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Playlist of Sharon Van Etten

  • Sharon Van Etten - Seventeen


    “Seventeen” off Sharon Van Etten’s new album “Remind Me Tomorrow” on Jagjaguwar Records

    Stream / Download ‘Seventeen’:

    Stream / Download ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’:

    Director: Maureen Towey
    Producer: Miranda Kahn
    Executive Producers: Aaron Dean Eisenberg, Zeke Hutchins, Kraegan Graves
    Starring: Sharon Van Etten, Rachel Trachtenburg
    Director of Photography: Frances Chen, Charlotte Hornsby
    1st Assistant Director: Laura Klein
    1st Assistant Camera: Marcus Odom
    2nd Assistant Camera: Mike Gialloreto
    Gaffer: Jesse Ruutilla
    Key Grip: Lloyd Hembrador
    Swing: Eren Gedikoglu
    Stylist: Dianna Lunt
    Hair/Makeup: Shannon Rae Mulligan
    Sound Consultant: Dave Rosenberg
    Caterer: Titus Mitchell
    Production Assistants: Rich Rogers, George Beno, Julia Lesser
    Editor: Livio Sanchez, Cutters Studios
    Colorist: Rob Sciarratta, SIM Studios

    Special Thanks: Jagjaguwar, Mick Management, John Kopec, Baby's All Right, Mike Boyne, Du-All Camera, Below the Line, NJ Parks Department, Kodak, Lightbulb Grip & Electric

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  • Sharon Van Etten: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert


    Watch Sharon Van Etten playComeback Kid, You Shadow and Seventeen at the Tiny Desk.

    More from NPR Music:
    Tiny Desk Concerts:

    Oct. 7, 2019 | Robin Hilton -- When Sharon Van Etten made her Tiny Desk debut back in the fall of 2010, her voice exuded fragile, gentle grace. Performing songs from that year's Epic, she huddled around a single acoustic guitar with backup singer Cat Martino to perform a set of tender and evocative folk-pop songs.

    Cut to nearly a decade later. One of only a handful of artists to get a repeat headlining engagement at the Tiny Desk, Van Etten has spent the last few years purging her bucket list: She's become an actress (appearing as a guest star on The OA), released a string of increasingly aggressive albums (the latest of which is this year's synth-driven Remind Me Tomorrow), toured the world, performed on Twin Peaks, written music for films, become a mom, gone back to school and popped up in collaborations with everyone from Land of Talk to Jeff Goldblum.

    So it's only natural that this Tiny Desk concert feels different; you can hear it before Van Etten and her band even show up onscreen. Its pace set by the ticking beat of a drum machine, Comeback Kid is in full bloom here, with a swaying arrangement that fills the room before Van Etten opens her mouth. Backed by a full band — including frequent Van Etten collaborator Heather Woods Broderick, who played the Tiny Desk as a member of Horse Feathers way back in 2009 — the singer performs with considerable intensity here, seething through You Shadow before punctuating the set-closing Seventeen with a scream that slashes through the office air.

    Comeback Kid
    You Shadow

    Sharon Van Etten: vocals, guitar; Heather Woods Broderick: keys, vocals; Jorge Balbi: drum machine; Devin Hoff: bass; Charley Damski: keys, vocals

    Producers: Bob Boilen, Robin Hilton, Morgan Noelle Smith; Creative Director: Bob Boilen; Audio Engineer: Josh Rogosin; Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, CJ Riculan, Niki Walker; Associate Producer: Bobby Carter; Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey; VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann; Photo: Mhari Shaw/NPR

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  • Sharon Van Etten - Beaten Down


    “Beaten Down”, the new track from Sharon Van Etten, available now on Jagjaguwar Records

    Stream / Download:

    Directed by Nicky and Juliana Giraffe
    Producer: Briana Goldberg
    Exec. Producers: Neil Garvey
    Production Company: Little Ugly ( (@wearelittleugly)
    Cinematographer: Tyler Weinberger
    Production Designer: Nicky and Juliana Giraffe
    Editor: Nicky and Juliana Giraffe
    Post Supervisor: Naheem Adio (@naheemadio)
    Colorist: Tyler Weinberger
    Choreography/Dancers: Allison & Veronica Huber
    Artists Stylist: Dianna Lunt
    Hair/Make-up: Stephanie Nicole Smith
    Dancer Wardrobe: Canvas by Giraffe Studios
    Label: Jagjaguwar
    Commissioner: Kraegan Graves & Robby Morris
    Music Video Rep: Reprobates (@obreprobates)

