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Playlist of Speaker manufacture LINE ARRAY PRO

  • What does the line array speaker factory look like?


    We have some new model line array speakers! Welcome to check our website:


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  • JBL VTX V20 at BELONG Tour


    Longtime JBL Professional partner CTS Audio took us behind the scenes on the Belong Tour, where they deploy an in-the-round VTX V20 rig built for speed and precision.

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  • Eminence – Your Global Manufacturing Partner for Audio Systems


    Custom audio solutions with on-time delivery.

    Since 1966, Eminence has been a leading choice among the world's premier audio brands for high quality, high value loudspeakers and high frequency devices. Now Eminence can offer OEMs complete turn-key solutions, including custom enclosures, amplifier designs, and finished systems. All from two strategically located factories: Eminence, Kentucky and Dongguan China.

    For more information, contact

  • Martin Audio Wavefront Precision Longbow WPL


    Wavefront Precision Longbow (WPL) now brings high performance, optimisation, flexibility and control to large-scale touring and installation applications. Designed as a complete system with external iKON® multi-channel amplifiers, automated DISPLAY™ optimisation software and VU-NET™ control platform, WPL provides financial accessibility to the higher echelons of touring and install sound — from stadium concert and outdoor festivals to arena and House of Worship installations.

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  • Pasang Speaker Line Array Audiofocus


    Audiofocus Ares 8 dengan MT SUB 218MKII

    #audiofocus #linearray #soundcheck

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  • #Plan#line#array#12inchi SKEMA BOX LINE ARRAY 12


  • professional outdoor line array speaker Q1 Q-SUB pro audio,concert sound system


    professional outdoor line array speaker Q1 Q-SUB pro audio,concert sound system
    Q1 line array-Dual 10 Professional Audio Concert Speaker
    Q1 Line Array Empty Cabinet,Enclosure Manufacturer,Line Array Speaker Cabinet

  • Line Array production GrinAudios , design, Hardware, truss stand. All available.


    More videos coming soon.

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  • Gimana jadinya Jika Line Array di Adu dengan Groundstage Sound...


    Chanel Khusus Untuk Selling-Informasi Semua Product Profesional Sound System..
    *Ghibran pro sound Store.*
    The solution for all your professional sound system needs.....

    Markas kami Di alamat.
    Jl. KENDIT, Selatan Perum Paowan Asri, Kec Panarukan.
    Situbondo Jawa Timur,
    Tlp /WhatsApp : 082332573755
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    Fanspage-Facebook : Ghibran Prosound Store, Ghibran Pro

  • Review Dan Test Line Array Sound Wisdom 210 Full Neodymium Componen. Harga Corona.....!!!


    Haloo Teman2 Para Pecinta, penghoby, Owner ataupun Bos2 Sound system Di seluruh Indonesia...
    Jangan lupa suport chanel ini dan Tonton Videonya yaa...
    Agar kami selalu semangat bikin Content video menarik seputar Sound system. Dan semoga bermanfaat untuk Temen2 semuanya.

    Profesional Sound system chanel...
    Macam2 Brand/Merek maupun Type..
    Brand New ataupun second hand.

    *Ghibran pro sound Store.*
    The solution for all your professional sound system needs.....

    Markas kami Di alamat.
    Jl. KENDIT, Selatan Perum Paowan Asri, Kec Panarukan.
    Situbondo Jawa Timur,
    Tlp /WhatsApp : 082332573755
    Follow My instagram @Ghibran_pro
    Fanspage-Facebook : Ghibran Prosound Store, Ghibran Pro

    #GhibranPro #Soundsystem #Soundsystemdijual

  • Ghanz Sound Pembuatan Line Array 10 inch


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    Size : 32x70x45 cm (HxWxD)

    Line Array 10 Inch
    Box Line Array 10
    Box Speaker 10
    Box Array 10

    Rental Sound System Batang Tarang

  • Produksi Box Array Custom SK


  • JBL concert systems


    I do not own the rights to the pictures nor the music, just a fan :-)

