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Playlist of Sonic Youth

  • Sonic Youth - Superstar


    Music video by Sonic Youth performing Superstar. (C) 2004 Geffen Records

  • Sonic Youth - 100%


    Music video by Sonic Youth performing 100%. (C) 2004 Geffen Records

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  • Sonic Youth - Sunday


    Music video by Sonic Youth performing Sunday. (C) 2004 Geffen Records

  • Sonic Youth - Bull In The Heather


    Music video by Sonic Youth performing Bull In The Heather. (C) 2004 Geffen Records

    #SonicYouth #BullInTheHeather #Vevo

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  • Sonic Youth - Incinerate


    Music video by Sonic Youth performing Incinerate. (C) 2006 Geffen Records

    #SonicYouth #Incinerate #Vevo

  • Sonic Youth - Bull In The Heather


    original upload by spmnh | additional audio/video post-production by sonicboy19

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  • Sonic Youth - Dirty Boots


    Music video by Sonic Youth performing Dirty Boots. (C) 2004 Geffen Records

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  • Sonic Youth - Kool Thing


    Music video by Sonic Youth performing Kool Thing. (C) 2004 Geffen Records

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  • Kurt Cobain greets Sonic Youth


    FROM 1991: The Year Punk Broke

  • Sonic youth - Daydream nation


  • Sonic Youth - Sympathy for the Strawberry


    One of the greatest works by Sonic Youth in my opinion. All copyrights belong to Geffen and Sonic Youth, not myself.

  • Sonic Youth - Massage The History


  • Sonic Youth - Sugar Kane


    Music video by Sonic Youth performing Sugar Kane. (C) 2004 Geffen Records

  • Nardwuar vs. Sonic Youth Pt 1 of 2


    Pt 1 of 2 of Nardwuar's interview with Sonic Youth outside the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, BC, Canada. April 17 1991. For the transcript and other Nardwuar Sonic Youth encounters check out

    Postscript: Nardwuar sez The record that got broken was Charlie Browning by The Young Men from Seattle Washington, released in 1963 on the Bolo Record Label. (Bolo 742) I had brought it to the interview because I had heard (incorrecty) that Sonic Youth had recorded a version of The Coasters hit Charlie Brown ---t hey really recorded Alice Cooper's Is It My Body --- I hypothesized that perhaps that they would be interested in seeing a Northwest take on Charlie Brown. When I say Northwest take I mean that The Young Men took Charlie Brown and changed the words slightly to Charlie Browning in honour of a local football player. I personally love when songs get regionalized and that damn 45 was dear to my heart! Luckily I was able to find another copy a few years later in a Bellingham ,Washington Value Village. Furthermore to my amazement,, I was told, that while opening for REM at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver in 1995, Sonic Youth dedicated a song to me: Schizophrenia !

  • Sonic Youth - Mildred Pierce


    Music video by Sonic Youth performing Mildred Pierce. (C) 2004 Geffen Records

  • Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot


    Just the song.

  • Sonic Youth - Schizophrenia


    Just the song.

  • Sonic Youth - Dirty Boots


    Sonic Youth - Dirty Boots

  • Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot


    Music Video for Teenage Riot off the album Daydream Nation.
    Dir. Sonic Youth

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  • Sonic Youth - The Diamond Sea


  • Sonic Youth - I Wanna Be Your Dog Live on Michelob Presents Night Music


    Often performed as in the encore of the Daydream Nation Tour of 1988/1989 – on this performance we are joined by David Sanborn, Daniel Lanois, The Indigo Girls and Don Fleming on Michelob Presents Night Music.

    Listen to Daydream Nation album:

    Connect with Sonic Youth:

  • Sonic Youth - Silver Rocket


    'Silver Rocket' comes from Sonic Youth's album 'Daydream Nation.'
    Listen to the full album:

    Connect with Sonic Youth:

  • Sonic Youth - Pacific Coast Highway


    written & produced by Sonic Youth | from the album Sister (1987) |
    audio/video post-production by sonicboy19

  • Sonic Youth - Evol Full LP


    EVOL is the third studio album by American alternative rock band Sonic Youth. It was released in May 1986 by SST Records.

    Track List:

    01. Tom Violence - 00:00
    02. Shadow Of A Doubt - 03:12
    03. Star Power - 06:51
    04. In The Kingdom #19 - 11:45
    05. Green Light - 15:15
    06. Death To Our Friends - 19:04
    07. Secret Girl - 22:30
    08. Marilyn Moore - 25:27
    09. Expressway To Your Skull - 29:37
    10. Bubblegum - 36:50


  • D I R T Y


  • Sonic Youth -


    Recorded live on August 27, 2004 at Rock En Seine Festival (Domaine National de St. Cloud) in Paris, FR.

  • Sonic Youth - Schizophrenia - A-D-D


    The NYC legends perform an exclusive set for our strictly lo-fi analog series, A D D.

    Produced & Directed by RJ Bentler

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  • Sonic Youth - Kool Thing


  • Sonic Youth - Incinerate


    From Rather Ripped

  • Sonic Youth - The Empty Page


    Music video by Sonic Youth performing The Empty Page. (C) 2002 Interscope Geffen (A&M) Records A Division of UMG Recordings Inc.

