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Playlist of Slaughterhouse

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    Slaughterhouse - Hammer Dance


    Hammerdance available- buy now!

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    Music video by Slaughterhouse performing Hammer Dance. © 2012 Interscope

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    Slaughterhouse - Goodbye


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    Music video by Slaughterhouse performing Goodbye. (C) 2012 Shady Records/Interscope Records

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    Slaughterhouse - My Life ft. Cee Lo Green


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    Music video by Slaughterhouse performing My Life (Explicit). (C) 2012 Shady Records/Interscope Records

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    Slaughterhouse - Yall Ready Know


    Pre-order SHADYXV and receive “Y’all Ready Know” by Slaughterhouse and “Guts Over Fear” by Eminem featuring Sia.

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    Slaughterhouse-Sound Off


    Slaughterhouse out now go buy it

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    Slaughterhouse Microphone Directors Cut / Album In Stores & Online Now


    Slaughterhouse Microphone Director's Cut / Album In Stores & Online Now

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    Slaughterhouse - Onslaught


    One of tha illest songs from their 1st Album!

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    Welcome To The Slaughterhouse


    Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

    Welcome To The Slaughterhouse · Lily Holbrook

    Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt

    ℗ 2005 Back Porch

    Released on: 2005-01-01

    Associated Performer, Guitar, Vocals, Producer, Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Mixer: Lily Holbrook
    Associated Performer, Guitar: Kyle Tzrinske
    Producer, Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Mixer, Associated Performer, Guitar: Robin Moxey
    Associated Performer, Bass Guitar, Upright Bass: Joe Karnes
    Associated Performer, Drums, Percussion: Ramy Antoun
    Associated Performer, Piano, Keyboards: Eric Lynn
    Associated Performer, Cello: Mai Bloomfield
    Associated Performer, Violin: Jameela Pedicini
    Programmer: Marc Viner
    Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Trevor Sadler
    Studio Personnel, Production Coordinator: Yasuhiro Takeuchi
    Producer, Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer, Mixer: Mark Johnson
    Composer: Lily Holbrook

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Slaughterhouse - R.N.S.


    ‘R.N.S.’, from the Southpaw soundtrack, out now on iTunes:
    See Southpaw, in theaters July 24th

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    Prodigy - Slaughterhouse


    Prodigy - Slaughterhouse
    Prodigy - Slaughterhouse
    Prodigy - Slaughterhouse
    Prodigy - Slaughterhouse
    Prodigy - Slaughterhouse
    Prodigy - Slaughterhouse

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    Slaughterhouse - The One


    How ironic is it that I'm ridin 'round listenin to Nickelback?

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    Slaughterhouse - Lyrical Murderers


    Second track off Slaughterhouse's debut album Slaughterhouse
    The super group known as Slaughterhouse consists of the four rappers:
    Crooked I, Royce Da 5'9'', Joell Ortiz, & Joe Budden.
    This Album was released on the Independent record label E1
    Slaughterhouse, is now signed to Shady Records.

    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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    Slaughterhouse - The One ft. Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Royce da 59, Crooked I


    Music video by Slaughterhouse performing The One. 2009 Slaughterhouse, LLC & E1 Music

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    Slaughterhouse en 14 de la fama, agosto 2019


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    Joker - Slaughterhouse


    Joker´s new Single called Slaughterhouse

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    Slaughterhouse I Dont Know


    [Hook] x2
    Man these streets keep on callin me
    Will I ever make it out of here
    I dont know 4x

    [Verse 1: Joell Ortiz]
    Check man its something bout that rush that you get
    When you cut up a brick
    When you ridin by the narks right after bustin a lick
    When put that V in park and shorty suckin ya dick
    And you do that so much that fuckin forget
    Its the way they respect you, its the way that they fear you
    No one second guess you when you talkin they hear you
    Its something bout that rubberband bout to pop and dimes trying to hold ya fuckin hand out the spot
    Everyday a pay day, u never try to make way
    Feelin like JJ, dynamite in ya hay day
    They kick it like Pelé around the stair like way day
    Wake up and say hey, spontaneous vaycay
    They mad like ?, u tryin to Advil
    Its that type of morning, been up last night ballin
    God spoke to me i know that rap my calling
    But even with Dre's loud i hear that fast life calling


