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Playlist of Scarcity in economics

  • Scarcity, Opportunity Cost, Trade-Offs & The Production Possibilities Curve


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  • New Nile Co 5 28


    A shortened version of a ten minute presentation about The Red Sea Project and Integrated Seawater project proposed for the Egyptian Red Sea coast. The ten minute version is available here:

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  • Economics IGCSE Chapter 1- The nature of the economic problem


    1.1 Finite resources and unlimited wants
    1.2 Economic goods and free goods

  • IGCSE GCSE Economics Chapter 1 - The basic economic problem


    Hello everyone! The full course can now be purchased at the link below.

    Join me for online classes or locally if you're in Dhaka.
    Message me at for further information!

    Business IGCSE GCSE Management Introduction to Business

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  • The Greatest Wealth Transfer in History with Jeff Booth, Author of The Price of Tomorrow


    Jeff Booth is the author of The Price of Tomorrow - Why Deflation is Key to an Abundant Future. After extensive experience developing cutting edge technology, Jeff began to observe that the deflationary course of ionnovation is at odds with our inflationary fiscal policy. Concerned about the course of the dollar and markets, Jeff offered numerous solutions to our government's mistakes - buy Bitcoin, hold cash, and invest in tech stocks. Both his book and this conversation offer valuable insight into a crisis that neither the rich nor the poor can avoid.

    Scott Melker and Jeff Booth further discuss working at the forefront of tech, hidden taxes, a Ponzi scheme of debt, the government propping up the market, Bitcoin as our life raft, the rich moving into missile silos, a non-existent middle class, time as our most valuable resource, creating generational wealth, going irresponsibly long on Bitcoin, overpriced real estate, inflation vs. deflation, tech monopolies, Bitcoin to $0 or $1,000,000 and more.

  • The Law of Supply and Demand // Super Bass Economics Parody


    Watch this video! (ICELAND)
    SNAPCHAT saradietschy

    Economics project

    No copyright intended.
    Song - Nicki Minaj


    Verse 1:

    This song is for the ones in Kohn's class
    Listen up because we got tons of class
    Coming at you with Econ terms
    You best listen if you want to learn

    Demand, supply, supply to the sky
    Shifts to the right, the amount so high
    Supply, demand, demand to the down
    Shifts to the left, when the amount goes down

    Price go up, quantity go up, up
    Price go low, quantity go low, low
    The law of supply you be looking for
    Direct relation.. now a little more..

    I said, excuse me, on the other hand
    Oh my, my, my, my the law of demand
    The thing is, it's an inverse relation
    This is the concept for most of the nations

    Hey hold on, just one sec
    Elastic demand it'll keep us in check
    Be flexible with buying these goods
    Cheetos, coke aren't always good

    Chorus 1:

    This is the law of supply and demand
    Many factors come into hand
    Point of view of demand from consumers
    Point of view of supply from suppliers

    Supply, supply, supply, demand
    Supply, supply, supply, demand
    Supply, supply, supply, demand
    This is the law of supply and demand
    Many factors come into hand

    Verse 2:

    This song is for the ones in Kohn's class
    Listen up because we got tons of class
    Coming at you with Econ terms
    You best listen if you want to learn

    Hamburgers and hotdogs are alike
    Both are foods that we eat
    Substitutes for each other
    If one sells the other one is beat

    Excuse me, there are complements
    Like PB & J they totally fit
    One isn't the same without the other
    Just like a bagel without its butter

    Hey hold on, wait a bit
    Inelastic, lets explain it
    It's the demand that you can't ignore
    Gas and food you better look for

    Chorus 2:

    This is the law of supply and demand
    Many factors come into hand
    Point of view of demand from consumers
    Point of view of supply from suppliers

    Supply, supply, supply, demand
    Supply, supply, supply, demand
    Supply, supply, supply, demand
    This is the law of supply and demand
    Many factors come into hand


    I need Economics in my life
    Oh ya ya ya ya ya ya supply
    Oh ya ya ya ya ya ya demand

    You make the whole world spin again
    With all your goods and services

    Oh supply supply supply and demand
    Oh supply supply supply and demand

    Chorus 3:

    This is the law of supply and demand
    Many factors come into hand
    Point of view of demand from consumers
    Point of view of supply from suppliers

    Supply, supply, supply, demand
    Supply, supply, supply, demand
    Supply, supply, supply, demand
    This is the law of supply and demand
    Many factors come into hand

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  • Meet the Teachers - Grade 2 - Mrs. Davis & Mrs. Schulte


  • How to Build a Band That Lasts | Music Career Advice


    Tim from Underoath and Brian Slagel of Metal Blade join an all-star panel discussing the communication skills, teamwork, legal contracts, and career structuring necessary for how to build a band that lasts. Crucial music career advice.

