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Playlist of Sons of Abraham (band)

  • Sons Of Abraham - Termites In His Smile Full Album


    Straight edge metal hardcore from USA.
    [00:00] 01 - What Brings May Flowers ?
    [02:51] 02 - Handful Of Trinkets
    [05:23] 03 - Dos Equis
    [09:08] 04 - Nowhere Circles Around A Plastic Town
    [12:29] 05 - Turned States Evidence
    [15:34] 06 - The Greatest Of Speakers
    [18:42] 07 - I Would Have Crawled Forever (Had I Known The Humiliation)
    [20:52] 08 - Termites In His Smile
    [23:52] 09 - Some Of Us May Never See Paris
    [28:29] 10 - Last Year Halloween Fell On A Weekend

  • Sons Of Abraham - What brings may Flowers - Termites in his smile


    Sons Of Abraham, a jewish hardcore band from Long Island, New York.
    I've listened to this disc for a long time and never got bored of it.

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  • Sons of Abraham - The Common Ground 5.16.97


  • SONS OF ABRAHAM - Termites In His Smile


    an old hardcore metal band

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  • Sons Of Abraham - What Brings May Flowers?


    We sit soaked in Bloodshed to sift through the ash.
    Watched as our brothers got carted away,
    To camps so they called them to work for the man
    You sit in your big chairs and (laugh) lie through your asses.
    We sit in the death camps to sort out the past.

    Watched as our brothers got carted away,
    To camps so they called them to work for the man
    We don't brush it off, so you can't.
    Don't say you were just following orders.


    Watched as our brothers got carted away,
    To camps so they called them to work for the man
    We don't brush it off, so you can't.
    You sit in your big chairs and (laugh) lie through your asses.
    We sit in the death camps to sort out the past Gaslight.

  • Sons of Abraham - Nowhere circles around a plastic town


    Sons Of Abraham - Termites In His Smile (Exit Records - 1997)
    Jewish Straight edge hardcore band from Long Island, New York


    There are at least 2 artists named Sons Of Abraham. 1. Sons Of Abraham were a five piece hardcore band from Long Island, New York. They released one demo, a split EP with Indecision, and CD/LP titled Termites In His Smile. They disbanded in 1998, as guitarists Justin Beck and Todd Weinstock decided to pursue their other band, Glassjaw

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  • Sons of Abraham


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Sons of Abraham · Jordan Page


    ℗ 2011 Jordan Page

    Released on: 2011-02-01

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Acoustic Jigsaw - Sons of Abraham


    Band: Acoustic Jigsaw
    Album: Pieces
    Song: Sons of Abraham

    Written by Ted Pearce (recorded with permission)
    Arranged by Kevin Swedlow

    Vocals: Jackie Swedlow
    Guitars: Kevin Swedlow
    Bass Guitar: John Clark Port
    Percussion: Adam Lau

    Produced by John Lord (One Lord Studio) and Kevin Swedlow

  • Sons of Abraham


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Sons of Abraham · Hideout

    Vacant Lungs

    ℗ 2016 Mutant League Records

    Released on: 2016-04-08

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Sons of Abraham


    first song which i recorded live, am not 100%, this all not by power, not by strength but by my spirit says the lord!

  • Ron Levy - Sons of Abraham - band cover


    Ron Levy - Sons of Abraham - band cover 2015/11/01

    fender usa custom shop strat 1963 relic
    xotic wah xs-1
    e.w.s brute drive bd-1
    boss blues driver bd-2
    fender twin reverb amp

    spector bass maybe

  • Ron Levy Sons of Abraham Live


    Recorded 'live' @ the Mountain Sun in Boulder CO w/ my RLWK trio......Available @ my FB music store & CdBaby on the 'Live' or 'Best of RLWK' albums

  • Sons of Abraham - Turned States Evidence


  • De Profundis Transcending Obscurity



    Long-running death metal band De Profundis have had an illustrious career. Over the years, they've kept perfecting their sound which incorporated progressive as well as melodic elements, and for their fifth full length, they've distilled only the best qualities into a massive death metal slab that's emotive yet powerful. 'The Blinding Light Of Faith' is a bold step forward for the band into heavier territories as they eschew long, winding songs and go straight for the jugular. With a new logo made by Gary Ronaldson (Misery Index, Benighted) and a gnarly album artwork by Alex Tartsus (Sinister, Depravity) depicting the band's anti-religious stance, De Profundis are confident of their direction and this promises to be their best album thus far. It's a quintessential death metal album that manages to showcase diversity without compromising on the heaviness.