  • Wood Shop Tour - Speaker Cabinet Build


    A series of short videos highlighting the wood shop and speaker build process.
    Passion Driven Audio

    Come visit our Factory & Showroom:
    16262 West Bernardo Dr.
    San Diego, CA
    Open 10am to 5:30pm, Monday through Saturday

  • S9022 Premium Dual 12” Line Array by Studiomaster Professional with RCF Transducers


    Studiomaster Professional S9022 with RCF Transducers
    Premium Dual 12” Line Array
    For more information please visit

    Music Credit.
    Beat Your Competition by Vibe Tracks(
    is licensed under a Creative Commons license (


  • Construction Line Array - DIY Line Array


    Construction d'une line array non amplifiée 3 voies

    -Double 12 B&C 12NW76 en série
    -Moteur BMS Coaxial 2 + 1

    Crossover 500Hz
    Guide d'onde isophase en fibre de verre
    Dispersion 90°-10°
    Puissance RMS : 1230w
    SPL Max théorique : 148dB
    Fabriquée en contreplaqué bouleau 18mm, collé vissé.

    Cette line array répond aux critères de la WST

    Enceinte entièrement fabriquée à la main, études faites en amont.

    Prochaine partie : accessoires, fixation et test



    Harga Linearray
    Speaker Aktif AP-810LAX (10 Inch)=

    Subwoofer Aktif AP-855SLAX (15 Inc) subw gantung= 25.000.000(1Unit)

    Subwoofer Aktif AP-858SLAX 2 X 18Inch 37.500.000(1unit)

    AP-800BLAX (Bracket gantung)=

    Jl. Barata Jaya XIX No.9A Bratang

    WA No Call (0878-5175-7344)

    Deretan ShowRoom Jual Mobil Bekas.
    (Depan Salon Exclusive )
    Buka Senin - Sabtu
    09.00 Pagi (Buka)
    05.00 Sore (Tutup)

    Segera Hub Untuk Dapat Harga Diskon Spesial.

    Harga Dan Foto Klik Link DI Bawah Ini Ya Gan Jangan Lupa Follow !

    Bukalapak :

    Alamat Toko
    Jl. Barata Jaya XIX No. 9A
    Bratang - Surabaya 60284

    Instagram :
    Facebook :

    Website :

  • Bongkar Isi Box Line array Type Tertinggi & Termahal Original Product By Wisdom Profesional


    Haloo Teman2 Para Pecinta, penghoby, Owner ataupun Bos2 Sound system Di seluruh Indonesia...
    Jangan lupa suport chanel ini dan Tonton Videonya yaa...
    Agar kami selalu semangat bikin Content video menarik seputar Sound system. Dan semoga bermanfaat untuk Temen2 semuanya.

    Profesional Sound system chanel...
    Macam2 Brand/Merek maupun Type..
    Brand New ataupun second hand.

    *Ghibran pro sound Store.*
    The solution for all your professional sound system needs.....

    Markas kami Di alamat.
    Jl. KENDIT, Selatan Perum Paowan Asri, Kec Panarukan.
    Situbondo Jawa Timur,
    Tlp /WhatsApp : 082332573755
    Follow My instagram @Ghibran_pro14
    Fanspage-Facebook : Ghibran Prosound Store, Ghibran Pro

    #GhibranPro #Soundsystem #Soundsystemdijual




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  • ©2013 Elettronica Montarbo | Official Video | Professional Sound Systems, since 1962


    Project-oriented philosophy always focused on tomorrow, through severe construction standards and the on-going aim to provide the best sound quality in the least complicated way.

    Tradition and innovation create the basement on which stands Elettronica Montarbo's philosophy. Within the years we have been keeping our original goal: reliability. Ensuring complete satisfaction to musicians, sound technicians as well as touring bands is fundamental because the stakes are too high to run any risk when the show is on.

