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Playlist of Self Defense Techniques For Vegetables

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    Self Defense Techniques For Vegetables - Cartoons 603


    Self Defense Techniques For Vegetables - Cartoons 603
    Self Defense Techniques For Vegetables - Cartoons 603
    Self Defense Techniques For Vegetables - Cartoons 603

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    Vegetables Save City From Slime - Cartoons 602


    Vegetables Save City From Slime - Cartoons 602
    Vegetables Save City From Slime - Cartoons 602
    Vegetables Save City From Slime - Cartoons 602

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    In Defence - Curbside Dentistry Profane Existence - A BlankTV World Premiere!


    - In Defence - Curbside Dentistry - Like this video? Come see thousands more at the Net's largest, uncensored, completely d.i.y. music video site,! We've got News, Games, Contests and the stuff that we can't show on YouTube!

    Free! Uncensored! Retarded!!


    Other Purchase Link:

    In Defence - Curbside Dentistry Profane Existence A BlankTV Feature!

    Artist city, country: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

    Artist Biography: In Defence is a tacotarian, hardcore, thrash, crossover band from Minneapolis that has 3 full-length albums and over a dozen 7 records. They have toured the US multiple times including Puerto Rico as well as 12 different European countries. Fresh off a tour with MDC and Verbal Abuse, In Defence has plans to return to the road in the fall of 2013.

    About The Video: This video takes a sarcastic and humorous approach to the serious issue of the lack of affordable health care in the United States. This video takes a Troma-esque approach to exploring DIY dental health alternatives.

    Director Name: Jeff Nicholas
    Director Link:
    Producer Name: Jeff Nicholas
    Producer Link:

    Artist Website:
    Other Link:

    Label Name: Profane Existence
    Label Website:

    Song Lyrics: Got a toothache? In a lot of pain? No dental insurance? No Novocaine? Not good with pliers, hammer or a saw? You better find a skinhead to kick you in the jaw. Curbside Dentistry. All it costs is a beer. Curbside Dentistry. Doctor Martin is here. Boot to the head, your tooth problem is gone. The skinheads are laughing and singing an Oi song. You got a cool story to tell all your friends. You're missing some teeth, but at least you won't have to brush them again.


    Check out the BlankTV official website:

    Check out the new merch!

    Follow us on Twitter:

    Like us on Facebook:

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    REANIMATION Hydroponics in Space



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    Emergency Siren is On | Doctor Cartoon | Nursery Rhymes | Kids Songs | Kids Cartoon | BabyBus #6


    Emergency Siren is On | Doctor Cartoon | Nursery Rhymes | Kids Songs | Kids Cartoon | BabyBus #6
    Thank you for watching the video!😍😍 💜💙

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    Hear Me Screamin


    Provided to YouTube by DashGo

    Hear Me Screamin' · Casey Veggies

    Sleeping in Class

    ℗ 2011 Peas & Carrots Intl.

    Released on: 2011-09-20

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Proven Strategies For TIs To Deal With Narcissistic Torture



    The medical and natural health information contained in this video is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes.

    This information is not intended to be patient education, and should not be a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.  Please consult your health care provider, before making any healthcare decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition.

    Mr. Snitzer shall have no liability, for any damages, loss, injury, or liability whatsoever suffered as a result of your reliance on the information contained in this video. 

    I have not and probably never will make one dime from this You Tube channel.  I have no agenda and no handler giving me orders unlike most of the liars in the TI community.

    Please take the time to go through these links.  Its all good stuff which will make your lives much easier.  And consider sharing whatever information that you think would help someone else. You don't even have to give me credit.  Just pass along any information which has helped you to other people who are getting these sadistic tactics. 


    One of the best talks on multiple chemical sensitivity including the symptoms of it in plain english: This might add a lot to your knowledge on electric chemical sensitivity and EHS.  Really good.   