    Line up -
    Shoi Sen - Lead and Rhythm Guitars
    Arran McSporran - Fretless Bass
    Craig Land - Vocals
    Paul Nazarkardeh - Lead and Rhythm Guitars
    Tom Atherton - Drums and Percussion

  • Sons of Abraham by Ron Levys Wild Kingdom Live at Lucerne Blues fest Nov 2013


    by Ron Levy's Wild Kingdom Live at Lucerne Blues fest Nov 2013

  • Sons of Abraham


    Lisa Chavous and The Philadelphia Blues Messengers' new single now available for download at

  • Alive In The Dark- Sons Of Abraham live


    AITD playing their hit single Sons of Abraham. at the Radiant Music Venue in Nutely NJ. They were batling sound issues the entire set. Check It.

  • Sons of Abraham - Live


    Sons of Abraham playing One Way Line at Central Club Hotel, Friday 28th November 2008.

  • Sons Of Abraham by Alive In The Dark live junction 46.wmv


    AITD playing brand new song live at Junction 46

  • Ron Levy: Levy-Stubbs-Rivelli Trio, Sons of Abraham


    July 20, 2010 - Ron The Wild Man Levy on organ...Chris Rivelli on drums...Matt Stubbs on guitar - playing Ron's original composition, 'Sons of Abraham' at Smokin' Joe's BBQ - Brighton, MA

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  • Sons and Moons live at Fitzgeralds San Antonio, TX June 23rd 2017


    Sons and Moons is a local San Antonio, TX original music band. Check them out at

  • Children Of Israel - Keep On Sailing


    'Keep On Sailing' from Children Of Israel's debut self titled album. (Raz Bin Sam & Malca Baya. Copyright 2013)


    Our boat keep on sailing and the people on board
    The most high keep on hailing, life is a gift
    So we're singing and wailing, more praises to god
    Face the storm when the big wave comes, we're strong

    Palestinians and Israelis come gather
    We are all sons and daughters of Abraham the father
    So why go and kill each other
    When we could all live and love one another

    And same like moses
    we should all die of natural causes
    Don't go bomb each other with explosives
    Join forces, the choice is.

    Our boat keep on sailing and the people on board
    The most high keep on hailing, life is a gift
    So we're singing and wailing, more praises to god
    Face the storm when the big wave comes, we're strong

    We do not go and mingle with no shifty things
    with no evil things, with no bad mind things
    We do not propaganda we don't glam and bling
    We just keep it simple and clean

    Life will pass you by before you even blink
    So live it up today, rejoice and sing
    Love is the only way, there's no in between
    That's why we sail and the bad minded sink.

    Our boat keep on sailing and the people on board
    The most high keep on hailing, life is a gift
    So we're singing and wailing, more praises to god
    Face the storm when the big wave comes, we're strong.

  • Bleeding Love covered by Father Abraham Band


    For our facedown worship night - battle of the bands edition

    The bands that we hosted were allowed to sing Secular songs, given that they are no profound language in the lyrics.

    For our church, we thought we'd do a special number: Bleeding Love

  • Glory of it All- Steven Abraham Band


    Glory of it All performed by The Steven Abraham Band at Battle of the Bands 2008 hosted by ROC 3:22

  • Deeper life praise team pt


    Tasha cobbs break every chain 6/7/13 darius (keys) meme(bass) jalend(drums)

  • Jordan Howerton Band - Father Abraham - CIY Move 2009 Holland MI


    Father Abraham

  • Lisa Chavous and the Philly Blues Messengers - Sons of Abraham


    Recorded live in Fall of 2012 at the Psalm Salon. Lisa Chavous and the Philadelphia Blues Messengers perform their original Sons of Abraham. Peace in the Middle East.