    [Verse 2: Joe Budden]
    Dog, the streets used to have my number Back when i had the 15 inch screen
    Middle []? Hummer
    Back when i thought it will be my last summer
    Starin at the burner eyes wider than a plunger
    Where on sight they would expunge ya
    Had i stayed up wouldn't have lasted long
    Taught me everythang at my high school they didn't have classes on
    Older niggas passed it on
    Its a gap in our generation these young dudes is [?]
    We used to ask who snitchin but nowadays who ain't?
    Had to keep the 4 pound every block had it own pound
    If a showdown where to go down
    They'll turn this shit into a ghost town
    Lost so many niggas we could be goin fast
    Honesty i dont think a morning passed i wasn't mourning who had passed
    And after that life expecting
    What we dont expect to see
    Its a bunch of nigga breathing right now that after me
    And im one of the few that made it out the hood successfully
    I lose all my celebrity all my [?] Left with me


    [Verse 3: Royce Da 5'9]
    Every now and then you gotta demonstrate
    Bust a nigga head for old times sake
    Look at those signs say
    Welcome to the D
    The city that sittin inside a mitten
    You know the crime state
    Where Jimmy Hoffa's body locked away in a safe
    At a time in place where not even time safe
    I wear a hoodie to war they talkin about me now
    I wonder would he mature he suppose to be lookin for me now
    Claim they hidin from me now
    Until you find me with my foot in your door
    The street said I made a sextape
    No the fuck i didn't
    If i did MTV would nominated me for a Woody Award
    Thats off the topic tho
    Niggas walked in my house and shoppin in my closet dog im not the store
    With everything i do niggas still shit on me
    See Boogie Brown told me get over it nigga this ain't like you
    And Imma take cuz advice and move on from you niggas
    Try to move on me Imma take yo life


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    EMINEM, SLAUGHTERHOUSE & YELAWOLF performing 2.0 BOYS at the SHADY RECORDS 2.0 PARTY in Royal Oak, MI on March 24th.

    Produced & Edited by andrewivanhayes

    Special Thanks to @Eminem, @Slaughterhouse, @Yelawolf & the Shady/Interscope/Ghet-O-Vision Family.

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    Slaughterhouse - Psychopath Killer


    Music video by Slaughterhouse performing Psychopath Killer featuring Eminem & Yelawolf (Explicit). © 2014 Shady Records.

    Royce da 5'9 (Verse) -
    KXNG Crooked (Verse) -
    Yelawolf (Chorus), Eminem (Verse) -

    Lyrics with verified Annotations:

    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

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    Wax And EOM - Liquid Courage - Slaughterhouse.mp4


    Wax & EOM - Slaughterhouse From the excellent album Liquid Courage, released in 2009... Enjoy ^.^

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    Jack & Victor - Gallowgate Slaughterhouse


    Jack & Victor (Still Game) - Gallowgate Slaughterhouse

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    Slaughterhouse - Throw It Away


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    Music video by Slaughterhouse performing Throw It Away. © 2012 Interscope

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    Slaughterhouse- Wack MCs


    The hottest new Rap supergroup made up of Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, Royce Da 5' 9 and Crooked I.

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    Bushpig Scat Butcher - Slaughterhouse


    Name: Slaughterhouse
    Artist: Bushpig Scat Butcher
    Featuring: Toecutta
    Track: 07
    Genre: Brutal Horrorcore, Gore Rap
    Album: The Art Of Gore (2018)
    Country: Australia

    TRACKS FROM 2009-2018

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    Eminem - Psychopath Killer ft. Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf Lyrics


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    Slaughterhouse Move On


    Slaughterhouse Move On

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    Slaughterhouse - Sun Doobie Lyrics


    Sun Doobie off of the Slaughterhouse EP out February 8, 2011

    On February 8th, Slaughterhouse will drop their new self-titled EP through Purpose Music Group and eOne. The six track project will feature four brand new songs and two previously unreleased remixes. Fans can expect guest appearances by all three members of The Lox, Dres of Black Sheep and an upcoming singer named Iffy. If you are interested in supporting the project, please visit iTunes to complete a pre-order.