    It was back in the early fifties that Sergio Montanari started to build his first sound amplification systems, at first under the name Super MB, later Montarbo. Our trademark, the one still shown on our products, was introduced in 1962.

    The company continued to create new products in keeping with this philosophy of excellence, including a wide range of amplified mixers, followed in 1965 by the first self-powered speaker enclosures, and shortly after by the first quadriphonic mixers and by the bass amplifiers with separate head units. In the early eighties we were one of the first audio companies to design software-assisted effects processors.

    The Research & Development department is also located in Bologna, where testing and continuous improvement of each instrument is a daily aim.

    Usability and user-centred design have always been inspiring our products since 1962.

    Flexible design criteria provide the best sound in the easiest way.

    For further info and

  • Wharfedale Pro Delta and Titan Speakers S2500 Power Amps @ Namm 2012


    Wharfedale Pro Delta Series Passive Speaker, Titan Active Speakers and S 2500 Power Amplifiers

    Buy Wharfedale Titan Speakers

    Wharfedale S2500 1540WRMS Amplifier

    The Wharfedale s series are high power amplifiers, designed with a very impressive degree of quality. The s2500 is rated at 770 watts per channel, yet due its flexible modes of operation, it is capable of powering up to 2500 watts rms (in bridge mode) or up to 1250 watts rms (at 2 0hms) is stereo mode. The front panel of the amplifier provides simple, real-time status conditions with led indicators for Power, Protect, Bridge, Peak and Signal Present, for accurate, visual, performance indication. Simple mode switches provide extra functionality options, such as signal limiting, a low cut filter engagement and frequency selection. Stereo and mono input mode selection and output bridging options make it easy to achieve the level of performance you require. Xlr and ¼ balanced input jacks are provided for the best input signal quality, with speakon and binding post outputs provided for versatile speaker connections. An important factor in the The S2500's reliability is its internal fan-cooling with a cage-protected, rear panel mounted fan that provides air-flow to internal components, this and the ac circuit breaker, ensure your sound system runs smoothly all night, every night.

  • JBL VTX A8 & B18: Compact Line Array Loudspeaker and Subwoofer


    Expanding the A-Series family with a high-power more compact design, the JBL VTX A8 & B18 compact 8” line array and subwoofer provide legendary JBL VTX sound with unmatched sensitivity and coverage for the size. Compact, truck-friendly dimensions, a patented rigging suspension system, and a great software ecosystem make it the ideal solution for touring.

  • FBT Factory Tour


    FBT Elettronica S.p.A. is leading Italian manufacturer of professional audio, public address, installation products, musical instruments amplification.
    Established in 1963, FBT groups today the production of these brands: FBT PRO AUDIO, QUBE SOUND PRODUCTS, FBT AUDIO CONTRACTOR, CICOGNANI GUITAR and BASS TUBE AMPS, KEMPTON AUDIO PRODUCTS, DRUM ART. Check out these web sites:

    FBT exports worldwide and looks forward to establish distributions in new territories. Inquiries for new international distributions are welcome at
    FBT manufactures quality MADE IN ITALY!!!

  • Behind The Curtain Summer Jam


    The subs have got some power...a surprising amount, it's huge.
    -Tristan Johnson | System Tech, Eighth Day Sound

    Incredible...I had an awesome time on the Adamson.
    -Burton Ishmael | FOH, Big Sean

    Banging...felt natural and punchy.
    -Mick McCallum | FOH, Bryson TIller



    A short clip about how to assemble the PSSO CLA BASIC SYSTEM L.

  • Bocinas Peavey Black Widow, probando audio, que opinan?


    Amigos adquirimos estas bocinas y estamos checandolas para saber su desempeño, cual es su opinion sobre esa bocina?

  • Xcellence line array setup time-lapse


    Time-lapse of Xcellence line array systems setup in just 30 minutes.

