum)
    1-2 –Tina Moore / Double 99 Never Gonna Let You Go (Kelly G Bump-N-Go Mix) / Ripgroove (Classic]
    1-3 –Indo R U Sleeping (Bump And Flex Vocal
    1-4 –All Saints Never Ever (Booker T's Vocal Mix)
    1-5 –G Flame Oooohh
    1-6 –Jaydee Plastic Dreams (Original)
    1-7 –DSK What Would We Do? (Sol Brothers Soundclash Remix)
    1-8 –Genaside II Narra Mine (Armand Van Helden's East Coast Mix)
    1-9 –M Dubs Over Here (Sugar Shack Break)
    1-10 –Byron Stingily Sing A Song (187 Lockdown's Vocal Mix)
    1-11 –Tito Puente Jr. & The Latin Rhythm Oye Como Va (Main Mix)
    1-12 –Fire Island Shout To The Top (Industry Standard Uprising)
    1-13 –MJ Cole Sincere
    1-14 –Ragga's Revenge Back To Life (Andy Mowat Mix)
    1-15 –Nu-Birth Anytime (Rhythm Masters Mix)
    1-16 –DJ Pooch Let The Bass Roll
    1-17 –Gat Decor Passion (Original Edit)
    1-18 –Big Daddi Turbo I Know You Got Soul
    1-19 –R.I.P. Productions Jump '98
    1-20 –The Heartists Belo Horizonti (Ramsey And Fen Remix)

  • Snatch- Speed Garage


    Speed Garage - RGZ




  • speed garage tell me


    sum tune

  • Niche Bassline/Speed Garage Mix 2019


    My 2nd Bassline mix of 2019! Please have a listen and like if u like! Thanks to all listeners and supporters!

    My FB -

    My Sc -

  • DJ Глюк October 2019


    Download MP3 -

  • DJ Richard Bassline Pressure 2018 - 80mins of New Speed Garage & Bass


    The legendary Bassline Pressure Mix Series returns for 2018 - 80 Mins of the Baddest New Speed Garage Tracks mixed for you by DJ Richard. Includes tracks and remixes by Rare Candy, Matthew Craig, Rico Tubbs and many many more !

  • UK Garage Mix - UKG - DJ Rossy - Speed Garage - Old School


    An old UKG mix that I did in about 2003. Found on a dusty old MiniDisc and thought I'd share. Click 'Show more' for track listing.

    Track listing (to the best of my knowledge) - Quite a lot of these are on white label, so I don't know the exact track title. Feel free to add info in the comments. Thanks.

    1. Freak Mode - The Reelists - DnD remix
    2. Beautiful - Innocence Crew - (4x4 mix)
    3. Turn Me Out (remix) - (white label)
    4. Selecta - Jameson ft. MC Viper
    5. Diamond Rings - DnD remix
    6. Messing Around - Wideboys
    7. Dru Hill - How Deep is Your Love - Groove Chronicles remix
    8. Preach - Plan B ft. MC Kie
    9. Chopper - (white label)
    10. Neighbourhood - Zed Bias
    11. Always on Time - Ja Rule ft Ashanti
    12. Unknown - White label
    13. Mr Major Fool - On My Todd remix



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