    Sign up for near-daily emails with more in-depth advice for your career in music. Visit

    Free e-book! Music Management Primer by Mike Mowery

    Breaking In For Non-Musicians

    Our complete system for releasing your album or EP the right way:

  • Minutemen, Corona


    New Hurley Interview here.. UPDATED NOTES JUNE 2, 2015
    (Lyrics below)
    D. Boons last Pedro gig ever on was Nov. 16, 1985. Corona is used with permission via drummer George Hurley who co-wrote the music (still un-credited) with the late guitarist . It's about the contrast of 2 neighboring countries, US and Mexico and really the huge contrasting inherited economic differences between the North and South American continents. D Boone was inspired to write the lyrics when the band visited La Salinas beach south of Tijuana due that nights Black Flag gig had been interrupted by the Federalie's pointing machine guns and such... so at the beach for a few days, a woman with torn up shoes was spotted trash digging for bottles to return for the deposit. George and D Boone called her over and gave her a couple cases of empty Coronas. The songs meaning is defined by the last few lines,
    I could see it in her eyes
    I only had a Corona
    Five cent deposit .
    If you actually read them yourself, you can see that the song has nothing in common with Jackasses or drunken pranks. It's a political song.
    What they could see in her eyes refers to what George described to me as a permanent kind of sadness. Obvious before, and still there after she got enough corona empties to overflow the tote bag she was carrying. That kind of permanent sadness doesn't go away. and How proud can you be when you are living off of foreigners trash? he also said.
    The Jackass franchise has grossed $490 million so far. That's almost half a billion dollars as of today. June 2, 2015.
    Coronas signature countrified opening guitar lick is still (over) used by MTV as the Jackass theme lick intro. George had not seen dime one from Corona or any other minutemen song until very recently (25 years later) I'm happy to report, even though for many, many years SST Records had been selling greatest hits CD's and T' shirts online from Texas.
    This Video was shot on 3/4 tape by Bob Hicks (moi) and S. Kirk Nelson for a local cable access show, Sounds of South Bay that aired in 1985. The Minutemen segment was never used.
    They had just got back from a successful southern tour opening (and doing the final encores) for REM. They were on their way.....
    Minutemen was also an insider comic term referring to the bands sexual stamina.

    D. Boone died sick and asleep, ejected from the back of his own van his girlfriend Linda Kite was driving to Arizona in to see her Mom for Christmas on Dec. 22 1985, about 5 weeks after this video was shot.

    The people will survive
    In their environment
    The dirt, scarcity, and the emptiness
    Of our South
    The injustice of our greed
    The practice we inherit
    The dirt, scarcity and the emptiness
    Of our South
    I could see it in her eyes
    There on the beach
    I only had a Corona
    Five cent deposit

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  • Enhance and Embrace Part 1


    Contact me on Instagram for any questions. (@dhwaj_jain.2005)

  • Is Water The Best Investment In 2020? - Michael Burry Analysis - Luke MLTD


    Thanks for watching, I am taking the channel in a new direction with content that will benefit you! Luke MLTD

    Freetrade -

    Michael Burry is famous for having called time on the subprime lending market years before anybody else – profiting hugely in the process during the 2008 recession. In the film The Big Short where Michael Burry is portrayed by Christian Bail, we learn before the credits that


    Does this mean the value of water is set to skyrocket?

    T&Cs: These videos are provided for information and entertainment purposes only. The content is not intended to be a personal recommendation to buy or sell any financial instrument or product, or to adopt any investment strategy as it is not provided based on an assessment of your investing knowledge and experience, your financial situation or your investment objectives. The value of your investments, and the income derived from them, may go down as well as up. You may not get back all the money that you invest. The investments referred to in this video may not be suitable for all investors, and if in doubt, an investor should seek advice from a qualified investment adviser.