    A lot of this actually makes sense as far as the neurotech they use on targetes because what he speaks of is 100% of what many targets speak about as far as being controlled, multiple conicidences and much more-Please keep an open mind while listening and every time you hear the word aliens substitute the government

    Tom Montalk Military Principles of Spiritual Warfare 1/2

    Spoon theory: 

    How to pace yourselves to conserve your energy:

    Treating stress from targeting BY YOURSELF: Emotional Freedom Technique demonstrations: 

    Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Demonstration - YouTube:

    Tightrope Concept

    This is one of THE top books on detoxification: Strong buy recommendation: 

    Some very useful & practical ways you can reduce your toxic load:


    Building biology: GREAT ways to reduce your exposure to EMF and chemical toxins in your apartment or home: 

    Dealing with Narcissists 

    Video Playlist Of Why An Animal-Based Diet is healthy 

    and why the vegan diet is not what human beings were designed to eat:

    Safe ways to light your home and become healthier: 

    EMF Dangers - The BIG Cover-Up And What You Can Do About It  ElectricSense

    Faraday cage info: 

    ; ;


    Online tests for high functioning Autism: 


    10 Antinutrients to Get Out of Your Diet … and Life

    Believe it not, plants have chemical defenses for themselves and their children (seeds, nuts) so plants have evolved complex chemical defenses from predators (animals and Humans) in order to survive-MOST of the produce you are used to eating are not fruits, vegetables, legumes and seeds that Human beings evolved to eat-Clean up your diet and your mind and body will become stronger and you will deal with all of life's stressors better:


    The truth about grains and getting them to work for you so that you have more energy:


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    Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS

    Knife (feat. Lriquandri) · Mili Bandz

    Rich Class

    ℗ Badness Records

    Released on: 2019-02-17

    Featured Artist: Lriquandri
    Author: Mili Bandz
    Composer: Mili Bandz

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Makunouchi Bento - Plasticine Passangers for Wooden Trains


    Whatever happens to me during weekdays, on Saturday and Sunday morning I can't help it: my inner self regresses to a 5 year old boy mental state. It's my defence mechanism that pulls me back through time without my consent. It's a shower of heartfelt nostalgia that makes me look foolish; it's the wild animal-child in me that grabs my ego and smashes it to pieces like a fist in a bowl of ripe strawberries, spilling sweet red syrup instead of bitter blood. A couple of hours I'm the chief of a train station in the cardboard mountains with green onion forests, peering solitarily through myopic eyes towards wooden trains filled with rushed plasticine passengers. The evening goes on with the Saturday bath, a festive occasion of simulating historical underwater battles with my hands morphed into submarines, facing the fast attack of a rubber duck convoy. Sunday ends with the adventures of a couple of sad porcelain cats escaped from home and lost in the immense field underneath my grandparents' table. Monday morning, the alarm clock brutally shatters the spell - but the clock wants all the best for you, he's your ally: he wants me to tell you, through sounds, all these stories that happened in the weekend.

    Makunouchi Bento - Scame
    2012, Eerik Inpuj Sound [EIS010]
    Free download:

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    Claire- Defense Girl


    An improvised song by Claire.

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    Exit-Stance - Crime Against Humanity


    Mean sounding anarcho punk from uk

    0:00 Ballykelly Disco
    3:06 Mankinds Hand
    5:40 Blinded By Fear
    7:29 Operation Successful

    Ballykelly Disco

    I bear the scars, do they show
    from the night we all got legless at the ballykelly disco
    drinking and dancing behind the wire mesh
    a blinding flash and the smell of burning flesh
    corpses stink at the ballykelly disco
    dance of death at the ballykelly disco
    scarred for life, where it does not show
    the night i lost my mind at the ballykelly disco

    Bombs in your pubs, carnage in the dark
    solders blown to bits in the bloodshed at hyde park
    national outrage, vengeance sought
    under the guise of protection lives are easily brought
    two armies face each other across the barbed wire mesh
    the result - misery and the smell of burning flesh

    Violence no matter, under any pretence
    be it pursuit of freedom or in national defence
    is a crime against humanity, a sick and violent lie
    it will be part of our lives, until we give
    peace and trust a try
    the end never justifys the means
    irish or english - we are all human beings

    I bear the scars, do they show
    from the night we all got legless at the ballykelly disco
    drinking and dancing behind the wire mesh
    a blinding flash and the smell of burning flesh
    corpses stink at the ballykelly disco
    dance of death at the ballykelly disco
    scarred for life, where it does not show
    the night i lost my mind at the ballykelly disco

    Mankinds Hand

    Toxic chemicals from mankinds hand
    poison the air, poison the land
    poison the sea, poison our earth
    they see all around only in terms of what its worth

    Mankind sees only profit, where others need
    where others see beauty, big business sees greed
    factories depose of waste in our lakes
    destruction of the countryside
    thats what the price of progress makes
    housing estates where once stood fields and trees
    now its TC ariels not flowers that sway in the breeze

    And their shit fills the streams
    and their shit fills the sky
    when mankind sees room for expansion
    then something must die
    so they cut down the forests
    our oxygen supply

    Chemicals dumped by mankinds hand
    in ignorance we poisoned the land
    where the animals graze and the vegetables are grown
    the seeds of our destruction carelessy sown
    and we eat the products from the poisoned land
    poisoned bodies, poisoned winds

    Toxic chemicals from mankinds hand
    poison the air, poison the land
    poison the sea, poison our earth
    they see all around only in terms of what its worth.

