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Playlist of Soft Machine

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    SOFT MACHINE - 25 August 1968 Ce Soir On Danse


    1. A Certain Kind
    2. Save Yourself
    3. Priscilla
    4. Lullabye Letter
    5. Hope For Happiness

    Robert Wyatt-Mike Ratledge-Kevin Ayers
    Filmed in October 1967.
    Broadcast on Ce Soir On Danse TV France 25 August 1968.

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    Soft Machine-Facelift Pt.1


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    Mario Zucchero - Soft Machine


    Song: Soft Machine - Moon in June

    I do NOT own the music used for this Musical Leitmotif. It's just a fan project.

    - ✅Support me on Ko-Fi, that would help me a lot:
    - Sorry for the last seconds, the song is very long and I tried to edit it.
    - And... I still waiting for the part 5. :c
    - Enjoy in Google drive:

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    Soft Machine - Hazard Profile Part 1 live at the BBC RADIO 1974


    From the album BBC RADIO 1971 -1974 (UK).

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    Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

    Out-Bloody-Rageous · Soft Machine



    Released on: 2003-08-26

    Organ, Piano, Composer, Lyricist: Mike Ratledge
    Drums, Vocal: Robert Wyatt
    Bass Guitar: Hugh Hopper
    Trombone: Nick Evans
    Violin: Rob Spall
    Flute, Soprano Saxophone: Lyn Dobson
    Bass Clarinet, Flute: Jimmy Hastings
    Alto Saxophone: Elton Dean
    Engineer: Andy Knight

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Soft Machine - Moon In June


    Mike Ratledge - Organ
    Hugh Hopper - Bass
    Robert Wyatt - Drums, Vocal

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    Soft Machine-Why Are We Sleeping?


    from the album The Soft Machine

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    Soft Machine Live in Belgium 1971


    Full and color version of the concert that Soft Machine gave on 1/15/1971 at Theater 140, Brussels, Belgium.
    The quality of the video was increased by me up to 1080p. The formation of that presentation is the most remembered and for me the best of Soft Machine:
    Robert Wyatt (drums), Mike Ratledge (keyboards), Elton Dean (sax and keyboards) and Hugh Hopper (bass)

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    Soft Machine - Hidden Details 50th Anniversary Tour - Live in de Boerderij


    Soft Machine werd eind jaren ’60 opgericht en wordt gezien als pionier van het jazz fusion genre.
    De band presenteert hun nieuwe album Hidden Details in Cultuurpodium Boerderij.

    Soft Machine is één van de meest invloedrijke bands uit de Canterbury Scene. Gitarist John Etheridge,
    saxofonist Theo Travis (ex-Gong, Steven Wilson, David Gilmour), bassist Roy Babbington en drummer John Marshall
    zorgen ervoor dat het nalatenschap van Soft Machine blijft voortbestaan.
    Met klassiekers van de wereldberoemde albums “Third” (1970) en “Fourth” (1971), werk uit de beginjaren en natuurlijk nieuwe nummers van hun plaat “Hidden Details”

    Soft Machine

    John Etheridge – guitar
    Theo Travis - tenor sax, flute, keyboards
    Roy Babbington - bass
    John Marshall - drums

    Soft Machine is one of the greatest UK avant/jazz-rock bands of all time. Their work, from their earliest performances as a psychedelic band, who were contemporaries of, and shared stages with Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, all the way to being one of Europe's best known 'fusion' bands has influenced several generations of bands, and continues to be name-checked by today's hip experimentalists.

    Hidden Details’, released in 2018, exactly 50 years since the release of the band’s 1968 debut album ‘The Soft Machine’.

    Whilst the line-up of Soft Machine may have changed many times since the heady days of the late 1960’s, the band’s spirit of musical adventure, and the ease with which it freely avoids being pigeon holed and can move from powerful progressive jazz fusion to atmospheric psychedelia to free improvised jazz-rock to ambient loop music continues to make it both unique and totally contemporary.