  • Dr Abraham Band - Intro Songs


    Dr Abraham - Intro Songs.

  • Abraham Fri-Son


    Abraham Live Fri-Son 22.10.2011 à Fribourg en Suisse.

  • Mr. Sanchez-Son Of Abraham- 2012


    Son Of Abraham
    Produced by Anno Domini Beats
    Pueblo, Colorado 719
    Written by Isaac Sanchez aka Son Of Abraham




  • lucky - cover


    people's choice! lol

    vocals- abes $ sheena
    guitars- jeff /kiel
    keys- bernadine
    congos- abby

  • the band Sunny Abraham - Reggie 50!


  • Unhindered- Father Abraham


    at ATF...Unhindered praise band singing father abraham lol.

  • The Kin - Abraham


    The Kin performs Abraham for Music and Interview Affairs, a television show on the Rider University Network.

    February 15th, 2008.

    Crew - Vicky Vera, Karissa Redd.

  • Renascent: Son of God


    An exclusive bonus track, taken from their 2005 album Through Darkness. (deluxe version)

    I felt like a lyric video for this song was long overdue, so I decided to make one. I can proudly (yet humbly), say that this is actually my first one. Hopefully I timed all the lyrics properly, and that you guys are really blessed by this video, as I was with the song.

    All credit goes to the band Renascent. I don't own anything. I'm broke (just kidding).
    Check out their official website @... and their Facebook page @

    #Renascentband, #ChristianMelodeath, #Music,

  • We Are Coming Father Abraham


    Hear the American civil war song We are coming father Abraham With lyrics.

  • The Kilborn Alley Blues Band ft. Abraham Johnson #22


    The Kilborn Alley Blues Band (USA)
    Cafe De Weegbrug Roermond (NL)

    The Kilborn Alley Blues Band does
    gritty Chicago blues and southern fried soul for all the generations of blues lovers. This music speaks for itself; better still, it convinces you to listen.

    Andrew Duncanson - vocals, guitar
    Josh Stimmel - guitar
    Chris Breen - electric bass guitar
    Ed O'Hara - drums, vocals

    Abraham Johnson - guest vocals

  • What You Want -Son Of Abraham-2007


    From my 2007 album Sacrificial Lamb

  • ZION Official Lyric Video


    Lyric video for Aaron's song ZION about God's eternal promise to Abraham and his descendants.

  • Dandy and Friends performs Son Montuno for


    Bongo legend, Johnny Dandy Rodriguez brought his friends to the studio to perform Son Montuno. Dandy has been associated with Latin Percussion for nearly 50 years. The band consisted of:
    Johnny Dandy Rodriguez-bongo, güiro, cowbell
    Jimmy Delgado-timbale
    Pepe Espinosa-conga
    Mike Eckroth-keyboard
    Dave Santiago-flute
    Landy Felix-bass

  • Kilborn Alley Blues Band & Abraham Johnson 2011 @ Memphis On Main


    His Old Lady & My Old Lady were the SAME Lady Blues master Singer Songwriter Abraham Johnson & the Kilborn Alley Blues Band. LYRICS: I was sitting at the bar in my favorite cafe, when a stranger-he came walkin' my way. He said Do you mind if I sit down next to you? -he started talkin' about this woman-what he was sayin'--What I'm tellin' you is the truth. he kept on talkin...His Old Lady and my old lady were the SAME lady-were the Same Lady-That's what it is. What he said-She had a sister that is fine as she could be-whoahh-her sister's name just happened to be Christine-& Abraham Jr.-the name of her baby- and her mama's name just happened to be Sadie-cause what he was tellin' me right then was driving me crazy. Cause-His Old Lady & my Old Lady-she was the Same lady-the SAME Lady. Here's what he said-he said that her lovin' was the best he had ever had. And deep down in my heart-oh-I just felt so bad. He said she said things to him that would blow my mind-that's when the tears started falling from my eyes. I got up from the bar walked out the door-got in and drove off in my car. Oh, I drove around and cried all night long & I wondered-why my baby would do me wrong? You see, I didn't even bother to say goodbye-I didn't want to hear no lies and no alibis-cause what I knew then was driving me crazy-His Old Lady & My Old Lady were the SAME Lady. She was the SAME Lady. I wonder why-I wonder why my baby would do me wrong? I did my very best to give her a happy home. His Old Lady & My Old Lady--His Ol Lady and My Old Lady-were the SAME Lady. He said that her lovin was the best that he ever had. Deep down in my heart-oh, I felt so bad. He said she did things to him that would blow my mind-that's when the tears stared fallin from my eyes....improv lyrics out. Copyright-Abraham Johnson & Kilborn Alley. Nov. 5, 2011. Memphis On Main. Champaign.