  • Equilibrium - An Original Song


    Equilibrium is an original masterpiece written by Tal Herman and Erin Thorsell, two foxy ladies with a passion to enlighten the world about Equilibrium, and other economically important topics. For Cal Poly's Economics 221 class.
    Listen, and have your ears be opened to the world of.... equilibrium.


    There once was a woman with a passion of 10,000 suns.
    She traveled the world in search of class #221
    in the subject of.... economics x3

    She found this at a university called
    California Polytechnic State University.
    There she met Fate as she taught in the Spring of 2008 (+3).

    She taught many things in ways that others could understand.
    The most important thing was supply and demand, which results in..... equilibrium x3

    You might be asking yourself, How does this work? Well....
    When the demand goes up the supply goes down.
    And the intersect where these two meet is called.... equilibrium x3.

    Now, lets shift to the topic of shifters on the topic of demand.
    There's 6 different causes for the shift in the curve, which are: income, population, expectation, taste, and the price of substitutes and the prices of compliments.
    These causes cause a shift right or left which results in different (plural).... equilibrium(s) x3.

    Compliments are like your childhood pals,
    peanut butter and jelly.
    When the price of peanut butter goes up then you have to buy less jelly, causing the demand to go down.

    Then we've got substitutes like
    butter and MARGARINE,
    where one can replace the other.
    Like when butter price goes up, the margarine is more demanded, changing the.... equilibrium xlots

    I would like to conclude this song with the moral of this story....


  • Opportunity Cost - Economics Project 2009


    In video: Andrew Duong, Khang Nguyen, Steven Bui
    Video is to show our teacher our understanding of opportunity cost which is the decision to pick one thing over another ultimately gaining an opportunity while loosing one at the same time.

  • Scarcity, Wants & Needs


    Econ & Finance for the People 0001
    --Easy foot in the door to economics. :)

  • The Power of Persuasion: Scarcity


    Worship Jesus

  • Ekonomiks: Aralin 1.2 - Mahahalagang Konsepto sa Ekonomiks


    Magandang araw mga bata! Ako si Binibining Jeanne Pauline Oabel, ang inyong guro ngayon para sa Araling Panlipunan 9!
    Bago natin talakayin sa susunod na video ang konsepto ng kakapusan o scarcity, ibabahagi ko muna sa inyo ang mga MAHAHALAGANG KONSEPTO SA EKONOMIKS: Marginal Thinking, Opportunity Cost, Trade-Off at Incentives.
    Kung bago ka pa sa aking channel, paki-subscribe at i-click ang notification bell para maging updated sa mga bagong video tungkol sa Ekonomiks at iba pa. Maaari mo rin ibahagi ito sa iyong kapwa mag-aaral upang sa gayon ay sama-sama ninyong matuklasan ang kagandahan at kahalagahan ng pag-aaral ng Ekonomiks. Salamat!

    Aralin 1 - Kahalagahan ng Ekonomiks

    Camera used: Canon 6D
    Editing App: Adobe Premiere Pro

  • the scarcity of time


    This is a song called scarcity of time. It's not much deeper than the lyrics. Reminds me of Tracy Chapman, I don't know why.

  • Ten Economic Principles


    An original rap song about the basics of what makes an economy tick.

  • Illusion of Scarcity


    When you feel like you are INSUFFICIENT in ANY area, ask of the Father, SOURCE, Creator, GOD! There is no such thing as LACK in the Kingdom of God. Switch Systems

  • Eyes Lips Eyes - Simple Economics - DIRECTORS CUT


    5th monthly single by Eyes Lips Eyes. Download here:

    Directed by Will Kindrick

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  • Thinking Kazmikally | #03 | The Illusion of Scarcity


    ???? Don’t Click This ☛
    ???? Website:
    ???? Email:

    In this episode of the Thinking Kazmikally podcast, Bryan Gentry talks about scarcity in the modern world, and how it may be more of an illusion than one would think. Joining Bryan is Guest Russ Catalano, who is the Marketing director of the Divvy app, travel enthusiast and photographer on Instagram.