    Blinded By Fear

    Religious carnage for religious gain
    holy inquisition or trial by flame
    control of the human mind in the name of truth
    look at the history books not hard to find the proof
    our inheritance is on of the religious slaughter
    from the holy crusades to britains war across the water
    through peoples ignorance and fear
    they seek to control
    religious dominance the ultimate goal

    Christianity has been the cause of so much hatred
    through a god they exist
    a god ignorance has created
    your faith is blind no more than a con
    to exploit peoples insecurity must be wrong

    Blinded by an age old superstition
    blinded by a biogted control
    their buil their evil institution
    on who they killed and what they stole
    our inheritance is one of religious slaughter
    from the holy crusades to britains war across the water
    through peoples ignorance and fear
    they seek to control
    they built their evil institution on who they killed
    and what they stole

    History proves that jesus loves us all

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    Phones grow on trees...😳


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    Tong Il Moo Do


    My semi final match in Thailand Dismas Agutu vs Philipino fighter

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    POMME Stay Alive


    Pomme live May 2012

    Video and editing: Guille Álvarez
    Recording: Alex (Condor) Aligizakis and the production class at Nimbus Vancouver
    Mix: Russ Mackenzie

    Vocals: Yael Cohen
    Guitars: Ryan Drolet
    Bass: Russ Mackenzie
    Drums: Dimi Karabov

    Music and Lyrics: Yael Cohen

    Special Thanks to: Holly Renault, Matt Girvan, Nolan Gladu, Carson Field, Marshien Maleficent, Alex Geisler, Shannon Bulmer, James Barry, Zach Schultz

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    Spitz, Purple, Faith SFX - ClocksTickin


    Clock's Tickin by Spitz Of Renwick feat Purple & Faith SFX (2006). Taken from the album Bag Of Sand: Self Defence. NuVibes Records (2006).

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    Throatpunch - Needledeath 2018


    Throatpunch - fast hardcore/powerviolence band from Lincoln, UK

    1.Pig Central
    2.Hippie Curb Stomp
    3.Millions Of Dead Rapists
    4.Mucky Dead Sandwich
    5.Corpse Shovellor
    6.Rat Christ
    7.420 Smoke Em //1999//

    Note: If you are a member of the band or a member of a label related to this release and you want the video to be removed please let me know by sending me a pm on youtube or on facebook page or on my email adress.

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    Barry Cuda heads down Lazy Way


    Barry Cuda heads down Lazy Way on the way to his gig at B.O.'s Fish Wagon.

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    What I Eat in a Day on a Raw Carnivore Diet


    I'm no longer eating any veggies or seaweeds. I also ditched the tea. Feeling AMAZING!

    Ever heard of a raw primal diet? Well, it's a way of eating that has helped me achieve levels of health that I didn't know were possible. I used to have a chronic digestive issues. No longer do I suffer from the bloating, gas, fatigue, histamine reactions, joint and stomach pains I once did. My hair is growing back thicker, my nails are growing, my skin is glowing, I'm gaining muscle mass. Its been amazing.

    This is just an example of what I eat in a day. I know that eating raw meat is controversial, but it's what's worked for me and I've watched it work for many other clients and friends as well. If you have SIBO, chronic bloating, leaky gut, histamine overload, or chronic pain, you might want to consider giving it a try.

    Do you think you’re broken? You’re NOT. You can HEAL YOURSELF!


    Want more diet advice?

    *~*~*~Connect with me at TGURLEY7@GMAIL.COM with the subject “I’m Ready” to work with me to get you living your best life

    Enliven Wellness is where you learn cutting-edge, practical, effective, and empowering techniques to learn how to heal yourself.

    *~*~*~ I offer FREE 15-30 minute phone consults to see if we jive and if you'd like to work with me toward your health goals. Email me and lets connect!

    Thank you for supporting this channel!

    *~*~*~* Instagram @enlivened_one
    *~*~*~* Facebook Enliven Wellness.