  • Sharon Van Etten - Jupiter 4


    “Jupiter 4” off Sharon Van Etten’s new album “Remind Me Tomorrow” on Jagjaguwar Records

    Stream now -

    Director: Katherine Dieckmann
    Producer: Laurie Osmond
    Director of Photography: Jim Denault
    Editor: Madeleine Gavin
    Art Director: Leo Holder
    Drone Photographer: Alberto Caputo
    First A.D: Jeff Lazar
    Gaffer: John Pirozzi
    Key Grip: Greg Meola
    First A.C.: Eve Strickman
    Second A.C.: Kiana MacClellan
    Additional Art Department: Katherine Bowling & Alison Slon
    Assistant Editor: Sam Salvodon
    Set P.A.: Marissa Gaylin
    Sharon Van Etten Wardrobe: John Patrick Organic
    Leather Cuffs: Marine Penvern
    Doll in Rushes photograph: Dudley & Betty Reed
    Moth photograph: Paul Mutimear
    Production Insurance: Unreasonable Studios
    Production Company: Ideology, Inc.

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  • Sharon Van Etten - Comeback Kid


    “Comeback Kid” off Sharon Van Etten’s new album “Remind Me Tomorrow” on Jagjaguwar

    Stream now -

    Director: Jonathan William Turner
    Director of Photography: Chris Bierlein
    Camera Assistant: Grayson Kohs
    Make up: Aimi Tanaka
    Hair: Yasutake Kosaka
    Stylist: Caitlyn Leary

    Special Thanks to Clarice Jensen

  • I Told You Everything


    Provided to YouTube by BWSCD, Inc.

    I Told You Everything · Sharon Van Etten

    Remind Me Tomorrow

    ℗ 2019 Jagjaguwar

    Released on: 2019-01-18

    Mixer: John Congleton
    Producer: John Congleton
    Music Publisher: Big Deal
    Composer: Sam Cohen
    Composer: Sharon Van Etten
    Lyricist: Sharon Van Etten

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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  • Sharon Van Etten - Seventeen


    Sharon Van Etten performs Seventeen at Glastonbury 2019. Visit for more videos and photos

  • Staring at a Mountain


    Provided to YouTube by SVE Productions

    Staring at a Mountain · Sharon Van Etten

    Staring at a Mountain

    ℗ 2020 SVE Productions

    Released on: 2020-03-10

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Sharon Van Etten - No Ones Easy To Love


    “No One’s Easy To Love” off Sharon Van Etten’s new album “Remind Me Tomorrow” out now on Jagjaguwar Records

    Purchase / Stream ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’:

    Follow Sharon Van Etten:

    Directed by
    Katherine Dieckmann

    Produced by
    Laurie Osmond

    Director of Photography
    Jim Denault

    Edited by
    Madeleine Gavin

    First A.D.
    Jeff Lazar

    John Pirozzi

    Key Grip
    Greg Meola

    First A.C.
    Eve Strickman

    Second A.C.
    Kiana MacClellan

    Assistant Editor
    Sam Salvodon

    Kevin Ratigan

    Set P.A.
    Marissa Gaylin

    Production Insurance Provided by
    Unreasonable Studios

    Production Company
    Ideology, Inc.

    #SharonVanEtten #NoOnesEasyToLove #RemindMeTomorrow

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  • Love More


    Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

    Love More · Sharon Van Etten


    ℗ 2010 Ba Da Bing!

    Released on: 2010-09-21

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Sharon Van Etten - Every Time the Sun Comes Up


    Sharon Van Etten, 'Are We There' out May 27th (May 26th in the UK) on Jagjaguwar. iTunes:
    // Amazon:
    SCD/Jag bundle: // Indies:

    Director, DP, Editor - David Scott Kessler
    Set Designer - Margaret Rolicki
    Costume Designer - Ioana Chiorean
    Animator - Mike Wert

    Sharon Van Etten
    Artist Page

    Sharon Van Etten - Every Time the Sun Comes Up from 'Are We There' out May 27th (May 26th in the UK) on Jagjaguwar.