    Follow on Twitter:
    Joe Budden -
    Joell Ortiz -
    Royce Da 5'9 -
    Crooked I -
    Mr. Porter -

    Lyrics (Visit JoeBuddenLyrics [ for more):

    [Joell Ortiz]
    As long as I got my pen, I don't need a friend,
    We got ears that we each lend each other,
    My brother just hollered at ??
    He said he tired of all the lyin', deceivin' and
    dickridin', the people providin' on every ? when,
    I do it, it's stupid, I bruise it like a bad pitch,
    I lose it, my musics a movement and they just mad stiff,
    I told 'em it's mathematical when this pad lift,
    Point 'em out and I will subtract them, with an adlib,
    See the fact is, I'm a bastard,
    How can I not be macho man, I'm a savage,
    In the past I was passive now I'm mad bitch,
    I'm spazzin' you get them adidas classic where your ass is,

    [Royce Da 5'9]
    Uh-uh, Uh-uh, Nickel ain't the one at all,
    Snatch your vocal cords out and plug 'em in my wall,
    You a knife in a gun fight, our shit is raw,
    You're a square, you're silverware in a civil war,
    The Slaughterhouse wolf pack riders is under the moon,
    The reason you itchin' with your lighter under your spoon,
    I'm a lover, the lead bustin' is over me,
    You put your head in the butt, I'll head butt the ovaries,
    God dipped me in war paint for all weathers,
    I'm Mr. Spill the liquor on my alcohol tether,
    No need to ride with nobody, I feel he can help me,
    Your jeans are skinny than Em when he's eatin' healthy,

    Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah,
    Woah, Woah, Woah,
    Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah,
    Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah,

    [Joe Budden]
    Outnumbered, outspoken, outcasted,
    Outweighed outrageous odds and outlasted,
    Outlandish, so I learned to outwit 'em,
    I outsmart 'em, outgrew 'em, outdid 'em,
    Cream, outfit 'em,
    Team can't outspit 'em,
    (You could) keep sleepin' your wet dream is out wit' 'em,
    (See) Doin' a little yoga, a little karma sutra,
    Steak house nigga, used to be a ramen noodler,
    Heavy on B and E's, was a calm intruder,
    Pumped the ruger, moms called me con and loser,
    I suggest you and your mans should regroup,
    Bet against it, probably can't recoup, OUT

    [Crooked I]
    I point a pistol at your mama mia,
    I'm sick as Tyson in the ring at the Colosseum with gonorrhea,
    Fuck a rapper, my clapper as black as Muhammadiya,
    Fuck you R&B bitches, shut up, you're not Aaliyah,
    When Mr. Porter record a piano,
    Producers may wanna order some ammo,
    I'm a California corner reporter,
    Your boy wasn't born with a quarter,
    Being poor as a whore and I'm an aura thats sorta soprano,
    Look here,
    We reinvent the wheel to have a good year,
    And ya'll tired,
    We're like Tyler Perry mixed with Everlast,
    The house of pain, Slaughterhouse Gang nigga,

    Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah
    Woah, Woah, Woah,
    Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah,
    Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah,

    Mr. Porterrrrrr,
    Mr. Porterrrrrr,
    Mr. Porterrrrrr,

    [Joe Budden],

    [More Lyrics Soon]

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    Slaughterhouse - Microphone


    slaughterhouse microphone, sick song!