    Xcellence is the response of Amate Audio to the challenge of creating high-end products, a compromise to deliver our best and share with you our passion, the search for the best sound.

    Xcellence means combining the latest available technologies, an extreme care for the finest details and a user friendly design, in order to create a product that meets the most demanding markets and applications with eXcellent performance.

    A benchmark in loudspeaker design!

    Discover more →

  • Fire 92 Dual 12” Line Array by Studiomaster Professional


    Studiomaster Professional Fire 92,
    High Performance Dual 12” Line Array
    For more information please visit

    Music Credit.
    Rock Angel by Joakim Karud (
    is licensed under a Creative Commons license (


  • JBL Learning Sessions: Implementation of VTX Solutions for Corporate Audio


    In this webinar, Freelance System Engineer, Nowell Helms, applies software design concepts taught in previous webinars to quickly design a show in Line Array Calculator III and translate it into a usable Performance Manger file in preparation for a large corporate show.
    Learn more about the JBL Live Workshop Series and register for an upcoming session:

  • RCF Evox Portable Active Line Array System Demo | Full Compass


    Get it here:
    Full Compass is a major national retailer of Pro Audio, Video, AV, Lighting and Musical Instruments. Call 800-356-5844 for a great price and expert advice on items from over 700 brands.

    EVOX array design features constant horizontal directivity coverage of 120 degrees, offering a perfect listening experience to the audience. The vertical array design is progressively shaped to guarantee a correct listening from the first row and to avoid a high frequency beaming typical of straight array.

    EVOX systems are driven from high power class D amplifiers. Each system features a real two way amplifiers with DSP controlled crossover. With careful crossover design and protections setting has been possible to reach pressures up to 6 dB more than traditional products with passive crossovers to satellites.

  • EUROLIVE PROFESSIONAL B2520 PRO 2,200-Watt PA Loudspeaker System with Dual 15 Woofers


    In this short video we explore features of the EUROLIVE PROFESSIONAL B2520 PRO 2,200-Watt PA Loudspeaker System with Dual 15 Woofers.

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  • Montarbo - Namm 2020


    La serie Pro ottiene nuove casse Wind e Earth, mentre le gamme più accessibili ricevono una rinnovata B Series con Bluetooth integrato:
    Segui tutti gli aggiornamenti dal Winter Namm Show 2020 su

  • Ghanz Sound Line Array Dual 10 Inch Buatan Indonesia


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    Other Videos:
    Ghanz Vlog

    Video cover :
    Marshmello - Alone
    Gugur Bunga

    Box Speaker Model Line Array Dual 10 Inch
    Ukuran : 32x70x45 cm (HxWxD)
    Menggunakan Speaker ACR C-1018 HW

    Box Speaker 10 Inch Lapangan
    Belum Terpasang Driver Tweeter

    Rental Sound System Batang Tarang

  • How to fly Line Array Systems?


    Este vídeo explica cómo nuestras torres de la serie ULK permiten la elevación de equipos de Line Array de una manera rápida y sencilla.
    En GUIL diseñamos y fabricamos todos nuestros productos, ofreciendo al técnico Elevadores de carga de la mayor calidad! Fabricamos más de 30 modelos de torres de elevación!

    GUIL's manufacturing experience provides professionals with reliable solutions for all their lifting needs. We design and produce advanced lifting equipment that is 100 % guaranteed; our lifts meet the highest safety standards.

    For more information: and

  • QSC KS118 Powered Subwoofer Overview


    More videos like this QSC KS118 subwoofer overview ????
    Shop for the QSC KS118 at Sweetwater ????

    This 3,600-watt active subwoofer yields extreme output with impressive low-frequency performance. Its 18-inch long-excursion, direct-radiating driver facilitates exceptional punch while maintaining ample low-end extension. Need more bass for electronic, dance, or club music? No problem. Activate the KS118’s DEEP mode, and you’ll be shaking the rafters. Setup is a breeze, thanks to an adjustable crossover with savable/recallable scenes for common applications. Too much bass onstage? Just add a second KS118, place it in cardioid mode, and you’ll keep bass in its place. The KS118 also includes an M20-threaded pole socket, swivel casters, and a rugged painted wood enclosure.