    Music by: Kazmik Beats
    Hosted by: Bryan Gentry (Aka Kazmik)
    Edited & Animated by: Bryan Gentry

    Social Media:

    Russ Catalano Instagram & Website:

    Thinking Kazmikally | #03 | The Illusion of Scarcity

    My name is Kazmik. I produce Hip Hop, and Pop music. I also speak on various topics. To inquire about a beat, please feel free to email me. All of my beats are available for purchase at

    #SpacePodcast #NewPodcast #2019Podcast

    Kazmik Beats, Kazmik, Thinking Kazmikally, Thinking Cosmically, Cosmic, Cosmos, Space, Cosmic Perspective, Music Podcast, Space Podcast, New Podcast, 2019 Podcasts, Bryan Gentry, Russ Catalano, #03, Episode 3, monetary system, money, venus project, death of money, renewable energy, fossil fuel, renewable energies, scarcity, illusion of scarcity, homeless crisis, starving children, vacant homes, solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, tide energy, renewable resources, resources, planets resources, earths resources, climate change,

  • Matieng Khankhuo - Scarcity


    Song: Matieng Khankhuo
    Artiste: Scarcity..
    Latest Gangte songs 2017...

  • Scarcity Hero, Presentation Kit


  • AP Economics- Opportunity Cost


    A video presentation by Pierce Robbins, Tyler Riggle, Leah Knizner, and Nathan Wolfe with guest appearance by Wyatt Crusan

  • Middle School Economics


  • Scarcity Song


    Econ Song for Econmy Project

  • econ


    a video done for my Principles of Economics class

  • Scarcity



    Sample credits in the beginning to RSD (Real Social Dynamics) - HUUUUUGE influence and inspiration of mine, whom I can't thank enough.

    About: I wanted this EP to be much more calming and melodic than Abundance. This intro takes place in my giant complicated brain, where in my mind I'm talking to a girl. And I'm making all these excuses not to do things she wants us to do, but saying they're necessary if we're going to continue the relationship. Then I make all these promises and say I feel the need to prove that I won't let them stay empty.


  • AP Macroeconomics - Hey There Economics


    An AP Macroeconomics parody of Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's. Covers scarcity, positive vs. normative economics, rational self-interest, marginal analysis, opportunity costs, trade-offs, and four factors of production.


    ● Seongmin Oh
    ● Winson Chen
    ● Andrew Doan
    ● Jake Slawitschek

  • Chapter 6 PPT - The Problem of Scarcity.wmv


    Economics in Marketing - PCHS

  • Jen Talks Too Much - Episode 2 - Fear of Scarcity in Creativity



    This is a little video I made about how the fear of creative scarcity can hold us back as artists. Let me know what you think.

    Similar Artists: Taylor Swift, Ingrid Michaelson, Rachael Yamagata, Laura Gibson, Marissa Nadler, Angus & Julia Stone

    Influences: Eddie Vedder, Jim Croce, Tori Amos, Radiohead

    Favorite Artists: Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Sylvan Esso, Death Cab for Cutie, Beyonce

  • Scarcity


  • Banisher - Scarcity LP 2013


    Banisher - Scarcity.

    Taken from album Scarcity, LP 2013 (Unquiet Records)

    Album out now via Unquiet Records! Get it here:

  • Economics IGCSE Chapter 5 and 6


    5.1 Microeconomics
    5.2 Macroeconomics
    6.1 Key allocation decisions
    6.2 Types of economies (planned, market, mixed)
    6.3 Prism mechanism

  • The Economics of Time


    Original song recorded with webcam. Messed up a bit on the words but you get the idea.

  • Scarcity of self honesty in a world abundant in resources - Equal money FAQ


    Is there a lack of natural resources in our world? We visit our local grocery store to investigate...visit for more info

  • Bedouins to Stay: Feeding Families in the West Bank


    PaliRoots and Zam Zam Water partnered to provide food packages to Bedouin families in the West Bank. Food packages were delivered to 200 families, supplying an average of 8 week’s sustenance.

    PaliRoots™ - The Palestine Movement
    ✘Shop Now:

    Currently, more than 1.6 million people in Gaza are considered food insecure. There are many contributing factors: the high cost of living, low household incomes, and high unemployment compound each other. In the West Bank, the prolonged period of slow economic growth, restrictions on movement, trade, investment and access to land and water resources, together with higher food prices, continue to erode the fragile livelihoods of impoverished Palestinians. More than 60 percent of the Bedouin and herding communities in Area C of the West Bank are food-insecure. Encroaching settlements also continue to threaten the livelihood of the Bedouin people.