    Sinds 1999 is Marshall weer betrokken in de revival van de 'Canterbury-scene'.
    Hij draait mee in een aantal projecten rond het oude Soft Machine. Een eerste initiatief was SoftWhere, met onder meer Hugh Hopper, Elton Dean en Keith Tippett. De volgende samenstelling was met Allan Holdsworth, SoftWorks. Na een album werd er uitgebreid opgetreden. Nadat John Etheridge Holdsworth had vervangen, werd de naam gewijzigd in Soft Machine Legacy. Soft Machine Legacy trad regelmatig op, onder andere op 10 mei 2005 in Zaandam; van dit optreden werden opnamen gemaakt die op album uitgebracht werden. Met het overlijden van Elton Dean liep dit project ten einde.

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    Soft Machine - Switzerland 1974 Official Trailer


    Album 'Switzerland 1974' by Soft Machine (Cuneiform Records)

    Purchase now @
    Amazon (CD/mp3):
    Wayside Music (CD):

    Album Personnel:
    Roy Babbington (electric six string bass)
    Allan Holdsworth (guitar)
    Karl Jenkins (oboe, soprano sax, electric piano)
    John Marshall (drums)
    Mike Ratledge (electric piano, organ, synthesizer)

    Soft Machine's 'Switzerland 1974' (CD/DVD), released on Cuneiform Records, feature Soft Machine's July 4, 1974 concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival, and are officially licensed from the Montreux Jazz Festival. These audio and video recordings feature Roy Babbington (electric six string bass), Karl Jenkins (oboe, soprano sax, electric piano), John Marshall (drums), Mike Ratledge - and the earliest available performance footage of guitarist Allan Holdsworth.

    [The official trailer features Soft Machine performing excerpts of Hazard Profile and Riff II.]

    For more information:

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    soft machine Tale of Taliesin


    Tale of Taliesin
    Lineup (because it has been discussed below):
    Roy Babbington (bass), John Etheridge (guitar),John Marshall (drums), Karl Jenkins (keys). allan holdsworth and mike ratledge were both gone from the group by this tour.

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    Soft Machine - Softs


    00:00 - Aubade
    01:51 - The Tale of Taliesin
    09:09 - Ban-Ban Caliban
    18:31 - Song of Aeolus
    23:02 - Out of Season
    28:36 - Second Bundle
    31:12 - Kayoo
    34:41 - The Camden Tandem
    36:42 - Nexus
    37:32 - One Over the Eight
    43:04 - Etika

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    Soft Machine - NDR Jazz Workshop - May 17, 1973


    Trailer for the CD/DVD release of NDR Jazz Workshop Hamburg, Germany, May 17, 1973 by the legendary jazz-rock pioneers Soft Machine. Released by Cuneiform Records.

    Available to purchase on Amazon, Bandcamp, and Wayside:


    Line-up on 'NDR Jazz Workshop':
    Roy Babbington (bass)
    Karl Jenkins (keyboards & reeds)
    John Marshall (drums)
    Matt Ratledge (keyboards)

    Special Guests:
    Gary Boyle (guitar)
    Art Themen (soprano and tenor saxes)

    [This video features excerpts from Fanfare, All White, and Gesolreut.]

    Cuneiform Records:

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    Soft Machine - Save Yourself


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    Soft Machine - Hope for Happiness


    High Quality.

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    Soft Machine Two


    Pataphysical Introduction, Pt. 1 0:56
    A Concise British Alphabet, Pt. 1 0:12
    Hibou, Anemone, and Bear 6:00
    A Concise British Alphabet, Pt. 2 0:11
    Hulloder 0:54
    Dada Was Here 3:25
    Thank You, Pierrot Lunaire 0:48
    Have You Ever Bean Green? 0:45
    Pataphysical Introduction, Pt. 2 0:33
    Out of Tunes 0:51
    As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still 2:34
    Dedicated to You But You Weren't Listening 2:34
    Fire Engine Passing With Bells Clanging 2:31
    Pig 1:51
    Orange Skin Food 2:09
    A Door Opens and Closes 2:25
    10:30 Returns to the Bedroom 5:05

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    IridiumLIVE featuring Soft Machines 50th Anniversary Tour


    The Iridium presents Soft Machine live at The Iridium, NYC. October 12, 2018.

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    Soft Machine - Moon in June


    Robert Wyatt sings.

    from Third (1970)

    -Video Upload powered by

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    Karl Jenkins on the legitimacy of carrying on as Soft Machine


    Karl Jenkins on whether it was right to continue as Soft Machine after all the band's original members had left the band, Mike Ratledge being the last to leave in 1976.