    #Sweetwater #QSC

    The Zoom F8N Multitrack Field Recorder was used to record the audio in this video, and can be purchased here:

  • Live Q&A How To Build Your Mic Locker With Matt McGlynn - Produce Like A Pro


    Download the How To Build Your Mic Locker Cheat Sheet here:

    Enter to win a Roswell Delphos Mic ($999 value) here:

    Sign up here to get exclusive videos and content

    Produce Like A Pro is a website which features great tips to help the beginning recordist make incredible sounding home recordings on a budget.

  • Torre Line Array para 800 kg a 8 m altura - Line Array Tower certified for 800 kg to 8 m high


    GUIL tiene el placer de anunciarle el lanzamiento de la nueva línea Line Array: la nueva torre TMD-570 con un ÚNICO diseño: 800 kg de capacidad de carga y una altura de 8 metros.

    Al igual que el modelo de torre line array TMD-545, éste también es PIONERO en la industria, siendo el resultado de una extensa investigación de mercado de los requisitos de empresas de eventos e ingenieros de sonido de todo el mundo, junto con un diseño exhaustivo y pruebas de campo realizadas por nuestro departamento de I + D + i.

    Está hecho con exclusivos trusses reforzados apilables, desarrollados por GUIL y la base está especialmente diseñada permitiendo que se guarde todo en una sola pieza. Estas características, junto con las patas estabilizadoras plegables, la pieza de cabeza especial desmontable y los tirantes estabilizadores, hacen que la torre sea extremadamente compacta, con un volumen de solo 3,68 m3, lo que la hace perfecta para giras.

    Gracias a la atención al detalle en su innovador diseño, tiene una fácil y rápida instalación en posición de trabajo, ahorro en potencia humana y tiempo de puesta en marcha. El uso de componentes de alta calidad significa que la torre tiene una relación de seguridad insuperable, manteniéndola en línea con la calidad y seguridad garantizadas por las que la marca GUIL es reconocida.

    Para que sea más elegante y mantenga una mirada discreta viene en color negro con un acabado estándar. Esta torre se puede usar con motor o manual (no incluido) para montar la torre y levantar el array.

    Torre única para volar sonido. La más compacta del mercado. . Elevación del Line Array en conciertos, eventos, presentaciones, campeonatos... Consigue el mejor sonido con nuestra torre Line Array. Más info en

    GUIL is pleased to announce the launching of the new line array tower TMD-570 with a UNIQUE design. It boasts a load capacity of 800kg and a working height of 8m high.

    When GUIL first launched their smaller TMD-545 line array tower (for 500kg up to 6m high), it was a PIONEER in the industry, with many subsequent towers being made based on their ground-breaking design; cutting on storage space and set-up times. The TMD-570 is much the same; a result of an extensive market research of the requirements of event companies and sound engineers worldwide, made to fulfil the needs of companies with bigger sound systems.

    It is made using an EXCLUSIVE reinforced stacking truss developed by GUIL and a specially engineered base allowing everything to be stowed away all in one piece. These features, along with the folding stabiliser legs and the special detachable head piece and stabiliser braces, make the tower extremely compact with stowed measurements of 94 x 187 x 210cm (just 3.68m3), making it perfect for touring.

    Thanks to the attention to detail in its innovative design it has a quick and easy installation into the working position, saving on man power and set-up time. The use of high quality components means the tower has a second to none safety ratio, keeping it in line with the guaranteed quality and safety that the GUIL brand has been renowned for over the last 36 years. This tower can be used with a motor hoist or manual hoist (not included) to lift the tower and the array.

    More info:

  • Electro Voice Evolve 50 - American Musical Supply


    Order Your Electro-Voice Evolve 50 Column Array System Now at AMS!