    *~* JOIN ME for YouTube live every Tuesday starting at 8:00 PM MST (check your local time listings to see what time is for you)!

    ~*~ Buy “The Gift from the Mother” (HUMIC AND FULVIC MINERALS) from this link! This stuff is lifesaving:

    *~*~*~* GET MY EBOOK, “The Vitamin C Flush Tips and Tricks” here!

    *~*~*~* Check out my articles on and (just type in my name, “Tessa Gurley” and you’ll find great info for FREE!)

    You’re here because you probably feel lost and need some guidance. Enliven Wellness is all about guiding people on their own health journey. You truly can heal yourself. I'm here to teach you what I know has helped me on my health journey, and help you discover the vital YOU that's already inside you just waiting to come out.

    My name is Tessa and I’m a Quantum Health Consultant. I’m currently getting my Master’s in Integrative Medicine from the George Washington University. I started on this path because I was chronically ill for over 7 years with a multitude of mysterious symptoms. I finally got to a point where I was suicidal because I simply could not live with how I was feeling. At that point, I began a quest; a quest to get to the root of the issue and a quest to finally feel vital again. Currently, I am healing from something called CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) as the result of Lyme Disease, Toxic Mold poisoning combined with a genetic predisposition to be more sensitive to both of these biotoxins (HLADR SNP, for you geeks out there). Check out my video, “What It’s Like to Live With CIRS” to hear more about my story.

    *~*~*~*~Session pricing*~*~*~*~
    90 minutes: $110
    60 minutes: $75
    30 minutes: $40 USD

    Payment is taken via Venmo or other arrangements :-)

    What's helped me is getting back to the basics. Getting to the root of true wellness and vitality. I'm passionate and obsessive about finding the best healing methods and look to personal, anecdotal and historical “evidence”, as well as more Western, research-based “evidence” as to what really works and what doesn't.

    Like! Comment! Subscribe! Share! It all helps get the word out about the illnesses that are on the brink of becoming epidemic in proportion.

    Tessa Gurley does NOT claim to be able to diagnose, treat, prescribe for, palliate, or prevent any human disease; ailment; pain; injury; deformity; physical condition; or a behavioral, mental health, or substance use disorder, whether by the use of drugs, surgery, manipulation,electricity, telemedicine, the interpretation of tests, including primary diagnosis of pathology specimens, images, or photographs, or any physical, mechanical, or other means whatsoever.

    Tessa Gurley is a graduate student at the George Washington University School of Medicine, Integrative Medicine Program. She is under the direct guidance of Dr. Leigh Frame MD, the director of the Integrative Medicine Program at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. She is on track to becoming an Integrative Medicine Practitioner upon graduation.

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    Drippity-Drop Scott Cadwallader


    Video Experiment #59 - The lyrics are disjointed and there are a number of mistakes... but - I think it's kind of fun!

    ©2010 Scott Cadwallader


    Cold winds blow and cold winds moan - But they can't penetrate this fur I've grown
    To keep warm my foolish heart

    I know I quit this years ago - But here it comes again and don't you know
    I'm falling again like at the start

    All day long, these thoughts don't stop - And Rain keeps fallin' drippity-drop

    I try to be straight but it comes out weird - And whatever I say falls on deaf ears
    But my self respect, it ain't nearly gone

    I might be dramatic with the words I speak - But my heart's on fire, so my thoughts won't keep
    Maybe one day it'll all turn out

    Right now, all day, these thoughts don't stop - And Rain keeps fallin' drippity-drop

    There ain't no plan I just play it by ear - Plowing ahead despite my fear
    There ain't no knowing if my bubble's gonna burst

    Gonna dot my i's and cross my t's - Say my prayers at night and brush my teeth
    Be at the head of the line so I can meet her first

    Rabbits team up and go hippity hop - And make baby rabbits until they drop
    But I don't think that's what I'm all about

    After some time, when the garden has grown - Maybe I'll be reaping the seeds I've sown
    A true love song might fill the air

    Right now, all day, these thoughts don't stop - And Rain keeps fallin' drippity-drop


    After some time, when the garden has grown - Maybe I'll be reaping the seeds Ive sown
    A true love song might fill the air

    I know I quit this years ago - But here it comes again and don't you know
    I'm falling again like at the start

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    Maria dançando com a Ladybug