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    Soft Machine live on RAI 1974


    Allan Holdsworth-Era Soft Machine performing Hazard Profile Part 1 live on Italy's RAI television. Its really a shame the audio was badly mixed

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    The Soft Machine - Gesolreut live BBC TV


    The Soft Machine perform Gesolreut on BBC television circa 1973

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    Soft Machine - Fifth Full Album


    01) All White (0:00) 02) Drop (6:07) 03) M.C. (13:50) 04) As If (18:45) 05) L.B.O. (27:08) 06) Pigling Bland (28:40) 07) Bone (33:01)

    Fifth Studio Album by British Jazz Fusion/Canterbury Scene Band 'Soft Machine'.

    Elton Dean: alto saxophone, saxello, (Fender Rhodes) electric piano (2)
    Hugh Hopper: bass guitar
    Mike Ratledge: (Lowrey) organ, (Fender Rhodes) electric piano
    Phil Howard: drums (1-3)
    John Marshall: drums (4-6)
    Roy Babbington: double bass (4)

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    Soft Machine - Newcastle England 1976


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    Soft Machine Alive in Paris 1970 - Out-Bloody-Rageous


    Awesome live performance. Soft Machine at their peak!

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    soft machine documentary


    portion of a show from i guess maybe 1970 that includes some soft machine interviews and footage from the classic 1970 four piece lineup.

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    Soft Machine - Slightly All the Time


    Third (1970)

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    Soft Machine - Six Full Album


    2.All White
    10.5 From 13 (For Phil Seamen With Love & Thanks)
    11.Riff II
    12.The Soft Weed Factor
    13.Stanley Stamps Gibbon Album (For B.O.)
    14.Chloe And The Pirates

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    Soft Machine - Hope For Happiness


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    Priscilla - Soft Machine


    corto tema de acid jazz de la banda inglesa SOFT MACHINE...
    tan corto, pero tan intenso y bueno....tendria que haber durado minimo 5 minutos. disfruten de Priscilla.

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    Soft Machines John Etheridge: Gear Walkthrough


    Featured in Guitarist 444

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    Soft Machine Legacy feat. Keith Tippett @ JazzFestival Francfort • 2012


    Soft Machine Legacy feat. Keith Tippett @ JazzFestival Francfort • 2012

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    Soft Machine - Hazard Profile live in Montreux 1974


    From the album Live In Switzerland 1974 (UK).

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    Soft Machine - Facelift live in Royal Albert Hall 1970


    This track is a bonus track of CD Third (UK, 1970).

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    Soft Machine - Soft Space


    Label: Harvest
    Catalog#: PSR 419
    Format: Vinyl, 7
    Country: UK
    Released: 1978
    Genre: Jazz
    Style: Jazz-Rock

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    Soft Machine - Peel Sessions Full Album


    01) Moon In June (0:00) 02) Esther's Nose Job (13:05) 03) Mousetrap/Noisette/Backwards/Mousetrap Reprise (25:03) 04) Slightly All The Time/Out-Bloody-Rageous/Eamonn Andrews (33:51) 05) Facelift (49:11) 06) Vitually (1:01:10) 07) Neo-Caliban Grides (1:11:08) 08) Drop (1:18:42) 09) As If (1:25:41) 10) Dedicated To You But You Weren't Listening (1:33:31)

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    Why Are We Sleeping?


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Why Are We Sleeping? · The Soft Machine

    The Soft Machine

    ℗ A Geffen Records Release; ℗ 1968 UMG Recordings, Inc.

    Released on: 1968-12-01

    Producer: Chas Chandler
    Producer: Tom Wilson
    Associated Performer, Lead Guitar: Kevin Ayres
    Associated Performer, Drums: Robert Wyatt
    Associated Performer, Organ: Mike Ratledge
    Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Barbara Morillo
    Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Eleanor Barooshian
    Associated Performer, Background Vocalist: Jeanette Jacobs
    Composer Lyricist: Kevin Ayers
    Composer Lyricist: Mike Ratledge
    Composer Lyricist: Robert Wyatt

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Soft Machine - Facelift


    Facelift by Soft Machine from the album Backwards, released by Cuneiform Records.