    Lightweight, powerful, portable, and delivering on Electro-Voice’s 80-year reputation for superior sound and manufacturing quality, we present to you the pinnacle of column speaker design - the Electro-Voice EVOLVE 50.

    This compact and highly-versatile pro audio system packs a 1,000-watt punch into an ultra-sleek package, making it the perfect choice for solo performers, combo acts, DJs, and nearly any other mobile sound application.

    Electro-Voice Evolve 50 Column Line Array System Features
    • EV QuickSmart Mobile application: quickly and wirelessly configure, control, and monitor up to six EVOLVE 50 systems simultaneously and receive immediate notification during critical performance conditions. Bluetooth® connectivity is available.
    • High-quality Bluetooth® audio streaming for background music or musical accompaniment. Bluetooth® connectivity is available.
    • Ultra-wide 120° horizontal coverage via custom-designed waveguides and array-formed 40° asymmetrical vertical coverage means all acoustical energy is directed towards both sitting and standing audiences.
    • QuickSmartDSP provides best-in-class processing via EV's signature single-knob user interface with LCD.
    • Ideal for portable applications. Lightweight and intuitive assembly via the magnet assisted sub pole make a quality performance easier than ever.
    Full-Sized Performance and Coverage
    The Electro-Voice EVOLVE 50 employs eight 3.5-inch full-range drivers and a 12-inch subwoofer, powered by a lightweight and efficient 1000 watt D-Class amplifier that provides 500 watts for the sub and 500 watts for the column array. This enables EVOLVE 50 to fill small and mid-sized venues with rich, clear audio while taking up a minimum of space in your performance area. Ultra-wide horizontal coverage of 120° and array-formed vertical dispersion of 40° is achieved via custom waveguides, resulting in exceptional clarity for your audience from left to right, front to back. There is no bad seat in the house with EVOLVE 50!

    Easy Transport and Setup
    Have you ever wished you could transport your entire PA system to and from the stage in just one trip? Well, your dream has just become reality thanks to EVOLVE 50’s ergonomic 3-handle design on the subwoofer and the included carry case for the sub pole and column array.

    Assembly is also accomplished quickly and cleanly via the symmetrical aluminum subwoofer pole with integrated wire harness and connector. And there’s no need to worry about stability because EVOLVE 50’s sub pole is magnetically locked in place by EV’s proprietary magnetic-assisted latching system.

    Versatile Ins and Outs
    EVOLVE 50’s angled user interface panel on the subwoofer provides easy access for patching in and making tonal adjustments. Here you’ll find two discrete Line/Mic Inputs on combination XLR/Balanced ¼” TRS jacks, each with their own level control. Input 1 has a convenient XLR Thru jack for passing its signal directly out to another destination.

    Input 3 incorporates a Bluetooth® receiver for convenient wireless streaming of audio from any mobile device. It also has its own level control and features a pair of stereo RCA jacks and a 3.5mm jack for directly connecting an iPod, laptop audio feed, CD/DVD player, or just about any other consumer audio product.

    Finally, there’s a Master Volume control for adjusting total system level, and a Mix Out on XLR jack that carries the line-level output of EVOLVE 50’s mixer to an external amplifier, powered speaker or recording device.

    Setup of the EVOLVE 50 for specific applications is easy, thanks to EV's industry-leading QuickSmartDSP interface. Simply push and turn the dual-function Master Vol control to view your options via the large LCD screen. You can select from four tonal presets (Music, Live, Speech, Club) to get a head start on your sound, then fine-tune by adjusting the 3-band EQ. Store and recall your settings via five user-programmable presets to make the next gig even easier. Limiter status is also easily viewable on the LCD.

    QuickSmartMobile App
    Want to control EVOLVE 50 from front-of-house using your iPad or smartphone? No problem. Need to quickly configure up to six QuickSmartDSP-equipped loudspeakers simultaneously? Done. You’ll even receive immediate notification in the improbable event that your system experiences critical performance issues.