    #SharonVanEtten #EveryTimeTheSunComesUp #Vevo #Indie #VevoOfficial

  • Tarifa


    Provided to YouTube by BWSCD, Inc.

    Tarifa · Sharon Van Etten

    Are We There

    ℗ 2014 Jagjaguwar

    Released on: 2014-05-27

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Sharon Van Etten: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert


    The music and voice of singer-songwriter Sharon Van Etten are engineered to turn each listener into a weepy, vulnerable heap. In this lovely performance at the NPR Music offices, Van Etten plays a beguiling set of songs from her latest album, Epic.

    Set List:
    Peace Signs
    Save Yourself
    One Day
    For You

    For more, visit

  • Sharon Van Etten - Seventeen


  • Sharon Van Etten - The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get


    Amazing Morrissey's cover from the tribute TMS Hearts Moz.

  • Sharon Van Etten - Your Love Is Killing Me


    Sharon Van Etten Your Love Is Killing Me” from new album 'Are We There' out now worldwide on Jagjaguwar: // iTunes: // Amazon: // Indies:

    Sharon Van Etten
    Artist Page

    Production: Greencard New York
    Director: Sean Durkin
    Exec. Producer: Emily Wiedemann
    Exec. Producer: Antonio Campos
    Exec. Producer: Josh Mond
    Producer: Melody Roscher
    Production Assistant: Shawn O’Connor
    Production Assistant: Michael Kefeyalew
    DP: Jody Lee Lipes
    1st. Assistant Camera: Greta Zozula
    2nd Assistant Camera: Htat Htut
    Sound Mixer: Luke Schurman
    Costume Designer: David Tabbert
    Costumer: Kyle Graham
    HMU Artist: Janis Marino
    The Woman: Carla Juri
    The Man: Andrew Pastides
    Café Patron 1: Sarah Kraus
    Café Patron 2: Rebecca Sands
    Café Patron 3: Juan Felipe Rangel
    Bartender: Bruce Stephens
    Bar Patron: Oleg Ossayenko
    Pedestrian 1: Farrah Tassy
    Pedestrian 2: Kimberly Ann Herman

    Sharon Van Etten Your Love Is Killing Me from 'Are We There' out now worldwide on Jagjaguwar.

    #SharonVanEtten #YourLoveIsKillingMe #Vevo #Indie #VevoOfficial

  • Serpents


    Provided to YouTube by BWSCD, Inc.

    Serpents (Demo) · Sharon Van Etten


    ℗ 2012 Jagjaguwar

    Released on: 2012-11-13

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Sharon Van Etten - Full Performance


    presents Sharon Van Etten performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded July 5, 2014.

    Taking Chances
    Break Me
    Every Time The Sun Comes Up

    Host: Morgan
    Audio Engineer: Julian Martlew
    Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Jenna Pool & Justin Wilmore
    Editor: Justin Wilmore

  • Sharon Van Etten - Every Time The Sun Comes Up


  • Sharon Van Etten - Taking Chances


    Sharon Van Etten, 'Are We There' out May 27th (May 26th in the UK) on Jagjaguwar. iTunes: // Amazon:
    SCD/Jag bundle: // Indies:

    Director, Editor & DP: Michael Palmieri

    SVE contacted me a few months back to see if I'd like to come up with some ideas for Taking Chances, her first single off the new record. When I first heard the song the lyrics immediately made me think about the opening sequence to the great Agnes Varda film Cleo from 5 to 7, one of my favorites. I usually mull over ideas for days or weeks before coming up with anything decent to share with an artist, but this one just came out immediately. I sent a sketch of the idea onto Sharon and Zeke Hutchins, her manager, then I didn't hear back from them for over a week, at which point I thought, well, damn, they must hate the idea, I blew it! But soon Zeke contacted me and asked if Sharon had sent me the album artwork. I said, no, I haven't even heard anything else off the album yet, let alone seen anything from it. Sharon then texted me pretty much the same question, Did Zeke send you the album before you wrote this? Nope. I didn't understand what the big deal was. Finally they sent me a photograph that's a big component of the album artwork, it's this beautiful aged picture of Agnes Varda standing in front of a bazillion reels of 16mm film. This image of one of my filmmaking heroes has been hanging on Sharon's wall wherever she's lived for years and years to the point where it's all tattered and weather-worn. I like to think that Ms. Varda is standing in front of a bunch of reels from Cleo from 5 to 7, but who knows. It's just one of the strangest coincidences, and it made us all feel like the video had to be made. So now I can safely say the video is inspired by two incredible women: Sharon, for her musical inspiration, and Agnes Varda, whose inspiration on the both of us is quite apparent.