    For more information:

    Available for purchase on Amazon, Bandcamp, iTunes, and Wayside:
    Wayside -

    Line-up on 'Backwards':
    Hugh Hopper (Bass)
    Mike Ratledge (Electric Piano, Organ)
    Robert Wyatt (Drums, Vocals)

    Special Guests:
    Mark Charig (Trumpet)
    Elton Dean (Alto Saxophone, Saxello)
    Lyn Dobson (Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone)
    Nick Evans (Trombone)

    Cuneiform Records:

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    Nettle Bed


    My live-in-the-studio performance of Soft Machine's song Nettle Bed from their 1973 album Soft Machine Seven, composed by Karl Jenkins. Instruments used: Alesis QS8.2 (bass), Korg Z1 (rhythmic synth) and Alesis Ion (lead synth). Enjoy!

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    Soft Machine - Tale of Taliesin Live in Bratislava 17/9/2018


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    Soft Machine Legacy - Live Adventures Full Album


    01) Has Riff II (0:00) 02) Grapehound (8:30) 03) The Nodder (17:08) 04) In The Back Room (24:12) 05) Song Of Aeolus (33:53) 06) The Relegation Of Pluto/Transit (40:51) 07) Gesolreut (43:53) 08) Facelift (49:46) 09) The Last Day (53:14)

    John Etheridge: Guitar
    Theo Travis: Tenor Sax/Flute
    Roy Babbington: Bass Guitar
    John Marshall: Drums

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    Soft Machine - Hazard Profile


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    Soft Machine & Heavy Friends - BBC In Concert 1971 .wmv


    01. John Peel Introduction ( 1:02 ) 00-1:02
    02. Blind Badger ( 10:07 ) 1:02-11:09
    03. Neo-Caliban Grides ( 5:42 ) 11:09-16:51
    04. Out Bloody Rageous/Eamonn Andrews/All White/Kings And Queens/Teeth/Pigling Bland/10.30 Returns To The Bedroom ( 31:58 ) 16:51-48:49
    05. Slightly All The Time/Noisette ( 6:01 ) 48:49-54:50

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    A Certain Kind , Weyes Blood - Paris, Novembre 2017


    A Certain Kind (Soft Machine Cover), Weyes Blood
    Le Trianon, Paris - 11 Novembre 2017

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    Penny Hitch suite - Soft Machine


    00:00 - a) Snodland (1'50)
    01:51 - b) Penny Hitch (6'40)
    08:30 - c) Block (4'17)

    written by Karl Jenkins
    taken from the album Seven
    recorded at CBS Studios, London, UK, July 1973

    LINE-UP [entire album] (in alphabetical order):

    Roy Babbington - bass guitar, acoustic bass
    Karl Jenkins - oboe, baritone and soprano saxophones, recorder, (Fender Rhodes & Hohner) electric piano, composer
    John Marshall - drums, percussion
    Mike Ratledge - (Lowrey Holiday De Luxe) organ, (AKS) synthesizer, (Fender Rhodes) electric piano


    At the moment, this video has no restrictions for the visualization on youtube, although it contains copyrighted content; anyway, I don't intend, absolutely, to monetize any profits; it's just for cultural diffusion (in case, I remove it).

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    Soft Machine - The Borderline 16.11.18


    John Ethridge on guitar, John Marshall on drums, Theo Travis on saxophones and Roy Babbington on bass

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    Soft Machine - Bundles / Land Of The Bag Snake live in Montreux 1974


    From the album Live In Switzerland 1974 (UK).

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    JOHN ETHERIDGE SOFT MACHINE Newcastle 29.10.76


    I put this up @ the request of my friend, John.So here is John & Soft Machine.To add an element of FUN's introduced by SSpike Milligan !!.I have this complete sessiom from Newcastle University, which lasts for 25 mins.From the private collection of Colin Kellam..Visit John @: come & see me @:
    use my Contact Me Page.

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    Soft Machine Bundles 1975


    Soft Machine Bundles 1975 MP3 320Kbps
    - Roy Babbington / bass
    - Allan Holdsworth / acoustic & electric guitars
    - Karl Jenkins / oboe, soprano sax, acoustic & electric pianos
    - John Marshall / drums, percussion
    - Mike Ratledge / electric piano, organ, synthesizer
    + Ray Warleigh / alto & bass flutes (12)

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    Soft Machine - 12/8 Theme HQ



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    Soft Machine Shes Gone


    Recorded in London, April 1967. From JET PROPELLED © 1995 Spalax Music



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