    Aniversário de 7 anos

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    I say little but it strike hard
    I dont live rough but these thoughts bombard
    my dome cant take the pressure
    so i let it go
    and dont worry bout nervousness Dont worry bout bein shy
    Ima just do khi let my soul fly
    to the music to the vibe everytime
    I love it when they recite back
    I love it when you boo
    I love it when you doubted me now you pullin my sleeve like tissues
    right out the box
    I can only do the best thats never stop
    rainin down then they drop
    but you see the puddle of water dont step on that spot
    the decision of my slaughter I count it like wristwatch
    started movin on my own but they forgot me like chris bosh
    so I tell em fuck off when they come back
    I dont need your support son I got rap
    I dont need your whores son I got that
    I dont need your chores son I got crap
    to deal with on my own time
    And time is short
    my fort is collaspin im tryin master be the dapper rapper and pull out
    before I go backwards
    get high off the beat thats my special herb
    and I love it like my words
    I love it like that girl that sat down with me and talked truth
    instead of jus cuddlin and fuck
    im tired of bitches actin like whores and little sluts
    needa grow up turn down the stereo
    cuz all they playin is toxic robotic killin postivity and logic
    I told em to stop it
    but they spit it back in my face like exorcisms and vomit
    I didnt understand it but now I do
    Kick the bullshit to the curb freddi adu
    im steady and smooth
    im ready to make moves
    im ready to make you
    coinside with the force
    chillin ridin to the source
    coastin toastin bustin nuts like peter north
    this means somethin like a sport
    cuz im flowin to my goals
    and I will never let go

    And I dont never stop
    Official rhyme alphabet to the last dot
    make a pot start steamin off the thoughts im bringin
    in your mind
    your region
    get your mind off the fiendin for seman I gotta reason for treason
    I beat em with knowledge you lookin stupid with no job and 4 years of college
    now you lookin like a scholar but you need some fuckin dollars
    while im chillin sittin in my apartment spittin in the darkness
    not an emo faggot but I started the sparkin without a target we get your heart lit
    not bow and arrows
    hot roman pharoahs
    takin over easily cuz your minds so narrow
    bow to the zero
    cuz you lost in debtlike the rest
    but Im just a child
    they said you needa reason to spit
    I told that demons reignin inside my brain is a bottomless pit
    and I try to keep em out
    by usin these melodic tunes from my mouth
    that bring positivity to your scalp
    and if i think correctly thats the right route
    and if i think correctly you needa white out your mind outta my house

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    Shaolin Monks Kung Fu Masters Live


    Like me on Facebook
    Clip of Kung Fu Masters Live Show with original score by Stuart Wood.

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    La Mas Bonita de la Secu


    Provided to YouTube by DistroKid

    La Mas Bonita de la Secu · El Quihui

    La Mas Bonita de la Secu

    ℗ 1344786 Records DK

    Released on: 2019-07-02

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

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    Toxic suspects of spray - Paul Smutz


    Paul Smutz presenta Toxic suspects of spray


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    Kyd Chiefly - LIFE


    a smooth song by the rising DMV artist Kyd Chiefly... vibe out and chill... spark one to this... produced by Hannibal King...

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    IV Music | Tribute to the Ladies of LIFESpa 2018


    A project of Indigenous Vision in support of musicians across turtle island. Living Indigenous & Fostering Empowerment (LIFE) Spa camp included young Zuni, Hopi, Yavapai, Apache, Dine and Blackfeet girls who spent time with grandmothers from their Tribal Nations learning about #healing plants, #traditionalfoods, the #environment and #indigenous #woman relationship, missing, murdered indigenous women #mmiw and some killer moves in self defense! The week also explored various methods of self-care like yoga and breathing techniques, paying attention to intuition and dreams as traditional guidance and #goal setting. A major highlight from the week was a healing with music workshop by LightningCloud, where Henry Andrade and Crystle Lightning helped the girls develop lyrics, choose a beat and record. Look for their video called Trapped in the Flow on Indigenous Vision Facebook, YouTube channel and the Healing with Music initiative by LightningCloud.

    Artist: Dey & Nite
    Song: Heaven
    Album: Single

    Artist: JB The First Lady
    Song: Still Here
    Album: Single

    Artist: Voice Of Honey
    Song: SettinThe Bar
    Song: Single

    Artist: Lightning Cloud
    Song: Hang It Up Daddy Feat. Dey & Nite
    Album: Lightning Cloud

    Artist: Eekwol
    Song: Too Sick
    Album: Single
    Artist: NRG Rising

    Song: Take Us High
    Album: Say Yes To Life

    #support #indigenous #sisters

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    Unlocking your Human Potential - Step ONE: Start your day off right


    Start your day off with a morning smoothie. Make sure you use a mixture of both fruits and veggies.