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    Bad Meets Evil - Loud Noises ft. Slaughterhouse


    Performed by Eminem, Royce da 5'9 and Slaughterhouse

    I do not own the rights of this audio track

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    powermad - slaughterhouse.


    banda = powermad
    pais = estados unidos
    genero = Power/Thrash Metal
    album = 1989 - absolute power

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    Slaughterhouse - Brothers Keeper


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    In Dying Lights - Welcome to the Slaughterhouse -


    Official music video for Welcome to the Slaughterhouse from the Frankfurt based death metal band - In Dying Lights - . Welcome to the Slaughterhouse, is now out worldwide and will be available on digital download.

    Directed by: Samir Laarej
    Edited by: Paul Seb (
    Photography: Paul Seb (
    Produced by: Samir Laarej
    Makeup Artist: In Dying Lights
    Model : Theresa Langer ( . An amazing actress and a doll for a girl, it was the utmost pleasure working with you!

    Welcome to the Slaughterhouse was recorded mixed and mastered by Daniel Heß (Member and Manager of the german Metal band DIEVERSITY) at the Black Chamber studio in Würzburg a region of Franconia, northern Bavaria.


    Lyrics :

    I am the sin of mother nature
    the curse of all creation
    the antithesis of all fucking truth.

    I've felt your prayers calling for my name
    a summon could indulge the pain
    it only matters on how hard you fucking try!

    I am the spawn of many atrocities
    a life built on catastrophes
    the purest fucking strain of hate

    I am discarded from my mother
    rejected from my father and I've gotta say
    thank you all for all the fucking souls

    I feed on fear , hate , despair and war!
    I walk amongst emotions that control the unfaithful souls!
    I feed on fear , hate , despair and war!
    I walk amongst emotions that control the unfaithful,
    bow to Satana!

    Failure - will never be tolerated
    smashed and broken, piles of guts,
    moist and steaming Tendons
    severed brains lay on the tables.

    What the fuck did you expect?

    Welcome to the slaughter house, little piggy.
    Welcome to the slaughter house, enjoying your stay?
    Welcome to the slaughter house, little piggy.

    Failure - will never be tolerated
    Condemned to a life - of obscurity
    in this Dimension, I explore
    my thoughts through murder,
    Invigorating from my kills.
    Torture and bodies stiffening
    Bones now ashes of time..

    Tic Tac Tic Tac Welcome to the slaughterhouse...
    Tic Tac Tic Tac welcome to the slaughterhouse
    Slaughter! House!

    Fear me, the terror is here, you are losing control
    I'm the Satana , and every time you think of me I look inside of you.

    All rights belong to In Dying Lights.

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    Slaughterhouse - Lyrical Murderers Instrumental


    As requested by a YouTube User Lyrical Murderers Instrumental [Produced by TheRealFocus] Like the Instrumental? Rate! Comment! THANKS FOR WATCHING!! ENJOY!!

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    Slaughterhouse - Truth Or Truth


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    Slaughterhouse - Truth Or Truth (Tears Of Joy Freestyle)

    Slaughterhouse - Truth Or Truth
    Slaughterhouse - Truth Or Truth
    Slaughterhouse - Truth Or Truth
    Slaughterhouse - Truth Or Truth

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    Eminem - Session One


    Check out our first collection on our new store!

    Recovery is the seventh studio album by American rapper Eminem. It was released on June 18, 2010, by Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope Records as the follow-up to Eminem's Relapse (2009). Originally planned to be released as Relapse 2, the album was renamed to Recovery when Eminem found the music of the new album different from its predecessor.