    Sharon Van Etten
    Artist Page

    Sharon Van Etten - Taking Chances from 'Are We There' out May 27th (May 26th in the UK) on Jagjaguwar.

    #SharonVanEtten #TakingChances #Vevo #Indie #VevoOfficial

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  • Sharon Van Etten - One Day


    As featured on LIVE AT KEXP VOLUME SEVEN

    Sharon Van Etten performs One Day live on KEXP. Recorded 11/10/10.

    Host: Cheryl Waters

    Engineer: Kevin Suggs

    Cameras: Shelly Corbett, Justin Wilmore & Patrick Richardson Wright

    Edits: Justin Wilmore

  • Sharon Van Etten - Every Time The Sun Comes Up


    Sharon Van Etten, 'Are We There' out May 27th (May 26th in the UK) on Jagjaguwar. iTunes:
    // Amazon:
    SCD/Jag bundle: // Indies:

    Photo by Dusdin Condren

    Sharon Van Etten
    Artist Page

    Sharon Van Etten - Every Time the Sun Comes Up from 'Are We There' out May 27th (May 26th in the UK) on Jagjaguwar.

  • Sharon Van Etten - The End of the World


    The End Of The World taken from Resistance Radio: The Man In The High Castle Album - available now.

    Available on Amazon Music:
    Listen on Apple Music:
    Follow Resistance Radio and stream The House Of The Rising Sun on Spotify:

    Watch more of The Man In The High Castle:

    Follow Sharon Van Etten:

    Follow The Man In The High Castle:

    Follow 30th Century Records:

    #SharonVanEtten #TheEndOfTheWorld #Vevo

  • Sharon Van Etten - Flirted With You All My Life


    Vic Chesnutt cover.

  • #361 Sharon Van Etten - Save Yourself


    Nous avons vraiment failli nous rater ce jour là. En retard. Tout le monde était en retard. L'hôtel ne savait même pas de qui nous lui parlions. L'attente. Devant la Flèche d'Or. Le temps qui file. La session suivante. Dans un autre bar, loin d'ici évidemment. Avec la marraine du Cargo ! On attend. Le téléphone n'a plus assez de batterie. On passe au cimetière voisin. Rendre visite à un ami. Sharon est devant l'église, en séance photo avec Renaud Montfourny. Sharon vous regarde, vous sourit. Un sourire. Beau. Doux. Sincère. En allant voir Vincent on relativise tout cela. Faisons pourquoi nous sommes venus. On verra bien pour la suite.

    La Flèche s'ouvre juste pour nous. On essaie de se concentrer, de se dépêcher sans se planter. Quitte hélas, 1000 fois hélas, à passer à coté de la rencontre, des quelques instants que nous aurions pu passer avec Sharon. Et puis la voix, les voix, la guitare, la beauté, l'émotion. La douceur et la gentillesse qui émanent naturellement de l'américaine.

    Et plus rien d'autre. Ici et maintenant, au dessus de cette voie ferrée abandonnée, devant les vitres cassées de la vieille gare. Sharon et son amie venue l'accompagner sur cette journée de promo parisienne. C'est beau. Tellement beau. On ressort du magique Save Yourself un peu perdu, un peu groggy... On aimerait enchainer sur un autre morceau. On aimerait que le temps s'arrête et avoir Sharon pour nous seul, le temps d'un concert, le temps de puiser la force nécessaire de se relever, de comprendre ce qu'il se passe.

    Quiproquo sur la suite des évènements. Mais on arrive à se remettre en place pour Give Out et ne plus avoir envie de partir. Ne pas se presser, ne pas courir, ne pas enchainer avec une autre session. On aurait voulu prendre le temps. Ce jour là.

    Un très très grand merci à Manon, Pascaline, Boris et à la Flèche d'Or.