  • Sonic Youth - Sonic Youth Full EP


    1. The Burning Spear 0:00
    2. I Dreamed a Dream 3:26
    3. She Is Not Alone 8:42
    4. I Don't Want to Push It 12:45
    5. The Good and the Bad 16:19

    Read about it here:

    Buy it here:

    [Originally released on Neutral Records as N-ONE]

    Kim Gordon: bass, vocals, guitar
    Thurston Moore: guitar, vocals, bass
    Lee Ranaldo: guitar, vocals, drill
    Richard Edson: drums

  • Sonic Youth - Sunday


    October 10, 1998
    ABC Southbank Centre - Recovery
    Melbourne, Australia

    sunday comes alone again
    a perfect day for a quiet friend
    and you - you will set it free
    i see new morning round yr face
    everybody sez its another phase
    and now - now its come to me
    see the magic in yr eyes
    i see it come as no surprise
    and you - you turn yr eyes away
    yeh you - you turn it all away
    i guess its true its never too late
    still i don't know what to do today
    oh why - can't i set you free
    will you - do the same for me

    sunday comes and sunday goes
    sunday always seems to move so slow
    to me - here she comes again
    a perfect ending to a perfect day
    a perfect ending what can i say
    to you - lonely sunday friend
    with you - sunday never ends

  • Sonic Youth - Live in Germany 1996


    All songs written by Sonic Youth | Live at Rockpalast – Dusseldorf, Germany (Apr-07-1996)

    00:00 Teenage Riot
    07:45 Bull In The Heather
    10:38 Starfield Road
    13:30 Washing Machine
    23:00 Junkie's Promise
    27:30 Saucer-Like
    31:42 Becuz
    38:01 Sugar Kane
    46:14 Skip Tracer (additional lyrics by Leah Singer)
    50:19 Skink
    54:58 The Diamond Sea

  • Sonic Youth - Nevermind


    Music video by Sonic Youth performing Nevermind (What Was It Anyway). (C) 2004 Geffen Records

  • Sonic Youth Kool Thing


    Goo @ 1990

  • Sonic Youth HD


  • Sonic Youth - I Dreamed I Dream


    uploaded for the

  • Sonic Youth - Tunic


    Music video by Sonic Youth performing Tunic (Song For Karen). (C) 2004 Geffen Records

  • Sonic Youth with Lydia Lunch - Death Valley 69


    Music video for Death Valley '69 from the album Bad Moon Rising.

  • Sonic Youth - Becuz


    written by Sonic Youth | from the album Washing Machine (1995) | live from Germany (1996) | additional a/v post-production by sonicboy19 | ** Full show now available in 720p: **

    Wish I could change the way that you feel
    Standing with him, you feel more real
    Looking so sweet with all your might
    Trustin' in him to fully ignite
    Holding his hand like a brand new kite
    Blue eyes sparkle open alright
    Wish I could see the girl who'd fight
    Playin' and laughin' and tryin' to show it
    Runnin' and fumblin' and dying to know it
    Staring you down with her gaze, hold it
    Wish I could free you but I can't, don't blow it

    Gonna show it
    Blow it
    The devil
    Go and hold it
    Gonna show it
    Don't blow it

    Becuz of u

    Wish I could free you but I can't, don't blow it
    Wish I could free you but I can't, don't know it

  • Sonic Youth - Bad Moon Rising Full LP


    Bad Moon Rising es el segundo álbum de la banda Sonic Youth editado en 1985.

    Track List:

    01. Intro – 00:00
    02. Brave Men Run (In My Family) - 1:10
    03. Society Is a Hole - 5:08
    04. I Love Her All the Time - 10:00
    05. Ghost Bitch - 18:19
    06. I'm Insane - 22:44
    07. Justice Is Might - 29:39
    08. Death Valley '69 - 32:35
    09. Satan Is Boring - 37:57
    10. Flower - 43:10
    11. Halloween - 48:21
    12. Echo Canyon - 51:56


  • Teenage Riot - Sonic Youth


    You're it
    No, you're it
    Hey, you're really it
    You're it
    No I mean it, you're it

    Say it
    Don't spray it
    Spirit desire (face me)
    Spirit desire (don't displace me)
    Spirit desire
    We will fall

    Miss me
    Don't dismiss me

    Spirit desire

    Spirit desire [x3]
    We will fall
    Spirit desire
    We will fall
    Spirit desire [x3]
    We will fall
    Spirit desire
    We will fall

    Everybody's talking 'bout the stormy weather
    And what's a man do to but work out whether it's true?
    Looking for a man with a focus and a temper
    Who can open up a map and see between one and two

    Time to get it
    Before you let it
    Get to you

    Here he comes now
    Stick to your guns
    And let him through

    Everybody's coming from the winter vacation
    Taking in the sun in a exaltation to you
    You come running in on platform shoes
    With Marshall stacks
    To at least just give us a clue
    Ah, here it comes
    I know it's someone I knew

    Teenage riot in a public station
    Gonna fight and tear it up in a hypernation for you