    Classic Combo with Variations:
    1+ Greens: Kale/Spinach/Arugula
    2+ Herbs: Parsley/ Cilantro/ Mint/Thyme
    3+ Specialty: Cucumber/ Celery/ Carrots/ Ginger
    4+ Berries: Strawberry/ Blueberry/ Blackberry/ Raspberry
    5+ Citrus: Orange/ Lemon/ Grapefruit
    6+ Fruits: Banana/ Apple/ Peaches/ Plum

    Variety is the spice of life. Every week when I go grocery shopping I choose one ingredient from each category (Greens,Herbs,Specialty,Berries,Citrus,Fruits) and I buy enough of each to make the smoothie 7 times. The following week I switch up the ingredients and so on and so forth.

    This contains a lot of energy which is sufficient enough to allow you to substitute for breakfast. However, athletes and highly active people should have small breakfast shortly after their morning smoothie. I personally make something which I call POWER OATS.

    This is step one in unlocking your human potential. Start your day off with a stimulating routine and the rest of the day is yours to own.

    Wake up:

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    BLUSHING FLOWER @ Le Bistro du Parc - ST LOUIS BLUES 00013


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    Man vs Wild Soundtrack Will Farell special ending


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    Paul Stamets fighting breast cancer with the help of Turkey Tail Mushrooms


    I think Pauls work is really important to share with the world. Especially this part about breast cancer and how he helped his mum rid herself of this terrible disease with the help TurkeyTail Mushrooms. (disclaimer: please note I am not Paul Stamets and I am not a doctor either. I do not know Paul personally and I unfortunately can not get you in direct contact with him either). But I thought it was worth while sharing this video clip which I found on Youtube to help spread his message. I think it is important work to be shared in hope that it may help someone and point them in the right direction. this website sells Turkey Tail Mushrooms. Brand: Host Defence and is produced under the direct supervision of Paul Stamets. Also use 'Stamets 7' capsules for extra immunity support
    shop at:

    Additional Paul Stamets Video link:

    More info on Turkey Tail Mushrooms:

    Also as a side note: If you are looking for a natural way to try and kill cancer. I have seen recent videos and studies about THC oil being a powerful cancer and tumor killer. Check out a guy called Rick Simpson for more info about how THC oil may help.
    Watch the documentary 'Run From The Cure' also available here:
    also look at this:

    Also the Chipsa hospital and cancer treatment center is also worth exploring and considering for your treatment. Video link:

    Info on Iodine: Global Healing Centre

    Like any health issue. Prevention is the best way. From what I have learnt cancer is caused by a build up of bad toxins in your body which then causes issues. So In my personal (non medically trained) view, this means doing a range of healthy things to lower your chances of developing issues over time. Eating organic green vegetables, also eating fruit and dark berries, cutting down or cutting out processed foods all together. Having a low sugar and low alchohol intake. Drinking lots of clean filtered drinking water, supplementing your immune system with Iodine and mushroom capsules and also digesting CBD and THC oils. Cleansing your body of toxins. Spending time in nature and enjoying meditation. Its a combination of things that together helps combat this disease.

    Thanks for reading. I hope this video has been helpful to you

    Take care and good luck with your journey 🙏❤🕊

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    Yo Gotti Ft. Young Jeezy, Iamsu, & YG - Act Right



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    Senbonzakura Played Using A Telephone レグザ


    Have you ever been so talented that you played a song using a telephone? lol~

    Video is not mine :P Taken from Nico Nico Douga.
    Original Video Link:

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    Animal farm


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    ROOTS MAN BEACH BAR aka MURPHY in Montserrat 2019 🔥🙏❤️☘️


    The Legendary Roots Man aka Murphy at Murphys corner The Roots Man Beach Bar in Montserrat. Murphy has lived on the side of this rock/cliff opposite the Beach for over 45 years. They are trying to evict him from his home but hes not going anywhere! As soon as i saw the sigh Roots Man and heard ROOTS MUSIC blasting out of some old speakers i was going be spending a-lot of time here. Murphy aka Roots Man has created a magical place here with steps and ladders taking you up the side of the cliff into various areas where he grows his own fruit, vegetable, makes charcoal buried in the ground. Cooks on open fires fish, soups etc. He makes his own wine and his Bush Rum is delicious..He has had a few falls and broken a few bones so he makes his own medicine using all natural products..He is a warm, colourful, creative, eccentric character who 100% makes places like Montserrat what it is..Living of-grid, self sufficient at 77 years old.