    Images : Renaud de Foville (

  • Sharon Van Etten - Save Yourself


    Sharon Van Etten performs Save Yourself live on KEXP. Recorded 11/10/10.

    Host: Cheryl Waters

    Engineer: Kevin Suggs

    Cameras: Shelly Corbett, Justin Wilmore & Patrick Richardson Wright

    Edits: Justin Wilmore

  • Sharon Van Etten - Give Out


    presents Sharon Van Etten performing Give Out live at the Bunny Glade during Pickathon. Recorded August 3, 2013.

    Audio Engineer: Matt Ogaz
    Producer: Chris Kellogg
    Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Shelly Corbett & Scott Holpainen
    Editor: Jim Beckmann

  • Sharon Van Etten - Serpents


    Sharon performed this song from her new album, Tramp, live on Sound Opinions.

  • Sharon Van Etten - Every Time the Sun Comes Up


    • Follow @wfuv:
    Sharon Van Etten performs Every Time the Sun Comes Up live at Rockwood Music Hall. Recorded May 22nd, 2014.

    Host: Carmel Holt
    Engineer: Hear No Evil
    Cameras: Deirdre Hynes, Michael Shemenski, Nick D'Agostino
    Editor: Deirdre Hynes

  • Sharon Van Etten - I Know - Later... with Jools Holland - BBC Two


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    Sharon Van Etten performs I Know on Later... with Jools Holland, BBC Two (27th May 2014)

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  • Bon Iver & Sharon Van Etten - Love More - Boiler Room x David Lynchs Festival of Disruption


    ► Bon Iver teaming up with longtime friend Sharon Van Etten for a heartfelt performance of Van Etten's “Love More” from David Lynch's Festival of Disruption at the Theatre at the Ace Hotel.

    ► More here:

    Curated and led by David Lynch, Festival of Disruption follows his vision of meditation and creativity's ability to heal the individual and society from within. He believes that sharing the power of art in a communal setting is the purest way to raise awareness and funds for the festival's charitable mission.

    100% of net proceeds from the Festival support the 501(c)(3) non-profit David Lynch Foundation to address the epidemic of trauma and toxic stress amongst at-risk populations through the implementation of the evidence-based Transcendental Meditation technique.

    Boiler Room is donating 100% of the associated ad revenue from the Festival footage to DLF - by choosing to watch the ads on this video, you support the Foundation and its mission.

    Find out more about DLF:
    Donate here:

    Thanks to the Ace Hotel for their extended support.

  • Låpsley - Seventeen Radio 1 Piano Session


    Låpsley performs a stripped back Radio 1 Piano Sessions version of 'Seventeen' by Sharon Van Etten (you may recognise it from Netflix's Sex Education) for Phil Taggart's Chillest Show.

    #Låpsley #SexEducation #PianoSession

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  • Sharon Van Etten Rates Van Halen, 7-Eleven, and Edibles | Over/Under


    Sharon Van Etten also rates oral snorkels, gas station food, and nostalgia in this episode of Over/Under

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    Sharon Van Etten Rates Van Halen, 7-Eleven, and Edibles | Over/Under

  • Sharon Van Etten - Whats In My Bag?


    Singer/songwriter Sharon Van Etten and her band go shopping at Amoeba Music San Francisco.

    Check out her picks:
    Nightlands - Forget The Mantra (LP)
    Wooden Shjips - Wooden Shjips (LP)
    Bill Callahan - Apocalypse (LP)
    Sade - Soldier of Love (CD)
    Tindersticks - Tindersticks (LP)
    John Fahey - Hard Time Empty Bottle Blues (1-4) (LP)
    Ty Segall - Goodbye Bread (LP)
    Michael Hurley, The Unholy Modal Rounders, Jeffrey Fredericks & The Clamtones - Have Moicy! (LP)
    Catherine Howe - What A Beautiful Place [Reissue] (LP)
    Damien Jurado - Maraqopa (LP)
    Richard Thompson - Daring Adventures (LP)
    Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Will The Circle Be Unbroken (LP)
    Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Sound System Scratch: Dub Plate Mixes 1973-79 (LP)
    King Tubby & The Aggrovators - Shalom Dub (LP)
    Ethan Higbee & Adam Bhala Lough - The Upsetter: The Life and Music of Lee Scratch Perry (DVD)
    Jim Ford - Harlan County [Reissue] (LP)
    Lower Dens - Twin Hand Movement (LP)
    New Order - Power Corruption & Lies (LP)