    Find Your New Gear at

  • Yorkville PSA1/PSA1s


    Presented by Darren Butt - Yorkville Product Specialist

    Paraline Series
    PSA1 - Compact Full Range Active Loudspeaker

    Yorkville Sound's Paraline Series active full range loudspeaker system delivers the clarity and precision of a complex line array system in a compact, user friendly format. Innovative cabinet design uses Yorkville Sound's proven Paraline high frequency lens technology pioneered in our flagship VTC Elevation Series line array cabinets.
    Two BMS 1.75-inch compression drivers mounted to the patented Paraline lens delivers a focused 15-degree vertical dispersion and wide 110 degree horizontal coverage. Four high quality 18 Sound 6-inch woofers provide a tight and ultra responsive low frequency program.

    PSA1 Paraline Lens Technology

    The heart of the PSA1 design is the high frequency Para-Line lens. Invented by Tom Danley, this patented technology transforms a point source into a uni-phase plane wave, allowing multiple high frequency drivers to sum coherently in the vertical plane without self-interference. This innovative design provides an effective impedance transformation while at the same time adjusting the path length in a continuously variable way creating a dispersion pattern with the same characteristics as that of a much deeper conventional horn.

    The Paraline Lens eliminates the impractical depth needed to make a conventional horn that would sum into a non-interfering source needed for multiple cabinet arrays. In the case of the PSA1, a vertical dispersion pattern of 15° is achieved with a Paraline lens less than one inch deep, where a conventional horn design would need to be several metres in length.

    Innovative Multiple Woofer Configuration

    Four 6-inch high power woofers mounted on the V shaped front baffle /horn utilize the entire front surface area of the cabinet to increase loading on the drivers and control pattern coverage at lower frequencies. This unique four woofer design increases power handling while reducing power compression by spreading the work load out over four long excursion voice coils and heat sinks (magnets).

    Designed for Live Sound in the Real World

    Rugged injection molded ABS cabinet and Neodymium magnet woofers minimize overall cabinet weight making a full system transport and set-up can easily be handled with a single operator. Designed to deliver maximum performance with minimum complication, the PSA1's integrated power amplifiers and internal DSP mean no external processing is required. Direct connect to mixer source and set system levels, and the system is ready for the show.

    Highly efficient amplifier design means each PSA1 draws less than 3 amps in typical operation meaning up to four cabinets can operate safely on a standard 15 amp service. This allows efficient set up using AC loop thru connections on the PSA1 while avoiding nuisance tripping of mains breakers. This also minimizes the need for multiple extension cables or access to multiple house circuits often needed for an active PA setup.

    Ideal for mobile PA applications in venues where access to complex trussing or roof hangs isn't practical, the Yorkville PSA1 cabinet mounts quickly and securely on a typical speaker stand. Innovative dual position stand mount offers two potential cabinet angles for expanded setup options. Up to two PSA1 cabinets can be stacked safely and securely on a single traditional stand.


    Ultra High Performance Compact Active PA System
    Uses Patented Paraline Horn Lens Technology
    (from Yorkville Sound's Flagship VTC Elevation Series Vertical Array Touring Systems)
    High quality Speaker Components
    (including 18 Sound 6-inch Woofers and BMS Compression Drivers)
    Focused 15° Vertical Dispersion for Minimum Interference Between Arrayed Cabinets
    Wide 110° Horizontal Dispersion Pattern
    Manufactured Using Light-weight/Strong ABS Cabinet Material
    Stacks using Standard Speaker Stand on Integrated Dual Angle Stand Mount Adaptor
    (Maximum Two Cabinets per stand)
    Installation Hardware Available
    Up to Four PSA1 Cabinets Can Be Easily Powered on one 15 Amp Circuit
    Made in Canada

  • neodymium 15 inch speaker drivers gyimpex


    15 Professional speaker hot sale subwoofer china club speaker manufacturer
    15 inch loudspeaker dj woofer line array speaker
    15 inch Woofer B&C speaker loudspeaker pro speaker

  • The Smartest Practice Amp | Positive Grid SPARK


    I’m actually blown away with this thing! It learned my songs and played me the chords!