    Production of the album took place during 2009 to 2010 at several recording studios and was handled by various record producers, including Alex da Kid, Just Blaze, Boi-1da, Jim Jonsin, DJ Khalil, Mr. Porter and Dr. Dre. Eminem also collaborated with artists such as Pink, Lil Wayne, Slaughterhouse (hip hop group) and Rihanna for the album. Recovery featured more introspective and emotional content than its predecessor and the theme of the album revolved around his positive changes, anxiety, and emotional drives. To promote the album, he performed the album's songs live on televised shows, at awards ceremonies, musical events and also headed The Recovery Tour. It spawned four singles; Not Afraid, Love the Way You Lie, No Love and Space Bound with the former two both reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

    Text Source:

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    Kick it Out - Fury in the Slaughterhouse



    *Anmerkung: Viele Leute fragen nach den Tabs, zockt einfach nur folgende Akkorde durch und alles wird gut: e / Cadd9 / G / D

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    Zaandam Sheep Save - Inside Halal Slaughterhouse


    Unexpected and incredible cooperation from this halal slaughterhouse. We were allowed to see the sheep and the slaughter part. A guillotine-like machine; blood on the floor and hooks... no single animal wants to end up in such nightmare.

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    Fury In The Slaughterhouse - When Im dead and gone - 10.03.2017 Hannover


    Fury In The Slaughterhouse - When I'm dead and gone - 10.03.2017 Hannover

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    Game Over- Eminem feat. Slaughterhouse x Yelawolf - 2.0 Boys W/LYRICS


    The RapRebirth Lyricist Guide- How to Write Amazing Rap Lyrics:

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    Eminem Feat Slaughterhouse - The Solo Sessions


    Remix of both Session One & Loud Noises

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    Slaughterhouse Life In The City Instrumental


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    Slaughterhouse Ft. Freeway - Sucka Mcs


    Download The Song Here: Add Me On Facebook:
    Slaughterhouse Ft. Freeway - Sucka Mc's (On The House)
    Slaughterhouse Ft. Freeway - Sucka Mc's (On The House)
    Slaughterhouse Ft. Freeway - Sucka Mc's (On The House)
    Slaughterhouse Ft. Freeway - Sucka Mc's (On The House)
    Slaughterhouse Ft. Freeway - Sucka Mc's (On The House)
    Slaughterhouse Ft. Freeway - Sucka Mc's (On The House)

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    Slaughterhouse Who I Am Feat SLV


    Slaughterhouse Promotional Mixtape: On The House to Listen Full Mixtape @: Check out our new hip hop blog:

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    Slaughterhouse feat. Bun B - The One


    Slaughterhouse feat. Bun B - The One (Travis Barker Remix)

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    Slaughterhouse in THE BACKROOM at 106 and Park


    Exclusive freestyle from Slaughterhouse from BET's 106 & Park.

    Tune-in every Friday at 6p/5c to see more freestyles from your favorite artists in The Backroom.

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    Slaughterhouse - Onslaught 2


    Slaughterhouse - Onslaught 2 - Joe Budden, Royce Da 5'9, Joell Ortiz, and Crooked I

    No copyright infringement intended

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    Shady 2.0 Boys by Eminem, Slaughterhouse, and Yelawolf | Eminem



    Eminem, Slaughterhouse, and Yelawolf perform at the Brisk Bodega Event

    About Eminem:
    Eminem is an American rapper, record producer, songwriter and actor. Eminem along with his solo career is a member of his group D12, and also one half of the hip-hop duo Bad Meets Evil, with Royce da 5'9. Eminem is one of the best-selling artists in the world and is the best selling artist of the 2000s. He has been listed and ranked as one of the greatest artists of all time by many magazines, including Rolling Stone magazine, which ranked him 82nd on its list of The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.

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    Shady 2.0 Boys (Detroit) by Eminem, Slaughterhouse, and Yelawolf | Eminem

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    D.K Feat Slaughterhouse & D12 - Beat Goes On



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    Slaughterhouse on Joe Budden Arrest


    Rap supergroup Slaughterhouse discuss Joe Budden's arrest just before their March 29 concert at New York's Best Buy Theater.
    More details at
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    Fury in the Slaughterhouse Things like this


    Things like this...

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    Royce da 59 feat. Bun B and Slaughterhouse- Nobody Fuckin With Us


    Slaughterhouse is back! New snippet featuring Bun B off the Bar Exam 3 mixtape! Straight FIRE!!



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