    Now I see it
    I think I'll leave it out of the way
    Now I come near you
    And it's not clear why you fade away

    Looking for a ride to your secret location
    Where the kids are setting up a free-speed nation, for you
    Got a foghorn and a drum and a hammer that's rockin'
    And a cord and a pedal and a lock, that'll do me for now

    It better work out
    I hope it works out my way
    'Cause it's getting kind of quiet in my city's head
    Takes a teen age riot to get me out of bed right now

    You better look it
    We're gonna shake it
    Up to him

    He acts the hero
    We paint a zero
    On his hand

    We know it's down
    We know it's bound too loose
    Everybody's sound is round it
    Everybody wants to be proud to choose
    So who's to take the blame for the stormy weather
    You're never gonna stop all the teenage leather and booze

    It's time to go round
    A one man showdown
    Teach us how to fail

    We're off the streets now
    And back on the road
    On the riot trail

  • Sonic Youth - Paper Cut Exit


    Banda: Sonic Youth
    Álbum: Sonic Nurse
    Track: N° 8
    Año: 2004


  • 1983 Sonic Youth Interview


    Short Interview with Lee, Kim, and Thurston from Sonic Youth. Last minute interviewer, unfortunately due to a no-show who preferred illicit substances......... Jan. 8, 1983, episode #17.

  • Sonic Youth- Sister


    Essential noise rock record.

  • Sonic Youth - Drunken Butterfly



  • Show Us Your Junk! Ep. 18 - Lee Ranaldo | EarthQuaker Devices


    Learn more:

    We’ve had a running bet around the office about who might be the first artist to drop trou in an episode of Show Us Your Junk! Today’s your lucky day, Sonic Youth fans, because Lee Ranaldo is not that artist.

    But he came close. And he did expose us to a custom sixteen-string guitar built by Steve Albini with only high E strings and a penis inlay. It says, “Sonic Sixteen.”

    “That’s one of the bossest headstocks you’ll ever see in your life,” says Ranaldo.

    “So that’s that.”

    In thirty short years, Sonic Youth produced one of the largest and most stimulating bodies of work of any American rock band. Their catalog spans 16 studio albums, 4 “best-of” compilations, 6 feature-length videos, 46 music videos, 8 Eps, 21 singles, 8 improvised SYR recordings, 8 authorized bootlegs, 16 soundtrack and compilation appearances; and hundreds – actual hundreds – of guitars. They married hardcore punk with fine art, free-improvisation, beatnik poetry, musiqué concrete, contemporary classical composition, pop-rock, and selfless democratic collaboration to produce a polyamorous cacophony of tension and release that’s often imitated, but never replicated.

    During the latter third of their career, Sonic Youth set up camp in their Echo Canyon East recording studio on Manhattan’s Murray St. where they recorded their 2002 album with the same name. In 2006, they decamped to the opposite shore of the Hudson River to Hoboken, NJ to set up shop at Echo Canyon West, where their junk currently resides.

    The control room in Echo Canyon West is built around a 2” 16-track Studer A800 tape machine and a modified Neve 5106 mixing console. Since the 5106 was built for broadcast applications, it has no mic preamps. Audio signals are routed to preamps, outboard gear, and tape – bypassing the console entirely. Likewise, they shun plugins and prefer to commit sounds to tape as early as possible. Edits are performed manually using a grease pencil and razorblade to slice and dice entire takes captured on tape.

    The studio’s live room is lined with amplifiers – combos mostly – including an early ‘60s Fender Super Reverb (Lee’s amp of choice), a brownface Princeton modded by NYC amp tech Harry Kolbe, and the exact ‘50s Tweed Deluxe model like those used onstage by Neil Young during the Goo tour back in 1991. “It’s not really roadworthy,” says Ranaldo, “but it’s got that classic old Fender sound.”

    Guitar-wise, Lee mainly plays his signature Jazzmaster modified with Fender Wide Range humbuckers like those in his early ‘70s Telecaster Deluxe ¬– his first “serious” guitar. When Sonic Youth’s gear was stolen in 1999, Lee’s first Telecaster was among the guitars taken and was one of the few pieces recovered, albeit with a new powder blue finish courtesy of the thieves.

    Perhaps the most interesting lost-and-found item is Lee’s Travis Bean Artist (no. 375) played on the song “Kool Thing” (Goo, 1991) which “looked like someone had stuck it in a campfire for an hour or two” and “looked kind of cool,” but has been restored to its original condition at the request of Sonic Youth’s crew who “couldn’t stand the way it looked,” says Lee.

    Upstairs is the master tape archive where the entirety of Sonic Youth’s recorded output is painstakingly cataloged. If you’ve made it this far, then we probably don’t need to say too much about the mixdown reels for Evol, Daydream Nation, Sister, and so on. But we’ll keep a lookout for the possibility of an SYR record with Nels Cline.

    Video: Vice Cooler
    Music: Lee Ranaldo

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  • Sonic Youth -


    Recorded live on August 27, 2004 at Rock En Seine Festival (Domaine National de St. Cloud) in Paris, FR.

  • Sonic Youth - Sugar Kane


    Sonic Youth - Sugar Kane



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