    It is vital to provide support for those who face food scarcity. Food Packages provided in Area C of the West Bank last on average for 8 weeks, providing essential physical nutrients as well as emotional support for entire families. The food distribution was locally produced, which directly benefited both the local economies and people in need. Food packages included staples which help families in this impoverished and underserved area thrive.

    A total of 200 Food Packages were delivered to in-need Bedouin families in Area C of the West Bank.

    Food Packages included:
    Peeled Lentils
    Halva Dessert
    Bulgur Rice
    Sanyorah Meat
    Tea 1/2 kg
    Samnah Butter
    Tomato Paste
    Macaroni Pasta
    Why It Matters

    Long-Term Impact
    Although food must, of course, be replenished, receiving aid is critical for those who are food insecure. Malnutrition in children can cause long-term health and economic strains for families already struggling to make it. Providing aid in this area specifically also helps strengthen the long-term sustainability of Bedouins living in Area C, rather than getting pushed out of their homes. Finally, providing even temporary relief can leave an impact on families, physically and emotionally, for days, weeks, months, and even years to come.

    Launch Good:

  • Dave Wesley - Technology Kill Scarcity


    Artic Dub [Sursumcorda] - Compilation Vol. 1
    Label :
    Artic Dub [Sumsurcorda]
    Released :
    June 2014
    Genre :
    Style :
    Dub Techno

    Compilation of Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda) deep and ambient dub techno tracks. Many of these tracks are unreleased... and some appear on other digital releases.

  • WHY SO MUCH INEQUALITY? | Talking Economy to Daughter | VLOG 1


  • Summertime- Economics music video





    In a society where the only crime is to be without. Where economic considerations are more important then the future of this planet and the life on it. When a cult of consumerism exists that controls our lives through economic scarcity and fuels the divides that drives our political ideologies. When vast disparity exists and the stolen labors of the many feed the parasitic and corrupt criminal class of the few, and the extraordinarily wealthy become enriched while rising poverty, and famine goes unaddressed. When the deep chasms of injustice exist to further war profiteering and government protected monopolies--then corruption is the main export of such a culture. ONLY ONE is a tongue and cheek parody of the fictional mind of an individual inflicted with narcissism and blind to the corruption.

  • Robert Cronberg On Economics as a Study of Choice


    In this clip from - Music business professor Robert Cronberg explains economics as the study of behavior, and talks about the analytical tools artists can use to bring focus to their careers.

  • Bad and Scarce - Microeconomics Project


    Young Rus Bucks' debut single

  • Scarcity Of Tanks - I WANT live 2013


    Scarcity Of Tanks
    I WANT (JFA cover) live
    04 July 2013
    Pat's In The Flats
    Cleveland OH

    Scarcity Of Tanks with Cellular Chaos, Clan Of The Cave Bear, & Tit

    Matthew Wascovich - vocals
    Elliott Hoffman - drums
    Andrew Klimeyk - bass
    Rich Raponi - guitar


    02. DEAR PINE
    03. FOX BACK
    04. I WANT

    Camera work by Randy Thatcher, Adam Harvey, M. Paterson

    video edit by

  • Price Elasticity - Gods Plan Economics Parody Video


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  • Como Reforma Jogo de Cadeiras Passo a Passo


    Oii gente, espero que tenham gostado do video! inscreva-se no canal ativa o sininho para nao perder nada novo do canal e compartilha com os amigos....

    Link da pagina do Facebook-

    Meu whatsapp para c
    ontato- 47-989202772 no whatsapp

  • RETHINKING STATE AND INEQUALITY | Talking to my Daughter about the Economy | Vlog 3


  • Federal Taxation: Unlimited Wants and Limited Resources


    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby

    Federal Taxation: Unlimited Wants and Limited Resources · David D. Holland · Erik Boyle

    Confessions of a Financial Planner: Secrets to a Secure Retirement

    ℗ 2011 Holland Productions

    Released on: 2011-10-06

    Auto-generated by YouTube.

  • Economics - Class 11 - 18.05.20 - St Marys convent school


    Economics - Class 11 - 18.05.20 - St Mary's convent school

  • Middle School Economics - Dolphins




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