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  • Sharon Van Etten - You Shadow


  • Sharon Van Etten - i wish i knew & keep


    “i wish i knew” and “keep” are part of ‘(it was) because i was in love’ - a remastered reissue of Sharon’s 2009 debut album ‘because i was in love'.
    ‘(it was) because i was in love’ out now. Order exclusive vinyl from Vinyl Me, Please here:
    Order a digital copy here:

    Director - Sean Durkin
    Producer - Lillie Wojcik
    Cinematographer - Tanner Hall
    Sound - Tucker Grindstaff
    Color - Tanner Hall
    Edit - Brook Palmeri
    Gaffer - Doug Frerichs
    PA - Andrea Bozo

    Special thanks to Tenants of The Trees & Badlands LA

    Follow Sharon Van Etten:

    Written by Sharon Van Etten
    Published by Country Achers Music (BMI)
    All rights on behalf of Country Achers Music administered by Words & Music, a division of Big Deal Music Group
    All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. International Copyright Secured.

    Copyright (C) 2017 Language of Stone / SVE Productions c&p.

    #SharonVanEtten #IWishIKnewAndKeep #Vevo #Indie #VevoOfficial #live

  • Sharon Van Etten - Hands


  • Sharon Van Etten covers Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds People Aint No Good for Like A Version


    Sharon Van Ettan covers Nick Cave for triple j's Like A Version.
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    Like A Version is a segment on Australian radio station triple j. Every week a musician or band comes into the studio to play one of their own songs and cover a song they love.
    Since 2004, many artists have participated, including Childish Gambino, Lorde, CHVRCHES, Tame Impala, Tash Sultana, HAIM, Gang of Youths, Halsey, DMA'S, Aurora, Arctic Monkeys. You can watch past sessions here:

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  • Sharon Van Etten - One Day/Tarifa


    To figure it out...

  • Sharon Van Etten - #MicroShow performance for The Current


    Sharon Van Etten performs a MicroShow for The Current at the Warming House in Minneapolis on Feb. 17, 2019.

  • Love More-Sharon Van Etten


    Love More by Sharon Van Etten

  • Sharon Van Etten - Departure | Amazon Music


    Amazon Music’s Departure provides an exclusive look at Sharon Van Etten’s final days living in New York City, her home and inspiration for 15 years.

    #AmazonMusic #SharonVanEtten


    About Amazon Music:
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    Sharon Van Etten - 'Departure' | Amazon Music

  • Sharon Van Etten - You Shadow


  • Sharon Van Etten - Tell Me


    Sharon Van Etten performs Tell Me live on KEXP. Recorded 11/10/10.

    Host: Cheryl Waters

    Engineer: Kevin Suggs

    Cameras: Shelly Corbett, Justin Wilmore & Patrick Richardson Wright

    Edits: Justin Wilmore

  • Sharon Van Etten - Serpents


    Acoustic demo version of the song I consider to be one of the best of 2012 so far. Album Tramp out now.

    Serpents in my mind
    I am searching for your crimes
    Everything changes
    In time

  • Sharon Van Etten - Jupiter 4


  • Sharon Van Etten performing Seventeen live on KCRW


    Four years after the release of her EP I Don’t Want to Let You Down, Sharon is set to release her new album, Remind Me Tomorrow, to the masses. We are excited to host her in our basement studio where she’ll premiere brand new music on the eve of her album release.

    Watch the full session here:

    Music | Culture | News | NPR

  • Sharon Van Etten - Seventeen



    The inimitable Sharon Van Etten stopped by the Triple R Performance Space to play a live-to-air set to a packed room of Triple R subscribers. This track is entitled 'Seventeen', and appears on her 2019 LP Remind Me Tomorrow (Jagjaguwar).

    Directed and produced by Andrew Watson (

    Cameras by Andrew Watson, Aaron Cuthbert & Caitlin Reilly

    For more interviews and live performances, check out the Triple R website at

  • Sharon Van Etten- Remind Me Tomorrow Full Álbum


    Sharon Van Etten- Remind Me Tomorrow Full Álbum

  • Sharon Van Etten - One Day


    Sharon Van Etten - One Day



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