    Check it out here:

    Video edited by John Hollingworth

    #positivegrid #spark #rabeaafro

    ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Feel free to read this ⬇️⬇️⬇️

    Hey guys, I’m Rabea. I'm the lead guitarist in Toska, Frog Leap & Dorje where I write music, make songs and have a great time with my mates. I also have my own line of guitars with Chapman Guitars, and I’ve designed numerous products with some really cool companies, such as the Victory Amps VX Kraken. Anyway, i hope you enjoy my videos, thank you for watching!

    -------------------// MY MUSIC --------------------------

    Rabea Massaad - Grinding Gears EP

    Bandcamp -
    Spotify -
    iTunes/AppleMusic -
    Amazon Music -
    Google Play -

    Toska -
    Frog Leap -
    Dorje -

    -------------------// FOLLOW ME --------------------------

    YouTube -
    Facebook -
    Instagram -
    Twitter -

    -------------------// LEARN GUITAR --------------------------

    I've created a complete online guitar course with Musicisum - Sign up here:

    Peace & Love

  • Mark Endert Interview - Warren Huart: Produce Like A Pro


    Read more about Mark Endert here:

    I recently had the tremendous pleasure of speaking with Mark Endert, a mixing engineer whose credits include The Fray, Train, Fiona Apple, Maroon 5, and Madonna, among many others. Mark and I have both a personal and professional relationship going back many years now, so we were able to have a wonderful chat!

    Beyond just the technical aspects of mixing, like cutting here or boosting there, Mark stresses the importance of creativity when mixing as well. On “Hey, Soul Sister,” for example, he added a delay on the kick drum which changed the feel of the beat rather dramatically. It’s creative choices like these, he says, that add excitement and interest to mixes. Technical knowhow is crucial, but thinking outside the box (while mixing in-the-box!) can really set a song apart.

    We do hope you’ve enjoyed this conversation with an incredibly talented mix engineer and lovely person, Mark Endert.

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    Produce Like A Pro is a website which features great tips to help the beginning recordist make incredible sounding home recordings on a budget.

  • HYBRID - How to blow your speaker?


    We decided to showcase the technical aspect on how a speaker gets blown. This short, quirky video will give you an explanation on what it takes to blow your speaker and what you should not do with your professional audio equipment.

  • VERA10 line array speaker



    VERA 10 line array speakers 10 inch outdoor VR10
    VERA10 top element is equipped with one 10 loudspeaker and two 1 high frequency drivers
    VERA10 is a vertical line array speaker system

  • Gimana tentuin xover point line array !!!


    Ilmu sesat ya iniiiii ... dicoba aja biar afdol !!!

    Yg suka tinggal like ama share

    Semoga membantu teman teman pro audio

    Mau beli call / wa 0818330002

    #splaudio #xover #smaartlive7

  • Ti audio pro 210 line array setup


    Sound check



    lite wate sipker
    650 wate sepiker
    arry liner sespikar
    new aeruns spiker
    12 ईच स्पीकर

  • Prueba Line Array..


  • HK_Bose L1 Systems Perform


    看看Bose L1的表現,如何提升樂隊演奏


    Bose® L1® systems are complete, portable PA systems that deliver clear, balanced sound and set up in minutes. A proprietary articulated line array delivers 180-degree coverage, consistent tonal balance and less SPL drop-off than conventional systems. Models are available for audiences of 100 to 500. The line array's wide coverage and high resistance to feedback allows you to position the system behind you and hear what your audience hears. The lightweight components connect easily without the need for speaker stands and are built to withstand the rigors of the road.



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