  • We are Coming Father Abraham


    We are Coming Father Abraham - Performed by the Centennial Brass Band on 07/30/2011 at the Second Ripley Brass Band Festival in Bethel, ME

  • Father Abraham


    Hey guys I made his channel for you guys to send me songs you want me to cover so that I can

    1. Learn new bands and songs and
    2. Become a better guitarist

    Check out my band pathos and our new single

  • Father Abraham with Lyrics


    Familiar children's Sunday school song with lyrics.

  • Abraham/Billings Fast Train StPete FL 8/31/19



  • Son Lux - All Directions


    Son Lux • All Directions

    Directed by Nathan Johnson
    Story and concept by Nathan, Marke, and Zachary Johnson
    Produced by Ashim Ahuja

    Father • Tom Cullen
    Mother • Tatiana Maslany
    Son • River Jordan West
    Physicians • Jim Ojala, Mariko Enkoji-Busch, Aaron Esposito

    Director of Photography • Steve Yedlin, ASC

    Unit Production Manager • Robert Byrd
    Production Coordinator • Karina Farah
    Finance • Kimberly Johnson

    1st Assistant Director • Kyle Dare
    Visual Effects Supervisor • Dustin McKamie
    Special Make-up Effects by Ojala Productions

    1st Assistant Camera • Wade Whitley
    2nd Assistant Camera • Michael McGee, Kara Rittenhouse
    Camera Utility • Garrett Hanson

    Chief Lighting Technician • Mark Ramsey
    Set Lighting Technicians • Patrick Walter, Jose Ruiz, Garrett Lara, Aaron Mercado

    Key Grip • Diego Mariscal
    Grips • Conor Soules, Luis Batres, Arman Zajic

    Hair and Make-up • Courtney Hart
    Wardrobe Stylist • Amanda Maciel Antunes
    Sound Design • Onnalee Blank
    Sound Mixer • Kyle McLane
    Production Designer • Stephanie Ottinger
    Generator • Roger Roberge
    Truck Production Assistant • Angel De La Rosa
    Production Assistants • Patricia Gonzalez, Francisco Ceron
    Catering • Tasha Williams
    Graphic Design & Titles • Marke Johnson

    Genesis Painting by Zachary Johnson

    Special thanks to Brian Udovich and RocketJump, Jennifer Kuwabara, Dale Myrand, Chris Rogers and Crystal Marshall at Cinelease, Ted & Chandra, Paul Zucker

    A Made Shop production in conjunction with RocketJump
    All Directions, from the album 'Brighter Wounds' on City Slang

    #SonLux #AllDirections #Vevo

  • Children of Abraham - Claire Lynch


  • Paul Aaron Ft Abraham Velazquez Great are you Lord Cover


    Great are you Lord Cover Abraham Velazquez Ft Paul Aaron

  • Martin Smith - Song of Solomon


    Artist: Martin Smith
    Song: Song of Solomon
    Album: Back to the Start


    When I feel the cold of winter
    And this cloak of sadness
    I need You
    All the evil things that shake me
    All the words that break me
    I need You

    Over the mountains
    Over the sea
    Here You come running
    My Lover to me

    Do not hide me from Your presence
    Pull me from these shadows
    I need You
    Beauty wrap Your arms around me
    Sing Your song of kindness
    I need You

    Oh through the valleys
    Through the dark of night
    Here You come running
    To hold me until it’s light

    I’ll come running
    I’ll come running
    I’ll come running
    Back to You

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    CCLI: 6525756

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