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    Lets Go...


    A Tribute to Mom and her life...Laura Morlock 'LIFE BEGINS IN A GARDEN'

    Soledy and I wish to thank all of you for sharing with Mom, your love, friendship, time and attention. You certainly helped to enrich her life and ours. I believe that during the time Mom lived with us she could not have felt more happy and loved. Of course, I also have Soledy to thank for that. Soledy was not only like a daughter to Mom. Mom considered Soledy the best friend that she ever had.

    When Soledy and I decided to organize a celebration to commemorate Mom's life, she suggested the theme, Life Begins in a Garden. Soledy's choice could not be more prescient and fitting!

    Mom's family name is Weismann, which is derived from the Germanic word 'Weis' which means 'cultivator of meadows'; 'grassy valley'; 'one who lives or works in the meadows'.

    Mom's ancestral home and farm near Muenster, Germany (Bork. Westphalia, Germany) was acquired by the Weismann family in 1625, when feudal laws were changed to allow farmers to own private property. The farm remained in the Weismann family for over 382 years! I guess you could say gardening was in Mom's blood.

    In 1889, Mom's grandfather, Theodore Weismann, at the age of 25, immigrated to north Texas from Muenster, Germany. Forty years earlier, following the siege of the Alamo, and Texas independence, Sam Houston recruited 600 German families from the Alsace-Lorraine border region (some were from the Weismann family) to colonize, farm and protect the southern border area west of San Antonio in the new Lone Star Republic of Texas. President Houston recruited Catholics from The Prussian border region because of their superior farming techniques, strong work ethic, family and religious values and history of steadfast defense of their land and border territory.

    Within months of Theodore Weismann's arrival in America in 1889, Theodore and his brother Joseph took the train to the end of the line where they founded the farm town of Muenster, Texas. He acquired an initial 166 acres of virgin prairie in the rolling hills of north Texas from a cattle rancher at a cost of $2,490. When he first plowed the virgin prairie he discovered extremely rich, fertile black soil and he prospered and raised a large family.

    Mom was born in 1923 in nearby Lindsay, Texas. Her parents, Josie and 'Pete', moved west to Hereford, Texas where they farmed and raised their family. But the 1929 market crash and Great Depression were exasperated by a seven year drought and the infamous Dust Bowl. Vicious dust storms, hail and tornados changed their rural paradise into a hell on earth. Mom's parents lost their farm, but not their faith in Christ, and joined thousands of dispossessed West Texas farmers who piled their families and all their worldly possessions into Model-T Fords and headed for the promised land of California.

    But Pete did not like what he found in California. He and Josie and their six kids temporarily made ends meet by picking grapes, a scenario right out of Steinbeck's 'Grapes of Wrath'. Being proud, independent and resourceful they headed back. This time to southern New Mexico to a fertile farm community named Loving, on the banks of the Pecos River close to Carlsbad. Away from the dust belt and near a river offering a network of irrigation canals, Mom's proud parents rebuilt their lives on their self-sufficient farm...and their new Garden of Eden.

    Mom used to talk about picking and chopping cotton, milking cows along with other gardening and farm chores before and after school and on weekends, It was brutally hard work but she was proud of her life and her family.

    In her 60 years of marriage with my father Howard, wherever they lived, in and out of the military, Mom's vegetable and flower gardens were always the envy of the neighborhood and she was always happy when she was in touch with the land, tending her garden.

    For Mom, Life Begins in a Garden...and it never ends. Her spirit is with us in this garden today.

    Soledy and Jim

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    Morning workout....Royal shoot

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    Journy Huyck - Rastafari Role Model


    A Portrait of Journy Huyck, a Self-Sufficient Teacher, Coach, Ital Cook and Singer with Roots from Suriname and residing in the Netherlands
    English Subtitles

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    Hot Shot Karate - Live at the Whitewater Tavern, Little Rock, AR - July 25, 2009


    Hot Shot Karate - Live at the Whitewater Tavern, Little Rock, AR - July 25, 2009

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    Insights Toward Sanity - The Art of Having Schizophrenia
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